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Contributing Institution: University of California, San Francisco Archives & Special Collections
Title: Robert K. Bolan papers
Creator: Bolan, Robert K.
Identifier/Call Number: MSS.97.03
Physical Description: 2 cartons, 4 boxes 3.7
Date (inclusive): 1967-1989
Date (bulk): (Bulk 1982-1985)
Abstract: This collection documents Dr. Robert Bolan's participation, as a community doctor and as President of the Board of Directors of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation (SFAF), in the identification and prevention of AIDS and HIV. Bolan was also active in the Bay Area Physicians for Human Rights (BAPHR), and the National Coalition of Gay Sexually Transmitted Disease Services (NCGSTD), and consulted with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Risk reduction and safe(r) sex guidelines were two areas of special focus for Bolan. Included in this collection are minutes, correspondence, newsletters and various other items connected to these organizations, as well as drafts of articles written/talks given by Dr. Bolan and materials on AIDS and Educational methods collected by Dr. Bolan.
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Acquisition Information

The Robert K. Bolan Papers were donated to UCSF by Dr. Bolan via Sally Smith Hughes after she completed her oral history interviews with him in 1996.


Robert K. Bolan was born in Detroit, Michigan and grew up in the greater Detroit area. He graduated from the University of Detroit in 1964 and then went on to the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, for medical school. He received his M.D. in 1968. He was briefly married during medical school (2.5 years) and has a son. He started his residency in Madison, Wisconsin (1972/1973) [where he met his first lover and came out to himself]. There was an active gay network in Madison. After a short break from medicine he completed his residency (1975/1976) in Milwaukee. While in Milwaukee he became aware of the "STD problem with gay men" and began volunteering at a gay VD clinic. This was the beginning of the gay medical movement and he enjoyed working with and serving his peers. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) had become concerned about the high and growing rates of Syphilis and Hepatitis B within the gay male community and, in a rare move, partnered with these community clinics. This started Bolan's association with the CDC. Bolan joined the National Coalition of Gay Sexually Transmitted Disease Services (NCGSTD) after being introduced to the group by its chairperson Mark Behar. The NCGSTD issued the first "safe sex" pamphlet, Guidelines and Recommendations for Healthy Gay Sexual Activity. Started in 1979, it was published in 1981, just as physicians were becoming aware of the illnesses that would later be called AIDS.
In 1979 Bolan left his practice in Hartland, Wisconsin and moved to San Francisco to fulfill his dream of being able to combine his interest in family practice medicine and gay VD into a single practice. One of his first moves on arrival in San Francisco was to contact the two year old organization, Bay Area Physicians for Human Rights (BAPHR), a landmark gay physicians group. In 1980, at the 3rd Annual National Gay and Lesbian Health Organization Conference, Bolan organized a related sub-conference, the 2nd meeting of the NCGSTD, "Current Aspects of STDS II". The following year at the June 1981 BAPHR Conference, Alvin Friedman-Kien, who was added to the schedule at the last moment, reported on the strange outbreak of Kaposi's sarcoma (KS) in young gay men in New York. Thirteen days previously the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) first reported on incidence of pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP) among gay men. The MMWR did not report on KS until July 3, 1981. Bolan had already heard of the PCP cases at the CDC STD meeting held in San Diego in May. Soon the incidences of KS and PCP became linked under the short-lived acronym GRID (Gay Related Immune Deficiency) before being classified as AIDS.
BAPHR served a dual purpose; it was both a support group "safe haven" for gay physicians and a gay medical organization. Bolan was outspoken about medical issues, especially STDs and the growing concern, speculation, and research on AIDS. He became BAPHR's spokesman on the subject and a self-described "Media Queen" before burning out on publicity. He became known to Marcus Conant through Conant's KP Discussion Group, which Bolan attended when he could. Conant saw Bolan as a link between the academics and the private practice physicians, though Bolan never thought of himself that way. He served on BAPHR's KS Task Force from 1981-1983 and became the president-elect of BAPHR in 1983. The same year Conant asked him to become the Chair of the KS Foundation (formed in April 1982). Bolan took over the KS Foundation (shortly to be renamed the AIDS Foundation) in June 1983. He was also running a private practice, keeping up on research, being a media spokesman and maintaining a relationship. Something had to go. He resigned as President-elect of BAPHR and cut back on his media role. Bolan served as chair of the AIDS Foundation until January 1986. After a long practice in the Bay Area, Bolan moved to the Los Angeles area to serve as Associate Professor of Clinical Family Medicine and Director of HIV Services at the University of Southern California. However, shortly after moving south Bolan was also asked to serve as Medical Director at the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Services Center, which has one of the largest HIV Clinics in Southern California.
Bolan was actively involved with the discussions about and research on this new disease and its possible causes. Before the discovery of HIV virus one of the main theories was immune overload caused by repeated STD infections and perhaps enhanced by the use of inhaled amyl nitrates or "poppers". After the first blood transfusion cases had been identified it became clear to Bolan and others that AIDS was caused by a new type of virus. Most AIDS/HIV research, especially in the early years, was done in the "laboratory in the field", by physicians referring patients to drug trials, and their own attention to the things that didn't fit. Bolan found the uncertain and constantly evolving aspect of HIV disease as intellectually stimulating, which is why he didn't burn out like many others did. The final question, in Sally Smith Hughes' oral history interview with Bolan, concerned what Bolan saw as his greatest contribution to HIV. His answer was:
Persistence. Showing up. And an attempt to approach this disease from a multifaceted approach: from an educational approach, from a social activism approach, and community organizational approach, and finally from a medical approach.

Scope and Content of Collection

This collection documents Dr. Robert Bolan's participation, as a community doctor and as President of the Board of Directors of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation (SFAF) formerly the Kaposi's Sarcoma Foundation, in the identification and prevention of AIDS and HIV. Bolan was also active in the Bay Area Physicians for Human Rights (BAPHR), and the National Coalition of Gay Sexually Transmitted Disease Services (NCGSTD), and consulted with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Risk reduction and safe(r) sex guidelines were two areas of special focus for Bolan. Included in this collection are documents connected to these and other organizations, as well as manuscript drafts and a few more personal items. There are also articles and other research materials on AIDS and on educational methods collected by Dr. Bolan.
This collection consists of the documents brought by Robert Bolan, M.D. to the first of three oral history interviews with Sally Smith Hughes in 1996. Several of the documents are mentioned and/or discussed during the ensuing interviews. The collection includes: correspondence, published and unpublished papers by Bolan and others, magazines and clippings, pamphlets and flyers, agendas, financial documents, and newsletters. Scattered throughout the collection are folders containing handwritten drafts and notes from a variety of events or projects.
Most of the documents in the collection are connected with Bolan's roles in the Bay Area Physicians for Responsibility (BAPHR) and the San Francisco Kaposi's Sarcoma Foundation, later the San Francisco AIDS Foundation (SFAF). There are also significant runs of two newsletters: The BAPHRON (BAPHR) and the NGSTDS Newsletter. A smaller amount of documents illustrate other aspects of Dr. Bolan's career, including drafts of articles he wrote, personal and business correspondence received, and a research study into the efficacy of non-oxynal nine that he was involved with. [Two folders in the collection are housed separately and restricted due to HIPAA regulations and/or personnel related issues.]
The Collection is divided into 5 Series:
I. Personal and Professional Papers
II. Bay Area Physicians for Responsibility (BAPHR)
III. SFAF (San Francisco AIDS Foundation)
IV. Other Organizations and Projects
V. Periodicals

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Subjects and Indexing Terms

AIDS (Disease)--Social Aspects--United States
AIDS (Disease)--Prevention
Minorities--Health and hygiene--United States
Social Action--United States
San Francisco AIDS Foundation
Bay Area Physicians for Human Rights
Bolan, Robert--Archives

box-folder 1:1-6, 5:1

Personal and Professional Papers Series 1 1978-1983

Physical Description: 7 folders

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains correspondence, handwritten notes and drafts of articles by Robert Bolan. It includes information on his coming to San Francisco, including the invitation from Pacific Family Practice (a part of the Pacific Medical Center) to join them. Also included are a few "collage" letters from Janis Janice Aurah Karmah Kramer Kozmick Ladye; Bolan titled this folder "Peace on Mama Earth." The one folder of handwritten notes includes a narrative on the history of AIDS and instructions. The final two folders contain drafts of articles by Dr. Bolan. The second folder of material on the study of Trimensa (a form of non-oyxnal nine) is restricted to prevent the identification of patient information.
Box 5:1 is RESTRICTED.
box-folder 1:1

Pacific Medical Center - Correspondence and Presbyterian Hospital Bylaws 1978-1979

box-folder 1:2

"Peace on Mama Earth" 1981

box-folder 1:3

Handwritten Notes on History of AIDS & Computer Tech ca. 1980s

box-folder 1:4-5

Articles by Dr Bolan 1978-1981 1981-1983

box-folder 1:6

Trimensa Gcl Protocol Drafts and Correspondence 1983

box-folder 5:1

RESTRICTED - Trimensa Research Chronology 1983

Scope and Contents

Includes Patient information
box-folder 1:7-26

Bay Area Physicians for Human Rights (BAPHR) Series 2 1980-1984

Physical Description: 20 folders

Series Scope and Content Summary

The majority of this series consists of materials related the BAPHR Scientific Affairs Committee or Research Committee, including information on their AIDS Survey and various risk reduction projects. This series also contains a few Administrative documents (bylaws, membership lists, executive council minutes, and Budget & Finance Reports), and an undated reminiscence by Bolan on the first BAPHR New Years Party he attended. The Administrative section includes correspondence explaining and accepting his resignation as President-elect of the organization in June of 1984, approximately a month before he was to take office as President. The Research subseries includes information on the 1982 symposium on the Medical Aspects of Sexual Orientation, drafts of educational pamphlets, and information on risk reduction including guidelines for blood and sperm donation. One folder contains information on BAPHR and the national organization, American Association of Physicians for Human Rights (AAPHR). More information on the AAPHR can be found in Series 4: Other Organizations and Projects.
box-folder 1:7-13


box-folder 1:7

Bylaws 1983

box-folder 1:8

Membership Lists 1983

box-folder 1:9

Executive Council 1984

box-folder 1:10

Budget and Finance Reports 1983-1984

box-folder 1:11

Correspondence - including resignation as President-Elect 1983-1984

box-folder 1:12

Room requests and 1981 CME Symposium 1981-1984

box-folder 1:13

Pamphlets and Letterhead 1981

box-folder 1:14-25


box-folder 1:14

Research [Scientific Affairs] Committee 1982-1983

box-folder 1:15

Scientific Affairs Committee 1982-1984

box-folder 1:16

AIDS Task Force 1983-1984

box-folder 1:17

Press Release re: Poppers 1982

box-folder 1:18

Symposium: Medical Aspects of Sexual Orientation 1982

box-folder 1:19-21

AIDS Survey

box-folder 1:19

Preliminary Material 1982

box-folder 1:20

Sample Questionnaires and Correspondence 1982-1983

box-folder 1:21

AIDS Education Pamphlets - Drafts, Correspondence, and Copies 1982-1984

box-folder 1:22-25

AIDS Risk Reduction

box-folder 1:22

Blood Donation/ Risk Reduction Guidelines 1983

box-folder 1:23

The Sperm Bank of Northern California 1983

box-folder 1:24

General Public 1983

box-folder 1:25

- BAPHR & AAPHR 1983

box-folder 1:26

"My First BAPHR New Year's Eve Party" n.d.

box:folder 1:26-2:24, 5:2

San Francisco AIDS Foundation (SFAF) Series 3 1980-1985

Physical Description: 58 folders

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series consists of documents collected or created by Bolan during his time as Chairman of the Board of the San Francisco AIDS Foundation (SFAF), June 1983-January 1986, including background information on the Foundation. During this time the former Kaposi's Sarcoma Research and Educational Foundation (KSRE) transmuted into the SFAF and various versions of the name appear in the records. This series includes Administrative, Financial, Research and Programmatic materials.
Administrative materials include office management and policy information, executive director's reports and board of directors files. These include an undated, draft Official Office Manual and personnel policy drafts from 1984, as well as articles on non-profit management and the reorganization of the organization in 1982-1983. A Personnel file containing information on the dismissal of an Executive Director and subsequent legal challenge is restricted due to the sensitive nature of the materials.
Financial documents include budgets, financial reports, fundraising and grant related materials. These include request for proposal (RFP) documents connected to the Roberti bill's funding of California AIDS services, National Institute of Health (NIH) grants, and the San Francisco Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).
The unexpected in this series includes a formal head shot of drag entertainer "Ambi Sextros" which can be found in the "Fundraisers and Funding Proposals" folder, and a letter quoting from an "Uncle Wiggly" story in the High Risk Education - Project Organization file.
Box 5:2 is RESTRICTED.
box-folder 1:27-32

Administrative/Operational Files

box-folder 1:27

KSRE Foundation Official Office Manual - draft n.d.

box-folder 1:28

Personnel Policy - drafts 1984

box-folder 1:29

Article on non-profit management 1980

box-folder 5:2

RESTRICTED - Personnel Files/Lawsuit 1983-1985

box-folder 1:30

Schmidt Report & Response (Reorganization) 1982-1983

box-folder 1:31

AIDS National Research Foundation Minutes - re: establishment of SFAF 1983-1984

box-folder 1:32

Executive Director's Monthly Reports - scattered 1983-1984

box-folder 1:33

Board of Directors - recruitment 1984

box-folder 1:34-44

Financial Documents

box-folder 1:34

SFA/KS Foundation - Financial Documents & Correspondence 1983

box-folder 1:35

Budget and Monthly Financial Report 1983

box-folder 1:36

Matthew S. Reed, CPA - Financial Statements 1984

box-folder 1:37

Reports to Board of Directors - Financial Statements 1985

box-folder 1:38

Fundraisers and Funding Proposals - photo 1983-1985

box-folder 1:39

California AIDS Council, Roberti Bill (SB910) & RFP 1983

box-folder 1:40

Grants: City & Vanguard Foundation 1983

box-folder 1:41

RFP & Contract with California State Department of Health 1984

box-folder 1:42

NIH Grant Proposal - Final and Drafts 1984-1985

box-folder 1:43

AAO Project Reports 1984-1985

box-folder 1:44

San Francisco Department of Public Health / CDC Grant - correspondence 1985

box-folder 1:45-50


box-folder 1:45

Corrections to Comprehensive AIDS Education/Prevention Plan - Correspondence - Drafts 1984

box-folder 1:46

Newsletter - Memos and Article draft 1983-1984

box-folder 1:47

Memos to and From Staff 1983-1985

box-folder 1:48

Correspondence 1983-1985

box-folder 1:49

"Bitches & Gripes" - re: Multilingual Pamphlets delays 1985

box-folder 1:50

Handwritten Notes and Draft Letter to James Mason ca. 1980-1989

box-folder 1:51-56; 2:1-21


box-folder 1:51

Proposals from Allied Organizations 1983-1984

box-folder 1:52

AIDS/Kaposi's Sarcoma Background Material - Nursing and Research Seminar 1983

box-folder 1:53

Education Department Planning Timeline ca. 1980-1989

box-folder 1:54

San Francisco Department of Health - AIDS Coordinating Committee 1983-1984

box-folder 1:55

Stephen Marcus, M.D. - Research Proposals 1983

box-folder 1:56

Research on Kaposi's Sarcoma / Photoradiation 1983

box-folder 2:1

Bathhouse Controversy 1983-1985

box-folder 2:2

Scientific Advisory Committee - Bathhouse Injunction & HTLV III 1984

box-folder 2:3

1984-1985 Comprehensive AIDS Education/Prevention Plan 1984

box-folder 2:4-15

High Risk Education

box-folder 2:4

Project Group Presentations - UCSF Symposium 1984

box-folder 2:5

Project Organization 1984

box-folder 2:6

Substance Abuse Material 1983-1984

box-folder 2:7

Consulting Group Minutes & Working Papers 1984

box-folder 2:8

Planning, Statistics and Paper 1984

box-folder 2:9

Working Papers and Correspondence 1984

box-folder 2:10

Handwritten notes 1984

box-folder 2:11

Correspondence - Grant Request 1984

box-folder 2:12

Heterosexual Risk Reduction 1984-1985

box-folder 2:13

Safe Sex Guidelines n.d.

box-folder 2:14

Non-SFAF Program Proposals 1984

box-folder 2:15

Education Program Resource Guide 1985 n.d.

box-folder 2:16-18

Behavioral Intervention

box-folder 2:16

Papers 1983

box-folder 2:17

Study with AIDS Health Project 1984

box-folder 2:18

UCSF Behavioral Study 1984

box-folder 2:19

Programs and Services Committee 1983-1984

box-folder 2:20

Housing and Social Services (Examiner Article & Evictions) 1983-1984

box-folder 2:21-23


box-folder 2:21

Press Releases 1983-1984

box-folder 2:22

Media Committee 1984

box-folder 2:23

Media Campaign 1984-1985

box-folder 2:24

Handwritten Notes - misc. August-September 1984

box-folder 2:25-52

Other Organizations and Projects Series 4 1967-1986 (Bulk 1983-1985)

Physical Description: 29 folders

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains materials that did not fit neatly into the other series. It includes materials from other organizations that Dr. Bolan was associated with, as well as materials on various meetings he attended and general AIDS information that he collected
Organizations represented include the national American Association of Physicians for Human Rights (AAPHR), of which BAPHR was a part, and material from the SCPHR, which covers Southern California, where Dr. Bolan moved in 1996. Other folders represent Bolan's connections with national mainstream organizations including serving as a consultant for the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and his association with the International AIDS Prospective Epidemiology Network (I-NAPEN).
Bolan attended AIDS related meetings in Denver, New York, Seattle, Dallas, and elsewhere, sometimes as a speaker and sometimes as an attendee. The AIDS background materials include a variety of articles by others and three folders of bibliographies on AIDS dating from 1983-1985. Also included is a folder of articles on educational methods and a folder of unidentified cartoons.
Of special interest are The National Gay Health Coalition folder, which contains information on Hepatitis B, and the California AIDS Bills folder, which contains a summary of AIDS related legislation in California, provided by State Senator Robert Roberti's office.
box-folder 2:25

AAPHR and SCPHR 1983-1986

box-folder 2:26

AAPHR - NCGSTD - Scientific Meeting Notes 1984 n.d.

box-folder 2:27

NCGSTDS Mailing Roster 1980

box-folder 2:28

CDC AIDS Health Education Consultants - Correspondence and Reports ?

box-folder 2:29

NGHEF - National AIDS Federation Steering Committee 1983

box-folder 2:30

GCSC (Los Angeles) - Men's Clinic Registration Packet n.d.

box-folder 2:31

I-NAPEN (International AIDS Prospective Epidemiology Network) 1984

box-folder 2:32

UCSF Course - Organizational Notes, Check Lists 1982

box-folder 2:33

National Gay Health Coalition & Homosexual Health Report 1979-1982 n.d.

box-folder 2:34

UCSF "AIDS and Kaposi's Sarcoma" - Medical Education Program October 29, 1982

box-folder 2:35

Denver Workshop - Outline & Risk Reduction - Various Groups 1983 n.d.

box-folder 2:36

Assorted Meetings 1983-1984

box-folder 2:37

Conference on AIDS - New York Academy of Sciences - Handwritten Notes November 14-17, 1983

box-folder 2:38

Public Health Service Reporting - Sample Patient Questionnaire [1981]

box-folder 2:39

Seattle and Dallas - AIDS Meetings Proceedings 1982-1983

box-folder 2:40

California AIDS Bills - Summary and Texts from Senator Roberti's Office 1986

box-folder 2:41

AIDS Facts Folder - Flyers, Handouts, Advertisements 1986 n.d.

box-folder 2:42-43

Miscellaneous AIDS Papers

box-folder 2:42


box-folder 2:43


box-folder 2:44-46

Education Papers

box-folder 2:44


box-folder 2:45


box-folder 2:46


box-folder 2:47

Catalog of Educational Materials (inc. flyers and booklets) 1984-1985

box-folder 2:48

Institute For Advance Study of Human Sexuality (Idalyn S. Brown reprint) 1984

box-folder 2:49

Research Articles - Disease Transmission 1984

box-folder 2:50

AIDS Bibliographies 1983-1984

box-folder 2:51-52

AIDS Bibliography/Resources

box-folder 2:51


box-folder 2:52


box-folder 2:53

AIDS Cartoons n.d.

box-folder 3:1-4:7

Periodicals Series 5 1979-1989

Physical Description: 15 folders

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains fairly extensive, but incomplete, runs of two Gay AIDS related publications: The Bay Area Physicians for Human Rights (BAPHR)'s "official" newsletter The BAPHRON and the Newsletter of the National Coalition of Gay STD Services (NCGSTDS) and its successor publication Sexual Health Reports. Also included in this section are copies of the Newsletter of the Gay Men's Health Crisis from 1983. The first two folders in the series contain mainstream publications' early articles on the AIDS epidemic and two of the early medical journal reports on the disease.
The BAPHRON covers 1979-1989, however, Volume 5 is missing. Of special note is the 1985 BAPHR membership questionnaire results which are filed between Volumes 6 and 7. The folders containing Volume 9, #1 to Volume 11, #2 of The BAPHRON also includes copies of some meeting minutes and other materials. The NCGSTDS newsletter covers 1980-1987 with scattered missing copies throughout. The final NCGSTDS newsletter folder also contains a copy of the 1986 pamphlet/publication Guidelines & Recommendations for Healthful Gay/Lesbian/Bi Sexual Activity. Sexual Health Reports replaced the newsletter and the collection includes two copies from 1988.
box-folder 3:1

Mainstream Periodicals Report on AIDS 1981-1983

box-folder 3:2

New England Journal of Medicine and European Journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases 1980 1982

box-folder 3:3

Gay Men's Health Crisis Newsletter January 1983

box-folder 3:4-8

National Coalition of Gay STD Services

box-folder 3:4-7


box-folder 3:4

Volume 2, #1 to Volume 4, #5 (incomplete run) 1980-1983

box-folder 3:5

Volume 5, #1 to Volume 6, #5 (incomplete run) 1983-1985

box-folder 3:6

Volume 7, #1 to Volume 7, #5 1985-1986

box-folder 3:7

Volume 8, #1 to Volume 8, #4 and Guidelines & Recommendations for Healthful Gay/Lesbian/Bi Sexual Activity 1986-1987

box-folder 3:8

Sexual Health Reports 1988

box-folder 4:1-7

The BAPHRON (Bay Area Physicians for Human Rights Official Newsletter)

box-folder 4:1

Volume 1, #1 to Volume 1, [#12] 1979

box-folder 4:2

Volume 2, #1 to Volume 2, #12 (Volume 2, #6 is missing) 1980

box-folder 4:3

Volume 3, #1 to Volume 3, #12 1981

box-folder 4:4

Volume 4, #1 to Volume 4, #12 (Volume 4, #4 is missing) 1982

box-folder 4:5

Volume 6, #1 to Volume 6 #12 (Volume 6, #5 is missing) 1984

box-folder 4:6

Volume 7, #1 to Volume 8, #6 (incomplete run) 1985-1986

box-folder 4:7

Volume 9, #1 to Volume 11, #2 (incomplete run) 1987-1989

box-folder 5:1-2

RESTRICTED Material Series 6 1983-1985

Physical Description: 2 folders

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series includes the Restricted material in the collection. Material on the study of Trimensa (a form of non-oyxnal nine), Folder 5:1, is restricted to prevent the identification of patient information. Personnel file, Folder 5:2, containing information on the dismissal of an Executive Director and subsequent legal challenge is also restricted due to the sensitive nature of the materials.
box-folder 5:1

RESTRICTED - Trimensa Research Chronology - inc. Patient info 1983

box-folder 5:2

RESTRICTED - Personnel Files/Lawsuit 1983-1985