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Guide to the Kathryn Winslow Collection

Collection number: MS 163

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Kathryn Winslow Collection,
Date (inclusive): 1950-1988
Collection number: MS 163
Collector: Winslow, Kathryn
Extent: 1 document box

7 portfolios
Repository: University of California, Santa Cruz. University Library. Special Collections and Archives
Santa Cruz, California 95064
Abstract: This collection contains correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, and printed material documenting patronage and friendship of Kathryn Winslow to Kenneth and Miriam Patchen. Also included are papers pertaining to fund raisers held for Patchen in Chicago at "Studio for Henry Miller" during 1950-1951.
Physical location: Stored in Special Collections & Archives: Advance notice is required for access to the papers
Language: English

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Collection open for research

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Property rights reside with the University of California. Literary rights are retained by the creators of the records and their heirs. For permission to publish or to reproduce the material, please contact the Head of Special Collections and Archives.

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Kathryn Winslow collection. Special Collections and Archives, University Library, University of California, Santa Cruz.

Acquisition Information

Acquired from Martha Smith, August 1989

Biographical Note

A novelist, a biographer and a businesswoman, Kathryn Winslow (1906-1989) is known for her life long patronage and friendship to authors Henry Miller and Kenneth Patchen.
In 1948-1958 she managed a bookstore "The Studio of Henry Miller", also called Studio 'M', with her husband William (Bill) Mecham. The store, situated in the heart of Chicago in a red building next to Hyde Park, was famous for it's selection of works by Henry Miller and Kenneth Patchen. Studio 'M' developed into an active gathering place for local artist and literary enthusiasts, who were drawn not only to buy books, many of which were shipped directly from the authors' homes, but to view exhibited Miller ephemera, and attend various after hour readings and musical performances.
Kathryn and Bill Mecham were introduced to the Patchens through Henry Miller. A visit to the Patchens at Old Lyme in June 1950 resulted in a lasting friendship and the future efforts by Winslow to bring relief to the Patchen financial predicament through fund raisers held at Studio 'M'.
An author of three works, Kathryn Winslow received an Associate Press Author of the Week award for her first release Big Pan-Out (1951), and later became a best-seller biographer for Henry Miller: A Full Life (1986). Her second book Alaska Bound was published in 1960.
Kathyrn Winslow moved to Sonoma, California, in the mid 1970's to be near her son Berwick Johnson. She lived there until her death in January 4, 1989.

Scope and Contents Note

The collection material is divided into outgoing and incoming correspondence, manuscripts, photographs, negatives, and printed material, of which majority date to 1950-1960. Some of the series are further divided by topics derived from the original filing titles.
Bulk of the correspondence consists of letters from Miriam Patchen to Kathryn Winslow relating news of the Patchens life in Old Lyme, Connecticut, their move to San Francisco, and to Palo Alto, and both Patchens' illnesses and surgery. Included also are six letters from Kenneth Patchen written in 1950's; carbon copies of outgoing mail from Winslow in regards to Patchen benefit events at Studio 'M' held in 1950-1951.
Manuscript series consist of seven single manuscript pages that contain a collection of statements, poems, drawings, numerals, and magazine cut-outs. Each page has its own 9"x12" folder, made out of various color construction paper, and with a Patchen holograph on the cover.
Printed material consists of clippings, mailers, and other ephemera relating to three fund raiser events for Patchen held in Chicago and New York in 1950-1951.
Photographs are arranged by size and consist of thirteen black and white photographs. Ten of the images were taken in November of 1951 during Patchen's layover in Chicago when they paid a visit to Kathryn Winslow and Bill Mecham.
All negatives have been separated from the collection and transferred to the Negative Collection, Special Collections and Archives.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.


Winslow, Kathryn--Archives
Studio for Henry Miller (Chicago, Illinois)
Booksellers and bookselling--United States
Authors, American--20th century

Other Index Terms Related to this Collection

Patchen, Miriam
Patchen, Kenneth, 1911-1972. Kenneth Patchen archive

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Collection Contents

Box-folder 1:1-24

Outgoing Correspondence 1950-1955 1981-1989

Physical Description: 24 letters

Scope and Content Note

Contains carbons from Kathryn Winslow sent to Kenneth and Miriam Patchen. Included are a mailer announcing the Patchen Fair at Studio 'M'; letters conveying plans for Patchen events; a three page carbon written after May 21, 1950 'Fair for Patchen' with descriptions of the event and proceeds; a letter with a set of questions addressed to Miriam in preparation of Henry Miller biography.
box-folder 1:1-4

Miriam Patchen 1981-1984

box-folder 1:1

Carbon, "I have been trying to answer your note..." [2 pp] Mar 24, 1984

box-folder 1:2

Carbon, "Here are the pages I've done for the first mention of Kenneth's work..." Mar 14, 1983

box-folder 1:3

Carbon, "I wrote you after watching the TV special..." Feb 25, 1983

box-folder 1:4

Carbon, "This is the most beautiful thing that has happened..." Oct 6, 1981

box-folder 1:5-23

Kenneth and Miriam Patchen 1950-1955

box-folder 1:5-10

General: 1950-1955

box-folder 1:5

Carbon, "All business this letter - as I speed out on my way..." + a note from Henry [Rago] Nov 4, 1955

box-folder 1:6

Carbon, "Really it is too bad about Henry and Lepska..." [3 pp] Apr 6, 1952

box-folder 1:7

Carbon, "You two people are on my mind so often..." Sep 4, 1950

box-folder 1:8

Carbon, "We're just returned from a vacation sent camping..." Aug 16, 1950

box-folder 1:9

Carbon, "Henry says it's no-go at Freida Lawrence's..." Jun 22, 1950

box-folder 1:10

Carbon, "Your very thrilling 'Wedding in the Forest' is here..." Jun 8, 1950

box-folder 1:11-17

2nd BENEFIT FOR PATCHEN, Chicago: 1951

box-folder 1:11

Carbon, "Your news was wonderful to hear..." Apr 25, 1951

box-folder 1:12

Carbon, "Your cards have filled in the page..." Apr 18 [1951]

box-folder 1:13

Carbon, "How is Kenneth? How are you?..." Apr 17, 1951

box-folder 1:14

Carbon, "Jonathan arrived with 20 books..." Mar 15, 1951

box-folder 1:15

Carbon, "I've been in one of those medieval torture chambers..." Feb 16, [1951]

box-folder 1:16

Carbon, "Forgive me for being so slow..." Jan 16, [1951]

box-folder 1:17

Carbon for multiple recipients, "You may have seen the letter which went out from New York..." Apr 18, 1951

box-folder 1:18-23

FAIR FOR PATCHEN, Chicago: 1950

box-folder 1:18

Carbon, "Here is a five which came in this morning from a theological student Phillip Oxman..." May 30, 1950

box-folder 1:19

Carbon, "With pleasure and the sincere wish from all of us..." [annotated 3 pp] May 25, 1950

box-folder 1:20

Carbon, "I hope you didn't think me too frivolous..." + signed mailer dated [2 pp] May 12, 1950

box-folder 1:21

Carbon, "Thank you for your letter. I have a good picture of you both..." Apr 24, 1950

box-folder 1:22

Carbon, "The two packages of books arrived today..." Apr 5, 1950

box-folder 1:23

Carbon, "Perhaps Henry Miller has told you about "M"..." Mar 20, 1950

box-folder 1:24

Jack [Conroy], carbon, "Thank you for passing on the letter from Dorothy Sparks..." May 29, 1950


Incoming Correspondence 1950-1970 1981-1988

Physical Description: 70 letters

Scope and Content Note

Consists of autographed letters(ALS), typed letters (TLS) and autographed postcards (APCS) from Kenneth and Miriam Patchen to Kathryn Winslow. Included are Kenneth Patchen's 1955 letter thanking Winslow for her part in getting Poetry Magazine to give Patchen a free full page ad in the Christmas number; Miriam Patchen's account of the New York Benefit, March 1951, and its' disappointing financial results; letters with descriptions of life in Old Lyme, San Francisco, and Palo Alto; and the couple's never-ending health battles.
box-folder 1:25-30

Kenneth Patchen 1955 1950

box-folder 1:25

TLS, "What a thing! Such a fine gracious thing all around..."[+ env.] Nov 8, 1955

box-folder 1:26-30

FAIR FOR PATCHEN, Chicago: 1950

box-folder 1:26

ALS, "Very happy that you like "Wedding in the Forest..."[+ env.] Jun 19, 1950

box-folder 1:27

ALS, "Your Wonderful warm and thoughtfully dilated letter..." [2 pp + env.] May 27-29, 1950

box-folder 1:28

ALS, "Struck under by a wave of illness..." May 15, 1950

box-folder 1:29

ALS, "I will see if I can get Padell to send you the Moonlight..." [+ env.] Apr 15, 1950

box-folder 1:30

ALS, "My warm thanks to you. Perhaps later I can do more..." [+ env.] Mar 28, 1950

box-folder 1:31-94

Miriam Patchen 1950-1988:

box-folder 1:31-42

1981-1988, n.d.

box-folder 1:31

ALS, "I won't ask about you for until I can get answers..." n.d.

box-folder 1:32

Season Greetings cards, [12 cards + 1 env]

box-folder 1:33

ALS, "It's long since hearing from you. Summer is nearly gone..." [+ env.] Sep 20, 1988

box-folder 1:34

APCS, "Of course I can send you some words..." [+ env.] Jun 19, 1987

box-folder 1:35

APCS, "May 1987 become a 'Best-Sellers' most magnificent..." [1987]

box-folder 1:36

APCS, "Everything on the way to your 49er country..." Aug 11, 1986

box-folder 1:37

ALS, "Bets-selling author- what a beautiful gift of an amazing spirit..." [+ env.] [1986]

box-folder 1:38

ALS, "Somehow your letter is so good -such a warm feeling..." [+ env.] Mar 28,1984

box-folder 1:39

APCS, "Padell's name is Max. Have been hoping I'd get a ride..." Mar 18, 1983

box-folder 1:40

ALS, "How so great to hear from you! And to think you'd still write..." [+ env.] Mar 2, 1983

box-folder 1:41

Printed invitation to "For Kenneth: An Evening of Poetry with Miriam Patchen, Robert Duncan & Friends on the 10th year of his passing...Intersection Poetry & Prose Series" Jan 6, 1982

box-folder 1:42

ALS, "May I gasp 'my gawd'! ? For year I wrote to your last address..." [2 pp + env.] Oct 1, 1981

box-folder 1:43-46


box-folder 1:43

ALS, "What good news you have to impart!..." [3 pp + env.] Jan 21, 1970

box-folder 1:44

APCS, "Dearest Katie - Felix's package arrived this morning..." Jan 7, 1966

box-folder 1:45

ALS, "What a good thine-sort of -to hear thus from you..." [1 pg + env.; decorated page, yellow center, size 9 3/4 x 14 1/2 - folded] 1965

box-folder 1:46

TLS, "You dear one. You are the one who is needed by us and others..." [1 legal size, decorated, center yellow] [1960's]

box-folder 1:47-82


box-folder 1:47

TLS, "It has been so long, since your letters and good card..." Sep 27, 1958

box-folder 1:48

TLS, "This must be the briefest note, so much to be done..." Jun 16, 1958

box-folder 1:49

TLS, "It has been a long time since I received your so very good letter..." [+ env.] Mar 1958

box-folder 1:50

ALS, "My God- I suddenly realized that though I talk to you..." [+ env.] Jan 12, 1958

box-folder 1:51

TLS, "How terribly dear your letter, how overwhelming..." [1958]

box-folder 1:52

TLS, "My goodness, what a pleasant event getting a letter..." [+ env] [1958]

box-folder 1:53

ALS, "I haven't the faintest idea, whether I already said this..." [1958]

box-folder 1:54

ALS, "You rat! Well, we'll have to buy you something: a house?..." [+ env] Oct 27, 1957

box-folder 1:55

ALS, "How very good to hear from you, how very very good!..." [4 pp + env.] Jan 13, 1957

box-folder 1:56

TLS, "The extra copies of When We Where Here Together have not yet arrived..." [1957?]

box-folder 1:57

ALS, "I've only a minute - more later - to tell you that Kenneth had his operation..." [+ env.] Jun 6, 1956

box-folder 1:58

ALS, 'Everything is calm and confused: Kenneth's opening takes place on Monday..." [+ env.] May 23, 1956

box-folder 1:59

ALS, "It has been so long- though it seems only a couple weeks..." [+ env.] Apr 11, 1956

box-folder 1:60

ALS, "What a darling! Stop fussing around the silly thing..." [2 pp + env.] Feb 20, 1956

box-folder 1:61

ALS, "Oh my goodness! What a pile of irritations man..." [3 pp + env.] Jan 8, 1956

box-folder 1:62

ALS, "Move over - we're doctoring together..." [3 pp + env.] Sep 18, 1955

box-folder 1:63

ALS, "Darling - don't feel that way. I wrote as I did..." [6 pp + env.] Sep 22, 1955

box-folder 1:64

ALS, "This is no way to treat you, I know..." [3 pp + env.] Sep 19, 1955

box-folder 1:65

TLS, "There is so much to tell and always so little time..." Jan 5 [1955]

box-folder 1:66

TLS, "Well, at last there is some news of your machinations" [1955]

box-folder 1:67

ALS, "What is the situation with the damned health check- up?..." [Dec 1954]

box-folder 1:68

APCS, "Only to say that the lovely, lovely pitcher arrived..." Nov 5, 1954

box-folder 1:69

ALS, "You dear - to write, reassuring us! What a lovely time..." [+ env.] Jan 19, 1954

box-folder 1:70

ALS, "Holly showed me your notes to her..." [ + env.] Dec 31, 1953

box-folder 1:71

ALS, "It was with horror that I realized while reading your..." [2 pp + env.] Jan 5, 1953

box-folder 1:72

ALS, "The books came immediately you sent them - oh..." [2 pp] May 3, 1952

box-folder 1:73

APCS, "So many thanks for cards, pictures, letters..." Jan 16, 1952

box-folder 1:74

ALS, "So many letters to you started, let lie around..." [3 pp] [1952-53]

box-folder 1:75

ALS, "For weeks I've had a partially written note ready..." [3 pp] [1952-53]

box-folder 1:76

ALS, "It was so very good to see you that I resent..." [1952-53]

box-folder 1:77

TLS, "What a hectic time being famous gives one!..." [2 pp] [1952-53]

box-folder 1:78

ALS, "What a lovely time we had with the tree of you at 'M'..." [+ env.] Nov 27, 1951

box-folder 1:79

ALS, "I've been looking frantically for your letter..." Nov 10, 1951

box-folder 1:80

ALS, "In haste - Don't pay full price to Padell for..." May 1, 1951

box-folder 1:81

APCS, "Kenneth underwent 4 1/2 hours spinal today..." Mar 30, 1951

box-folder 1:82

ALS, "These were sent here. So, the delay..." [1951]

box-folder 1:83


box-folder 1:83

ALS, "The checks and letter arrived (Friday) morning..." [3 pp] [Apr 1951]

box-folder 1:84-89


box-folder 1:84

ALS, "Just finished working on the final figures on the Reading...$867.59" [Mar 1951]

box-folder 1:85

ALS, "In a rush. I don't have a spare minute..." [2 pp] [post-Mar 1951]

box-folder 1:86

ALS "What fun to hear your voice and talk to you!..." [3 pp] [post-Mar 1951]

box-folder 1:87

ALS, "Big Pan Out" came Saturday and Kenneth is having..." [2 pp] [1951]

box-folder 1:88

ALS, "How excited to hear about Big-Pan-Out!..." [pre-Mar 1951]

box-folder 1:89

ALS, "It's hardly possible to tell you what pleasure..." [Dec 1950]

box-folder 1:90-95


box-folder 1:90

ALS (legal size), "You undoubtedly are wondering what the news in concerning the [ ] treatment..." [+ env.] Jul 24, 1950

box-folder 1:91

ALS, "Your lovely card, enclosures, note arrived..." [+ env.] [post-May 1950]

box-folder 1:92

ALS, "Before we hear from you, before any results..." [2 pp + env.] May 25, 1950

box-folder 1:93

ALS, "Your kind letters, enclosures and warm..." [May 1950]

box-folder 1:94

ALS, "Things have been so very different..." [pre-May 1950]

box-folder 1:95

Winifred H. Bonnell, treasurer of Kenneth Patchen Fund: ALS, "I lost your address and have only just found it..." May 1, 1951


Manuscripts undated

Physical Description: 7 portfolios

Scope and Content Note

Seven "poems-in-drawings", unpublished manuscript pages from Cloth of the Tempest in a portfolio arranged by page number.
Folio 1

Page 1, "Regarding the nature and accomplishments of Heaven by Kenneth Patchen" [Green front- and red back cover, title "MS Patchen" painted with yellow acrylic, Holograph text written in black ink and in various directions on to pieces of paper which are pasted on to a manuscript page]

Folio 2

Page 2, "I am not amused by your praise..." [Purple front- and orange back cover, title "Patchen" painted with blue acrylic, Holograph text written in black ink and in various size letters.]

Folio 3

Page 3, "delled precisely against the fizz of communication..." [Orange front- and blue back cover, title "Kenneth Patchen" painted with blue acrylic, Holograph text written in black ink and in various size letters. An arrow in bottom half of the page.]

Folio 4

Page 3, "Live in the grandeur..." [Brown front- and blue black cover, title "Patchen" in blue acrylic, Holograph text in black ink, center of the page has a pasted-on diagram of a cathedral]

Folio 5

Page 4 1/4, " The trial of the Chill Giant Mother, Truth, Joy, Faith, God" [Yellow front- and red back cover, title "Manuscript * Kenneth Patchen" in redish acrylic, Holograph text in black ink, drawing of a giant, cut-out text " it out!" glued to the right corner. Paper used is a carbon for poems "In Horror the God-Thrown Lie", "The Carriage", "At the Cave", poems in the back side.]

Folio 6

Page 5, "Shawls of the leper...maps of the secret countries...Oh, rays of the celestial figure..." [Black front and aqua back cover, title "Manuscript Kenneth Patchen" in red acrylic, Holograph text in black ink and in various size letters, boldest text spells "for this is bleeding"]

Folio 7

Page 13, "Staircase and mallet crumbling encroachment of reason..." [Grey-blue front and greenish back cover, title "MS Kenneth Patchen" in red acrylic, Holograph text in black ink]


Printed Material 1950-1951

Physical Description: 12 folders

Scope and Content Note

Clippings, mailers, and other ephemera relating to Patchen fund raisers held in May 21, 1950 and April 14, 1951 in Chicago and a benefit reading in March 10, 1951 in New York.
box-folder 1:96-99

2nd BENEFIT FOR PATCHEN, Chicago: 1951

box-folder 1:96

Cancelled checks, $ 187.75, signed by KP + a note Apr 17, 1951

box-folder 1:97

Mailers, "An evening of raise funds for the benefit of critically ill Kenneth Patchen...Saturday, April 14th at 8:00 pm" [3 light blue cards with red type, 4x6]

box-folder 1:98

Press lease typescripts [annotated]

box-folder 1:99

Clippings announcing a benefit (9)

box-folder 1:100-103


box-folder 1:100

Typed statement from Winfred H. Bonnell, "A report and an appreciation from the Kenneth Patchen Fund", affirms a total of $5,508.88 - less expenses - from 750 people.

box-folder 1:101

A letter of appeal, "The Kenneth Patchen Fund" (2); Contains signatures from W.H. Auden, T.S. Eliot, Archibald MacLeish and Thornton Wilder.

box-folder 1:102

Announcement, "Benefit Poetry Reading for Kenneth Patchen", (3)

box-folder 1:103

Clippings (3), includes a Look magazine article "Poets gather to help a poet" Jun 19, 1951

box-folder 1:104-105

FAIR FOR PATCHEN, Chicago: 1950

box-folder 1:104

Cancelled check for $275, signed by Kenneth Patchen. Event proceed enclosed with Kathryn's letter. [see folder 19] May 25, 1950

box-folder 1:105

Clipping; event announcements (4)

box-folder 1:106-107

OTHER n.d.:

box-folder 1:106

Brochure for Patchen's "Poemscapes, songs & proverbs" (Jargon 11), Jonathan Williams

box-folder 1:107

Flyer announcing a re-opening of M Studio.


Photographs 1951 n.d.

Physical Description: 13 photographs

Scope and Content Note

Arranged by size. Photographs no. 1-10 have a matching negative.
box-folder 1:108

Black & White (4"x5") 1951

Envelope 1

Kenneth Patchen at Old Lyme, CT with Kathryn Winslow & Bill Mecham Jun 1951

Envelope 2

Kenneth Patchen 2nd fund raiser at studio "M" Apr 14, 1951

Envelope 3-8

Kenneth Patchen, Kathryn Winslow, Miriam Patchen, and Bill Mecham, Illinois Central, Chicago; Posting in front of a 1930's Rolls Roy, an overpass in the background Nov 1951

Envelope 9-10

Kenneth and Miriam Patchen, and Kathryn Winslow in front of a bookstore Studio 'M', Chicago Nov 1951

box-folder 1:109

Black & White (5"x7") ca. 1947-1950

Envelope 1

Kenneth Patchen portrait; Photo used for Padell Publishers in See You In the Morning 1947

Envelope 2

Miriam Patchen portrait; holding a black cat [Mr. Sitwell ?], photo mounted on a cardboard ca. 1950

Envelope 3

Miriam Patchen portrait; wearing a striped shirt and a shawl on her shoulders, photo mounted on a cardboard ca. 1950

box-folder 1:110

Negatives 1951

Physical Description: 10 negatives

Scope and Content Note

Kodak Safety film negatives, size 2"x 3", for photographs no. 1-10.