Preliminary Inventory of the Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute Collections, circa 1940-1998

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Preliminary Inventory of the Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute Collections, circa 1940-1998

Collection number: BANC MSS 99/281 c

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute Collections
Date: circa 1940-1998
Collection Number: BANC MSS 99/281 c
Compiler: Ginger, Ann Fagan
Extent: 183 Cartons, 71 Boxes; 2 Oversize Boxes; 2 Card File Boxes; 1 Oversize B Folder
Repository: The Bancroft Library
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
Physical Location: For current information on the location of these materials, please consult the library's online catalog.

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Collection is open for research with the following exceptions: Series 1.3, 3.3, 6.2, 6.5, and 9.4 need processing review by Public Services before they can be served to the public; Series 2.2, 4.1, 4.4, 5.1, 5.2, 7.3, and 9.2 need curatorial review before they can be served to the public. Please see reference desk for an Application for Access to Restricted Material (ARM) form. See on-line catalog record to determine availability.

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[Identification of item], Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute Collections, BANC MSS 99/281 c, The Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley.

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

The Meikljohn Civil Liberties Institute Records were given to The Bancroft Library on May 1, 1999 by Ann Fagan Ginger, founder and Executive Director of the Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute and Jim Syfers, representing the Board of Directors of the Meiklejohn Institute.

Organizational Information

The Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute (MCLI) was incorporated as an independent, non-profit organization in 1965 by Ann Fagan Ginger in Berkeley, California. The Institute bears the name of innovative educator and scholar Alexander Meiklejohn, a lifelong champion of civil liberties and social justice. Ginger established the unique center on human rights because she thought that effective, innovative legal research, writing, and courtroom strategies should be shared among all lawyers and clients in the constitutional law fields of civil liberties, due process, and civil rights.
The Institute advocates for human rights and peace law by seeking ways to use the laws established by the United Nations Charter, Nuremberg Principles, the Three Human Rights Treaties ratified by the U.S., along with U.S. and state Constitutions and Bills of Rights.The mission of MCLI includes responding to calls from grassroots activists and providing referrals that help individuals address their grievances and by reporting violations.
Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Library (MCLL) officially incorporated with MCLI in 1965. The library established a unique collection of the best legal "briefs", transcripts, and motions in cases, beginning with those reported in the Civil Liberties Docket since 1955. Soon, requests from lawyers and activists began pouring in, utilizing the library for the best legal points for integration issues in the South and arguments against the Vietnam war and the draft. Unions and the Left sought new information to help end the blacklists and persecutions of Reds and progressives. Expanding to a global perspective in the 1970's and 1980's MCLI's subsequent publications, The Human Rights Docket and Human Rights and Peace Law Docket continued to build substantial holdings in the library, adding topics such as draft law, sex discrimination, anti-nuclear, affirmative action, and immigration case materials.
MCLI is also the official repository for the organizational records of the National Lawyers Guild. Significant documents donated by its members include the Rosenberg, Hollywood Ten, and Smith Act case files. The library's collections including the NLG records were transfered to the Bancroft Library in 1999 . They provide a rich variety of primary source material on civil rights and civil liberties trials (in particular McCarthy era and early 1970's civil rights cases), legal and social justice organizations, labor rights organizations and activists, Vietnam anti-war collections, anti-nuclear and World Peace organizations, and collections concerned with academic freedom.
The Institute offers interships and work-study opportunities to high-school, college, law school and library school students, and significant work for seniors who are concerned about human rights and peace law in the United States.
As an organizer for the right to education, an information clearinghouse on social change, and an advocate of government responsibility, MCLI joins networks and provides speakers. Under the direction of Ann Fagan Ginger and the Board of Directors the Institute continues to publish and distribute the Human Rights and Peace Law Docket, the Human Rights Organizations and Periodicals Directory, Peace Law Packets, and a Newsletter. MCLI's highly regarded Studies in Law and Social Change include Alexander Meiklejohn: Teacher of Freedom, The Cold War Against Labor, and the Ford Hunger March. Meiklejohn's more recent publications include a booklet on the Beijing Women's Conference of 1995 and Ginger's book, Nuclear Weapons are Illegal.
In 1999 the Institute began working with the Center for the Covenant at San Francisco State University and with the India Legal Centre for Human Rights and the Law on common inssues of concern.
The Institute's survival depends on those who share its goals and values.
Portions taken from Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute website at 

Scope and Content

The Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute (MCLI) Collections document twentieth century American legal battles over civil liberties, human rights, labor rights, anti-war, peace law, nuclear proliferation and academic freedom. The collection is built around a core collection of legal case files assembled by the institute since 1965 for legal researchers. The Meiklejohn Institute has documented over 9000 civil liberties cases in a series of published guides: Civil Liberties Docket, Human Rights Docket, Human Rights and Peace Law Docket, and Human Rights Casefinder, 1953-1969, the Warren Court Era. Over 3000 or these cases have corresponding files in the cores collection. Case files may include all or a selection of the following: legal briefs, memorandum, pleadings, court transcripts, case histories, research materials, correspondence, news clippings, pamphlets, and attorney's drafts.
Other papers within the collections include office files of attorneys and organizations in the fields of labor rights, social justice, and world peace. There are extensive files on the Vietnam War resistance, the Free Speech Movement trial, the Peoples Park mass arrests, and the trials of Angela Y. Davis, the Pentagon Papers, and Wounded Knee.

Container List

Box 30, 61-62; Carton 2-31, 46-58, 60-72, 82-88, 91-93, 109-112, 114-128, 130-137, 140, 143, 154, 170-175, 180.

Series 1 : Docket Case Files

Access Information

The Human Rights and Peace Law Docket files need processing review by Public Services before they can be served to the public. Please see reference desk for an Application for Access to Restricted Material (ARM) form.

Scope and Content Note


Divided into 3 subseries: The Civil Liberties Docket, the Human Rights Docket, and The Human Rights and Peace Law Docket.
Each series reflects the classification scheme in the corresponding Docket published by the National Lawyer's Guild or the Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute. The dockets consist of annotated guides to over 9,000 classified civil rights and liberties cases. The Meiklejohn case files contains approximately 3,280 of the docket's listed cases and are classified Constitutional amendments. The classification scheme is outlined in each published docket and is expanded in the later two. Also useful in locating cases is The Human Rights Casefinder, 1953-1969, the Warren Court Era which is indexed by plaintiff, defendant, subject, and by amendment right. Ask for the published dockets at the Bancroft Reference Desk.
In addition to the legal cases, information on amendment issues are listed by subject or as general in the docket's classification numbers. For example, there are materials on the House on Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) in the 271 classification, police practices in 304, enforcing integration in 522, and sex discrimination in 578.
Notable case files include: US vs. Dellinger; Communist Party USA vs. SACB; National Lawyers Guild vs. Brownell; US vs. Eugene Dennis et al; US vs. Schneiderman; Lawson and Trumbo vs. US; Krebs vs. Ashbrook; US vs. Hiss; California vs. Jackson, Cluchette, Drumgo; Harry Renton Bridges vs. US; Rosenberg, Sobell vs. US; Heikkila vs. US; California vs. Huey Newton; Brown vs. Board of Education; US vs Vietnam Veterans Against the War; Regents of University of California vs. Bakke.

SUBSERIES 1.1: Civil Liberties Docket, 1953-1969


I. Freedom Of Expression And Association

Additional Note

(First Amendment Liberties, And Ninth And Fourteenth Amendments)

Freedom Of Speech, Press, Assembly




-Of Meetings

Ctn. 114

11. General


--Of Parades


16. General


16.c Brown v Rayfield


16.1 Hurwitt v Oakland


16.7 Chicago Peace Council v McDonough


Administration Restrictions


-On Students and Professors

Ctn. 2

24. General (4 folders)


24.Ala.1 St. John Dixon v Alabama State Bd of Educ


24.Ariz.2 Jones v Bd of Regents (Univ of Arizona)


24.Ala.4 Dickerson v Alabama State Bd of Educ


24.Cal. General


24.Cal. Beecher


24.Cal.a Mandel v Municipal Court


24.Cal.2 Lessin v UC Regents


24.Cal.5 Finot v Pasedena Bd of Educ


24.Cal.6 Kline v Myerson


24.Cal.7a Aptheker, Stein, Jacobs


24.Cal.7b Atthowe v Univ of Calif, Eisen v Univ of Calif


24.Cal.8 Stanton v Dumke, State Bd of Trustees (San Jose)


24.Cal.15 Athos v Bd of Educ (Fremont)


24.Cal.16 Myers v Bd of Educ (Arcata)


24.Cal.19 McGlone v Bd of Educ (Mt Diablo)


24.Cal.19a Joslyn v Claremont Graduate School


24.Cal.20 Perlman v Bd of Trustees (Shasta Joint Jr College Dist)


24.Cal.23 Sellers v Bd of Regents (Univ of Calif)


24.Cal.25 Scarborough v Bd of Educ (San Francisco)


24.Cal.26 Smiley v Thompson (Soquel High School)


24.Cal.27 Purcell v Manning [In Cater et al.] (SF State)


24.Cal.30 Oloff v East Side Union High School Dist (San Jose)


24.Cal.31 Allen v Oakland Unified School Dist


24.Cal.33 Modesto v San Jacinto Unified School Dist


24.Cal.34 SF State strike arrest cases (clippings)


SF State chronology and background (clippings)


SF State criminal - students


SF Sate criminal - teachers


SF State teachers, administrative


SF State Administrative, student cases


SF State strike


California v Stoloff


24.Cal.34a Wong v Hayakawa


24.Cal.36 Siegel v UC Regents (7 folders)

Ctn. 3

24.Cal.40 California v Queen, Martinet


24.Cal.41a Averett v Bd of Educ (Los Angeles)


24.Cal.42 California v Mallory, Wilson


24.Cal.44 Brennan v Bd of Educ (Nicasio)


24.Cal.45 Strickland v San Francisco Bd of Educ


24.Cal.46 Rowe v Campbell Union High School Dist


24.Cal.49 Smith v Jackson


24.Cal.51 Bekiaris v Modesto Bd of Educ


24.Cal.52 Sellers v UC Regents


24.Cal.53 Compton v McNelis


24.Cal.55 Montalvo v Madera Unified School Dist, Bd of Educ


24.Cal.56 Poxon v Bd of Educ, San Juan Unified School Dist


24.Cal.57 Kurzweil v Dumke et al.


24.Cal.58 Ishimatsu v UC Regents


24.Cal.59 Wong v UC Regents


24.Cal.60 Mitford v Bunzel


24.Cal.66 Livermore Valley Joint Unified School Dist (Alameda & Contra Costa Counties) v Feinberg


24.Cal.72 So. San Francisco Unifies School Dist v Natwick


24.Cal.73 Comings v State Bd of Educ


24.Cal.75 McGill v University of San Francisco


24.Cal.77 St. Ledger v Deering


24.Colo.2 Jones v Hopper


24.Conn.2 Roach v Connecticut


24.Conn.3 Crossen v Fatsi


24.Conn.4 Healy v James


24.DC.2 Healey v Keppel


24.DC.3 US National Student Assn v Finch


24.Fla 2 Demon v Vadakir


24.Ida.1 Orwick v State Bd of Educ, Idaho


24.Ill.1 Koch v Board of Trustees, Univ of Illinois


24.Ill.2 Pickering v Township High School Dist 205, Will Co, Ill.


24.Ill.8 Rabinowitz et al. v Board of Junior College Dist No 508


24.Ind.1 Bright v Isenbarger


24.Ky.2 Attorney General's Opinion (Kentucky)


24.Ky.4 Hetrick v Martin


24.Me.2 Farrell v Smith et al.


24.Mass. Miscellaneous


24.Mass.4 Massachusetts v Harvard demonstrators


24.Mass.5 Fenton v Boston School Committee


24.Mass.7 Mallioux v Kiley


24.Mass.8 Hasson v Boothby


24.Mich. General


24.Mich.a Zarighny v Michigan


24.Mich.2 Helmkay v Bd of Educ, City of Flint


24.Mich.3 Wolfson v Wayne State University


24.Mich.7 Cholmakjian v Board of Trustees, Michigan State Univ


24.Mich.8 Vought v Van Buren Public Schools

Ctn. 4

24.NY.5 Egan v Moore et al.


24.NY.7 Council v Donovan


24.NY.10 Hodes v Garrison


24.NY.14 Rosenberg v Allen


24.NY.15 Columbia University 1968


24.NY.15a Hayes v Hogan (Columbia)


24.NY.15b New York v Sargent, Ziegellaub (Columbia)


24.NY.15c Halliwell v Criminal Court


24.NY.15d Grossner v Brd of Trustees, Columbia Univ


24.NY.15g Cole v Brd of Trustees, Columbia University


24.NY.16 Trustees of Columbia Univ. v Students for a Democratic Society


24.NY.21 Powe et al. v Miles


24.NY.22 Zucker v Panitz


24.NY.26 Cornell University v Starobin


24.NY.27 Overton v Rieger


24.NY.28 Caplin v Oak


24.NY.29 Presidents Council, Dist 25 v Community School Board


24.NY.33 Grafton v Brooklyn Law School (2 folders)


24.NY.34 Smirti v Trustees of New York University




24.NC.2 Casey v Henry


24.NC.4 Bateman v Trustees of Beaufort Co. Technical Institute


24.Ohio.1 Schwartz et al. v Bd ofTrustees, Ohio State Univ


24.Okla.2 Bullock v Kamm


24.Okla.3 Norman Gay Alliance for Sexual Freedom v Bd of Regents of Univ of Oklahoma


24.Pa. General


24.Pa.2 Harris v School Dist of Haverford Township


24.Pa.3 Cirker v Yohe


24.Pa.4 Lawrence v Carroll (School Dist of Philadelphia)


24.Pa.5 Merriken v Cressman


24. Tenn.3 Norton v Discipline Committee of East Tenn. State Univ


24.Tenn.4 Jackson v Dorrier


24.Tenn.5 Caldwell v Craighead


24.Tenn.6 Jones v Tennessee Bd of Educ


24.Tenn.7 Melton v Young


24.Tex.5 Sterzing v Ft Bend Independent School District (2 folders)

Ctn. 5

24.Tex.9 Bd of Regents of the Univ of Texas v New Left Edu Project


24.Tex.10 Bayless v Martine


24.Tex.11 Sullivan v Houston Independent School District


24.Tex.12 Lansdale et al. v Jenkins


24.Tex.13 Shanley v Northeast Independent School District


24.Tex.15 Wardlaw v Austin Independent School District


24.Utah.1 Freeman v Flake et al v Bd of Educ of Hobbs Municipal School District


24.Utah.2 Smith v Losee


24.Va.2 Sword v Fox


24.Wash.3 Belk v Washington University


24.WVa.1 Barker v Hardway (Bluefield State College)


24.Wisc.2 Lee v Bd of Regents of State Colleges


24.Wisc.3 Soglin v Kauffman


24.Wisc.4 Breen v Kahl


24.Wisc.5 Buck v Carter


24.Wisc.6 Straus v Bd of Regents of the Univ of Wisconsin


-On Miscellaneous Activities


25.15 Sokol v Public Utilities of the State of California


25.1ba Huntley v Public Utilities Commission of California


25.18 Bagley v Washington Township


25.35 Oliver v Southern California Rapid Transit Distric


25.36 Friends Meeting v US


25.37 111 Wines & Liquors, Murphy's Tavern, Val's Bar v Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control


25.38 Kohl v Resor


25.46 Doyle v Koelbl


25.47 Williams v Regents of UC


25.48 Schneider v Laird


25.49 Commission for Prisoner Justice & Humanity v Craven


25.50 US ex rel Manicone v Curso


25.51 Noland v Desobry


25.52 Mississippi Gay Alliance v Goudelock


25.54 Staats v ACLU


25.56 Greer v Spock


25.57 Straus v F.C.C.


25.58 In the Matter of the Hearing of the Charges Against Joseph Mazzola


Economic Restrictions

Ctn. 5

30. Barbour v Sheet Metal Workers Associated Press v US


30.1 Independent Productions Corp. v Loew's Incorporated


30.7 Young v Motion Picture Assn of America, Inc


30.9 Mitchell v International Assn of Machinists


30.12 Allure Shoe Corp; Local 885 of Retail, Wholesale, and Dept. Store Union, AFL-CIO

Ctn. 6

30.13 Fort v Civil Service Comm of Alameda County


30.15 Weaver v Jordan


30.16 NAACP v Overstreet


30.17 Smith v SNCC


30.18 Hurwitz, Bobker, Braverman v Directors Guild of America


30.20 Lenske v US (Portland, Oregon)


30.24 Frampton v Davis


30.25 Brunnenkant v Richardson


30.26 Schott v American Metal Climax, Inc


30.29 Cedar-Sinai Medical Center Hearing before NLRB


30.30 Linmark Associates v Willingboro


35 General


Criminal Sanctions


-Against Disorderly Conduct and Similar Offenses

Ctn. 112

51.Cal.24 Hoffman v Municipal Court of Oakland


51.Cal.26 California v Macias


51.Cal.32 English et al. v Ferndon Schools


51.Colo.1 Williams v City and Co. of Denver


51.Colo.2 City of Denver v Perdew et al


51.Conn.3 Turner v LaBelle


51.DC.4 Williams v Dist of Columbia


51.DC.5 Mailer v US

Ctn. 115

51.Ga.8a Stokley Charmichael, SNCC v Allen et al.


51.Ga.9 Atlanta v Ricks


51.Ga.10 Hunter v Allen


51.Haw.2 Hawaii v Butler, Sarant


51.Ill.6 Terminiello v Chicago


51.Ind.1 Indiana v DeFields


51.Ken.3 Colton v Kentucky


51.La.b Lombard v Louisiana


51.La.2b Rev. Cox v Louisiana


51.Minn.1 Minnesota v Johnson


51.Miss.g Poole v Gov. Barnett


51.Miss.2 Mississipi v Stoner


51.Miss.4 Guyot v Pierce, Strother v Thompson


51. NY.10a New York v Prinz


51.NY.12 New York v Martin


51.NY.20 New York v Penn


51.NY.21 New York v Jones, Liebert


51.NY.24 New York v Jones, Weil, Smith


51.NY.37 New York v Shapiro


51.NY.42 New York v Archer


51.Ohio.1 Cleveland v Russell


51.Ohio.2 Norwell v Cincinatti


51.Pa.1 Chester v Anderson


51.Pa.2 Pennsylvania v Dortort


51.Tenn.3 Tennessee v Gustafson


51.Tenn.8 Tennessee v Tigner


51.Va.3 Virginia v Rev. Harris


-Against Obscenity

Ctn. 116

52. General

Ctn. 112

52.Cal.4 US v Aday


52.Cal.19 California v Thompson


52.Cal.27 Miller v California

Ctn. 112

52.Cal.29 Hicks v Miranda


-Against Sedition, Anarchy, Syndicalism, and Riots

Box 30

54. General and clippings (3 folders)

Ctn. 6

54. Ex Parte Communications and Administrative Decisions


54.a Herndon v Lowry, Sheriff


54.b Distortion of history- The Moyer, Haywood Case


54.1 US v Powell (2 folders)

Ctn. 112

54.1 US v Powell

Ctn. 6

54.4 Louisiana v Zellner


54.6 Georgia v Perdew


54.7b Georgia v Wells, Harris


54.9 People of New York v Epton (3 folders)


54.11 Mississippi v Lewis

Ctn. 112

54.14 California v Harris


54.14a Younger v Harris

Ctn. 6

54.20 H. Rap Brown, SNCC v Clark


54.20a US v H. Rap Brown


54.28 Brooks v Briley (Nashville)


54.29 Fernandez v Mackell


54.32 US v Dellinger (Chicago 8 Conspiracy) (4 folders)


54.34 Brandenberg v People of the State of Ohio

Ctn. 7

54.37 US v Marshall (2 folders)

Ctn. 112

54.38 Carter v US

Ctn. 7

54.39 Hess v Indiana


54.40 Rogers v US

Ctn. 112

54.45 US v Giese


54.46 Colon v US


-Against Picketing, Leafleting, Demonstrating

Box 30

55 General and Selma 1965 (3 folders)

Ctn. 112

55.Ala.8 Forman v Montgomery


55.Ala.17 Birdie Mae Davis v Mobile Co. Bd of School Commrs


55.Ala.18 Baines v Birmingham


55.Ala.19 American Radio Assn. v Mobile Steamship Assn


55.Ariz.1 Arizona v Horn


55.Cal.6 Montgomery Ward and Co. v CORE


55.Cal.6a Barnes v CORE


55.Cal.13 Gould v California


66.Cal.16 California v Havens


55.Cal.19 In re Berry


55.Cal.21 Kuszynski v Oakland


55.Cal.23 United Farm Workers v Superior Court, Kern County


55.Cal.30 Connor v California


55.Cal.31 California v Ridenour


55.Cal.32a California v Yank, Lustis


55.Cal.32b Halvonik v Reagan

Ctn. 7

55.Cal.32 Berkeley, People's Park (2 folders)

Ctn. 112

55.Cal.33 California v Glass, Barkley


55.Cal.34 Jelinic v Sun Valley Shopping Center


55.Cal.35 Breen v Greyhound


55.Cal.36 Barber v Municipal Court


55.Cal.37 California v Diablo Canyon Demonstrators


55.Colo.1 Perdew et al. v Denver

Ctn. 111

55.Colo. Rocky Flats Action Group v Ofte


55.Colo.2 US v Best (Rocky Flats)

Ctn. 111

55.Colo.2a Colorado v Ginsberg (Rocky Flats)

Ctn. 112

55.Conn.a United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers v Baldwin


55.DC Code on not harrassing Foreign Representatives


55.DC.4 Scott v Dist. of Columbia


55.DC.5 Dist. of Columbia v 7 Defendants (White House Sit-in)


55.DC.6 Freedom v Dist. of Columbia


55.DC.8 Int'l Union of Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers v NLRB


55.DC.10 United Steel Workers of America v NLRB


55.DC.11 Roberts v Wilson

Ctn. 111

55.DC. Jackalone v Andrus


55.DC. Townsend v Carmel


55.DC.12 Huff v Sec'y of the Navy


55.Fla.1 Young v Davis


55.Ga.34 US v Anderson


59.31 US v Hensley, Stacy, Turner, Engle


59.32 City of Colunmus v Miqdadi


55 Ga.39 Kunney v Holt


55.Ga.41 Barnum v Chandliss


55.Ga.43a Americus v 32 Demonstrators


55.Ill. Carey v Brow


55.Ill. Citizen's for a Better Environment v Schaumberg


55.Ill.a City of Champaign v Campbell


55.Ill.8 Chicago v Hendershot


55.Ill.10 Sutherland v Illinois


55.Ind.2 United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America,CIO v Gates, Governor

Ctn. 111

55.Ky.2 Goldsmith v Sutherland


55.Mass.4 LeClair v O'Neil


55.Minn.3 Minnesota v Fuchs


55.Miss.11 Collins v City of Jackson


55.Miss.a Mississippi v Pestana


55.Miss.2 Crawford v Mississippi


55.Miss.3a Brown v City of Meridian


55.Miss.5a Peacock v City of Greenwood


55.Miss.7 Cameron v Johnson


55.Miss.9a Hartfield v Mississippi


55.Miss.27 Johnson v Mississippi


55.Mo.3 US v Mechanic


55.Mo.5 US v Mitchell


55.NH.1 New Hampshire v Harvey


55.NJ New Jersey v Schmid


55.NJ.a Kovacs v Cooper


55.NJ.5 New Jersey v Mears


55.NJ.6 New Jersey v Carroll


55.NY.3 New York v Donegan


55.NY.4 New York v Penn


55.NY.4a New York v Galamison


55.NY.6 Turner v New York


55.NY.16 People of New York v Katz


55.NY.19 Street v New York


55.NY.25 New York v 381 Disarmament Protestors


55.Va.7 Virginia v Berrigan


55.NC.5 US v Bradley

Ctn. 111

55.NCc.6 US v Davis


55.Ohio.a City of Steubenville v Kilburn


55.Ohio.3 Cleveland v Mechanic


55.Okla.a Wood v Oklahoma


55.Okla.1 Oklahoma v Green


55.Okla.2 Anderson et al. v Trimble et al.


55.Okla.3 Floyd v US


55.Ore.1 Lloyd Corp. v Tanner


55.Pa.4 Penn v Haugh


55.Pa.5 Grausam v Murphey


55.Pa.7 Farber v Rizzo


55.SC.6 Abernathy v Conroy


55.Tx.2 Flower v US


55.US Brown v Glines


55.Va.1 Baines v City of Danville


55.Wa.2 Spencer v State of Washington


-Against and Concerning Minors

Ctn. 111

56. General


56.a Gans v Ohio


56.1 So. Carolina v Carter


56.14 Florence v Myers


56.27 Vachon v New Hampshire


56.28 Bykofsky v Borough of Middletown


-Against Vagrancy and Loitering

Ctn. 111

57. General


57. New York City v Young


57.8 Zellner v Thetford


57.10 Harris v City of Albany


57.13 New York v Miller


57.14 Hicks v Dist. of Colimbia


57.15 City of Flint v Baldwin


57.20 Minneapolis v Hadley


57.24 Detroit v Wedlow


57.25 Hirshhorn v New York


57.29 City of Carmel v Parr


-Against Tresspassing

Ctn. 116

58.NY.2 New York v Collins


58.NY.4 New York v Lawson


58.NC.4 Williams v North Carolina


58.Ohio.1 Cinnicinnati v Mitchell et al.


58.Pa.1 West Chester State College v D'Antonio


58.SC.1 Peterson v City of Greenville


58.Va.8 Wood v Virginia


58.Va.10 Johnson v Virginia


58.Va.11 Lusby v Virginia


58.Wash.1 Washington v Fox


-Against Miscellaneous Criminal Activities

Ctn. 116

59. General


59.a Cole v Arkansas


59.b US v Congress of Industrial Organizations


59.e Michigan v Brothman


59.8 International Association of Machinists v Street


59.22 North Carolina v Crowder, Mallory


59.27 Clarksdale, Mississippi v Henry

Ctn. 116

59.30 Alabama vMills


59.33 Louisiana v Rev. J.W. Davis


59.39 New York v Fawcett


59.42 Harvey v Mississippi


59.48 City of Newton v Temple


59.70 Detroit v Bowden


59.75 Kirkland v Wallace


59.98 Cleveland v Anderson


59.108 Watts v US


59.113 Cortez v Schroering


59.114 US v Tinjerina


59.115 Honey v Goodman


59.121 Parker v Morgan


59.123 US v Kangas


59.124 Local 807 v US


59.125 Connell Construction Co. v Plumbing & Steamfitters Local Union 100


59.126 Iannelli v US


59.127 US v Moore


Civil Sanctions


-Against Defamation, Libel and Slander

Ctn. 111

61. General (3 folders)


61.b Larrick v Gilloon


61.c Salzhandler v Caputo


61.1 Farmers Educational and Coop Union v WDAY, Inc


61.9 New York Times v Sullivan


61.186 Pauling v News Syndicate Co., Inc.


61.21 Moore v P.W. Publishing Co.


61.22 Normile v American Medical Association


61.23 Henry v Collins


61.27 Smoot v League of Women Voters


61.30 Frick v Stevens


61.33 Baer v Rosenblatt


61.40 Minsky v Stroden


61.45 Peet v Tocsin, Inc.


61.49 Carroll v Princess Ann Co.


61.56 Carey v Hume, Anderson


61.57 Bridges v Benson


61.58 Shankroff v LaGuardia


61.59 Miami Herald v Tornillo


61.60 Old Dominion v Austin


61.64 Littell v Buckley


61.66 Time v Firestone


-By Injunction in Labor Disputes

Ctn. 111

62. General


-By Injunction in Racial Situations

Ctn. 117

63. Injunctions to Protect Civil Liberties


63.2 Alabama v Gray (ex rel Gallion)


63.3 Fair Share Organization v Mitnik


63.3a Fair Share Organization v Nagdeman and Sons, Inc.


63.3b Fair Share Organization v Kroger Co.


63.4 Band B Cash Grocery Stores Inc. v Young Adults for Progressive Action


63.10 Alabama ex. rel. Flowers v Gray


63.11 Town of Clinton v CORE


63.15 US v City of Winona, Partridge


63.21 San Diego Gas & Electric v CORE


63.22a California v Brown


63.23 Curtis, Grand v Boeger


63.28.b US v Clark


63.29 C.O.F.O. v Local Officials (McComb)


63.30 NAACP v Safeway Trails, Inc.


63.31 Hicks v Knight


63.32 Dilworth v Riner


63.36 Griffin v Ryan


63.37.a Mississippi v Bass, Klein, Wilcox


63.43 Tracy v Robbins


63.46 NAACP (Chester Branch) v Chester, Pa.


63.53 Chinn v Johnson


63.56 Baker v Bindner


63.89 NAACP v Thompson


-Against Miscellaneous Activities

Ctn. 117

64. Laws on Congress' Activities


64.13 Chronicle Publishing v Gain


64.16 Hornstein v NAACP


64.17 Alameda Co. v Regents of the University of California


64.18 Gallagher v Mission Tenants Union


64.20a Feldman v Los Angeles Free Press


64.29 Sutherland v Illinois


70. Procedural Pitfalls in Civil Liberties Cases


71. Marchel, Sogolofsky v Los Angeles Sheriff's Department


71.2 Boryszewski v Brydges


72. General


73. General


73.Fla.1 Eubanks v Florida


73.Mich.4 Michigan v Altman


73.Mich.5 Michigan v Murray


73.Miss. Hancock et al v Mississippi


73.Miss.11 Jackson v Sumrall


73.Miss.25 Rutledge v Jackson


73.Miss.g Lefton v City of Hattiesburg


73.Miss.j Mississippi v Hartfield, Anderson (Hattiesburg)


73.Va.a Baines v Danville, McGhee v Danville


73.NY.2 New York v Hutchinson


Freedom Of Religion


-In Public Places

Box 62

119.48 Bennett v Secretary of Defense


-Conscientious Objection to War

Ctn. 118

120. General (3 folders)


120. Naill v Alexander et al.


120. Graves v Commissioner of Internal Revenue


120. Anthony v Commissioner of Internal Revenue


120. Purris v Commissioner of Internal Revenue


120. Herby v Commissioner of Internal Revenue


120. Miscellaneous (2 folders)


121.418 US v Casella


121.419 US v Jenkins


121.907 US v Efaw


122. US v Cool


123.90 Serfass v US


123.207 Davis v US


123.657 US v Armistead


123.658 US v Robideau


123.808 US v Donahue


126. General (non-case) War Crimes in Vietnam

Ctn. 119

126.31 Campen v Nixon


127.13 Oestereich v Selective Service System, Wyoming


127.22 US v Scouler


128. General-Vietnam Day


128. General-Pamphlets


128. Peace Candidates, incl Scheer Campaign


128. My Lai (pre June 1970)


128 My Lai (post June 1970)


128.1 In re Tax Protestors


128.5 Prosecutions of War Resistors


128.9 Atlee v Laird


128.11 Harper v Commissioner of Internal Revenue


128.12 Kent v US (2 folders)

Ctn. 114

128.13 Mitchell v Nixon


128.14 US v Simpson


129. Miscellaneous- Conscientious Objection to War


129. ACLU model memo re qualifications of C.O.s for citizenship


130 Denial of Tax Exemptions to Institutions-General


Restrictions on Free Exercise


In Prisons

Box 62

151.21 Putney v Fowlie


Freedom Of Association: Affecting The Organization


Organizational Privleges Challenged

Ctn. 119

200.-204. Miscellaneous


-As to NLRB Certification

Ctn. 111

203. Civil Liberties and the NLRB., speech


203.a Farmer v International Fur & Leather Workers of US & Canada


203.b Farmer v United Electrical, Radio & Machine Workers of America (UE), et al.

Ctn. 7

203.c Herzog v American Communications Association


203.d National Maritime Union v Herzog et al.


203.2 Meat Cutters v NLRB


203.3 R. Dennis v US (2 folders)


203.5 International Tel & Tel v IBEW Local 134


-Privacy in Organizational Work

Ctn. 120

205.19 Briggs v Goodwin


Compulsory Registration

Ctn. 7

210 General


-Under 1950 Internal Security (McCarran) Act

Ctn. 114

211. McCarran Act and SACB (2 folders)


211.a NLG Brief on the Unconstitutionality of the Mundt-Nixon Bill (H.R. 5852)

Ctn. 180

211. US v Communist Party


SACB, Kennedy v Lima

Ctn. 7

211.1 Communist Party of the US v SACB (3 folders)

Ctn. 8

211.1 Communist Party of the US v SACB (3 folders)


211.1.a Communist Party of the US v US


211.2 Jefferson School of Social Sciences v SACB


211.3 SACB v Labor Youth League

Ctn. 180

211.3 Extracts of testimony by Labor Youth League witnesses

Ctn. 8

211.9 American Committee for the Protection of the Foreign Born v SACB


211.13 Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade v SACB (3 ff)


211.14 Weinstock v SACB


211.16 Katzenbach v W.E.B. DuBois Clubs of America


211.16a W.E.B. Du Bois Clubs of America v Clark


211.17 Boorda v SACB


211.18 Kennedy v Healey


-Under 1954 Communist Control Act

Ctn. 8

212 General


212.a United Electrical, Radio, and Machine Workers of America v Brownell


-Under State Laws

Ctn. 8

213 Communist Registration Ordinances


213.a Albertson v Millard


-Under Foreign Agents Registration Act

Ctn. 8

214 General


214.a Rabinowitz, Boudin v Kennedy


Listing and Investigating

Ctn. 8

220 General


-By Attorney General of the United States


221 General

Ctn. 9

221.1 NLG v Brownell


221.a Joint Anti-Fascist Refugee Committee v McGrath


221.7 Veterans of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade v Attorney General


221.8 American Servicemen's Union v Mitchell


220 General, misc (3 folders)


-By Congressional Committees

Ctn. 9

222.1 Wheeldin v Wheeler


222.3 Sloat v Walter


222.4 Sloat v Wheeler, Water


-By State Authorities

Ctn. 9

223.a Brandhove v Tenney


223.3 Elfbrandt v Russell


223.5 Black Unity League of Kentucky v Miller


Freedom Of Association: Affecting The Members


Criminal Penalties for Membership

Ctn. 9

240 General (Smith Act, precursor to Mundt-Nixon Bill, also Ohio Bartunik Bill)


-Under the Smith Act: for Conspiracy

Ctn. 9

241 General (Smith Act, misc)


241.a Dennis et al., v US (see also 99/280 cz National Lawyers Guild, George Crockett Papers, Smith Act Trial, Wm. Z. Foster et al and 242.9. (3 folders)

Ctn. 180

241.a Smith Act cases (incl US v Dennis) (2 folders)


Mr. Isserman's argument in US v Dennis

Ctn. 10

241.a US v Eugene Dennis (4 folders)


241.b US v Frankfeld (Baltimore Smith Act case)


241.c Flynn v US

Ctn. 10

241.1 Yates et al. v US (6 folders)

Ctn. 170-173

241.1 Yates et al v US, Trial transcripts (bound volumes 1-26)

Ctn. 175

241.1 Yates et al v US, Briefs (4 folders)

Ctn. 180

241.1 Yates et al v US, misc trial documents

Ctn. 10

241.2 Mesarosh v US


241.5 US v Huff


241.9 US v Brandt


-Under Smith Act: for Membership Only

Ctn. 10

242.a US v Richmond, Connelly (Calif Smith Act case)


242.1 Lightfoot v US


242.2 Scales v US (2 folders)


242.3 US v Frankfeld, US v Blumberg


242.9 CP, Foster, Hall v McGrath, SACB

Ctn. 120

244.1 US v Archie Brown


-Under State Laws

Ctn. 120

245. General (State Communist Registration and Criminal Membership Statutes and Ordinances)


245. Ohio Bartunek Bill


245. Callahan Bill


245. Hood v Fingold, Cronin


245. California v Steinberg


245.a Shaw v Oklahoma


245.b Berenson v City of Detroit


245.c California v McCormick


245.d Shub v Simpson


245.e Auerbach v California


245.g Coleman, Schusterman v Perdew


245.h Hall v City of Birmingham


245.i Lancaster v Hammond


245.j Thompson v Wallin (2 folders)


245.k Trainor v Cannon


245.2 Massachusetts v Hood (2 folders)


245.3 Massachusetts v Struik


245.6 Pennsylvania v Nelson (2 folders)

Ctn. 10

245.6 Pennsylvania v Nelson (2 folders)


245.9 Braden v Kentucky


245.13 Highlander Folk School v Tennessee ex rel. Stone


245.15 Indiana v Levitt


245.16a Dombrowski v Louisiana State Police


245.16b Dombrowski and Southern Conference Educational Fund v Eastland (see also 245.16c)


245.16d Dombrowski v Pfister (2 folders)


245.17 Stanford v Texas


-Under 1050 Internal Security (McCarran) Act

Ctn. 10

246 McCarran Act (Internal Security Act) material (2 folders)


246.1 US v Robel


246.2 Bick v Mitchell


248 General (Internal Security Act of 1969)


Civil Disabilities for Membership: Federal

Ctn. 11

250 General


-In Federal Employment

Ctn. 11

251 General


251.a Rothrock v Miller


251.11 Kutcher v US


251.16 In the Matter of Barney Hilburn


251.52 Garrott v US


251.57 Soltar v Postmaster General of US


251.58 Margetich v Civil Service Commission


251.62 Cummings v Hampton


251.63 Shaw v Hoover


251.64 Kruger v Legal Services Corp.


-As to Passport Application and Right to Travel

Ctn. 11

252 Right to travel


252.20 Robeson v Dulles


252.21 Kent v Dulles


252.22 Briehl v Dulles


252.27 Worthy v Herter


252.27a US v Worthy


252.34 Aptheker v Secretary of State


252.35 Zemel v Rusk, Kennedy


252.36 Mc Ewan v Rusk, Kennedy


252.52 Reynolds v US


252.56 Mayer v Rusk


252.58 US v Travis


252.59 US v Laub


252.62 US v Anton


252.67 Lynd v Rusk, Secretary of State


252.68 Gregory v Secretary of State


252.69 Mitchell v Mandel


252.70 Lamont v Rogers


-As to Military Acceptability, Discharges

Ctn. 11

253.6 Abramowitz v Bruckner


-As to Social Security Benefits

Ctn. 11

255.6 Hiss v Hampton (2 folders)


-Through Deportation Proceedings

Ctn. 11

258.0 Harisiades v Shaughnessy (2 folders)


258.a In re Sciortino


258.b Quattrone v Nicolls


258.c In re Tora Upstead Rystead


258.d In re Krishna Chandra


258.e In re Arpad Stancek


258.f US ex rel Schlossberg or Daly v Ault


258.g US v Steuben


258.i-j US v Mackie, US v MacKay


258.k US v Carlisle

Ctn. 12

258.1 Rowoldt v Perfetto


258.4 Bonetti v Rogers


258.6 Niukkanen v McAlexander


258.7 Wolf v Boyd


258.9 Gastelum-Quinones v Kennedy


258.11 Firestone v Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS)


258.12 Scythes v Webb


258.15 Sherman v Immigration and Naturalization Service (In re Joseph Sherman)


258.18 Woodby v INS


258.19 Dymytryshyn v Esperdy


258.21 INS v Sanders


258.22 Massignani v INS


-Through Denaturalization and Naturalization Proceedings

Box 62

259 General

Ctn. 12

259 Harry Bridges-Wiretap


259.a US v Schneiderman (3 folders)

Ctn. 180

259.a US v Schneiderman (12 folders) Mar. 25-July 18, 1952 (see also 241.1 - Yates v US)

Ctn. 12

259.d In re Myer Klig


259.1 Nowak v US


259.4 Polites v US


259.5 Chaunt v US


259.6 US v Richmond


259.8 US v Bimba


259.54 INS v Nomland


259.55 Weitzman v US


259.57 In re Liebermann


Civil Disabilities for Membership: State, Local and Private

Ctn. 12

260 General (2 folders)


260.1 Socialist Workers 1974 National Campaign Committee et al v Jennings


-In State, Local, Government Employment

Ctn. 12

261 Loyalty oath


261.a-b Parker v LA County, Steiner v LA County

Ctn. 175

261.a Parker v LA County, briefs

Ctn. 12

261.c Local No. 201 American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees v City of Muskegon


261.12 Wilson v Los Angeles


261.18 Rosenfield v Malcolm


261.24 Partlow v LA Civil Service Commission


261.25 Vogel v County of Los Angeles


-In Teaching

Ctn. 12

262 General


262 In re Joyce Adler


262.a Dworken v Cleveland Bd of Educ


262.c In re Teachers Union, 555 (UPW) v Bd of Educ


262.11 Johnson v Bd of Educ of Halifax Co.


262.12 Eglash v Detroit Institute of Technology


262.13 Johnston v Bd of Educ of the Township of Wayne


262.24 Karst v Regents of the University of California (Angela Davis intervenor)


262.26 Trister et al. v University of Mississippi


-As to State Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Ctn. 12

263.a Dworken v Collopy


263.b Ekins v Administrator, Unemployment Compensation Act


263.1 Syrek v Calif. Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board


263.6 Laswell v Industrial Commission of Missouri


-As to State License Applications

Ctn. 12

264.1 Torcaso v Watkins


-In Proceedings Against Attorneys and Bar Applicants

Ctn. 13

265. State Rules for Admission to the Bar (3 folders)


Michael Tigar and the Clerk Appointment


Freedom of Advocacy


Threats to the Independence of the Bar


265.a Memo to NY Comm on Character and Fitness (NY Bar Admissions)

Ctn. 13

265.b Re Leitson and Dean


265.h-i In re Sacher and Isserman, Re Isserman


265.h-i US v Sacher, Gladstein, Crockett, McCabe, Isserman,


265.j Brooks v State Bar of California


265.4 In re Schlesinger, Esq.


265.20 Schware v New Mexico


265.21 Konigsberg v State Bar of California


265.23 In re George Anastaplo (2 folders)


265.30 In re Terence Hallinan


265.36 Cantor v Pennsylvania


265.38 Yablonski v United Mine Workers of America


-Through Deprivation of Right to Tax Exemption

Ctn. 13

266.1 Speiser v Randall


266.5 US v Kaiser


-In Private Employment: Teaching

Ctn. 13

267 Miscellaneous


267.1 Lynd v Bd of Governors


-In Private Employment: Defense Establishment

Ctn. 13

268 Miscellaneous


268.1 Parker v Lester


268.12 Greene v McElroy


268.14 Cafeteria and Restaurant Workers v McElroy


268.20 McBride v Roland


268.22 Schneider v Smith


268.23 Shoultz v Laird


-In Private Employment: Other

Ctn. 13

269 Miscellaneous


269.a Black v Cutter Labratories


269.1 Faulk v Aware, Inc.


Trial transcripts in Faulk v Aware

Ctn. 92

Examination of Vincent W. Hartnett v. 1-4, 1958

Ctn. 93

Examination of Vincent W. Hartnett v. 5-6, 1959


Cross-examination Hartnett, 1962


Examination before trial of Plaintiff, John H. Faulk, 1961


Examination before trial of Defendant, L. A. Johnson, 1960 (2 volumes)


Examination of Paul R. Milton, 1960 (2 volumes)

Ctn. 13

269.12 Bridgewood v UAW Local 707


269.15 ILGWU v Quality Mfg Co.


269.16 Linden Lumber Division v NLRB


269.17 NRLB v Weingarten


269.18 Sakala v Young

Ctn. 14

269.13 Stevens & Co. n NLRB


Criminal Penalties for Nondisclosure

Ctn. 14

270 General


-Before Congressional Committees

Ctn. 14

271 General, Anti-HUAC


In re Allen, Esterman


National Committee to Abolish the HUAC (NCAHUAC)


No. Calif, East Bay Committee newsletters and notices


Meeting notes and memoranda


East Bay Community Forum (2 folders)


First Amendment and HUAC

Ctn. 14

271. Correspondence


Activities by HUAC against teachers (Sloat v Wheeler)


US Army


Reports, speeches


Publications, newsletters, leaflets, pamphlets (4 folders)


Clippings (3 folders)



Ctn. 137

271. Anti-HUAC materials, Committee to Abolish HUAC


Abolish HUAC clippings


Documentation of the Red Stars in Hollywood, Fagan, M. 1950


Red Treason in Hollywood, Fagan, Myron C., 1949


"Brief of Alexander Meiklejohn, of Cultural Workers in Motion Pictures and Other Arts, and as Members of the Professions, as Amici Curiae", 1949 US Supreme Court

Ctn. 14

271.a1 Notes on HUAC Hearings in San Francisco, May 1960 and Memoirs of a Picket


271.a2 Students for Civil Liberties, UC Berkeley, 1960


Bay Area Student Committee for Abolition of HUAC, 1960


271.a3 East Bay Community Forum, 1960


Documentary film prospectus

Ctn. 15

271.a Josephson v US


271.b Eisler v US


271.c Lawson v US, Trumbo, v US (Hollywood Ten) (2 ff)


271.d Dennis v US


271.f Marshall v US


271.g US v Fleishman


271.h US v Bryan


271.i Morford v US

Ctn. 15

271.j In re Leonard Mins


271.k HUAC Public Hearing, Lionel Stander, NY, 1953


Report on Blacklisting In Movies by Cogley, John 1956


271.l US v Kamin


271.1 US v Lamont

Ctn. 175

271.11 Sacher v US

Ctn. 15

271.27 Material for Hartman Case


271.5 Horace Chandler Davis v US


271.7 Barenblatt v US (3 folders)


271.9 US v Russell


271.10 Deutch v US


271.11 Sacher v US


271.12 Gojack v US


271.14 Watkins v US


271.15 Shelton v US


271.16 Whitman v U


271.23 US v Sullivan


271.25 US v Seeger

Ctn. 120

271.27 Hartman vUS

Ctn. 15

271.31 Wilkinson v US


271.32 Braden v US


271.34 US v Lehrer


271.41 US v Rozenkrant(s)z

Ctn. 120

271.43 US v Wheeldin

Ctn. 15

271.49 US v Nixon, Wilson, Allen

Ctn. 16

271.50 Stamler v Willis


Stamler and Hall v Willis

Ctn. 16

271.50 Research on HUAC witnesses


271.52 Krebs v Ashbrook

(Related case files and briefs in Krebs v Ashbrook, see also BANC MSS 99/280cz National Lawyers Guild, Papers of Jeremiah Gutman)


271.53 Davis v Willis


271.54 Young v Willis


271.56 Sanders v McClellan


-Before State Committees

Ctn. 16

272 State Un-American Activities Committees


The fight against the Broyles Bills, Indiana, 1953 (compiled by Courtney B. Cazden. 110 pages removed from 3-ring binder)




272.a In re Charles Hendley; Teachers Union of the City of NY v Joint Legis Comm to Investigate the Educational System of NY


272.b Jones v Massachusetts


272.c New York v Schappes


272.d In re Pappas


272.e Nelson v Wyman


272.1 Sweezy v New Hampshire


272.2 Uphaus v Wyman (2 folders)


272.7 Scull v Virginia


272.9 Gibson v Florida Legislative Investigative Committee


272.10 Braden, Southern Conference Educational Fund re Gibson


272.11 Graham v FLIC


272.12 Jordan v Hutchinson


272.13 Committee on Offenses Against the Admin. of Justice v Harris


272.14 Fuentes, McRae, Birnbaum v Fishel


-Before Legal and Administrative Tribunals

Ctn. 16

273.5 Kentucky v Rhine


-For Refusal to Produce Records

Ctn. 16

274.a Green v US


274.b US v Field


274.c Patterson v US


274.e Application of NAACP


274.1 Flaxer v US


274.3 McPhaul v US


Civil Penalties for Nondisclosure

Ctn. 16

280 Miscellaneous


-By Teachers

Ctn. 120

281. Academic Freedom

Ctn. 16

281. League of Women Voters, Freedom Agenda material, 1953-56


281.a Bradley v New York University


281.b Miller v Wheeler


281.c Tolman v Underhill


281.d Philadelphia Bd of Educ v August

Ctn. 17

281.h Steinmetz v Calif State Bd of Edu (CSEA)


281.1 Nostrand v Little


281.1a Baggett v Bullitt


281.3 Hughes v Bd of Higher Edu of City of NY


281.5 Bd of Educ (NYC) v Allen


281.5c In re Henry Adler


281.15 Cramp v Bd of Pblic Instruction of Orange Co., Florida


281.16 Macks v State Bd of Educ of Calif


281.18 Bd of Educ, Philadelphia v Solder


281.19 Dulgov v Bd of Educ, Tucson


281.20 Starbuck v Trustees, Univ of Buffalo


281.20a Keyishhian v Bd of Regents of Univ of NY, et al.


281.21 Georgia Conference of the American Assoc of Univ Professors v Bd of Regents of the Univ System of Georgia


281.23 Whitehill v Elkins


281.24 Spangler v Bd of Regents of the Univ of Nebraska


281.27 Aronson v Regents of the Univ of Calif


281.29 Thalberg v Bd of Trustees, Univ of Illinois, Krehbiel v Bd of Educ, Morgan co., Illinois


281.31 Haskett v Washington et al.


281.34 Gilmore v Texas


281.35 Hartman v Romney


281.36 Connell v Higginbotham


281.37 MacKay v Rafferty


281.38 Grossman v NY City Bd of Education


-By Others

Ctn. 17

282.a Gerende v Bd of Supervisors of Elections of Baltimore


282.16 In re Walter Marvin, Jr.


282.17 Coxe v Osser


282.18 In re Josephine Belmont


282.19 Driscoll v International Union of Operating Engineers


282.20 US v Nixon


282.21 Attorney General v Covington & Burling


282.22 Oboler v Hampton


282.23 Lefkowitz v Cunningham


Penalties for False Disclosure


-Under Taft-Hartley Oath

Ctn. 17

291. Inland Steel Co. v NLRB and United Steelworkers of America v NLRB


291.1 Jencks v US


291.2 Gold v US (3 folders)

Ctn. 120

291.3 US v Bryson

Ctn. 18

291.4 Travis v US


291.7 Haug et al. V US


-On Government Security Questions

Ctn. 17

292.5 Marzani v US


-In Miscellaneous Cases

Ctn. 17

293. Memorial for Ethel and Julius Rosenberg


293.a US v Hiss, clippings and articles (2 folders)

The Honorable Mr. Nixon and the Alger Hiss Case by Reuben, William


293.c Ohio v Hamilton


293.e US v Lattimore


293.2 Hucks v US (2 folders)


293.3 Los Angeles Board of Education v Sloat

Ctn. 120

295.18 Casey v Collectors Publications, Ltd


295.26 Mindel v US Civil Service Commission


295.35 Stark v Shultz


295.37 Weaver v Musick

Ctn. 114

295.100 General- Birth Control and Abortion


295.108 California v Belous


295.109 Jessin v Shasta Co.


295.111 California v Gurner, Maginnis

Ctn. 114

295.115 Doe v Bolton

Ctn. 120

295.118 Alice v State Dep't of Social Welfare

Ctn. 141

295.100 Constitutional Aspects of the Right to Limit Childbearing

Ctn. 120

295.120 Women's Abortion Coalition v Younger

Ctn. 114

295.200 Women-General


II. Due Process And Related Rights

Additional Note

(Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eight, And Fouteenth Amendments)

Searches and Seizures


-By Electronic Eavesdropping

Ctn. 121

301. General


301.23 Berger v New York


301.27 New York v Siefert, Burkard, Habel


301.33 Taglianetti v US


301.38 Hoffa et al. v USA, Dranow v US


301.39 Hoffa v US


301.40 Dellinger v Mitchell


301.44 New York v Gibson


301.46 Giordano v US


301.52 US v Sinclair


301.52a US v US Dist. Ct. Eastern Dist. of Michigan, Keith

Ctn. 120

301.53 US v Smith

Ctn. 121

301.54 US v Berrigan et al.

Ctn. 120

301.55 US v Hilliard

Ctn. 121

301.56 US v Jaffe, Donghi


301.57 Maryland v Turco


301.58 US v John Doe, Idella Marx, Appellant

Ctn. 120

301.59 Russo v Byrne

Ctn. 120

301.59a Ellsberg, Russo v Mitchell (Pentagon Papers Trial)

Ctn. 121

301.60 US v Ayers (Weatherman Case)


301.61 US v Whitaker


301.62 US v Calandra


301.70 Halperin v Kissinger


301.76 Berlin Democratic Club v Schlesinger


301.84 Chandler v Helms


301.85 Goldstein v US


301.86 Goldman v US

Ctn. 120

301.87 California v Masio

Ctn. 121

301.88 California v Siegel


301.94 US v Cofer


-National Security Cases

Ctn. 120

301.540 Forsyth v Kleindienst


301.541 Humphrey v US


301.544 In re Halkin


-In Other Federal Cases

Ctn. 121

302. General


302.1 Hinton v Eastland


302.15 Lester v US


302.27 US v Kahn


302.33 US v Robinson

Ctn. 120

302.41 US v Brignoni-Ponce


302.41 Bowen v US

Ctn. 122

302.43 US v Peletier


-In Other Criminal Cases

Ctn. 122

303.47 Camara v Municipal Court of San Francisco


303.67 Cunningham v Heinze

Ctn. 122

303.69 California v Van Meter, Alexander


303.86 In re Donaldson


303.106 California v Krivda


303.135 Buttram, etal. v City of Pomoma


-Suits for False Arrest, Police Practices, Police Review Board

Box 62

304. DeLancie v McDonald

Ctn. 18

304. Law and Disorder Reports, 1970-72


No. California Police Practices Project


Police Misconduct Survey


Course Material for Police Misconduct Litigation, 1975


Police Misconduct Litigation-Plaintiff's Remedies from American Jurisprudence, vol 15, 1968


Assembly Select Committee on the Administration of Justice Hearings, Relations Between the Police and Mexican Americans, 1972


Bibliographies: Police Review Board, Prisoner Release


Reports (3 folders)








Academic Papers (2 folders)

Ctn. 19

304. Law Review articles


Civil Rights and Civil Wrongs, photojournal, 1964


Case studies


Lynching Northern Style


Exhibit materials on police conduct





Ctn. 19

304. Publications


Standards Relating to the Urban Police Function, American Bar Association, 1972


Police Use of Deadly Force, Catherine H. Milton, 1977


Law Enforcement: The Matter of Redress, Institute of Modern Legal Thought, 1969


Special Analysis, Crime and Law Enforcement, American Enterprise Instititute, 1965


The Police and the Community: The Dynamics of Their Relationship in a Changing Society, Regents of the University of California, 1966

Ctn. 180

304. Hearing- appeal of Officer Douglas L. Butler

Ctn. 19

304. List of successful suits against agents of justice under 42 USCS 1983 since 1950


304.Ala General


304.Ala.a US ex rel Gassaway v Norville


304.Ala.2 Nesmith v Alford


304.Ala.3 Zellner v Lingo, Painter


304.Ala.9 Houser v Hill


304.Ariz.2 Arizona Civil Liberties Union v Garmire


304.Ariz.3 Thompson v City of Tucson (4 folders)


304.Ark.3 Townsend v Ross

Ctn. 20

304.Ark.4 Russ v Ratliff (same case as NAACP v Levi) (2 folders)


304.Cal. General (2 folders)


Final Report: Prevention and Control of Crime and Delinquency for State of California


304.Cal. Neither Law nor Order, The People's Park and the People's Police

Ctn. 134

304.Cal.a Cohen v Cahill


304.Cal.13 White v Bonnanno


304.Cal.17 Hinton v Smith


304.Cal.18 Morgan v Yuba Co.

Ctn. 134

304.Cal.23 Whitten, Hanna v US Secret Service


304.Cal.28 Smith v Cahill


304.Cal.33 Marlow v Coakley


304.Cal.34 Figueroa v Mackey


304.Cal.35 San Francisco v Kuelz


304.Cal.36 Bechtler v City of Hawthorne


304.Cal.49 Moore v San Francisco


304.Cal.51 Renteria v DiGiorgio Corp.


304.Cal.54 Stokes v Cahill

Ctn. 20

304.Cal.60 Linthcome v San Francisco, Roberts

Ctn. 134

304.Cal.62 Smith v Solano Co.


304.Cal.63 Stribling v Malliard


302.Cal.67 Murray v Madigan

Ctn. 20

304.Cal.67a Kessel v Madigan


304.Cal.69 Anderson v Los Angeles


304.Cal.70 Konell v Los Ang. Chief of Police; Bass v City of Los Angeles

Ctn. 134

304.Cal.72 Figueroa v Krupp (2 folders)


304.Cal.73 Floyd v Los Angeles

Ctn. 20

304.Cal.75 Rodgers v Los Angeles

Ctn. 134

304.Cal.78 Roinson v Los Angeles Police Dept.

Ctn. 20

304.Cal.79a California v O'Brien, Baskett v O'Brien

Ctn. 134

304.Cal.80 Taliaferro v Cahill


304.Cal.81 Busse v Palo Alto Red Squad


304.Cal.83 Rutherford v James

Ctn. 20

304.Cal.84 Barrio Defense Committee v Younger

Ctn. 134

304.Cal.84 Barrio Defense Committee v Younger


304.Cal.85 Wheeler v Gain

Ctn. 134

304.Cal.86 Hoaglen v Tuso


304.Cal.87 Larimore v Eterovich


304.Cal.88 Andrews v Gunn


304.Cal.94 Brodrice v Ramsay


304.Cal.95 Herling v Emporium-Capwell Co.

Ctn. 20

304.Cal.100a Shepherd v Superior Court of California

Ctn. 134

304.Cal.102 Beck v Los Angeles


304.Cal.104 Loya v INS


304.Cal.105 US v Martinez-Fuerte


304.Cal.106 Henderson v Kihara


304.Cal.106a City of Berkeley v Henderson


304.Cal.108 Berkeley Police Assn v City of Berkeley

Ctn. 20

304.Cal.109 California v Miller

Ctn. 134

304.Cal.110 California v Baird

Ctn. 20

304.Cal.111 Perry v Stiltz

Ctn. 134

304.Cal.112 Valdez v County of Riverside

Ctn. 20

304.Conn.1 Harris v Lee


304.Conn.2 Smolen v Connecticut


304.Conn.3 Burns v DeGrand


304.Conn.4 Martin v Consiglio et al.


304.Conn.5 Nakonechny v City of West Haven


304.Conn.6 Smith v Dilieto et al.


304.Conn.7 Carr v Celentano


304.Conn.8 Delvecchio v Dana et al.


304.Del.1 Fletcher v Peterson


304.DC Miscellaneous


304.DC.3 Garrett v Berrier

Ctn. 20

304.DC.5 Tatum v Morton


304.DC.8 District of Columbia v Carter


304.DC.9 Graves v District of Columbia

Ctn. 122

304.DC.12 [no title]

Ctn. 20

304.Fla.2 Gordon v Florida State Trooper


304.Ga Miscellaneous


304.Ga.4 Terrell v Pritchett


304.Ga.7 Scott v Cribb, et al.


304.Ga.9 Sims v Adams et al.


304.Ga.10 Steele v Brock et al.


304.Id.2 Lockard v Baltz & John Doe I-X


304.Ill Miscellaneous


304.Ill.a Illinois v Ray


304.Ill.5 Monroe v Pape


304.Ill.7a Duble v Brown, Chicago


304.Ill.9 Hardwick v Hurley


304.Ill.10 Gonzales v General Investigations, Inc.


304.Ill.12 Richichi v City of Chicago


304.Ill.17 Gause v Chicago


304.Ill.18 Mock v City of Chicago


304.Ill.22 Fox v Chicago & Price


304.Ill.23 Kincy v Wilson


304.Ill.23a Kincy v Land, Pappas et al.


304.Ill.24 Kerr v Chicago


304.Ill.26 Illinois v Alcantar


304.Ill.29 Ries v Daley


304.Ill.30 Peck v Daley

Ctn. 20

304.Ill.31 Schnell v Chicago


304.Ill.32 Joseph v Rowlen


304.Ill.38 Frazier v Guswiler et al.


304.Ill.39 Calvin v Conlisk


304.Ill.42 Mutic's Estate v Chicago Police


304.Ind.2 US v Nipple & Leuth


304.Iowa.1 Quad-City Community News Service v Jabens


304.La Miscellaneous


304.La.a Thomas v Capaci


304.La.1 Jones v Teasley


304.La.8 Aronson v Giarruso


304.Md.3 Lankford v Gelston


304.Md.5 Richardson v Snow


304.Mass General


304.Mass.2 Yaffe v Powers


304.Mass.4 US v Chadwick

Ctn. 21

304.Mich General


304.Mich Ann Arbor Newsmen and Students v Detroit Police


304.Mich.a Fitzpatrick v Hart


304.Mich.1 Green v Azzam


304.Mich 2 Michigan v Thomas


304.Mich.3 Elijah Mohammed v Sommers


304.Mich.3a Nation of Islam v Industrial Mutual Assn (IMA)

Ctn. 21

304.Mich.4 Payne v Smith, Merrill


304.Mich.5 Stanzione v Hubbard


304.Mich.6a Agreement between Michigan Civil Rights Commission and Detroit Police Department


304.Mich.7 Walker v Edwards

Ctn. 21

304.Mich.8 Brown v Braver


304.Mich. In re petition of Garlene Boone Bernard


304.Mich.10 Low v Detroit


304.Mich.11 Delude v Koch


304.Mich.12 Michigan v August


304.Mich.13 Blanding v US


304.Mich.15 Rosario v Detroit Police Department


304.Mich.16 Leverette v Gilmore


304.Mich.17 Wilson v Detroit


304.Mich.18 Lockaby v Wayne County


304.Mich.19 Clore v City of Detroit


304.Mich.20 Aguinaga v Austin


304.Mich.23 Buck v Gribbs


304.Mich.24 Delude v Raasakka, Porn


304.Minn.3 Blake v Cich


304.Miss. General


304.Miss.1 Pierson v Ray


304.Miss.2 US v Partridge


304.Miss.5 International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers v City of Jackson


304.Miss.12 Anderson v Noser


304.Miss.17 Jackson v Martin


304.Miss.26 Burton et al v Williams et al. (3 ff)


304.Miss.27 Washington v Noble


304.Mo.2 Koen v Long


304.Mo.3 Jackson v Miller


304.Mo.4 Mattis v Schnarr, Marek


304.NJ. General

Box 62

304.NJ Sea Alliance v New Jersey

Ctn. 21

304.NJ.3 Adams v Hughes


304.NJ.4 Kidd v Addonizio et al


304.NJ.5 Oberbehr v Kauffman


304.NJ.6 Smith v Spina


304.NJ.6a Smith v Newark


304.NJ.7 Anderson v Sills


304.NJ.8 Black Panther Party v Police Dep't Of Jersey City


304.NJ.9 Lewis v Kugler


304.NM.1 Valdez v Black


304.NY.12 Re Thomas Gilligan


304.NY.22 Locust Club v City of Rochester


304.NY.26 NY v Leary


304.NY.27 Martinelli v NY


304.NY.28 Johnson v New York City


304.NY.29 Burmeister v New York City Police Dep't


304.NY.31 New York v Dorak


304.NY.33 Jaekel v US


304.NY.35 Fink v Leary


304.NY.36 Handschu v Special Services Division of NY City Police Dept.


304.NY.37 Lutz v Sullivan

Ctn. 21

304.NY.39 Baskerville v Oswald


304.NY.40 Restivo v Gray


304.NY.41 Marhiney v New York

Ctn. 22

304.NC.2 Summers v Horton


304.Ohio 3 Gilligan v Morgan


304.Ohio.5 Spaeth v Miller

Ctn. 122

304.Ohio.6 Scheuer v Rhodes, Kraus v Rhodes (Kent State)

Ctn. 22

304.Ore.1 Ford v Schrunk


304.Ore.2 Dexter v Schrunk (2 folders)


304.PA General (Pittsburg v Bryant)


304.PA.a Schomer v McKendry


304.PA.3 Harrington v Tate


304.PA.7 Council of Organizations on Philadelphia Police Accountability and Responsibility v Tate


304.PA.8 Freedom Press v Rizzo


304.PA.15 Hess v Nober, Doe, and Northampton Township


304.PA.16 Rizzo v Goode


304.PA.19 Washington v Chester


304.RI.1 General Quince v Rhode Island


304.Tenn General


304.Tenn.2 Gatson v Gibson


304.Tex.3 Medrano v Allee


304.Tex.5 Little v Schafer


304.Tex.7 Whirl v Kern

Ctn. 122

304.Tex.15 Texas Farmers Union v McAllen

Ctn. 22

304.US.12 US v Watson


304.VT.1 Aldrich et al. v City of St. Albans et al.


304.VA General


304.Wash.2 Williams v Clinton


304.Wash.5 Fox v Klundt


304.Wisc.1 Thorton v Bookmann


304.Wisc.2 Mueller v Dyke


304.Wisc.3 Mackenzie v O'Neill et al.

Ctn. 22

304.Wisc.5 Sillars v Ryan et al.


304.Wisc.6 Davis v Murphy & City of Milwaukee


304.Wisc.8 Malone v Emery


304.Wisc.9 Mifflin Street Community Coop v Emery


304.Wisc.11 Rosenberg v Hebard


Indictments/ Informations



Ctn. 141

310. "Just a Few Easy Questions-A Look at Federal Grand Juries"

Ctn. 134

310.2 California v Hee


310.3 Branner v Superior Ct of Calif.


-Challenge to Grand Jury Composition

Ctn. 134

311.i California v Superior Court

Ctn. 22

311.3 New York v Shakur (Panther 21)


Panther 21 Trial News, Sept. 1970-May 1971

Ctn. 134

311.6 California v Gibson, Justice


311.10 California v Bingham et al (San Quentin Six)(3 folders)


311.11 California v Peraza, Navarette


311.12 California v Castro et al. (2 folders)


-Attacks on Character of Evidence

Ctn. 22

312.27 California v Billings and Mooney

Ctn. 122

312.43 Bacon v US


312.48 California v Kline


312.100.1 Johnson v San Joaquin Co Superior Court


312.100.2 California v Persons


-Charge of Entrapment


313.4 Benson v Pitchess

Ctn. 22

313.101 US v Anderson


-Charge of Conspiracy

Ctn. 122

314.8 California v Schnepf


314.11 California v Bardacke (Oakland 7)


314.13 US v Gwyther, Morgan


314.19 California v Zamora


-Inspection of Pretrial Statements of Government Witnesses (Jencks Act)

Ctn. 22

315. "Pre-trial Discovery by Defendants in Criminal Cases" by Mitchel J.Ezer

Ctn. 123

315.a Cope v City of Contra Costa


-Other Discovery


317.1 Riuz v California


317.2 California v Cabrellis


Double Jeopardy


-In State Cases

Ctn. 123

322.16 California v Escobedo


322.19 In re Anonymous Prisoner


322.25 Breed v Jones


Self incrimination: Criminal Sanctions for Exercising Privilege


-Before Congressional Committees

Ctn. 123

331.c Fagerhaugh v US


-Grants of Immunity, Federal

Ctn. 22

334 General (Grants of Immunity: Federal, in due process)


334.b Ullman v US


334.4 Piemonte v US

Ctn. 123

334.10 District Court (ND Calif) v Carter, Crawford, Shead

Ctn. 22

334.11 In re Jaques Egan


334.12 In re Grand Jury Testimony of Joanne Kinoy

Ctn. 22

334.16 Bauer et al. v McLaren


334.18 In re Carol Vericker



Ctn. 123

337.1 California v Abrams


Self incrimination: Civil sanctions for exercising privilege


-Effect on Employment: Public School Teachers

Ctn. 23

342.a Faxon v School Committee of Boston


342.1 Slochower v Bd of Higher Educ of the City of New York


342.2` In the matter of the appl. of Mary I. Daniman v NY Bd of Educ


342.2b Austin v the Bd of Higher Educ of the City of New York


342.9 Board of Education v Beilan


342.11 Bd of Educ, Philadelphia v Intille


-Effect on Employment:Other Public Officers

Ctn. 23

343.2 Hancock v Burns

Ctn. 123

343.3 Nelson v Los Angeles County

Ctn. 23

348.8 In the matter of Boikess v Aspland


-Effect on Employment-Private


344. Miscellaneous


344.12 In re American Federation of Technical Engineers Local 241 and RadioCorporation of America


344.13 Zelman v Bethelem Steel Co., United Steelwrks of Am.


-Effect on Attorneys


345. General (US v The Progressive, Inc.)


345.a Sheiner v Florida


345.1 Cohen v Hurley


Due process


-In Arraignment

Ctn. 123

351.b In re Henderson Harris


-In Grand Jury Procedures

Ctn. 141

352. Are You Now or Have You Ever... A Look at Federal Grand Juries Investigating Movement Activities and the Political and Legal Responses to Them

Ctn. 123

352.b California v Moschetti, Sismour


352.8 In re Grand Jury Witnesses Berg, Craven, Rosenberg


-In Obtaining Confessions

Ctn. 141

353. General

Ctn. 23

353.q Anderson v US

Ctn. 123

353.40 California v Stewart


353.73 Smart v Wilson


353.74 California v Menektos


-In Press Releases and Newspaper Coverage

Ctn. 123

354.24 California v Jackson, Cluchette, Drumgo (Soledad Brothers)

Ctn. 124

354.24 People v George Jackson et al.

Ctn. 123

354.25 Pell v Procunier


354.32 California v Remiro, Little


354.36 People v Pinell


-In Admitting Perjured Testimony

Ctn. 23

355.c In the matter of Harry Renton Bridges


Bridges, Schmidt, Robertson v US

Ctn. 123

355.c Bridges v US

Ctn. 174

355.c Harry Renton Bridges v US, US Court of Appeals No. 12597, Transcript of trial, 17 volumes


Bridges, Misc. related publications, 3 vols. of reports

Ctn. 180

355.c Bridges testimony in the China trade


Habaes corpus, misc pamphlets

Ctn. 23

355.4 Rosenberg, Sobell v US, Supreme Court, 1951


Transcript of Record v I, part 1-4


Transcript of Record v II, part 1-4


Rosenberg v US, 1952


In the matter of the application of guardianship of Michael Allen Rosenberg


Excerpts from the petition of Ethel Rosenberg for Executive Clemency to the President of the United States


Rosenberg, Sobell v US


Fact sheets, articles, memoranda, opinion excerpts


FBI Files obtained under the Freedom of Information Act


The Kaufmann Papers, US gov't documents from the FBI


concerning the trial judge in the Rosenberg Case


Fund for Information and Accountability, Inc.


Action re FBI file destruction program


355.4 National Committee to Re-open the Rosenberg Case


Bay Area Committee to Re-open the Rosenberg Case, 1976-77


Re David Greenglass scientific evidence in the Rosenberg case


Clippings 1976-83


Rosenberg, Sobell v US


Committee to Secure Justice for Morton Sobell, 1956-66


East Bay Sobell Committee, 1957-58


Committee to Free Morton Sobell, 1966-68


Sobell v US (3 folders) (See also BANC MSS 99/280 National Lawyers Guild, Papers of Morton Dreyfus)

Ctn. 24

Sobell v US (3 folders)


US v Sobell (4 folders)

Ctn. 24

355.4a Meeropol v Nizer, Doubleday Inc., Fawcett Inc.


355.11 US ex.rel. Miller v Pate

Ctn. 123

355.13 In re Application of Paul Kern Imbler

Box 62

355.101 In re Alger Hiss


-In Courts Martial, Military Administrative Decisions, Habeas Corpus Proceedings

Ctn. 123

356.301 Marron v Chaffee


-In Naturalization Proceedings


357.7 Astrup v INS

Ctn. 24

357.9 Petition for Naturalization of Yoa Quinn Lee

Box 62

357.11 Noel v Chapman


-In Expatriation, Denaturalization, Deportation


358. American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born

Ctn. 24

358. General


358.i Barber v Gonzales


358.l Trop v Dulles


358.n Chandler v US


358.o US ex rel Dente v Ault


358.p US ex rel Kwong Hai Chew v Colding


358.v Hyun v Landon


358.8 Kennedy v Mendoza-Martinez


358.9 Matles v US


358.17 Rusk v Cort


358.23 Schneider v Rusk


358.25 Giova v Rosenberg


358.51 Heikkila v US (3 folders clippings)


Heikkila v Barber

Ctn. 123

358.51 Heikkila v Barber (2 folders)

Ctn. 24

358.59 US ex rel Marks v Esperdy


358.61 Sherman v Hamilton


358.63 Afroyim v Rusk


358.68 Chew v Immigration and Naturalization Service


358.69 Immigration and Naturalization Service v Stanisic

Ctn. 25

358.70 Grondahl v Brownell


358.71 US ex rel Crasov v Foley


358.72 Ramirez-Salse v Brownell


358.73 Ault v Holmes


358.74 Rucker v Saxbe

Ctn. 124

358.76 Shannon vUS


-In Loyalty Hearings

Ctn. 25

359. General-Due process in rape cases


359.2 Scott v Macy


360 General- Marital rape


360.1 California v Hunt

Ctn. 124

360.1 California v Garcia

Ctn. 25

360.2 Coker v Georgia


-In Bar Proceedings re Lawyers

Ctn. 124

361.a In re Vincent Hallinan

Ctn. 25

361.2 Powell v Commission on Admissions and Grievances


361.3 Swanson v Florida Bar et al.

Ctn. 124

361.6 In re Siegel

Ctn. 25

361.9 Taylor v Hayes


361.15 Maness v Meyers


361.16 Belli v State Bar of California (6 folders)


-In Government Employment (including teaching)

Ctn. 25

363. Miscellaneous (Jean Fields Case)


363.2 Donald v Federal Aviation Administration


363.3 Fair v Kirk


363.4 Bueter v Duck

Ctn. 124

363.5 Sherar v Harless

Ctn. 25

363.27 Alpert, Altman et al v City and County of San Francisco


363.28 Nader v Bork


363.30 Meroze v Bd of Educ of Essex County Vocational School


363.32 Ong v Tovey


363.33 Passini v Robinson


363.34 O'Shea v Blatchford


364. General


364.1 Aikens v Abel, Barbero v Abel


364.2 Millar v Sweno

Ctn. 124

364.3 Irby v District Lodge 720(IAM)


Right to counsel /Access to courts



Ctn. 26

370. General- Right to Counsel and Appeal (3 folders)


-In Federal Cases


371. General


371.a Del'Marmol v Chappell


371.b Neiswenter v Chappell


371.5 Jamison v Chappell


371.6 Johnson v US

Ctn. 124

371.7 Pate v Wilson

Ctn. 26

371.11 In the matter of Leopold Frankel


-In State Cases

Ctn. 124

372.i Riser v Warden, Folsom State Prison


372.46 Bowie v Wilson


372.69 Gilmore v Lynch, Gilmore v Younger (2 ff)


372.87 Re H.T. Harrell


372.89 California ex rel Major v Superior Ct of San Francisco


372.102 In re Alvarez


372.103 In re Jordan


372.105 Drumgo v Superier Ct. Of Calif, Marin Co.


372.113 California v Tillotson


372.144 Fall v Hurley


372.145 Calif. v Norris


372.149 Faretta v California


-Restrictions on Attorneys and Judges

Ctn. 26

373. General- Lawyer Discipline (4 folders)


373.b Cammer v US


373.2 In re Harriet B. Sawyer

Ctn. 124

373.4 US v Shibley (2 folders)

Ctn. 26

373.8 In re Otto Tucker


373.12 Mitchell v US


373.20 District of Columbia v Kinoy, Kinoy v Dist of Col.


373.27 Re L. Lackey Rowe Jr.


373.34 Kentucky State Bar Association v Taylor


373.35 Lathrop v Donohue


373.36 Schwartz v Defender Association of Philadelphia


373.37 Baker v Beto

Ctn. 124

373.42 Consumers Union of US v California State Bar

Ctn. 26

373.43 Kugler v Helfant


373.44 Bates v State Bar of Arizona

Ctn. 27

373.45 In the matter of Michael Callan, Harris David, and Gerald Clark


373.46 In the matter of Martha Copleman


373.47 Turco v Monroe County Bar Association


373.48 Moses v Scruggs


-Opportunity for Appellate Review/Transcript

Ctn. 124

374.40 In re Vincemt Henderson


374.41 Anders v California


374.45 Herick v Municipal Ct of Los Angeles


374.46 Magezis v Friedman


374.50 Colbert v Eyman


374.54 People v Murphy


-Group Legal Services/ OEO Offices

Ctn. 27

375. General- Legal Services, Legal Aid for the Poor (6 folders)

Ctn. 141

375. Revised Handbook on Prepaid Legal Services, ABA, 1972


-Bias and Prejudice of Judges

Ctn. 124

377.30 Fresno Co. v Calif Dept. of Socail Welfare

Ctn. 27

378. General- Judicial Performance


378.6 US v Thompson


378.7 North v Russell




-In Criminal Cases

Ctn. 124

381.5 Gray v Wilson


Jury trials



Ctn. 27

390. General- Jury Service

Ctn. 124

390.4 Safer v Calif. Superior Ct, Ventura Co.

Ctn. 124

390.6 California v Collins

Ctn. 27

390.7 Hudson v Holton


-Nature of Jury Trial


391. General- Jury Selection


391.b Pennsylvania ex. rel. Fletcher v Cavell


391.1 Michigan v Hunter


391.2 Michigan v Simpson


391.10 Illinois v Capoldi


391.19 Muniz v NLRB


391.20 Costarelli v Massachussetts

Ctn. 28

391.21 Herring v New York


391.22 Murphy v Florida


391.100 Miscellaneous


391.101 Colgrove v Battin


391.200 ABA Reports, Management of Jury Systems


391.201 Apodoca v Oregon


391.202 New Jersey v Ward


391.300 Report on Voir Dire

Ctn. 124

391.301 People v Crowe

Ctn. 28

391.302 Massachusetts v Kiernan


391.303 Massachusetts v Ladetto


391.304 Massachusetts v Ricard


391.305 Massachusetts v Martorano


391.306 Massachusetts v Subilosky


391.307 Massachusetts v Taylor


391.308 US v Baker (Wounded Knee Voir Dire)

Ctn. 124

391.309 US v Soliah

Ctn. 28

391.310 US v Lasky


-Waiver of Jury


392.4 Szulczewski v Jasak


-Improper Comment


393. Chapman v California


393.4 Michigan v Brocato

Ctn. 124

393.5 California v Thompson

Ctn. 28

393.6 New Jersey v LeRoi Jones


393.9 Mullaney v Wilbur


-Scrupled Jurors


394.1 Witherspoon v Illinois


394.2 Adderly et al v Wainwright


394.3 Hill v Nelson (2 folders)


394.4 In re Anderson, In re Satterfield (3 folders)


Excessive Bail: Conditions on Release


-Amount of Bail Set

Ctn. 124

401.9 Gaar, Treuhaft v Municipal Court (Oakland)


401.23a In re Goines, Levine

Ctn. 125

401.29 Brenneman et al. v Madigan (2 folders)

Ctn. 124

401.236 California v Noble


-Denial of Bail

Ctn. 125

403.19 In re Huey P. Newton


403.24 California v Minzey


-Miscellaneous Bail Problems


404.6 Gardner v Campbell


Cruel and Unusual Punishment


-In Criminal Cases

Ctn. 125

411.c California v Wolfe


411.d In re Application of Richard Gilcrease for Writ of Habeas Corpus


411.33 California v Ketchel, Sears


411.38 Jordan v Fitzharris


411.49 Wells v Madigan


411.51 Lane v Carberry


411.55 Boyle v Madigan


411.60 In re Geldern


411.62 Nolen v Fitzharris (4 folders)


411.63 California v Whiteside, Marquez


411.64 Howard v Rosendale


411.72 Holder v Procunier


411.73 In re Ortiz


411.84 Walker v Procunier


411.85 In re Sangsland


411.89 Taylor v Munson et al.


411.91 Payne v Whitmore


411.92 Burt v Zeimer


411.Cal.27 Four Folsom Inmates v Craven


411.Cal.28 Vun Cannon v Breed


411.Cal.34 Gaulden v Procunier


411.Cal.36 Charles v Patterson


411.Cal.38 Hilliard v Pope


411.Cal.40 Williams v Pope


411.Cal.41 O'Neill v Long


Due Process/ Equal Protection for the Poor


-Social Welfare Programs-Local

Ctn. 91

421.Cal.b Parrish v US Civil Service Commission


421.Cal.4 Contra Costa Co. v Calif Socila Welfare Bd, Henderson


421.Cal.10 Hercules v Dept of Social Welfare


421.Cal.12 Alameda Co. v Espinoza


421.Cal.15 Bonner v Montgomery


421.Cal.16 Brown v Hannon


421.Cal.18 Wheeler v Montgomery


421.Cal.19 Marshall v California


421.Cal.19a Burns v Montgomery


421.Cal.22 Damico v California


421.Cal.25 Morris v Williams


421.Cal.30 In re Pierce

Ctn. 126

421.Cal.31 Lara v Fair Employment Practices Commission


421.Cal.36 McCollough v Terzian


421.Cal.37 In re Raynes


421.Cal.38 Little, Ochinero v Montgomery


421.Cal.39 Ivy v Montgomery


421.Cal.41 Jamesv Montgomery


421.Cal.43 Ramos v Fare, Montgomery


421.Cal.46 Muniz v Montgomery


421.Cal.47 Loredo v Sierra View Hospital


421.Cal.48 Paulson v Finch


421.Cal.49 Lewis v Montgomery


421.Cal.50 Cal. Legis.Council for Older Americans v Weinberger


421.Cal.51 Committee for Rights of Disabled v Carleson

Ctn. 126

421.Cal.52 Committee for Rights of Disabled v Reagan


421.Cal.54 Calif. Welfare Rights v Reagan


422.5 Johnson v Arkansas Dept. of Public Welfare


422.9 Macias v Finch


422.16 Berry v Hardin


422.17 Muniz v Cohen


422.18 Hernandez v Hardin


423.Cal.2 Tyree v Pleasanton Housing Authority


423.Cal.4 Western Addition Community Organization v Weaver


423.Cal.7 Potrero Hill Community Action Comm. v SF Housing Authority


423.Cal.12 Genoeva v Rosales


423.Cal.19 Zaragoza v Skyway Realty


423.Cal.20 Silas v Smith


423.Cal.21 South of Market Residents Assn. v S F Redevelopment Agency


423.Cal.22 Simons v Dorchester Hotel


423.Cal.24 Mendoza v Gonzales


423.Cal.27 Ford v San Francisco Housing Authority


423.Cal.28 Mihans v Berkely Municipal Court


423.Cal.29 Berkeley Tenants Union v Individual Landlords


423.Cal.30 Dionio v Carberry, Bryson v Carberry


423.Cal.31 Tenants and Owners in Opposition to Redv. v US Dept HUD


424.16 Van Slayke v Williams


424.24 McCallop v Unioversal Acceptance Corp


424.28 Budget Finance Plan v Franklin


424.201 Orr v San Francisco Superior Ct.


425.7 Lopez v Daly City Toyota


425.101 Nunemaker v Pacific Telephone, Wood v PG & E

Ctn. 141

426. Due Process for Parents and Families (2 folders)

Ctn. 126

427.12 Pettibone v Weinberger


427.18 Atwood Aviation v Morley


427.19 United Farm Workers Organizing Committ. v Bruno Dispoto Co.


427.22 Pitts v Reagan


428.1 Robles v Gilroy Unified School District

Ctn. 141

429. Riots - General (2 folders)


429. Riots - NYC, Plainfield, Newark, Detroit, Harlem(7 folders)


429. Civil Disturbances


429. Report of the Nat'l Advisory Comm. on Civil Disorders,1968 (2 ff)


429.2 Watts Riots- General and clippings (2 folders)

Ctn. 126

429.2e Brooks, Levine v Los Angeles Superior Court


429.4 Watkins v LA Co. Superior Ct.


-Due Process for Juveniles


430.5 Kent v US


Post Conviction Remedies


-On Prison Disciplinary Proceedings

Ctn. 127

455.Cal.5 Johnson v Duffy


455.Cal.6 Jackson, Drumgo, Cluchette v Younger


Sentencing and Clemency Procedures


-Sentencing Process

Ctn. 127

461.11 Conway v California Adult Authority


461.25 Allen v Younger


461.26 California v Griffin


461.414 Allen et al v Younger


-Applications for and Conditions of Probation


462.2 In re Peeler

Ctn. 127

462.3 In re Mannino


-Applications for and Conditions of Parole


463.6 In re Sturm


-Parole and Probation Revocation


466.5 California v Delles


466.7 In re Spells


466.8 In re Eldridge Cleaver




469. Calif. v Cooper, Terry


Miscellaneous Due Process

Ctn. 141

490.13 Commonwealth of Mass. v Sacco,Vanzetti

Ctn. 127

490.26 Calif. v Collins


III. Equal Protection

Additional Note

(Fifth, Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth, Nineteenth, And Twenty-Fourth Amendments)




Ctn. 28

500. 1961 United States Commission on Civil Rights Report, v. 1-5

Ctn. 141

500. To Do Justice, Misc.

Ctn. 128

500. General (3 folders)


500. "Congressional Power to Enforce the Fourteenth Amendment


Against Private Acts" Frantz, Laurent --draft and typeset copy


500. State Action


-Racial, Language Discrimination


501. General


501.Ala.31a In re Herndon


501.DC.2 Powell v McCormack


501.Ind.1 US v Krupa


501.Miss.15 US v Mississippi


501.Miss.41 Riddell v National Democratic Party, Evers v Waller

Ctn. 128

501.NM.1 Montoya v Bolack


501.NY.1 In re Jose Camacho v Inspectors of Election


501.NY.1a Camacho v Rogers


501.NY.3 In re Application of Cardona


501.NC.6 US v Pate


501.Tex.a Smith v Allwright


-Political Discrimination


502. General


502. Vietnam Ballot Petition


502. Wallace for President (1948)


502.Cal.3 Otsuka v Hite


502.Cal.5 Westbrook v Mihaly, Adams v Mihaly, Larez v Shannon


502.Cal.6 Cleaver v San Francisco


502.Cal.7 Calif ex rel Martinez v Lisher


502.Ga.a South v Peters


502.Ga.1 Bond, M.L. King, Keyes v James Sloppy" Floyd et al

Ctn. 129

502.Ind.1 Whitcomb v Communist Party of Indiana


502.Ind.2 Communist Party of Ind. v Whitcomb


502.Md.1 Auerbach v Mandel


502.Md.2 Maryland People's Party v Mandel


502.Mich. Aboliish the Poll Tax


502.Minn.1 Mitchell v Donovan


502.Miss.3 US v Marshall Co. Bd of Election Commissioners


502.Miss.4 Evers v Williams


502.NJ.1 Richardson v Caputo


502.NY.10 In re Basel

Ctn. 129

502.Ohio.a Hallinan v Brown


502.Ohio.1 Washington v Cayahoga Co. Bd of Elections


502.Ohio.2 Sweetenham et al. v Gilligan et al.


502.Ohio.4 Lehman v Shaker Heights


-Urban Discrimination


503. General (2 folders)


503.Ala.1 Sims v Frink


503.Ala.3 Amos v Sims


503.Ala.4 Reynolds v Sims


503. Colo.2 Lisco v McNichols


503.Kan.1 Harris et al v Shanahan


503.Ma.1 Maryland Comm. for Fair Representation v Tawes


503.Mich.1 Scholle v Hare


503.Miss.1 Fortner v Barnett


503.Miss.2 Connor v Johnson


503.Miss.3 Marshall v Mayor, Bd of Selectmen, City of McComb


503.NY.1 WMCA et al v Simon


503.NY.3 Honeywood v Rockefeller


503.Okla.1 Brown v Election Bd of Oklahoma


503.SC.1 McCain v Lybrand


-14th Amendment § 2 Enforcement


504. General


504.1 Denman v McCormack


504.2 Lampkin v Hodges


-Residence Requirements


505.a Hallanan v Mittlbeeler


505.b Davis v Union Dist 7, Town of Hempstead

Ctn. 129

505.2 Dreuding v Devlin


505.4 Hall v Beals


505.5 Harris v Samuels and Tuscaloosa Co. Bd of Registrars


505.6 Keane v Mihaly


505.7 Dunn et al v Blumstein


505.8 Jolicoeur et al v Mihaly


505.9 Whitcomb v Affeldt


-Miscellaneous Problems


506. General

Ctn. 130

506. 3rd Party Federal Matching


506.1 Deleware v New York


506.2 Kramer v Union Free School District


506.6 Sawyer v Healy


506.7 Bryant v Blunt


506.14 Norvell v New Mexico ex rel Apodaca and Apodaca


506.15 Brown v Chote


506.16 Assoc. Enterprises v Toltec Watershed Improvement Dist.


506.17 Gordon v Lance


506.18 Wong v KPIX-TV, KRON-TV, KGO-TV


506.19 Oregon v Mitchell


506.20 Fields v Askew


506.21 Dillenberg v Kramer


506.22 Suit to Set Aside the 1972 Presidential Election


506.24 Cassidy v Willis


506.37 Pipefitters Local Union No. 562 v US


506.39 Whitehead v Westbrook


506.40 East Parrish School Board v Marshall

Ctn. 130

506.41 Flood v Riggs


506.42 Nonnewaug Reg. School Dist.v Scott


Jury Selection: Appeals to Prejudice



Ctn. 29

510 General- Jury Selection (4 folders)


510.1 California v Taylor


-Involving Racial, Nationality Discrimination


512. Jury Selection: Involving Racial Disccrimination


512.Ala General


512.Ala.a Alabama v Patterson (Scottsboro case)


512.Ala.b Coleman v Alabama


512.Ala.3 Seals v Alabama (2 folders)


512.Ala.5 Swain v Alabama


512.Ala.7 Billingsley v Clayton


512.Ala.10 White v Crook (2 folders)


512.Ala.11 Mitchell et al v Johnson


512.Ala.14 Jones v Wilson


512.Ala.15 Bokulich v Alabama (Greene Co.)


512.Ala.16a Turner and US v Spencer, et al v Curb, McNeir v Agee et al


512.Ala.17 Taylor v Alabama


512.Ala.27 US v Flowers


512.Ark.2 Stewart v Stephans


512.Cal. Blackstone Rangers, clippings


Oakland 7, clippings


512.Cal.a California v Melendez et al (The SleepyLagoonMystery)


512.Cal.b California v Gregory, Bradley, Appleman

Ctn. 127

512.Cal.c Calif v Sims


512.Cal.3 Del Valle v DeVoto

Ctn. 127

512.Cal.4 California v Craig


512.Cal.5 California v Smith

Ctn. 29

512.Cal.6 California v Newton


Minimizing Racism in Jury Trials: The Voir Dire conducted by Charles R. Garry in the People of California v Huey P. Newton. Edited by Ann Fagan Ginger


Restrictions on defense jury voir dire, Appendix a & b


Correspondence, leaflets, misc.




Black Panthers, clippings 1967-68

Ctn. 127

512.Cal.6 Calif.v Huey P. Newton


512.Cal.7 People v Rios et al


512.Cal.8 Goodlet v Municipal Court of San Francisco


512.Cal.9 Zelchower v Younger


512.Cal.10 US v Mitchell, McRoy


512.Cal.11 Lee v California

Ctn. 29

512.Conn.2 US v Robinson


512.Ga.a Georgia v Hunter


512.Ga.b Georgia v Hall


512.Ga.c Avery v Georgia


512.Ga.5 Whitus, Davis, v Georgia


512.Ga.13 Mobley v US


512.Ga.14 Broadway, US v Culpepper


512.Ga.15 Pullum v Greene


512.Ga.24 Massey v Smith


512.Ill.1 Skolniek v Spolar


512.La.2 US ex rel Poret and Labat v Dennis and Walker


512.La.3 Labat v Bennett

Ctn. 29

512.La.12 Louisiana v Barksdale


512.La.17 Scott v Walker


512.La.26 US v McDaniels et al

Ctn. 30

512.Mich.2 Michigan v Mason, Michigan v Rogers


512.Mich.3 Michigan v Viera


512.Mich.4 Michigan v Hibbitt


512.Miss.2 Goldsby v Harpole


512.Miss.5 Mississippi v Gordon


512.Miss.6 Harper v Mississippi


512.Miss.7 Bailey v Wharton


512.Miss.8 Bass v Mississippi


512.Miss.11 Woodruff v Mississippi


512.Miss.22 Watkins v Mississippi


512.Miss.23 Davis v US


512.Miss.24 Watkins v Greene


512.NJ.2 New Jersey v Roberts


512.NY.6 Chestnut v New York


512.NY.9 New York v Hicks


512.NC.2 North Carolina v Covington


512.Ohio.1 Ohio v Evans


512.PA.3 Pennsylvania v Locke; Penn v Scott & Reid; Penn v Washington


512.SD.1 South Dakota v Nini, Concannon, Tiger, Cooper


512.SD.2 Us v Bear Runner


512.Tex.b Cassell v Texas


512.Tex.c Smith v Texas


512.Tex.2 Hernendez v Texas


512.Tex.4 Brooks v Beto

Ctn. 30

512.US.1 Test v US

Ctn. 127

512.US.4 US v Satcher

Ctn. 30

512.US.5 Ristaino v Ross


-Involving Economic Discrimination


513.a Illinois re Flanagan v McDonough


513.b US v Silverman

Ctn. 127

513.3 Bradley v Judges

Ctn. 30

513.4 Estelle v Williams


-Involving Discrimination Against Women


515. General


515.i Hoyt v Florida


515.2 Willis v US


515.5 Stubblefield v Tennessee


515.25 Edwards v Healy


515.27 National Organization for Women v Goodman


515.28 Taylor v Louisiana


-Involving Other Discrimination


516. Jury selections involving other discriminations


516.5 Abbott v County of Los Angeles


516.6 Perkins v Smith


517.2 Ross v US

Ctn. 127

517.3 Nissinoff et al v Donohue et al.


517.4 Westbrook v Ward

Ctn. 30

517.5 Mississippi v Wann


517.6 Joyce v Mississippi


517.7 Colorado in the interest of V.C., a child

Box 62

517.22 General





Ctn. 30

520. Education, General

Ctn. 140

520. Education, General (5 folders)

Ctn. 130

520. General (5 folders)


520. "An Appeal to President John F. Kennedy for National Rededication to the Principles of the Emancipation Proclamation and for an Executive Order Prohibiting Segregation in the US" submitted by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., 1962.


520. Calif. Advisory Committee to US Commission on Civil Rights Meeting Transcript, March 19, 1976.


520. Calif. Advisory Comm./ Meeting Transcript Mar. 20, 1976

Ctn. 131

520.Cal. Berkeley School Integration

Ctn. 140

520.1 Busbee v Georgia Conference, Amer Asoc of Univ. Professors


-Challenges to Unequal Facilities


521. General (4 folders)

Ctn. 132

521.a Sweatt v Painter


521.7 Odegaard v DeFunis


521.10 Mission Coalition Organization v San Francisco Unif. Schl Dist.


521.11 Barsky v Weinberger


521.12 Geier v Blanton


-Suits to Enforce Integration

Ctn. 140

522. General (2 folders)

Ctn. 132

522. Citizens Advisory Committee on Equal Educational


522. General Desegregation-Integration (5 folders)


522. General Desegregation-Integration Clippings


522. General Desegregation-Integration Cases


522. National Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers


522. Title IV


522. Mass. Act for Elimination of Racial Imbalance in Schools

Ctn. 132

522.Calif. Berkeley Intergroup Seminar


522.Calif. Hadsell Report


522.Calif. Berkeley PTA


522.Calif. Intergroup Education Project, Berkeley (2 folders)


522.Calif School Desegregation (2 folders)


522.1 School Desegregation Clippings

Ctn. 30

522.Calif. School Integration, Berkeley and Oakland


522.Kan.a Brown v Board of Education (Topeka) (2 folders)


-Treatment of Minority Groups in School Books

Ctn. 131

525. Bibliographies


Housing- Racial, Other Discrimination



Ctn. 131

530. General (2 folders)


Other Discrimination-Race, Nationality


-In Recreation Facilities

Ctn. 133

541.Fla.2 Dresner v City of Talahassee


541.ICC.4 Henderson v US


541.La.1 Adams v City of New Orleans


541.Miss.8 Mississippi v Moses


541.Va.2a Henderson v Trailway Bus Co.


541.12a Phifer, Shuttlesworth v Moore, Chief of Police


542.13 Brown v Gray


Other Sex Discrimination


-By Financial Institutions

Ctn. 133

551. General


551.Ala.2 Sawyer v Mobile


551.Cal.4 Teverbaugh v El Rey Trailer Parks, Inc.

Ctn. 133

551.Cal.5 Santa Clara Voiture 365 v American Legion Society


551.Cal.10 Morton v Los Altos Country Club


551.Cal.12 Rubin v Coast Corinthian Yacht Club


551.Fla.10 Twitty v Vogue Theater Corp.


551.Ga.12 Shields v Midtown Bowling Lanes


551.La.13 US v Slidell Youth Football Association


551.Md.3 Williams, Jones v Rescue Fire Co.


551.Md.5 Tillman v Wheaton-Haven Recreation Assoc.


551.Mich.1 Bishop v Statler Hotel


551.Mich.7 Pontiac Comm. Bowling League v Orchard Lanes Bowling Alley


551.Miss.13 Palmer v Mayor Thompson


551.Pa.2 Sullivan v Schultheis


551.Tx.5 Allen v Club Bowlero


551.Tex.7 US v Sandy Lake Pool, Inc.


551.Va.12 Sullivan v Little Hunting Park, Inc.


-In Social Security Benefits


552. General


552.Fla.6 NAACP v Webb's City, Inc.


552.Fla.7 Plummer v Brock


552.Fla.11 Bradshaw v Whigam


552.Ga.21 US v Kent


552.La.9 US v Houston Jordan et al.


552.Md.2 US v Hanley


552.Miss.5 NAACP v Primos


552.Miss.7b US v Spencer et al.


552.NY.2 Adickes v S.H. Kress Co.

Ctn. 133

552.NC.22 US v Worrells


552.Va.12 Williams v Lewis


552.Va.13 Plantiffs v Vonetes dba as Lee House Diner


552.Va.18 US v Blue Ridge Grill, Poe, Davis


552.Va.19 US v Lumpkin


-In Insurance Coverage


553. General


553.Ala. Washington v Lee


553.Cal.2 Cobbs v Rockridge Women's Club


553.Cal.5 Butler v Coach Royal Mobile Home Park


553.Fla.3 Pinkey v Meloy


553.Fla.5 Campbell v Hillcrest Memorial Gardens


553.Ga. Miscellaneous


553.Ga.2 Heart of Atlanta Motel v US


553.Mich.3 Spencer v Flint Memorial Park Associaton


553.Minn.1 Ericson v Sunset Memorial Park Assocaition


553.NJ. In re Sunshine Park


553.NJ.1a Sellers v Triolo


553.Ohio.1 Gegner v Graham


553.Pa.1 Johnson v Cafaro


553.Pa.2 Buefort v Elias


553.Pa.4 Moose Lodge No. 107 v Irvis


553.SC.1 Thomas v Orangeberg Theaters, Inc.


553.Utah.1 Cuevas v Sorales


553.Wash.1 In re Jangaba Johnson and Wheeler and the Washington


State Board Against Discrimination


553.Wisc.1 Pitts, D'Attilio v Eagles and Elks


-In Taxation

Ctn. 133

554. General


554.Fla.3 Lewter et al. v Lee Memorial Hospital


554.Ill.1 Morris v Chicago Hospital Council


554.Miss.3 Coleman v Humphreys Co. Memorial Hospital


554.NC.1 Simkins and US v Cone Memorial Hospital


554.NC.3 Hawkins v N.c. Dental Soc.


554.SC.1 Rackley v Bd. of Trustees of Orangeburg Reg Hospital


554.Va.1 Wood v Hogan




-Racial Discrimination in Hiring or Admission

Ctn. 133

571. General


571.10 Owens v Board of Education


571.12 US v Board of Education, Greene Co.


571.18 Franklin v School Board, Giles Co.


571.23 Buford v Morganton Bd of Education


571.24 Chambers v Hendersonville City Bd of Education


571.27 Missiouri Commiss. on Human Rights v Rives C-2 School Dist.


571.53 Rolfe, Peebles v Co. Board of Education, Lincoln Co.,Tn


571.72 Porcelli v Titus


571.75 Chance v Bd of Examiners


571.85 Baker v Columbus Mississippi School District


571.86 Hazelwood School v US


-Sex Discrimination

Ctn. 135

578. Bibliographies


578. Citizens Advisory Council on the Status of Women


578. Women's Bureau-US Dept of Labor


578. California Labor Code

Ctn. 135

578. Women and Employment (3 folders)


578. Women and Employment-ACLU Cases


578. Miscellaneous (5 folders)

Ctn. 136

578. Reports of Discrimination and Legal Remedies (2 folders)


578. Clippings


578. Equal Pay for Equal Work (4 folders)


578. Women's History


578. Discrimination in Employment (3 folders)


578. Discrimination in Education (2 folders)


578. Citizen's Advisory Comm. on the Status of Women,Wash. D.C.,


578. Women and Credit, Banking, and Mortgages

Ctn. 137

578. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 1970-73


578. Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) (2 folders)


578. International Women's Year, 1975


578. Women in Law (2 folders)


578. Women in Government and Politics


578. Women in the Military and on the Police Force


578. Married Women's Choice of Name


578. International Tribunal on Crimes Against Women


578. McGraw-Hill Guidelines for Equal Trtmnt of Sexes in Publishing


578. "Women and the Law" 7th Regional Conference, Univ. of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law, 1977 (2 ff)


578. Women in Sports


578. Pregnancy and Maternity Leave (ACLU Reports)


Civil Actions Under § 1983 and Other Civil Rights Laws

Ctn. 30

580. General- Civil Rights Law




Benjamin Dreyfus, Speech to Philadelphia Chapter of NLG,1963

Ctn. 30

580. Testimony of Berl I. Bernhard before Subcommittee No. 5 of the House Judiciary Committee on pending Civil Rights Legislation, May 16, 1963

Ctn. 31

580. Federal Civil Rights Act 1964


Civil Rights Act of 1966, Speeches on legislation




580.b McGee v Williams


580.1 Tynes v Gogos


580.3 Pettus v Schult


580.6 Royal News Co. v Schultz


580.6a Royal News Co. v Olson


580.7 Council of Federated Organizations v Rainey


580.8 In re petition of Aaron Henry et al.


580.12 Bryant v Sisco v Donnell


580.14 Miller v Hall


580.15 Smith v Ladner


580.22 White v White Knights of the KKK of Mississippi


580.23 Seabrooks v Chicago


580.26 Guido v Schenectady


580.29 Jones v Hartford


580.31 Labor Defense Coalition v Gribbs


580.32 West Tennessee ACLU v Memphis


580.33 John v Johnson

Ctn. 127

580.37 De La Raza v Regents

Ctn. 31

580.36 Weathers v Ebert


580.38 Leeds v Little League, Inc.


580.39 Philadelphia Junior Chamber of Commerce v US Jaycees

Ctn. 31

580.40 Dahl v Palo Alto


580.42 Feehan v Levine


580.43 Teterud v Gillman


580.44 Leonard v City of Columbus


580.46 Smith v O'Halloren


580.47 US v Jefferson Mortgage Co.


580.49 Kelly v Johnson


580.51 Huffman v Pursue, Ltd.

Ctn. 127

580.52 ILWU, Local 6 v Handyman

Ctn. 31

580.53 Schwenk v Boy Scouts of America


580.54 Belcher v Stengel


580.55 Weatherford v Bursey


580.56 Women' s Defense Committee v Jozwiak


580.57 Wiles v Shaw


580.58 Mauck v Housden


581. Rights of Students and Teachers

Ctn. 127

581.1 Hernandez v Nichols


581.3 Murphy V Kerrigan


581.4 Zamora v Riles


581.5 Ortega v Guadalupe Joint Union School Dist.


Criminal Prosecution Under Civil Rights and Other Laws

Ctn. 31

590. Civil Rights Law- Criminal


Pamphlets and reports


State Action




590.10 US v Rainey, Price

Ctn. 31

590.12 Alabama v Wilkins


590.13 US v Guest et al.


590.19 Alabama v Coleman


590.19b US v Bowers and DeBoxtel


590.34 US v Lester, Buccieri


590.36 US v Feise


590.43 US v Perez


590.44 US v Gerena


Suits Involving Constitutional Rights of Native American Indians

Ctn. 137

600. Native American Bibliographies, 1970-73


600. Native Americans and Poverty


600. California Rural Legal Assistance


600. Wounded Knee - AIM


600. Survival of American Indian Assocaition





(Many have no assigned case numbers. Others have case numbers written on them but need to be integrated into existing case folders or have case folders created if the Brief is the only existant document in the case. Check list above or consult case finder for existing case files).

Ctn. 142

Unfiled Briefs- Aliens and Naturalization (2 folders)


Unfiled Briefs-Civil Liberties (6 folders)


Unfiled Briefs- Miscellaneous (3 folders)


Report-Thought Control in the USA, No. 1-6, 1947

Ctn. 143

Unfiled Briefs-Miscellaneous (11 folders)

Ctn. 180

Unnfiled memos and briefs (2 folders)

Box 61

Table of (New) Cases (Incomplete)


Vol. 1, No. 1 1956


Vol. 2, No. 3 May 1957


Vol. 2, No. 4 July 1957


Vol. 3, No. 3 April 1958


Vol. 4, No. 3 May 1959


Vol. 5, No. 2 Feb. 1960


Vol. 7, No. 3 May, 1962


Vol. 7, No. 4 July, 1962


Vol. 8, No. 1 Nov. 1962


Vol. 8, No. 3 May 1963


Vol. 8, No. 4 Aug. 1963


Vol. 9, No. 3 April 1964


Vol. 9, No. 4 July 1964


Vol. 12, No. 1 Nov. 1966


Docket newsletter Feb. 1967


SUBSERIES 1.2: Human Rights Docket, 1979-89


I. Freedom Of Thought, Expression And Association

Additional Note

(First Amendment Liberties, Ninth And Fourteenth Amendments)

Freedom Of Speech, Press, Assembly




-Of Meetings


Key to classification of cases and case descriptions

Ctn. 46

11. Ashford v Oakland


-Of Peddlars, Literature Tables


13. California v Barton and Josselyn


13. Unemployed Workers Organizing Committee v Batterton


13. Sun Valley v California Tax Reform Association


13. Bill Press v Pan-American Properties


13. Bill Press v Lucky Stores, Inc.


13. ACLU, Nuclear Weapons Lab Conversion Project v UC, Lawrence


Livermore Lab


13.1 Howe v Univ of Florida et al


13.11 Robins v Pruneyard


13.12 Rosen v Port of Portland


13.13 US Labor Party v Knox


-Of Parades


16. Beckerman v Tupelo


16.11 Smith v Collin


16.12 Jewish Defense League v St Louis


16.13 Collin v O'Malley


16.14 Gay Activist Alliance of New Jersey v D'Arminio


16.15 North Shore Right to Life Committee v Manhassett


-Of Mass Media

Ctn. 46

17. Freedom of Speech-Mass Media, General


17. In re Improvement Leasing


17.1 Palmetto v FCC


17.4 United Church of Christ v FCC


17.7 Red Lion Broadcasting v US FCC, US FCC v Radio and Television News Directors Association


17.9 US v FCC


17.11 Forcade v Rowley


17.12 US FCC v Midwest Video Corp.


17.13 Sanders v FCC


17.15 US FCC v New Jersey State Lottery Commission


17.16 Forcade, Sherrill v Knight


17.18 Cosmopolitan Broadcasting Corp. v FCC


17.19 NAACP v FCC


17.20 Writers Guild of America, West v FCC


17.22 Nixon v Warner Communications


17.23 Goldblum v NBC


17.24 Houchins v KQED


17.26 New Solidarity v Rochford


-Of Political Ads, TV, Radio


18.1 Garabedian v Michaelson


Administrative Restrictions


-By US Customs

Ctn. 48

21.8 DeVries v Acree


21.9 Various Articles of Obscene Merchandise, Long v US


-On Government Information and Secrecy

Ctn. 46

22.10 In re How to Read Like Donald Duck


-Freedom of Information Act: FBI and Justice Department


23.104 Hiss v US


23.105 Meeropol v US Dept of Justice


23.110 Field Enterprises v FBI


-Freedom of Information Act: CIA and State Departments


23.201 Bell v US

Ctn. 47

23.203 Halperin v National Security Council


23.208 Edwards v CIA


23.301 Nixon v Admr of General Services


-On Students and Teachers


24.Cal.79 Bradfield v UC


24.Cal.80 Ofsevit v San Francisco State University


24.Cal.81 Calif Federation of Teachers v Eu


24.Cal.83 Graves v Lawndale School Dist


24.Cal.84 Powers v Bakersfield School Dist


24.Cal.85 Terri v Fullerton Community College


24.Colo.4 Franklin v Atkins


24.Fla.3 Ferrara v Phifer


24.Ill.1 Carey v Piphus


24.Ia.3 Zoll v Eastern Allmakee Community School Dist


24.Ky Allen v Bd of Educ


24.Ky.5 Stagnolia v Harlan County Bd Of Educ


24.Ky.6 Concerned Parents v Whitley Co.


24.Md.1 Maryland Public Interest v Elkins

Ctn. 47

24.Md.2 Ollman v University of Maryland


24.Miss.16 Givhan v Western Line


24.Mo.6 Ratchford v Gay Lib


24.NJ.9 Lipp v Morris


24.NY Granville v Thomas


24.NY In re Johnson


24.NY Perez v Brooklyn College


24.NY.37 Selzer v Berkowitz


24.NY.30 Kahan v Bd of Higher Education


24.NY.39 Maher v Seaford


24.Or.4 Lowell School Dist v Kerr


24.Or Henthorn v Grand Prarie School Dist


24.Pa.11 Brush v Penn State


24.Pa.12 In re application of the Trustees of the Univ of Penn


24.Pa.13 Nyden v Univ of Pittsburg


24.Tex Miller v Jim Ned Independent School Dist


24.Tex Dean v Timpson


24.Tex.16 Allaire v Rogers


24.Tex.17 Jacobs v Marshall


24.Tex.18 Sullivan v Univ Interscholastic League


24.Tex.19 Raymond v Parr


24.Utah Utah v Singer


24.5 Danis v Tenafly


24.5 Clark v Gladstone


24.5 Frasca v Andrews


24.5 Iowa v DeVey

Ctn. 47

24.5 Lowman v Davis


24.5 Reineke v Cobb Co. School Dist


24.5 Summe v Warsaw


24.5 Thomas v Bd of Educ


24.5 Dunagin v City of Oxford


-On Student Newspapers


24.500 Campus Comm Inc v Freedman et al


24.500 Williams v Spencer


24.520 Johnson v Brinson


24.521 Pliscou v Holtville Unified School Dist


24.528 Gellman v Marcase and Phil High Schl


24.530 Gambino v Fairfax County School Bd


24.522 Evans v Righetti


24.523 Kober v Unified School Dist No. 234


24.525 Pickens v Atkinson


24.526 Trachtman v Anker


24.527 Weaver v School Dist 4J


24.529 El Sol v Schilling


-On Miscellaneous Activities


25.13 Roberts v Vance


25.61 Alaska Gay Coalition v Sullivan


25.62 Bailey v US Marines


25.64 Montagne v McGuire


Economic Restrictions

Ctn. 47

30.31 Minneapolis Star & Tribune v Commr of Revenue


30.32 Kimble v McDuffy

Ctn. 47

30.34 Griffith v Bell Whitley


30.35 Irvington v Kramedjian


30.36 Beerbohm v Sonoma Co Library

Ctn. 109

31. Applegate v Brown


31. Turner v Gray


31.4 Bishop v Suggs




-Of Federal Courts

Ctn. 109

41.a US v Crockett


41.15 In re Caldwell


41.16 In re Dellinger


41.104 Evans v Fromme


-Of State Courts


42. Segregated Courtrooms


42. In the matter of Dellinger


42. Glen v Hongisto


42.12 Holt, Dawley v Virginia


42.16 In re Tobias Simon


42.17 Hamilton v ALA


42.19 Ungar v Sarafite


42.28 N.Y. Co. Lawyers' Assn. v Dacey


42.33 In re Kenneth V. Cockrel


42.34 Bd of Edu v United Fed. of Teachers


42.35 In re Spencer


42.35 In re Ravitz


42.37 In re Lafferty

Ctn. 109

42.38 Michigan v Porter


42.39 Bell v Hongisto


42.40 In re Grossman


42.41 Gaddis v Wyman


42.42 Johnson v Mississippi


42.101 Hamilton v Berkeley Municipal Court


42.103 Rowe v Mississippi


42.104 McLucas et al. v Palmer


42.106 Oliver v Postel


42.107 Oklahoma Pub. Co. v Dist. Ct. of Oklahoma City


Criminal Sanctions

Ctn. 109

50. Vigilante in So. US: Justifiable Civil Disobedience or Privileged Self-Help


-Against Disorderly Conduct and Similar Offenses


51. General


51.Ala.c Montgomery v Davidson


51.Cal. California v Feshangi


51.Cal.4 Calif. v Meisenbach


51.Cal.18 Calif. v Castro


51.Cal.19 Pain v San Francisco Municipal Court


51.Cal.23 Calif. v Cohen


-Against Sedition, Anarchy, Syndicalism, Riots, Bombing

Ctn. 47

54. North Carolina v Wood


54. Texas v Hirschi (Moody Park Three)


54.43 Alabama v Chambliss


54.44 Alabama v Stoner


-Against Leafleting,Posting Signs, Picketing, Demonstrating

Ctn. 47

55.06 US v Ebner, et al


-Against Trespassing

Ctn. 110

58. General


58. San Francisco Sit-ins, 1964


58.Cal. Calif. v Ordona


58.Cal Calif v Rodriguez


58.Cal.8 Calif. v Sims (2 folders)


58.Cal.9 In re Nathaniel Burbridge


58.Cal.13 Calif. v Green


58.Cal.15 Calif. v Minkin


58.Cal.22 Calif. v Hutchinson


58.Cal.24a Calif. v Heinemann


58.Cal.24b USA v Bishop et al


58.Cal.28 Parrish v Municipal Court


58.Cal.35 Calif v Long


58.Cal.36 In re Cox


58.Cal.37 In re Wallace


58.Cal.40 Calif. v Schwarz

Ctn. 47

58.Cal.39 Calif v Andrew


58.Cal.139a California v Acton


-Against Miscellaneous Criminal Activities

Ctn. 110

58.Fla.4 Adderly v Florida


58.Ga.14 Georgia v Rachel


58.Mass.2 Doyle v O'Brien

Ctn. 110

58.Mich.3 Folgueras v Hassle


58.NH.1 Adams v Sampson


58.NH.2 New Hampshire v Wentworth


58.Okla. Oklahoma v Bernstein


58.Or.1 Oregon v Mouer


58.Pa.2 Limerick v 14 Members


58.SC.5 So. Carolina v 250 Nuclear Demonstrators


58.US.1 US v Hartman


58.Vt.1 Vermont Yankee v Vermont Decomissioning Alliance


-Against Miscellaneous Criminal Activities


59. In re Lowell Eggemeier


59.116 Hilliard v Mitchell


59.117 US v Hilliard

Ctn. 47

59. US v Ganthier


59. US v Metheny

Ctn. 48

59.128 Chavis v North Carolina (Wilmington Ten)


59.131 Pelitier v US (2 folders)


Civil Sanctions (and Contempt Charges)

Ctn. 48

63. Illinois Migrant Council v Pilliod


63.67 Claiborne Hardware v NAACP


63.67a Henry v First Natl Bank of Clarksdale


Freedom Of Association: Affecting The Organization


Organizational Privileges Challenged


-Privacy in Organizational Work

Ctn. 48

205.16 In re Search Warrant Wash DC


-In Prisons

Ctn. 48

206.01 Carter v Klein


206.2 Houchins v Fenton


Labor Unions


-Right to Organize:Federal Statutes

Ctn. 48

231.1 Eastex v NLRB


231.2 Huffstutler v Butz


231.4 Beardsley v US Postal Service


231.5 Beth Israel Hospital v NLRB


Freedom Of Association: Affecting The Members


Civil Disabilities for Membership: Federal


-Through Deportation Proceedings

Ctn. 48

258. Hill v Richmond


258. Ayoub v Hazlett


Civil Disabilities for Membership: State, Local, And Private


-In State, Local Government Employment

Ctn. 48

261.31 Council 11, AFSCME v Michigan Civil Serv Comm


-In Teaching


262.29 Reinecke v Hawaii


-In Proceedings Against Attorneys and Bar Applicants


265.39 Garden State Bar Assn v Middlesex Co


265.40 No Carolina State Bar Assn v Paul


Criminal Penalties for Nondisclosure


-For Refusal to Produce Records


274.9 McSurley v McAdams (2 folders)


Civil Penalties for Nondisclosure


-By Others

Ctn. 48

282. Socialist Workers Party v Hardy


Penalties for False Disclosure


-In Miscellaneous Cases


293. DeFrantz v US Olympic Committee


II. Due Process And Related Rights

Additional Note

(Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, Eighth, And Fourteenth Amendments)

Searches and Seizures

Ctn. 48

300 NYCLU & NCBL v NYC Police & FBI


-By Electronic Eavesdropping


301.5 Fonda v Gray


301.5 Weinberg v Mitchell, Hallinan v Mitchell


301.5 Kissinger v Halperin


301.64 Handschu v Special Services Division


-National Security Cases


301.514 Jabara v Kelley


301.529 Clavir v Levi


301.536 US v Gabriner


301.537 Kinoy v Mitchell


301.538 Moore v Levi

Ctn. 49

301.541 US v Truong (2 folders)


301.546 Abramovitz v Ahern


301.548 Anderson v Nixon


301.549 Birnbaum v US


301.550 Lamont v US


-In Other Federal Cases

Ctn. 49

302. INS v Hispanics


-Civil and Administrative

Ctn. 48

302.306 Rodriguez v Dahlin


302.308 LaDuke v Castillo


302.309 Cabral-Avila v INS


302.311 Marshall v Barlow's


302.312 Marshall v CF&I Steel


302.313 Ehrlichman v Solomon


-Suits for False Arrest, Police Practices, Police Review Boards


304. Operation Zebra


304.Ala.15 Peck v Kelley


304.Ca l. Alvarez, Fiske et al v Gates et al


304.Cal. Guyton v Jensen


304.Cal. Lyons v Los Angeles


304.Cal. Savala v Castillo


304.Cal. Smith, Jones, Ramirez, Williams, Ford v City and County of Los Angeles


304.Cal.121 Avelar v McDonald


304.Cal.122 Pratt v FBI


304.Cal.124 California v Rizo


304.Conn.9 Turpin v West Haven


304.DC.11 Letelier v Dina


304.Haw.15 Thompson v Andrus


304.Ill.40 Hampton v Hanrahan (3 folders)


304.Ill.41 Lenard v Melrose Park


304.Mich.28 Bergman v Kelley

Ctn. 48

304.Mich.29 Liuzzo v Kelley (2 folders)

Ctn. 50

304.NJ.11 Vasquez v McNally


304.NJ.12 Boyer v Loree


304.NJ.13 Lewis v Hyland


304.NJ.15 In the matter of LP


304.NY Handschu v Special Services Division


304.NY.42 MM v Anker


304.NY.43 Duverney v Prajka


304.NY.44 Rose v Koch


304.NY.45 Schmidt v Curasi


304.NY.46 Scott v Maloney


304.Ohio.6 Krause v Rhodes (Kent State)


304.Ohio.7 Furlan v US


304.Pa US v Philadelphia


304.Pa Pennsylvania v Porter et al


304.Pa.21 Swietlowich v Bristol


304.Pa.23 Wilkinson v District Attorney


304.Pa.24 Sherard v Woodruff


304.Pa.25 Jones v Lambert


304.Pa.27 Smith v Connor


304.PR.1 Torres v Puerto Rico (2 folders)


304.Tex Cervantez v Whitfield


304.Tex.9 Bezan v Wilson


304.Tex.11 Ramirez v Byrd


304.Tex.12 Salazar v Ramirez


304.Tex.13 Sanchez v Renya


304.Tex.14 Moreno v Park

Ctn. 50

304.Tex.16 Rocha v Gossett


304.Tex.17 Cana v Colbath


304.Tex.18 Pena v Colwell


304.US Margolis v Knight


304.US.26 Walker v US


304.Utah.1 GM Leasing v US


304.Va.3 Norton v US


304.Wash.6 Maltos v Kespohl


304.Wisc.12 Davis v Murphy


304.Wisc.13 Blair v Baumgartner


304.Wisc.14 Vietnam Veterans v Saye


-Police Line-up, Identification Procedures


305.8 Moore v Wisconsin


305.9 Ohio v Moody


Indictments/ Informations


-Charge of Conspiracy

Ctn. 50

314.22 Us v Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) (21 folders)

Ctn. 51

314.22 Us v Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW) (10 folders)


Defense of Self

Ctn. 51

325.8 Washington v Wanrow


Self-Incrimination: Criminal Sanctions For Exercising Privilege


-Before Grand Juries,Courts, and Tribunals

Ctn. 51

333. In re McCracken


333.36 In re Cueto


333.37 In re Guerrero


-Grants of Immunity: Federal

Ctn. 51

334.20 US v Beradelli


334.21 US v Morales


-Grants of Immunity: State


335.17 Rysdale v Superior Court


Self-Incrimination: Civil Sanctions For Exercising Privilege


-Effect on Army Discharges

Ctn. 51

341 Natl Assn of Concerned Veterans v Secy of Defense


341 Giles v Secy of the Army


-Effect on Attorneys


345.5 In re Mann


Due Process


-In Grand Jury Procedures

Ctn. 51

352.11 In re Custodian of Records


-In Obtaining Confessions


353.97 California v Pettingill


353.99 New York v Colon


-In Press Releases and Newspaper Coverage


354.44 In re Illinois News Broadcasters


354.46 In re Wilson


353.100 Watson v Maryland


354.41 American Republican, Inc. v Wall


-Perjured Evidence


355. US v Hanigan (2 folders)


355.14 In re Hiss


355.15 New York v Knapp


-Inadmissable Evidence

Ctn. 51

355.201 US v Bazzand


355.202 California v Haslouer


355.203 Illinois v Baptist


355.205 Milburn v Arkansas


355.206 Garcia v Curry


355.207 California v Anderson


355.16 New Jersey v Carter


355.17 Tibbs v Florida


-Exculpatory Evidence


355.301 Massachusetts v Ellison


355.302 In re Reilly


355.303 New Jersey v Merritt


355.304 California v Lee


355.305 Jones v Jago


-In Courts Martial, Military Administrative Decisions, Habaes Corpus Proceedings


356.88 Elliot v Wilcox


356.89 Trueblood v Alexander


356.90a Huff v Alexander


356.91 Tigue v Swain


-In Expatriation, Denaturalization, Deportation, Relocation Proceedings


358 English v Vician


358 Gonzalez v INS


358 In re Monserate

Ctn. 51

358 In re Marroquin


358 Mashi v INS


358.77 Chang-Salazar v US


358.78 Chinese American Civic Council v Atty General


358.79 Fulgencio v INS


358.80 Hoonsilapa v INS


358.81 Lopez-Telles v INS


358.82 Martinez de Mendoza v INS


358.83 Medina v Castillo


358.84 Pechter v Lyons

Ctn. 52

358.85 Navia-Duran v INS


358.86 US v Pereira


358.87 Jean-Batiste v INS


358.89 Munoz v Bell


-In Rape Cases


359.1 New York v Yanik


-In Bar Proceedings re Lawyers


361.17 Turco v Monroe County Bar Assn


-In Gov't Empolyment inclu Teaching


363.35 Cain v Whitehead


363.36 Covino v Governing Bd of Contra Costa


363.39 Roberts v Jackson Civil Service Bd


-In Misc. Administrative Proceedings


364.4 Butz v Economou


Speedy and Public Trial

Ctn. 52

365.27 Detroit Free Press v Macomb Circuit Judge


365.29 US v Warren (2 folders)


Right to Counsel/ Access to Courts, Agencies


-In Federal Cases

Ctn. 52

371.109 Caston v Sears Roebuck


-Before Administrative Boards


372.33 New York v Baker


372.152 California v Spain (San Quentin Six)


372.153 Brown v Multnomah


372.154 California v Alexander


372.155 California v Perez


372.157 Ferrel v Superior Court


372.159 Trice v States


372.160 California v Rodriguez


-Restrictions on Attorneys and Judges


373. Judicial Inquiry v Jordan


373. Rapp, Gilman v Comm on Prof Ethics and Conduct


373.49 Nathan v Berlin


373.50 In re Bonin


373.51 Comden v Superior Court


373.52 Contra Costa Public Defender v Murphy


373.53 Michigan v Stiegler


373.54 Ohralik v Ohio State Bar Assn


373.55 In re Primus


373.56 Person v Assn of the Bar of NY City

Ctn. 52

373.57 In re Rohan


373.58 Serko v Assn of the Customs Bar


373.500 People v King (Darrel)


-Bias and Prejudice of Judges


378.9 In re Barbara Phillips


Jury Trials


-Size of Jury

Ctn. 52

391.103 Ballew v Georgia


391.104 Columbus v Davis


-Waiver of Jury, Right to


392.8 Bernstein v Universal Pictures


392.9 Gonzales v Nork


392.10 Drone v Hutton


392.11 Ohio v Ruppert


392.12 Pitt v Barnes


392.13 Regional Center of Orange v King


392.14 In re Thomas


-Improper Comment


393.11 New York v Ellis


393.12 California v Dagino


393.13 California v Litteral


393.14 US V Morris


393.16 US v Henderson


-Scrupled Jurors


394. Grigsby v Mabry

Ctn. 52

394. Hovila v Estelle


394.5 California v Henderson (2 folders)

Ctn. 53

394.7 California v Sand (2 folders)


394.8 Shippy v Estelle


-Jury Tampering


395 US v Leroy


395 Simants v Nebraska


395 US v Bettis


395.1 California v Honeycutt


395.2 Hawkins v US


Excessive Bail


-Conditions Imposed

Ctn. 53

402.12 South Dakota v Means


-Denial of Bail


403.25 US v Truong


Cruel and Unusual Punishment


-In criminal sentencing, punishment

Ctn. 91

411.93 California v Burt


411.95 Boyle v Madigan


411.100 Burt v California (4 folders)


-In rendition, extradition

Ctn. 180

412.8 In the matter of the removal of Marilyn C. Williams

Ctn. 91

412.20 Cluros v Little


-In civil cases


413.11 Bradley v Doherty


413.13 La Deaux v Jett

Ctn. 91

413.14 Hudson v Ramsey


-Capital Punishment


414.13 People v Crosier

Ctn. 53

414.25 California v Allen


-In Women's Cases

Ctn. 91

415.1 Scott v Mountanos


415.2 Dawson v Carberry


415.3 Collins v Whitmore

Ctn. 53

415.5 Chesimard v Mulcahy


Post Conviction Remedies


-On Prison Disciplinary Proceedings

Ctn. 53

455.12 Pratt v Rees


Sentencing and Clemency Procedures


-Sentencing Process

Ctn. 53

461.33 US v Denson


III. Equal Protection

Additional Note

(Fifth, Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth, Nineteenth, Twenty-Fourth And Twenty-Sixth Amendments)

Jury Selection: Appeals To Prejudice


-Involving Racial, Nationality Discrimination

Ctn. 53

512.Cal.14 California v Johnson


512.Ga.27 Mann v Cox


512.Ga.28 Brown v Culpepper


512.Tex.8 Caballero v Prater


512.Tex.9 Ciudadanos Unidos v Hildago Co.


512.Wash.12 Washington v Gladstone


-Involving Other Discrimination

Ctn. 53

516.7 Connecticut v Pastor


516.8 New Jersey v Porro




-Suits to Enforce Integration

Ctn. 53

522.Tex.29a Doe v Plyer


-Treatment of Minority Groups in School Books


525. In re Baum


525. Loewen v Turnipseed

Ctn. 60

-Suits against Special Admissions Programs, Affirmative Action


527. Legislative Plans


Employment, clippings (2 folders)

Ctn. 61

527. American Assn. for AA 4th Annual Conference, Apr. 1978




Asian Americans




LSAT challenges


AA in the 1980's

Ctn. 63

527. Rupert v Arizona Bd of Regents


Minorities and Medicine in the USA, 1975


A collection of articles compiled by Eric S. Goldman for an Amicus Curiae Brief for the NLG in Bakke v Regents (2 ff)


Goldman Research Materials


Minorities Admissions to Med. and Law Schl (7 folders)


Female Admissions


MCAT/GPA Criteria


Recuritment of Minorities

Ctn. 63

527 Need for Black doctors in communities (2 folders)


Bibliographic material, 1973-77


USC School of Medicine, Manpower Comm.


UC- AA Action Report, 1975




Law School Admissions Study, MALDEF, 1980


Affirmative Action in Crisis: A Handbook for Activists, NLG & NCBL, 1977


Minority Student Opportunities in US Medical Schools 1975-76, AAMC, 1975


Toward a Diversified Legal Profession, David White, ed.


deFunis v Odegaard: Race, Merit, and the Fourteenth Amendment, Ivor Kraft, 1976.

Ctn. 611

527.3-(6) Regents of the Univ. of Calif. v Alan Bakke

United States Supreme Court No. 76-811 (3 folders)


Petition for a Writ of Certiorari to Supreme Court of Calif Opposition to Certiorari


Syllabus and Opinion on Certiorari to Sup. Court of Calif


Application for stay pending review on Certiorari


Reply to response to application for stay



Ctn. 61

527.3 Reply


For petitioner




The US as Amicus Curiae


For Respondent


Testimony, Oct. 12, 1977


Amici Curiae in support of UC Regents (6 folders)

Ctn. 62

527.3 Amici Curiae in support of Bakke (2 folders)


Alan Bakke v Regents of the University of California, Supreme Court of the State of California S.F. 23311(3 ff)


Petition for rehearing


Answer for petition for rehearing


Order denying rehearing






Reply to Appeal


Opening as to Cross-Appeal


Judge Tobriners Dissent


Amici Curiae


527.3 Alan Bakke v Regents of the University of California

Superior Court Yolo County No. 31287


List of Documents Filed


Petitioner's Reply Memorandum


Findings of Fact and Conclusions of the Law


Defendants Interrogatories




Declaration of George H. Lowrey, M.D.


Cross Complaint for Declaratory Relief


Notice of Intended Decision and Addendum


Memo in Opposition to Proposed Judgement




Notice of Appeal


Misc. Documents


Memos and supporting documents

Ctn. 63

527.3 Overturn Bakke Decision Movement materials


Affirmative Action Crisis


Bakke Symposium, Bakke documents available


Admissions policies and racial preferences in higher education


Articles on the Bakke Case

Ctn. 64

Toward an Understanding of Bakke, US Comm on Civil Rights,1979


Clippings (2 folders)


527.5 McDonald v Santa Fe Trail Trans. Co.

Ctn. 30

527.6 Bakke v Regents of the University of California (deposition of George H. Lowrey) 1974

Ctn. 64

527.7 DeRonde v Bd of Regents of Univ of Calif (2 folders)


577.1 Weber v Kaiser (12 folders)


577.5 Cramer v Virginia




-Pregnancy and Child Care

Ctn. 53

578.701 Burwell v Eastern Airlines


578.702 DeLaurier v San Diego


578.707 Brunswick School Bd v Califano


-Procedural Problems


579.2 Lynn v Western Gillette


Misc Actions Under §1983, Other Civil Rights Laws

Ctn. 53

580 Scott v Hart


Criminal Prosecution Under Civil Rights and Other Laws

Ctn. 64

590. Greene v Memphis

Ctn. 53

590.46 US v Gray III, Felt, Miller


IV. Social And Economic Rights

Additional Note

(Commerce Power; Due Process, Equal Protection, Privileges & Immunities Of Fifth, Fourteenth Amendments; Ninth, Twenty-Fourth Amendments)

Social Security


Social Insurance


-Social Security: Administration

Ctn. 53

613. Califano v Yamasaki


613. Sanchez v Califano


613.2 Ferguson v Mathews


613.3 Blankenship v Secy HEW


613.4 Branch, Biggins v Weinberger


-Veterans Adminstration Benefits


614. Natl Veterans Task Force on Agent Orange v Cleland


614. Whitz v Cleland


614. Jaffee v US


614. In re Agent Orange


-Unemployment Compensation


615. Indiana Employment Security Bd v AUW


615.1 Glick v Unemployment Insurance

Ctn. 54

615.2 Idaho Dept of Employment v Smith


615.3 Gonzales v Texas


615.4 UAW v Taylor (2 ff)


615.5 NY Telephone Co v NY State Dept of Labor


-Pensions, Trust Funds


617. Bucyrus-Erie v Dept of Industry


617. Connecticut v Pervel

Ctn. 54

617. Fritz v US Railroad Retirement Board


617. Johns v Retirement Fund Trust


617. Kirschner v US


617.1 International Brotherhood of Teamsters v Daniel


617.4 Robinson v United Mine Workers


617.5 Golemme v Bd of Trustees


617.6 Wilson v Bd of Trustees


617.11 Shannon v US Civil Service Commn


617.12 Hood v. US Civil Service Commn


617.13 Harrison v Crowell


617.15 Ball v United Mine Workers


617.16 Hensley v United Mine Workers


617.17 Carpenters and Millwrights v Gardineer


Adequate Standard Of Living



Ctn. 54

620. Wimbley v Bergland


-Food Stamps


621. Antone v Bergland


621.1 Aiken v Obledo


621.2 Long v San Francisco


621.3 Meza v Bergland


-School Lunches


622.1 Poe v Riles


-General Assistance


623. Harris v Rosario

Ctn. 54

623. LA County Welfare Rights Org. v LA County


623.1 Quern v Jordan


623.3 Isabell v Sonoma County


623.4 Harrington v Obledo


-Assistance to Elderly


624. O'Bannon v Town Court Nursing Center


624. Bumpus v Clark (5 ff)


624.1 Grieg v Olivarez




-Public Housing-Federal

Ctn. 54

631. Lancaster v Scranton


631.1 Cole v Harris


-Publicly-Assisted Housing


632.1 Housing Authority v Saylors


632.7 Coos Bay v HUD


-Zoning and Planning


633. Caputo v Chester


633. Glenview v Franklin


633. So Burlington County NAACP v Mt. Laurel

Ctn. 55

633. Urban League v Mahwah


-Private Housing-Conditions


635. Lipkin v Willard


635. Malone v Potter


635.1 Dohrmann v Berkeley


-Private Housing-Rent Control

Ctn. 55

636. Helmsley v Fort Lee


636. M & D Properties v Hankins


636. Rue-Ell Enterprises v Berkeley


636. Park West Village Tenants Assn v New York City




637. Hudson View v Weiss


637. Rivcom v Rangel




638. California v Som


638. Furey v Sacramento


638. Trentacost v Brussel


638.1 Blount v Harris


638.2 Meehan v Natl Assn of Realtors


Social Services



Ctn. 55

641.1 Amador Valley Joint Union HS Dist v California (2 ff)


641.2 San Francisco v Tinney


641.5 Robinson v Texarkana


645. Cleveland v Cleveland Electric


-Public Utilities


645. Smerechniak v Long Is. Lighting Co, Nassau Co


645. Detroit Edison v Detroit


645.1 PG&E v California State Bd of Equalization


645.2 Women Organized for Employment v Prudential


Medical Health Care


Government Programs



Ctn. 55

662. Aguinaga v Castro County Hospital District




663. Fabula v Buck




664. ACLU, Aliens Health (non-case)


664.3 New York v Women's Christian Assn


664.6 Boone v Page


-Workers Compensation Act


665.4 Ohio v Castle & Cook

Ctn. 122

665.5 Martinez v Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory


Quality Of Life


Environmental Protection


-Preservation of Natural Resources

Ctn. 122

671. Citizens for a Better Environment v Costle


671 Nat'l Audubon Society v LA Dep't of Water


671 Virginia Surface Mining v Andrus


-Water Rights-Quality


672 Illinois v Milwaukee


672. US v Occidental Petroleum Co.


672. US v Philadelphia


-Air Pollution

Ctn. 56

673. US v Dusek


673. ILWU, Local 35 v Bd of Sup. v San Bernadino Co.

Ctn. 56

673. Mountain States Legal Foundation v Costle


673. McCoy-Elkhorn Coal Corp. v US EPA


673. US v N.L. Industries


673. US v Vertac Chemical


673. US v Tennoco Chemicals, Inc.


-Noise Pollution


674. Natl Business Aircraft Assn v Santa Monica


674.1 Britt v Superior Court


-Nuclear Hazards


675. McSwiggin v Regents


675. Roberts v Nunamaker v US


675. Honicker v Hendrie


675. Allen et al. v US


675. USA v Reilly Tar and Chemical Corp.


675. PG & E v State Energy Resources, Conser. & Develop.


675. New York v Occidental Petroleum Corp.


675. Hodder v NRC


675. Pacific Legal Foundation v California


675.b Good Fund, Ltd. v Church


675.1 Duke Power Co. v Carolina


675.3 Long Island Lighting Co. v Lloyd Harbor


675.4 Seacoast Anti-Pollution League v Costle


675.5 Lawler v PG & E


-War Hazards


676. Nevin v US Army

Ctn. 56

676.1 Aluli v Brown


676.2 Catholic Action of Hawaii v Brown


Industrial Hygiene


-Federal Standards-OSHA

Ctn. 56

681. Chamber of Commerce v OSHA


681. Gott v Cleland


681. Natl Congress of Hispanic Americans v Marshall


681. Industrial Union Dept v American Petroleum Inst


681. Whirpool v Marshall


681.1 Marshall v Daniel Construction


681.2 AFL-CIO v Marshall


681.3 Morris v Pittsburgh-Corning


681.4 Bentley v Califano


681.5 Gomez v Cloverleaf Fruit Farm


681.6 In re Transportation of Workers


-State Standards


682. Salwasser v Municipal Court Fresno


682. Wilkins v West Point Pepperell


Consumer Protection

Ctn. 56

690. EBMUD Ratepayers Assn. v EBMUD


-Quality of Goods


691. California Women's Health Network v Rominger


691. Nickell v Condo-Mobile, Inc.


691. Rush v Savchuk


691. World-Wide Volkswagen v Woodson


691.1 GTE Sylvania v Consumers Union

Ctn. 56

691.2 Indiana v Ford Motor Co.


-Nature of Advertising


692. Consolidated Edison of NY v Public Serv Comm of NY


692. Rochester Gas & Electric Co. v Public Service Commission


-Pricing Practices


693. American Optometric Assn. v FTC


693.1 Consumers Union v American Bar Assn


695.1 NBC v Niemi (3 ff)




Full Employment


-Runaway Shops

Ctn. 56

702. NLRB v Murray Production, Inc.


702. Williams v US Steel




709. California Agrarian Action v UC Regents


Fair Labor Standards



Ctn. 56

711. AFL-CIO v Kahn


711. Calif Trucking Assn. v Industrial Welfare Comm.


Labor Union Members


-Union Democracy

Ctn. 56

733. Boswell v IBEW


733. Ostrowski v Utility Workers


733. Kennedy v Metropolitan


733. McDonald v Hotel & Restaurant Employees and Bartenders Union


733.2 Newman v Commun Workers of Amer AFL-CIO




Right to Education


-Quality Education

Ctn. 56

751. Debra P. v Turlington


751. Donohue v Copiague Union Free School


-Funding forEducation


752. Binet Montessori v SF USD


752. Doe v Indiana Bd of Education


V. National, International, And Citizenship Rights

Additional Note

(Commerce Power; Due Process, Citizenship, Privileges & Immunities Of Fifth, Fourteenth Amendments; Treaties)

Freedom of Movement


-Employment Opportunities

Ctn. 56

802 In re Actors' Equity


-Educational Opportunities


803 Valadez v Askew


-Taxation of Commuters


804 Sears v County of Los Angeles


-Other Rights

Ctn. 57

805 Agee v Secretary of State


805.2 Aznavorian v Califano


Indian Treaty Rights


-Under US Treaties

Ctn. 57

811. Mashpee Tribe v New Seabury Corp


811. Oglala Sioux Tribe v US


811. US v Michigan


811. US v Sioux Nation

Ctn. 57

811. Western Shoshone v US


811. Wilson v Omaha


811.1 Six Nations Confederacy v Andrus


-On Reservations


812. Andrus v Glover


812. Central Machinery Co v Arizona State Comm


812. Creek Nation v US


812. Livingston v Ewing


812. Lummi v Hallauer


812. Washington v US


812. White Mountain Apache v Bracker




819. Oglala v Andrus


Native Rights


-In Hawaii

Ctn. 57

821.2 US v Kainoa


821.3 US v Kauhane


821.4 US v Foster


-In Alaska


822. Eluska v Andrus


Rights of Puerto Ricans


-In 50 States

Ctn. 57

831.1 Cordero v Levi


-In Puerto Rico


832. Rosata & Soto v US


832.2 US v Union National de Trabajadores


Right to Political Asysum

Ctn. 57

850. US v Berster


850. Sannon v US


850. Haitian Refugee Center v Bell (2 folders)


858. National Council of Churches v Egan


858.75 Pierre v US


Extradition Rights

Ctn. 57

860. US v Ziad Abu Eain (2 folders)


Repatrition Rights

Ctn. 58

870.1 Nggguyen Da Yen v Kissinger


VI. Procedural & Litigation Problems


Litigation Problems


In Collecting Attorney's Fees


-State Attorney's Fee Cases

Ctn. 58

1014.7 Serrano v Priest (2 folders)


Recovery of Money Damages


-Assessing Damages

Box 62

1021.1 US v Olin Corp.


SUBSERIES 1.3: Human Rights And Peace Law Docket 1945-1995

Access Information

Need processing review by Public Services.
Ctn. 65

Introductory materials and key to case numbers


Case Summaries (2 folders)


Table of Cases


Subject Index


Geographical Case Index


References to US Constitutions, Statutes, Regulations, Administrative Agencies,


Executive Orders, State Laws


References to Countries, Regions, Constitutions, Statutes


References to Treaties, Protocals, Conventions, International Agencies


Case Files

Ctn. 84

PL-1 through PL-8

Ctn. 85

PL-9 through PL-19

Ctn. 86

PL-19 through PL-43

Ctn. 87

PL-43 through PL-76

Ctn. 88

PL-77 through PL-127