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Preliminary Inventory of the Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute Collections, circa 1940-1998
BANC MSS 99/281 c  
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Self-Incrimination: Civil Sanctions For Exercising Privilege


-Effect on Army Discharges

Ctn. 51

341 Natl Assn of Concerned Veterans v Secy of Defense


341 Giles v Secy of the Army


-Effect on Attorneys


345.5 In re Mann


Due Process


-In Grand Jury Procedures

Ctn. 51

352.11 In re Custodian of Records


-In Obtaining Confessions


353.97 California v Pettingill


353.99 New York v Colon


-In Press Releases and Newspaper Coverage


354.44 In re Illinois News Broadcasters


354.46 In re Wilson


353.100 Watson v Maryland


354.41 American Republican, Inc. v Wall


-Perjured Evidence


355. US v Hanigan (2 folders)


355.14 In re Hiss


355.15 New York v Knapp


-Inadmissable Evidence

Ctn. 51

355.201 US v Bazzand


355.202 California v Haslouer


355.203 Illinois v Baptist


355.205 Milburn v Arkansas


355.206 Garcia v Curry


355.207 California v Anderson


355.16 New Jersey v Carter


355.17 Tibbs v Florida


-Exculpatory Evidence


355.301 Massachusetts v Ellison


355.302 In re Reilly


355.303 New Jersey v Merritt


355.304 California v Lee


355.305 Jones v Jago


-In Courts Martial, Military Administrative Decisions, Habaes Corpus Proceedings


356.88 Elliot v Wilcox


356.89 Trueblood v Alexander


356.90a Huff v Alexander


356.91 Tigue v Swain


-In Expatriation, Denaturalization, Deportation, Relocation Proceedings


358 English v Vician


358 Gonzalez v INS


358 In re Monserate

Ctn. 51

358 In re Marroquin


358 Mashi v INS


358.77 Chang-Salazar v US


358.78 Chinese American Civic Council v Atty General


358.79 Fulgencio v INS


358.80 Hoonsilapa v INS


358.81 Lopez-Telles v INS


358.82 Martinez de Mendoza v INS


358.83 Medina v Castillo


358.84 Pechter v Lyons

Ctn. 52

358.85 Navia-Duran v INS


358.86 US v Pereira


358.87 Jean-Batiste v INS


358.89 Munoz v Bell


-In Rape Cases


359.1 New York v Yanik


-In Bar Proceedings re Lawyers


361.17 Turco v Monroe County Bar Assn


-In Gov't Empolyment inclu Teaching


363.35 Cain v Whitehead


363.36 Covino v Governing Bd of Contra Costa


363.39 Roberts v Jackson Civil Service Bd


-In Misc. Administrative Proceedings


364.4 Butz v Economou


Speedy and Public Trial

Ctn. 52

365.27 Detroit Free Press v Macomb Circuit Judge


365.29 US v Warren (2 folders)


Right to Counsel/ Access to Courts, Agencies


-In Federal Cases

Ctn. 52

371.109 Caston v Sears Roebuck


-Before Administrative Boards


372.33 New York v Baker


372.152 California v Spain (San Quentin Six)


372.153 Brown v Multnomah


372.154 California v Alexander


372.155 California v Perez


372.157 Ferrel v Superior Court


372.159 Trice v States


372.160 California v Rodriguez


-Restrictions on Attorneys and Judges


373. Judicial Inquiry v Jordan


373. Rapp, Gilman v Comm on Prof Ethics and Conduct


373.49 Nathan v Berlin


373.50 In re Bonin


373.51 Comden v Superior Court


373.52 Contra Costa Public Defender v Murphy


373.53 Michigan v Stiegler


373.54 Ohralik v Ohio State Bar Assn


373.55 In re Primus


373.56 Person v Assn of the Bar of NY City

Ctn. 52

373.57 In re Rohan


373.58 Serko v Assn of the Customs Bar


373.500 People v King (Darrel)


-Bias and Prejudice of Judges


378.9 In re Barbara Phillips


Jury Trials


-Size of Jury

Ctn. 52

391.103 Ballew v Georgia


391.104 Columbus v Davis


-Waiver of Jury, Right to


392.8 Bernstein v Universal Pictures


392.9 Gonzales v Nork


392.10 Drone v Hutton


392.11 Ohio v Ruppert


392.12 Pitt v Barnes


392.13 Regional Center of Orange v King


392.14 In re Thomas


-Improper Comment


393.11 New York v Ellis


393.12 California v Dagino


393.13 California v Litteral


393.14 US V Morris


393.16 US v Henderson


-Scrupled Jurors


394. Grigsby v Mabry

Ctn. 52

394. Hovila v Estelle


394.5 California v Henderson (2 folders)

Ctn. 53

394.7 California v Sand (2 folders)


394.8 Shippy v Estelle


-Jury Tampering


395 US v Leroy


395 Simants v Nebraska


395 US v Bettis


395.1 California v Honeycutt


395.2 Hawkins v US


Excessive Bail


-Conditions Imposed

Ctn. 53

402.12 South Dakota v Means


-Denial of Bail


403.25 US v Truong


Cruel and Unusual Punishment


-In criminal sentencing, punishment

Ctn. 91

411.93 California v Burt


411.95 Boyle v Madigan


411.100 Burt v California (4 folders)


-In rendition, extradition

Ctn. 180

412.8 In the matter of the removal of Marilyn C. Williams

Ctn. 91

412.20 Cluros v Little


-In civil cases


413.11 Bradley v Doherty


413.13 La Deaux v Jett

Ctn. 91

413.14 Hudson v Ramsey


-Capital Punishment


414.13 People v Crosier

Ctn. 53

414.25 California v Allen


-In Women's Cases

Ctn. 91

415.1 Scott v Mountanos


415.2 Dawson v Carberry


415.3 Collins v Whitmore

Ctn. 53

415.5 Chesimard v Mulcahy


Post Conviction Remedies


-On Prison Disciplinary Proceedings

Ctn. 53

455.12 Pratt v Rees


Sentencing and Clemency Procedures


-Sentencing Process

Ctn. 53

461.33 US v Denson


III. Equal Protection

Additional Note

(Fifth, Thirteenth, Fourteenth, Fifteenth, Nineteenth, Twenty-Fourth And Twenty-Sixth Amendments)

Jury Selection: Appeals To Prejudice


-Involving Racial, Nationality Discrimination

Ctn. 53

512.Cal.14 California v Johnson


512.Ga.27 Mann v Cox


512.Ga.28 Brown v Culpepper


512.Tex.8 Caballero v Prater


512.Tex.9 Ciudadanos Unidos v Hildago Co.


512.Wash.12 Washington v Gladstone


-Involving Other Discrimination

Ctn. 53

516.7 Connecticut v Pastor


516.8 New Jersey v Porro




-Suits to Enforce Integration

Ctn. 53

522.Tex.29a Doe v Plyer


-Treatment of Minority Groups in School Books


525. In re Baum


525. Loewen v Turnipseed

Ctn. 60

-Suits against Special Admissions Programs, Affirmative Action


527. Legislative Plans


Employment, clippings (2 folders)

Ctn. 61

527. American Assn. for AA 4th Annual Conference, Apr. 1978




Asian Americans




LSAT challenges


AA in the 1980's

Ctn. 63

527. Rupert v Arizona Bd of Regents


Minorities and Medicine in the USA, 1975


A collection of articles compiled by Eric S. Goldman for an Amicus Curiae Brief for the NLG in Bakke v Regents (2 ff)


Goldman Research Materials


Minorities Admissions to Med. and Law Schl (7 folders)


Female Admissions


MCAT/GPA Criteria


Recuritment of Minorities

Ctn. 63

527 Need for Black doctors in communities (2 folders)


Bibliographic material, 1973-77


USC School of Medicine, Manpower Comm.


UC- AA Action Report, 1975




Law School Admissions Study, MALDEF, 1980


Affirmative Action in Crisis: A Handbook for Activists, NLG & NCBL, 1977


Minority Student Opportunities in US Medical Schools 1975-76, AAMC, 1975


Toward a Diversified Legal Profession, David White, ed.


deFunis v Odegaard: Race, Merit, and the Fourteenth Amendment, Ivor Kraft, 1976.

Ctn. 611

527.3-(6) Regents of the Univ. of Calif. v Alan Bakke

United States Supreme Court No. 76-811 (3 folders)


Petition for a Writ of Certiorari to Supreme Court of Calif Opposition to Certiorari


Syllabus and Opinion on Certiorari to Sup. Court of Calif


Application for stay pending review on Certiorari


Reply to response to application for stay



Ctn. 61

527.3 Reply


For petitioner




The US as Amicus Curiae


For Respondent


Testimony, Oct. 12, 1977


Amici Curiae in support of UC Regents (6 folders)

Ctn. 62

527.3 Amici Curiae in support of Bakke (2 folders)


Alan Bakke v Regents of the University of California, Supreme Court of the State of California S.F. 23311(3 ff)


Petition for rehearing


Answer for petition for rehearing


Order denying rehearing






Reply to Appeal


Opening as to Cross-Appeal


Judge Tobriners Dissent


Amici Curiae


527.3 Alan Bakke v Regents of the University of California

Superior Court Yolo County No. 31287


List of Documents Filed


Petitioner's Reply Memorandum


Findings of Fact and Conclusions of the Law


Defendants Interrogatories




Declaration of George H. Lowrey, M.D.


Cross Complaint for Declaratory Relief


Notice of Intended Decision and Addendum


Memo in Opposition to Proposed Judgement




Notice of Appeal


Misc. Documents


Memos and supporting documents

Ctn. 63

527.3 Overturn Bakke Decision Movement materials


Affirmative Action Crisis


Bakke Symposium, Bakke documents available


Admissions policies and racial preferences in higher education


Articles on the Bakke Case

Ctn. 64

Toward an Understanding of Bakke, US Comm on Civil Rights,1979


Clippings (2 folders)


527.5 McDonald v Santa Fe Trail Trans. Co.

Ctn. 30

527.6 Bakke v Regents of the University of California (deposition of George H. Lowrey) 1974

Ctn. 64

527.7 DeRonde v Bd of Regents of Univ of Calif (2 folders)


577.1 Weber v Kaiser (12 folders)


577.5 Cramer v Virginia




-Pregnancy and Child Care

Ctn. 53

578.701 Burwell v Eastern Airlines


578.702 DeLaurier v San Diego


578.707 Brunswick School Bd v Califano


-Procedural Problems


579.2 Lynn v Western Gillette


Misc Actions Under §1983, Other Civil Rights Laws

Ctn. 53

580 Scott v Hart


Criminal Prosecution Under Civil Rights and Other Laws

Ctn. 64

590. Greene v Memphis

Ctn. 53

590.46 US v Gray III, Felt, Miller


IV. Social And Economic Rights

Additional Note

(Commerce Power; Due Process, Equal Protection, Privileges & Immunities Of Fifth, Fourteenth Amendments; Ninth, Twenty-Fourth Amendments)

Social Security


Social Insurance


-Social Security: Administration

Ctn. 53

613. Califano v Yamasaki


613. Sanchez v Califano


613.2 Ferguson v Mathews


613.3 Blankenship v Secy HEW


613.4 Branch, Biggins v Weinberger


-Veterans Adminstration Benefits


614. Natl Veterans Task Force on Agent Orange v Cleland


614. Whitz v Cleland


614. Jaffee v US


614. In re Agent Orange


-Unemployment Compensation


615. Indiana Employment Security Bd v AUW


615.1 Glick v Unemployment Insurance

Ctn. 54

615.2 Idaho Dept of Employment v Smith


615.3 Gonzales v Texas


615.4 UAW v Taylor (2 ff)


615.5 NY Telephone Co v NY State Dept of Labor


-Pensions, Trust Funds


617. Bucyrus-Erie v Dept of Industry


617. Connecticut v Pervel

Ctn. 54

617. Fritz v US Railroad Retirement Board


617. Johns v Retirement Fund Trust


617. Kirschner v US


617.1 International Brotherhood of Teamsters v Daniel


617.4 Robinson v United Mine Workers


617.5 Golemme v Bd of Trustees


617.6 Wilson v Bd of Trustees


617.11 Shannon v US Civil Service Commn


617.12 Hood v. US Civil Service Commn


617.13 Harrison v Crowell


617.15 Ball v United Mine Workers


617.16 Hensley v United Mine Workers


617.17 Carpenters and Millwrights v Gardineer


Adequate Standard Of Living



Ctn. 54

620. Wimbley v Bergland


-Food Stamps


621. Antone v Bergland


621.1 Aiken v Obledo


621.2 Long v San Francisco


621.3 Meza v Bergland


-School Lunches


622.1 Poe v Riles


-General Assistance


623. Harris v Rosario

Ctn. 54

623. LA County Welfare Rights Org. v LA County


623.1 Quern v Jordan


623.3 Isabell v Sonoma County


623.4 Harrington v Obledo


-Assistance to Elderly


624. O'Bannon v Town Court Nursing Center


624. Bumpus v Clark (5 ff)


624.1 Grieg v Olivarez




-Public Housing-Federal

Ctn. 54

631. Lancaster v Scranton


631.1 Cole v Harris


-Publicly-Assisted Housing


632.1 Housing Authority v Saylors


632.7 Coos Bay v HUD


-Zoning and Planning


633. Caputo v Chester


633. Glenview v Franklin


633. So Burlington County NAACP v Mt. Laurel

Ctn. 55

633. Urban League v Mahwah


-Private Housing-Conditions


635. Lipkin v Willard


635. Malone v Potter


635.1 Dohrmann v Berkeley


-Private Housing-Rent Control

Ctn. 55

636. Helmsley v Fort Lee


636. M & D Properties v Hankins


636. Rue-Ell Enterprises v Berkeley


636. Park West Village Tenants Assn v New York City




637. Hudson View v Weiss


637. Rivcom v Rangel




638. California v Som


638. Furey v Sacramento


638. Trentacost v Brussel


638.1 Blount v Harris


638.2 Meehan v Natl Assn of Realtors


Social Services



Ctn. 55

641.1 Amador Valley Joint Union HS Dist v California (2 ff)


641.2 San Francisco v Tinney


641.5 Robinson v Texarkana


645. Cleveland v Cleveland Electric


-Public Utilities


645. Smerechniak v Long Is. Lighting Co, Nassau Co


645. Detroit Edison v Detroit


645.1 PG&E v California State Bd of Equalization


645.2 Women Organized for Employment v Prudential


Medical Health Care


Government Programs



Ctn. 55

662. Aguinaga v Castro County Hospital District




663. Fabula v Buck




664. ACLU, Aliens Health (non-case)


664.3 New York v Women's Christian Assn


664.6 Boone v Page


-Workers Compensation Act


665.4 Ohio v Castle & Cook

Ctn. 122

665.5 Martinez v Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory


Quality Of Life


Environmental Protection


-Preservation of Natural Resources

Ctn. 122

671. Citizens for a Better Environment v Costle


671 Nat'l Audubon Society v LA Dep't of Water


671 Virginia Surface Mining v Andrus


-Water Rights-Quality


672 Illinois v Milwaukee


672. US v Occidental Petroleum Co.


672. US v Philadelphia


-Air Pollution

Ctn. 56

673. US v Dusek


673. ILWU, Local 35 v Bd of Sup. v San Bernadino Co.

Ctn. 56

673. Mountain States Legal Foundation v Costle


673. McCoy-Elkhorn Coal Corp. v US EPA


673. US v N.L. Industries


673. US v Vertac Chemical


673. US v Tennoco Chemicals, Inc.


-Noise Pollution


674. Natl Business Aircraft Assn v Santa Monica


674.1 Britt v Superior Court


-Nuclear Hazards


675. McSwiggin v Regents


675. Roberts v Nunamaker v US


675. Honicker v Hendrie


675. Allen et al. v US


675. USA v Reilly Tar and Chemical Corp.


675. PG & E v State Energy Resources, Conser. & Develop.


675. New York v Occidental Petroleum Corp.


675. Hodder v NRC


675. Pacific Legal Foundation v California


675.b Good Fund, Ltd. v Church


675.1 Duke Power Co. v Carolina


675.3 Long Island Lighting Co. v Lloyd Harbor


675.4 Seacoast Anti-Pollution League v Costle


675.5 Lawler v PG & E


-War Hazards


676. Nevin v US Army

Ctn. 56

676.1 Aluli v Brown


676.2 Catholic Action of Hawaii v Brown


Industrial Hygiene


-Federal Standards-OSHA

Ctn. 56

681. Chamber of Commerce v OSHA


681. Gott v Cleland


681. Natl Congress of Hispanic Americans v Marshall


681. Industrial Union Dept v American Petroleum Inst


681. Whirpool v Marshall


681.1 Marshall v Daniel Construction


681.2 AFL-CIO v Marshall


681.3 Morris v Pittsburgh-Corning


681.4 Bentley v Califano


681.5 Gomez v Cloverleaf Fruit Farm


681.6 In re Transportation of Workers


-State Standards


682. Salwasser v Municipal Court Fresno


682. Wilkins v West Point Pepperell


Consumer Protection

Ctn. 56

690. EBMUD Ratepayers Assn. v EBMUD


-Quality of Goods


691. California Women's Health Network v Rominger


691. Nickell v Condo-Mobile, Inc.


691. Rush v Savchuk


691. World-Wide Volkswagen v Woodson


691.1 GTE Sylvania v Consumers Union

Ctn. 56

691.2 Indiana v Ford Motor Co.


-Nature of Advertising


692. Consolidated Edison of NY v Public Serv Comm of NY


692. Rochester Gas & Electric Co. v Public Service Commission


-Pricing Practices


693. American Optometric Assn. v FTC


693.1 Consumers Union v American Bar Assn


695.1 NBC v Niemi (3 ff)




Full Employment


-Runaway Shops

Ctn. 56

702. NLRB v Murray Production, Inc.


702. Williams v US Steel




709. California Agrarian Action v UC Regents


Fair Labor Standards



Ctn. 56

711. AFL-CIO v Kahn


711. Calif Trucking Assn. v Industrial Welfare Comm.


Labor Union Members


-Union Democracy

Ctn. 56

733. Boswell v IBEW


733. Ostrowski v Utility Workers


733. Kennedy v Metropolitan


733. McDonald v Hotel & Restaurant Employees and Bartenders Union


733.2 Newman v Commun Workers of Amer AFL-CIO




Right to Education


-Quality Education

Ctn. 56

751. Debra P. v Turlington


751. Donohue v Copiague Union Free School


-Funding forEducation


752. Binet Montessori v SF USD


752. Doe v Indiana Bd of Education


V. National, International, And Citizenship Rights

Additional Note

(Commerce Power; Due Process, Citizenship, Privileges & Immunities Of Fifth, Fourteenth Amendments; Treaties)

Freedom of Movement


-Employment Opportunities

Ctn. 56

802 In re Actors' Equity


-Educational Opportunities


803 Valadez v Askew


-Taxation of Commuters


804 Sears v County of Los Angeles


-Other Rights

Ctn. 57

805 Agee v Secretary of State


805.2 Aznavorian v Califano


Indian Treaty Rights


-Under US Treaties

Ctn. 57

811. Mashpee Tribe v New Seabury Corp


811. Oglala Sioux Tribe v US


811. US v Michigan


811. US v Sioux Nation

Ctn. 57

811. Western Shoshone v US


811. Wilson v Omaha


811.1 Six Nations Confederacy v Andrus


-On Reservations


812. Andrus v Glover


812. Central Machinery Co v Arizona State Comm


812. Creek Nation v US


812. Livingston v Ewing


812. Lummi v Hallauer


812. Washington v US


812. White Mountain Apache v Bracker




819. Oglala v Andrus


Native Rights


-In Hawaii

Ctn. 57

821.2 US v Kainoa


821.3 US v Kauhane


821.4 US v Foster


-In Alaska


822. Eluska v Andrus


Rights of Puerto Ricans


-In 50 States

Ctn. 57

831.1 Cordero v Levi


-In Puerto Rico


832. Rosata & Soto v US


832.2 US v Union National de Trabajadores


Right to Political Asysum

Ctn. 57

850. US v Berster


850. Sannon v US


850. Haitian Refugee Center v Bell (2 folders)


858. National Council of Churches v Egan


858.75 Pierre v US


Extradition Rights

Ctn. 57

860. US v Ziad Abu Eain (2 folders)


Repatrition Rights

Ctn. 58

870.1 Nggguyen Da Yen v Kissinger


VI. Procedural & Litigation Problems


Litigation Problems


In Collecting Attorney's Fees


-State Attorney's Fee Cases

Ctn. 58

1014.7 Serrano v Priest (2 folders)


Recovery of Money Damages


-Assessing Damages

Box 62

1021.1 US v Olin Corp.


SUBSERIES 1.3: Human Rights And Peace Law Docket 1945-1995

Access Information

Need processing review by Public Services.
Ctn. 65

Introductory materials and key to case numbers


Case Summaries (2 folders)


Table of Cases


Subject Index


Geographical Case Index


References to US Constitutions, Statutes, Regulations, Administrative Agencies,


Executive Orders, State Laws


References to Countries, Regions, Constitutions, Statutes


References to Treaties, Protocals, Conventions, International Agencies


Case Files

Ctn. 84

PL-1 through PL-8

Ctn. 85

PL-9 through PL-19

Ctn. 86

PL-19 through PL-43

Ctn. 87

PL-43 through PL-76

Ctn. 88

PL-77 through PL-127

Ctn. 82

PL-130 through PL-172

Ctn. 83

PL-173 through PL-223

Ctn. 65

PL-224 through PL-273

Ctn. 66

PL-274 through PL-315


PL-318 through PL-323


PL-325 through PL-330

Ctn. 67

PL-331 through PL-334


PL-336 through PL-350


PL-352 through PL-354


PL-356 through PL-369


PL-371 through PL-383

Ctn. 67

PL-385 through PL-389


PL-391 through PL-399


PL-401 through PL-409

Ctn. 68

PL-410 through PL-415


PL-412 through PL-437


PL-439 through PL-499

Ctn. 69

PL-500 through PL-513


PL-515 through PL-555


PL-557 through PL-579

Ctn. 70

PL-580 through PL-582


PL-585 through PL-642

Ctn. 71

PL-643 through PL-646






PL-656 through PL-665


PL-667a through PL-683


PL-685 through PL-688


PL-690 through PL-716


PL-719 through PL-730


PL-732 through PL-733


PL-735 through PL-762


PL-764 through PL-766


PL-768 through PL-771


PL-774 through PL-775


PL-777 through PL-780




PL-784 through PL-787

Ctn. 71

PL-789 through PL-790


PL-792 through PL-796


PL-798 through PL-799

Ctn. 72

PL-801 through PL-876


PL-880 through PL-894




PL-899 through PL-901


PL-903 through PL-906


PL-909 through PL-910


PL-912 through PL-915


PL-917 through PL-936

Box 62

Hirschensohn v US-ICCPR Case

Box 10-19, 29, 31-57, 59-60, 63-65; Carton 33-39, 41-45, 144-150, 169; Card File Box 1-2.

Series 2 : Civil Rights And Civil Liberties Trials, 1964-1974.

Access Information

The Axelrod v Mcgraw Hill (Eldridge Cleaver) files need curatorial review before they can be served to the public. Please see reference desk for an Application for Access to Restricted Material (ARM) form.

Scope and Content Note


Divided into seven subseries: Free Speech Movement (FSM) Trial, Axelrod V Mcgraw-Hill (Eldridge Cleaver), 1965-1970, Peoples Park Mass Arrest Cases, 1969, Chicago Eight Trials, 1969-1970, 1973, Angela Davis Trial (People v. Angela Y. Davis), 1970-1972, Pentagon Papers Trial (USA v. Russo, Ellsberg), 1972, Wounded Knee Trials, 1974. Each sub-series consists of a trial including supporting case material arranged by topic. Trial transcripts are in chronological order.
Free Speech Movement Trial, includes legal defense papers from the People of California v. Mario Savio et al, 1965, including appeals, and small individual collections of material about FSM, SLATE, the filthy speech movement, and University Young Democrats consisting of publications, reports, correspondence, pamphlets, clippings.
Axelrod vs McGraw Hill are attorney's files gathered for evidence. Included are nearly 1,000 letters between Eldridge Cleaver and Beverly Axelrod during 1965-66. Axelrod, an attorney for and personal friend of Cleaver, held a shared interest in Soul on Ice and other Cleaver publications. A number of Cleaver's original drafts, poems, and publishing contracts are included.
Peoples Park Mass Arrest Cases, 1969, consists of files for People vs. Defendants Arrested at Shattuck and Center Streets, Ekin et al vs. Madigan et al and related cases. Includes pleadings, motions, interrogations, lawyer's research and evidence, trial proceedings, appeals and settlement documents.
Chicago Eight (1969-70) files include a complete set of trial transcripts in United States of America vs. David T. Dellinger et al and the subsequent 1973 hearing about events leading up to the riots at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago.
Angela Davis Trial (People of California vs. Angela Y. Davis) includes an annotated procedural guide and index to the murder and conspiracy case documents; trial transcripts for New York, Santa Clara County, and Marin County pre-trial hearings; and attorney's drafts. The Marin County trial transcripts are accompanied by defense exhibits and court documents, copies of letters from Davis to George Jackson, letters of support and hate mail written to Davis in prison. Also included are books written about the case after Davis' acquittal, clippings, and the papers of Appellate Justice John Racanelli who presided over a change of venue for Davis.
Pentagon Papers (United States of America vs. Anthony J. Russo and Daniel Ellsberg), a case concerning the publication of a top-secret American-Vietnam policy study resulting in the Watergate break-in and resignation the of President Richard M. Nixon, include a full set of trial transcripts, legal documents, press coverage, summaries and related cases.
Wounded Knee (United States vs. Dennis Banks and Russell Means, 1974), includes complete trial transcripts for this and related cases, correspondence, and a case history.

SUBSERIES 2.1: Free Speech Movement Trial, 1965


Free Speech Legal Defense

Ctn. 33

Lawyer's Committee


Free Speech Legal Defense Fund


Committee re Legal Research


Testimony - Defense Case Lists and Notes


Legal Case Files

Ctn. 33

Municipal Court for the Berkeley-Albany Judicial District

County of Alameda, State of California

Cr. Nos. 7468 through 7547


Order and lists of defendants Dec. 10, 1964


Pretrial motions n.d.


C-7468 Dec. 1964


C-7494 Dec. 1964


All cases Dec. 1964




Motion for Pretrial Hearings Jan. 1965


Notice of pending cases


Three documents


Suggestion for dismissal


Suggestion for dismissal, draft


Motion to perfect record


Memorandum of points and authorities Feb. 1, 1965


Statement on Appeal


Trial transcripts (14 folders) Feb. 2-Apr.20, 1965

Ctn. 34

Trial transcripts (34 folders) Apr. 21-Sept.21, 1965

Ctn. 35

Sentencing minutes (3 folders) 1965


Appelate Department of the Superior Court. County of Alameda, State of California

Criminal No. 235


Motions and declarations June 10, 1966


Appellant's opening brief


Respondent's brief


Appellant's closing brief


Petition for rehearing 1967


District Court of Appeal, State of California

First Appellate District, Division One

1 Civil Nos. 22751, 22752, 22753, 22933




Appellant's petition for rehearing


Appellant's brief


Appellant's closing brief


Respondent's brief


Appellant's petition for a hearing




Supreme Court of California


1 Civil No. 24314, Petition for hearing and/or writ of mandate Feb. 1, 1967


No. SF 22498, Petition for writ of mandate


Supreme Court of the United States Jurisdictional Statement

No. 1399, Motion to dismiss or affirm


Individual Collections

Ctn. 35

Miriam Berg: scrapbook pages of clippings and other material re politics in the early 1960's (2 folders)


Gary W. Feller: materials about FSM, SLATE, and Filthy Speech Movement (3 folders)


Jerry Fishkin: materials re University Young Democrats and FSM (5 folders)

Ctn. 35

Connie Marsh: materials re FSM (1 folder)


Research Materials

Ctn. 36

Acquisitions list re FSM


Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute, notes and correspondence


FSM Publications


FSM Miscellany




Berkeley in the Sixties


Berkeley Police


Discussion paper re freedoms guaranteed by First Amendment


Legal viewpoints


The Berkeley Free Speech Controversy (Preliminary report) Dec.13, 1964


Meyer Committee


Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Student Conduct Nov. 12, 1964




Sproul Steps Rally 1966


20th Anniversary Project 1984




Card File


Boxes 1-2 Notes



Ctn. 36

California Law Review, Vol. 54, no. 1 Mar. 1966


California Monthly, Vol. 75, nos. 5, 8 1965


Civil Liberties Docket 1967-1968


SLATE Reunion Newsletter 1984-85

Ctn. 36

Steps: Journal of the Free University of Berkeley, Vol. 1, no. 1


University Bulletin


Magazines, miscellaneous


Pamphlets, miscellaneous


Government publication clippings


Magazine and journal clippings


Newspaper clippings (9 folders)


SUBSERIES 2.2: Axelrod V Mcgraw-Hill (Eldridge Cleaver), 1965-1970

Access Information

Need curatorial review.
Box 64

Letters from Eldridge Cleaver to Mrs. Beverly Axelrod, (5 folders) May 1965-Nov. 1966


Letters from Beverly Axelrod to Eldridge Cleaver, 1966 (3 folders)

Box 65

Portions of letters from Eldridge Cleaver to Beverly Axelrod


Letters from Beverly Axelrod to Cyrilly Abels, 1966-1968


Letters from Cyrilly Abels to Beverly Axelrod, 1966-1970


Letters from Beverly Axelrod to other persons on behalf of Eldridge Cleaver, 1965-1967


Letters from Beverly Axelrod to McGraw Hill, 1966-67


Communications to Beverly Axelrod from McGraw Hill, 1966-67


Letters to Beverly Axelrod from other persons regarding Eldridge Cleaver,1965-66


Correspondence with Ramparts


Miscellaneous correspondence regarding Eldridge Cleaver


Draft typescripts by Eldridge Cleaver (outlines, poems)


Contracts and agreements re Cleaver's literary works (copies)


Handwriting exemplars sent to Institute of Forensic Sciences for analysis




Audio tape reel [found among papers without container or description]


SUBSERIES 2.3: Peoples Park Mass Arrest Cases, 1969

Ctn. 169

Proceedings in the Berkeley-Alameda Municipal Court (2 folders)


Ekin et al v Madigan et al, Civil Case No. C-70-713


Change of venue


Pleadings, motions, answers, amendments (2 folders)


Memorandum of facts


Interrogations and answers (3 folders)


People v Defendants Arrested at Shattuck and Center Sts., May22,1969


Goodson's Health Food Store Arrests (Shattuck Ave. Fund)


Health Food Store Group, Pre-trial motions and notes


Attorney's correspondence (Malcolm Burnstein & others)


Legal research and evidence


Miscellaneous notes




Settlement, Lawyers papers


Settlement, correspondenc with clients


Bills and receipts


US v John Halloran, US v Frank Robbins and Raymond Cox, Appelants Opening Brief


US v Lawrence L. Richie, transcript


People v Balliard, transcript


Kessler v Madigan


SUBSERIES 2.4: Chicago Eight Trials, 1969-1970, 1973

Ctn. 169

United States of America v David T. Dellinger et al.

United States District Court -Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division

No. 69 CR 180


Trial Transcripts

Ctn. 144

September 26 - October 20, 1969 (16 folders)

Ctn. 145

October 21 - November 12, 1969 (21 folders)

Ctn. 146

November 17 - December 9, 1969 (24 folders)

Ctn. 147

December 9 - December 31, 1969 (20 folders)

Ctn. 148

January 2 - January 22, 1970 (27 folders)

Ctn. 149

January 22 - February 10, 1970 (20 folders)

Ctn. 150

February 11 - February 20, 1970 (8 folders)


In the Matter of Davis T. Dellinger, Rennard C. Davis, John R. Froines,

Thomas E. Hayden, Abbott H. Hoffman, Jerry C. Rubin, Lee Weiner,

Leonard I. Weinglass and William M. Kunstler

United States District Court -Northern District of Illinois, Eastern Division

No. 72 CR 925


Trial Transcripts

Ctn. 150

October 9 - November 28, 1973 (11 folders)

Box 59

November 6, 1973 (6 folders)

Box 60

November 6 - December 6, 1973 (5 folders)


SUBSERIES 2.5: Angela Davis Trial (People v. Angela Y. Davis), 1970-1972


Trial documents and transcripts

Additional Note

[Available on microfilm]

Angela Davis Case Collection: An Annotated Procedural Guide and Index

Ctn. 37

I:1-13 Register of Actions; Docket Sheets (2 folders)


II:1-40 New York Proceedings Oct-Dec, 1970 (5 folders)


III:1 Marin Co. Grand Jury, Transcript of Hearing 11/20/1970


III:2 Marin Co. Grand Jury, Transcript of Indictment 11/10/1970


IV:1-32 Marin Co. Legal Documents and Appeals 11/10/70-11/29/1971


IV:33 [Available on microfilm only]


IV:34-140 Marin Co. Legal Documents and Appeals(30 folders) 11/10/70-11/29/1971


V:1-32 [Available on microfilm only]

Box 54

V:33-48 Marin Co. Pre-Trial Transcript 8/10/71-10/21/1971

Box 55

V:49-54 Marin Co. Pre-Trial Transcript 11/1-29/1971

Ctn. 37

VI:1-3 Items turned over in discovery ( pp. 1-504, 3 folders)

Ctn. 38

VI:3-7 Items turned over in discovery (pp. 505-1650, 9 folders)


Procedures proposed for conducting the voir dire


VII:1-4 [Available on microfilm only]


VII:5-57 Attorneys' Work Products (15 folders)


VIII:1-34 Santa Clara Co., Legal Documents and Appeals (9 folders) 12/2/1971-1/11/72

Ctn. 39

VIII:35-129 Santa Clara Co., Legal Documents and Appeals (18 folders) 1/12/1971-7/31/72

Box 55

IX:1-8 Santa Clara Co. Pre-Trial Transcript 12/8/1971-2/7/1972

Box 56

IX:9-13 Santa Clara Co. Pre-Trial Transcript 2/8-23/1972


X:1-7 [Available on microfilm only]


X:8-10 Santa Clara Co. Trial Transcript 3/9-14/1972


X:11-13 [Available on microfilm only]

Ctn. 39

X:14-16 Santa Clara Co. Trial Transcript (4 folders) 3/27-29/1972


X:17-18 [Available on microfilm only]

Box 56

X:19 Santa Clara Co. Trial Transcript 4/5/1972

Box 57

X:20-24 Santa Clara Co. Trial Transcript 4/6-13/1972


X:25-50 [Available on microfilm only]

Ctn. 39

XI:1-41 Defense Exhibits, incl. letters to Angela Davis (14 folders)


XII:1-36 Public Relations (5 folders)



Ctn. 39

Angela Davis to George Jackson (photocopies)


Publications and publicity

Ctn. 39

Jury Woman by Mary Timothy, foreperson of the Angela Davis jury, 1974


The Morning Breaks:The Trial of Angela Davis, by Bettina Aptheker, 1975

Box 63

San Francisco Chronicle columns and articles, 8/81970-1/4/1971(2 ff)


People v Davis- News Paper Clips Quotes for Witnesses (title from


original binder)


Papers of Appellate Justice John Racanelli

Box 29

Re gift of papers 1994


Santa Clara County, pre-trial conference transcript 11/12/1971


Santa Clara County, pre-trial conference transcript 12/8/1971


Correspondence Citizens, 1971-72


Re change of venue, security, and facilities, 1971

Box 29

Brief, n.d.


Floor plans of the Criminal Legal Building



Box 29

Maria Elena Graham v California (first amendment complaint for personal injuries)


FBI, Counterintellengence Program Report, Black Nationalists, Hate Groups,


Racial Intellegence


Jury Research


Potential Juror's Survey (3 folders)


Government witnesses, list of names and statements




SUBSERIES 2.6: Pentagon Papers Trial (USA v. Russo, Ellsberg), 1972


Trial documents and transcripts

Box 10

Pentagon Papers Trial, by Kenneth W. Salter, 1975


Pentagon Papers Case Collection, fwd by Leonard Boudin, edited by Ann Fagan Ginger,1975

Box 10

I: 1-6 Judgement of Acquittal


I: 7-9 ACLU Amicus Curiae


I: 10-45 Bill of Particulars (2 folders)


I: 46-48 Classification markings


I: 49-51 Defendants' public statements


I: 52-82 Discovery (2 folders)

Box 11

I: 83-96 Dismissal proceedings based on constitutionality and construction of statutes (2 folders)


I: 97 Appendix to major motion re constitutionality and construction


I: 98-100 Dismissal proceedings based on lack of authorized signature

Box 11

I: 101 Docket sheets (Pentagon Papers)


I: 102-150 Electronic surveillance (3 folders)


I: 151-153 Electronic surveillance, Superior Court proceedings

Box 12

I: 154-184 Supression of evidence (2 folders)


I: 185-215 Exhibit lists (2 folders)


I: 216-217 Gag order


I: 218-233 Government misconduct


I: 234-236 Government subpoenas


I: 237-239 Immunity for Russo


I: 240-243 In forma pauperis


I: 244-245 Indictment


I: 246-248 Reading of indictment

Box 13

I: 249-266 Jury: Grand and Petit Jury challenges (2 folders)


I: 267-272 Jury: Grand Jury lists and disclosure proceedings


I: 273-284 Jury instructions (4 folders)


I: 285-308 Jury voir dire: Instructions to counsel (2 folders)

Box 14

I: 309-326 Mistrial (3 folders)


I: 327-329 Multiplicity and duplicity


I: 330-331 Prejuducial matter


I: 332-334 Pro se


I: 335-389 Protective order


I: 390-391 Protective order agreements and receipts


I: 392-412 RAND subpoena duces tecum

Box 15

I: 413 Related case- Gravel v US


I: 414-416 Retaliatory proseccution


I: 417-434 Selective prosecution


I: 435-443 Severence

Box 15

I: 444 Surplusage (Pentagon Papers)


I: 445-452 Telephone records


I: 453-455 Transfer of trial


I: 456-464 Trial memoranda


I: 465-500 Trial miscellany (2 folders)


I: 501-505 Warrant, search proceedings

Box 31

II: 1-10 Trial Transcripts

Box 32

II:11-17 Trial Transcripts

Box 33

II:18-24 Trial Transcripts

Box 34

II:25-28 Trial Transcripts

Box 35

II:29-32 Trial Transcripts

Box 36

II:33-42 Trial Transcripts

Box 37

II:43-52 Trial Transcripts

Box 38

II:53-57 Trial Transcripts

Box 39

II:58-62 Trial Transcripts

Box 40

II:63-67 Trial Transcripts

Box 41

II:68-72 Trial Transcripts

Box 42

II:73-77 Trial Transcripts

Box 43

II:78-83 Trial Transcripts

Box 44

II:84-89 Trial Transcripts

Box 45

II:90-94 Trial Transcripts

Box 46

II:95-99 Trial Transcripts

Box 47

II:100-104 Trial Transcripts

Box 48

II:105-109 Trial Transcripts

Box 49

II:110-115 Trial Transcripts

Box 50

II:116-122 Trial Transcripts

Box 51

II:123-129 Trial Transcripts (Pentagon Papers)

Box 52

II:130-135 Trial Transcripts

Box 53

II:136-138 Trial Transcripts, Transcript Index

Box 16

III: 1 Government exhibits (2 folders)


III: 2 Defense exhibits (2 folders)


III: 3 Defendant's fact exhibits and Brady


III: 4 Watergate exhibits (2 folders)

Box 17

IV: 1 Vietnam and the US, 1940-50


IV: 2 US involvement in the Franco-Viet Minh War


IV: 3 Aid for France in Indochina


IV: 4 US and France's withdrawl from Vietnam


IV: 5 US training of the Vietnamese National Army, 1954-59


IV: 6 Origins of Insurgency


IV: 7 Strategic Hamlet Program 1961-63


IV: 8 Phased withdrawl of US forces 1962-64


IV: 9 Overthrow of Ngo Dinh Diem: May-Nov 1963

Box 18

IV: 10 Marine combat units go to Danang


IV: 11 Phase I in the build-up of US forces: March-July 1965


IV: 12 Re-emphasis on pacification: 1965-67


IV: 13-14 US-GVN relations: Dec 1963- Dec 1967


IV: 15 VIC 1: Histories of Contacts 1965-66

Box 19

IV: 16 History of contacts:MARIGOLD (Polish track)


IV: 17 History of contacts:SUNFLOWER (Moscow-London track)


IV: 18 History of contacts 1967-68


IV: 19 History of contacts: general material

Ctn. 45

V: 1-3 Negotiations- Public domain material (5 folders)


Press Coverage

Ctn. 45

VI: 1 Background material, case (Pentagon Papers)


VI: 2-3 Biographies-Defendants, counsel, witnesses (2 folders)


VI: 4-5 Releases, articles, letters (2 folders)


VI: 6 Summary of prosecution case


VI: 7 Weekly summaries


News clippings, editorials, pamphlets: Oct 1972-May 1973 (6 folders)


Black & white photographs (Ellsberg, Russo, and others)


Related cases (4 folders)


US v New York Times


Gravel v US


Popkin v US


US v Unitarian-Universaalist Church


In re Daniel Ellsberg


Trial transcript (Ellsberg copy): Vol. 88 March 12, 1973, pp. 15,370-15,560


SUBSERIES 2.7: Wounded Knee Trials, 1974

Ctn. 41

Collection acquisition correspondence and case history


US v Baker, DeCora


v.0 Witnesses, motions, court business 2/11-12/1974


v.1-8 Pretrial transcripts (6 folders) 2/12-26/1974


US v Gilbert, DeCora, Ackerman


v. 9-17 Pretrial transcripts (8 folders) 2/27-3/12/1974


Pretrial motions (2 folders) 4/26, 4/29/1974

Ctn. 41

US v Ackerman, Gilbert, Means


v. 18-24 Trial transcripts (8 folders) 5/7-16/1974

Ctn. 42

US v Ackerman, Gilbert, Means


v. 25-27 Trial transcripts (2 folders) 5/17-21/1974


v. 28-29 Final arguments, courts decision 5/23-28/1974


US v Banks, Means


v. 1 Jury selection transcripts (2 folders) 1/8/1974


v. 2-16 Trial transcripts (18 folders) 1/9-31/1974

Ctn. 43

v. 17-21 Trial transcripts (5 folders) 2/1-12/1974


v. 27-29 Trial Transcripts (3 folders) 2/25-27/1974


v. 35-38 Trial Transcripts (4 folders) 3/7-12/1974


v 40-41 Trial Transcripts (2 folders) 3/14-15/1974


v. 61-63 Trial Transcripts (3 folders) 5/1-3/1974


v. 67-68 Trial Transcripts (2 folders) 5/14-15/1974

Ctn. 44

v. 68-72 Trial Transcripts (4 folders) 5/15-22/1974


v. 81 Trial Transcripts 6/7/1974


v. 83 Trial Transcripts 6/17/1974


v. 87 Trial Transcripts 7/8/1974


v. 91 Trial Transcripts 7/12/1974


v. 93-94 Trial Transcripts (2 folders) 7/17-18/1974


v. 96-104 Trial Transcripts (6 folders) 7/22-8/16/1974


Defendants jury instructions n.d.

Box 1-5; Carton 151, 182

Series 3 : Legal And Social Justice Organizations, 1930-1980's

Access Information

The Prisoners Rights files need processing review by Public Services before they can be served to the public. Please see reference desk for an Application for Access to Restricted Material (ARM) form.

Scope and Content Note


Divided into 3 sub-series: American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), 1930-49; Council For Justice Collection 1965-67; Prisoners Rights, 1970-1980.
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) papers are arranged as received. Included is a 1934 notebook kept by the San Francisco ACLU with records of speeches, positions, resolutions, a docket, telegrams, and press clippings and a substantial pamphlet collection.
Council for Justice (CFJ), a volunteer legal service agency, operated during the early stages of the California Grape Strike and Vietnam anti-war protests. Divided further into: 1) Case files, which are cross-referenced with the Civil Liberties Docket, are numbered sequentially 101-303 and include correspondence, memos and legal documents. 2) Subject files which are numbered sequentially CFJ 1-CFJ 78 and contain clippings, leaflets and photographs.
Prisoners Rights, 1970-1980 includes hundreds of letters from prisoners, literature and pamphlets about prisoners rights issues and prisoner generated newsletters.

SUBSERIES 3.1: American Civil Liberties Union, 1930-49

Box 67

ACLU Notebook, San Francisco, vol. I, pages 1-729. (Records of speeches, positions, resolutions, docket of pending cases, telegrams, reports, press releases) 1934

Box 67

Pamphlets (2 folders) 1930's, 1970's


Fingerprint menace, (memo and pamphlet) 1936, 1938


On academic freedom (statements, pamphlet) 1935,1949

Ctn. 182

Pamphlets 1930's


SUBSERIES 3.2: Council For Justice Collection 1965-67

Box 1

Guide to the collection


Folder 1-8 : 101-1 through 120-1

Box 2

Folder 9-17: 121-1 through 301-20

Box 3

Folder 18-24: 302-0 through 303-17


Lyons, Kit (P.I.)


CFJ-1 through CFJ-26

Box 4

Folder 25-29: CFJ-27 through CFJ-50

Box 5

Folder 31-36: CFJ-54 through CFJ-78


SUBSERIES 3.3: Prisoners Rights, 1970-1980

Access Information

Need processing review by Public Services.
Ctn. 151

Correspondence, Katz, Harry M.


Prisoners Letters (10 folders), c 1974


Instead of Prisons: A Handbook for Abolitionists, 1976


Manual for the Use of Habeas Corpus


The Inequality of Justice, 1980


"Guide to the Literature of Social Change", vol. 1, 1977


Meiklejohn Acquisitions, 1970-73


"Inside, Outside"-Newsletter, 1976-77


Pamphlets (2 folders)





Box 20-25; Oversize Box 1; carton 58-60, 73-77, 89-90, 94-108, 175, 179, 180, 182

Series 4 : Labor Rights Organizations And Advocates, 1916-1980's

Access Information

The Conrad Friberg papers and the Raymond F. Thompson papers need curatorial review before they can be served to the public. Please see reference desk for an Application for Access to Restricted Material (ARM) form.

Scope and Content Note


Divided into six sub-series. Conrad Friberg and The Workers Film And Photo League, 1916-38; International Longshoremen's And Warehousemen's Union (ILWU) Civil Rights Collection; International Labor Defense (ILD), 1936-1945; Raymond F. Thompson Papers, 1941-1978; Economic Rights, 1970s-1980s; and Miscellaneous, 1940-1951. Arranged by subject unless otherwise noted.
The Conrad Friberg and the Workers Film and Photo League contains photos and collected publications documenting the Ford Hunger March, strikes, demonstrations and depression scenes including Chicago's Hooverville, the Scottsboro Boys, Haymarket Monument, bread lines and bank runs. Also photos of the integrated 1932 Counter-Olympics in Chicago, the 1933 Chicago World's Fair, the John Reed Club, and portraits of Lucy Parsons and Scott Nearing. Material other than photographs include correspondence to Friberg from comrades in Moscow, stage bills, notes and a narrative script from a 1982 slide presentation of Friberg's work.
International Longshoremen's And Warehousemen's Union (ILWU) alphabetical subject files are in original order (even if alpha misfiled) in their original folders. Folders have original cross-reference labels in red. Files consists of subject files of clippings pasted on paper often accompanied by correspondence, legislative records and reports, newsletters, articles, pamphlets, notices, editorials, press releases, telegrams, or products of committee work. Subjects include named informers, anti-labor movements and organizations, waterfront screening of Longshoremen, Earl Warren, McCarthyism, extensive files on the House Un-American Activities Committee hearings.
International Labor Defense, 1936-1945 consists of the organizations' constitution, publications, legislative letters and services, committee work, correspondence and reports on political prisoners, pamphlets and press releases.
Raymond F. Thompson Papers, 1941-1978 documents the life of an Oakland Labor leader. Thompson headed the Shipyard Worker's Committee against Discrimination in 1947. Their activities resulted in the Supreme Court's Boilermakers decision which gave full rights to Negros in trade unions. Included are correspondence, scrapbooks, strike photos, photos of the Cherryseed shipyard in Oakland, FBI surveillance files on Thompson, Thompson's oral history, and papers from the Berkeley Committee for Cooperation between 1964-1980. Also included are a scrapbook of Paul Robeson memorabilia and another of the Interplayers, an integrated San Francisco theater group with playbills printed by Adrian Wilson.
Economic Rights files, 1970-1989 include bibliographies, reports, labor statistics, material about the Employment Planning Acts of 1946 & 1978, files on unemployment and labor relations, and publications from a 1982 Meiklejohn Institute symposium on the right to earn a living.
Miscellaneous, 1940-1951 includes United Electrical Workers pamphlets, proceedings of the founding convention of the National Negro Labor Council, and materials from the California Labor School.

SUBSERIES 4.1: Conrad Friberg And The Workers Film And Photo League, 1916-38

Access Information

Need curatorial review.


Box 22

Burlak, Anne 1930-1933


Carmon, Walt (Moscow) 1933


Kim, Ho Chul (Moscow) 1932


Stolar, M. (Moscow) 1932


Strong, Hazel (Moscow) 1932


Miscellaneous n.d.


Workers Film and Photo League Photographs and Publications

Box 21

International Socialist Review 1917


The Liberator 1918


Clippings re WW I conspiracy charges 1918


The Literary Digest 1918


Hog Island News 1918


The Englewood Yipsel 1919


The Socialist Review 1919-1920


Survey Graphic 1923


Pearson's 1923-1924


Labor Defender 1928


Outlook and Independent 1928


Cobetckoe (in Russian) 1929


Moscow News (in English) 1930-1931


International Press Correspondence (English ed.) 1930-1931


Mahnruf (in German) 1931

Box 21

Der Arbiter-Fotograf (in German) 1931


Labor Unity 1934


Americana 1932


Documents 34, Revue Mensuelle (in French) 1934


The Working Woman 1934


Upsurge (Univ. of Chicago Nat'l Student League) 1934


1ste Mai (in Swedish) 1935


Federationist 1935


20th Century Americanism 1936


Alarm (in Norwegian) 1938-1939


The New Republic 1939-1940


In Fact-An antidote to falsehood in the daily news 1946-1950

Box 22

Workers Life-Cultural organ of WIR 1932


Denmark's Happiest Week 1945


Prague News Letter (English)-Stalin's death 1953


Little Book of Greenwich Village 1919


Guide to New York 1939


West, Don-poetry and clippings c.1932-1934


re Karl Marx 1915-1933


Memorial notices


Voltarine de Cleyre, Tom Trent, 1912, 1937


C.E.Ruthenberg 1927


Notice of Spanish Artists Exhibition n.d.


Clippings - Mike Gold columns, misc. 1933, n.d.


Duncan, Isadora - Chicago playbill and program 1929


Nearing, Scott - publications, lecture notices 1916-1951

Box 22

Protest and demonstration notices n.d.


Trip to the Soviet Union 1937


Independent Religious Society Programs (Rationalist) 1916


The Quill w/ guide to Greenwich Village Feb. 1923


The Paris Commune / a story in pictures (John Reed Club) 1931


The Negro Worker 1932


Nat'l Nominating Convention of the CPUSA 1932



oversize OS Box 2, folder 1

Scrapbook, Chicago 1931-1936 Hunger marches- clippings, notices, pamphlets

folder 2

The Masses 1916

folder 3

Spain: The Spanish Was in Pictures c 1935

folder 3

War in Spain: Photo History 1937

folder 3

The Fight for Peace and Democracy (re Spain) 1938

folder 4

1. Mai: Mit Lenin Zum Sieg, Berlin (in German) 1932

folder 4

Friday 1941

folder 4

Friday Special: Truth about the Red Army n.d.

folder 5

Futuro, Mexico (in Spanish) 1938

folder 5

Nuevo Continente, Mexico (in Spanish) 1937

folder 5

Proleta Riado, Mexico (in Spanish) 1937



oversize OS Box 2, folder 6

Chicago Times (Hitler) Sept. 26,1938

folder 6

Chicago Daily Times July 2, 1937

folder 6

Daily Worker Oct. 7, 1931

folder 6

Chicago Socialist Dec. 21,1918

folder 6

New York Times Magazine Jan. 15, 1928

folder 6

l'Humanité (in French) Jan. 17, 1931

folder 6

Monde (in French) Jan. 24, 1931

folder 6

Moscow News Oct-Dec.,1930

folder 6

Gramma, Havana (in English) Sept. 15, 1969



Box 22

Photo album pages (3 folders) : Hunger and unemployment march

through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and Washington DC, 1932

Box 23

Scottsboro Boys protest marches, 1930's


Black & white photographs : (15 folders)


Hunger and unemployment march through Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, and Washington DC, 1932


Tom Mooney


ILW and Communist Party parades, activities, protests


Chicago 1930-33--

Scope and Content Note

Hoovervilles, bread & soup lines, workers searching for food in So Water St markets, negro suburbs, May Day, John Reed Club, CP Party Convention, Scottsboro Boys, Rogues Gallery, police, Haymarket monument, Bank runs (1932)

International Counter-Olympics (integrated) Chicago, July 1932


Chicago World's Fair, 1933


Demonstrations in France


USSR, 1930



Scope and Content Note

Lucy Parsons, Bob Minor, John Masek, Tom Mooney,Scott Nearing, "John Reeders"-Bill Gropper, Hugo Gellert, Mike Gold, Jake Burke, Anne Burlak.

Retrospective and Memorials

Box 21

Documents re collection acquisition, photos of Friberg 1982


Retrospective slide show program script and notes (3 ff) 1982


Facism or Communism in Europe, lecture script 1917


Haywood, William (Bill) D., Obituaries 1928


SUBSERIES 4.2: International Longshoremen's And Warehousemen's Union (Ilwu) Civil Rights Collection, 1933-77


Civil Rights Subject Files

Ctn. 73

re Subersive lists 1953-1971


Aliens and the McCarran Act 1952-1984


Subversive Activities Control Board (SACB) 1950-1974


Subversive Activities Control Act (3 folders) 1950


Senate Internal Security Subcommittee Reports, speeches, hearings, clippings 1951-1960


Wesley Robert Wells case, correspondence, clippings 1951

Box 20



McCarran Act (4 folders)


Announcements, clippings, articles 1950-57

Ctn. 95

Aliens, general


McCarran-Walter Act


American Comm. for Protection of Foreign Born 1961-75


Regional Office, Los Angeles


Regional Office, Northern Calif.


Regional Office, Seattle


Newsletter 1957-65




Attorneys (2 folders)

Ctn. 95



Braden, Carl


California issues (2 folders) (loyalty oath, anti-comm.legislation etc.)





Ctn. 96



Anti-Communist Legislation, Calif. Prop. 24 (3 folders)1962


Communist Control Act of 1954


Labor material


Butler Bill


Congressional Investigations


Education (2 folders), Univ. of California 1954-1967


Fifth, First, Fourth Amendments (3 folders)


Government Employees 1957-1968


Hatch Act 1944-?

Ctn. 97



Loyalty Oaths (California) (2 folders) 1950-66




Citizens Comm. for Constitutional Liberties


Citizens Comm. to Preserve Amer. Freedom




Emergency Civil Liberties Committee (ECLC)


Rights (published by NECLC) (4 folders) 1954-1968

Ctn. 98

Civil Defense (Air Raid Shelters, Atomic threats)


Passport Cases 1958-1974


Congressional hearings and reports 1958-1966

Ctn. 98

Poll Tax 1943-1965


Radio, Motion Picture and TV Industry 1950-1970


Rosenbergs/ Sobell Case


Smith Act (2 folders) 1955-1962


Sobell, Morton case 1953-1967

Ctn. 99

Subversive Activities Control Act 1950-1967


Mundt Bill (2 folders)


"Subversives List" - Attorney General's list 1948-1970


SACB Cases (2 folders) 1950-1968


US Supreme Court Decisions (Jenkins, Watkins, Smith Act)

Ctn. 100



HUAC and Teachers (4 folders) 1945-1963


Publications - Anti-HUAC

Ctn. 100

Calif. newspapers and press releases (4 folders)


Peninsula committee for Freedom in Education


Meiklejohn, Alexander




Northern Calif. Teacher's Defense Committee (NCTDC)


Statements against HUAC Calif. teacher hearings


Teachers, subsequent action on


Schlihs, Robert




The American Teacher 1959


The "Un-American Act" Hoax


What's Ahead for the Subpoenead Teachers


East Bay Labor Journal and other clippings (3 folders)

Ctn. 100

Roosevelt, Eleanor (news column) 1959


Roosevelt, James


San Franciscans for Academic Freedom and Edu. (SAFE)






Sloat injunction against HUAC






Dilworth Act memo


Chronology of the cancelled Calif teachers hearings




First Amendment primer for teachers


First Amendment


Erb Case




East Bay Community Forum


Miscellaneous (3 folders)


Uphaus, Willard Case 1951



Box 20

Pamphlets, articles, clippings (2 folders) 1939-1974


Budenz, Louis 1941-1972


Crouch, Paul 1954-1955


Dodd, Bella 1956


Manning, Johnson 1957-1959


Matusow, Harvey 1955-1957



Box 20

Anti-labor movements and organizations (2 folders) 1946-?

Ctn. 74



Waterfront screening (2 folders) 1950-1968


Court cases (2 folders)


Laws and Regulations (2 folders)


Organizations against 1951-1960


Warren, Earl (4 folders) 1946-?


1946 Research project, inaugural address, pamphlets, clippings, press releases, broadcast transcripts


McCarthyism (2 folders)


Pamphlets by and about McCarthy 1950's


Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC)

Ctn. 75



Articles, clippings on Red probe (2 folders) 1951-71


Tenney Comm., Maritime Unions 1942-1951


Gibbons, Ed, Tenney (2 folders) 1949-1950


Teachers Hearings 1959-?


Abolition of Communist Movements (3 folders) 1940-1967


Dies Committee


NLG texts in opposition to Dies Committee




Counter-movement to abolish HUAC (3 folders) 1963-?

Ctn. 94

Northern Californians to Abolish HUAC - AB 148


National Committee



Ctn. 94

Midwest and Chicago


Southern Region




DuBois Club Registrations 1966


HUAC and KKK 1965-1966


Weltner Bill 1966


S. 12 - Eastland et al 1969


Anti-Riot Act 1968


Defense of Sidney Peck 1970


SACB 1969


National and DC Memoranda 1969-1970


McClellan Committee 1969


House Committee on Internal Security (HISC) 1967-1969


Legislation Title II 1969


H.R. 14864 1969


Smith Act and labor (2 folders)


Notice of Meetings 1961


Hearings 1960


Anti-HUAC Correspondence 1960-1965


Ohio Committee


Operation Abolition


Press releases


Publications (5 folders) 1960's


East Bay Committee Forum (2 folders) 1961-1962


Columnists 1960

Ctn. 75

Congressional Elections 1962


Congressmen - Burton, Maillard, Shelley (3 folders)


Reports 1967-1968


Internal staff meeting notices 1967


Committee on Un-American Activities, Robert Cohen film


Miscellaneous (2 folders)


General Materials (2 folders) c. 1945

Scope and Content Note

Includes correspondence (H. Bridges), pamphlets, bulletins, Memoranda, clippings, press releases (2 folders)


Ctn. 76

San Francisco Hearings (4 folders) 1956-1960


Operation Abolition 1960


General (Pamphlets, newsletters, clippings) (5 folders) 1955-1958

Ctn. 77

General (8 folders) 1946-1954


Lionel Stander testimony, speeches, newsletters, clippings, press statements


Francis, Walter E. 1955-1963


Washington State 1948-1955



Ctn. 77

Articles, pamphlets, press notices, clippings 1950-60


Government Reports and Publications

Ctn. 101

Civil Rights


The Draftee and Internal Security (Watts, Rowland) 1955


Appendix C and Supplement


ISC Hearings, Strategy and Tactics of World Communism S. Res. 58, 1955


Report of Subcomm. on Japanese War Relocation Centers S. 444, S Res. 101, 111, H. Res. 113, 1942-43


Report of Comm. to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations,1954

Ctn. 101

Congressional Investigation Rules for Procedures, 1954


Hearings, Gaps in Internal Security Laws, 1966-1967


Report of Activities of US Citizens Employed by the United Nations, 1953


Hearings, Subversive Infiltration of Radio, Television, and Entertainment Industry, 1952


Hearings, Misc. (2 folders)

Ctn. 102

Subversive Activities Control Board


Annual Reports (2 folders), 1951-1969


California Legislature Reports


Senate Report on the Tenney Committee, 1945


Un-American Activities in California (5 folders) 1943, 1945, 1947-49,1951, 1953,1955, 1957, 1959,1961, 1963, 1967


Second Report on Un-American Activities in Washington State, 1948


Miscellaneous reports


Hearings, President's Comm. on Immigration and Naturalization, 1952


House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC)

Ctn. 103

Hearings and Investigations


Investigation of Un-American Propaganda Activities in the US, 1946


Miscellaneous (3 folders), 1949-50


Communist Infiltration of Hollywood Motion Picture Indstry,1951


H. Res. 282 Dies Committee v. 1-13 (6 folders), 1933-40

Ctn. 104

H. Res. 282 Dies Committee v. 14-16 and Appendix pt. 1-8 (4 folders), 1941-43


H. Res. 282 Invest. of Propaganda Activities (2 folders), 1944


Investigation of Nazi Propaganda Activities, 1934-35


Violations of State Dep't Travel Regulations and Pro-Castro Propaganda, 1963


Amending the Internal Security Act of 1950

Ctn. 104

Annual Reports on Hearings (3 folders), 1950-70

Ctn. 108

Testimony of Edward G. Robinson, 1950


Comm. Activities Mass., Detroit, Baltimore, Misc., 1951


Youth, Veterans, Farm Groups Comm. Activities, 1952


Communist Activities in Los Angeles Area, 1953


Communist Activities in New York Area, 1953


Communist Activities in Philadelphia, Ohio, Misc., 1953


Communist Activities in San Francisco, 1953


Communist Activ. in California, Pacific NW(2 folders), 1954


Communist Activ. in Chicago, Dayton, Baltimore, Michigan, Misc. (5 folders), 1954


Communist Activ. in Rosenberg Case, Seattle, Ft.Wayne, New York, Ohio, Misc., 1955

Ctn. 106

Communist Methods of Infiltration, 1953-1954


Jack R. McMichael, Florida, Bishop Oxnam, 1953


Investigation of Communist Infiltration of Gov't, 1955


Communist Activities in Los Angeles, 1955


Investigation of so-called Blacklisting, Misc., 1956


Int'l Communism, No. Carolina, Nikolai. Khokhlov, 1956


Communist Propaganda in US, 1956-1957


Communist Activities, Rocky Mts, St Louis, 1956


Unauthorized use of US Passports, 1956

Ctn. 107

Hearings held in San Francisco, 1957


Communist Penetration, Misc., 1957


Communist Activities in Baltimore, New Haven, 1957


Communist Political Subversion, Pt 1-2, 1956


New York, New England, So. Calif., Misc., 1958


Communist Training, Passport Security, Misc., 1959

Ctn. 107

No. Calif. District of Communist Party, Misc., 1960


Miscellaneous, 1961


Communist Activities in Peace Movement, Misc., 1962


Miscellaneous, 1963, 1965-1966


Subversive Influences in Riots, Misc.(2 folders), 1967-68


National Peace Action Coalition, PCPJ, 1971

Ctn. 105

Invest. of Propaganda Activities, Misc (2 folders), 1935-47



Ctn. 105

Public Law 601 re Espionage, 1948


100 Things You Should Know About Communism Series, 1948-50


Hawaii Civil Liberties Committee, Congress of`American Women, Atomic Espionage, American Slav Conference, Misc., 1949-50


Guide to Subversive Organizations and Publications, 30 Years of Soviet Espionage in the US, Communist Peace Offensive, 1951


Miscellaneous (3 folders), 1952-54


Total Soviet War v. 1-2, 1956


The Communist Conspiracy, pt. I-a to d, Misc.(2 folders), 1956


International Communism, Operation Abolition,Who Are They?,


Miscellaneous, 1957


Misc. Reports on Communist threats (3 folders), 1968-59


Reports of Mr. Woods, Proceedings against, 1951-57


Reports of Mr. Walter, Proceedings against, 1959


Crimes of Khruschev, pt 1-7, 1959-60

Ctn. 106

Miscellaneous, 1960


Facts on Communism, v. 1-The Communist Ideology, v. 2-From Lenin to Khruschev, 1960


Miscellaneous (3 folders), 1961-63

Ctn. 106

Present-day Klu Klux Klan Movement, Misc.,1967


Miscellaneous (2 folders), 1968, 1974

Ctn. 175

HUAC pamphlets (5 folders)


SUBSERIES 4.3: International Labor Defense (ILD), 1936-1945

Ctn. 182

Constitution 1937


"Equal Justice" ILD magazine 1939-1940


"The people must speak" ILD newsletter 1940


Political prisoners, correspondence and reports c1936


Military justice, Fisher case 1944


Legislative (and information) service 1944-1945


Legislative letters 1940


Memos 1940


Correspondence 1936-1939


Committee for recognition of status of political prisoners 1936


Communist arrests by Crime Prevention Bureau, names and statistics 1934


Pamphlets, Press releases ca 1936


Articles by or about ILD


Labor Defender, selected issues from 1927-28, 1930-31, 1933-36


SUBSERIES 4.4: Raymond F. Thompson Papers, 1941-1978

Access Information

Need curatorial review.

Shipyard Worker's Committee against Discrimination (SWCAD), 1942-1985

Box 24

FBI investigation files on Thompson


Correspondence SWCAD, 1942-46


Shipyard workers leaflets, c 1940's

Box 24

b/ w photos of black Boilermakers picketing, c 1940's


Testimony of Celeste Strack, 1948



Ctn. 89

Seaman's tours in China, Malaysia, Africa, and Japan,1941-1942


Oakland's Cherry-Seed Shipyard Scrapbook (collected for 50 years)


Paul Robeson (personal photos, programs, memoribilia),1942-1965


World According to Ray

Ctn. 90

The Interplayers, (San Francisco interracial theater group), correspondence, performance programs (printed by Adrian Wilson), photographs, memorabilia,1940's


Berkeley Committee for Cooperation (Co-op), 1964-1980

Ctn. 89

USSR Berkeley Co-op


Co-op Sweden Tour, 1968


Co-op Award


Oral History

Box 25

Ray Thompson Oral History Project, San Francisco Public Library "African- Americans in San Francisco Prior to WW II", 1982



Box 25

City of Berkeley Proclamation, 1985


Chauvinism and words


Oakland kidnap case clippings, 1953


China Monthly Review, 1951


Negro in the Civil War by Herbert Aptheker, 1938


Women Against Slavery by Samuel Sullen,1955

Ctn. 89

New Yorker Album, 1929


African American Historical Society


SUBSERIES 4.5: Economic Rights, 1970s-1980s


Employment 1970's-80's (15 folders)

Ctn. 58

Bibliography, Articles






Human Impact of Plant Closures-Conference


Plant Closures- Full Employment

Ctn. 59

Misc newsletters, statistics, clippings on labor committees, overtime, training, organizing


Full Employment

Ctn. 59

Employment Planning Act (proposed bill, Bertram Gross) 1978


Background of Employment Planning Act of 1946 & 1978 (4 folders)


Humphrey-Hawkins Bill (Employ. Plan. Act, 1978)


U.S. Government Reports 1976-1978


Economic Report of the President 1982


Legislative Material


District 65 v Nixon


National Lawyers Guild Resolutions 1981-1982


Articles (3 folders)


Newspaper Articles 1974-1978


The Right to Earn a Living -Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow (Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute Symposium, 1982)


Symposium Materials, correspondence (Leon Keyserling), papers by Ann Fagan Ginger


Miscellaneous (2 folders)

Ctn. 60

National Lawyers Guild, Economic Rights Task Force 1983-1985



Ctn. 60

Historical background articles


Women & unemployment




Newspaper clippings (3 folders)



Ctn. 60



ACLU- Use of Troops in Strikes, 1938


Labor Relations in the Federal Republic of Germany


Teamster Rank and File Handbooks



Ctn. 60

Review of Contemporary Law, "Trade Union Rights" 1981


D ollars and Sense 1981-1982


Proceedings of the General Education Seminar, Economic and Social Rights in the United States 1978


The Carpenter, (phoptocopy) 1882


SUBSERIES 4.6: Miscellaneous, 1940-1951

Ctn. 179

United Electrical Workers Union pamphlets c1944

Ctn. 180

Proceedings of the founding convention of the National Negro Labor Council 1951

Ctn. 182

California Labor School (copied and pasted clippings, photographs 1940's, course catalogs 1943-44, exhibit info, miscellany) (2 folders)

Carton 79-81, 85, 152, 163-168, 175-176, 179-181

Series 5 : Vietnam Anti-War Collections, 1954-1974

Access Information

The John H. Fried Collection on Vietman files and the Draft and Military Law files need curatorial review before they can be served to the public. Please see reference desk for an Application for Access to Restricted Material (ARM) form.

Scope and Content Note


Divided into four sub-series John H. E. Fried Collection On Vietnam, 1954-1978; Draft And Military Law 1968-1972; Northern California Peace Action Coalition, 1971-1972; Miscellaneous, 1969-1972.
John H. E. Fried Collection on Vietnam is further divided into: Research Materials and Writings, and Publications. Arranged in original file order. Consists of research material for his book Vietnam and International Law. Research materials are in French, Cambodian, Vietnamese and English.
Draft and Military Law, 1968-1972 is further divided into: Selective Service (Lawyers Selective Service Panel) and Military Law. Selective Service case files are arranged in alphabetical order by individual's last name. Includes the West Coast Lawyers Selective Service Panel's case files, legal research materials, court documents, business files, publications, trial reports, memorandum, draft counseling materials, clippings, and a number of conscientious objectors case files. The Military Law files are comprised of in-service conscientious objectors cases, Military Court of Appeals decisions, statistics, and specialized reports.
Northern California Peace Action Coalition, 1971-1972 arranged as received. Consists of three files of correspondence, memos, press releases, newsletters, agendas, and ephemera.
Miscellaneous arranged as received. Consists of a collection of Vietnam anti-war protest photographs taken in Berkeley or Oakland in 1972 and materials from the following organizations (1970-1972): War Resisters League, Student Mobilization Committee to End the War, People's Coalition for Peace and Justice and the Oakland Seven.

SUBSERIES 5.1: John H. E. Fried Collection On Vietnam, 1954-1978

Access Information

Need curatorial review.

Research Materials and Writings

Ctn. 78

Correspondence re the Fried Collection


Senate Documents on War Powers Doctrine 1962


Int'l War Crimes Tribunal, Roskilde, Denmark 1967

Ctn. 78

Stockholm World Conference on Vietnam, Reports 1967


Cambodia/ Laos Invasion, Nixon speech 1970


Nat'l Conference "Human Rights of the Man in Uniform" Washington, DC 1970


Int'l Commission of Inquiry on US Crimes in Indochina Oslo, Norway 1971


Copenhagen, Denmark 1972


2nd Int'l Conference of Lawyers on Indochina, Algeirs (in French and English) Nov. 26-28, 1971


Lavelle Affair- The Secret bombing of N. Vietnam 1971-1972


Secret Camabodian bombing and war 1969-1974


American subversion in Vietnam (foreign broadcasts) 1973


Chemical Warfare in So. Vietnam, Political Prisoners


Chronology of the Vietnam War 1940-1973


Civil Defense 1962


Covert action in foreign policy


Electronic and automated warfare (2 folders) c. 1973


Vietnam: Food as a weapon


Vietnam: Genocide


Honeywell, Inc and NARMIC (Nat'l Action/Research onthe Military Industrial Complex)


NARMIC Materials


Hue Massacre


Constitutional and Presidential Powers of War 1967-1976


Illegality of War in Vietnam (2 folders)


Lawsuits (proposed) against US Gov't


Analysis of the Legality of US Actions in Vietnam, research 1966-1973

Ctn. 79

Analysis of the Legality of US Actions in Vietnam by John


Fried (Penultimate version) 1966

Ctn. 79

Analysis of the Legality of US Actions in Vietnam by John


Fried (draft version with comments by Quincy Wright) 1966


Source material for quotations in Analysis of the Legality... 1966


Thien-Saigon Terror Aug. 1974


Vietnamization of the War


Vietnam 1964-1965


Documents showing knowledge of and opposition to events 1966-67


Articles in favor of US war in Vietnam


Int'l Committee to free Vietnamese Political Prisoners


Anti- US Statement, Peking 1965


General Westmoorland v John Fried


Growing opposition to the Vietnam War 1966-1969


National Liberation Front Program


Post-War Vietnam (2 folders)


US Reports: One year after the cease-fire Jan. 1974


Legacy of Vietnam, Statistics


J. F. Kennedy Speech against intervention in Vietnam 1954


Nuclear power and weapons


Docs. and Analysis of 1973 Paris Peace Agreement on Vietnam 1973


Political prisoners




UN Survey on damage in Vietnam 1978


UN Documents on Cambodia 1964-1970


US v. Humphrey et al. (conspiracy charges) 1978


US Assassination plots- text of Senate report 1975


Official US Gov't justification of the US intervention in Vietnam 1965


War Powers

Ctn. 79

Proposals by Lawyers Comm. on APTV, draft resolution 1971


US Congress debate on Mayaguez May 1975




List of members of the Provisional Revolutionary Gov't of the


Republic of So. Vietnam (in French) June 1969


Indochina War: Atrocities, My Lai, peace efforts, bombing of Hanoi 1972


Massachusetts v Melvin Laird Amicus Curiae brief on behalf of the Lawyers Comm. on Amer. Policy toward Vietnam 1970


My Lai Massacre

Ctn. 80

Australia in Vietnam 1965


Vietnamese statements, Last Will of Ho Chi Minh 1970


Vietnam, General materials and miscellaneous (includes articles, pamphlets, reports, clippings, and sources used by Fried in Westmoorland case) (18 folders) 1960-1970s



Ctn. 80

John Fried's bibliographic card file on Vietnam


American Report 1970-1972


Reports and magazines

Ctn. 81

Southeast Asia Chronicle 1978-1982 Vietnam Courier (Hanoi)


New Yorker Jonathan Schell articles Mar. 9 & 16, 1968


New Yorker and American Report issues on Vietnam


Pamphlets, US and Vietnam


Books in French


Le point de vue du Viet Nam, Hanoi 1968


L'Homme et son message Ho Chi Minh 1970


Depuis Poèmes, Hanoi 1968

Ctn. 81

Conference Mondiale de Juristes pour le Vietnam 1968


Presedential Studies Quarterly 1978-1979


Books in English


My Visit to the Liberated Zones of South Vietnam, Wilfred Burchett 964


Days with Ho Chi Minh, Hoai Thanh 1963


Support the People of Viet Nam, Defeat U.S. Aggressors, Peking 1965


Vietnam: A Voice from the Villages, Katsuichi Honda 1968


Vietnam and International Law, John Fried 1967


Vietnam Hearings: Voices from the Grass Roots 1965


Documents relating to British Involvement in the Indo-China Conflict 1945-65, London 1965


Pentagon Papers: The Defense Department History of US Decisionmaking on Vietnam, v. i-iv (The Senator Gravel Edition), Mike Gravel 1971


The Paris Agreement on Vietnam: Fundamental Juridical Problems, Hanoi 1973


Congress, the President, and the War Power 1970


Vietnam: 1976, A Report by Sen. George McGovern


Dep't of Defense Appropriations, Senate Hearings 1972

Ctn. 85

Supplemental Foreign Assistance - Vietnam, Hearings before 89th Congress, S. 2793 1966


Supplemental Assistance to Cambodia, Hearings before 94th Congress S. 663 1966


Misc. Congressional hearings and reports 1968-1971

Ctn. 152

V ietnamese Studies Series


Miscellaneous Publications


Pamphlets and booklets on Vietnam (2 folders)


Non-English Language Books on Vietnam (2 folders)

Ctn. 152

Vietnam Courier (English) Oct. 21, 1965


SUBSERIES 5.2: Draft And Military Law 1968-1972

Access Information

Need curatorial review.

Selective Service, Lawyers Selective Service Panel

Ctn. 163

Selective Service Panel Library


Jury voir dire


Pre-trial reports


Trial reports


Legal memoranda


Bulletins (7 folders)


Military caseload questionaire


Discovery order




Psychologists reports


Legal materials


Correspondence-Norman Leonard (Panel Chairman), Marjorie Leonard (3 folders)




Payments made for Panel


Meeting minutes, 1971


Selective Service manuals


Area list of lawyers


Austrailian draft




Concerned law professors


Court schedules



Ctn. 163

Form #150, Conscientious Objection


Motion for dismissal under authority of Brede v US


Right to counsel


Form # 150- late filing


Doctrine of exhaustion of Administrative Remedies in S.S.


Denial of due process-SS #110, Misleading notice of rights/appeals


Right to counsel re: US v Weller


Military C.O. Claims- practice




An analysis and comparison of AWOL and DESERTION


Exhaustion of administrative remedies


Justification for release because of error by H.A.


Proof of culpable intent


Judicial appointments


On sentences


"Why men refuse induction"


"Right of conscience and the ninth amendment"


New names sent to Thorne & Weinstein


List of lawyers sent SS materials, 3/13-4/2/1968




New Panel members


News stories on cases


Material sent to other cities


Memo to judges, 8/22/1968


April 6, 1968 Seminar, Attendee list


Meeting places

Ctn. 163

Panel library, correspondence


Prisoners information and support service, news and notes flyer


Sacramento State speech correspondence and flyer


Selective Service Law Reporter


List of cases


Law Review articles, misc.


Sel. Service System Registrants Processing Manual, 1972


New York Draft and Military Panel memos


Legal memos

Ctn. 164

The Advocate-monthly newsletter for military defense council


Draft counseling newsletters


Military law and counseling newsletter (CCCO)


S.S.S. pamphlets, 1971


S.S.S: Cirriculum guide to the draft (publication for high schools,1970)


Lawyers Selectice Service Panel


1970 Draft lottery


Notices, draft and misc.


Attorney's guide to selective service and military case law


Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors (CCCO)-Newsletters & bulletins


Miscellaneous articles, announcements, pamphlets


Government publications


Draft and military case clippings


Taxpayers resistance as war protest


National Lawyers Guild newsletters


Misc. Newsletters -Anti-war and draft resisters


Pamphlets on C.O., Selective Service, War resistance, armed services


NECLC-New York Draft and Military Law Panel

Ctn. 163

Announcements and press releases




Draft attorneys and counsel (2 folders)


Ann Fagan Ginger


Articles on draft and military law


Legal memoranda and reports (2 folders)


Jury selection and sentencing

Ctn. 165

Conscientious Objector Cases (Cases grouped by alpha letter, 3 misc.case files)

Ctn. 166

C.O. Cases (alpha order, by individual case)


Military Law

Ctn. 167

Decisions of Military Court of Appeals on in-service cases (3 folders)


In-Service C.O. cases


Military Law cases (2 folders)


Regulations of the Defense Dep't and Various Services


Dep't of Defense


Marine Corps


Air Force






Military Judges Guide-Army


Military Law Seminar (Boalt Law School,1969)


DOD Directive re:C.O.'s


Specialized reports


Pre-trial reports


Trial report forms (2 folders)


Application for discharge, C.O.


Misc. C.O. applications and regulations

Ctn. 167

DOD Directive re: administrative discharge


Selective Service -LBM's and releases


Legal aspects of Selective Service


Minimum Due Process Standards in SS Cases (materials for footnotes)


Old case material

Ctn. 168

"Custody" of unassigned Reservists for H.C.


Memos on Military


Legal articles on military cases and judicial review thereof


Resource guide on military law (Harvard Draft Research Committee)


Military law seminar (Boalt Hall 1968-69)


California State Directors Operations Memos 1-2 (2 folders)


In-Military Cases A-Z (by serviceman's last name) (5 folders)


In Military, Miscellaneous



Ctn. 181

Military law cases, military counsulers manual, correspondence,


memoranda [unprocessed]


SUBSERIES 5.3: Northern California Peace Action Coalition, 1971-1972

Ctn. 180

Peoples Coalition for Peace and Justice- correspondence, memos, press releases, newsletter, agendas, ephemera (3 folders) 1971-1972


SUBSERIES 5.4: Miscellaneous, 1969-1972

Ctn. 176

Anti-War Protest Photographs (Berkeley Or Oakland)c March 1972

Scope and Content Note

Photographs- War protestors assemble in front of unidentified building possibly downtown Oakland or Berkeley. Carrying banners, "Welcome Mrs. Nixon", "Vietnam veterans against the war", "Join us to stop the war now" etc. Some people carrying a draped coffin simulating a funeral march. During the rally some photos depict conflict, struggle, possible violence, men being led away (not by uniformed police). Folder includes numbered notes and cards corresponding to numbers on photos with people's names in photos and brief notes about events.

Ten negative strips, Envelope of negative strips (labeled Lyle Bagatti)

Ctn. 176

Black and white prints (Anti-war protest)


two proof sheets


two-6 x 9


twenty eight-5 x 7


four-3 1/2 x 3 1/2


twenty two-3 1/2 x 5


Color (faded)


ten-3 1/2 x 5

Ctn. 175

War Resisters League, newsletter (incomplete), pamphlets, 1972

Ctn. 176

Student Mobilization Committee to End the War, n.d.

Ctn. 179

Vietnam, ant-war pamphlets, 1970's

Ctn. 180

People's Coalition for Peace and Justice, 1971-1972


The Oakland Seven (draft resisters), c1969

Box 9; Carton 138-139, 153, 176-178

Series 6 : Anti-Nuclear And World Peace Organizations, Advocates, And Cases, 1940-1998.

Access Information

The War and Peace Foundation files and the Commission on Peace and Justice, City of Berkeley files need processing review by Public Services before they can be served to the public. Please see reference desk for an Application for Access to Restricted Material (ARM) form.

Scope and Content Note


Five sub-series are arranged as received: Michael Shapavalov Papers, 1943-1969; War and Peace Foundation, 1970-1998; Bangor Base Trials 1978-1980; Western Solidarity vs. Ronald Reagan, 1985-1986; The Commission on Peace and Justice, City of Berkeley, 1986-1997
All series arranged as received.
The Michael Shapavalov Papers, contain materials from a peace activist and agricultural scientist. Includes biographical information, and miscellaneous material from United States and international peace organizations, conferences, and committees during 1940s-1950s including the American Continental Congress for World Peace held in Mexico City in 1949.
The War and Peace Foundation files are contain the correspondence files of its directors, Arthur and Selma Brackman, a collection of peace and anti-nuclear conference materials, newsletters, bulletins, articles, and speeches. Subject files include materials on the Pacific Plutonium Forum, 1995, demonstrations against the Cassini space probe, the School of the Americas, The Panama Deception, and United Nations strategies for peace.
The Bangor Base Trials between 1978-1980. Case files of demonstrators protesting nuclear weapons installed aboard the Trident Nuclear Submarines. Contain case histories, articles, attorney's memos, hearing notices, appeals arguments, pleadings, and motions along with the trial transcripts of US vs. Lowe et al, US vs. Rubenstein et al, and four other cases.
Western Solidarity vs. Ronald Reagan includes a complete set of trial documents including motions, exhibits, court and attorney correspondence, memoranda, complaints, amici curiae briefs, depositions, motions, expert witness lists, and drafts.
Commission on Peace and Justice, City of Berkeley contains meeting agendas, notes, correspondence, articles, reports and files on the Berkeley Nuclear Free Zone, Miles-Cutter Laboratory, sister cities, and the Commissioners manuals.

SUBSERIES 6.1: Michael Shapavalov Papers, 1940-1969

Box 9

Materials from US and International Peace organizations, conferences, and committees during the 1940's-50's Papers include clippings, notes and newsletters.


B & W photographic prints of Linus Pauling and others at the American Continental Congress for World Peace held in Mexico City Sept 5-10, 1949.


Additional materials and speeches from the Congress and newspapers from Mexico dated 1949.


American-Soviet Peace materials


Science journal articles dated 1913-14.


Memorial address for M. Shapavalov by Walter Harju, 1969.


SUBSERIES 6.2: War & Peace Foundation, 1984-1998

Access Information

Need processing review by Public Services.
Ctn. 153

UN/NGO related materials


National Women's Conference on Preventing Nuclear War 1984


3rd Global Structures Convocation, Wash DC 1994

Ctn. 153

34th Strategy for Peace Conference 1993


50th Annual DPI/NGO Conference, UN Headquarters 1997


The Pacific Plutonium Forum:On the Civilian Use and Sea Transportation of Plutonium. Berkeley, CA 1995


Foundation Correspondence (Arthur & Selma Brackman, Directors) Pamphlets


Newsletters and Bulletins (4 folders)


War & Peace Digest 1991-1997




Peace and Anti-nuclear groups


Articles and notices (2 folders)


Demonstrations against launch of Cassini Space Probe 1997


Muller, Paul, 2000 Ideas for a better world


Fast Track to zero nuclear weapons:The Middle Powers Initiative 1998


Articles by Arthur Kinoy and Barbara Deming


Comm. to Protect Journalists,1991: The Soviet Media's Year of Decision


"Ruth Gage-Colby Testimonial Dinner", (program) New York 1972


School of Americas


The Panama Deception, Empowerment Project 1992


Indigenous people and multiculturalism articles and info


Historic publications


The Outpost, published by Americans in Britain, London 1943


Speech broadcast by Prime Minister Mr. Winston Churchill May 10, 1942


Common Tasks and Common Dreams, speech by India Ghandi 1966


Debate within SDS:RYM II vs Weatherman, Racial Education Project, Detroit c1970


The Black Panther, vol. 4, no. 22 May 9,1970

Ctn. 153

Boutros, Boutros-Gahli, Building Peace and Developmen, 1994


Krieger, David, ed., Waging Peace:Vision and Hope for the 21st Century 1992


Lentz, Theo. F., Towards a technology of peace, 1972


Biegert, Claus, Der Montag, der die Welt veränderte, 1996


SUBSERIES 6.3: Bangor Base Trials (Trident Nuclear Submarine Protests), 1978-1980

Ctn. 153

Case history


Expert testimony


Writings on the Trident and nuclear weapons


Attorney's memos


Hearing notices


Appeals argument, Nancy Bidgood


US v Lowe et al, Trial transcript (3 folders), Feb. 1980


US v Rubenstein et al., Trial transcript (v.1) (2 folders), Dec. 1978


US v Rubenstein et al., Trial transcript (v. 2-5) (4 folders), Dec. 1978


US v Zanzig, Arraignment, Plea, trial transcript (3 folders), 1979-1980


US v May et al


US v Alcorn (2 folders), 1979


US v Broadbent (2 folders),1979-1980


Appeal, misc. briefs

Ctn. 176

3 Trident cases Pleadings- (4 folders), 1977


October 28 Coalition-Motions Vol I-IV (4 folders), 1979


October 30 Coalition


Trident Appeals


SUBSERIES 6.4: Western Solidarity vs. Ronald Reagan, 1985-1986

Ctn. 176

Civil Action Nos. 84-L-280 and 84-L-423

United States District Court for the District of Nebraska, Eastern Division

Ctn. 138

Correspondence of the Court 1/7/1986


Plantiff's Request for the Setting of Hearing on Pending Motions 1/7/1986


Stipulation Dismissing Causes of Action Numbers 19 and 21


Motion to Withdraw as Counsel (Finzel, Roger A.)


Order allowing Counsel to Withdraw


Correspondence 4/20/1985


Redraft 3/7/1985


Intervening Plantiffs (Friends of the Earth, Inc.) second set of Interrogatories and request for production of documents 1/4/1985


Defendants Response to Plantiffs' Request for Setting of Hearing 1/15/1986


Plantiffs Brief in Support of Motion for Partial Summary Judgement and Response to Defendants' Motion for Judgement on the Pleadings 4/30/1985


Exhibits 1-11


Court and Attorney Correspondence 1985






Colorado Plantiffs' List of Proposed Expert Witnesses




Defendants' Objection to Plantiffs' Response Order


Plantiffs Motions


Defendants' supplemental Memorandum of Law


Defendants' Request for Production of Documents/Defendants' Response


Plantiffs First Set of Interrogatories


Defendants Cross Motion for Summary Judgement/ Supplemental


Defendants' Exhibits

Ctn. 138

Brief Amici Curiae (Sen. Hatch, Helms, Denton...other Congressmen )


Plantiffs' Reply to Defendants' Opposition to Plantiffs' Motion for Partial Summary Judgement...


Defendants' Reply to Plantiffs' Opposition to Defendants' Motion for Judgement on the Pleadings and Memoramdum in Support of Defendants' Cross-Motion..


Plantiffs' Requests for Admission, Interrogatory, and request for Production/ Defendants' Response


Stipulated Chronology


Deposition of Peter Daley




Motion to Set Hearing


Federal Defendants' Supplemental List of Expert Witnesses


Declaration of Herbert Scoville, Jr., James L. McKenzie


Order, Memoranda of Motions


Defandants' Memo in Support if their Motion for Judgement on the Pleadings


Defendants' Exhibit A


Statement of Material Facts/ Motion for Judgement


Brief of Western Solidarity Plantiffs


Deposition of John J. Politi


Farley v US Air Force Court Documents and Correspondence (4 folders)

Ctn. 139

Western Solidarity v Ronald Reagan


Court Documents, Attorneys' Work Products (14 folders)


SUBSERIES 6.5: Commission On Peace And Justice, City Of Berkeley, 1986-1997

Access Information

Need processing review by Public Services.
Ctn. 177

General P&J information


Nuclear Free Zone (3 folders)


Committee meeting agendas, meeting notes and materials, correspondence, articles, reports, 1986-1993

Scope and Content Note

(19 folders arranged chronologically by year)
Ctn. 178

Committee meeting agendas, meeting notes and materials, correspondence, articles, reports, (1994-1997)

Scope and Content Note

(17 folders arranged chronologically by year

Miles-Cutter lab


Sister cities


Commissioners manuals 1988,1992 , Misc. Reports

Box 6-8, 68-70; Carton 183

Series 7 : Academic Freedom. 1904-1984

Access Information

The Loyalty Oath controversy at UC Berkeley files need curatorial review before they can be served to the public. Please see reference desk for an Application for Access to Restricted Material (ARM) form.

Scope and Content Note


Divided into three sub-series: Alexander Meiklejohn Papers; The Political Papers Of Bernhard J. Stern, 1925-1953; Loyalty Oath Controversy At U.C. Berkeley, 1950.
Alexander Meiklejohn Papers are further divided into: Writings and speeches by Meiklejohn, 1904-1965, and Writings about Meiklejohn, 1942-1984. Arranged in chronological order;
The Political Papers of Bernhard J. Stern, 1925-1953. Arranged in chronological order. Included are correspondence, transcripts of Stern's testimony before the House Un-American Activities Committee and several Senate Judiciary Committees. Stern's academic papers spanning his life as a sociologist, teacher, writer and editor are in the archives at the University of Oregon in Eugene and at the Huntington Library in Pasadena.
The Loyalty Oath Controversy at UC Berkeley 1950. Three files arranged as received.

SUBSERIES 7.1: Alexander Meiklejohn Papers



Box 68

Bibliographic cards


Writings and Speeches by Alexander Meiklejohn

Box 68

The Deans address at the commencement dinner (photocopy) 1904


Letter to Fred Ladd (reprint) 1904


Presidential inagural address of A. Meiklejohn, Amherst 1912


Is mental training a myth? (reprint) 1909


A Schoolmaster's view of compulsory military training (photocopy) 1916


Discussion:Tenure of office and academic freedom (photocopy) 1916


Fiat justitia:The college as critic (reprint) 1917


Report of the president (photocopy) 1918


Report of the president to the trustees (photocopy) 1918


What does the college hope to be during the next hundred years? 1921


To whom are we responsible? 1923


A new college (photocopy) 1925


Adult education : A fresh start (photocopy) 1934


Two manuscript letters to Jesssica Davidson (5 leaves) c.1935-38


Liberty for what? (photocopy) 1935


Forward from The Supreme Court as History (photocopy) 1937

Box 68

Teachers and controversial questions 1938


Congress and the people (photocopy) 1942


Education as a factor in post-war reconstruction (photocopy) 1942


Reason or violence 1943


What do you mean Totalitarianism? (photocopy) 1943


Unity with the Communists? (photocopy) 1943


Free speech for fascists? (photocopy) 1943


Education under the charter (photocopy) 1945


Book Review (Philosophy in American Education, B. Blanshard et al. (reprint) 1946


To teach the world to be free 1946


Everything worth saying should be said (photocopy) 1948


Educational cooperation between church and state 1949


To the regents of UC (re T.A. Irving D. Fox), written jointly with No. California ACLU (photocopy) 1950


The first amendt. and evils that congress has a right to prevent 1951


The teaching of intellectual freedom 1952


The crisis in freedom (photocopy) 1952


Supreme Court ruling challenged (reprint) 1953


The priority of the market place of ideas (photocopy) 1953


Greetings to S.F. State College on its dedication day 1954


Book review: Sedition circa 400 B.C. (photocopy) 1955


W e the people 1956


The American college and American freedom 1957


Liberty or Freedom (address) 1957


Petition to Congress to abolish HUAC (ACLU newspaper) 1957


Constitutional limits to Congressional investigations (photocopy) 1959

Box 68

Statement on university student group activities 1960


The Barenblatt opinion 1960


The balancing of self-preservation against political freedom 1961


The first amendment as an absolute 1961


They were teachers 1962


Petition to abolish HUAC (with others) 1964


Excerpts from writings in ACLU newspaper 1965


A criticism of public opinion for neglecting civil liberty (photocopy)


A symposium:Should Communists be allowed to teach? (photocopy)


Brief on behalf of Nat Turner v Comm. Officer of the Army Area(editor)


Book review (photocopy) Is the world moving too fast for our constitution? (Freedom and Responsibility, by Becker)


The first amendment (collection of articles)


Announcement of Spring Symposium at Amherst (photocopy) 1923

Box 69

List of audio tapes recording Meiklejohn activities from 1955-1964


Brief, Lawson v USA /Trumbo v USA (USSC) 1949


Typed sheets of miscellaneous quotes by Meiklejohn


US Dept of Justice-NBC Production, "I'm an American", Radio broadcast script 1941


ACLU/Meiklejohn, Crisis at the Univ.of California (photocopy) 1949,1951


The Chaffee-Sutherland Letter - to the editor of the Harvard Crimson (type copy) 1953


"Educator attacks Chaffee-Sutherland Doctrine", Harvard Crimson 1954

Box 70

University of Wisconsin (Experimental College), notes and documents


Amherst College, notes and documents


Reports to the president (of Brown University) from the Dean (Meiklejohn) 1902,1906-12,1923

Box 70

Correspondence to Scott Abbott re Meiklejohn 1965


Bibliography (by and about Meiklejohn)


Writings About Alexander Meiklejohn

Box 69

Mr. Alexander Meiklejohn and the Barenblatt Opinion, Kalven, Harry 1960


A tribute to Alexander Meiklejohn, news clipping (photocopy) 1965


Dr. Alexander Meiklejohn Dies, clipping (photocopy) 1965


Alexander Meiklejohn memorial meeting notebook, Berkeley 1965


Homage to Alexander Meiklejohn (Rights) 1965


"Alexander Meiklejohn's views on the liberal college and its graduates, Leonard, Lawrence 1971


"Totalitarianism for what:The enigma of Alexander Meiklejohn" Harrison, David 1971


"The experimental college", Neuhaus, Sandy 1971


"Alexander Meiklejohn's concept of political freedom", Pusser, Portia 1971


"Alexander Meiklejohn and the making of the Amherst mind", Bixler, Julius Seelye (Amherst) 1973


Meiklejohn Library Anniversary Journal 1975


"Meet Alexander Meiklejohn", Jones, Louis Worth 1978


School for Americans: An essay in Adult Education, Powell, John 1942


Free Speech: The Immaculate Deception (speech) Jones, Louis W. 1979


"Alexander Meiklejohn", Buchanan, Scott(photocopy) n.d.


Alexander Meiklejohn obituaries and tributes (2 folders)


"Utopian thought in action: the experimental college at the University of Wisconsin 1927-31", Duhan, Laura 1984


Miscellaneous (3 folders)


The qualified absolute: Alexander Meiklejohn and freedom of speech, Palmer, M. 1979


Alexander Meiklejohn teacher of freedom, Brown, Cynthia Brown,editor 1981

Box 69

Political freedom: the constitutional powers of the people, Alexander Meiklejohn 1948, 1960


SUBSERIES 7.2: Political Papers Of Bernhard J. Stern, 1925-1953

Box 6

Guide to the Political Papers of Bernhard Joseph Stern


Correspondence between Charlotte Stern and MCLI re Bernhard J. Stern's papers

folder 001

Correspondence, City College of New York, 1925-26

folder 002

Correspondence, University of Washington, 1927-30

folder 003

Correspondence, Involvement in Organizations, 1927-28

folder 004-006

Correspondence and clippings re dismissal, University of Washington, 1930-31

folder 007

University of Washington student evaluations, 1930

folder 008

Correspondence, re involvement in organizations, 1930-1941

folder 009

HUAC 1938-42; Rapp-Coudert Committee, 1940; clippings

Box 7, folder 010

Correspondence, Involvement in organizations, 1942-1948

folder 011-014

Correspondence, New York City teachers course, 1947-1948

folder 015

Memo: Re Civil Liberties in the New York City Schools

folder 016

New York City teachers in-service course, clippings

folder 017

SISS, Transcripts, correspondence, 1952

folder 018

SISS, clippings, 1952

folder 019

McCarthy Committee, transcripts, notes, 1953

Box 8, folder 020

McCarthy Committee, "book burning" clippings, misc., 1953

folder 021

Corresp., Actions taken by Columbia University, Committee report

folder 022-23

Clippings, misc, General opinion on the investigations

folder 024

Correspondence, Involvement in organizations, 1952-56

Ctn. 183

Intellectual and academic freedom pamphlets 1949, 1953


SUBSERIES 7.3: Loyalty Oath Controversy At U.C. Berkeley, 1950

Access Information

Need curatorial review.
Box 63

Statements, position information, clippings from Berekley Gazette and other original materials generated during the 1950 dispute at the University. (3 folders)

Box 26-28, 58, 71; Carton 113, 175, 179, 180, 182-183;

Oversize Box 2;Oversize Folder 1 C

Series 8 : Printed Materials And Ephemera, 1929-1989

Scope and Content Note


Divided into five sub-series: Publications, 1932-1989; Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee, 1965-1967; Posters and Prints, 1927-1980; Radical Pamphlets, 1920s-1980s; Extremist Right-Wing Publications, 1930s-1940s.
Publications are further divided into two sections: Mieklejohn Civil Liberties Institute Indexes and Publications. Arranged in chronological order.
Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee files contain the publications, key mailing lists (July 1965-1967), reports, news releases, reports of incidents, and summaries. Arranged in chronological order.
Posters & Prints, 1927-1980 contains a small selection of visual images and statements concerning opposition to the Vietnam War, labor and civil rights, political freedom, cultural events and anti-nuclear protest. Arranged by subject.
Radical Pamphlets, 1920s-1950s. Arranged as received.
Extremist Right-Wing Publications, 1930s-1960s. Arranged as received.

SUBSERIES 8.1: Publications


Indexes and other MCLI publications, 1920-1985

Ctn. 179

Bill of rights citator and holdings of the MCLI Library and ACLU 1920-1966


Human rights organizations & periodicals directory 1979-1980

Ctn. 175



Human Rights Calendar 1983


A Calendar of Cases 1978


A Calendar of Lawyers 1977

Ctn. 180

Human Rights Calendar 1980


Symposium and Anniversary Journals (6) 1980-1985


Journals, Newsletters, and Books, 1927-1989

Box 28

International Juridical Association Monthly Newsletter


Indexes v 1-12


Issues 1932-1942 (v 1 no 1 through v 11 no 6)


Miscellaneous issues

Box 71

Northern Neighbors, The magazine of Socialism in Action (Canada's authoratative, independent magazine, reporting the USSR, established in 1950), monthly issues (4 folders) 1977-86 (some missing issues)

Ctn. 179

Student litigation: A compilation and analysis of civil cases involving students 1977-1981


Taps, bugs, and fooling the people, Schwartz, Herman 1977


History and Reality, Aptheker, Herbert (1st edition) 1955

Ctn. 180

Of the people, for the people: pictorial highlights of fifty years of the Communist Party USA 1919-1969, CP USA 1970

Ctn. 183

Civil Liberties Reporter 1950-1952

Ctn. 183

Civil Rights Law Letter, pub by Civil Rights Congress 1955-1956


NAACP publications 1940-1950s


New Perspectives, Journal of the World Peace Council 1984-1989


Misc. Underground obscure newspapers


Misc newsletters, publications (3 folders)

Ctn. 182

SDS Newsletter March 1967


Lowndes County Freedom Organization (LCFO), Mississippi- newsletter 1965

oversize OS Box 1, folder 7

Flatlands, Oakland, CA, 26 intermittant issues Jan. 1966-Oct. 1967


SUBSERIES 8.2: Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) 1965-1967

Box 26

Reports Feb-May 1965


Key List Mailing (7 folders) July 1965-Aug, 1966

Box 27

Key List Mailing (8 folders) Sept. 1966-July 1967

Ctn. 182

SNCC, news releases, reports of inceidents, summaries 1962-1966


SUBSERIES 8.3: Posters And Prints, 1927-1980

oversize OS Box 2, folder 1

Anti-War (Vietnam & general opposition)-7 items

folder 2

Labor/ Civil Rights-9 items

folder 3

Loyalty Oath, Political Freedom, McCarthyism-3 items

folder 4

Cultural events-3 items

folder 5

Misc. cartoon (original drawing), portrait of William Heikkela, 1927 Ohio Reformatory certificate restoring rights to formerly incarcerated prisoner,American Defenders, 1937, Election poster for FSLN in Spanish

oversize Oversize Folder 1C

Misc. anti-war, cultural events, civil rights, and anti-nuclear posters


SUBSERIES 8.4: Radical Pamphlets, 1920's-1950's

Box 58

Ctn. 113


Scope and Content Note

Communist ideology, Free Press, Leninism, Cold War, Socialism, Trotsky, Stalinism, Soviet Russia, Organized Labor Unions, Marxism, Japanese, Imperialism, Italian Fascism, American Imperialism, Ethiopia, Germany, NAACP, McCarthyism, Eugene Debs, Catholics and the Church, Taxes, Racial Inequality in Education, The Atomic Bomb, May Day, Indochina, Negros and the Soviet Union, US Imperialism, Civil Rights, Disarmament, Jews and Anti-Semitism, etc.

Authors of pamphlets :

Scope and Content Note

Eugene Dennis, George Marion, William Z. Foster, V.M. Molotov, Joseph Stalin, Gerhart Eisler, Paul Robeson, Earl Browder, Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, V.I. Lenin, Zoltan Deak, Margaret Schlauch, Jaques Duclos, Herbert Aptheker, John Abt, S. Titarenko, Frederick Douglass, Alex Bittleman, Alexander Trachtenberg, Gus Hall, Upton Sinclair and others.

SUBSERIES 8.5: Extremist Rightwing Publications, 1930's-1960's

Ctn. 182

National Republic lettergram 1936


Robert Edward Edmunson, writings about and by 1936


Anti-semetic publications by Edmunson 1930's


American Women against Communism 1936


Defenders of the Christian Faith 1939


The American Guard 1939


"World-Service" Anti-semetic publications from Germany 1938


National Council for Prevention of War 1940


Fichte Association, Union for World Veracity,Hamburg, Germany 1939


"The Vigilante" 1933-1935


"The White Night" Jan, Aug, Sept 1936


Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America 1936


Ctn. 183 Anti-Communist literature 1960s

Box 61,67; Carton 58, 155-162, 175,179,180,182

Series 9 : Miscellaneous

Access Information

The Meiklejohn Institute Subject Files need curatorial review before they can be served to the public. Please see reference desk for an Application for Access to Restricted Material (ARM) form.

Scope and Content Note


Divided into four sub-series: California Proposition 13; Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Institute Subject Files, 1970s-1990s; United States Executions,1965-1967 volumes 1-5; Miscellaneous Files.
California Proposition 13 arranged as received.
The Meiklejohn Subject Files are arranged alphabetically. Files were assembled between the 1970s-1990s on topics of international political, social and legal interest. May include articles, pamphlets, conference papers, clippings, and correspondence.
United States Executions, 1965-1967 (5 volumes ) is a research collection assembled by Mrs. William Searle of Berkeley for an essay against capital punishment. Includes statistics, reports, correspondence, maps, drawings, and trial information for trials resulting in execution, profiles of individual death row prisoners including pictures, psychiatric reports, personal and legal information.
Miscellaneous. Unarranged files containing trials, publications, conference materials, ephemera, memorials, notes, reports, organizational materials, and files on individuals.

SUBSERIES 9.1: California Proposition 13


General Information (3 folders)

Ctn. 58

Notices, Announcements


Impact on Berkeley


Reduction of Services to Schools


Cases (15 folders)


California Supreme Court-List of Prop 13 Cases


Calif State Council of Service Employees Int'l Union AFL-CIO v Tinney (641.1a in HR Docket)


Tinney v San Francisco (641.2 in HR Docket)


City of Alameda v SBE


Monterey Co. Deputy Sheriff's Assn. v County of Monterey


Amador Valley Joint Union High School v SBE


County of Alameda v SBE


California Teachers Association v March Fong Eu


Other Cases




SUBSERIES 9.2: Meiklejohn Institute Subject Files, 1970s-1990s

Access Information

Need curatorial review.
Ctn. 155-162

Subject files

Scope and Content Note

Arranged alphabetically by subject, non-case files collected by MCLI between late 1970's to early 90's. Political topics includes articles brochures, pamphlets, conference papers, clippings, and correspondence (primarily from organizations). Examples of topics in alpha files (from carton 162): UNESCO, US Citizens in non-US Wars, US-Cambodia Relations, US Institute of Peace, US Foreign Policy, US/USSR Disarmament, Yugoslavia, War Powers Act, War Tax Resistance, Warsaw Treaty states, Weiss Bill, World Court, World Bank, World Trade Union Movement.

SUBSERIES 9.3: U.S. Executions 1965-1967

Ctn. 179

U.S. Executions

Scope and Content Note

v 1-5 (collection assembled by Kathleen (Mrs. William) Searle of Berkeley). Bound into five volumes are an essay on capital punishment by author, followed by collected statistics, reports, correspondence, maps, drawings, and trials resulting in capital punishment. Also collected information on individual death row prisoners who were executed--profiles, psychiatric, personal, and legal information. Handwritten captions.

SUBSERIES 9.4: Miscellaneous Files

Access Information

Need processing review by Public Services.
Box 61

California v Stephen Bingham, Transcript of Proceedings (2 folders) June 2, 17, 1986

Ctn. 182

Bingham, Stephen-, letters from Sierra Leone, West Africa while in the Peace Corp, 1966

Ctn. 175

Indochina and anti-nuclear pamphlets, newsletters, announcements (California), 1970s-1980s


Black elected officials in the southern states, voter education project


Southwide Conference of Black elected officials, Atlanta Georgia program of proceedings, Dec. 1968

Box 67

Arrest of Earl Browder


"Tokyo Rose" case : Iva Ikuko Toguri d'Aquino v USA, Petition for certiorari, appeal, amici briefs (2 folders), 1951

Ctn. 182

"Tokyo Rose-Folklore and Justice", by George Olhausen, 1952

Box 67

Operation Intimidation: A manual on witch hunting committee, ca. 1950


Official Program of the Founding Convention of the New Party,Philadelphia, 1948


Scottsboro Boys pamphlet, 1932


Exhibit and films brochures from Japan on effects of Atomic bombs

Ctn. 180

The Communist manifesto in pictures, n.d.

Ctn. 180

Political Action Committee (of CIO), pamphlets, ca. 1946


Civil rights, ephemera and pamphlets, 1950s


McCarthyism, pamphlets and articles, 1950s


40th Anniversary of the United Nations, San Francisco, ephemera,1985


Laurent Frantz memorial 1913-1998 and photocopied writings of, MCLI Peace Law Symposium, notes and materials on speakers and Conference, 1985


Disarmament forums list, Lawyers Comm. on Nuclear Policy, 1945-1983

Ctn. 182

Clarance Darrow, Pleas and speeches


Photographs, Huey Newton and Black Panthers 3-b&w 8 x 10


Robert Parson (aka Marcus Graham) v US (4 folders), ca. 1936


IADL- Report on War crimes in Korea, 1952


Anti-nuclear pamphlets Berkeley Free Church, 1970


Bertrand Russell Peace Foundation


Committee for the Protection of Foreign Born, conf. journals, 1955-1963


Communist Party v. SCAB


Community Organization for Progress (COUP)


Ron Dellums, 20 years of public service, program, 1987


W.E.B. DuBois Clubs, literature and pamphlets, 1960s




Farm workers organizing


National Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression

Scope and Content Note

(successor to the Angela Davis Defense Committee), newsletters, correspondence,ephemera

NCARL-National Committee Against Repressive Legislation


Nuclear disarmament


Southern Civil Rights and cases (2 folders)


Women Against Violence in Pornography and Media (Berkeley)


Union W.A.G.E. (Women's Alliance to Gain Equality)

Ctn. 182

Alliance Against Women's Repression


Ida. K. Longman Collection of correspondence, flyers (MLK) and ephemera on Civil Rights activities, 1960s


WREE- Women for Racial and Economic Equality

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