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Finding Aid to the Alan Cranston Papers, 1914-1993, bulk 1940-1993
BANC MSS 88/214 c  
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Series 1 Pre-Senatorial Career circa 1920-1969

Physical Description: Cartons 1-28, 622, Volumes 1-9

Scope and Content Note

Series contains the following subseries: Journalism/Writing, Common Council for American Unity, Office of War Information, United World Federalists, California Democratic Council, and California State Controller.

Subseries 1.1 Journalism and Writing circa 1920-1969

Physical Description: Cartons 1-2

Scope and Content Note

Contains both published and unpublished writings from Cranston's early writing career. Includes handwritten drafts, newspaper clippings and published articles he wrote while an overseas reporter with the International News Service (INS), columns from his stints on The Stanford Daily (1934) and The Daily Student Life (1938) at Pomona College, his columns for U.S. Army papers during WWII, his column for California papers in 1967-1968. Also includes a manuscript from his Peace Corps trip to Ghana in 1965. An encapsulated copy of Mein Kampf has been removed to oversize. Book notes and reviews from The Killing of the Peace are included.

Subseries 1.2 Common Council for American Unity 1940-1941

Physical Description: Cartons 3, 5

Scope and Content Note

The Common Council for American Unity was a Washington D.C.-based organization that lobbied against discrimination faced by aliens and the foreign-born residing in the United States. Includes correspondence, legislative reports, office files, and publications. Geneva Cranston later worked for this organization to help repeal the Chinese Exclusion Act, and her papers are included. Geneva Cranston's files when she worked as an assistant to Orson Welles for his column in the New York Post are also included.

Subseries 1.3 Office of War Information 1942-1944

Physical Description: Cartons 3-4

Scope and Content Note

Originally known as the Office of Facts and Figures, this department became the Office of War Information in 1942. In his capacity as Chief of the Foreign Language Division, Cranston worked to unite various nationality groups in the United States behind the war effort. His division produced media and informational material directed at the foreign-born. Contains correspondence, speeches, press files, reports, publications, office files, and clippings.

Subseries 1.4 United World Federalists 1945-1952

Physical Description: Cartons 6-9, 622

Scope and Content Note

Contains material from the conferences that led to the founding of the UWF, as well as organizational records. The papers document Cranston's role as Chair of the Dublin Conference in 1945, the founding of the organization in 1947, and continue through Cranston's term as UWF President from 1949-1952. Includes correspondence, office files, conference materials, publications, and newspaper clippings. Correspondence is arranged alphabetically. Notable correspondents include Grenville Clark, Harris Wofford, Albert Einstein, and Kingman Brewster, among others. The following important conferences are documented in this series: Dublin, New Hampshire, October 11-16, 1945; Princeton, New Jersey, January 11-12, 1946; Asheville, North Carolina, February 1947; Pocono Pines, June 25-27, 1948.
Carton 6

Correspondence A-H

Carton 7

Correspondence H-Z

Carton 8

Office files, conference materials, California clubs, clippings

Carton 9

Office files, publications

Carton 622



Subseries 1.5 California Democratic Council 1953-1969

Physical Description: Cartons 10-14

Scope and Content Note

Documents the origins and founding of the CDC in 1953. Cranston was elected the first President in 1953 and served until he resigned in 1958 to run for State Controller. Includes bylaws, minutes, correspondence, office files, press files, notes, and publications. Correspondence is arranged alphabetically by last name or by CDC club name. Of note is material on Cranston's trip through the South in 1957 and his subsequent report to the Democratic Western States Conference. Also of interest is correspondence from many California politicos, including Pat Brown, Jess Unruh, Paul Ziffren, Roger Kent, Richard Nevins, and Rudy Nothenberg. The CDC organizing conference was held at Asilomar, CA on January 30-31, 1953 and was titled, "How to end the Republican Stranglehold on California." The founding conference was in Fresno, November 27-29, 1953. Thereafter, CDC conferences were held yearly.
Carton 10

Correspondence 1953-1957

Carton 11-12

Office files, including minutes, by-laws, reports, conventions

Carton 13-14

California and National Democratic politics


Subseries 1.6 California State Controller 1959-1967

Physical Description: Cartons 15-28

Scope and Content Note

Cranston served two terms as State Controller. Includes correspondence, office files, press releases, speeches and notes, and scrapbooks of newspaper clippings. The correspondence is arranged alphabetically in three distinct time periods: 1959-1961, 1962-1963, and 1964-1965. Information on the Inheritance Tax Appraiser (ITA) controversy is included in the office files. Researchers interested in this series should also refer to the State Controller campaigns of 1958, 1962, and 1966 in the Campaign Series.
Carton 15

Office files including oath of office, scheduels, press, ITA lawsuit, Long Beach World's Fair, Tidelands Oil

Carton 16

Correspondence A-F 1959-1961

Carton 17

Correspondence Fl-McG 1959-1961

Carton 18

Correspondence McG-Sp 1959-1961

Carton 19

Correspondence St-Z 1959-1961

Carton 20

Correspondence A-Gh 1962-1963

Carton 21

Correspondence Gi-Me 1962-1963

Carton 22

Correspondence Me-Stu 1962-1963

Carton 23

Correspondence Stu-Z 1962-1963

Carton 24

Correspondence A-Hi 1964-1965

Carton 25

Correspondence Ho-R 1964-1965

Carton 26

Correspondence S-Z 1964-1965

Carton 27

Press Releases 1958-1967

Carton 28

Speeches and Notes 1958-1967

Volume 1

Scrapbook 1959

Volume 2

Scrapbook 1960

Volume 3

Scrapbook 1961

Volume 4-5

Scrapbook 1962

Volume 6

Scrapbook 1963

Volume 7

Scrapbook 1964

Carton 8

Scrapbook 1965

Carton 9

Scrapbook 1966


Series 2 Senate Career 1968-1993

Physical Description: Cartons 29-479, 620-623; Volumes 10-48

Scope and Content Note

Series is subdivided into the following subseries: Schedules, Whip/Leadership, Administrative Assistant Files, Administrative, Alan Cranston Files, and Ethics Committee Hearings, Mail, California Files, Legislative Record, Legislation, Committees and Press series.

Subseries 2.1 Schedules 1969-1992

Physical Description: Cartons 29-58


Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Includes office schedules, accepted invitations, itineraries, calendars, and the Senator's daily green schedule cards. The invitations are stuffed in oversize envelopes by month and marked by the Senator indicating his acceptance. California schedules were prepared by the field office staff and changed frequently depending on the Senator's Washington D.C. obligations. Often staff memos or community forum briefing notes are stapled to the California schedules. There may be some duplication of materials between California schedules and the California Files series. Divided into two subsubseries by location: Washington D.C. and California.

Subsubseries 2.1.1 Washington D.C. 1969-1992

Physical Description: Cartons 29-51
Carton 29


Carton 30

January 1970-September 1971

Carton 31

October 1971-September 1972, 1973

Carton 32

January 1974-June 1975

Carton 33

July 1975-December 1976

Carton 34


Carton 35

January-September 1978

Carton 36

January-November 1979

Carton 37

December 1979-August 1980, October 1980-February 1981

Carton 38

March-December 1981

Carton 39


Carton 40

January, March-September 1983

Carton 41

March-November 1984

Carton 42

January-October 1985

Carton 43

November-December 1985, January-June 1986

Carton 44

August-November 1986, January-May 1987

Carton 45

June-December 1987; green schedule cards 1987-1988

Carton 46

January-August 1988

Carton 47

September-December 1988, January-May 1989

Carton 48

June-December 1989

Carton 49

January-September 1990

Carton 50

Oct.-Nov. 1990; green schedule cards 1990; Jan, March-Oct. 1991

Carton 51

January-November 1992


Subsubseries 2.1.2 California 1969-1992

Physical Description: Cartons 22-58
Carton 52

January 1969-June 1973

Carton 53

July 1973-December 1977

Carton 54

January 1978-December 1982

Carton 55

January 1983-July 1985

Carton 56

August 1985-July 1988

Carton 57

August 1988-January 1990

Carton 58

Feb.-Sept. 1990, May-November 1991, January-June 1992


Subseries 2.2 Whip Files and Leadership 1977-1991

Physical Description: Carton 59

Scope and Content Note

Cranston was elected to seven terms as the Democratic party whip. He was first elected whip, or assistant leader, in January 1977, and completed his final term in January 1991. Includes whip notices, vote tallies, other leadership files. These leadership positions are typically under documented, and this collection is no exception. Known as a consummate vote counter and behind-the-scenes conciliator, much of Cranston's work was verbal and, therefore, not documented.

Subseries 2.3 Administrative Assistant Files 1969-1993

Physical Description: Cartons 60-65, Carton 620


Organized by issue.

Scope and Content Note

The Administrative Assistant serves as the Chief of Staff to the Senator. Bob Gray was A.A. for approximately two years. Roy Greenaway, who was on staff from the beginning, became Administrative Assistant in 1971 and remained in this position until Cranston left office in 1993. Includes files on campaign finance legislation, congressional pay raises, the Ethics Committee, Senate rules and procedures, mail franking, and office budgets, as well as other internal Senate issues that affect the operation of the office. Carton 620 (missed in the original move and sent in 1994 from the Washington Records Center) contains "miscellaneous subject files...1969-70", including memos and notes between Cranston and Roy Greenaway, and is presumed to belong in this series.
The Administrative Assistant position is ill-defined but incredibly important. Roy Greenaway's longevity in the job is increasingly rare on Capitol Hill. His association with the Senator goes back to the CDC organization in California in the 1950's. The role of an Administrative Assistant is difficult to document, and Roy left behind barely one carton of papers. Much of his work was conducted verbally. However, his long-time assistant, Jan Mueller, kept a number of files which are included in this series. Administrative Assistant Files typically document the structure and management of the office, the role of the staff and their interrelationships, and their role in accomplishing the senator's goals. Primary emphasis is on memos to and from the senator, other staff, and outside contacts. These files also document the development of political goals and operating plans for the year and the Congress. Roy was responsible for hiring and firing staff as well as assigning them legislative issue areas and structuring how both the Washington D.C. and field offices would run. All legislative and staff memos were read by Roy before they went to Alan. He worked closely with Alan on political strategy and with Murray on press issues and strategy. He also worked with the Senate Rules Committee and Ethics Committee on issues pertaining to the functioning of the office.
Carton 60

Bob Grey and Roy Greenaway (polls, anti-AC literature)

Carton 620

Miscellaneous subject files, Roy Greenaway: addition 1969-1970

Carton 61

Campaign finance legislation (list) 1969-1986

Carton 62

Voter registration, Congressional pay raises, FEC, Ethics, Honoraria (list) 1973-1990

Carton 63

Senate rules, procedures, cloture, committee business

Carton 64

Franking, Democratic Steering Committee, Freshmen Class Mtg., Western State Coalition, Tunney-AC agreement

Carton 65



Subseries 2.4 Administrative 1969-1993

Physical Description: Carton 66, 621

Scope and Content Note

Includes staff memos on policy and procedure, office manuals, staff legislative assignments, and other papers pertaining to office administration. Jan Mueller worked as both Roy Greenaway's assistant and the Administrative Head of the office from 1969-1993, so many of these are her files or those of the various Washington D.C. Office Managers she supervised. Jan worked so closely with Roy Greenaway that some of these files will belong more appropriately in the Administrative Assistant series preceding this one.
Carton 66

Administrative Files

Carton 621

National Archives transmittal records


Subseries 2.5 Alan Cranston Files 1968-1993

Physical Description: Cartons 67-133

Scope and Content Note

Divided into two sub-series: Projects and Working Files.

Subsubseries 2.5.1 Projects 1968-1982

Physical Description: Cartons 67-73

Scope and Content Note

The Projects files consist of specific proposals and project notes of the Senator's. They include both ideas and fully realized projects, such as FIBER.
Carton 67-69

Santa Barbara book 1969-1972

Carton 70

Nuclear Use book notes; Nixon/War Powers; Jefferson/Madison book notes, Politburo book notes, R.E.'s biography book notes

Carton 71

World Court Proposals; U.N. Notes 1974-1982

Carton 72

Flora Lewis Public Policy Institute

Carton 73

The Fund for Integrative Biomedical Research (FIBER)


Subsubseries 2.5.2 Working Files 1968-1993

Physical Description: Cartons 74-133

Scope and Content Note

The Working Files are a hodge-podge of the Senator's own papers. They include speeches, subject and issue files, legislative files, fundraising and political files, VIP correspondence, and various topics near and dear to the Senator's heart.
Carton 74

Speeches and notes #19408-3 1968

Carton 75

Speeches, 1968, #19408-3. Lockheed, 1969-77. Issue files, 1981-88, #1989-10

Carton 76-79

Speeches, Domestic Affairs, 1969-76, alpha, #6422-3, index incl.

Carton 79

Senate business, 1970-75, #6422-3 & 4

Carton 80, 81

Speeches, 1968-73, #33630-3

Carton 82

Speeches, 1976-78, chron. (AC drafts)

Carton 83

Speeches, 1976-87, #94-23

Carton 84

Speeches, 1976-82, #94-10; Various, #94-5 and #94-1

Carton 85

Speeches, 1979-87, #94-22

Carton 86-87

Speeches, Defense, 1969-76, #6422-2

Carton 88-89

Legislation, Defense, 1969-76, alpha, #6422-1, incl. index

Carton 90

Subject files, 1969-74, A-E, #SR94-9

Carton 91

Subject files, 1969-74, E-R, #SR94-24

Carton 92

Subject files, 1969-74, S-Z, #SR94-20

Carton 93

Subject files, 1974-80, A-D, #94-21

Carton 94

Issue files A-E 1974-1976

Carton 95

Issue files G-O 1974-1976

Carton 96

Issue files S-V 1974-1976

Carton 97

Issue files V-W 1974-1976

Carton 98-100

"In/Read" files, 1969-75, #33630-1

Carton 101-102

Issue/Tallies/Speeches, 1975-80, #33630-2

Carton 102

Reconversion, 1969-80, #33630-2

Carton 103

Various 1970s

Carton 104

Legislation, SALT, #1989-02

Carton 105

Legislation, INF, #SR94-11

Carton 106

Legislation, 1974-76. Defense, weapons, Budget Committee, #SR94-6

Carton 107

Legislation, fundraising, speeches: Derwinski **RESTRICTED FOR 25 YEARS** DSCC, SALT, #1989-01 and #94-14

Carton 108

Various: DSCC, S & L's/FSLIC, INF, #1990-8

Carton 109

Various, #1990-4

Carton 110

Various, 1986-88, #SR94-16

Carton 111

Legislation, 1969-72: Budget reform, etc. #SR94-14

Carton 112

Various: Housing, budget, INF, War Powers. Collection I, #1991-4

Carton 113

Various, #1991-2

Carton 114

Various, #1991-3 (including tallies from #33630-2?)

Carton 115

Office files: Countries

Carton 116

Office files: Asia, China, Desert Bill

Carton 117

Office files: Nuclear, housing, DSCC, Vets, Whip

Carton 118

Office files: reprints & speeches. Nuclear, business, political, voter registration, housing, Israel

Carton 119

Office files: Gulf War, foreign policy, budgets

Carton 120

Office files: speeches and backup, issues, political

Carton 121

Office files: National lists, state, individuals

Carton 122

Office files: various, clips, VIP correspondence

Carton 123

Office files: speeches, issues, SALT, economy, coin bills

Carton 124

Office files: Whip, Rockefeller and Ford nominations for VP, USSR, and Collection V, #1992-1

Carton 125

Office files: USSR, Gregg nomination

Carton 126

Political Miscellany, speeches, lists

Carton 127

Collection III, #SR1991-7: Whip tallies, Gulf War, START, DNC, DSCC, Gates nomination

Carton 128

Voter Registration Activities, 1985-89. CA Democratic Party, 1989

Carton 129

Voter Registration--Get Out the Vote (GOTV), fundraising

Carton 130

Political activity (1988 races), Gregg nomination, #1989-07

Carton 131

Collection II, #1991-6: Intelligence, nuclear, voter registration, GOTV

Carton 132

Collections IV and VI, #1991-8 and #1992-2: support letters, freedom of choice bill

Carton 133

Various--VIP correspondence, support letters, Gorbachev Institute, Tass column


Subseries 2.6 Senate Ethics Committee Hearings **RESTRICTED FOR 25 YEARS** 1989-1992

Physical Description: Cartons 134-141

Scope and Content Note

Ethics Committee hearings over the alleged role of five senators charged with interfering with regulators of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board (FHLBB) on behalf of Lincoln Savings and Loan. Contains hearing exhibits, the Senator's and staff files, and videotapes of the proceedings. The Press Files contain clippings and articles on this topic.
Carton 134

Special counsel, exhibits, vol 1: 1-77 and vol 2: 78-200

Carton 135

Special counsel, exhibits, vol 3: 201-325 and vol 4: 326-403

Carton 136

Special counsel, exhibits, vol 5: 404-432 and vol 6: 433-564

Carton 137

Special counsel, exhibits, vol 7: 565-634

Carton 138

Cranston files

Carton 139

Cranston and staff files

Carton 140

Roy Greenaway files

Carton 141

Videotapes 1990-1991


Subseries 2.7 Mail 1969-1993

Physical Description: Cartons 142-179


This series is divided into mail reports, robos, and central files.

Scope and Content Note

A brief explanation of the office mail system: When mail entered the office it was counted. If the mailroom received 20 or more letters on a given topic this was dubbed "issue mail" and an issue box would be created for the topic in the mailroom. Issue mail would receive a robo (or form letter) response that was prepared by the appropriate aide or staff member. These letters were placed in envelopes of up to 200 and answered by the communications room staff. The actual incoming letters were boxed up and sent to the Washington National Records Center. Over 2,500 boxes of these mass mailings were destroyed when the Senator left office. If there were less than 20 letters on a given topic, these were called "individuals" and routed to the appropriate staff person's desk for reply. After a response was drafted, a legislative secretary would type and mail these. These letters became part of the office's central files which consisted of Name Files and Subject Files. Correspondence was filed by constituent last name or agency name in the Name files. Correspondence in the Subject files was filed according to a subject index developed by staff members over time (copy enclosed). Only a copy of the office's outgoing letter was filed in the Name files, while the incoming letter, a copy of the outgoing letter, and any backup materials were filed in the Subject files. Any outgoing correspondence without an incoming letter or backup, for example, a letter the Senator might initiate writing to another Senator, would be in the Name files only. Until 1986, VIP mail was treated like any other individual letter. But from 1986 to 1993, VIP was "yellow-tagged" and sent to a first-name desk that answered only VIP mail. In both systems, the VIP mail ends up in the central files, interfiled in the Name or Subject files with all the other individual letters.
Carton 142

Mail reports 1970-1976, 1978-1992

Carton 143-160

Robos, chron 1969-1992

Carton 161-163

Robos, subject areas

Carton 164

Central Name and Subject Files: Microfilm originals; Name files, 1969-1972

Carton 165

Name files 1972-1977

Carton 166

Name files including 1979, 1981 indexes 1977-1981

Carton 167

Names files, including 1982-1986 indexes 1981-1986

Carton 168

Names files, 1986-1992, including 1987, 1988 name indexes; Subject files, 1981-1982, including 1981, 1982 subject indexes

Carton 169

Subject files including 1983-1985 indexes 1982-1985

Carton 170

Subject files including 1986-1988 indexes 1985-1988

Carton 171

Subject files 1988-1990

Carton 172

Central Name and Subject Files: Microfilm copies; Name files, 1969-1972

Carton 173

Name Files 1972-1977

Carton 174

Name Files 1977-1981

Carton 175

Name Files 1982-1987

Carton 176

Name files, 1988-1992; Subject files, 1981-1982

Carton 177

Subject files 1982-1985

Carton 178

Subject files 1986-1989

Carton 179

Subject files 1989-1990


Subseries 2.8 California Files: Projects and Fieldwork 1969-1992

Physical Description: Cartons 180-197, 623

Scope and Content Note

Contains correspondence, project background information, community meeting notes, county issue summaries, briefing memos on local issues.
Much of the Senator's work occurred in his home state, and this series reflects that activity. During his years in office, Senator Cranston operated field offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego in order to better serve his constituents. The structure of the field operation changed over time as new ideas to remain in better contact with Californians were implemented. The early County Files were the work of Washington D.C. staff who visited California to hear constituent problems. Running from 1969-1977, these are arranged alphabetically by county. Subsequently, in the late 70's through 1992, field staff in California handled these duties. They traveled to different counties to hold open houses and, in later years, held community forums on different topics of interest to local communities. These files are sometimes arranged alphabetically by county, sometimes chronologically by date of field visit, and sometimes by the name of the staff member.
Projects were handled in both Washington D.C. and California. A project was usually a request by a California agency or community for the Senator to assist them in obtaining federal grants or funds for projects. This ranged from writing letters of support for grant requests to help with oversight on a hazardous waste problem to making sure that California cities received favorable treatment from a number of federal agencies. These files are split between the Washington and California offices and different people arranged them differently. Some are organized alphabetically by county; others are alphabetical by federal agency name (for example: IRS, Veteran's Administration, etc.).
Around 1988 a California Community database was developed by the office to better track local issues, contacts, and projects. Records documenting the design and implementation of this database are included, as well as a number of final reports.
Carton 180

County Files, Alameda-Fresno 1969-1976

Carton 181

County Files, Glenn-Los Angeles 1969-1976

Carton 182

County Files, Marin-San Bernardino 1969-1976

Carton 183

County Files, San Diego-Santa Barbara 1969-1976

Carton 184

County Files, Santa Clara-Ventura 1969-1976

Carton 185, 186

County Files, Yolo. Appropriations 1969-1977

Carton 186

Washington D.C. office projects 1978-1982

Carton 187

Projects (by county? Alameda-Plumas? Brinton, Jacobsen, Poeschl) 1978-1982

Carton 188

Projects (Riverside-Ventura?, some alpha by agency, Brinton) 1983-1984

Carton 189

Projects, alpha by agency 1984-1987

Carton 190, 191

Projects, by county (Rogers and Mestman) 1988-1992

Carton 191

Fieldwork, Alpine-Yuba (Dom Vaca, Gerry Yoachum) 1973-1982

Carton 192

Field Office Requests, Alameda-Yolo 1975-1978

Carton 193

Fieldwork, Alameda-Yuba 1976-1982

Carton 194

Fieldwork, chron by visit (Diaz, Yoachum, Kuney) 1983-1986

Carton 195-196

Fieldwork 1983-1992

Carton 197

California Community Plan--memos, forums, casework summary, achievements

Carton 623

Various Field Office files


Subseries 2.9 Legislative Record 1969-1992

Physical Description: Cartons 198-218

Scope and Content Note

Contains summaries of legislative accomplishments, staff-generated daily and weekly activity reports, voting summaries generated by the LEGISLATE database, and voting records prepared by the Democratic National Committee and various interest groups. Also includes a series of bound Congressional Records with annotations and an index to the Senator's remarks, 1969-1977. Includes 1992 retirement tribute book composed of Congressional Records statements from other senators.
Helen Cannen kept the first voting records from 1969-1976. These became more formalized by Cleo Messinger, who, in the position of office Writer-Historian, maintained a system of Senate activity summaries entitled "Dailies" and "Biweeklies" that were distributed to the entire staff. Carolyn Fulton followed in the position of Writer-Historian and continued this task until the office closed.
These summaries are divided into the following sections: legislation that Cranston introduced, legislation that he co-sponsored, how he voted on bills along with a brief summary of the bill and a note on the outcome, and Congressional Highlights and Activities which included adding sponsorships to his bills or speaking at hearings. The dailies are reports on a daily basis. The biweeklies are compendiums of the dailies. They are numbered by Congress, with a new #1 for each new Congress. Subject indexes to the biweeklies are included beginning with the 99th Congress (1985). Backup files contain all the documents that were needed to write the dailies and biweeklies. They include Cranston's floor statements, written hearing testimony, copies of letters, and some press releases.
Carton 198

Legislative Accomplishments (memos, summaries) 1969-1993

Carton 199

Attendence records; Voting records (Helen Cannen); Biweeklies, 94th Congress; Weeklies, 94th Congress, 2nd session, #1-68 1969-1976

Carton 200

Biweeklies, 95th Congress; Dailies, 95th Congress, 1st session, #1-155; Dailies, 95th Congress, 2nd session, #1-146; Backup, #30-41/42 1977-1978

Carton 201

Biweeklies, 96th Congress; Dailies and Backup; Dailies 1979-1980

Carton 202

Dailies; Backup, report #23-41; Biweeklies, 97th Congress 1980-1982

Carton 203

Dailies; Backup, report #1-14 1981-1982

Carton 204

Backup, #20-37 ; Biweeklies, 98th Congress; Backup, #1-16 1983-1984

Carton 205

Backup, #17-33 ; Biweeklies, 99th Congress, incl. indexes; Dailies and backup combined, #1-15 1985-1986

Carton 206

Dailies/backup, cont, #16-21; Dailies/backup, folder 22-26, dailies 1-130 1986 Biweeklies, 100th Congress, incl. indexes 1986-1988

Carton 207

Dailies/backup, folders 1-22, dailies 1-153 1987

Carton 208

Dailies/backup, folders 23-39, dailies 1-125; Biweeklies, 101st Congress, incl. indexes 1988-1990

Carton 209

Dailies/backup, folders 1-21, dailies 1-129 1989

Carton 210

Dailies/backup, folders 22-39, dailies 1-129; Biweeklies, 102nd Congress, incl. indexes 1990-1992

Carton 211

Dailies/backup, folders 1-20, dailies 1-124; Dailies/backup, folders 21-38, dailies 1-102; Congressional Record retirement tributes to AC 1991-1992

Carton 212

Bound Congressional Record with annotations and index to AC remarks, 91st and 92nd Congresses 1969-1972

Carton 213

Bound Congressional Record, 93rd and 94-1 Congresses 1973-1975

Carton 214

Bound Congressional Record, 94-2 and 95-1 Congresses 1976-1977

Carton 215

Legislate voting record 1977-1992

Carton 216

Voting ratings from interest groups, Democratic Policy Committee ratings (close and comparison votes)

Carton 217

DPC voting indexes

Carton 218

DSCC voting, oversize print-out; DPC voting record books 1969-74, 1976


Subseries 2.10 Legislation 1969-1992

Physical Description: Cartons 219-351, 622

Scope and Content Note

These files document the nature and extent of the senator's participation in the introduction and movement of bills, his general legislative interests, impact, and influence, as well as the interaction of legislative concerns and interests with the pressures of his constituency. These files also document the development of policy positions and legislative initiatives by the legislative staff. Typical documents include statements; staff position papers; briefing memos; correspondence with other senators, the executive branch, and interest groups; a copy of the bill along with marked up drafts; conference and committees reports; any relevant hearings; related speeches or press releases; and background materials such as news clippings, reports, and CRS publications.
In the Cranston office, the legislative staff was composed of Legislative Assistants and Legislative Aides. The Legislative Assistants were more senior staff who had expertise in certain subject areas. The Legislative Assistants responsibilities included briefing the Senator on upcoming legislation, tracking bills in Congress, developing bills to introduce, and meeting with lobbyists and constituents. The Aides were assigned to support the work of the Legislative Assistants. They also composed robos and letters to constituents, met with constituents, and wrote briefing memos to the Senator. In addition, Susanne Martinez served as Legislative Director for a number of years. She was responsible for guiding overall legislative strategy as well as discharging her Legislative Assistant duties. The legislative staff was structured into "pods". Each pod addressed a cluster of subjects and consisted of a Legislative Assistant, one or two Aides, and a Legislative Secretary.
Senator Cranston has his own files on legislative issues in his Working Files series. Researchers should consult both series for relevant information. The senator's notes, drafts, and annotations are found in both series. Staff legislative assignment memos are in the Administrative series.
Divided into eight sub-series: Agriculture/Environment/Native Americans, Arts/Education/Labor, Energy and Transportation, Foreign Policy and Defense, Health, Judiciary, Social Services, and Tax and Trade.

Subsubseries 2.10.1 Agriculture/Environment/Native Americans 1975-1993

Physical Description: Cartons 219-239, 622


Mostly organized by Congress, and by bill number within a Congress.

Scope and Content Note

Kathy Files Lacey was the Legislative Assistant in this pod from the early 1970's until the office closed. Some of the boxes contain folder lists.
Carton 219

Legislative record, background 94th Congress, incl list 1975-1976

Carton 220

95th Congress

Carton 221

96th and 97th Congresses, incl lists

Carton 222

98th Congress, incl list

Carton 223

99th and 100th Congresses, list for 100th

Carton 224

101st and 102nd Congresses

Carton 225

102nd Congress

Carton 226

Water legislation, incl list 1982-1988

Carton 227

Desert Bill 1986-1992

Carton 228

Issue Files: Alaska, water reclamation, Lake Tahoe, skiing, dead timber removal, natural resources 1977-1980

Carton 229

Agricultural issue files, speeches, statements, correspondence 1980-1990

Carton 230

Native American issue files: Hopi-Navajo, Hoopa-Yurok disputes

Carton 231

Native Americans, cont.; Projects, incl list 1976-1990

Carton 232

Appropriations, FY1977-1982

Carton 233

Appropriations, FY1983-1986

Carton 234

Appropriations, FY1987-1989

Carton 235

Appropriations, FY1989-1991

Carton 236

Appropriations, FY1992-1993; Robos--agricultural, by subject

Carton 237

Robos--agricultural, appropriations, environmental

Carton 238

Robos--environmental, Indian affairs

Carton 239

Robos--misc., water

Carton 622

Water quality 1976-1977


Subsubseries 2.10.2 Arts/Education/Labor 1969-1993

Physical Description: Cartons 240-246


Organized by subject.

Scope and Content Note

Gary Aldridge was the Legislative Assistant in this area the entire time Cranston was in office.
Carton 240

AIDS, Animal Wildlife

Carton 241

Animal Wildlife

Carton 242

Arts and Humanities, District of Columbia, Earthquakes, Education

Carton 243

Education, Food and Nutrition

Carton 244

Food and Nutrition, Gay Rights, Global Environment/Population, Labor

Carton 245


Carton 246

Labor, Religion


Subsubseries 2.10.3 Energy and Transportation 1971-1993

Physical Description: Cartons 247-257


Files are organized by subject.

Scope and Content Note

Hal Gross was the Legislative Assistant in the 1970's-1986. Clare Thorne was the Legislative Assistant from 1987 until the office closed. There are also transportation files with the records of the Housing Subcommittee.
Carton 247

Energy: Legislative Summary; Alternative Energy; Alternative Energy - Geothermal

Carton 248

Energy: Alternative Energy - Solar; Coal; Department of Energy; Energy Efficiency

Carton 249

Energy: Energy Efficiency - Alliance to Save Energy; General; Nuclear

Carton 250

Energy: Nuclear; Oil and Gas

Carton 251

Energy: Oil and Gas; Oil and Gas - Elk Hills; Oil and Gas - Outer Continental Shelf - General

Carton 252

Energy: Oil and Gas - OCS - Lease Sales; Oil and Gas - OCS - Moratorium; Oil and Gas - OCS - Santa Barbara; Oil and Gas - OCS - Southern California; Oil and Gas - OCS - Robos; Clean Air

Carton 253

Clean Air, Transportation

Carton 254-255


Carton 256

Other (primarily insurance and product liability legislation); Robos -- Energy and Clean Air

Carton 257

Robos --Energy and Clean Air, transportation, other


Subsubseries 2.10.4 Foreign Policy and Defense 1969-1993

Physical Description: Cartons 258-286


Files are organized by subject.

Scope and Content Note

Hal Gross, Gerry Warburg, and Mick Andersen were all Legislative Assistants in this area. Aides' files are particularly important in this subsubseries; the aides did work comparable to Legislative Assistants in this pod.
Carton 258

Roll call votes, 1969-80; AC record, SALT briefing book, INF floor book

Carton 259

L.A. (Warburg) comprehensive files 1979-1990

Carton 260

Arms Control/Defense: SALT, START, INF, weapons, incl list 1970-1985

Carton 261

Arms Control: nuclear proliferation 1980-1990

Carton 262

L.A. files: nominations, forums, Philippines, S. Africa, list (Warburg) 1980-1989

Carton 263

L.A. files (Gross): memos, robos, subject files

Carton 264

L.A. files (Gross): subject files, cont.; nomination, human rights, Soviet Jews

Carton 265

L.A. files (Gross): Soviet Jews

Carton 266

L.A. files (Gross): Soviet Jews, treaties--Panama Canal, SALT

Carton 267

L.A. files (Gross): Defense--general, arms control, conversion, budget

Carton 268

L.A. files (Gross): defense contractors, military bases and personnel, selective service, weapons

Carton 269

Space, weapons systems, incl list 1977-1991

Carton 270

Country files: Asia (alpha by country) 1978-1992

Carton 271

Country files: Not Asia (alpha by country) 1977-1992

Carton 272

Country files: Latin America (alpha) 1980-1992

Carton 273

India-Pakistan, Africa, Military education, Intelligence, FOIA

Carton 274

USSR trips, INF, Persian Gulf, war powers, war crimes 1981-1992

Carton 275

Congressional Record reprints, indigenous peoples, TASS articles (annotated), hearing books, 3 codels (2 Russia, 1 Hungary)

Carton 276

Arms control, Iraq, Saudi, Gulf, START files and briefing book, USSR, sexual assaults in military, incl list

Carton 277

Mid-East, Israel, Falasha, Soviet Jews, base closing, incl list 1983-1992

Carton 278

Soviet Union and Central Asia, incl trips and lists, Mideast 1990-1992

Carton 279

Israel, cont.; Appropriations, FY1981-1983

Carton 280

Appropriations, FY 1983-1985

Carton 281

Appropriations, FY1986-1993, incl list

Carton 282

California military issues, 1980s

Carton 283-284

Robos, by subject: bases, weapons systems, military personnel, space, Soviet affairs, defense spending, Mideast, arms control, intelligence 1975-1992

Carton 285-286

SALT I & II briefing books and background materials


Subsubseries 2.10.5 Health 1970-1992

Physical Description: Cartons 287-302


Files are organized by subject.

Scope and Content Note

Health issues were covered by both personal and committee staff, so these files turned up in a number of places, but are definitely related. There are still health files in the Committee series, so researchers should check both places. Nancy Berend and Barbara Masters did significant work on this topic.
Carton 287

Position paper/statements. Speeches. Resolutions 1970-1988

Carton 288

Subject files: Abortion, AIDS, Arthritis 1977-1987

Carton 289

Appropriations, 1971-1981; CHAP & pregnant women, 1978-1982; Family, 1972-1981; Drugs/alcoholism, 1970-1982

Carton 290

Rehabilitation Act of 1972; Health Services

Carton 291

EMS, 1973-1986; Trauma bills, 1978,1986; HMO, 1971-76; Health personnel training, 1974-1981

Carton 292

Health Planning, 1975-1979; Health Research, 1972-1984; Labor, 1970-1981

Carton 293

FDA, 1978-79; Medicare/Medicaid, 1972-86; Mental Health, 1973-84; SIDS, 1974-80

Carton 294

Robos (chron); memos and statements 1975-1985

Carton 295

L.A. files (Berend, 1975-76; Masters, 1982-88), incl. list

Carton 296

L.A. files, Masters 1985-1990

Carton 297

AIDS, various, incl list 1985-1990

Carton 298

Various, 1978-90. AC record, co-sponsorships 1989-1992

Carton 299

EMS and Trauma Care 1986-1991

Carton 300

L.A. files, Bueno 1988-1992

Carton 301

Robos 1976-1992

Carton 302



Subsubseries 2.10.6 Judiciary 1969-1992

Physical Description: Cartons 303-324


Files are organized by subject.

Scope and Content Note

Hal Gross, John Fleming, Susanne Martinez, and Alan Thomas all served as Legislative Assistants on these issues and organized their files by subject, though John Fleming also organized his files by Congress. There are also some related files in John Steinberg's committee files.
Carton 303

Judicial nomination blue slips, 1969-89; CA Federal Selection; Commission, 1977-79; Nominations and recommendations

Carton 304

Bork, Kennedy, Ginsberg, Nebeker, Noonan, Siegan hearings (SM)

Carton 305

Vaughn Walker hearing, Supreme Court Nominations, Blue Slips, 1987-91 (SM)

Carton 306

Kozinsky, Manion hearings; ACTION Pauken hearings, Legal Services Corp.(SM)

Carton 307

LSC hearings, cont.; Civil Rights committee, 1983(SM)

Carton 308

Memos, robos, speeches, statements, press (JF)

Carton 309

Authored and co-sponsored legislation, 93rd-95th Congress (JF)

Carton 310

Cont., 95th-97th Congress (JF)

Carton 311

Cont., 98th and 99th Congresses; private bills; immigration (JF)

Carton 312

Voter registration (SM)

Carton 313-314

Drugs, crime, civil rights, immigration, S&L's (SM)

Carton 315

Drugs (Gross, Thomas)

Carton 316-317


Carton 318

Drugs, campaign finance reform, revenue sharing/budget

Carton 319

Intellectual property, media, telecommunications

Carton 320


Carton 321

Crime, regulatory bills, civil rights (Hispanic, Black, political prisoners)

Carton 322

Civil rights (Gay, Japanese-American redress); gun control; consumer issues; cigarettes; pornography

Carton 323-324

Robos and co-sponsorships, 1974-92: federal employment, campaign finance, voter reg, antitrust, judiciary, civil rights, crime/drugs/guns, telecommunications, patents, media, sports, Post office, government regulations


Subsubseries 2.10.7 Social Service 1975-1992

Physical Description: Cartons 325-340


Files are organized by subject.

Scope and Content Note

Susanne Martinez was responsible for these issues on the Child and Human Development Subcommittee of the Labor and Human Resources Committee; when she moved to the personal office, she brought these issues with her. Her work on the committee and her work for the personal office were virtually inseparable and are sometimes even filed together. Some of her papers are in this subseries, while others are in the Committee series. Researchers working on these issues should consult both series. Although she still worked on similar issues while she served as the Staff Legislative Director, other Legislative Assistants on these issues included Marion Rodriguez, Asha Jaini, and Irene Buena.
Carton 325

Speeches, Congressional Record, Children's issues (SM section)

Carton 326-327

Children, including Headstart, adoption

Carton 328

Children; Women

Carton 329


Carton 330

Women; Agencies: Legal Services Corp., ACTION

Carton 331

Poverty and Social Services

Carton 332

Cont., LIEAP; Aging; EEOC and discrimination

Carton 333

Appropriations 1978-1985

Carton 334

Social Service: affirmative action, children (L.A. section) 1976-1986

Carton 335

Family planning, domestic violence, Social Security, Welfare, Food stamps, utility assistance 1985-1992

Carton 336

Women and children, mainly gender equity and childcare bills

Carton 337

Children, seniors, national service, immigration

Carton 338


Carton 339

Immigration, census, Senate Hispanic Task Force, Robos

Carton 340

Robos, chron., 1975-1981; 1986 memos


Subsubseries 2.10.8 Tax and Trade 1973-1991

Physical Description: Cartons 341-351


Files are organized by subject.

Scope and Content Note

Hal Gross, Dan Rich, and Carmen Lowrey were the Legislative Assistants in this pod who organized their papers by subject; however, John Fleming organized his papers by Congress.
Carton 341

Trade, commerce, and finance bills 1981-1988

Carton 342

Tax issues, U.S. Customs, international trade, robos 1980-1987

Carton 343

Semiconductor issues

Carton 344

Semiconductor issues, Fair trade in financial services

Carton 345

CAL-PAC 2000, S & L issues

Carton 346-347

Dumping reform, various

Carton 348-351

Aide files, mainly robos and backup 1973-1990

Carton 351

97th-99th Congress: Wine, Vince-Trammel, tax issues (JF)


Subseries 2.11 Committees 1969-1992

Physical Description: Cartons 352-385

Scope and Content Note

Committee files are the same as the Legislative files above, except that they are generated by Cranston committee staff or personal staff, who are assigned to do specific committee work. Like legislative files, they contain bills, committee drafts, position papers, memos, statement, press releases, and background materials. Although official committee files are deposited with the National Archives, the personal files of staff members can be included with the senator's papers. Researchers interested in these files should contact the National Archives for the full records of the relevant committees.
This series contains Jonathan Steinberg's files, as well as papers from the Veterans' Affairs Committee, the Committee on Labor and Human Resources, and the Housing and Urban Affairs Subcommittee of the Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee.
Jonathan Steinberg joined Cranston's staff as counsel on the Labor and Public Welfare subcommittee on veterans' affairs in 1968. From 1971 to 1973, Steinberg served as counsel to both the subcommittee on railroad and retirement and the subcommittee on human resources. When Cranston became chair of the Veterans' Committee in 1977, Steinberg assumed the position of staff director and chief counsel. His early files seem to encompass every issue, not just committee issues. For example, he worked on the Harrison Williams ABSCAM case, even though this did not fall under his committee jurisdiction. He also worked on the Capitol Security Committee which Cranston was assigned to by virtue of his position as Democratic Whip, and those files are included in this series. So this series contains a number of Steinberg legislative files that don't really belong in one particular place. They are placed here only because he was officially designated committee staff. Some of his issues overlap with those of Susanne Martinez and the Judiciary pod of the Personal staff, so a researcher should be prepared to search all three places for certain issues.
Susanne Martinez, who moved from committee staff to personal staff, has files on identical subjects in both the Legislation and the Committee series. It is necessary to cross-reference her files from the Personal office with those from the Labor and Human Resources Committee, particularly the Child and Human Development Subcommittee.
The first eleven cartons are John Steinberg files. The next thirteen cartons are from the Labor and Human Resources Committee and its various subcommittees. The next five cartons are Peace Corps files from the Veterans' Affairs Committee. The next three cartons are from the Housing and Urban Affairs Subcommittee. The last two cartons are from the Committee on the Budget; these files were kept by personal staff, who were assigned to cover the relevant committee work, so they are not truly committee staff files, but they are concerned with committee work.
Carton 352

Steinberg files, 91st Congress, AC author and co-sponsor 1969-1979

Carton 353

Steinberg files, Vets subcommittee of Labor & Public Welfare, AC author and co-sponsor by committee

Carton 354

Steinberg files, cont., Banking & Currency through Judiciary

Carton 355

Steinberg files, cont., Judiciary through Rules

Carton 356

Steinberg files, 92nd Congress, vets and health issues 1971-1972

Carton 357

Steinberg files, cont., Senate & House bills, resolutions

Carton 358

Harrison Williams, ABSCAM 1982

Carton 359

Williams, cont.; Carswell, Haynsworth, Blackmun nominations 1969-1970

Carton 360

Steinberg: Capitol Security Committee 1985-1991


Labor and Human Resources Committee

Carton 360

Legal Services Corp. 1969-1985

Carton 361

Presidential Commission on Population Growth, 1971-72; LPW subcommittees: 1)Railroad Retirement, 2)Human Resources

Carton 362

3)Health and Science Research, 4)Children and Youth (later Child and Human Development): Aged, children and families

Carton 363

CHD, cont.: Handicapped, social services

Carton 364

Cont.: Women. 5)Employment, Manpower & Poverty

Carton 365

Cont: youth, CETA, job bills 1976-1984

Carton 366

Handicapped issues: transportation 1973-1987

Carton 367

Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Grove City

Carton 368

Vocational Rehab and Rehab Act amendments 1972-1978

Carton 369

Cont., Education for handicapped; Disability

Carton 370

Health, EMS 1975-1985

Carton 371

Cont.: arthritis, swine flu, Labor health & safety

Carton 372

Various: Senate reform; Supreme Court, Social Security 1971-1978


Veterans' Affairs Committee

Carton 376

Peace Corps: correspondence, robos, '86 appropriations 1976-1992

Carton 377

Peace Corps: Appropriations and bills 1987-1992

Carton 378

Peace Corps: Subject files, A-L

Carton 379

Peace Corps: Subject files, N (nominations)

Carton 380

Peace Corps: Subject files, N-Z


Subcommittee on Housing and Urban Affairs

Carton 381

Transportation 1978-1989

Carton 382

Cont., housing bills, confirmations, coins, Fair Credit 1991-1992

Carton 383

Cont., transit, housing, FEMA, floods 1991-1992


Committee on the Budget

Carton 384

Hal Gross and John Fleming files 1974-1979, 1982, 1986

Carton 385

Cont., Chron and memo file 1974-1978


Subseries 2.12 Press 1969-1993

Physical Description: Cartons 386-497, Oversize volumes 10-48

Scope and Content Note

Divided into general press files, speeches, press releases, the newsletter to constituents, press background files, clipping files and scrapbooks, and audiovisual materials.
Murray Flander was Senator Cranston's Press Secretary from 1969-1993. He was the publisher of the Coalinga newspaper until he left to work for Cranston in Washington D.C., and his final two editorials in his paper about going on leave to work for Cranston's campaign are included in the 1968 campaign files.
Press files are a mixture of correspondence, letters to editors, memos, and published articles by and about Cranston. Indexes to press releases are filed here; they should be copied and interfiled with the proper year in the press release files. Speeches are included here too, but they may need to be interfiled with speeches in other parts of the collection, particularly those in Cranston's working files. Also, many speeches are included in the Press Release files as background information. Press conference transcripts, press briefings, and interviews and hearing are also included. Finally, AC floor statements pulled from the Congressional Records are here for 1973-1973 and 1977-1986; these might be duplicated in press release files.
The Press Release files contain press releases, drafts, speeches, and statements, many with handwritten notes by Cranston. They are chronological by date, 1/10/69-1/1/93. Press releases from the Veteran's Affairs Committee are included.
Press Background files are alphabetical by subject and contain floor statements, press releases, robos, and staff memos. Clipping files include both files and oversize scrapbooks.
Carton 386

Correspondence, letters to editor, memos, Index to press releases, 1969-79, 1981-92 1971-1984

Carton 387

Published articles by and about AC 1969-1982

Carton 388

Cont., unreleased files, 1974-77; misc., 1969-80

Carton 389

Newsletter 1971-1992

Carton 390

Speeches (AC drafts and finals) 1973-1975

Carton 391

Speeches,1978, 1984-85; Press conference transcripts, 1973-74, 78-81; Press briefings

Carton 392

Interviews and hearings 1991-1992

Carton 393

Congressional Record (AC floor statements) 1972-73, 1977-86


Press Releases

Carton 394


Carton 395


Carton 396


Carton 397


Carton 398


Carton 399


Carton 400


Carton 401


Carton 402


Carton 403


Carton 404


Carton 405


Carton 406


Carton 407


Carton 408


Carton 409


Carton 410


Carton 411


Carton 412


Carton 413


Carton 414


Carton 415


Carton 416


Carton 417


Carton 418


Carton 419


Carton 420


Carton 421


Carton 422


Carton 423


Carton 424


Carton 425


Carton 426


Carton 427


Carton 428


Carton 429


Carton 430


Carton 431


Carton 432


Carton 433


Carton 434


Carton 435


Carton 436


Carton 437


Carton 438


Carton 439


Carton 440


Carton 441


Carton 442


Carton 443


Carton 444


Carton 445


Carton 446


Carton 447


Carton 448


Carton 449

6/25/92-1/1/93; Vets Committee, 1987-1992


Press Background

Carton 450

ABM-Census 1969-1978

Carton 451

Childcare-Draft 1969-1978

Carton 452

Earthquakes-Environment 1969-1978

Carton 453

Environment-Health 1969-1978

Carton 454

Health-Jobs Programs 1969-1978

Carton 455

Judiciary-No Fault Insurance 1969-1978

Carton 456

OEO-Reagan, Ronald 1969-1978

Carton 457

Recognition-Tunney, John 1969-1978

Carton 458

Unemployment-Veteran's Health 1969-1978

Carton 459

Veteran's Housing-Youth 1969-1978

Carton 460

Aging-Women; various 1986-1991

Carton 461

Various; Flander campaign files



Carton 462


Carton 463


Carton 464


Carton 465


Carton 466


Carton 467-468


Carton 469


Carton 470-471


Carton 472


Carton 473-474


Carton 475


Carton 476


Carton 477-478


Carton 479


Carton 480


Carton 481

1985-June 1986

Carton 482

July 1986-September 1987

Carton 483

October 1987-February 1990

Carton 484

March 1990-December 1990

Carton 485

January 1991-December 1992

Carton 486

By newspaper, 1989-1991 (mainly Ethics Committee Hearing)

Carton 487-489

Ethics Committee Hearing


Clipping Scrapbooks

Volume 10

Arms-Labor 1969

Volume 11

Legal Aid-Welfare 1969

Volume 12

Counties 1970

Volume 13

ABM-Foreign Affairs 1970

Volume 14

Foreign Trade-Military 1970

Volume 15

Minority Affairs-Politics 1970

Volume 16

Political Reform-Veterans 1970

Volume 17

Veterans-Welfare 1970

Volume 18

Aging-Education 1971

Volume 19

Equal Rights-Law Enforcement 1971

Volume 20

Legal Aid-Oil 1971

Volume 21

Politics-Sports 1971

Volume 22

SST-World Affairs 1971

Volume 23

Aging-Health 1972

Volume 24

Housing-Politics 1972

Volume 25

Polls-Space Science 1972

Volume 26

Speeches-Welfare 1972

Volume 27

Untitled 1969-1972

Volume 28

Aging-Campaign Finance Reform 1973

Volume 29

Chicano-Farm Labor 1973

Volume 30

Generals-Interviews 1973

Volume 31

Job Corps-Pesticides 1973

Volume 32

Politics-POW's 1973

Volume 33

Press-Tax 1973

Volume 34

Transportation-World Court 1973

Volume 35-36

Senate Campaign 1974

Volume 37

Education-Wildlife 1974

Volume 38

Aging-Cranston Family 1975

Volume 39

Cranston Family-Foreign Affairs 1975

Volume 40

Foreign Affairs-Immigration/Refugees 1975

Volume 41

Immigration/Refugees-Politics 1975

Volume 42

Politics-Spending 1975

Volume 43

Spending-Welfare 1975

Volume 44

"Special Clips" 1974-1977

Volume 45

A-F 1977

Volume 46

"Special Clips" 1977-1979

Volume 47-48

Untitled 1979-1980



Carton 490

Radio/TV interviews; Pollution Seminar tapes 1970-1974

Carton 491

Audio tapes, cassette 1976-1983

Carton 492

Audio tapes, reel-to-reel, cassette 1970s-1980s

Carton 493

Audio tapes 1970s

Carton 494

Audio and video tapes 1991-1992

Carton 495

Audio and video interviews

Carton 496-497

Videotapes 1974-1990


Series 3 Political Activities 1958-1993

Physical Description: Cartons 498-615, 622, 623, 633

Scope and Content Note

Series is divided into two subseries: Campaign and Political Activity.

Subseries 3.1 Campaigns 1958-1992

Physical Description: Cartons 498-610, 622, 623


Arranged by type of material within each campaign: official papers, correspondence, campaign management files (includes organizing, volunteer groups, and staff memos), press, fundraising, issues, polls, research files, and background information.

Scope and Content Note

Divided into nine sub-series by campaign: 1958 Controller campaign, 1962 Controller campaign, 1964 Senate campaign, 1966 Controller campaign, 1968 Senate campaign, 1974 Senate campaign, 1980 Senate campaign, 1984 Presidential campaign, 1986 Senate campaign.

Subsubseries 3.1.1 State Controller 1958

Physical Description: Cartons 498-502

Scope and Content Note

In 1958, Cranston ran against Robert Kirkwood for State Controller. With the help of the CDC and a reinvigorated California Democratic Party, he was swept into office on a Democratic slate headed by Governor Pat Brown. Contains official papers, correspondence, campaign management, press, finances, polls, issue files, opposition files, and background material.
Carton 498

Official papers, correspondence

Carton 499

Correspondence, campaign management, press

Carton 500

Press, finances, polls, issues

Carton 501

Opposition files, background


Subsubseries 3.1.2 State Controller 1962

Physical Description: Carton 502, 622

Scope and Content Note

In 1962, Cranston beat Bruce Reagan to be re-elected State Controller. Includes official papers, correspondence, campaign management, press, finances, and polls.
Carton 502

Official papers, correspondence, campaign management, press, finances, polls

Carton 622



Subsubseries 3.1.3 Senate 1964

Physical Description: Cartons 503-513, 622

Scope and Content Note

In 1964, Cranston ran for the Senate, but lost the Democratic primary to Pierre Salinger, a last-minute entry in the race who quit President Johnson's press secretary and flew to California to qualify the day of the filing deadline. This was a bitter race, and the records document the acrimony that led to court cases and splits in the California Democratic Party. Salinger eventually lost the November election to Republican George Murphy. Includes official papers, correspondence, campaign management, press, fundraising, polls, and clippings.
Carton 503

Official papers, campaign management, press, finances, polls

Carton 504

Correspondence, A-O

Carton 505

Correspondence, P-Z; Invitations; Congratulatory letters

Carton 506-513


Carton 622



Subsubseries 3.1.4 State Controller 1966

Physical Description: Carton 514

Scope and Content Note

In 1966, Cranston ran for State Controller, but was defeated by Houston Flourney. Includes official papers, correspondence, campaign management, schedules, events, press, literature, fundraising, polls.
Carton 514

Official papers, correspondence, campaign management, schedules, events, press, literature, fundraising, polls


Subsubseries 3.1.5 Senate 1968

Physical Description: Cartons 515-522

Scope and Content Note

Alan Cranston ran against conservative Republican Max Rafferty during the 1968 campaign for Senate. The Vietnam War was the major issue of the campaign. Rafferty championed militarism and tried to paint Cranston as soft on communism because of his dedication to peace and the end of the Vietnam War. Rafferty also attempted to use Cranston's involvement in the World Federalists as grounds for red-baiting. In addition, Rafferty tried to paint Cranston as soft on crime. Cranston defeated Rafferty by a slim 66,000 vote lead. Crucial to his victory were the votes of moderate Republicans, who even organized a pro-Cranston campaign committee called "GOPocrats for Cranston". Includes correspondence, campaign management, memos, voter registration, schedules, events, press, campaign literature, fundraising, opposition files, subject files, polls, results, clippings, ephemera, and audiovisual materials.
Carton 515

Correspondence, Campaign Management

Carton 516

Campaign Management: Memos, Registration - AC voter, Organization Lists, Schedules, Events, Events - Clippings, Events - Clippings - Primary, Notes, Press/Media, Press Releases

Carton 517

Press Releases (cont'd.), Speeches

Carton 518

Campaign Literature; Campaign Literature - Sticker, Flyers; Budget/Fundraising; Opponents; Subject files, A-F

Carton 519

Subject files, F-Z; Polls (oversize in Box 4); Election Results; Post-election Analysis; Thank Yous; Clippings

Carton 520

Clippings, Campaign Ephemera

Carton 521

Audiovisual Materials : 1/4-inch reel-to-reel

Scope and Content Note

Alan Cranston - UCSB
Voice of America. News Conference by Senator-elect Cranston
McGovern First Flight
Cleaver Smear
Sen. Cranston Hearing on Unemployment
Max Rafferty 1968
Jay Kholos RGM 1-24
Rafferty : Delano Speech, Bias Speech (Busing)
Cranston ... Free Press 10-20-68
Mike Kohler Interview Oct. 31, 1968
Lu Haas
Max : Roseville, Oroville, Shasta
Alan Cranston September file tape/October file tape
Cranston 2/28
Black Spots
Max and Alan Primary "Elbow to Throat" [1968]
Alan Cranston SPDL [1968]
Alan Cranston September file tape
Alan Cranston Bomb Halt
[Alan Cranston] Oct. 26 - Lakewood Speech & Interview [1968]
Max Rafferty "County Line" KVEN Radio Ventura 10/14/68
A.C. Town Hall 10/15/68
Alan Cranston KCET TV [1968]
Grey Morris [1968]
"Perspective on China" Group W [1968]
Humphrey Endorsement Monterey Park [1968]
Cranston Capitol Press Conference 11/14/68
Alan Cranston 10-4-68
"Conversations with Alan Cranston #5"
Greg Morris Interview
KOVR Ch-13
ABC ON-AIR Production "GOPocrats for Cranston #93"
KTLA Film Department
Cranston No. 2-60
Cranston No. 3-58
5 unidentified
Carton 522

Polls; Contributor printouts; Interfiling (briefing book, Women's Committee Report)


Subsubseries 3.1.6 Senate 1974

Physical Description: Cartons 523-544, 623

Scope and Content Note

In 1974, Cranston ran for Senate reelection against H.L. Richardson, an ardent enemy of gun control who was known for dissenting to the right of then-Governor Ronald Reagan; fighting gun control was his primary issue. Allyn Kreps acted as campaign chairman and Mickey Kantor was the campaign manager. Cranston won the election with 63% of the vote, which represented a margin of 1,500,000 votes. Includes correspondence, memos, Cranston/Greenaway files, campaign management, Mickey Kantor files, scheduling, position papers, press, fundraising, research, polls, clipping, ephemera, and audiovisual materials.
Carton 523

Correspondence, A - Democratic Central Committee

Carton 524

Correspondence, Democratic National Committee - Misc.

Carton 525

Correspondence, Mondale - Shriver

Carton 526

Correspondence, Smith - Ziffren ; Memos; Cranston/Greenaway files

Carton 527

Cranston/Greenaway files (cont'd.), Campaign Organization

Carton 528

Campaign Organization - Campaign Manager, Mickey Kantor - Notebooks

Carton 529

Campaign Manager, Mickey Kantor - Subject files

Carton 530

Campaign Manager, Mickey Kantor - Subject files; Organization Coordinator, Victoria Martinez - Subject files

Carton 531

Organization Coordinator, Victoria Martinez - Subject files; Campaign Staff Subject files: Doyle McManus, Frank Baron

Carton 532

Campaign Staff Subject files: Frank Baron Field Office Records, Scheduling

Carton 533

Scheduling, Position Papers

Carton 534

Position Papers ; Press Releases and Murray Flander notes

Carton 535

Press Releases, Direct Mail, Budget

Carton 536

Budget, Fundraising

Carton 537


Carton 538

Fundraising, Mailing Lists, Research, Polling

Carton 539

Polling, Post-election Files, Thank You Letters, Clippings, Ephemera

Carton 540-542


Carton 543

Audiovisual: Reel-to-reel

Scope and Content Note

Sen. Cranston Mar. 27, 1974
Cranston Selected Tapes Reel #1
The Senator and the Press Jan 14th, 1974 (Los Angeles)
Sen. Cranston Sept. 25, 1973
_______, Nov. 13, 1973
_______, Nov. 27, 1973
_______, Jan. 29, 1974
_______, Feb. 6, 1974
_______, Feb. 20, 1974
_______, Mar. 5, 1974
_______, Apr. 29, 1974
_______, May 30, 1974
Nazi Story Aircheck 10/26/72
Senator Alan Cranston Radio Feed Calls
Cesar Chavez on Alan Cranston
(Master) Sen. Cranston - Announcement
1974 Campaign: Radio Feeds
unidentified (3)
A2A July 1973
B2A Station K.Z.O.L.
D2A The Big Room July 30, 1972
Carton 543

Audiovisual: 2" Videotape

Scope and Content Note

Amendment to End War
Jesse Unruh
Sen. Cranston
Carton 544


Carton 623



Subsubseries 3.1.7 Senate 1980

Physical Description: Cartons 545-551

Scope and Content Note

In 1980, Cranston ran for Senate against Paul Gann, known nationally for his role in the passage of Proposition 13. Bill Wardlaw was Cranston's campaign manager, Jan Wasson was assistant campaign manager, and Conway Collis was the campaign's finance director. Includes correspondence, campaign management, schedules, position papers, press, campaign literature, fundraising, PAC's, research, polls, and audiovisual materials.
Carton 545

Correspondence; Campaign Organization; Schedules; Position Papers; Press; Campaign Literature; Direct Mailings; Budget

Carton 546

Fundraising, A-E

Carton 547

Fundraising, E-N

Carton 548

Fundraising, N-W

Carton 549

Fundraising, W-Z; Mailing Lists; Political Action Committees; Research; Polls; Thank You Letters, A-F

Carton 550

Thank You Letters, G-Z; Clippings; Ephemera

Carton 551


Carton 551

Audiovisual 3/4" tape

Scope and Content Note

Michael Kaye and Assoc. "Briefcase"; "Republican"; "USA"
Michael Kaye and Assoc. "Briefcase"; "Map"; "Republican"; "USA"; "Together"
AME "Running 1980"
Carton 551


Scope and Content Note

Issues & Answers 2-5-78
Reclamation 9/14/79
Greenaway re: Reclamation 4/25/80
WGMS Guest Conductor, Alan Cranston 2/17/80
Legionnaire Room 7-12-80
Oceanside 7-16-80
M. Jackson Show 10/15/80
"Gann" Oct. 9, 1980
Debate AC-Gann-League Oct. 22, 1980
Fowler & Cranston 6/18/80

Subsubseries 3.1.8 President 1984

Physical Description: Cartons 552-577, 622, 623

Scope and Content Note

Concerned over Ronald Reagan's increasingly militant behavior, Cranston decided to run for the 1984 Democratic nomination for president on the issues of peace, human rights, and nuclear disarmament. His rivals for the nomination were Walter Mondale, who would eventually receive the Democratic nomination, and Gary Hart. He withdrew from the race at the end of February of 1984. Sergio Bendixen was the campaign manager and Ronald C. Peterson acted in the role of campaign treasurer. Includes correspondence, memos, campaign organization, scheduling, position papers, press, speeches, campaign literature, fundraising, research, polls, clippings, ephemera, and audiovisual materials.
Carton 552

Correspondence, Alabama - New Hampshire I

Carton 553

Correspondence, New Hampshire II - Wyoming; Withdrawal Letter; Memos; Campaign Organization: Organization Chart, Organization Binders, Treasurer, Ronald C. Peterson - Correspondence, Vols. 1-2

Carton 554

Campaign Organization-Treasurer, Ronald C. Peterson - Correspondence, Vols. 3-8

Carton 555

Campaign Organization-Treasurer, Ronald C. Peterson - Correspondence, Vols. 9-14

Carton 556

Campaign Organization-Treasurer, Ronald C. Peterson files

Carton 557

Campaign Organization-Field Office Records, Mark Cohen and Maggie Shandera

Carton 558-559

Campaign Organization-Field Office Records, Maggie Shandera; Scheduling

Carton 560

Scheduling; Position Papers; Press Office-Information/Research files, A-L

Carton 561

Press Office- Information/Research files, M-Z

Carton 562

Press Releases, Speeches

Carton 563

Speeches (cont'd.), Articles, Campaign Literature Ctn 563 Budget/Fundraising

Carton 564

Budget/Fundraising; Fundraising : State folders

Carton 565

Fundraising : State folders; Mailing/Phone Lists; Research subject files, Aging - Basic Talks

Carton 566

Research subject files, Business - Economy

Carton 567

Research subject files, Economy - Environment

Carton 568

Research subject files, Foreign Affairs - Press

Carton 569

Research subject files, Press - Women; Research files, Issues Meetings

Carton 570

Research files, Miscellaneous; Research files, Questionnaires

Carton 571

Research binders; Polls; Post-election file; Clippings

Carton 572

Clippings; Ephemera

Carton 572


Scope and Content Note

Cranston Sacramento 1/16/81
San Diego Press 2/21/81
Cranston DC 3/6/81
Newsmaker Sunday - Sen. Cranston 3/7/81
Cranston 5/20/81
UPI roundtable 6/11/81
AC react to Reagan Press Conference 6/16/81
Cranston Press Conference 7/24/81
Sen. Cranston's Response to Pres. Reagan's Radio of Sat., April 23. 1982
UJA -- Senator Alan Cranston undated
Press Conference and Speech/Maine Straw Poll 10/1/83
Dallas, TX, Democratic Conference, undated
AC on KCET-TV, Los Angeles (30 minutes) with Ornstein, Shogan
on economics, presidency undated
"Cranston Rap" dub
AC Speech -- Massachusetts 4/83 (?)
"From Senator Cranston" undated
Los Angeles Press Conference 2/3/83
Carton 572


Scope and Content Note

The Lawmakers (2/10/83)/Meet the Press (2/6/83)
AC Announcement (2/2/83)
Gallen-Sununu Debate
Guatemala Refugees in Mexico 9/82
Ronald Reagan's State of the Union 1/84
MacNeill/Lehrer 7/25/84
CBS Evening News w/ Dan Rather "A Talk with Senator Cranston" 7/22/83
"Senator Alan Cranston" 12/7/82
Meet the Press 7/18/82
Face the Nation 11/27/83
Des Moines Register Debate 2/11/84
Cranston for President "Edited Newsclips" unedited
The Lawmakers (2/10/83)/Meet the Press (2/6/83)
Hitler to MX #700 Supernational undated
Presidential Candidate Interviews by Marty Futrell 8/83
"The Day After" 11/83
Carton 573


Scope and Content Note

Cranston for President Spots
Alan Cranston for President "Living Room" 10/15/83, 3/4 inch
Announcement coverage; Lawmakers; Announcement edited;
Meet the Press, 3/4" master
Cranston for President 11/9/83 3/4 inch #1 Bio; #4 Jobs; #5 Bald;
#6 Mandate; #7 Ogarkov; #8 Catastrophe; #9 Mini Focus
Debate : White Plains
U.S. Cancer : Fish ; Cancer Birds
Cranston for President VHS tape
Fundraising Spot Jan. 13, 1984 VHS tape
"Nuclear" 1/11/84 3/4 inch
Rather/Cranston interview
Cranston for President 11/14/83 3/4 inch #1 Bio; #2 Mini Focus;
#3 Jobs; #4 Bald; #5 Ogarkov; #6 Mandate
4 unidentified VHS tapes
CNN Newsmaker Saturday, Sen. Alan Cranston, 5/22/82
Press Conference, undated
Cranston Dub #2 1/10/82
Cranston Dub #3 1/10/82
Cranston Dub #4 1/10/82
Fundraising Spot Jan. 13, 1984
Carton 574


Scope and Content Note

"Cranston Speech" undated
Mark Russell Program #706 7/16/82
Meet the Press 2/6/83
Nightline : "Prez Campaign '84" 3/30/83
Rather/Cranston interview undated
Meet the Press : Cranston and Hatch 4/18/82
Cranston/Brinkley : Iowa Straw Poll 10/9/83
Public Affairs Polls : California Disaster Relief (AC), undated
Cranston Press Conference Denver, CO 2/82
News Coverage, AFL-CIO convention with AC 2/20/83
No detail undated
CBS Reports : The Defense of the U.S. Part 2 "Nuclear Battlefield" undated
CBS Reports : The Defense of the U.S. Part 3 "Call to Arms" undated
CBS Reports : The Defense of the U.S. Part 4 "The War Machine" 5/30/81
Carton 575


Scope and Content Note

CBS Reports : The Defense of the U.S. Part 5 "The Russians" Ctn 575
SMWIA Speaker Intros: AC 8/31/82
Alan Cranston : "A Reason to Run" 6/21/82
Hilton Speech - Denver Dupe "Hart Introducing Cranston" undated
"Interview with Alan Cranston" 8/25/?
"Interview with Mr. and Mrs. Alan Cranston" 8/25/?
"Cranston at Columbia" 11/84
Sen. Cranston Campaign Meredith Vieira/Evening News, 2/1/84
WHO TV Des Moines News Dubs
1. 10/8/83 10 p.m.
2. 10/9/83 10 p.m.
3. 10/8/83 6 p.m.
MacNeill/Lehrer 7/25/83
Sen. Cranston #230 4:58 2/1/80
Sen. Cranston #507 9:42 5/17/82
Senator Cranston/Sheraton Universal 11/20/82
This Week with David Brinkley, Cranston, Peter Hart, Teeter 6/26/83
Carton 576-577


Carton 622


Carton 623



Subsubseries 3.1.9 Senate 1986

Physical Description: Cartons 578-610

Scope and Content Note

In 1986, Cranston ran his closest race for Senator since he was first elected to the Senate in 1968. A whole field of Republican contenders vied for the chance to try to unseat him, including Bobbi Fiedler, Bruce Herschensohn, Mike Antonovich, and moderate Republican Ed Zschau, who eventually won the Republican primary. Cranston's campaign focused on the inconsistencies in Zschau's stance on issues; the campaign even published lists of Zschau "flip flops", which outlined the ways in which Zschau's political stance changed whenever the political winds shifted. Darry Sragow ran the campaign as campaign manager, and Ronald Peterson, who had been the finance director of Cranston's bid for the presidency, returned to work on the 1986 Senate campaign as the legal counsel. Includes correspondence, memos, campaign management, legal files, voter registration, schedules, position papers, press, speeches, campaign literature, fundraising, opposition research, polls, clippings, ephemera, and audiovisual materials (including photographs). Also contains preparation for a 1992 Senate campaign.
Carton 578

Announcement of Candidacy; Correspondence (fragmentary; the bulk of the correspondence to be found in this collection is arranged in the files of the various campaign staff members); Memos; Campaign Manager : Darry Sragow files

Carton 579

Campaign Manager : Darry Sragow files

Carton 580

Campaign Manager : Darry Sragow files; Legal Counsel : Ronald C. Peterson files

Carton 581-582

Legal Counsel : Ronald C. Peterson files

Carton 583

Legal Counsel : Ronald C. Peterson files; MUR 2073 correspondence; Operations Manager : Jan Wasson; Get Out the Vote campaign; Schedules Position Papers

Carton 584

Position Papers; Press Releases, Statements, Speeches, 2/85 - 9/85

Carton 585

Press Releases, Statements, Speeches, 10/85 - 6/86

Carton 586

Press Releases, Statements, Speeches, 6/86 - 11/86; Questionnaires; Scripts Articles; Endorsements; Election Statistics

Carton 587

Direct Mail; Telemarketing; Campaign Literature; Finance/Budget

Carton 588

Finance/Budget ; Mailing List; Opposition Research: Primary; Opposition Research: Primary - Publications

Carton 589

Opposition Research: Primary; Opposition Research: Zschau

Carton 590-592

Opposition Research: Zschau

Carton 593


Carton 594

Polls, Thank Yous, Clippings: Primary

Carton 595

Clippings: Zschau, vols. 1 - 5

Carton 596

Clippings: Zschau, vols. 5 - 7

Carton 597

Clippings: Zschau, vols. 8 - 10; Terry Hanagan's files

Carton 598

Clippings: Terry Hanagan's Abstracts, pre-1986 to July 1986

Carton 599

Clippings: Terry Hanagan's Abstracts, August 1986 to October 1986

Carton 600

Clippings: Chronological ; Clippings: Subject - AC/agriculture to AC/criticism

Carton 601

Clippings: Subject - AC/defense to AC/trade

Carton 602

Clippings: Subject - AC/TV spots to AC on Zschau; Zschau/agriculture to Zschau/Libya raid

Carton 603

Clippings: Subject - Zschau/Nicaragua to Zschau/TV spots; general; Clippings: by county--Alameda to Los Angeles

Carton 604

Clippings: Madera - Yuba; Ephemera

Carton 605

Videotape: VTR

Scope and Content Note

Doak & Shrum Cranston for Senate 101 - 106
Doak & Shrum 201
Doak & Shrum 209
Doak & Shrum 211 - 214
Doak & Shrum 300 - 302
Doak & Shrum 311
Doak & Shrum 400 - 404
Doak & Shrum 405
Doak & Shrum 500 - 506
Doak & Shrum 510 - 514
Doak & Shrum 515 - 516
Doak & Shrum 517 - 518
Doak & Shrum 712
Doak & Shrum 725 HITS
Doak & Shrum 726 - 728
Doak & Shrum 905
Doak & Shrum 956,957 AUTH
Doak & Shrum House Party
Carton 606

Videotape : 3/4" cassette

Scope and Content Note

Doak & Shrum, Cranston for Senate
(EMS 400; Vets 401; Arms 402; Signature 403)
Doak & Shrum, Cranston for Senate
(Arms 402; EMS 400)
Focus Media, Inc., Cranston for Senate '86, 6-03-86
_______, 6-16-86
_______, 7-11-86
Focus Media, Inc., 8-21-86
_______, 8-25-86
_______, 9-23-86
_______, 9-24-86
_______, 10-2-86
_______, 11-14-86
Fototronics "Senator Cranston", 6-11-85
Voice Over L.A., "Call 301", 8-20-86
Carton 607

Videotape: 1" C Dub

Scope and Content Note

Focus Media, Inc., "Call", 8-20-86
Fototronics , "Senator Cranston", 6-11-85
Videotape: 2" HBC Dub
Focus Media, Inc. "Call" 8-20-86
Beta Videotape
Focus Media, Inc. 6 spots, 5-30-86
Zschau on the Death Penalty
Sprint to Victory
VHS Videotape format
Focus Media, Inc. AC-201 6-03-86
_______, AC-202 6-03-86
_______, AC-209 6-16-86
_______, AC-211 to AC-214 7-11-86
_______, AC-300 to AC-302 8/21/86
_______, AC-311 8/25/86
_______, AC-311; AC-404; AC-402 9-23-86
_______, AC-515 9-24-86
Doak & Shrum Arms; EMS 9-9-86
Doak & Shrum 402, 404 9-9-86
Sprint to Victory 9-08-86
Sprint to Victory 9-17-86
Carton 608

VHS Videotape format- Cranston

Scope and Content Note

The Campaign Group 3-19-84
News Conference 4-85
AC re: ORT award 12-12-85
Cranston Campaign Television News Coverage - L.A., 3-3-86
Cranston Campaign Kickoff, S.F. and Sacramento television 3-3-86
Sen. Cranston to Run for Re-election News Coverage, 3-3-86
Cranston Commercials, 4-28-86 (KCBS 2; KABC 7)
Cranston KPIX, 5-12-86
Sen. Alan Cranston, KBAK TV, 6-05-86
Cranston vs. Zschau, Campaign Analysis KGTV Ch. 10, (San Diego) 9-5-86
Cranston for Senate, "Zschau's Terrorist" 9-12-86
"Sen. Cranston: California's Senate Campaign" CNN 9-24-86
"Cranston Refuses to Debate Zschau" 9-26-86
Sen. Ted Kennedy at Cranston Fundraiser/L.A., 10-21-86
Cranston Shoot #1 (n.d.)
Cranston for Senate '86 6 spots (n.d.)
Cranston for Senate '86 5 30-second spots (n.d.)
MTV coverage reel
Re-election clips: EMS (n.d.)
Carton 608

Opposition Videos

Scope and Content Note

Ed Davis 2-3-85
Bobbi Fiedler 6-30-85
Fiedler, Herschonsen 1-23
Carnoy/Zschau Luncheon 7-19-84
Anti-Cranston Republican Commercial 6-11-86
Zschau Commercial 9-5-86
Zschau Drug Spot 9-16-86
Zschau Commercial KABC 7 9-23-86; KCOP 13 9-25-86
Ed Zschau on KNBC 9-28-86
Zschau Promo KNBC 4 10-1-86
Questionable Commercial produced by Z. campaign, 10-8-86
Zschau One-line Disclaimer 10-16-86
Ed Zschau Interview KABC Ch. 7 10-28-86
Ed Zschau Commercial KNBC Ch. 4, 10-28-86
Ed Zschau Commercial KABC Ch. 7, 10-30-86
Focus Media Zschau Spot (n.d.)
Z. at Stanford
Z Terrorism Spot
5 Ed Zschau Commercials
Carton 609


Scope and Content Note

AC Comments and mention 6-28-85 to 1-24-86
_______, 1-30 to 2-17-86
_______, 2-17 to 3-3-86
_______, 3-3 to 3-18-86
_______, 4-27 to 5-9-86
_______, 5-10 to 5-13-86
_______, 7-22 to 8-22-86
_______, 8-24 to 10-1-86
Testimony of Jose Israel Murillo Gomez
California Young Republicans Convention 4/86 (2 tapes)
Zschau/Fiedler 5-5-86
Herschensohn/Zschau Debate 5-16-86
Cranston Speech/CBA Monterey 7-28-86
KTNQ Saturday 10-4-86
KLUV/KLVE (L.A.) 10-5086
Registered Voters - Men 10-6-86 (2 tapes)
Registered Voters - Women 10-6-86 (2 tapes)
Zschau on Michael Jackson 10-27-86
x 32: (cont'd.)
Doak & Shrum (n.d.)
Zschau/Fiedler (n.d.)
Sen. Cranston Part 1 of 2
Sen. Cranston Part 2 of 2
Zschau Meeting (n.d.)
Hal Cessna w/ Barbara Boxer and Ed Zschau 2-25-86
EZ Press Conference
8 unidentified
Herschensohn/Helms Event - Orange Co. 2-15-86
Antonovich/Davis Debate (9 May 1986)
Fiedler/Herschensohn (9 May 1986)
Davis Speech 21 May 1986
Candidates Debate 5-29-86
San Diego Debate 5-31-86
Zschau Press Conference 7 July 1986
EZ Speech and Press Conference 9 July 1986
Zschau Press Conference 14 July 1986
EZ at Santa Monica 9-1-86
Zschau at U.S.C. 9-22-86
Zschau Speech Republican Convention 9-27-86
EZ Drug Press Conference
Deukmajian and Zschau Speeches
CRA Convention
Republican Convention Candidate Forum
Carton 609


Scope and Content Note

Lloyd Bridges Toxics #1-41
Lloyd Bridges #42-46
Lloyd Bridges Qualified
Lloyd Bridges Reel #2
Master 15 ips
"Toxics 2"....September 22, 1986
Alan Cranston for Senate '86 Reel #1
Alan Cranston for Senate '86 Reel #2
"Vegas"; "Vegas II" September 24, 1986
"Call 301" Aug. 20, 1986
Carton 610

1986 campaign interfiling; 1992 campaign preparation





Subseries 3.2 Political Activity 1956, 1969-1993

Physical Description: Cartons 611-615, 622, 633


Organized by organization or event, then chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Consists of Cranston's participation in a variety of political activities, from state and national Democratic conventions to voter registration groups to fundraising for Democratic candidates. Includes records from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC), the Democratic National Committee (DNC), the Democratic Leadership Circle, the Coalition for Democratic Values, the Committee for a Democratic Consensus (Cranston's PAC), and USA Votes, among others.
Carton 611

Conventions and California politics 1969-1992

Carton 612

Presidential nominating process, endorsements, fundraising

Carton 613

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) 1979-1980

Carton 614

DSCC; Democratic Leadership Circle; DNC; Coalition for Democratic Values; Committee for a Democratic Consensus, 1983- ; USA Votes

Carton 615

DSCC Leadership Circle 1980-1986

Carton 622

Democratic Convention 1956

Carton 633

Global Security Institute 1990s-2000s


Series 4 Personal circa 1910-1993

Physical Description: Cartons 616-634, Box 1

Scope and Content Note

Series consists of two subseries: Personal Papers and Photographs and Audiovisual Materials.

Subseries 4.1 Personal Papers circa 1910-1993

Physical Description: Cartons 616-617, 622, 624

Scope and Content Note

Includes correspondence with family and friends, book notes on index cards, condolence letters for death of mother and son, Geneva Cranston files, sports.
Carton 616

Book notes on index cards 1920s

Carton 617

Condolence letters on deaths of his mother, Carol, and son, Robin; information on Geneva; correspondence; sports

Carton 622

Christmas cards, newspaper clippings

Carton 624



Subseries 4.2 Photographs and Audiovisual Materials circa 1920-1993

Physical Description: Cartons 618-634, Box 1

Scope and Content Note

Includes unprocessed photographs, film, and audiotapes. Content lists to some of the cartons. AV materials and photos remain in campaigns from 1968-1986. The Ethics Committee series contains videotapes. Of the 13 cartons and one box of photographs that were transferred to Pictorial, eleven were shipped from the Washington D.C. office; the remaining two cartons and one box were culled from the collection during processing.
Carton 618

1 box of film, 1960-1966 (Campaigns, Controller, and CDC)

Carton 619

1 box of audio reel-to-reel, 1960-1966 (Campaigns, Controller, and CDC)

Carton 625-627


Carton 628-629

Cassette tapes

Carton 630-631

Reel-to-reel tapes

Carton 632

Videotapes; PSA's or other television footage

Carton 634

Cassette tapes; videotapes