Inventory of the California State Senate Veterans Affairs Committee Records

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Inventory of the California State Senate Veterans Affairs Committee Records

Collection number: LP354

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1 May 2006
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Descriptive Summary

Title: California State Senate Veterans Affairs Committee Records
Dates: 1989-2000
Collection number: LP354
Creator: Senate Veterans Affairs Committee
Collection Size: 3.75 cubic feet
Repository: California State Archives
Sacramento, California
Abstract: The Senate Rules Committee created the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee in 1989 to analyze legislation related to veterans, military affairs, and armories. The records of the committee consist of 4 series regarding the activites of the committee: Bill files (1989-2000), Hearing files (1991-1998), Correspondence files (1992-1999, Bulk 1996-1999), and Subject files (1989-2000).
Physical location: California State Archives
Languages: Languages represented in the collection: English

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Acquisition and Custodial History

The California State Archives acquired the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee Records according to state law.

Committee History

The Veterans Affairs Committee evolved from the subcommittee on Veterans Affairs, which existed under the standing Senate Governmental Organization Committee from the 1981-1982 legislative session until the inception of the Veterans Affairs standing committee. That subcommittee consisted of three members with Senator Ralph Dills presiding as chair. The Senate Rules Committee created the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee in 1989. The 1989-1990 legislative session marked the beginning of the committee's hearing of bills directly related to amending the Military and Veterans Code. Initially, this standing Senate Veterans Affairs Committee considered "bills relating to veterans and armories" as well as any other bill amending the Military and Veterans Code (California Legislature at Sacramento, 1989, p101). In 1999, the committee's responsibilities slightly increased as they were assigned to consider bills relating to military affairs in addition to those relating to veterans and armories (California Legislature at Sacramento, 1999-2000, p112). Additionally, the committee became involved with outreach and recognition for veterans and military groups. For instance, Senator Johannessen helped plan and spoke at the California Senate's celebration of the 50th Anniversary for the United States Air Force (For information, photographs and negatives for this event see the Subject File series).
Originally, the committee consisted of five members. However, from 1991 to 1994 the number of members increased to seven before returning to five members during the 1995-1996 legislative session. Senator Wadie P. Deddeh (Dem.) served as the committee's first chair for only the first year, 1989. During the second year of that legislative session, 1990, Charles M. Calderon (Dem.) was elected to the Senate and almost immediately assigned to replace Senator Deddeh as committee chair. Senator Calderon served as chair until 1992 when the committee's previous vice chair, Senator Don Rogers (Rep.) took over the chair responsibilities to complete the 1991-1992 session and served through the 1995- 1996 session. In 1997, Senator K. Maurice Johannessen earned assignment as committee chair serving through 2000. Both Senator Rogers and Johannessen were particularly focused on issues of veterans' affairs as each had served in the military, United States Marine Corps and United States Army respectively (California Legislature at Sacramento Handbook, 1994, p36 and 1999-2000, p36). Since its inception, the committee has remained focused on its responsibilities to carefully consider bills and other matters relating to veterans, military affairs, and armories that would amend the Military and Veterans Code.
The Senate Veterans Affairs Committee considered many bills that drew public interest because of their significant impacts on the large population of veterans and veterans advocacy groups in California. Occasionally, these bills were controversial in nature and generated impassioned constituent correspondence in support and opposition for these bills. For example, during the 1993-1994 session, the committee heard several bills regarding veterans' memorials including officially designating a stretch of California Highway 99 from Tulare to Fresno as the Pearl Harbor Survivors Memorial Highway. This bill produced vehement opposition from Japanese Americans and the Japanese Americans Citizen League because these groups felt that this memorial would cement the blame from this tragic event onto the Japanese American citizens for decades to come (SCR13, 1994).

Scope and Content

The Senate Veterans Affairs Committee Records consist of 3.75 cubic feet of records reflecting the activity of the committee in overseeing legislation and other matters pertaining to the California Military and Veterans Code. The records cover the years, 1989-2000. These records are comprised of bill files, hearing files, correspondence files, and subject files. It is anticipated that the Archives will receive further records from the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, as it remains a functional standing committee in the California State Senate. Researchers might inquire about recently received, unprocessed records of the committee.
Bill files comprise the majority of records in this collection as they consist of 2.75 cubic feet of the collection. Since being created in 1989, the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee has spent much of its time considering legislation relating to County Veterans Service Officers and the California Veterans Board, Cal-Vet Farm and Home Loans, veterans benefits, memorializing veterans, designating of veterans homes in California, ways to assist lower-income veterans including using non-operational armories as shelters for veterans in need. Among the several issues that continually arose during these legislative sessions, bills relating to amending the Veteran's Farm and Home Purchase Act of 1974, (the Cal-Vet loan program), were frequently introduced including AB2139 in the 1989-1990 session. Additionally, many bills relating to the California Veterans Board gained significant consideration from the committee. For instance, SB101 introduced during the 1999-2000 session set the number of board members to seven, all of which gain appointment through recommendation of the Governor. This bill was enacted into law, Chapter 219, 2000, affording the California Veterans Board greater presence and influence in state government.
At certain times, the committee would hold hearings for significant veterans issues as well as the introduction of multiple veterans' bills. These hearing files encompass less than .25 cubic feet in this collection. Nevertheless, these files provide valuable information regarding the committee's procedures and issues central to the veteran and military communities, such as the administration of California's Veterans' Homes.
The committee also compiled a series of correspondence and subject files that provide insight into the committee, its people, and activities. The correspondence files are primarily related to legislation and constituent support or opposition for that legislation. Additionally, these files can contain personal correspondence between legislators, the governor, and interested constituents. The subject files cover several topics including events paying tribute to dedicated military personnel, such as the California State Senate honoring the 50th Anniversary of the United States Air Force. This collection has photographs, including some of Senate Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman K. Maurice Johannessen giving a speech, as well as written information and correspondence regarding this event.

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California State Senate Veterans Affairs Committee
Veterans--Law and legislation--California
Veterans' benefits
Veterans' Home of California

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Oral Histories of Committee Chairs and Staff

Honorable Charles Calderon, oral history interview conducted by Lawrence B. de Graaf, 2003, Regional Oral History Office, California State University, Fullerton, for the California State Archives State Government Oral History Program.
Ralph C. Dills, oral history interview conducted by Carlos Vasquez, 1985, Regional Oral History Office, University of California, Los Angeles, for the California State Archives State Government Oral History Program.

Series Description

File folders: See below for LP numbers

Series 1 Bill Files 1989-2000

Physical Description: 61 file folders


Bill files are arranged chronologically by legislative session then numerically and alphabetically by bill number.

Scope and Content Note

Bills relating to veterans, military affairs, and armories including employee safety, training, wages, and insurance are referred to the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee. The committee saw numerous bills concerning the California Veterans Board, Cal-Vet Farm and Home loans and insurance, veterans benefits, memorializing veterans, designating of veterans homes in California, providing shelters for homeless veterans. Specific topics of interest include the penalties for vandalizing veterans' memorials (AB1818, 1992), promoting the participation of disabled veterans in business enterprises (SCR18, 1994), identifying and treating Gulf War illness in veterans (SJR19, 1995), providing full military benefits to Filipino veterans (SJR14, 1995 and SJR6, 1997), and creating positions in the California Department of Veterans Affairs (SB152, 1999). Most bill files include all or some of the following items: bill analyses, amendments and resolutions, author's statements, testimony, press releases, newspaper clippings, correspondence, roll calls, records of votes, and committee statements.
1989-1990: SB43-SB2755, SCR47, SJR15-SJR30, SR49 (5ff) LP354: 1-5
1989-1990: AB369-AB3772, AJR35-AJR85 (3ff) LP354: 6-8
1991-1992: SB591-SB1736, SJR11-SJR52 (2ff) LP354: 9-10
1991-1992: AB270-AB3780, ACR120-ACR130, AJR53 (5ff) LP354: 11-15
1993-1994: SB603-SB1691, SCR13-SCR18, SJR6-SJR24 (5ff) LP354: 16-20
1993-1994: AB76-AB3635, SCR78 (5ff) LP354: 21-25
1995-1996: SB3-SB2175, SCA6, SCR12-SCR57,SJR1-SJR53 (7ff) LP354: 26-32
1995-1996: AB3-AB2973, AJR14-AJR68 (4ff) LP354: 33-36
1997-1998: SB39-SB2186, SCR38-SCR76, SJR6-SJR39,SR15-SR30,SBX6 (9ff) LP354: 37-45
1997-1998: AB324-AB2725, ACR2-ACR10, AJR5-AJR60 (4ff) LP354: 46-49
1999-2000: SB4-SB2102, SCR12-SCR56, SR10 (7ff) LP354: 50-56
1999-2000: AB92-AB2933 (5ff) LP354: 57-61
LP354: 62-67

Series 2 Hearing Files 1991-1998

Physical Description: 6 file folders


Hearing files are arranged chronologicaly by date of hearing.

Scope and Content Note

Hearing files may contain agendas, transcripts, testimony, background reports, and working files for regular session hearings, interim hearings, and some joint hearings. When complete, hearing files can provide in-depth analysis of issues of concern to the committee and California's veterans and military issues. The committee held few hearings on various issues relating to the Veterans Home in California, California Veterans Board, and the Veterans Memorial Registry Fund. These hearings largely focused on determining administrative actions for these veterans' agencies and places. For example, arguments for implementing term limits on California Veterans Board members occurred at a committee hearing.
For a list of hearing dates and topics see master finding aid at the California State Archives
LP354: 68-73

Series 3 Correspondence Files 1992-1999

Physical Description: 6 file folders


Correspondence files are arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Correspondence files contain correspondence with state agencies, officials, constituents, and interest groups, press clippings, background reports and other materials that concern actions pertaining to veteran and military issues in California. Much of the correspondence relates to the variety of legislation considered by the committee.
LP354: 74-87

Series 4 Subject Files 1989-2000

Physical Description: 14 file folders


Subject files are arranged alphabetically.

Scope and Content Note

The Senate Veterans Affairs Committee compiled files concerning the committee itself, its activities, and its relations with veterans' affairs agencies. These files may contain reports, agendas, memos, short biographical notes, correspondence, press clippings, notes, photographs, and negatives. One file focuses on Veterans' Home reports that concern the operation of California's Veterans' Homes. Two files contain information regarding the California State Senate's commemoration of the United States Air Force 50th Anniversary on 4 September 1997. Other files focus on the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee processes and people. These files contain the committee's rules, member biographical notes, and the committee's consultant file.