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Guide to the Jerome S. Ricard, S.J., Papers
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Series Description


Personal Papers and Biographical Materials, (bulk 1906-1936)

Physical Description: .5 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

This series contains personal papers and biographical information, including clippings, financial documents, and memorabilia from Fr. Ricard's Golden Jubilee.
Box 1:1

Biographical information and articles. n.d.

Box 1:1a

Biographical information n.d.

Box 1:2

"Text of interview regarding student Jim Flood who was expelled from SCU and regarding the epidemic of January 1898. Narrator unknown. Feb. 21, 1926." February 21, 1926

Box 1:2

Lyrics for alumni songs sent to Fr. Ricard by Miss Pringle. n.d.

Box 1:3

Golden Jubilee celebration. Includes poem by Clay M. Greene, sonnet by Charles South, alumni songs, and list of attendees. "May 30, 1921"

Box 1:4

Calling cards, membership cards for American Association for the Advancement of Science, announcements of speaking engagements. SCU thank you for sympathy on death of Ricard. n.d.

Box 1:5

Financial documents, accounts, check stubs n.d.

Box 1:6

Harman, J.B. "Padre of the Rains." [Memorial delivered at dedication of Ricard Memorial Observatory, 1932?] Typescript [on stationary of Milo A. Smith] [1932]

Physical Description: 4 pages.
Box 1:6

[Transmittal note?] Victor Chargin to Fr. Hauck 4/16/57

Box 1:7

Marquis, Arnold. "Unlimited Horizons." Radio play on work of Ricard, aired on NBC 4/13/1942 1942

Box 1:8

Goodreau, Dave. "An Evaluation of Ricard's Method of Weather Forecasting. A thesis presented to the Department of Physics, University of Santa Clara, in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree Bachelor of Science, April 1964." Draft and final copy April 1964

Box 1:9

News clippings re Ricard's weather forecasting 1913-1914 1922-1929

Box 5:3

Apostolic benediction given to the new Ricard Memorial Observatory by Pope Pius XI n.d.

Box 6:7

Poster announcing Ricard's Golden Celebration as a Jesuit. "May 30, 1921"

Box Scrpbk

Scrapbook containing personal memorabilia, news clippings 1906-1936


Publications, 1910-1930

Physical Description: 1 folder

Scope and Content Note

This series contains reprints and typescripts of some of Ricard's publications.
Box 1:10

"The Tale of the Comet [Halley's Comet]," reprinted from The Tocsin May 1910

Box 1:10

Pamphlet, "Forecast for Inaugural Day - March 4, 1913," "The Sunspot," "Latest Advances in Forecasting." "April 25, 1913"

Box 1:10

"Sunspots Caused by Planets." Reprinted from Popular Astronomy, vol xxiii February 1915

Physical Description: 10 pages.
Box 1:10

"Looking Backward." Reprint from The Sunspot n.d.

Box 1:10

"Weather for 1930." Typescript 1930

Physical Description: 1 pages.

Research Collection and Scientific Calculations, 1864-1931)

Physical Description: 1 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

This series contains publications, research notes, calculations and diagrams regarding astronomy, seismology and meteorology.
Box 1:11

Copy of French article by Louis Paul Vivien (includes theories on planetary movements, planetary formation, earthquakes) 12 August 1911

Physical Description: 19 pages.
Box 1:12

Notes and reports regarding the Jesuit Seismological Association. [Included are plans of cooperation, agendas, minutes of various annual conferences, one being held at Santa Clara in 1928, financial statements, president and secretary reports, "Why a Seismograph"--a symposium on the value of an earthquake station]" 1926-1931

Physical Description: 56 pages.
Box 1:13

"On the Relationship Between Meteorological Phenomena and the Variations of Terrestrial Magnetism" by Dal P.A. Secci, (Italian) pub. 1864 n.d.

Physical Description: 23 pages.
Box 1:14

"California Earthquakes" from the Atlantic Monthly 1870

Physical Description: 10 pages.
Box 1:15

"Psychometric Tables for Obtaining the Vapor Pressure, Relative Humidity, and Temperature of the Dew-Point" by C.F. Marvin 1900

Physical Description: 29 pages.
Box 1:16

Former Lieutenant Governor E. Barry's reply to the Anti-Saloon League Questionnaire n.d.

Physical Description: 2 pages.
Box 1:17

"The 28-Month Period in Solar Activity and Corresponding Periods in Magnetic and Meteorological Data by Homer Clough, Monthly Weather Review July 1928

Physical Description: 14 pages.
Box 1:18

Notes on "Facts Discovered" by J.H. Wayman n.d.

Box 1:19

Notes on "Prevision du Temps" by G. Guilbert n.d.

Box 1:19a

Notes and letters on/with Nielsen re sunspots n.d.

Box 1:20

List of astronomical, meteorological, and seismological observatories and institutes around the world 28 September 1911

Physical Description: 1 page.
Box 1:20

List of several astronomers and meteorologists at various observatories 16 May 1912

Physical Description: 2 pages.
Box 1:21

Equipment: telescope plan and receipts 1926-1927

Box 1:22

Equipment: seismograph catalog and instructions n.d.

Box 1:23

Equipment: anenometer diagrams 1915-1916

Box 1:24

Equipment: catalog of Carl Ziess Jena Astronomical Telescopes [1905?] showing Santa Clara's telescope on p. 31. (note: Zeiss company was in existence in 1972 in Jena, East Germany. Quote for telescope from Zeiss n.d.

Box 1:24

Quote for telescope from Zeiss 1907

Box 1:25

Calculations and notes for the design and use of a clock table to obtain times of sunrises and sunsets n.d.

Box 1:26

Calculation and notes for obtaining times of sunrise and sunset, moonrise and moonset, and the length of days n.d.

Box 1:27

Reducing Sidereal Time to Mean Solar n.d.

Physical Description: 1 page.
Box 1:28

Calculations (by Fr. Cichi, S.J.?) for an eclipse on 3 January 1908; calculated April 1863 n.d.

Box 1:29

"New Elements of Geometry," by George H. Cooper 1940

Box 1:29

"Elementary Arithmetic," by George H. Cooper 1916

Box 2:1

Calculations for heliocentric and heliographic coordinates n.d.

Box 2:2

A Nomogram for heliographic longitude and other calculations using heliographic formulae n.d.

Box 2:3

Calculations for sunspot longitude and latitude measure using Thomson's Discs. n.d.

Box 2:4

Photograph and diagrams used for isometric projections of the sun n.d.

Box 2:5-2:16

Calculations: Planetary Phenomena 1913-1922

Box 2:17-2:22

Calculations: Data for the Weather 1923-1929

Box 3:1

Calculations on the Full Moon and New Moon's perigees and apogees 1905 1910 1918 1923

Box 3:2

Notes on the Moon's nodes for 24 May 1904, 13 October 1913, 12 December 1922 n.d.

Box 3:3

Calculations and notes on earthquakes n.d.

Box 3:4

Miscellaneous formulae and charts n.d.

Box 3:envelope

Solar Glasses belonging to Jerome S. Ricard, S.J. n.d.

Physical Description: 1 item
Box 5

Quimby, I.F. Robinson's Differential and Integral Calculus. New York: Ivison, Blakeman, Taylor, & Co. (1871). Given to Fr. Ricard on October 10, 1928 by Joseph Griffin. n.d.

Box 5:1

A Clock Table Chart drawn by Fr. Cichi, S.J. n.d.

Box 5:1

Portrait of Ricard, in pencil; by Glynn, MMY. 1922

Box 5:2

Diagrams for Planetary Configurations 1922-1925 1930-1931

Box 5:4

Equipment: diagrams and plans for observatory equipment (5-foot mirror, telescopic mirrors, ground plans.) n.d.

Box 5:5

Misc. diagrams: Ramsden Combination of quartz lenses; graph of pressure and solar radiation waves. n.d.

Box 5:7

Blueprints of Weichert's Seismographs and instructions for mounting 28 November 1918

Box 6:1

"Rules on forecasting tomorrow's weather by today's weather" n.d.

Box 6:2-6:6

Calculations 1914-1918

Box 6:8

Jesuit Seismological Service Records of the Seismographic Station, Santa Clara College. Includes data and remarks about seismographs 1911-1916

Box 6:9

Diagrams of Heliocentric Longitudes of Planetary Positions 1921

Box 6:10

Diagram of the Moon's path n.d.

Box 6:10

Diagram of the Moon's path n.d.

Box 6:11

Photographs taken during phases of totality (eclipse). Lompoc, Santa Barbara by Clark Observatory September 10, 1923"


Correspondence, 1902-1930

Physical Description: 1 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

This series contains correspondence regarding Ricard's research, the Jesuit Seismological Association, and Ricard Observatory.
Box 3:5

E.M. Allen to Ricard. [Letter with enclosed theories on electricity, electromagnetic forces, and other phenomena in nature.] 1917

Box 3:6

L. Bauer to Ricard. [Regarding purchase of magnetic instruments.] 1913

Box 3:7

E.H. Bowie to Ricard 1928

Box 3:8

C.E. Buzzell to Ricard. [Regarding directions on how to use a heliographic chart.] 1926

Box 3:9

W.F. Carothers to Ricard. [Regarding Ricard's publications of The Sunspot, theories on sunspot and weather correlation, planetary phenomena, and sun rifts.] 1915-1916

Box 3:10

D.C. Crawford to Ricard. [Includes "Article on the Crawford Calendar," "Notes on the Crawford Solar System," and a cardboard disc depicting solar positions.] 1925

Box 3:11

H.B. Curlews to Ricard. [Regarding seismograph readings of an earthquake occurring on 26 June 1924.] 1924

Box 3:12

E. Daley to Ricard. [Poem "Padre of the Rains" written in honor of Ricard.] 1921

Box 3:13

Dr. Dennison to Ricard [Sample of an asbestos web.] n.d.

Box 3:14

J.W. Fecker to Ricard. [Regarding Ricard's interest in ordering a large telescopic mirror for the new observatory.] 1926

Box 3:15

W.T. Foster to Ricard [Regarding sunspot correlation to weather phenomena; also includes Sun Spots and Weather, a publication by Foster] Foster to Ricard" 1911

Box 3:15

Foster to Ricard 1910-1916 1923

Box 3:16

J.P Frietz & Sons to Ricard. [Letter regarding a bulletin of scientific instruments; also included are acknowledgements of orders received for astronomical equipment 18 June 1928.] 1929

Box 3:17

S.J. Gallagher to Ricard 1929

Box 3:18

H. Gernsback to Ricard. [Request for an article on sunspots and their effect on weather for Radio News.] 1928

Box 3:19

H.P. Gillette to Ricard. [Regarding sunspots on weather forecasting; also includes an article "The Padre of the Rains" by Gillette published in Municipal News and Water Works.] 1929

Box 3:20

J.B. Goesse, S.J., St. Louis University Meteorological Observatory to Ricard. [Regarding the movement of earth waves during earthquakes and the services of the Jesuit Seismological Association.] 1911

Box 3:21

E.F. Green to Ricard 1930

Box 3:22

H.J. Green to Ricard. [Regarding the use of scientific instruments.] 1902 1904

Box 3:23

W.F. Humphrey to Ricard. [Cordial correspondence.] 1930

Box 3:24

C. Irvine to Ricard. [Cordial Correspondence including some statements and questions regarding solar influences on weather.] 1929

Box 3:25

H. James, S.J. to Ricard. [Correspondence with enclosed data for Heliographic Coordinates of Planets for 1927.] 1926

Box 3:26

[J.E.M. ] to Ricard. [Financial matters regarding Ricard's payments to Encyclopedia Brittanica, Inc.] 1929

Box 3:27

J.J. Jones to Ricard. [Regarding action being taken to clear the 5-foot telescopic mirror fraud by T. Shearman.] 1929

Box 3:28

W.W. Kenville to Ricard. [Regarding Ricard's payments to T. Shearman for the construction of the 5-foot telescopic mirror and other business.] 1929 1930

Box 3:29

F.H. Kimball to Ricard. [Regarding advertising placement in The Sunspot.] 1915

Box 3:30

S.H. Kimball to Ricard. [Regarding Kimball's article on the theory of forces in the universe.] 1928

Box 3:31

C.B. Lastreto to Ricard. [Request that Ricard address the Commonwealth Club; minutes of a Commonwealth Club meeting; article on "Seasonal Weather Forecasting" by E.A. Beals of the Commonwealth Club; article on meteorological investigators in California.] 1928

Box 3:32

J. Macelwane, S.J. to Ricard 1924-1926

Box 3:32

J. Macelwane to Z. Maher, S.J. 1925

Box 3:32

Minutes of Jesuit Seismological meeting 1925-1926

Box 3:32

W. Ledochowsky, S.J. to Macelwane 1925

Box 3:32

E. Matthern, S.J. to Macelwane. 1925

Box 3:32

C. Ruhlman, S.J. to Macelwane. 1926

Box 3:35

F Tondorf, S.J. to Macelwane. 1926

Box 3:32

J. O'Conor, S.J. to Macelwane. 1926

Box 3:32

A.W. Forstall, S.J. to Macelwane. 1926

Box 3:32

W. Ledochowsky, S.J. to Macelwane. 1926

Box 3:32

R. Stewart to Macelwane 1926

Box 3:32

H. Turner to Macelwane. 1926

Box 3:32

Macelwane to Ricard, with enclosure from Macelwane to all Jesuit Provincials 1928

Box 3:32

Enclosure from P. Nikiforoff to Macelwane. 1928

Box 3:32

Enclosure from F. Henson to Macelwane 1928

Box 3:33

G. Mackay or D. Mackay, II to Ricard. [Regarding weather prediction by planetary configurations and measurements of electrical intensity received from the sun.] 1912

Box 3:34

A. McAdie to Ricard. [Regarding an earthquake occurring in San Francisco on June 9, 1910.] 1910

Box 3:35

J. Monaghan to Ricard. [Regarding Ricard's prisms.] 1927

Box 3:36

E.C. Montfort to Ricard. [Regarding Montfort's invention of a "Fog Dispeller" with a diagram and Montfort's scientific explanations enclosed.] 1925

Box 3:37

[Nicheu? sp.] to Ricard. [Regarding sunspot studies.] 1916

Box 3:38

F.S. Odenbach, S.J. (Meteorological and Seismological Observatory, St. Ignatius College, Cleveland, OH) to Ricard. 1916

Box 3:39

A. Reagan to Ricard. [Notes for an article for The Sunspot.] 1917

Box 3:40

L.A Redman to Ricard. 1924

Box 3:41

Ricard to L. Blake. [Regarding Ricard's criticism of a scientific document.] 1916

Box 3:42

Ricard to V. Byers. [Regarding correlation of sunspots and weather.] 1926

Box 3:43

Ricard to A.T. Leonard. [Regarding articles and documents sent by Leonard.] 1914-1915 1919 1921

Box 3:43

Ricard to Lois O'Leary 1925

Box 3:44

Ricard to L. Strauss. [Regarding an article sent by Strauss.] 1901

Box 3:45

C. Ronstadt to Ricard. [Regarding Ricard's weather predictions.] 1928

Box 3:46

E. Rothe to Ricard (in French) [Request for seismographic readings, publications, and bulletins from Santa Clara University.] n.d.

Physical Description: 1 page.
Box 3:47

R. Schutt to Ricard. [Regarding seismographic data.] 1913

Box 3:48

[Regarding a mutual friend, Dr. Carpenter, with an enclosed letter from Carpenter to Scott, as well as Carpenter's publication "Sunspots, Cycles, and Seasonal Rainfall"] 1929

Physical Description: 7 pages.
Box 3:49

T. See to Ricard. [Regarding See's affirmation on Ricard's theories on sunspots and weather correlation.] 1929

Box 3:50

T.S. Shearman to Ricard. [Regarding the planned construction and polishing of 5-foot telescopic mirror (which never materialized) for the Ricard Observatory. 1927-1928

Box 3:51

J. Shinn to Ricard. [Regarding the theories of lunar secular acceleration with an enclosed publication "The Law Governing the Sidereal Rotation, Distance, and Period of the Moon" by Shin.] 1915

Box 3:52

D.W. Starrett to Ricard. [Regarding an enclosed article "Heat of the Planets of the Solar System" written by Starrett and revised several times.] 1926 1928

Box 3:53

S. Strong to Ricard. [Regarding the shape of the New Moon's crescent that month.] 1919

Box 3:54

H.F. Sullivan to Ricard. [A thank-you note to Ricard for his weather predictions for a channel swim by Sullivan on January 15 & 16, 1927.] 1927

Box 3:55

J.S. Swatosh to Ricard. [Regarding solar influence on weather, theory of our sun orbiting another sun theory of sunburns, and a new medicine to cure all fevers.] 1927

Box 3:56

W.H. Thrall to Ricard. [Regarding Thrall's prediction of dry years in the 1940's in Southern California.] 1929

Box 3:57

J. Townsend to Ricard. [An article on "Long Range Weather Forecasts" by Townsend.] 1926

Box 3:58

J. Vaurie to Ricard. [Regarding the shipment of prisms to Ricard.] 1926-1927

Box 3:59

E. Wales to Ricard. [Telegram requesting a weather forecast for a speed boat regatta in San Diego Bay.] 1926

Box 3:60

J.H. Wayman to Ricard. [Regarding various weather and earthquake phenomena in correlation with solar and lunar positions. Also enclosed is Wayman's pamphlet "List of Storms, Quakes,...Showing Moon's Orbit Extremes as Cause."] [unknown date]

Box 4:1

H.C. Williams to Ricard. [Regarding personal correspondence, Williams' seeking a job at the University, and several correspondences regarding scientific theory.] 1916 1919

Box 4:2

H.C. Williams to Ricard. [Regarding spectroscopic equipment, prisms, Williams' construction of lenses and an 18.5" equatorial mounted Cassegranian, discussions for the lenses and parts needed in the construction of a spectroheliograph, and other personal correspondence.] 1923-1924

Box 4:3

H.C. Williams to Ricard. [Regarding various optical lenses, coelestats, and a sand clock made by Williams for Ricard; plans for the purchase of a five-foot mirror; personal correspondence.] 1925

Box 4:4

H.C. Williams to Ricard. [Regarding Williams' work on optical instruments as well as some discussion of scientific theories such as the evolution of man's mind.] 1926

Box 4:5

H.C. Williams to Ricard. [Regarding Williams' work on and completion of the spectroheliograph, some references to Mr. Shearman, some theological discussions, and corresondece on money and personal matters.] 1927

Box 4:6

H.C. Williams to Ricard. [Statements of bills, invoices, and receipts for Williams' work.] 1923-1927

Box 4:7

H.C. Williams to Ricard. [Two articles written by Williams: a glossary reminiscing Williams' childhood; an explanation of the electromagnetic relations of life and matter in the world.] n.d.

Box 4:8

L. Williams to Ricard. [Regarding the installment and monthly payments for the purchase of Williams' shop and telescope.] 1928

Box 4:9

B. Willis to Ricard. [Regarding the Santa Barbara earthquake on 29 June 1925. Enclosed also are A. Newlin's response to Willis, 1925, and Willis' response to Newlin, 1925.] 1925

Box 4:10

W.C. Woodford to Ricard. [Small table of sunspot locations and their relative manifestations.] 1924

Box 4:11

[W.C. Woodford] to Ricard. ["Causation of Sunspots" by H. Clements.] n.d.

Box 4:12

J. Wright to Ricard. [Regarding an article about Ricard.] n.d.

Box 4:13

Author unknown [Correspondence?] [Four articles written on various meteorological and astronomical theories.] n.d.

Box 4:14

Correspondence regarding the fund raising for the construction of Ricard Observatory. H.I. Mulcrevy. [Letter explaining the need for a Ricard Observatory Foundation Fund Committee] 1925.

Box 4:14

H.I. Mulcrevy to J. O'Connor and C. Mann. [Regarding the Fraternal Order of Eagles' participation in the Observatory Fund.] 1925

Box 4:14

H.I. Mulcrevy to Subordinate Aeries. [Regarding support for the Ricard Observatory.] 1925

Box 4:14

San Francisco Knights of Columbus Council to members. [Regarding support for Observatory. Knights of Columbus Official Circulars: Numbers 2,3,5,7,9.] 1925-1926

Box 4:14

H.I. Mulcrevy to M. Griffith. [Regarding fund raising for Ricard Observatory.] 1926

Box 4:14

Knights of Columbus leaflet describing the Membership Committee's drive to raise funds for the Ricard Observatory. n.d.

Box 4:14

Leaflet advertising Knights of Columbus-Los Angeles Council's annual rituals and a public reception honoring Ricard on 29 March 1925. 1925

Box 4:15

S.S. Herric to H.C. Miller. [Regarding construction of observatory domes.] 1928

Box 7-8

Clippings Files, 1910-1930

Physical Description: .5 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

This series, arranged chronologically, contains news clippings about Ricard and his work.
Box 4EY-12

Records of the Solar Observatory, 1902-1930

Physical Description: .5 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

This series includes the diagrammatic records of daily solar activity, general description of weather, and the work of Ricard and his successors. These are bound in annual volumes.
Box 4EY-12

Records of Meteorological Observatory, 1902-1952

Physical Description: .5 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

This series includes the records of the weather station at Santa Clara University, bound in annual volumes.