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Finding Aid to the Momo's Press Records, 1972-1986
BANC MSS 97/41  
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Series 1 Editorial Files 1972-1984

Physical Description: Cartons 1-6


Arranged in order received.

Scope and Content Note

Contains final copies of books, manuscripts, and design and production materials including blue-lines, page proofs, boards, and cover mock-ups. Also includes reviews and promotional materials, contract and copyright information, response, and editorial, printer, and other correspondence.
Carton 1

The Ballad of Artie Bremer, by Stephen Vincent 1974


Correspondence, reviews, etc. 1974-1976


Copy signed by author and artist


Design and production


Editorial development and manuscripts


Yellow work notebook


Related materials 1972-1976

Carton 1

Pet Food and Tropical Apparitions, by Jessica Hagedorn 1975


Hard and paperback copies


Editorial correspondence and copy-edit 1977-1982


Partial manuscript, revisions 1981


Contracts and permissions 1978-1982


Original manuscript 1976


Production memoranda and correspondence 1981




Design and production art, typesetter, printer correspondence 1981-1982


Additional unused manuscript materials 1975-1977


"D" bound manuscript


Design and production


Promotion, reviews, response 1981-1984


The Woman Who Thought She Was More Than a Samba 1978

Carton 1

Hagedorn, Jessica


Contractual matters 1975-1993

Oversize Box 1

Her Encounters with the First Kind, article in Special People Weekly 1982

Carton 1

Dangerous Music, by Jessica Hagedorn 1975


Design and production 1975-1976


Promotions, reviews, response 1975-1977


2 "Heap no Good" bumper stickers, one with explanatory note from Stephen Vincent


Manuscript 1974


Contracts and permissions 1980-1981

Carton 2

This Passover or the Next I Will Never Be in Jerusalem, by Hilton Obenzinger 1980


Manuscript second draft with Lincoln Bergman notes


Editorial correspondence with Hilton Obenzinger and Lisa Kokin


Copyright and contents


Promotion, correspondence, advertising 1979-1983




Reviews 1981-1983


Final manuscript 1980


Early draft in progress, 92 pp, 2 copies of Lisa Kokin's Batiks, 1 copy of Hope


Copy-edited manuscript


Production design printing


Reprint permission request 1992

Carton 2

By Lingual Wholes , by Victor Hernandez Cruz 1982


Original manuscript submitted


Additional poems submitted


Manuscript- later revised version


Review, promotion, correspondence


Design file


Budget, orders, proof check, invoices, packaging slips


Copy-edited manuscript and related materials


Editor correspondence


Hard and paper-back copies

Carton 3

See No Evil, by Ntozake Shange 1984


Unpublished manuscripts




Reviews, promotion 1983-1984


General file on Shange 1975-1982


Back cover photograph


Correspondence 1981-1984


Contracts and permissions 1983-1985


Production- painting and design


Typesetter's galleys

Oversize Box 1

Production files- cover mock-up

Oversize Box 1

Production files

Carton 3

A Reading 1-7, by Beverly Dahlen 1985


Printer's proofs


Editorial development 1983-1986


Draft for revised pages 1983


Design and printing 1984-1986




Contract materials


Related materials 1980-1985


Promotion, reviews, response 1985-1986

Oversize Box 1

Production files-boards 1985

Carton 3

Out of the Third, by Beverly Dahlen 1985


Promotion, reviews, correspondence 1974-1980




Contract and permissions 1974-1979


Reprint copy (never done)

Carton 4

The Wellsprings, by Harry Lewis 1981


Hard and paperback copies


Signed copy


Design and production


Invoice from and carbons to Gail Larrick 1981-1984


Promotions, reviews 1976-1982


Publisher's working manuscript


Original manuscript circa 1979


Editorial correspondence 1981-1982


Page proofs

Oversize Box 1

Production files- boards

Carton 4

Five on the Western Edge 1977


Printer's proofs


Manuscripts (original & copy), printer's proofs, statement, photocopy of text with more poems


Hilton Obenzinger manuscripts and some corrections on printer's proof


Larry Felson manuscript and printer's proofs


Manuscript development: intro, back cover copy, layout


Steve Brooks correspondence


Steve Brooks manuscript and printer's proofs


Stephen Vincent manuscript and printer's proof


Reviews, promotion, response 1976-1979


Design and printing




Original artwork


Cover mechanicals


Original proofs

Carton 5

Lorca/Blackburn 1979


Contract agreements and correspondence with New Directions and Joan Blackburn


Contract correspondence with New Directions and Joan Blackburn 1978-1984


Mulch Press uncorrected proof 1976


Cover copy


Basil King drawing negative


Printer's signature, blue lines




Final corrections, printers proof


Final proofs


Artwork and sample pages of letter press edition


Correspondence- editorial, artist, typesetter 1978-1979






Promotion and distribution 1979-1981

Carton 5

Omens from the Flight of Birds 1977


Boards (1 of 2)


Boards (2 of 2)




Extra related manuscripts- Tom Raworth, Hilton Obenzinger


Stephen Vincent original drafts


Xerox manuscript


Production and review 1976-1978


Editorial correspondence and development 1976-1978


Design and production


Original manuscript and copy edit


Xerox printer's proofs

Oversize Box 2

Excerpt printed in California Living 1978

Carton 6

The Poetry Reading 1981


Hard and paperback copies


Blue lines


Manuscripts- back matter


Manuscripts- bibliography


Manuscripts- The Argument for the Page


Manuscripts- As Sound


Manuscripts- disc and cassette


Manuscripts- video


Manuscripts- performance


Manuscripts- oral


Manuscripts- history


Manuscripts- front matter


Uncorrected typeset galleys with notes by Gail Larrick


Gail Larrick correspondence, design and production


Stephen Vincent text


Contributors' response




Promotion and Advertising


Printer correspondence and invoices


Editorial correspondence and development 1975-1981


Editorial correspondence


Folders- photos, permissions, LC cataloguing data sheet

Carton 7

Individual contributors' folders (2 folders)

Box 1

Production files

Oversize Box 2

Production files The Argument for the Page

Oversize Box 2

Brothers and Fathers Series 1979

Oversize Box 2

Production files - Now Everyone Knows Childcare and Other Poems 1979

Oversize Box 2

Production files- How the Conversation Began 1979


Series 2 Shocks Magazine Files 1972-1976

Physical Description: Carton 7


Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Consists of manuscripts, editorial correspondence and materials, reviews, and response.
Carton 7

Shocks #1 1972


Editorial correspondence and manuscript


Original, Xerox copy, fliers announcing first issue

Carton 7

Shocks #2 1973


Original manuscripts


Mailed-to list


Rejected manuscripts


Rough draft- Shocks Logue, front introduction


Typed manuscript


Shocks #3-4 1974


Robin Blaser correspondence re Jack Spicer


Response and reviews


Gary Snyder material


Partial typeset copy and original manuscripts


Editorial correspondence

Carton 7

Shocks #5 1975


Response, reviews, and related material


The Day Book- manuscripts and editorial corrections


Shocks #6 1976


Centerfold and cover mock-up


Letters received with rejected poems, editorial comment sheets


Reviews, response, correspondence


Editorial correspondence, submissions


Original manuscripts


Editorial development

Oversize Box 2

Production files- page proofs/camera ready

Oversize Box 2

Production files- front and inside covers


Shocks, general




Correspondence that has been responded to


Fictitious name statement, San Francisco 1973


Series 3 Administrative Files 1974-1983

Physical Description: Carton 8


Arranged in order received.

Scope and Content Note

Consists mainly of grant applications, including applications to the Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines, California Arts Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts. Also contains copyright information and promotional materials.
Carton 8

ISBN log book


General promotional schemes


Promotion file


Local press listings


Momo's copyright information and miscellaneous


Brochure development


Goodchild, Jon


Inquiries, etc.


Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines application 1979


Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines distribution projects


California State Arts Commision


Zellerbach Family Fund


California Arts Council, AC-0479 1980-1981


Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines project application and correspondence


Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines- $5,000


Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines grant- poetry reading issue 1977


National Endowment for the Arts 1977


National Endowment for the Arts grant application 1980-1981


National Endowment for the Arts 1978


National Endowment for the Arts 1979


Grant application- Small Press 1977-1978


Material for Small Press National Endowment for the Arts grant 1975-1976


California Arts Council 1982-1983


Library of Congress- Cataloging in Publication Division


Final Report- National Endowment for the Arts


National Endowment for the Arts Small Press grant 1974-1975


Coda: Poets and Writers newsletter


California Arts Council Grant 1979-1980


California Arts Council Grant 1981-1982


National Endowment for the Arts