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October 2010
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Language of Material: English
Contributing Institution: Department of Special Collections and University Archives
Title: Stanford University, Office of Technology Licensing, records
creator: Wiesendanger, Hans U. D.
Identifier/Call Number: SC0729
Physical Description: 50 Linear Feet (28 boxes)
Date (inclusive): 1996-2010
Language of Material: English
Abstract: Includes the report "Technology Based Companies Founded by Members of the Stanford University Community" and Wiesendanger's "History and Operation of the Office of Technology Licensing Stanford University," 1996.

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Description of the Collection

First series includes the report "Technology Based Companies Founded by Members of the Stanford University Community" and Wiesendanger's "History and Operation of the Office of Technology Licensing Stanford University," 1996. Later series include shadow boxes (framed patented items, each labeled with docket number and inventors).

Immediate Source of Acquisition

Gift of Hans U. D. Wiesendanger, 2003; Academic transfer, 2015, 2016.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Technology -- Management.
Wiesendanger, Hans U. D.
Stanford University. Office of Technology Licensing
Wiesendanger, Hans U. D.
Wiesendanger, Hans U. D.


Records - Patent Files

Box 1

Patent files


Additional Records - Patent Files ARCH-2016-037


Digitized files 1999-2010

Patent files



box 1, folder 1

S05-062: Technique to retrieve phase and magnitude (Digonnet/Ozcan/Kino) 2003

box 1, folder 2

S05-035: SFBF: Fast photonic bandgap fiber mode (Digonnet et al) 2003

box 1, folder 3

S05-035: Patent file (Diggonet) 2004-2006

box 1, folder 4

S05-035: PCT Application, PCT/US05-32229 (Litton) 2005-09-09

box 1, folder 5

S04-159: Patent 2006

box 1, folder 6

S04-159: PCT, PCT/US05/017069 2006

box 1, folder 7

S04-148: Simulation of the effects of the core... (Digonnet et al) 2003

box 1, folder 8

S04-148: Patent, 11/23,879 2006

box 1, folder 9

S04-159: Retrieval of the impulse response... (Ozcan et al) 2004

box 1, folder 10

S03-360: Patent 2004

box 1, folder 11

S03-360: Patent, 10/996,166 2006

box 1, folder 12

S03-247: Cylinder-Assisted maker-fringe tech (Diggonet, Ozcan, Kino) 2003

box 1, folder 13

S03-360: Post processing method (Digonnet et al) 2004

box 1, folder 14

S03-240: PCT 2005

box 1, folder 15

S03-240: Japanese Patent (Litton) 2006

box 1, folder 16

S03-242: Method for pulse shape design...

box 1, folder 17

S02-236: Er-doped superflourescent... (Park, et al) 2002

box 1, folder 18

S03-240: Patent papers (10/938,755) 2006

box 1, folder 19

S03-240: CIP patent application 2005

box 1, folder 20

S03-240: Malaysian patent 2006

box 1, folder 21

S03-240: Chinese patent (STANF.135VCN) 2006

box 1, folder 22

S03-240 2003

box 1, folder 23

S02-236: Patent (Litton) 2006

box 1, folder 24

S02-236: Japanese patent (2004-541654) 2006

box 1, folder 25

S02-236: Europe 2005

box 1, folder 26

S02-070: Foreign filing (Litton) 2006

box 1, folder 27

S02-034 (10/616,693) 2006

box 1, folder 28

S01-192: Europe 2006

box 1, folder 29

S01-192: Norwegian 2004

box 1, folder 30

S00-128: China (008198942) 2003

box 1, folder 31

S00-128: China (2005100002351.7) 2007

box 1, folder 32

S00-128: Canadian 2006

box 1, folder 33

S00-128: Japanese 2005

box 1, folder 34

S99-185: Norwegian 2006

box 1, folder 35

S99-185: Canada 2006

box 1, folder 36

S99-185: Japanese Patent (565693/2001) 2002

box 1, folder 37

S98-113: Canadian 2006

box 1, folder 38

S98-007: Patent Canada 2005

box 2, folder 1

S06-280: Patent file 2006

box 2, folder 2

S07-047: Brag-fiber fiber-optic gyroscope (Digonnet, Michel) 2007

box 2, folder 3

S07-157: Slow light for sensing: an invention disclosure (Fan, et al) 2007

box 2, folder 4

S07-325: Optical and opto-mechanical devices (Solgaard, et al) 2007

box 2, folder 5

S09-099: Fiber Bragg grating sensors used in slow light mode for ultra-high sensitivity sensing (Digonnet, et al) 2009

box 2, folder 6

S09-144: Optomechanical fiber gyroscope (Digonnet, et al) 2009

box 2, folder 7

09-412: Improvements to optical acoustic sensor (Kilic, et al) 2009

box 2, folder 8

S10-346: Optimization of Slow-light fiber Bragg grating sensors (Diggonet, et al) 2010

box 2, folder 9

S06-258: Optical filtering using photonic-band (Diggonet etal.) 2006

box 2, folder 10

S06-258: PROV Application (60/833108) 2006

box 2, folder 11

S06-280: Polarization controller for air-core (Digonnet et al.) 2006

box 2, folder 12

S05-397: Patent file (Northrop) 2006

box 2, folder 13

S06-255: US PROV Application (60/837891) 2006

box 2, folder 14

S06-255: US Provisional (60/817514) 2006

box 2, folder 15

S05-397: Air-core photonic bandgap (Dangui et al.) 2005

box 2, folder 16

S06-165: Asymetric Fabry-Perot Resonances (Digonnet etal.) 2006

box 2, folder 17

S06-165: US Prov application (60/707714) 2006

box 2, folder 18

S05-245: US Patent application (11/522802) 2006

box 2, folder 19

S05-245: Silicon-nanocrystal silica microsphere thermooptical switches (Tewary, et al) 2005

box 2, folder 20

S06-255: Reduction of thermal drift in fiber op (Digonnet et al.) 2006

box 2, folder 21

S05-125: Optical image processing... (Ozcan et al.) 2005

box 2, folder 22

S05-125: PCT (PCT/US06/012136) 2006

box 2, folder 23

S05-125: US Patent 2006

box 2, folder 24

S05-135: High sensitivity acoustic sensor (Kilic, et al) 2005

box 2, folder 25

S05-135: US Patent (11/414506) 2006

box 2, folder 26

S05-069: A new optical coherence tomography (Digonnet etal.) 2005

box 2, folder 27

S05-069: PCT (PCT/US06/009677) 2006

box 2, folder 28

S05-125: US Patent 2006

box 2, folder 29

S05-069: US Patent (Litton 11/384170) 2006

box 2, folder 30

S05-062: PCT (PCT/US06/009675) 2006

box 2, folder 31

S05-062: US Patent 2006

box 2, folder 32

S05-062: PCT Application (PCT/US06/01994) 2006


Additional Records - Shadow Boxes Accession ARCH-2017-091

Scope and Contents

Shadow boxes include patented items, each labeled with docket number and inventors.
Box 1

"Brainstorm" (S93-054); Elizabeth Tancred, Gary Coppa, SUMMIT undated

Box 2

"Computer Workstation Ergonomics CD-ROM" (S97-217); Lawrence Gibbs and Geoffrey Cox undated

Box 3

"GENSCAN: Identification of Genes in Human Genomic Sequences" (S97-072); Chris Burge undated

Box 4

"SUTECH"(S97-241); Stanford Office of Technology Licensing undated

Box 5

"HIV PCR Analysis Directs Drug Use" (S92-053); Drs. Michael Kozal and Thomas Merigan undated

Box 6

"Diet Coach - MULTIFIT" (S91-013); Dr. Robert F. DeBusk and colleagues at the Cardiac Rehabilitation Program undated

Box 7

"Arginine. Its Use as a Novel Anti-Atherogenic Agent" (S93-027); John Cooke, Victor Dzau, and Gary Gibbons undated

Box 8

"High Performance Optical Fiber Amplifiers" undated

Box 9

"Secure Remote Password Authentication" (S97-006); Thomas Wu undated

Box 10

"FM Sounds" (S71-017); John Chowning undated

Box 11

"Human Biology for Middle Schools Project" (S91-007); Craig Heller, Mary Kiely, and M. Rowe undated

Box 12

"Portable Motor Symptoms Assessment Device" (S95-144); Kelvin O. Lim undated

Box 13

"MINOS" (S81-035); Bruce A. Murtagh Michael A. Saunders undated

Box 14

"Mass-produced Ordered Arrays of Active Substances" (S93-097); Patrick Brown, Tidhar Dari Shalon undated

Box 15

"Parallel Array Oligonucleotide Synthesizer Apparatus and Method for Polymer Synthesis Using Arrays" (S93-076); Dr. Thomas Brennan undated

Box 16

"Monolithic Semiconductor Switching Device (IGBT)" (S76-047); Dr. James Plummer undated

Box 17

Fiber Polarization Controller FPC-1 undated

Box 18

"Agrin Monoclonal Antibodies" (S94-047); Richard H. Scheller undated

Box 19

"In-line Multichannel Microcentrifuge" (S97-116); Andre Marziali undated

Box 20

"Non-thermal Electrically Induced Closure of the Blood Vessels" (S04-115 , S02-314 , S02-038 , S01-144 , S99-049 , S98-200); Daniel V. Palanker and Alexander Vankov undated

Box 21

Direct Multiplex Gene (S00-045); Ron Davis, Paul Hardenbol, Viktor Stole, Tom Willis undated

Box 22

"Non-invasive Rhythm Monitor" (S06-125); Uday N. Kumar, Joseph A. Knight, Kit Yee Au-Yeung, John W. White undated

Box 23

"Detection, Enumeration, Purification of Antigen-Specific T Cells [MHC tetramer]" (S94-140); John D. Altman, Mark M. Davis, and Michael McHeyzer-Williams undated

Box 24

"Proposal for Dense Storage of Digital Information: A Combination of the STM and the AFM" (S88-119); Calvin F. Quate Robert C. Barrett undated

Box 25

"Use of NAC for AIDS" (S99-188); Wulf Droge, Leonard A. Herzenberg and Leonore A. Herzenberg undated