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San Francisco LGBT Groups Ephemera Collection
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Folder List


18th Street Services circa 1990-1998, undated


69 Hours (AIDS art projects) 1990


100 Lesbians 2001


848 Community Space circa 1994-2005, undated


ABC (AIDS Benefit Counselors) 1996-1998


Able Together Magazine 2000


Academy (2166 Market Street) circa 1985, undated


Academy of Friends 1990-2008


Acceptance House (Alcoholism treatment, 1710 Golden Gate Avenue) 1978-1985


Ache Magazine 1989-1994

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) 1977-2008


ACT UP (Bay Area and greater California)


ACT UP California 1987-1990


ACT UP East Bay 1990-1995


ACT UP Golden Gate 1990-1993


ACT UP Los Angeles 1987-1990


ACT UP San Francisco


General 1987-1992


Benefits and Fundraisers 1988-1991


Committee and Caucus Meetings 1988-1991


Legal Documents (Copies) 1990-1991


Meeting Agendas 1989-1992


Phone and Letter Writing Boycott Campaigns 1988-1991


Press Releases 1988-1995


Procedural Documents 1987-1990


Protests, Demonstrations and Rallies 1987-1992


ACT UP (National)

Physical Description: 1.0 box

General 1988-1990


ACT UP Chicago circa 1990, undated


ACT UP New York 1987-1990


Adoption SF circa 2008, undated


Advocate Experience 1978


AEGIS (American Educational Gender Information Service, Transgender Archives) 1996-1997


Against Equality 2010


AGOG (A Group of Groups) 1994


AGUILA and El Ambiente circa 2000, undated


Ahavat Shalom Congregation circa 1986, undated


AHZ (Band) 1982


AIDS Action Pledge 1988-1992


AIDS Clinical Trials Group 1994


AIDS Emergency Fund circa 1987-2002, undated


AIDS Fraud Task Force circa 1985-1989, undated


AIDS Housing Alliance circa 2008, undated


AIDS Interfaith Network circa 1983, undated


AIDS/Kaposi Sarcoma Foundation circa 1980-1984, undated


AIDS Legal Referral Panel (ALRP) circa 1988-2000, undated


AIDS Medicine Recycling Project (RAMP) circa 2000-2008, undated


AIDS Memorial Grove (Golden Gate Park) 1990


AIDS Relief Fund for China 2009


AIDS Volunteer Managers of the Bay Area circa 1990, undated


Al Anon (LGBT Programs) circa 1989-1999, undated


Alameda County Public Health Department, AIDS Office 1994-1995


Alberta Jackson Band 1982


Alexander Hamilton Veterans Post 448 (The American Legion) 1985-1997


Alice B. Toklas Democratic Club circa 1972-2008, undated

Physical Description: 1.0 box

Alice Faye Cinema Club 1993


Alive! (Band) 1984


All Family Coalition (Exodus protests) 1984-1985


All Our Families Coalition 1999-2001


All People's Congress circa 1978-1989, undated


Alliance (Political action committee) 1988-2000


Ally Zone (Concord) 2006


Alternative Family Project 1996-2000


Alternative Futures Commune circa 1971, undated


Alzheimer's Association LGBT Support Group (Mountain View, CA) 2005


Ambassador Hotel (AIDS Care) circa 1984, undated


American Association for the Advancement of Science (Symposium) 1975


American Anthropological Association -- Gay Anthropologists 1974


American Boyz (FTM transgender) 1999-2001


American Cancer Society 2003


American Federation of Teachers circa 1980, undated


American Guild of Body Building 1976


American Historical Society -- Committee on Lesbian and Gay History 1987-2000


American Indian AIDS Institute circa 1991, undated


American Library Association (ALA)


Gay Task Force 1971-1983


Barbara Gittings' Materials 1976-1983, 2005


American Psychological and Psychiatric Association --Task Force on LGBT Issues 1973-2007


American Society on Aging (ASA) 1992-2007


American Uniform Association 1981-1989


Amigo Project (Cuban AIDS outreach) circa 1995, undated


Amnesty International circa 1993-1996, undated


Anal Warts Project circa 1980, undated


And Castro For All (Anti-racism) 2005-2006


Angels of Light circa 1971-1984, undated


Anything That Moves, the Magazine for the Uncompromising Bisexual 1996-2002


API Family Pride (Asian Pacific Islander) 2004-2010


Arcadia Bodybuilding Society 1988-1991


ARIS Project (San Jose, Santa Clara County AIDS organization) 1988-1993


Ark of Refuge (Transgender group) circa 2005, undated


Art 330 (330 Grove Street) 1980


Art Against Aids circa 1984, undated


Art Corps (55 Sutter Street) circa 1980, undated


Artfull Circle Theatre circa 1991-1997, undated


Artists for Community Life (Art and Well Being AIDS/ARC Art Show) 1986-1987


Asian AIDS Project (Chameleon Program) 1998-1994


Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center (API Wellness Center)

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

General 1997-2010

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Living Well Project (AIDS organization) 1990-1995


Asian Health Services -- AIDS Project (Oakland) 1988-1994


Asian/Pacific AIDS Coallition (A/PAC) 1994-1995


Asian Pacifica Sisters 1991-1999


Association of Lesbian and Gay Asians (ALGA) 1981-1985


Association of Lesbian and Gay Psychologists (ALGP) circa 1980-1995, undated


Astraea National Lesbian Action Foundation 1991-2003


Aunt Lute Book Company circa 1989-1991, undated


Bad Cop No Donut circa 1988-1992, undated


Ballets Trocadero de Monte Carlo, Les 1976-1983


Barbary Coast Cloggers 1981-1985


Barbary Coasters Motorcycle Club 1967-1989

Physical Description: 1.0 box

Bartenders Against AIDS circa 1983, undated


Bay Area American Indian Two-Spirits (Berdache) 1996-1999


Bay Area Bi Women 1996-1998


Bay Area Bisexual Network (BiNet) 1989-2005


Bay Area Career Women (BACW)


General 1984-2000


Directories 1981-1999


Bay Area Gay Liberation (BAGL) 1975-1978


Bay Area Gay Switchboard circa 1970, undated


Bay Area Gays and Lesbians in Science (BAGLIS) 1981-1983


Bay Area Lawyers for Individual Freedom (BALIF) 1983-2009


Bay Area Lesbian Choral Ensemble (VOICES) 1994-1996


Bay Area Lesbians of Color (BALOC) circa 1989, undated


Bay Area Meteorites (Wheelchair basketball) 1989-1990


Bay Area Physicians for Human Rights (BAPHR) circa 1981-1990, undated


Bay Area Socialist School 1979


Bay Area Women Against Rape circa 1974-1984, undated


Bay Area Women and Girls Skill Share circa 1995, undated


Bay Area Women's Philharmonic 1981-1986


BAY Positives (Bay Area Youth Positives, AIDS group) circa 1998-2002, undated


BAYMEC (Bay Area Municipal Elections Committee) 1986-2009


BAYOPS (Bay Area System Operators) circa 1990, undated


Bear History Project (Les Wright) 1994-2000


Bears of San Francisco (BOSF) 1994-2009


Berkeley Free Clinic -- Gay Men's Health Collective 1977-1984


Berkeley Women's Center 1977-1983


Berkeley Women's Health Collective's Lesbian Clinic circa 1979-1984, undated


Berkeley Women's Music Collective circa 1980-1982, undated


Bethany Methodist Church (Bethany House) 1971-1972, 2005


Bi Friendly circa 1990, undated


Bi Pol 1983-1991


Billy Club (Bay Area Billys) 1993-1994


Billy DeFrank Community Center 1981-1997


BiSexual Center circa 1978-1980, undated


Black and White Men Together (Men of All Colors Together, MACT)


General 1980-2001


Conferences 1980-2001


Black Coalition on AIDS (BCA) circa 1990-2001, undated


Black Gay Caucus circa 1976, undated


Black Gay Cultural Society undated


Black Lesbian Raps 1976


Black Men's Xchange (BMX) 1992-1998


Books to Watch Out For circa 2000, undated


BorderOUT circa 2009, undated


Border Riders Motorcycle Club 1982-1983


Bowling Leagues (General) 1987-1998


Boy With Arms Akimbo 1989


Brava Theater, Brava! For Women in the Arts 1987-2006


Breast Cancer Action 2005


Breast Cancer Emergency Fund 2002


Brothers Loving Brothers (AIDS Group) undated


Bucktooth Varmints 1994


Buena Vista Medical Group (AIDS healthcare) 1982


Butch Femme Socials circa 2005, undated


Butterfly Brigade (Richard Heakin Memorial Butterfly Brigade) 1977-1989


Cabaret Castro circa 1990, undated


California Association of Lesbian/Gay Democratic Clubs 1981-1986


California Conference of Local Health Officers (AIDS/HIV policy papers) 1987


California Eagles Motor Club 1984-1998


California Gay Rodeo circa 1981, undated


California Men's Gathering 1983-2009


California Motor Club (CMC) 1972-1985


California State AIDS Legal Services Association (SALSA) 1993


California State University, Sacramento 1971-1972


California Women's Land Trust undated


Californians for Compassionate Use (Medical marijuana law) 1994-1996


Camp Sister Spirit 1993-1994


Camp Sunburst (for kids with AIDS) 1989-1992


CAPE (California Alliance for Pride and Equality) 1998-2003


CASA (Community Alternative Social Association) 1984-1991


Casa Nicaragua 1979-1980


Casselberry and Dupree and their Urban Guerilla Band 1983


Castro Area Planning and Action (CAPA) 1996-2001


Castro Community and Business Alliance (CCBA) 1992


Castro Community on Patrol 2009


Castro Lions Club 1995-2003


Castro Senior Center (Diamond Street Center) undated


Castro Village Association circa 1977-1979, undated


Castrobear (Lazy Bear Weekend) 2000-2009


Center, The (LGBT Community Center, Charles M. Holmes Campus)


General circa 2000-2010, undated


Community Center Project 1994-2000


Center, The (Spiritual AIDS Resouce Center, Oakland) 1992


Center for Sex and Culture 2003-2008


Centerspace Dance Foundation 1980-1984


Chanticleer (Men's Choir) 1983-2001


Cheaters Motor Club 1982-1992


Chevere (Band) circa 1981, undated


Christopher Beck Dance Company 1979-1984


Choral Majority 1981-1983


CISPES (Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador) 1983-1986


Citizens Party of Northern California circa 1980, undated


City Bear with Chablis (Channel 53) undated


City College of San Francisco


General 1976-2009


Transforming Justice Conference 2007


Clinica Esperanza (AIDS organization) 1996


Club Utopia Growth Coop (Gestalt-o-rama) undated


Coalition for Human Rights circa 1980-1985, undated


Cockettes 1971-1976


Coits 1967-1993


COLAGE (Children of Lesbians and Gays Everywhere) 1996-2009


Coleman Children and Youth Advocates 1979-1985


Colors and the Women of Color Building Project 1989


Colors United Coalition (East Bay resource guide for GLBTQ youth) 1998-1999


Colla Voce (Men's choir) 2005


Committee for Berkeley Human Rights Ordinance for Gay People 1978


Committee for Contemporary Family Values 1992


Community Action Network (Viacom channel 6) 1989


Community Congress 1977


Community Congress, District Five 1977


Community of St. John the Beloved 1971


Concerned Citizens of California 1977


Concerned Republicans for Individual Rights 1978-1988


Congregation Sha'ar Zahav (CSZ) circa 1985-2005, undated


Constantines of the Bay Area (Motorcycle Club) 1972-1994


Contemporary Jewish History Museum undated


Continuum HIV Day Services (Adult day AIDS care) circa 1997, undated


Cornerstone circa 1981, undated


Cosmic Circus Newsletter 1975


Council on Religion and the Homosexual (CRH) circa 1966-1980, undated


Country Experience for Young Womyn (Lesbian feminist summer camp) circa 1979, undated


COYOTE (Call Off Your Old Tired Ethics) 1987-1988


Creative Power Foundation 1978-1979


CUAV (Community United Against Violence)


General circa 1979-2009, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Report on violence 1996


Task force on the Moral Majority 1981


TransAction 1999-2001


CURAS (Community in Response to AIDS/SIDA) 1988-1991


Cycle Runners circa 1984-1996, undated


Cycle Sluts circa 1978, undated


DAIR (The Documentation of AIDS Issues and Research Foundation, Inc.) circa 1984, undated


Dance Safe circa 2000, undated


Data Center (Oakland) undated


Daughters of Bilitis circa 1960-1975, undated


Deaf Gay and Lesbian Center 1993-1994


Deep Dick Collective (D/DC, Band) 2002


Defenders SF 1997-2000


Delancey Street Foundation 1977


Democratic Party (California and San Francisco) 1984-1994


Department of Public Health, U.S. AIDS Office 1983-1992


Destination Foundation circa 2000, undated


Diablo Valley AIDS Center circa 1995-1999, undated


Diana Press (Oakland) 1977


Dick Kramer Gay Men's Chorale 1983-1989


Die Mannerstimmen 1986-1987


Different Spokes Cycling Club 1986-2005


Digital Queers 1993-2001


Dignity (Gay and lesbian Catholics, national and Bay Area chapters) 1972-2009


Dimensions Health Services for Queer and Questioning Youth circa 2006, undated


Discovery Community circa 1989-1999, undated


Diseased Pariah News (DPH, AIDS magazine) circa 1991, undated


Diversity Center (LGBT Community Center, San Francisco) circa 1990-2009, undated


Dolores Street Baptist Church circa 2000, undated


Duboce Dykes circa 1977-1980, undated


Duboce Triangle circa 1980-1987, undated


Dyke Action Machine 1997


Dykes on Bikes undated


Dyketones (Band) circa 1984-1986, undated


EACH (Early Advocacy Care for HIV) circa 1990, undated


East Bay AIDS 1984-1987


EAST BAY Association (Billy DeFrank) 1976-1977


East Bay Business and Professional Alliance 1994-2005


East Bay Gay circa 1973, undated


East Bay Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club (EBL/GDC) circa 1980-2000, undated


East Bay Lesbian and Gay Softball League 1996-1997


East Bay Women's Building circa 1982, undated


Edge, The (LGBT Community Center, Fremont) circa 2002, undated


Effeminists 1973


Electric City Television circa 1988-1990, undated


Ellas en Accion 1993-1998


Ellipse (AIDS organization, San Mateo) 1990-1991


Emmaus House and Foundation circa 1970-1979, undated


Enola Gay, Faggot Affinity Group (Anti-nuclear movement group) circa 1982-1985, undated


Epicenter Zone Records, Library and Community Space (Valencia Street) circa 1990, undated


Equal Rights Advocates 1979-1985


Equality California (EQCA)


General circa 2006-2010, undated


Transgender Leadership Summit 2008


Erickson Educational Foundation -- Guides for Transexuals 1973-1974


Esperanto League for North America circa 1980, undated


ETR Associates (Educational Training Resources Associates) 1996-2000


ETVC (Educational TV channel)


General circa 1982-2000, undated


Transgender San Francisco (TGSF) 2000-2006


Eureka Valley Police Community Relations Committee -- Safe Streets 1975-1980


Eureka Valley Promotion Assocation circa 1950, 1983-2008


Eureka Valley Recreation Center circa 1980-2000, undated


Eureka Theater Company 1980-1991


Evangelicals Concerned 1977


Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund 2000


Fabled Asp (Fabulous Bay Area Lesbians with Disabilities: A Storytelling Project) 2009


Face to Face, Sonoma County AIDS Network 1987-1991


Family Caregiver Alliance circa 2000, undated


Family Pride Coalition 1999


Federal Lesbians and Gays 1987-1989


Federation of U.S. Gay and Lesbian Veterans 1987


Feminist Anti Censorship Taskforce 1985


Femme to Femme circa 1995, undated


Filipino Task Force on AIDS 1990-2002


FIRM (Faggots International Revolutionary Movement) 1973


First Ladies United 1988-1992


First Unitarian Church circa 1970-1989, undated


Foggy City Dancers circa 1995, undated


Foggy City Squares 1981-1983


Folsom Street Warehouse Theater 1979-1980


Force Five (Palo Alto) 1985-1986



Physical Description: 2.0 boxes

Film Arts Foundation 1990-1998


Preservation of Expression 1990


San Francisco International Exhibit of Lesbian and Gay Photography (Closets) 1982-1984


Distribution catalogs 1991-2005


General films 1971-2010


Festival catalogs 1971-2006


Fraternal Order of Gays (FOG) 1983-1987


Free Radical (Janice Flux) undated


Freedom in Christ Evangelical Church circa 2000, undated


Freedom Socialist Party 1995-2000


Freespirit (Lesbian Separatists Lesbian Space, Berkeley) circa 1985, undated


Freewheelers Car Club of Northern California 1999-2005


Fresh Meat (Transgender and queer performance) 2000-2010


Fresno gay Community Center undated


Friends of 1800 Market circa 1998-2001, undated


Friends of the Urban Forest (Castro) 1995


Front Runners


General 1980-2000


Membership directories 1980-2000


FTM International (Transgenders, San Francisco) 1989-2005


G40 Plus (Prime Timers) circa 1980-2006, undated


GALA (Gay and Lesbian Performing Arts Groups) 1982-1989


GALA (Gay Latino Alliance) 1976-1980


GALA SF (Gay and Lesbian Alumni Association) 1995-2001


GALEEMAS 1990-1994


GALIP (Gays and Lesbians In Planning) 1993-2000


GAPA (Gay Asian Pacific Alliance) circa 1990-2010, undated

Physical Description: 1.0 box

General 1989-2010


GAPA Community HIV Project circa 1989-1995, undated


Runway, Mr. and Miss GAPA 1990-2010


GAWK (Gay Artists and Writers Kollective) 1980-1995


Gay Academic Union circa 1970-1979, undated

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Gay Activists Alliance (Gay Liberation Alliance) 1972-1981


Gay Alcoholics Anonymous circa 1979, undated


Gay American Indians (GAI) circa 1980-1989, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Gay Anarchists (New York) 1979


Gay and Lesbian Alternative Dispute Resolution Services (GLADRS) 1990-1991


Gay and Lesbian Atheists 1983-1995


Gay and Lesbian History on Stamps Club 1982-2004


Gay and Lesbian Press Association 1982-1992


Gay and Lesbian Medical Association 1994-2000


Gay and Lesbian Sierrans 1985-2005


Gay and Lesbian Tennis Federation of San Francisco circa 1999, undated


Gay and Lesbian Vegetarians 1988


Gay and Lesbian Veterans 1983-1985


Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund 1996-2001


Gay Atheist League of America circa 1980, undated


Gay Athletic Association (GAA, Gay Olympics) 1974


Gay Basketball Leagues 1986


Gay Buddhist Club (Zen Center) circa 1980, undated


Gay Caucus for the Modern Languages (Modern Language Association) 1986-1989


Gay Coalition on the Media circa 1975, undated


Gay Community Center (32 Page Street) 1976-1981


Gay Community Center (330 Grove Street ) 1970-1979


Gay Community Center-- East Bay 1977-1978


Gay Community of Concern (Stanford) 1974


Gay Community Services Center (Sacramento) circa 1975-1979, undated


Gay Freedom Photo Archives 1978


Gay Guns undated


Gay/Lesbian Writers Network 1982


Gay Liberation Front (Committee for Homosexual Freedom) 1970-1971


Gay Liberation Front (New York) -- Third World Members 1970


Gay Macintosh Users Group 1989-1990


Gay Macrobiotic Network circa 1980, undated


Gay Male Nudists 1986


Gay Men of Afrikan Descent and Friends 1987-1993


Gay Men of Marin 1980-1999


Gay Men's Rap (Berkeley/East Bay) 1973-1981


Gay Men's Retreat 1984


Gay Men's Sketch 1989-1990


Gay Men's Theater Collective (Gay Theater Collective) circa 1977-1980, undated


Gay National Educational Switchboard 1978-1979


Gay Nurses Alliance 1973-1974


Gay Rescue Mission and Food Bank (AIDS care and Saint Priapus Church of the Secret Gospel) 1986-1994


Gay Rights National Lobby (Washington, D.C.) 1978


Gay Shame circa 1996-2010, undated


Gay Softball Leagues


General circa 1977-1989, undated


Community Softball League vs. Police All Stars 1975-1978


Gay Speakers Bureau of Northern California 1977-1978


Gay Spirit (Drumming circle) 1990-1991


Gay Straight Alliance Network circa 2000-2007, undated


Gay Student Coalition (Fellowship Church) circa 1975, undated


Gay Sunshine 1975-1978


Gay Voters League 1978


Gay Youth Community Coalition of the Bay Area (Gays Under 21) 1979-1981


Gaycare 1981-1982


Gaylaxians (Sci-fi group) 1994-1995


Gaylesta 1988-1994


Gays Against Imperialism in Ireland (IRA) undated


GayWay, Inc. circa 1982, undated


GELAAM (Gente Latina de Ambiente) circa 1990-1995, undated


Gertrude Stein Philatelic Society 1981-1985


GGA (Gateway Gender Alliance) 1976-1981


Girth and Mirth Club of San Francisco 1982-1993


GLAAD (Gays and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) circa 1990-1995, undated


Glide Memorial Church


General circa 1967-1990, undated


Sexuality Crime and the Law (University of California Davis Conference) 1973


GLSEN and BANGLE (Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network) circa 1989-2000, undated


Goethe Institut San Francisco 1997


Golden Gate Academy of Performing Arts 1977-1981


Golden Gate Business Association (GGBA)


General circa 1978-2010, undated


Directories 1978-2010

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Golden Gate Gay Liberation House circa 1974


Golden Gate Girls and Guys (Transgender) 1979-1983


Golden Gate Grapplers circa 1981, undated


Golden Gate Guards circa 1987-2001, undated


Golden Gate Men's Chorus 1996-2008


Golden Gate Troopers 1983-1984


Golden Gate Wrestling Club 1984-1985


Golden State Gay Rodeo Association 1986-2006


Golden Gate Peace Officers 1989-1992


Grand Ducal Council of San Francisco circa 1973-2008, undated

Physical Description: 1.0 box

Great Outdoors Adventures (G.O.A.) circa 1981-1982, undated


Great Outdoors San Francisco 1985


Green Party 1990-1996


Groovy Guy 1974-1978


Habitat Center circa 1980, undated


Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinic circa 1979-1984, undated


Happy Talk (Viacom Channel 25) 1980


Harmony (GHB drug awareness) circa 2000, undated


Harry S. Truman Democratic Club 1975-1976


Hartford Street Zen Center 1983-1986


Harvey Milk Archives 1983


Harvey Milk Institute


General circa 1995-2002, undated


Catalogs 1995-2002


Harvey Milk Lesbian and Gay Democratic Club


Endorsements and General circa 1982-2010, undated


Events circa 1982-1999, undated


General AIDS programs and Can We Talk? 1982-1988


Harvey Milk's Birthday 1982-1996


Harvey Milk Neighborhood Center, Inc. 1979


Hayward Equal Rights Organization (HERO) 1978


Health Initiatives for Youth (HIFY) 1999-2005


Healthy Obelisk circa 1982-1989, undated


Help Unit circa 1979, undated


Helping Hands Community Center circa 1970-1979, undated


High Brow Society 1997


High Tech Gays (San Jose) circa 1986-1990, undated


Highlands Community Club (Redwood City) 1990


HIV Stops with Me circa 2005, undated


Holocaust Center of Northern California 1999


Homecare Companions 1995-1997


Homeless Caucus circa 1983, undated


Homo-A-Go-Go (Festival) 2009-2010


Homocore (Zine) circa 1988-1991, undated


Homohex (Jack Davis and Keith Hennessy) 1993-1996


Homoture (Zine) circa 1995, undated


Horizons Foundation circa 1998-2010, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Hortiphiles circa 1987, undated


Huckleberry House circa 2008, undated


Human Rights Advocates circa 1977-1979, undated


Human Rights Campaign circa 1984-2010, undated


Human Rights Foundation 1979-1983


Hyacinthus (Greek social club) circa 1976, undated


ICI- A Women's Place Bookstore (Oakland) circa 1979-1983, undated


IDA Queer Artists Village circa 1995, undated


IGHC (Independent Gay Health Clubs) circa 1985, undated


ILGA (International Lesbian and Gay Association)


General circa 1987-2003


Global Summit (Oakland) 2001


Immigration Equality circa 2005-2006, undated


Imperial Court (Empress and Emperor de San Francisco) circa 1967-2008, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 boxes

In Memory of Friends (AIDS) circa 1987-1989, undated


In the Family 2000


Inside Out (Join Hands, California men's prisons) circa 1975-1984, undated


Institute for Community Health Outreach 2002-2006


Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality


General circa 1976, undated


Handbook for students and faculty 1995


Institute for Gay and Lesbian Strategic Studies (I-GLSS) 1995-2000


Institute for the Study of Human Resources (Los Angeles) 1967-1975


Instituto Familiar de la Raza 1983-1999


Integrity (Episcopalians) 1975-1986


Inter-Club Fund


General circa 1974-2006, undated


Casualty Capers and Motorcycle Awards 1973-1999

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Intergeneration 2000-2002


International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs 1986-1988


International Chinese Comrades Organization 1998


Internatonal David Society 1982-1987


International Deaf Leather 1998


International Foundation for Gender Education 1988-2006


International Gay and Lesbian Aquatics 2003-2005


International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission circa 1990-2001, undated


International Gay Radio Association (IGRA) 1985-2009


International Mr. Leather 1982-2000


International Ms. Leather 1988-2009


International Museum of Erotic Art circa 1972, undated


Intersection for the Arts circa 1988-2001, undated


Intersex Society of North America (California chapter) 1996-2003


IRATE Anti Bashing Project undated


Iris Films (Berkeley) circa 1980, undated


IRIS Project (Lesbians and AIDS) undated


James Baldwin Society of Gay and African American Poets undated


Jewish Community Federation LGBT Alliance circa 2002, undated


Jewish Family and Children's Services circa 2000, undated


Jill Rose Band circa 1981, undated


Job Power 1980


Joe Goode Performance Group circa 2000, undated


Jolo (Jo Lo) 1982-1994


Jon Sims Center for the Arts 1990-2005


June 28 Union (Berkeley) undated


KAIROS House (AIDS caregivers resource center) 1989-1994


Kaliyuga Arts circa 1999, undated


Kevin Gladstone's Straight Talk (Channel 25) circa 1989, undated


KDHS Gaypeople's Radio 1977-1978


Kingmasters undated


Kinsey Sicks circa 1995-2000, undated


Knights of Malta (Reno) 1976


Koalas (Cycling club) 1974




General 1971-1999


Fruit Punch 1973-1983




General circa 1985-2000, undated


Castro documentary 1997


Krewe de Cuir (Leather Mardi Gra) 1989-1992


KRON 4 1985-1991


Kung Pao Kosher Comedy circa 200-2005, undated


La Pena Cultural Center 1981-1994


Lab, The (The.art.re.grup, Inc.) circa 1994-2006, undated


Ladies Against Women (Berkeley) circa 1980-1982, undated


Ladyfest circa 2000-2002, undated


LAGAI (Lesbian and Gay Insurrection) circa 1997-2006, undated


LAGAI (Lesbians and Gays Against Intervention)


General circa 1984-1990, undated


We Like Our Queers Out of Uniform circa 1990, undated


Lake Tahoe Gay and Lesbian Foundation 2004


Lambda circa 1980-2006, undated


Larkin Street Youth Center circa 1988-2001, undated


Latino Network (AIDS organization) undated


(LAVA) Lesbians of Achievement, Vision and Action 1998-1999


Lavender and Red Union (Los Angeles) 1976-1977


Lavender Greens undated


Lavender Health Action Alliance (AIDS healthcare) 1990-1991


Lavender Library Archives and Cultural Exchange (LLACE, Sacramento) circa 2000-2006


Lavender Lounge (Channel 25) circa 1989-1991, undated


Lavender Lyre Gay Music Collective 1976


Lavender Panthers 1974


Lavender Renegades undated


Lavender Seniors of the East Bay 2004-2009


Lavender U 1974-1977


Leather Daddy and Boy 1984-2009


Legal Aid Society 1986, 2001


Legal Services for Children circa 2000, undated


Les Nickelettes circa 1979-1982, undated


Lesbian and Gay Action 1976-1978


Lesbian and Gay Associated Engineers and Scientists (LGAES) circa 1980-1990, undated


Lesbian and Gay Chorus of San Francisco circa 1980-1995, undated


Lesbian and Gay Chorus Santa Cruz 2001


Lesbian and Gay Dance Festival (SF LGDF) 2001


Lesbian and Gay Jewish Activists circa 1981, undated


Lesbian and Gay Photographers Workshop (Castro) 1978-1979


Lesbian Avengers circa 1993-1996, undated


Lesbian Emergency Action Fund (LEAF, Oakland) 1994


Lesbian/Gay Labor Alliance (Pride at Work) circa 1983-1996, undated


Lesbian/Gay Task Force of the El Salvador Initiative Campaign circa 1983, undated


Lesbian Insemination Project (AIDS testing) circa 1984, undated


Lesbian Mothers' National Defense Fund 1976-1978


Lesbian Rights Project


General 1980-1985


Reports 1980-1985


Lesbian Uprising undated


Lesbian Whitewater Rafting 1983-1984


LESBIDIS (Lesbian, Bisexual, Disabled Women's Community Project) circa 2000, undated


LGADDA (Lesbians and Gays of African Descent for Democratic Action) 1992-1999


Liberation House undated


Libertarian Party circa 1977-2004, undated


Libertarians for Gay and Lesbian Concerns (LGLC) circa 1985, undated


LIFE (Lobby for Individual Freedom and Equality, AIDS organization) circa 1984-1994, undated


Life in the Fat Lane 1982-1983


Litha (San Francisco Gay Men's Open Wiccan Coven) 2005


Little Mother and Ed Paulson (AIDS auctions) circa 1984-1985, undated


Living Room (AIDS community center) circa 1990-1992, undated


LLEGO (National Latino/a Lesbian and Gay Organization) 1990-2000


Local 2 Hotel and Restaurant Workers Union circa 1981-1983, undated


Log Cabin Republican Club circa 1992-2009, undated


Lone Mountain College circa 1971-1974, undated


Lou Sullivan Society (Transgender) 2007-2010


Lovestyles (TV show) undated


Luna Sea Women's Performance Project circa 1994-1998, undated


Lutherans Concerned 1974-2005


LVA (Lesbian Visual Artists) circa 1994-1998, undated


Lyon-Martin's Women's Health Services circa 1983-2010, undated


LYRIC (Lavender Youth Recreation and Information Center)


General circa 1991-2008, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Gay/Lesbian Youth Advocates Conference 1991


Out in the City Resource Guide undated


M. P. Wald and Associated Enterprises (SM and AIDS awareness) 1980-1984


Mad Cat Women's Film Festival 2000-2007


Mainstream Exiles 1980-1982


Maitri AIDS Hospice 1990-2001


Make Love, Not AIDS Foundation undated


Male Survivor: The National Organization against Male Sexual Victimization 2004


Manroot 1968-1976


MAPA (Bayview-Hunters Point Foundation, AIDS organization) circa 1989, undated


Marin Groups (General) circa 1995-1999, undated


Mariposa Foundation circa 1980-1984, undated


Marriage Equality 2004-2009


Marsh (Performance space) circa 1994-2000, undated


Mat Men (Wrestling club) 1981


Matrices 1982-1983


Mattachine Society


General 1955-1967


San Francisco 1953-1965


MAX (Men's Associated Exchange) 1992-2001


Men Who Care About Women's Lives circa 1989, undated


Men's Clinic 1982


Merchants of Upper Market circa 1984-2009, undated


Metaphysical AIDS Alliance circa 1984-1991, undated


Metropolitan Community Church (MCC)


General circa 1970-2010, undated

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Anniversary celebrations 1975-1980


Annual conferences 1970-1975


Fire and restoration circa 1973-1975, undated


Los Angeles and Non-San Francisco circa 1970-1989, undated


National Prison Ministry Handbook circa 1970-1975, undated


Mid City Consortium to Combat AIDS 1990


Midgett's Place (Lesbian club) circa 1982, undated


Militant Labor Forum 1979-1981


Miss California Continental Beauty (Miss Gay West Coast) 1986-1990


Mission Cultural Center 1987-1994


Mobilization Against AIDS circa 1985-1989, undated


Montclair Women's Cultural Arts Club 2002


Monterey County AIDS Project circa 1985, undated


Most Holy Redeemer


General circa 1989-2009, undated


AIDS support group circa 1985-2001, undated


Coming Home Hospice circa 1986-2000, undated


Mothertongue Feminist Theater Collective circa 1976-1986, undated


MOVE (Men Overcoming Violence) circa 1987-2000, undated


Mr. Ebony in Leather 1992-1997


Mr. Leather San Francisco 1981-2002


Mr. South of Market 1987-1992


Mt. Athos Oratory and Youth Hospice undated


Multi Media Resource Center (Sex education resources) circa 1974-1979, undated


Naiad Press 1983-1991


Naked Nude Group (Art) 1990-1991


Nambla (North American Man/Boy Love Association) 1981-1998


Names Project Foundation (Names Quilt)


General 1987-1998


Lists of names 1987-1991


National AIDS Memorial Grove (Golden Gate Park) 1996-2001


National Association for Lesbian and Gay Gerontology (NALGG) 1979-1992


National Center for Lesbian Rights (NCLR)


General circa 1989-2010, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Handbooks and manuals 1987-1999


Lesbian and Gay Immigration Rights Task Force 1995-2000


National Coalition of Black Lesbians and Gays (NCBLG Bay Area) 1980-1989


National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF)


General circa 1976-1990, undated


Bruce Voeller resolution letters 1970-1975


National Gay Archives, Barney Carpenter Library (Hollywood) circa 1986, undated


National Gay Rights Advocates circa 1978-1989, undated


National Gay Student Association 1975-1977


National Gay Veterans Organization 1985


National Institute of Mental Health Task Force on Homosexuality 1969-1972


National Lawyers Guild circa 1964-1991, undated


National Lesbian and Gay Journalists Association 1992-2002


National Lesbian and Gay Law Association 1989-1990


National Reno Gay Rodeo 1976-1984


National Sex Forum circa 1978-1979, undated


National Task Force on AIDS Prevention


General 1986-1992


Brothers Network 1993


Proyecto Contra SIDA Por Vida (PCPV) 1989-2002


National Women's History Project (Santa Rosa) 1987


National Women's Mailing List (Jenner) 1985


Native American AIDS Project (American Indian AIDS Institute) 1994-2001


New Alliance Party circa 1987-1989, undated


New American Movement circa 1976, undated


New College of California circa 1981-2000, undated


New Conservatory Theatre Center circa 1993-1998, undated


New Leaf circa 1995-2008, undated


New Pacific Academy 1990


Newcomer's Service 1979


Nia Collective circa 1989-1995, undated


Nicaragua AIDS Project 1985-1988


Nicholas Glover and Wray (Band) 1982


Noe/Eureka Community Board 1983


Noe Valley Ministry (Performance artists) 1996


Northeast Community Mental Health Services 1975


Northern California Citizens Party undated


NOW (National Organization for Women) circa 1973-1989, undated


Oakland Banshees (Women's football) circa 2002, undated


Oakland East Bay Gay Men's Chorus circa 2002-2004, undated


Oakland East Bay Men's Political Action Group circa 1974-1975, undated


Oakland Independence Support Center (AIDS program) circa 1995, undated


Oakland Public Library and LGBT Services and Materials Committee circa 1995-2000, undated


OASIS (Older Asian Sisters in Solidarity) 1994


Oasis California (LGBT Ministry of the Episcopal Diocese of California) circa 1999-2000, undated


OCCUR (Association for the Gay and Lesbian Movement in Japan) circa 1988-1994, undated


Old Lesbians Organizing for Change (OLOC) 1993-2000


One, Inc. (Los Angeles) circa 1962-1985, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

One Struggle One Fight circa 2008, undated


Online Policy Group circa 2004, undated


Openhouse (LGBT seniors) circa 2005-2009, undated


Operation Concern


General circa 1974-1989, undated


GLOE (Gay and Lesbian Outreach to Elders) circa 1980-1996, undated


Options: An Institute for Lifestyle Education circa 1980, undated


Oral Majority 1981-1984


Order of the Golden Calf (Pagans, Berkeley) circa 1975-1980, undated


Orquesta Sabrosita (Band) circa 1981, undated


Our Family Coalition 2002-2009


Our House (Gay youth services) circa 1977, undated


Our Town (Mike Adams, gay utopian project) undated


Out and Equal Workplace Advocates 2002-2008


Outdoor Adventures for Women 1989-1990


Outlet (YMCA, Palo Alto) circa 2000, undated


OUT/LOOK Foundation circa 1990-1995, undated


Outlook (Channel 2B, San Jose) undated




General circa 1992, undated


IRATE Anti-Bashing Project 1992


Outright Libertarians circa 2000, undated


Outspoken (LGBT talk show, channel 11) 2004


Pacific Bridge 1982-1983


Pacific Center (Berkeley)


General 1977-2000


AIDS project circa 1984-1986, undated


Transgender programs circa 2003, undated


Women's substance abuse program's comic (Mary Wings) 1981


Youth programs circa 1983-2003, undated


Pacific Coast Gay Rodeo Association 1981-1983


Pacific Friends 1984-1992


Pacific Lesbian and Gay Singers 1983-1984


Pacific School of Religion (Berkeley) 2004-2007


Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation 2005


Pansy Division (Band) circa 1991-2003, undated


Parsonage (Episcopalians) 1981-1983


Partysafe.org circa 2000, undated


Passive Immunotherapy Project (PATH, AIDS therapy) circa 1989-1990, undated


Pathfinders Western Travel Club circa 1974, undated


Patients' Rights Advocacy Services 1980


PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support for People with AIDS)


General 1988-2010


Bow Wow Beauty Pageant 1988


Peace and Freedom Movement Party 1968-1991


Pegasus Motorcycle Club 1991


Peninsula Business and Professional Association (Menlo Park) 1982-1989


Peninsula Gay and Lesbian Youth Group (Palo Alto) undated


People with AIDS San Francisco (PWA SF) 1988-1991


People's Law School circa 1979-1980, undated


PFLAG (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, Parents of Gay People) 1977-2010

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Pink Triangle Connection (Community art project) 1985


Pink Triangle Project (Holocaust memorial) circa 2000-2010, undated


Plexus (Oakland) 1982


Polk Street Merchants Association circa 1980, undated


Pomo Afro Homos 1991-1993


Popstitutes circa 1990, undated


Positive Resource Center (Employment services for people with AIDS) 2001-2007


Prairie Fire Organizing Committee circa 1981-1994, undated


Presbyterians for Lesbian/Gay Concerns 1980-1982


Pride Collaborative 2000


Pride Foundation


General circa 1973-1990, undated


Hayes Valley Community Development Corporation Proposal 1982


Pride Law Fund (AIDS legal services) 2000-2008


Progressive Research and Training for Action (Substance abuse resources, Oakland) 2004-2005


Project Artaud (Theater Artaud, Studio Eremos) 1981-1992


Project Inform (AIDS organization) circa 1987-2009, undated


Project Open Hand (AIDS organization) circa 1985-2000, undated


Pronoun Schmonoun undated


Purple Berets, Women Defending Women (Santa Rosa) 2002


Q Force (Volunteer service group for queer youth) circa 2000-2004, undated


Q Spirit circa 1997, undated


Q Think (Queer AIDS activism) undated


QComedy.com circa 2000-2005, undated


Quan Yin Healing Arts Center circa 2005, undated


QUASH (Queers United Against Straight-acting Homosexuals, March on Washington) 1993


Queer Blue Light (Video festival) circa 1973-1974, undated


Queer Core 1994-2006


Queer Cultural Center


General circa 2006-2010, undated


Queer Arts Festival 1998-2010


Queer Jitterbugs undated


Queer Latino Arts Festival (QueLAFest) 1998-2008


Queer Nation circa 1990-1993, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Queer Scouts circa 1991, undated


Queer Women of Color Film Festival 2005-2008


Queer Youth Legal Services (QYLS) undated


Queer Youth TV circa 2008, undated


Queer Zine Archive Project (QZAP) 2010


QueerNET 1991


Queers for Cuba circa 1996-1997, undated


QUIT (Queers Undermining Israeli Terrorism) circa 2006-2008, undated


Radar Productions (Michelle Tea) 2008-2010


Radical Faeries


General circa 1979-1999, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Nomenus circa 1987-1994, undated


Radical Women circa 1972-2005, undated


Rainbow Adult Community Housing circa 2000, undated


Rainbow Community Center (Concord) 2006


Rainbow Deaf Society 1981-2000


Rainbow Gender Association (San Jose) 1988


Rainbow Motorcycle Club (RMC) circa 1980-2000, undated


Rainbow Run for the End of AIDS (Brent Earle) 1988-1990


Rainbow World Fund 2005-2008


Red Butterfly circa 1970, undated


Redwood Empire Horseman's Association 1993


Resources (The Pantry, AIDS care) circa 1989, undated


Rest Stop Support Center (AIDS care) circa 1989-1990, undated


Resyst circa 2000, undated


Revolutionary Socialist League circa 1979, undated


Rising Son Collective circa 1975, undated


River City Democratic Council (Sacramento) circa 1990, undated


Romansky and Phillips circa 1983-1989, undated


RoundAbout (Club for chubby men) circa 1985-1989, undated


Russian Center 1988-1995


Russian River Business Association and Chamber of Commerce circa 1980-1989, undated


Ryan White Title II Care Consortium of Alameda County 1994-1995


Sacramento AIDS Foundation (SAF) undated


Sacramento Gender Association (SGA) circa 1985, undated


Sacramento Sirens (Women's football) 2002


Saddletramps 1989-1997


Safe Place (Women's shelter, Oakland) circa 1983, undated


Safe2pee.org (Gender-neutral bathroom directory) 2007


Saint Francis Club 1995-1996


Saint Francis Lutheran Church 1996-2005


Saint James Infirmary (Clinic for sex workers) circa 2000-2010, undated


Saint John the Evangelist Church (The Episcopal Church) 1985-2000


Salmacis Society (Transgender group) circa 1980, undated


San Andreas Motorcycle Club circa 1984, undated


San Franciscans Motorcycle Club 1975-1982


San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Physical Description: 2.0 boxes

AIDS Discrimination Reporting Project undated


AIDS Ride and Lifecycle 1995-2006


AIDS Walk and Marathon 1984-2004


Awareness Campaigns


General circa 1984-2000, undated


Intravenous Drug Users 1989-1992


Benefits and Fundraisers 1984-2009


Black Brothers Esteem 1998-2003


Compass Project (Proyecto Compass) circa 1995, undated


Conferences and Community Forums 1984-2009


Employee Strike 1989


Eroticizing Safe Sex Workshops, Sexologists Sexual Health Project 1984-1986


Food Bank circa 1984-1995, undated


Gay Life 1998-2005


Guides and Pamphlets


AIDS Resource Manuals and Directories 1982-1996


People with AIDS, Families and Friends 1983-1992


Hotlines and Switchboards circa 1984-1990, undated


Magnet circa 2000-2009, undated


Miller vs. California, Phone Sex as Safe Sex Argument 1989




Epidemic of Loss 1988-1993 1987


Facing the Future Together 1998


San Francisco Public Policy Working Group 1995


Rubbermen 1990-1991


Statements and News Releases circa 1983-1993, undated


Tweaker.org circa 2005-2009, undated


Volunteer Drives and Materials circa 1984-2009, undated


San Francisco Academy of Performing Arts -- Golden Awards 1970-1975


San Francisco Art Institute


General 1989-1996


Living Word Memorial (Poets who died of AIDS) 1989


San Francisco Association for Mental Health 1971


San Francisco Band Foundation 1981-1990


San Francisco Bi Film Festival 1998-1999


San Francisco Black LGBT Film Festival 2001-2007


San Francisco Fog Rugby Team 2004-2006


San Francisco Gay and Lesbian History Project 1979-1983


San Francisco Gay Democratic Club 1978-1986


San Francisco Gay/Lesbian Library 1981-1984


San Francisco Gay Liberation circa 1978-1979, undated


San Francisco Gay Men's Community Initiative (SFGMCI) circa 2004-2005, undated


San Francisco General Hospital


AIDS wards 5A and 5B 1984-1993


Rita Rockett's Meal Program 1986


Sojourn (Pastoral care program) circa 1994-1996, undated


San Francisco God Damned Independents (SFGDI)


General circa 1978-2000, undated


Minsky's events 1978-1996


San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival 1997-2004


San Francisco Lesbian Chorus 1981-1986


San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band (Marching Band and Twirling Corps) 1981-2000


San Francisco Men's Network undated


San Francisco Night Ministry circa 1990-1996, undated


San Francisco Pacific Philatelic Society 1979-1988


San Francisco Sex Information circa 1984-1998, undated


San Francisco State University

Physical Description: 1.0 box

General circa 1975-2000, undated


AIDS programs and conferences circa 1985-2000, undated


CHEER (Center for Homosexual Education, Evaluation and Research) 1975-1980, undated


Delta Lambda Phi 1988-1991


EROS Center for Safe Sex circa 1989-2009, undated


Student and faculty groups circa 1980-2009, undated


San Francisco Suicide Prevention 1984


San Francisco Tsunami (Swim team) 1999-2006


San Francisco Tsunami (Women's football) 2001


San Francisco Women Against Rape 1978-2005


San Francisco Women's Centers


General circa 1979-2000, undated


Women Producing Women Workshop 1976


San Francisco Women's Flag Football League (SFWFFL) 1998


San Francisco Women's Health Center circa 1980, undated


San Francisco Women's Switchboard circa 1982, undated


San Jose Rainbow Women's Pro Softball 1980


San Jose State University circa 1983-1995, undated


Sandstone (Chatsworth) circa 1979, undated


Santa Clara County Gay Community Resources Group 1976


Santa Clara Valley Coalition for Human Rights 1979-1981


Santa Cruz AIDS Project 1987-1998


Sappho's Sisters (Berkeley) circa 2000, undated


Satyrs Motorcycle Club 1975-1998

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Save Our Human Rights 1971-1979


Scouting for All circa 2000, undated


Service Employees' International Union (SEIU, San Francisco) 1982


Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) 1985-1988


Sex Workers Film and Video Festival 1999-2009


Sexual Assault Resource Center (Male rape) undated


Sexual Minority Youth Service Coalition (Youth Resource Directory) 1979-1981


SF BEAR (San Francisco Bowlers Emergency AIDS Relief) circa 1991-1994, undated


SF Gay Rap Program circa 1971-1977, undated


Shameless Hussy Press undated


Shanti (AIDS organization) circa 1982-1998, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Shared Visions (Berkeley) 1986


She (Transgender AIDS program) circa 2000, undated


Silicon Valley Gay Men's Chorus circa 1989-1994, undated


Sin Mascaras (Newsletters for Latinos/as) undated


Sirens Motorcycle Club 1993


Sistah Boom circa 1990-1991, undated


Sistahs Steppin' in Pride (East Bay Pride, Oakland) 2004-2007


Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Physical Description: 1.0 box

General circa 1980-2009, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Drag rag feature 1996


Protest of papal visit to San Francisco 1987


Songbook circa 1980-1989, undated


SkateOut 2004-2006


Slutlust undated


Sluts A-Go-Go circa 1989-1991, undated


SmackDab Open Mic (Larry Bob Roberts and Army of Lovers) 2004-2009


SMMILE (South of Market Merchants' and Individuals' Lifestyle Events) 2000


Socialist Workers Party circa 1978-1980, undated


Society for Individual Rights (SIR) circa 1966-1978, undated

Physical Description: 3.0 folders

Society for the Scientific Study of Sex 1988-2003


Society of Gay and Lesbian Composers circa 1985-1990, undated


Society of Janus circa 1980-2000, undated


Solidarity Gay/Lesbian Liberation circa 1981-1982, undated


Sonoma County Department of Health Services (AIDS prevention) undated


SoMART Against AIDS 1988


South Asian HIV/AIDS Network (SAHAN) 1993


South of Market Neighborhood Association 1983


South Bay Bears (Campbell) circa 2000, undated


South Bay Leather and Uniform Group 1990-1991


Spectrum circa 1999-2004, undated


Stanford University


General circa 1970-2000, undated


Student and faculty groups circa 1970-2000, undated


Stanislaus Pride Center circa 2007, undated


State and Fed circa 2005, undated


State Bar of California -- Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Discrimination 2006


STDTest.org 2008


Stir Fry Seminars and Counseling (Anti-sexism and racism training, Berkeley) 2003


Stonewall Alliance Center (Chico) 1994


Stonewall Coalition 1977-1980


Stonewall Gay Democratic Club circa 1979-1992, undated


Stop AIDS Now or Else 1989-1990



Physical Description: 1.0 box

General circa 1984-2010, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Our Love (The African American Men's Program) circa 2002-2009, undated


Q Action circa 1996-2000, undated


Straight Spouse Network circa 1994-1999, undated


Street Patrol (Castro) undated


Student Union Art Gallery (Student Union Association) 1990-1991


Suppressed Histories Archive (Oakland) circa 2000, undated


Sundance Association for Country-Western Dancing (Sundance Saloon) circa 2002-2005, undated


Sunrise Foundation circa 1997, undated


Sutter Medical Group circa 1978, undated


Sweet Honey in the Rock 1979-1982


Swingshift circa 1981-1983, undated


Tambayan circa 1990, undated


Tavern Guild


General circa 1974-1992, undated


Godfather Service Fund circa 1985-1999, undated


Tayu Center for Gay Spirituality (Santa Rosa) 1982-1986


Team San Francisco 1990-2005


Teddy Roosevelt Republican Council of Clubs circa 1979-1982, undated


Temescal Gay Men's Chorus (Berkeley) 1981-1987


Tenderloin AIDS Network circa 1986, undated


Tenderloin AIDS Resource Center circa 1995-2001, undated


Tenderloin Artist Co-op circa 1984, undated


Tenderloin Clinic (Group for effeminate-identified gay men) undated


Tenderloin Committee, Inc. (Report on youth in the Tenderloin) 1967


Tenderloin Self Help Center circa 1990, undated


Tenderloin Tessie's circa 1987-2000, undated


TGI Justice Project (Transgender, gender variant and intersex prisoners) circa 2005, undated


Tranny Fest (Film festival) 1998-2003


Transbay undated


Transgender Civil Rights Implementation Task Force 2001


Transgender Community Health Project 1997


Transgender Law Center (TLC) 2003-2007


Transmen's Alliance Against Racism undated


TranSupport Group Center circa 1999, undated


Trash-ettes circa 1982, undated


Treeroots (Berkeley) circa 1982, undated


Triangle Martial Arts circa 1998-2004, undated


Tribe 8 (Band) circa 1996-2000, undated


Tricks (Channel 53) circa 1993, undated


Trikone 1986-2006


Trinity Church


Gay Community Defense Committee circa 1975, undated


Oscar Romero AIDS Project 1993


Our Place (AIDS center) circa 1984-1987, undated


True Colors Fund circa 2008, undated


Two Nice Girls (Band) circa 1986-1990, undated


Two Reel TV (Channel 25) undated


Two Tons of Fun (Band) 1980


University of California San Francisco (UCSF)

Physical Description: 1.0 box

General circa 1984-2009, undated


AIDS and KS (Kaposi Sarcoma) programs and conferences circa 1982-2009, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

AIDS Resource manuals and directories 1983-1995

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

AIDS studies 1984-1987


Building Hope, Consolidation information packet 1996


Center for Lesbian Health Research circa 2000, undated


Diversity of the Lesbian and Gay Male Experience Conference 1976


San Francisco Transgender Resource Guide circa 2004, undated


UCC/NCC AIDS Ministry 1992


Unbound Feet Three (Band) circa 1981, undated


Under One Roof circa 1990-2008, undated


Underdogs (Gay Liberation group) circa 1971-1977, undated


Underexposed (Photography group) circa 1985, undated


UNION WAGE (Union Women's Alliance to Gain Equality) 1973


Unitarian Universalist Service Committee -- Women's Jail Project 1978-1979


United Genders of the Universe circa 1998-2004, undated


United Methodist AIDS Project 1988


United States Mission


General circa 1970-1987, undated


Gay social services guide 1976


United Way of the Bay Area 1990


United We Stand (Cathedral City) undated


University of California -- Latino Encounters (AIDS program) circa 2000, undated


University of California, Berkeley


General circa 1970-2010, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

Berkeley Break Away (Women's group) 1972


La Familia (Latino student group) 1997


Students for Gay Power and Free Particle circa 1969-1970, undated


University of California, Davis circa 1983-2000, undated


University of California, Los Angeles 1978-1983


University of California, Santa Cruz


General circa 1989-2004, undated


Student AIDS mobilization circa 1990, undated


University of San Francisco circa 1979-2000, undated


Urania Science-Fantasy Association 1979


Urban Womyn's Land (Dyke Cafe) undated


UTOPIA (United Territories of Polynesian Islander's Alliance) circa 2000, undated


Varsity Club 1970


Veterans CARE (Veterans Council for American Rights and Equality) 1986-1997


Vietnamese Lesbian and Gay Support Group undated


Visual Aid circa 1990-2008, undated


Vocal Minority circa 1983-1993, undated


Vortex circa 1981-1990, undated


Wages Due Lesbians circa 1979-1994, undated


Warlocks Motorcycle Club 1966-1985


We Care Bay Area (AIDS organization) 1993-1995


Wedenesday Forum (527 Bryant Street) 1974-1975


West Coast Caribbean Association 1979


West Coast Lesbian Collections (Archives, Oakland) circa 1981-1982, undated


Western Public Radio circa 1981, undated


Western Star Dancers circa 1987-2000, undated


Westside Community Mental Health Center circa 1982-1983, undated


Whiptail Womyn's Collective (Whiptail Lizard Lounge) 1992-1996


Whitman- Radclyffe Foundation circa 1974-1982, undated


Wishing Well circa 1977, undated


Wolf Creek Fire Relief Fund 1979


Woman in the Moon Publications (WIM) 1989-1992


Woman, Inc. (Lesbian domestic violence) circa 1983-1996, undated


Women Against Imperialism circa 1982-1991, undated


Women Against Violence and Porn in the Media (WAVPM) circa 1977-1985, undated


Women of Color Resource Center (Oakland) 2000


Women Over 50 1991-2006


Women's Action Training Center (Oakland) circa 1973-1974, undated


Women's Alcoholism Center circa 1983-1984, undated


Women's Building


General circa 1980-2010, undated

Physical Description: 2.0 folders

AIDS programs and events circa 1983-1987, undated


Vida Gallery 1981-1985


Women's Cancer Resource Center (Oakland) circa 1989-2000, undated


Women's Project and UP Press circa 1977-1986, undated


Women's Sports Foundation 1996


Women's History Research Center 1975


Yellow Brick Road (Channel 53) undated


Yerba Buena Center for the Arts circa 1998-2010, undated


YMCA (Young Men's Christian Association) circa 1972-2000, undated


Young Men's Dance Club (YMDC) 1988


Youth Gender Project 2001-2004


Youth Liberation Press 1978


YWCA (Young Women's Christian Association) circa 1976-2001, undated