Inventory of the Roland Tasho photographs

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Title: Roland Tasho photographs
Date (inclusive): 1968-2000
Date (bulk): 1990-1999
Collection Number: 2000C52
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Archives
Language of the Materials: English and Albanian
Physical Description: 4 cardfile boxes, 6 manuscript boxes (2.3 linear feet)
Abstract: Photographs depicting the social and political conditions in Albania from the Communist era to 2000 and the Kosovo refugee crisis in 1999.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Creator: Tasho, Roland.


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Acquired by the Hoover Institution Archives in 2000.


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Biographical Note

Albanian photographer.

Scope and Content of Collection

The collection consists of photographs that detail the socio-political climate of Albania from the 1960s to 2000. Photographs include themes of education, agriculture, industry, religion, and politics. The collection mainly focuses on the political turmoil of the 1990s from the fall of Communism, the 1996 disputed elections, the Albanian Unrest of 1997 ( Rebelimi i vitit 1997), demonstrations after the assassination of Albanian member of parliament Azem Hajdari, and the Kosovo refugee crisis in 1999.
The collection maintains the original titles given by the creator. The photographs are organized chronologically and related subjects are grouped together.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Albania--Pictorial works.
Albania--Politics and government.
Kosovo (Serbia) History--Pictorial works.
Kosovo (Serbia)--History--Civil War, 1998-1999.
Refugees--Pictorial works.
Yugoslavia--Pictorial works.


Life Under Communism, 1968-1990



Box/Folder 1:1

New passenger train, 1968

Box/Folder 1:2-11

Miscellaneous photographs, 1960s-1990

Scope and Contents note

Includes images of everyday life in Albania including people, towns, seasons, work, technology, industry, and leisure activities.


Box/Folder 1:12-20

"Various themes of Albania under communism," 1970-1990

Scope and Contents note

Includes images of people and village life.
Box/Folder 1:21-27

"Life in Albania under communism," 1970-1982

Scope and Contents note

Includes black and white images of family life, education, agriculture, factory work, military, and entertainment.
Box/Folder 1:28

Journalists of Ylli monthly magazine, 1970

Box/Folder 1:29

"Youth Amateurs Concert" in Korça, 1970


Military, 1970s-1990s

Box/Folder 1:30-31

Military, 1970s-1990s

Box/Folder 1:32

Political/military celebrations and monuments, circa 1970

Box/Folder 1:33

"All the people are soldiers," 1970-1980s


Politics and government, 1970s

Box/Folder 1:34

Voting in Tirana, 1970

Box/Folder 1:35-36

May 1st celebrations in Tirana, 1971

Box/Folder 1:37

Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha, 1970s

Scope and Contents note

Includes reprints of photographs of Enver Hoxha as a partisan leader in the 1940s (not taken by the creator).
Box/Folder 1:38

Enver Hoxha meets with artists, 1975

Box/Folder 1:39

"Mjeksi vitet," healthcare, 1970-1975

Box/Folder 1:40-41

Sports, 1970-1980

Box/Folder 1:42-47

Education, 1970-1981

Scope and Contents note

Includes images of classroom activities, a field trip to the Lenin-Stalin Museum, and student volunteer work building apartments and the Progozina-Fier railway.
Box/Folder 2:1-6

Industry, 1970s

Scope and Contents note

Includes images of mining and factory work.
Box/Folder 2:7-10

Agriculture, 1970-1984

Box/Folder 2:11-14

Cultural activities, 1975-1987

Scope and Contents note

Includes images of a ballet, music recitals, and plays.

Towns, 1970s

Box/Folder 2:15-16

Korça, Durrës, Fier, Tirana, Librazhd, Elbasan, Shkodra, 1970-1980

Box/Folder 2:17

Views of Saranda and Korça, circa 1970

Box/Folder 2:18

District of Kukës, 1970




Education, 1980-1989

Box/Folder 2:19

Students, circa 1980s

Box/Folder 2:20

Military school, Tirana, 1983

Box/Folder 2:21

State University of Tirana “Enver Hoxha,” 1985

Box/Folder 2:22

Students at Agricultural University, 1987

Box/Folder 2:23

Teaching traffic rules to kids, circa 1980

Box/Folder 2:24

National Library at the University of Tirana, circa 1980

Box/Folder 2:25

Children’s program at Albanian State TV, 1989

Box/Folder 2:26

Youth Voluntary work, 1985-1986


Monuments and Arts, circa 1980

Box/Folder 2:27

The National Folk Festival, Gjirokaster, 1988

Box/Folder 2:28

Monuments of Socialist Realism, circa 1980

Box/Folder 2:29

Drawing of Heroes of Socialist Realism, circa 1980

Box/Folder 2:30

Monument of National Hero Scanderbeg, includes views of Tirana, Apollonia (Fier), and Butrint (Saranda), circa 1980

Box/Folder 2:31-32

Visits to Enver Hoxha's house in Gjirdkastra, 1980

Box/Folder 2:33

Museum House, circa 1980

Box/Folder 2:34

President Ramiz Alia and Prime Minister Adil Garçani, 1986


Industry, circa 1980

Box/Folder 2:35

Artisan enterprise, 1987

Box/Folder 2:36

Miners of Vallas mine, 1985

Box/Folder 2:37

Ferro-Chrome Mill in Elbasan, 1985

Box/Folder 2:38

Glass mill and carpet factory, Kavaja, 1984

Box/Folder 2:39

Durrës Port and Railway Station, 1980s

Box/Folder 2:40-41

Clothes factory in Korça and Shkodra, 1985

Box/Folder 2:42

"Dinamo” Mill in Tirana, 1984

Box/Folder 2:43

“Banja” Hydro Power station, 1980s

Box/Folder 2:44

Construction work in Kukës, 1985

Box/Folder 2:45

Agriculture work, Fier, 1982


Post-Communist Albania, 1989-1999

Box/Folder 3:1-5

Politicians, 1980s-1990s

Box/Folder 3:6-7

"Social Themes," 1990s

Scope and Contents note

Includes images of people, industry, body-building, and buildings.
Box/Folder 3:8-11

Military, 1990s


Religion, 1990-1999

Box/Folder 3:12

Reopening of the First Church, 1990-1992

Scope and Contents note

Includes images of Mother Teresa's visit in 1991 and the Pope John Paul II visit in 1992.
Box/Folder 3:13

Churches and mosques, 1998

Box/Folder 3:14

Tombs of Mother Teresa's mother and sister, undated

Box/Folder 3:15

Islam in Tirana, 1998-1999

Box/Folder 3:16

Holy Site of “Shna Ndov” (Saint Andrew), Laç, Albania, undated

Box/Folder 3:17

The Foundation of the First Opposition Party, 1990 December 12

Scope and Contents note

Includes Partia Demokratike e Shqipërisë leaders: Neritan Ceka, Sali Berisha, Arben Imami, Gramoz Pashko, Eduard Selami, and Aleksandër Meksi.
Box/Folder 3:18-20

Student hunger strikes, 1991 February 17-20

Box/Folder 3:21

Hunger strike of miners, Valis, Tirana, 1991

Box/Folder 3:22-23

Sale of first opposition newspaper Rilindja Demokratike, 1991 January

Box/Folder 3:24

10th Congress of the party of Labor, 1991

Box/Folder 3:25

Last Communist dictator Ramiz Alia on election day, 1991 March 31

Box/Folder 3:26-28

Demonstrations to overthrow the Socialist government, 1991 May 21

Box/Folder 3:29

Students celebrate by burning the posters of Enver Hoxha and Ramiz Tafë Alia, 1991 October 16

Box/Folder 3:30

Student demonstrations, 1992 January-February


1992 elections

Box/Folder 3:31

Sali Berisha, election victory, 1992 March

Box/Folder 3:32

Democratic Party victory, 1992 March 22

Box/Folder 3:33

Celebrating the Democratic party victory, “combine”district, Tirana, 1999 March

Box/Folder 3:34-37

“The Victory of the Democratic Party," 1992

Box/Folder 3:38

US Secretary of State James Baker's visit to Tirana, 1992

Box/Folder 3:39

Free passing at the border with Greece, Kakavijë, Albania, 1992

Box/Folder 3:40

Anti-Communist demonstrations, Shkodra, Albania, 1992

Box/Folder 3:41

Burning a statue of dictator Enver Hoxha, Tirana Main Square, 1992 October 16

Box/Folder 3:42

Bread sale, 1992


Trials, 1992-1993

Box/Folder 3:43

Trial of Politburo members, 1992-1993

Box/Folder 3:44

Trial against Greek minority activist, 1993

Box/Folder 3:45

Only public execution, Fier, Albania, 1993

Box/Folder 3:46

The opening of the Coca Cola factory, 1994

Box/Folder 3:47

Italian Aid and the “Pelican” operation, 1994

Box/Folder 3:48-49

Hunger strike, 1994

Box/Folder 3:50

First Albanian modern highway, 1996

Box/Folder 3:51

Bomb explosion in front of pyramid [scheme] company VEFA supermarket, 1996 February


1996 elections,

Box/Folder 3:52-53

The manipulated elections, 1996 May 26

Box/Folder 3:54-58, Box/Folder 4:1-5

Opposition protests after the manipulated elections, 1996 May 26-28

Box/Folder 4:6-9

Democratic Party campaign rallies and celebrations, 1999 May-June

Box/Folder 4:10-11

Hunger strike of the Democratic Alliance Party and the Social-Democratic Party after elections, 1996

Box/Folder 4:12

State violence against Opposition leaders, Tirana Main Square, 1996 May 28

Box/Folder 4:13

Miss Europe Contest, 1996

Box/Folder 4:14

Beating of a journalist and burning of the offices of the Koha Jone newspaper, 1996-1997


Albanian Rebellion of 1997

Box/Folder 4:15

Funeral of a murdered Democratic Party member, 1997 January

Box/Folder 4:16

Fair with pyramid scheme companies, 1996

Box/Folder 4:17

Destruction in Gjirokaster, 1997

Box/Folder 4:18

Road blocks, 1997

Box/Folder 4:19

Student solidarity, 1997

Box/Folder 4:20

Protests against the pyramid schemes, 1997 January-February

Box/Folder 4:21

Ammunition seized after rebellion, 1998

Box/Folder 4:22

Destruction of Orthodox icons, Voskopoja, 1997

Box/Folder 4:23

Older communists celebrating Enver Hoxha's birthday, 1997 October 16

Box/Folder 4:24

Bunker, Durrës, 1998

Box/Folder 4:25

Police controls, 1998

Box/Folder 4:26

Roma, Gjirokastre, 1998

Box/Folder 4:27

"Throne-Pretender" Leka Zogu, campaign to restore monarchy rule in Albania, 1998

Box/Folder 4:28-30

Prisons, 1998

Box/Folder 4:31

Village life in Tirana, Lezhë, and Durrës, 1998

Box/Folder 4:32

Komuniste, the Albanian Communist Party reborn, Tirana, 1998


Assassination of MP Azem Hajdari, 1997-1998

Box/Folder 4:33-35

Demonstrations and destruction after the murder of opposition MP Azem Hajdari, 1998 September 14

Box/Folder 4:36

Location of MP Azem Hajdari's murder, 1998 September 12

Box/Folder 4:37

Protesters steal tanks in protest, 1998 September

Box/Folder 4:38

Funeral, 1998 September 15

Box/Folder 4:39

Birth of the son of MP Azem Hajdari, visits by S. Berisha and Pjeter Arbnori, circa 1998

Box/Folder 4:40

Dormitory strikes, 1998 December

Box/Folder 4:41

Destruction of Enver Hoxha monument, circa 1998

Box/Folder 4:42

Removal of Yugoslav flag from the Yugoslav Embassy, 1999 January

Box/Folder 4:43

Tobacco factory “Veve," Librazhd, Albania, 1999

Box/Folder 4:44

Daily life in Tirana, 1999

Box/Folder 4:45

Opposition rally following the election of Fatos Nano, 1999 October

Box/Folder 4:46

Resignation of Prime Minister Pandeli Majko and appointment of Prime Minister Ilir Meta, 1999 October 26-28

Box/Folder 4:47

Textile and thermocentral buildings, 1999 October

Box/Folder 4:48

“Fishers Bridge,” Tirana, 1999 November

Box/Folder 4:49

Winter without electricity, 1999

Box/Folder 4:50

Voluntary blood donation, Tirana, 1999 November

Box/Folder 4:51

Tirana’s Main Maternity Hospital, 1999 November

Box/Folder 4:52

Construction and new restaurants in Durrës and Tirana, 1999 November

Box/Folder 4:53

Independence and liberation days, 1999 November 28-29

Box/Folder 4:54-55

Politicans, 1990s

Scope and Contents note

Includes Albanian and US politicians.
Box/Folder 4:56

Konferenca Gjyqësore Kombëtare, 1999 December

Box/Folder 4:57

Harry T. Fultz Technical School, 1999

Box/Folder 4:58

Velija, Vebi, undated

Box/Folder 4:59, Box/Folder 5:13-17

Miscellaneous, circa 1990


Kosovo Refugee Crisis, 1999-2000


Refugee camps, 1999

Box/Folder 5:1

Kosovar refugee artists, "Dinamo" factory, 1999 February-May

Box/Folder 5:2

Rrashbull, Durrës, 1999 February- May

Box/Folder 5:3-5

Manzë-Durrës refugee camp, 1999 March-April

Scope and Contents note

Includes images of camp life, food distribution, and official delegation visits.
Box/Folder 5:6-13, Box/Folder 6:1-6

Kukës refugee camp, 1999 April

Box/Folder 6:7-9, Box/Folder 7:1-9

Swimming Pool refugee camp, Tirana, 1999 April- May

Scope and Contents note

Includes images of the Albanian civil defence authorities and the Greek government, who set up the camp.
Box/Folder 7:10-11, Box/Folder 8:1-5

Sports Palace camp, Tirana, 1999

Scope and Contents note

Includes images of "SOS Kosova" TV program, camp life, and refugee transfers and departures back to Kosovo.
Box/Folder 8:6-9

Pogradec refugee camp, 1999 May

Scope and Contents note

Includes images of camp life, Greek military food distribution, and local politician's visit.
Box/Folder 8:10

Workers resort palace, Korca, 1999 April-May

Box/Folder 9:1-2

Demonstrations at the Yugoslav Embassy, Tirana, 1999 March

Box/Folder 9:3

Miscellaneous refugee and aid, 1999 April-September

Box/Folder 9:4

Demonstration for Kosovo, Tirana Square, 1999 April

Box/Folder 9:5

Politicians, 1999 April-October

Scope and Contents note

Includes images of Paskal Milo, Adem Demaçi, Ibrahim Rugova, Rexhep Qosja, and investment banker George Soros.
Box/Folder 9:6

Kosovar refugees in a nursing home for the old, Tirana, 1999 May

Box/Folder 9:7

Tony Blair's visit to Tirana, Albania, 1999 May 18

Box/Folder 9:8

United States Delegation in Albania, 1999 June 22

Box/Folder 9:9

Exhibition of paintings by Kosovar children, Tirana, 1999 June

Box/Folder 9:10-11

Pristina, Kosovo, 1999 September-October

Box/Folder 9:12

Kosovars in Albanian home, 1999 May

Box/Folder 4:60

Homeless Kosovar refugees who remained in Durrës, 1999 December

Box/Folder 4:61

Volunteers at Albanian Center for Human Rights offering services and recreation activities to Kosovar children, 1999

Box/Folder 4:61-67, Box/Folder 10

Kosovo, 2000 April-May

Scope and Contents note

Over 180 photographs that focus on post-Kosovo war daily life. Includes images of people, buildings, the National Library, graveyards, politicians, and the remaining destruction from the 1999 crisis.