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Inventory of the California State Assembly Appropriations Committee Records
LP301, LP305  
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Series Description

LP301:1-232, LP305:1-962, LP305:1003-1484

Series 1 Bill Files 1995-2014

Physical Description: 1676 file folders


Bill files are arranged chronologically by legislative session, then numerically by bill number within legislative house.

Access Information

Several items are restricted from the following bill files under Government Code sec. 6254(c) due to identifying personal information: SB1031 (2013-2014); SB369 (2013-2014); SB618 (2013-2014). These items have been separated from the open material.

Scope and Content Note

The Assembly Appropriations Committee is primarily concerned with the fiscal implications of bills. Most bill files include all or some of the following items: committee bill analyses, amendments and resolutions, author's statements, roll calls, records of votes, letters of support and opposition, Department of Finance analyses, annotated bill text and committee statements. Bills with fiscal implications, regardless of the policy committee, must pass through the Assembly Appropriation Committee. In the sessions covering the years 1995-2000, bill files include Assembly Republican Bill Analysis. The Assembly Republican Bill analyses include arguments in support or opposition of the bill, registered support and opposition, fiscal concerns, policy concerns and a voting recommendation to members of the caucus. Other sessions contain only the analysis prepared for the Assembly Appropriations Committee by committee staff. Committee analyses include a summary of the measure, registered support and opposition, fiscal concerns and prior related legislation. Some bills of note include AB303 (2007-2008): felony for vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated; AB326 (2007-2008): increased penalty for 'phishing;' AB374 (2007-2008): California Compassionate Choices Act (physician assisted 'aid-in' dying); AB452 (2007-2008): voting party change notification cards; AB622 (2007-2008): High school equivalency certificates for incarcerated persons; AB684 (2007-2008): defining hemp; AB721 (2007-2008): legislative public records request; AB821 (2007-2008): lead ammunition prohibition; AB1302 (2007-2008): CalHIPAA sunset date extension; SB7 (2007-2008): Smoking in vehicles with minor passengers; SB924 (2007-2008) Iraq War advisory election; AB574 (2009-2010): smoking prohibition at hospitals; AB1675 (2009-2010): trespassing into animal enclosures; AB1676 (2009-2010): relocation of elected officials outside jurisdiction; SB1317 (2009-2010): chronic truancy is misdemeanor; AB144 (2011-2012): open carry is a misdemeanor; AB1432 (2011-2012): Caylee's Law; SB105 (2011-2012): snow sports helmets; SB420 (2011-2012): synthetic canibinoids; AB910 (2011-2012): bicycle passing distance; SB1172 (2011-2012): prohibition of sexual conversion therapy for minors; AB10 (2013-2014): minimum wage annual increase; AB347 (2013-2014): arson registry; AB911 (2013-2014): dialing 911 on multiline telephone systems; AB1301 (2013-2014): hydraulic fracking moratorium; AB1559 (2013-2014): Genetic Disease Testing Fund; AB1697 (2013-2014): DNA for forensic identification, reasearch, or experimentation; ABx1_1 and ABx1_2 (2013-2014): Affordable Care Act; SB270 (2013-2014): Plastic bag ban; SB1135 (2013-2014): sterilization of inmates; SCA17 (2013-2014): suspension of legislator.
1995-1996: AB1-AB3502; ACA12-ACA49; ACR6-ACR91; AJR17-AJR72; AB6X; AB12X; AB1XXX (LP301:1-152)
1995-1996: SB1-SB2177; SCA19; SCA21; SCR11-SCR63; SJR10-SJR27; SB1X-SB12X (LP301:153-232)
1997-1998: AB2-AB2809; ACA4-ACA39; ACR2-ACR187; AJR56-AJR74; AB7X-AB13X (LP305:1-223)
1997-1998: SB2-SB2242; SCR2-SCR102; SJR38-SJR93; SB4X-SB11X (LP305:224-341)
1999-2000: AB1-AB2941; ACA7-ACA18; ACR1-ACR187; AB1X-AB27X (LP305:342-469)
1999-2000: SB1-SB2203; SCA3-SCA11; SCR34-SCR99; SJR31; SB1X-SB2X (LP305:470-603)
2001-2002: AB1-AB3059; ACA9-ACA19; ACR3-ACR234; AB1X-AB83X; AB2XX-AB87XX (LP305:604-668)
2001-2002: SB1-SB2099; SCA9; SCR9-SCR89; SB6X-SB7X; SB1XX-SB85XX; SB2XXX (LP305:668-710)
2003-2004: AB1-AB3118; ACA4-ACA29; ACR2-ACR252; AJ28-AJR74 (LP305:711-783)
2003-2004: SB1-SB1915; SCA-SCA18; SCR35-SCR84; SJR9-SJR30 (LP305:784-825)
2005-2006: AB1-AB3076; ACA7-ACA18; ACR1-ACR160; AJR2-AJR25 (LP305:826-914)
2005-2006: SB1-SB1851; SCA1; SCR4-SCR120; SB 1XXX (LP305:914-962)
2007-2008: AB1-AB3038, ACA5-ACA15, ACR4-ACR150, AJR11-AJR64, AB1X (LP305:1003-1097)
2007-2008: SB1-SB1781, SCR3-SCR119, SJR19 (LP305:1098-1141)
2009-2010: AB2-AB2793, ACA1-ACA21, ACR2-ACR182, ABX3_23-ABX3_81, ABX5_8 (LP305:1142-1216)
2009-2010: SB1-SB1494, SCR4-SCR105, SBX3_13, SBX5_1-SBX5_4, SBX8_29-SBX8_34 (LP305:1217-1248)
2011-2012: AB2-AB2694, ACA4-ACA23, ACR15-ACR165, AJR1-AJR35, ABX1_13-ABX1_43 (LP305:1249-1283)
2011-2012: SB1-SB1580, SCA7, SCR6-SCR97, SBX1_1-SBX1_2 (LP305:1284-1307)
2013-2014: AB1-AB2764, ACA6-ACA9, ACR3-ACR173, ABX1_1, ABX1_2 (LP305:1308-1417)
2013-2014: SB1-SB1467, SCA17, SCR4-SCR125, SBX1_2-SBX1_3 (LP305:1418-1484)

Series 2 Hearing Files 1995-1997

Physical Description: 140 audio cassette tapes


Arranged chronologically by date of hearing.

Access Information

Access to audiovisual material requires the production of use copies.

Scope and Content Note

Hearing files for this collection exist in audiotape format only. Hearings relate to pending bills before the Assembly Appropriations Committee. Most hearings included testimony in support, testimony in opposition, Department of Finance analysis, author statements, and roll call votes. Many tapes include questioning of presenters and witnesses by committee members. Subjects of note include: employer health plans, property tax policy, rent control issues, pesticide regulation, methyl bromide, human rights, and controlled substances such as GHB.
For a list of hearing dates and topics, see Appendix A in in Additional Series Information.

Additional Series Information