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Inventory of the California State Senate Revenue and Taxation Committee Records
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Series Description

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Series 1 Bill Files 1971-2004

Physical Description: 1,061 file folders


Bill files are arranged chronologically by legislative session then numerically by bill number within legislative house.

Scope and Content Note

Most bill files include all or some of the following items: bill analyses, amendments and resolutions, author's statements, testimony, press releases, newspaper clippings, correspondence, roll calls, records of votes, and committee statements. Of particular interest are those bills relating to property taxation and Proposition 13 (1978), taxpayer's rights, fuel taxation, vehicle licensing and registration, environmental regulation, and marriage and domestic partnerships. Other topics include disaster relief, illegal immigration, health care, and education.
1971: AB21-AB2343 (6ff) LP208:21-26
1972: SB47-SB1482; SCA5-SCA75; SCR63; SJR13 (8ff) LP208:27-34
1972: AB29-AB2345; ACA13 (4ff) LP208:35-38
1973-1974: SB15-SB2446; SCA8-SCA46; SCR43-SCR154;SR15-SR63 (19ff) LP208:45-63
1973-1974: AB6-AB4209; ACA13-ACA111; ACR54; AJR11; AJR61 (22ff) LP208:64-85
1975-1976: SB17-SB2198; SCA1-SCA53; SJR1-SJR6 (19ff) LP212:113-131
1975-1976: AB19-AB4486; ACA23-ACA108; ACR33-ACR115 (15ff) LP212:132-146
1977-1978: SB1-SB1653; SCA20 (20ff) LP212:154-173
1977-1978: SB1X-SB12X; SCA1X (3ff) LP212:186-188
1977-1978: AB29-AB3802; ACA2-ACA82; ACR143; AJR17-AJR41 (12ff) LP212:174-185
1977-1978: AB7X (1ff) LP212:189
1979-1980: SB6-SB2044; SCA3-SCA46; SCR12; SCR47 (20ff) LP228:115-134
1979-1980: SB1500 (1ff) LP386:1
1979-1980: AB15-AB3257; ACA3-ACA91; ACR27-ACR119 (14ff) LP228:135-148
1981-1982: SB11-SB2092; SCA8-SCA28; SCR51 (15ff) LP254:77-81
1981-1982: AB11-AB3788; ACA4-ACA53; ACR58 (13ff) LP254:92-104
1983-1984: SB115-SB2332; SCA4-SCA58; SC19X-SB21X (16ff) LP254:106-121
1983-1984: AB3-AB4031; ACA28-ACA69; ACR36; AB12X-AB28X (22ff) LP254:122-143
1985-1986: SB29-SB2609; SCA14-SCA42; SCR24-SCR70;SR27-SR37 (24ff) LP254:144-167
1985-1986: AB47-AB4419; ACA2-ACA49; ACR17; AJR4-AJR84 (31ff) LP254:168-198
1987-1988: SB17-SB2723; SCA10-SCA42; SCR46-SCR71; SJR8-SJR23; SB2X-SB5X (40ff) LP271:97-134
1987-1988: SB85-SB573 (5ff) LP386:2-6
1987-1988: AB11-AB4633; ACA1-ACA55; AJR20-AJR81 (35ff) LP271:135-169
1987-1988: AB33-AB3382 (8ff) LP386:7-14
1989-1990: SB9-SB4286; SCA1-SCA52; SCR29-SCR87; SJR73;SB25X-SB34X (49ff) LP147:43-91
1989-1990: SB550-SB2894 (3ff) LP386:15-17
1989-1990: AB29-AB4286; ACA3; AJR4-AJR86; AB15X-AB47X (19ff) LP147:92-110
1989-1990: AB1727-AB2773; ACA38 (5ff) LP386:18-22
1991-1992: SB21-SB2051; SCA5-SCA36; SJR14-SJR42; SB1X-SB13X (79ff) LP386:23-101
1991-1992: AB27-AB3764; ACA40-ACA44; ACR92; AJR34-AJR86; AB17X-AB58X (110ff) LP386:101-13
1993-1994: SB1-SB2137; SCA4-SCA5; SJR11-SJR46;SB42X (47ff) LP386:133-179
1993-1994: AB15-AB3836; ACA8-ACA17; AJR21-AJR70 (21ff) LP386:180-200
1995-1996: SB3-SB2173; SCA14-SCA39; SCR26; SJR51; SB5XX-SB7XX (93ff) LP386:201-293
1995-1996: AB3-AB3407; ACA39; AJR22-AJR26; AB1X-AB12X (71ff) LP386:294-364
1997-1998: SB5-SB2337; SCA9-SCA29; SJR8-SJR47; SB1X (88ff) LP386:365-452
1997-1998: AB3-AB2809; ACA6-ACA22; ACR27; AJR48-AJR58; AB1X (60 ff) LP386:453-512
1999-2000: SB17-SB2200; SCA8 (79ff) LP386:513-591
1999-2000: AB2-AB2898 (45ff) LP386:591-636
2001-2002: SB12-SB2101; SCA1-SCA16; SJR29-SJR31;SB1X-SB75X; SCA1X (73ff) LP386:637-709
2001-2002: AB10-AB2979 (38ff) LP386:710-747
2003-2004: SB4-SB1882; SCA3-SCA5; SB2X (53ff) LP386:748-800
2003-2004: AB23-AB3073; AJR8 (39ff) LP386:801-839
See Appendix A for LP Numbers

Series 2 Hearing Files 1967-2001

Physical Description: 52 file folders


Hearing files are arranged chronologically by date of hearing.

Access Information

Access to audiovisual material requires the production of use copies.

Scope and Content Note

Hearing files may consist of agendas, transcripts, audiotapes, and background information for regular session hearings, as well as interim hearings and select joint hearings. Audiotapes have been separated into a cold storage vault for preservation purposes. Separation sheets within the hearing files will alert the researcher to the existence of such tapes. Some hearings are duplicates and can be found at two locations, indicated in the list of LP numbers.
Of particular interest are hearing files relating to the passage of Proposition 13 in 1978, which reduced California property taxes and created a cap to insure the rates remained at low levels. Proposition 13 generated national publicity, particularly because of its effects on the funding of California public schools. These hearing files span from 1976-1982 and cover a broad range of topics related to Proposition 13. These topics include Serrano v. Priest, the 1976 California Supreme Court case that generated Proposition 13; the Gann Initiative; and property tax assessments, exemptions and restrictions prior to and following the passage of Proposition 13.
Researchers may also be interested in other hearing file topics, which include public finance and expenditures, federal tax conformity, and the tax burden of California businesses, employers and residents.
For a chronological list of hearings, see Appendix A in Master Finding Aid at the California State Archives.
See Appendix B for LP Numbers

Series 3 Committee Reports 1966-1987

Physical Description: 3 file folders


Committee Reports are arranged chronologically by date of report.

Scope and Content Note

Committee reports consist of reports published by the committee between 1966-1987. The reports will be of interest to researchers seeking information about committee staff activities, exemptions for medical equipment, and federal tax conformity with specific regard to personal and corporate taxes.
For a chronological list of reports, see Appendix B in Master Finding Aid at the California State Archives.
See Appendix C for LP Numbers

Series 4 Committee Files 1935-1978

Physical Description: 16 file folders


Committee files are arranged chronologically by date of file.

Scope and Content Note

Committee files include the meeting files, minutes and roll calls of the committee. This series consists of 16 file folders covering the years 1935-1978. Researchers interested in committee correspondence, background information on committee hearings, and meeting procedures during this time period will find the committee files useful.
For a chronological list of committee files, see Appendix C in Master Finding Aid at the California State Archives.