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Finding Aid of the Neumann Family Papers
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Container List


Robert Neumann



Boxes 1-5

Personal Files

Box 1

A - C.

Box 2

D - H.

Box 3

I - M (no.1).

Box 4

M (no.2) - S (no.1).

Box 5

S (no.2) - Z.

Box 6

Kabul representation, various reports and booklets.

Box 7

State / USIA recreation association, Miscellaneous correspondence, Christmas card list, books.

Box 8


Box 9

Tapes of music, photographs.

Box 10

Office logs, photographs.

Box 12

Miscellaneous, including information on Afghanistan.

Box 13

Miscellaneous information, appointment diaries (1970-1971), and files: miscellaneous correspondence, personnel, travel, White House.


Afghanistan / Morocco

Box 11

Correspondence and oddments re Afghanistan and Morocco.



Box 14

Personal files (2) 1975-1976, alphabetical files A - H.

Box 15

Alphabetical files, I - U.

Box 16

Alphabetical files, V - Z, desk diary (1975), photographs, and lecture material.

Box 20

1980 campaign.


Afghanistan / Morocco / Saudi Arabia

Boxes 17-19

Tapes of speeches and other events, papers re1981 Saudi Arabia story.

Physical Description: (3 tapes)

Reagan Campaign

Boxes 21-23



Personal Career

Boxes 24-26

Clippings, correspondence, photographs and memorabilia. 1930s-1950s.

Box 27

Memorabilia, photographs and correspondence, A - K. 1950s.

Box 28

Clippings, correspondence, photographs and memorabilia. 1930s-1970s.

Scope and Content Note

Includes Dulles letters, State Department.

Personal Files

Box 29

Memorabilia, photographs, correspondence mostly from family (1940-1959), War diary (1944), unidentified tape.

Box 30

Income tax, early career, military and emigration history, etc. 1940s-1950s.

Boxes 40-41

From NARS.



Boxes 31-37

Correspondence. 1957-1966

Box 31


Box 32


Box 33


Box 34


Box 35


Box 36


Box 37


Box 36

European government (book).

Physical Description: (Copy)
Box 38

Publications, proceedings of meetings of Committee on international and Comparative Studies. 1971.

Box 39

UC correspondence, A - Z. “Think File,” bio bib, etc. 1960s-1970s.

Box 132

Speeches, conference and seminar material. 1978-1985.

Box 134

Speeches, newspaper and magazine articles. 1981-1984.

Box 130

Ambassadorial correspondence and autobiography (typed draft) 1978-1986.

Box 48


Scope and Content Note

Including with Nixon and Eisenhower (1950).

Personal, Professional

Box 42

Research material, correspondence, memorabilia.


Personal, Professional[?]

Boxes 43-45

Correspondence. 1938-1946

Box 43


Boxes 44-45


Box 46

Political contributions, Bologna center.



Box 47

Correspondence. 1950s.

Scope and Content Note

Including Nixon letters (“N”).
Boxes 53-54

Printed research material.

Boxes 55-56

Research material, Nuremburg trial transcripts.

Boxes 57-58


Box 59

Research notes and papers and news clippings. 1950s.

Boxes 60-61

Notes on cards.

Box 119

Research material. Dissertation.


Donated 1984 May.
Boxes 120-121

Research material.


Donated 1984 May.


Boxes 49-50

Research material. 1950s.



Boxes 51-52

Research material and notes. ca. 1945-1958.


Middle East

Box 131

Manuscripts and printed research material. 1980s.

Box 154

Letters, memos, etc. early 1990s.

Box 155

Notes, clippings, etc.

Scope and Content Note

Some on L.A. riots. 1992.
Box 156

Notes, primarily on Germany. 1980s-1990s.

Box 166

Note cards on various topics. v.d.

Box 183

Alphabetical files, A - L. 1996-1997.

Boxes 189-190

Pocket diaries. 1950s-1970s[?]

Box 189


Box 190


Boxes 191-192

Speeches and recordings. v.d.

Box 193

Council of American Ambassadors. primarily 1990s[?].

Box 194

Ambassadorial items. primarily 1990s.

Scope and Content Note

Including Morocco.
Box 195

Position papers from others, etc. primarily 1990s.

Box 197

Miscellaneous publications. v.d.

Scope and Content Note

[Also], manuscript of Recollections Out of My Life (typescript, 59 leaves), n.d.
Box 201

Day books, letters, etc. v.d.

Scope and Content Note

[Also], Family album. 1950s.
Box 202

Research publications, German and Arab (ca. 1990s), Marlen in Rabat, UNE. v.d.

Boxes 205-206

Who's who, household shipments. 1970s. Kabul.

Box 224

SVCA Board, CSIS expenses, writings and clippings. v.d.

Box 230

Afghanistan materials, photographs, etc. v.d.

Box 231

Afghanistan, Morocco materials. v.d.

Box 250

Research notes, Germany, Arabia, D.I.S. consultant, 1980, etc.

Box 251

Publications and clippings, diplomatic corps. v.d.

Box 252

Video tapes and audio tape. v.d.


Not all videos are of RN.
Box 258

Alphabetical files, M - Z. 1990s.


Robert Neumann[?]



Box 142

Photograph albums, guest book.



Box 133

Newspaper and magazine articles 1974-1986.

Box 143

Tape recording (unidentified).



Box 144

Photograph album.

Box 145

Publications AND journals. 1980s[?].

Box 146

Photo album. Morocco. 1975.

Scope and Content Note

[Also], 10.5“ audio tape.
BoxES 147-148, 149

Video and audio recordings of in those in which RN major participant.

Boxes 225-226

Alphabetical files. 1977.

Box 225

A - F. 1977.

Box 226

G - R. 1977.

Box 244

Notecards. v.d.


Marlen Neumann

Box 153

Conference notebooks. v.d.

Box 165

Daily appointment books. 1950s- .

Box 180

Cards, letters from RN, etc. v.d.

Box 181

Genealogy notes. v.d.

Box 182

Geneaology and Afghanistan materials. v.d.

Box 184

Plays directed. 1946, 1968.

Scope and Content Note

Angel Street, The Barrets of Wimpole Street.
Box 185

Weekly pocket diaries. 1980s-1990s.

Boxes 186-188

Notes on letters received

Boxes 186-187


Box 188

A - D. 1980s[?].

Box 198

Genealogy and commonplace notes. v.d.

Boxes 207-208

Early writings, ideas, playbooks and address books. v.d.

Boxes 218-219

Correspondence. v.d.

Box 218

A - B and out of order. v.d.

Box 219

C - H and unfoldered. v.d.

Box 220

Conference notebooks, writing group and statements on Morocco. v.d.

Box 227

Early school, Christmas, commonplace notes, Jidda and PARSA. v.d.

Box 228

Notebooks, Institute of Children's Literature, Welcome to Afghanistan[?]. v.d.

Box 229

Kabul info for service wives, Moroccan ephemera, Foreign Service. v.d.

Box 238

Anne Smith materials and photos. v.d.

Box 239

Anne Smith and Smith family. v.d.

Box 240

Anne Smith and Pauline Smith. v.d.

Box 243

Anne Smith materials. v.d.

Box 245

Women in the Middle East, Foreign Service, etc. v.d.

Box 249

Household effects, guest lists, etc. 1980s.

Box 253

Personal and family items. v.d.

Box 254

Appointments, photos, etc. v.d., 1950s-1960s.

Box 255

Eldrege daybooks (1920s) and McCone report items. v.d.

Boxes 256-257

Alphabetical files.


(Received in disorder)
Box 259

Family pictures, notes and cards, early notes and lectures. v.d.

Box 260

Condo lawsuit and personal. v.d.

Box 261

Publications and texts. v.d.


Marlen Neumann[?]



Boxes 135-138, 140

Clippings and ephemera.


Marlen and Robert Neumann



Box 112

Family letters. 1939-1941.

Scope and Content Note

Also correspondence from Eisenhower, Nixon, Nasser to Mr. Neumann. 1960s.
Box 113

Tax files.

Box 114

Family correspondence. 1977-1980.

Box 115

Scrapbooks, photographs, correspondence.

Box 116

Family correspondence, etc.

Box 124

Correspondence with each other.

Box 125

Letters. 1942-1945.

Box 127

Letters. 1947-1963.



Box 117

Memorabilia, miscellaneous ephemera, clippings, photographs, etc.

Box 199

Certificates and signed photographs. v.d.

Box 200

Portrait of Marlen, college pennants, maps, etc. v.d.

Box 203

General Electric (Tempo), Faxes, Photos, Marlen correspondence (1972- ). 1970s-1990s.

Box 209

Bicenntenial inaugural, cards, photos, certificates. v.d.

Box 210

Hostess books with menus, RN Dartmouth conference notes. v.d., 1997.

Box 211

Memorabilia, including menus. 1930s- .

Box 212

Sketch books, photo albums, etc. v.d.

Box 213

Anne Smith items and photos (1920s), Marlen early scrapbooks. v.d.

Box 214

Marlen business correspondence, dolls, resumes, Robert resumes. v.d.

Box 221

Letters R to M to / from Rabat, tape letters. primarily 1971.

Box 222

Letters to / from, to / from Rabat, Jidda, Cairo, etc. 1970s.

Box 223

Saud Arabia materials. 1977- .

Scope and Content Note

Includes Women in foreign service, etc.
Box 232

Morocco scrapbook. v.d.

Boxes 233-234

Afghanistan scrapbook. v.d.

Box 235

Kabul scrapbook. v.d.

Box 236

Afghanistan. v.d.

Box 237

Alphabetical files, S - Z. 1990s.

Boxes 246-247

Marlen to Robert, Kabul. v.d.

Box 248

Household effects, travel clips, notes in Arabic (1981), etc.

Box 262

Travel ephemera, theatre programs. v.d.


Marlen and Robert Neumann[?]



Box 122



Personal, Professional[?]

Box 129

Correspondence and photographs, invitations to ceremonies. 1965-1981.

Box 215

Library catalog cards. 1940s[?].

Physical Description: (Box not full)

Neumann Family



Boxes 151-152


Scope and Content Note

Mid East Travel in Box 152.
Boxes 157-158

Books. v.d.

Boxes 167-168

Letters and cards. 1980s.

Boxes 169-170

Photographs. v.d.

Box 169


Box 170

Primarily official. v.d.

Box 171

Negatives, primarily v.d., 1920s-1930s[?].

Box 172

Photographs, primarily official, datebook, etc. v.d., 1986.

Box 173

Primarily negatives. v.d., 1920s-1930s[?].

Box 174

Christmas cards. 1980s.

Scope and Content Note

Includes cards from the Bush family, King of Jordan, etc.
Box 175

Clippings. v.d.

Box 176

Army cap, academic robes, etc. (Both Newmans?).

Box 177

Plaques. v.d.

Box 178

Marlen letters to parents (1966-1969), Robert National Politics[?]. v.d.

Scope and Content Note

Includes letter from Brent Scowcroft, The White House, etc.
Box 179

Appointment books, etc. 1960[?].

Box 196

Passports and Moroccan albums. 1950s-1970s.

Box 216

Eldredge family sketches. Neumann parents anniversary. 1930s, 1960s.

Box 217

Scrapbooks. 1982 (Marlen in hospital), event scrapbook. 1980s.

Box 241

Faxes and cards. 1990s. AAFSW (1987), etc.

Box 242

Faxes and cards. 1990s.


Neumann Family[?]

Boxes 159-161

Note cards on various topics. v.d.

Boxes 162-164

Note cards on correspondents. v.d.


Marlen / Anne Smith[?]

Box 150

Correspondence and notes. 1930s.


Marlen Neumann / Anne Smith / Robert Neumann


Snapshots, Address Books

Box 204

RN Dartmouth notes, photo Grandmother Smith, etc. 1986 and n.d.