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Guide to the Miriam Patchen Papers
MS 161  
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Collection Contents

Box-folder 1:1-18, 3:3

Biographical material 1972-2000

Physical Description: 19 folders, 1 notebook

Series Scope and Content Summary

Biographical Material consists of papers relating to the death of Miriam Patchen, clippings about Miriam, and promotional material documenting some of her domestic and international efforts to foster her late husband's work. These items are arranged chronologically. Included are Miriam's memoirs of the early years with Kenneth Patchen.
Box-folder 1:1

Obituaries (20 pp) 2000

Box-folder 1:2

Miriam's Memorial service invitation and program May 21, 2000

Box-folder 1:3


Box-folder 1:4

Will April 2000

Box-folder 1:5

Laurent Frantz (1913-1998) papers; memorial program, article "Congressional Power to Enforce the 14th Amendment against private acts", and a clipping

Box-folder 1:6

City Lights Books royalty statements 1974

Box-folder 1:7

Work Inspired by Patchen: 1. "Beyond love there is no belief" by Marie Burton (6" x 7 1/2"); 2. "Miriam in her garden", by Barbara Gordon Paine (5" x 6")

Box-folder 1:8

Clippings about Miriam (13 pp) 1973-1997

Box 3

Memoirs 1933-1941; 22 manuscript pages of autobiographical account of Mirian's and Kenneth's early years together covering their first meeting in Boston Nov 13, 1933-Dec 14, 1941

Box-folder 1:9-18

Promotional activity post-Patchen; publicity, clippings, flyers etc. 1973-1996

Box-folder 1:9, 3:3

Group Theater Company performance "Hallelujah Anyway"; tour pamphlets and posters

Scope and Content Note

Note:In collaboration with Miriam Patchen, the group assembled the art and writings of Kenneth Patchen into two hour long production incorporating painted poem visuals, poetry-jazz, and a dramatic performance of selection from Patchen's poetry and prose
Box-folder 3:3

Kenneth Patchen Memorial, City Lights Poets' Theater; poster Feb 1972

Box-folder 1:10

San Francisco Art Institute Jan 12-Feb 11, 1973

Box-folder 1:11

KPFA; program calendar of Miriam interview/Patchen readings 1973-1974

Box-folder 1:12

University of North Dakota; exhibit catalog, publicity Mar 18-Apr 5, 1974

Box-folder 1:13

Smithsonian Institution "The Art of Poetry"; exhibit catalog Nov 1976-Jan 1977

Box-folder 1:14

Publication of "Argument of Innocence" by Peter Veres; book reviews 1978

Box-folder 1:15

San Jose College Art Gallery "Kenneth Patchen Graphic works"; poster and blank invitation Nov 30-Dec 15, 1982

Box-folder 3:3

Friends of the Patchens and Intersection "For Kenneth", poetry reading on the 10th year of Patchen's death; press release sheet, flyer, poster Jan 26, 1982

Box-folder 1:16

Documenta, Kessel, Germany, "Maler, Dichter, Pazifist, Visionar"; exhibit catalog 1983

Box-folder 1:17

Patchen Festival, Warren Ohio; exhibit catalog, clippings 1987-1990

Box 3

Warmth In The Human Winter: selected love and picture poems of Kenneth Patchen. Rain Press, San Francisco. Canvas cover hand painted by Charles Maden. This copy 1 of 75. (6 1/5" x 9 1/4") 1991

Box-folder 1:18

Misc clippings and publicity 1975-1996

Box-folder 1:19-2:23, 3:4-5

Correspondence 1972-1998

Physical Description: 35 folders

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series is organized into two subseries:
  • Outgoing correspondence, 1972-1998.
  • Incoming correspondence, 1972-1987.
Box-folder 1:19-1:29

Outgoing correspondence 1972-1998

Physical Description: 10 folders

Series Scope and Content Summary

This subseries is organized by correspondent. Bulk of the it documents the establishment of the Kenneth Patchen Archive at UCSC and subsequent events that were administered by the University in collaboration with Miriam. In addition this series includes a detailed book list of Patchen's personal library as compiled by Miriam. Other letters of interest are Miriam's draft response to Anais Nin after reading of a false statement in a newspaper article, and replies to William Packard and Fred Wright.
Box-folder 1:19

City Lights Books; APCS Oct 31, 1989

Box-folder 1:19

Alan CLODD; draft Apr 29, 1977

Box-folder 1:20

Mr. KIRSCH; ALS [an account of Folkways recordings of Fables] Sep 7, 1978

Box-folder 1:21

Richard MORGAN; APC Aug 4, [1970's]

Box-folder 1:22

Anais NIN; draft "will you kindly stop your carrion...", [+ two clippings 1. "Anais Nin to give lecture", Palo Alto Times, Feb 4, 1972, 2. Miriam's corrective announcement "Studio sharing story false", (p. 23) in response to earlier statement by Nin] Palo Alto Times Feb 8, 1972

Box-folder 1:23

William PACKARD; 2 APCS and 2 ALS 1973-1975

Box-folder 1:24

Larry SMITH; Draft [Apr, 1978]

Box-folder 1:25-28

UCSC 1973-1998

Box-folder 1:25

David HERON, University Librarian; 5 ALS and 2 APCS 1974-1992

Box-folder 1:26

Lan DYSON, University Librarian; 2 ALS 1980 1998

Box-folder 1:27-28

Rita BOTTOMS, Head of Special Collections; 18 ALS, 15 APCS, and 18 envelopes 1973-1998

Box-folder 1:29

Fred WRIGHT; 4 ALS, APCS, 3 Christmas cards, 5 envelopes 1978-1980

Box-folder 2:1-23, 3:4-5

Incoming correspondence 1972-1989

Physical Description: 25 folders

Series Scope and Content Summary

This subseries is organized by correspondent. Of interest are letters send by Patchen biographers and critics James Schevill, Larry Smith, Peter Veres, and Richard Morgan. Presented in smaller amounts are letters from David Bedford and Jonathan Williams.
Box-folder 2:1

Marc ADRIAN (artist); 2 TLS [in regard to Documenta exhibit] 1986-1987

Scope and Content Note

Note: see also incoming letter from Dr. Nordhoff, Box 2:15
Box-folder 2:2

David BEDFORD (composer); 2 ALS 1977 1980

Box-folder 2:3

Paul BOBB; ALS [attached with Memoirs, see box 3] Jul 6, 1933

Box-folder 3:4

Gene DETRO; TLS + clipping "Patchen: A Fine Poet's Final Testament", and "Extensions", signed copy of booklet of poems by Detro Aug 26, 1972

Box-folder 2:4

Robert DUNKIN; ALS + clippings [Condemns Harold Norse comments about Kenneth Patchen] Nov 28, 1975

Box-folder 2:5

Lissa FISHER; 4 ALS and APCS 1977 1980

Scope and Content Note

Note: see also incoming letters from Richard Morgan, Box 2:13
Box-folder 2:6

Gotham Book Mart and Gallery Inc.; TLS + 17 Polaroid shots of the Silkscreen and Painted Book Exhibit [see Box 3] Sep 16, 1982

Box-folder 2:7

Henry W. HOUGH; TLS and a note Jan 1972

Box-folder 2:8-9

Karl KEMPTON, (Kaldron, Rainbow Resin Press); TLS + serial issues of Kaldron, no. 2-6 (Jan 1977- summer 1978), NRG no.5 (1977) and signature pages from Western Poetry Review; features Kempton's typoglifs 1977-1978

Box-folder 2:10

Kent State University, Robert Bertholf; 2 TLS Apr-Jul 1975

Box-folder 2:11

Marie MADURA; TLS Apr 4, 1973

Box-folder 2:12

Hugo MANNING; 2 ALS and typescirpt copy "Kenneth Patchen of Love" 1973 1977

Box-folder 3:5

Jack H. MOONING (Seminar Council, Montgomery); TLS + photocopies of Patchen poems with marginalia by him (4 pp) May 7, 1972

Box-folder 2:13

Richard MORGAN; 30 TLS, 22 ALS, APCS, and Fwd letter from Morgan to Joel Climenhaga 1973-1980

Scope and Content Note

Note: see also incoming letters from Lissa Fisher, Box 2:5
Box-folder 2:14

Bob NEWTON; TLS, + signed copy of 40% to the Trade (1972) Oct 23, 1972

Box-folder 2:15

Dr. NORDHOFF (Culture Adviser, City of Kassel, Germany); TLS, [in regards to Documenta Exhibit, see also Incoming corresp. Marc Adrian] Mar 18, 1987

Scope and Content Note

Note: see also incoming letter from Marc Adrian, Box 2:1
Box-folder 2:16

James SCHEVILL; TLS + typescript copy "Kenneth Patchen: The Search for Wonder and Joy" by Schevill (22 pp) May 1, [1973]

Box-folder 2:17

The Scrimshaw Press; 3 TLS, 2 fwd letters, an invoice, book reviews and advertisements to The Argument of Innocence (12 pp) 1976-1977

Box-folder 2:18

Larry SMITH; 2 TLS + clipping "Lake Erie Reflections", Reporter Apr 1974

Box-folder 2:19

Peter VERES; 2 TLS Nov-Dec, 1974

Box-folder 2:20

Jack WILLIAMS; TLS + portrait of Mr. Williams, promotional material for "With This Rose, I Thee Wake", dramatization of Kenneth Patchen's poetry presented by the Ensemble Theatre Company of Nasville at the Academy Theatre, Jan 1974. Music by Jack Eric Williams, script by C. B. Anderson and Karen Connell Hold. Feb 6, 1974

Box-folder 2:21

Jonathan WILLIAMS; 3 TPCS 1980-1984

Box-folder 2:22

Misc. incoming correspondence, A-Z; 8 TLS, 4 ALS, 2 newsletter, [includes TLS from William Packard, Jan 24, 1972] 1972-1989

Box-folder 2:23

Fragments (1 pg)

Box-folder 3:6

Scores 1972-1978

Physical Description: 1 folder

Series Scope and Content Summary

Consists of two scores signed to Miriam; a manuscript and a published work by David Bedford
Box-folder 3:6

An Easy Decision: for soprano and piano. David Bedford. UE 16034. Universal Edition: London. Text based on KP's "When we were here together". Signed copy ""Miriam with love and respect, Christmas 1980"; [Attached with Dec 2, 1980 letter from Bedford; see also Box 2:2] 1978

Box-folder 3:6

Wide Wide In the Rose's Side: for soprano, organ, 3 violins, 4 trombones. David Bedford. Feb 1-2, 1972; manuscript, signed copy

Box-folder 3:1-2

Photographs 1930s-1990s

Physical Description: 54 photographs

Series Scope and Content Summary

Arranged by size and by type. Bulk of the photos date to 1970s-1980s. Included are snap shots of Miriam as a child, her mother Sirkka Oikemus, companion Laurent Frantz, and formal portraits of Miriam.
Box-folder 3:2

8 1/2" x 12" (6 sheets in color); Miriam and Laurent under a billboard "For Miriam, The Sea Is Awash With Roses", and visiting Special Collections, UCSC [ca. 1990's]

Box-folder 3:2

8" x 10" (black and white); Portrait of Miriam and Mr. Sitwell [Patchen's black cat], unknown photographer, [ca. 1950]

Box-folder 3:2

8" x 8" (black and white): 4 Interior shots of Patchen's Palo Alto home with Miriam, unknown photographer [after 1972]

Box-folder 3:2

5" x 7":

Box-folder 3:2

Miriam, Lawrence Ferlinghetti and Rita Bottoms in London (color) 1998

Box-folder 3:2

Miriam and Laurent Frantz protesting. Miriam is holding a sign "After NAFTA Clinton/Gore/Eshew - Your Silence = Death for Mexicans" (color) [ca. 1990]

Box-folder 3:2

Portrait of Miriam, head shot (black and white) [ca. 1930]

Box-folder 3:1

4" x 7":

Box-folder 3:1

Polaroids (18); Silkscreen and painted book exhibit, Gotham Book Mart (17) [attached with Incoming Sep 16, 1982 letter from Gotham], and Miriam and James Schevill at UCSC Special Collections (1) May 1, 1985

Box-folder 3:1

Color (13); includes snap shots of Miriam and her mother Sirkka Oikemus, and Laurent Frantz [1970s-1980s]

Box-folder 3:1

Black and white (9); includes snap shots of Miriam as a child (2), Miriam with Lars and her mother Sirkka Oikemus, and Miriam at a book signing of What Shall We Do Without Us [1920s]-1984

Box 4

Audio recordings 1982-1984

Physical Description: 6 cassette tapes

Series Scope and Content Summary

Consists of a recording of speeches given by Miriam Patchen and James Laughlin at UCSC Special Collections, Nov 14, 1984; and an interview "Miriam at Home" taped on Mar 10, 1982.
Box 4

Film 1977

Physical Description: 1 reel

Series Scope and Content Summary

Consists of one 16 mm color film titled Hidden Tears, directed by Eli Eliezer, 1977. The screenplay is based on Patchen's poem Do the dead know what time it is?
Restricted access; FRAGILE.
Box 4

Artifact 1990

Physical Description: 1 item

Series Scope and Content Summary

Contains burgandy colored "Kenneth Patchen Coffee Shop" apron (size M), worn by Miriam at Kenneth Patchen Festival, Warren, Ohio, April 1990; included is a photocopied photograph of Miriam standing next to Fred Wright and wearing this apron.