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Guide to the Queer Resource Center Records

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: Queer Resource Center Records,
Date (inclusive): 1970-1992
Collection Number: CU-486
Creator: Queer Resource Center (University of California, Berkeley)
Extent: 6 boxes (7.5 linear ft.)
Repository: The Bancroft Library. University Archives.
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
Languages Represented: English

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Title: Queer Resource Center resource files,
Identifier/Call Number: CU-500

Administrative Information

Acquisition Information

Transferred from the Queer Resource Center in 1997.

Administrative History

The Students for Gay Power was established at the University of California, Berkeley in 1969 to be "a campus group involved in the gay liberation movement." Even its recognition required a ruling by the university's General Counsel, and its first dance in 1970 occasioned correspondence and memoranda about the legality of the event. In 1972 the group changed its name to Gay Students Union, possibly to appear less objectionable and established its first affiliation with the Associated Students, although it received no ASUC funding until 1974. In 1976 it became the Gay Peoples Union, in 1981 it became the Gay and Lesbian Union, and in 1984 it became the Gay Lesbian Bisexual Alliance. A final name change took place in 1988, to the Multicultural Bisexual Gay Lesbian Alliance. These groups held awareness programs as well as a regular schedule of social events for the gay community.
The Multicultural Lesbian Gay Studies, later the Multicultural Bisexual Lesbian Gay Studies Program, established in 1982, promoted the establishment of lesbian and gay studies courses and academic programs at Berkeley. The Queer Resource center, established in 1992 as a successor group, provided support, referral and information services for the community at Berkeley, documenting the existence of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer students at Berkeley and working towards the creation of policies that encompass the experience of these students. The Queer Resource Center inherited the files of its various predecessor organizations.

Scope and Content Note

The present organization of the files maintains the order established by the Queer Resource Center. The collection consists of flyers. annual files, program files, minutes and financial reports, and correspondence of the various organizations through 1992. In addition there are files documenting the effort to establish academic courses in what may be called loosely gay studies; these consist of correspondence, planning documents, proposals, and newsletters, as well as some syllabi and course materials.

Container List

Box 1 - 2:31

Series 1: Organization files through 1992/93

Series Scope and Content Summary

Flyers, program files, minutes, financial reports, correspondence of the various phases of the organization from the Students for Gay Power through the Multicultural Bisexual Lesbian Gay Alliance. The arrangement is chronological, with some undated material at the beginning.
box-folder 1:0

Scrapbook - texts and notes by various members; snapshots of rallies, Sproul Hall steps


Students for Gay Power

box-folder 1:1

miscellaneous artwork, n.d.

box-folder 1:2

miscellaneous items, n.d.

box-folder 1:3

miscellaneous fliers, n.d.

box-folder 1:4

Gay Peoples Union - miscellaneous fliers, n.d.

box-folder 1:5

GLBA - miscellaneous fliers, n.d.

box-folder 1:6

MBLGA - miscellaneous fliers, n.d.


Students for Gay Power

box-folder 1:7

University documents: card, Student Activities; dance, letters, 1969/70

box-folder 1:8


box-folder 1:9

Gay Students Union - 1972/73


Gay Peoples Union

box-folder 1:10


box-folder 1:11


box-folder 1:12

Awareness week, 1979/80


Gay and Lesbian Union, 1980/81

box-folder 1:13

Berkeley City Council Program (incl. audio tape)

box-folder 1:14

Awareness week

box-folder 1:15


box-folder 1:16


box-folder 1:17

Miscellaneous items


Gay and Lesbian Union, 1981/82

box-folder 1:18

Women's programs

box-folder 1:19

Men's programs

box-folder 1:20

Awareness week, Nov. 1981

box-folder 1:21

Awareness week, Mar. 1982

box-folder 1:22


box-folder 1:23


box-folder 1:24

Miscellaneous items


Gay and Lesbian Union, 1982/83

box-folder 1:25

Awareness week

box-folder 1:26


box-folder 1:27

Minutes; includes notebook

box-folder 1:28


box-folder 1:29


box-folder 1:30

Miscellaneous items


Gay and Lesbian Union, 1983/84

box-folder 1:31


box-folder 1:32

Awareness week

box-folder 1:33


box-folder 1:34


box-folder 1:35


box-folder 1:36


box-folder 1:37

Miscellaneous items


Gay and Lesbian Union/GLBA, 1984/85

box-folder 1:38

Women's programs

box-folder 1:39

Awareness week

box-folder 1:40


box-folder 1:41


box-folder 1:42


box-folder 1:43


box-folder 1:44

Miscellaneous items


Gay Lesbian Bisexual Alliance, 1985/86

box-folder 2:1

Awareness week

box-folder 2:2


box-folder 2:3


box-folder 2:4


box-folder 2:5

Miscellaneous items


Gay Lesbian Bisexual Alliance, 1986/87

box-folder 2:6


box-folder 2:7


box-folder 2:8


box-folder 2:9

Miscellaneous items


Gay Lesbian Bisexual Alliance, 1987/88

box-folder 2:10


box-folder 2:11

Awareness week

box-folder 2:12


box-folder 2:13



Gay Lesbian Bisexual Alliance, 1988/89

box-folder 2:14


box-folder 2:15

Minutes; includes notebook

box-folder 2:16


box-folder 2:17

Miscellaneous items

box-folder 2:18

Gay Lesbian Bisexual Alliance/MBLGA, 1989/90 - general


MBLGA, 1990/91

box-folder 2:19

General programs

box-folder 2:20

National Coming Out Day

box-folder 2:21

Awareness week

box-folder 2:22


box-folder 2:23

Miscellaneous items


MBLGA, 1991/92

box-folder 2:24

Awareness week

box-folder 2:25

Miscellaneous items


MBLGA, 1992/93

box-folder 2:26

Resource Guide working group

box-folder 2:27

Awareness week general information

box-folder 2:28

Awareness week general artwork

box-folder 2:29


box-folder 2:30


box-folder 2:31

Miscellaneous flyers

Box 2:32 - 4

Series 2: Multicultural Bisexual Lesbian Gay Studies Program files, 1982-1992

Series Scope and Content Summary

Correspondence, faculty advisor files, planning documents, minutes, proposals, newsletters, course materials, syllabi, and project files, either produced by the program or in response to its effort to establish academic courses. Arranged by type of material, then chronologically when possible.


box-folder 2:32

1982 correspondence

box-folder 2:33

1983 Outgoing Correspondence

box-folder 2:34

1982-84 Outgoing Correspondence

box-folder 2:35

1982-84 Incoming Correspondence

box-folder 2:36

1984 Outgoing correspondence

box-folder 2:37

1984 Miscellaneous correspondence

box-folder 2:38

1984-85 Outgoing correspondence

box-folder 2:39

1985 Incoming correspondence

box-folder 2:40

1987 Incoming correspondence

box-folder 2:41-42

1988 Correspondence

box-folder 2:43

1988 Correspondence, Les Wright to Chris Nunez

box-folder 2:44

1988 Outgoing corresponcence by Chris Nunez

box-folder 2:45-46

Misc. correspondence mid to late 80s

box-folder 2:47

Incoming correspondence about newsletters


Faculty/Staff Advisors

box-folder 2:48

1983 notes

box-folder 2:49

Faculty mailing, 1984

box-folder 2:50

Faculty mailing returns, 1984

box-folder 2:51

Supportive faculty list, 1984

box-folder 2:52

Faculty/Staff Advisory Board, 1984

box-folder 2:53

Letters sent to faculty, 1984

box-folder 2:54-55

Faculty mailing list, n.d.

box-folder 3:1

Faculty/Staff Advisory Board, 1987-88

box-folder 3:2-3

September 1988 meeting

box-folder 3:4

October 1988 meeting

box-folder 3:5

November 1988 meeting

box-folder 3:6-7

January 1989 meeting


Planning Documents

box-folder 3:8

Miscellaneous planning documents

box-folder 3:9

Cosexual position paper

box-folder 3:10

Third world lesbian and gay position papers

box-folder 3:11

1982 Planning documents

box-folder 3:12-13

Miscellaneous planning documents, 1988-90



box-folder 3:14

Minutes, 1982-83

box-folder 3:15-16

Minutes, 1983-84

box-folder 3:17

Minutes, 1984-85

box-folder 3:18

Minutes, 1983-91



box-folder 3:19

Proposals to Academic Senate, 1980/81

box-folder 3:20

Proposals, 1984

box-folder 3:21

Proposal to Committee on Educational Development, 1984

box-folder 3:22

Proposal to Instructional Improvement Program, 1984

box-folder 3:23

Proposal to Educational Improvement, 1986

box-folder 3:24

Proposals to UC administration, 1986-87

box-folder 3:25

Report to CED, 1987

box-folder 3:26

Proposal for minigrant, Sept. 1989



box-folder 3:27

Newsletters, 1984-85

box-folder 3:28

Newsletters, Fall 1988


Out In Academia

box-folder 3:29

Vol. 2, No. 1, originals

box-folder 3:30

Vol. 2, No. 1, printed

box-folder 3:31

Vol. 2, No. 1, misc.

box-folder 3:32

Printing information

box-folder 3:33

Correspondence, Fall 1988



box-folder 3:34

Outreach Newsbrief, 1982

box-folder 3:35

Guidelines, 1983

box-folder 3:36

Miscellaneous documents, 1983

box-folder 3:37

Call for volunteers, 1983 or 1984

box-folder 3:38

Miscellaneous documents, 1983/84

box-folder 3:39

Miscellaneous REPORTS, 1985

box-folder 3:40

Miscellaneous documents, 1985/86

box-folder 3:41

Miscellaneous documents, 1986/87

box-folder 3:42

Miscellaneous documents, 1988

box-folder 3:43

Miscellaneous articles about MLGS

box-folder 3:44

Bay Area Reporter article about MLGS, 1986

box-folder 3:45

Alan Dundes incident, 1987

box-folder 3:46

Faculty recruitment, summer 1988

box-folder 3:47

Newsbriefs and press releases

box-folder 3:48

MBLGS Guide, 1992

box-folder 3:49

Book shopping, 1983

box-folder 3:50

Miscellaneous documents, n.d.



box-folder 3:51

Clinical Counseling Issues, 1982

box-folder 3:52

Women loving women, winter 1983, course materials

box-folder 3:53

Women loving women, winter 1983, course evaluations

box-folder 3:54

Lesbian and gay mental health issues, spring 1983, course materials

box-folder 3:55

Lesbian and gay mental health issues, spring 1983, course evaluations

box-folder 3:56

Course planning, 1983; miscellaneous planning documents

box-folder 4:1

Writing poetry from a gay and lesbian perspective, spring 1983 and 1984

box-folder 4:2

Lesbian literature of the 80s, fall 1984, course materials

box-folder 4:3

Lesbian literature of the 80s, fall 1984, evaluations

box-folder 4:4

Fall 1985 course materials; planning, fliers, student papers, etc.

box-folder 4:5

Defining self and community, PACS 198, course materials

box-folder 4:6

Defining self and community, PACS 198, mid semester evaluations

box-folder 4:7

Defining self and community, PACS 198, end of semester evaluations

box-folder 4:8

Lesbian and gay health issues, SAHS 198, spring 1985, course materials

box-folder 4:9

Lesbian and gay health issues, SAHS 198, spring 1985, evaluations

box-folder 4:10

Lesbian and gay health issues, SAHS 198, spring 1985, student papers

box-folder 4:11

Homosexual liberation: approaches through literature, PACS 198, spring 1986, course materials

box-folder 4:12

Homosexual liberation: approaches through literature, PACS 198, spring 1986, papers

box-folder 4:13

Lesbian and gay health issues, SAHS 175, spring 1986, course materials

box-folder 4:14

Lesbian and gay health issues, SAHS 175, spring 1986, mid semester evaluations

box-folder 4:15

Lesbian and gay health issues, SAHS 175, spring 1986, end of semester evaluations

box-folder 4:16

Ecstatic sex, healthy sex, SAHS 175A, proposals, 6/88

box-folder 4:17

Sociology of gender and sexuality: historical transformations of lesbian idendity, spring 1989

box-folder 4:18

Spring 1990, all materials

box-folder 4:19

Spring 1992, all materials

box-folder 4:20

Assorted blank course evaluations

box-folder 4:21

Miscellaneous course proposals

box-folder 4:22

English course developed by Sue Schweik, course materials, student papers, etc.



box-folder 4:23

Sexual diversity and social change, Soc. 150, UCB, spring 1982

box-folder 4:24

Black and Jewish women in the U.S., UCSC, spring 1984

box-folder 4:25

Relating professionally to homosexuality, Soc. Welf, Univ. of Southern Maine, n.d.

box-folder 4:26

Miscellaneous syllabi from a number of different universities

box-folder 4:27

Women and psychology courses, UCR

box-folder 4:28

Sexual diversity and social change, Soc. 150 (later Soc 135), UCB, spring 1983, fall 1983

box-folder 4:29

One Institute syllabi, course catalogs, serials (1954, 1963)

box-folder 4:30

Violence against women, women against violence, UCB, fall 1984

box-folder 4:31

Miscellaneous syllabi

box-folder 4:32

General lesbian and gay courses

box-folder 4:33

Literature, assorted syllabi

box-folder 4:34

Course planning papers, proposed syllabi, from MLGS

box-folder 4:35

MLGS proposed course in psychology, spring 1983

box-folder 4:36

Assorted syllabi from psychology courses

box-folder 4:37

Course lists from UCB Women's and Ethnic Studies courses ("Non-gay")

box-folder 4:38

Consciousness raising, misc. documents

box-folder 4:39

Syllabi from lesbian studies

box-folder 4:40

Targeting syllabi

box-folder 4:41

Defining self and community, syllabus from MLGS course

box-folder 4:42

Sample syllabus for literature: Lesbian literature of the 80s

box-folder 4:43

Sample syllabus for AIDS: AIDS, UCB course

box-folder 4:44

Sample syllabus for counseling: Clinical counseling

box-folder 4:45

Sample syllabus for writing: Writing poetry from a gay perspective

box-folder 4:46

Sample syllabus for health issues: Lesbian and gay health issues

box-folder 4:47

Sample syllabus for Lifestyle, sexuality and health

box-folder 4:48

Sample syllabus for Mental health issues



box-folder 4:49

Gay/Youth Advisory Council; teachers classroom resource list

box-folder 4:50

Lesbian Gay dance, Sept. 1983

box-folder 4:51

AIDS Awareness Week, 1986

box-folder 4:52

Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual alumni conference, Nov. 1986

box-folder 4:53

Homophobia research survey



box-folder 4:54

Manuscripts of various papers by Richard Mohr (Gay Studies in the Big Ten), M. Krouskoff, L. Parker

box-folder 4:55

Miscellaneous fliers

Box 5

Series 3: Artifacts



box-folder 5:1

Gay Lesbian Bisexual Alliance banner

box-folder 5:2

T shirt : "LEZ"

box-folder 5:3

Sweat shirt: "FAG" in Greek letters

box-folder 5:4

T shirt: National Coming Out Day

box-folder 5:5

Woman's top: Gay People's Union

box-folder 5:6

Woman's top: Gay and Lesbian Union, University of California, Berkeley. With image of $3 bill

box-folder 5:7

T shirt: 1995 UCLGBA Conference, Santa Barbara

box-folder 5:8

T shirt: 1995 Queer AP/I Conference, Berkeley

box-folder 5:9

T shirt: Stonewall--The Advocate celebrates 25 years, 1969-1994

box-folder 5:10

Button: Campus Aids Prevention, UC Berkeley, Conference, Jan. 1987