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Pierce (Charles) Photographs, Papers, Costumes, and Memorabilia
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Artifacts Series 6: circa 1950-1999

Physical Description: 33 Linear Feet

Series Scope and Content

The Artifacts Series includes a sample of costumes and accessories such as hats and costume jewelry and moppets and moppet costumes from Pierce's performances. The series also contains a sample of trophies awarded to Pierce, other miscellaneous artifacts, and machine-readable media of his performances and back-up images for a Charles Pierce tribute site.

Costumes and Accessories Subseries 6.1: circa 1980

Physical Description: 16 Linear Feet

Subseries Scope and Content

The subseries consists of a sample of the costumes, jewelry, and the accompanying accessories for Pierce's impressions of famous actresses and other female characters. The costumes include a fake fur, a dress, and jewelry from his impression of Bette Davis, a replica of Katherine Hepburn's costume in her role as Eleanor of Aquitaine from The Lion in Winter, and accessories from his impression of Jeanette MacDonald. The series also includes a variety of hats and costume jewelry from other characters Pierce portrayed.

As Bette Davis circa 1980

Item 47

Black fake fur coat with two rhinestone brooches circa 1980

Item 48

Black taffetta dress with attached rhinestone brooch and belt buckle circa 1980

Box 23, Item 22-23

Rhinestone brooches of the letters, "B" and "D" circa 1980


As Jeanette MacDonald. Accessories circa 1980

Item 39

White satin parasol circa 1980

Scope and Contents note

White satin parasol adorned with blue applique leaves and pink ribbons and trimmed with lace and pink sequins.

As Katherine Hepburn circa 1980

Box 28, Item 71

African Queen dress circa 1980

Scope and Contents

Natural linen dress with pink ruffle dickie, tan georgette [?] 'scarf' and blue cameo.
Box 28, Item 38

African Queen sunhat circa 1980

Scope and Contents note

Sunhat adorned with sequins, cloth veil, and an artificial rose.
Item 46

Eleanor of Aquitaine circa 1980

Scope and Contents note

Dress and costume jewelry, as Eleanor of Aquitaine in The Lion in Winter.

As Other Actresses circa 1980


Other Shoes, Hats, and Accessories circa 1980

box-item 20 : 35

Pill Box Hat circa 1980

Scope and Contents note

Silver colored pillbox hat with "Ted Hook's OnStage Busboy" patch.
box-item 20 : 36

Baseball Cap circa 1980

Scope and Contents note

Gold colored baseball cap, with gold color sequins.
box-item 23 : 20

Costume jewelry pearl bracelet circa 1980

Scope and Contents note

Costume jewelry pearl strands on an elastic bracelet.
box-item 23 : 21

Satin cowgirl sequined cuffs circa 1980

Scope and Contents note

Satin cream colored cowgirl cuffs with white, red, and silver sequins and rhinestone fringe.
box-item 23 : 24-25

Costume earrings circa 1980

Scope and Contents note

Two pairs of handmade craft-store earrings: (1) silver glitter glued on plastic bells, and (2) silver sequins mounted on Styrofoam balls.
box-item 23 : 45

Pumps circa 1980

Scope and Contents note

Silver colored high-heeled pumps, size 65.
box-item 24 : 40

Signed draw-string costume bag circa 1980

Scope and Contents note

Green cloth costume bag signed "Charles Pierce".
box-item 23 - 51

Fan fragment

Scope and Contents

White ostrich plume fan fragment
Box 21, Item 34

Turban circa 1980

Scope and Contents note

Purple turban with rhinestones, sequins and a fuchsia feather
Box 22 , Item 37

Turban circa 1980

Scope and Contents

Silver fabric turban with rhinestones, flat sequins, and black accents
Box 29 , Item 72

Turban Lady dress undated

Scope and Contents

Magenta velvet dress with vintage sequin appliques and findings one of many costumes used in Pierce's "Turban Ladies."

Moppets Subseries 6.2: circa 1980

Physical Description: 12 Linear Feet

Subseries Scope and Content

The Moppets Subseries consists of the puppets, their attached accessories and several costumes. The Moppets were puppets that allowed the expressive face of the performer to be seen seemingly attached to a puppet body. The body of the puppet allowed for more exaggerated and comical movements. The Moppets include a Bette Davis puppet with a black dress and a red satin "Christmas" dress and a Mae West puppet with a sequined dress, each with a drawstring storage bag. The subseries also includes an additional green, orange, and pink sequined dress trimmed with larger white sequins.
Item 41

Bette Davis Moppet circa 1980

Scope and Contents note

The Bette Davis moppet includes the doll its attached costume jewelry, the doll's hand holding a cigarette, a black dress with small silver color dots, the red satin "Christmas dress," and a cloth draw-string storage bag.
Item 42

Mae West Moppet circa 1980

Scope and Contents note

The Mae West moppet includes the doll its attached costume jewelry and hand holding a fan, a sequined dress with an attached silver color lined cape and feather trim, and a cloth draw-string storage bag.
Item 43

Character Moppet Dress circa 1980

Scope and Contents note

An orange, pink, and green sequined moppette dress slit to the mid-thigh, trimmed with larger white sequins and lined with red cloth.

Trophies and Awards Subseries 6.3: 1971-1990

Physical Description: 1 records box.

Subseries Scope and Content

A sample of the trophies awarded to Pierce including a "Lulu" Entertainment trophy. The Lulu's were given at an awards show sponsored by the Blue Angel West, a bar in Studio City, California; the award may have been named for Lew Schirtzinger, Awards Chairman. The subseries also includes a trophy from a greeting card company that produced a line of Pierce greeting cards, a Gay and Lesbian Adolescent Social Services (GLASS), Los Angeles trophy, and a trophy from Atlanta's Performing Arts Academy.
Box 17, Item 2

"Lulu" Entertainment trophy 1971

Item 1

Atlanta's Academy for Performing Arts, Phyllis Killer 11th Annual Oscar Award, "Special Recognition Live Performance", trophy 1979

Box 17, Item 3

"Most Successful New Card Series" trophy 1987

Box 17 , Item 4

Gay and Lesbian Adolescent Social Services (GLASS) Award 1990


Miscellaneous Artifacts Subseries 6.4: 1971-circa 1990

Physical Description: 1 archive carton, 2 oversizd boxes, 2 oversizd items in a map case drawer

Subseries Scope and Content

The subseries includes laminated photographs of Pierce with Bea Arthur, Lucille Ball, Carol Channing, Dixie Carter, Hayden Rorke, and Heather Tom along with photograph buttons of Pierce as a variety of characters. The subseries also contains a number of souvenirs such as collectable pins, scene clapboard, and plaque from the Walk of Fame along with a number of additional miscellaneous items.
Box 16 , Folder 1-2

Mounted laminated photographs with stands circa 1990

Physical Description: 2 folders containing 7 mounted images and plastic stands

Scope and Contents note

Bea Arthur, Lucille Ball, Carol Channing, Dixie Carter, Hayden Rorke, Heather Tom, and an unidentified woman individually posing with Pierce.
Box 16, Folder 3

Miscellaneous button, jewelry, and pins 1971-1988

Scope and Contents note

Souvenir pins from Pasadena Playhouse, Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles, and Warner Brothers along with a gold stick pin, a silver color metal expansion/stretch band bracelet with inscription "Success-Bimbow's June 16th-20th 1971" and on back "Love Mother & Dad" with color picture of his mother inside, and other miscellaneous items.
Box 16, Folder 4

Photograph buttons circa 1980

Scope and Contents note

Photograph buttons of Pierce as Tallulah Bankhead, Bette Davis, Jeanette MacDonald, Mae West, and unidentified other actresses/characters along with photograph buttons of Pierce at Universal Studios and Pierce with Bea Arthur.
box-folder 16 : 5-6 ; 17 (Oversize) ; 24 (Oversize)

Souvenirs 1971-1988

Scope and Contents note

Souvenirs include a clapboard slate, a door nameplate "Male Actress," Walk of Fame souvenir, blue plastic vanity license plate, wall switch plate with an early image of Bette Davis, a white shirt with an image of Bette Davis, a pair of director chair bookends, and a yellow artificial flower.
Map-case 8 : 1(OS)

Framed cartoon circa 1980

Scope and Contents note

Framed New Yorker magazine cartoon with the text, "Some men have all the luck. He looks exactly like Marlene Dietrich."
Map-case 8 : 1 (Oversize)

Unframed Oil Painting of Jeannette MacDonald on a swing circa 1980

Map-case 8 : 4 (Oversize)

Framed photograph as Bette Davis Unknown

Scope and Contents

Framed oversize color photograph of Charles Pierce in Bette Davis costume.

Audio, Video, and Computer Media Subseries 6.4: circa 1960-1999

Physical Description: 1 archive half-carton.

Subseries Scope and Content

This subseries consists of a variety of audio, video, and computer media including VHS videotape cassettes of Schizo, The Charles Pierce Show, and Holiday Vision, Pierce's performance with the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles. The subseries also contains compact audiotape cassettes labeled Pierce's ad-libs and soundtracks. The computer media includes two zip disks and two CD-ROM backups of the images from a tribute website for Charles Pierce.
Box 26 , Item 64

Schizo circa 1960

Physical Description: 1 VHS videotape cassette copy of 16mm print.
Box 26 , Item 65

The Charles Pierce Show (Uncensored) featuring Legendary Ladies of the Silver Screen 1982

Physical Description: 1 VHS videotape cassette.
Box 26 , Item 66-68

"Charles Pierce Ad-Libs San Francisco" soundtrack circa 1985

Physical Description: 1 compact audiotape cassette.
Box 26, Item 67

"Charles Pierce Ad-Libs Forest Lawn" circa 1985

Physical Description: 1 compact audiotape cassette.
Box 26 , Item 68

Brookside Cemetery Soundtrack circa 1985

Physical Description: 1 compact audiotape cassette.
Box 26 , Item 69

Holiday Visions Charles Pierce and Bea Arthur with the Gay Men's Chorus Los Angeles 1993

Physical Description: 1 VHS videotape cassette, recorded by Kim Paulsen.
Box 26 , Item 70a-70b

"The Charles Pierce Web Site" CD-ROMs 1999

Physical Description: 2 CD-ROM of images from a Charles Pierce tribute website.
Box 26, Item 70c-70d

"The Charles Pierce Web Site" Zip disks 1999

Physical Description: 2 Zip disks of images from a Charles Pierce tribute website.

Correspondence Series 2: 1940-1949, 1960-1999

Physical Description: 13 folders.

Series Scope and Content

The series includes correspondence and telegrams to Pierce, organized by decade, from family and friends. The series also includes examples from a line of campy greeting cards that utilized posed photographs of Pierce in costume.
Box 14 , Folder 1-5

Correspondence 1940-1949, 1960-1999

Physical Description: 5 folders.
Box 14 , Folder 6-7

Correspondence No Date

Physical Description: 2 folders.
Box 14 , Folder 8-11

Telegrams 1948-1990

Physical Description: 4 folders.
Box 14 , Folder 12

Telegrams No Date

Box 15 , Folder 12

Greeting cards 1984-1988


Pasadena Playhouse Series 3: circa 1943-1953

Physical Description: 8 folders.

Series Scope and Content

The series, arranged chronologically, documents Pierce’s years at the Pasadena Playhouse, 1946-1953. The series includes a text on speaking, the Theater School’s prospectus, his school records, playbills from performances, Pasadena Playhouse Bulletin (the school yearbook), costume sketches for the play Engaged, photocopies of photographs with identification and theatrical programs from later Pierce appearances at the Playhouse.
Box 14 , Folder 13

The Busy Speaker's Pocket Practice Book circa 1943

Box 14 , Folder 14

School of Theater bulletin circa 1945

Box 14 , Folder 15

Pierce's Pasadena Playhouse school records 1946-1948

Box 14, Folder 16

Pasadena Playhouse playbills 1947-1948

Box 14, Folder 17

Pasadena Playhouse Bulletin (school yearbook) 1947-1948

Box 18, Folder 1

Engaged, costume sketches by Bob Soule 1948

box-folder 14 : 18 ; 18 : 7 (Oversize)

Photocopies of photographs with identification circa 1949

Physical Description: 2 folders.
Box 14 , Folder 19

Playhouse programs 1952-1953


Performance Materials Series 4: circa 1955-1999

Physical Description: 35 folders.

Series Scope and Content

The series consists of Pierce's various show materials from research materials to the ledgers he used to track receipts and expenses. The first folders contain various early skit scripts, circa 1955 along with music and lyrics from later performances, circa 1980. The bulk of the series includes research materials and related ephemera such as tickets, flyers, posters, and programs, along with clippings of advertising, interviews, research materials, and reviews that span his professional career. The last files in this series contain ledgers Pierce utilized to document his performance receipt and expenses, 1976-1990.
Box 14, Folder 23

Blood, Bats, and Bankhead (script) circa 1955

Box 14 , Folder 24

Camera on Wine Glass (script) circa 1955

Box 14, Folder 25

The Diary of Anne Frankenstein (script) circa 1955

Box 14 , Folder 26

The Jitters (script) circa 1955

Box 14, Folder 27

The Killing of Sister Butch (script) circa 1955

Box 14 , Folder 28

The Night the Gay Boys Robbed the Costume Shop (script) circa 1955

Box 14 , Folder 29

Sacrifice of Blood (script) circa 1955

Box 14 , Folder 3

Sadie Thompson (script) (revised) circa 1955

Box 14 , Folder 31

This is Bette Davis' Screen Test for ... Staircase (script) circa 1955

Box 14 , Folder 32

Two Old Ladies (script) circa 1955

Box 14 , Folder 33

Night club material typescript circa 1955

Box 14, Folder 34

Miscellaneous show scripts 1988-1994

Box 14 , Folder 35

Research materials 1926-1997

Box 14, Folder 36

Show lyrics circa 1980

box-folder 14 : 37-14 : 38

Sheet music circa 1980

Box 14, Folder 39

Lighting cues circa 1980

Box 14 , Folder 20

Les Moppettes flyers circa 1960-1975

Box 14 , Folder 21

Pierce show programs 1971-1992

Box 18 , Folder 9

Pierce show posters circa 1978-1987

Map-case 8 : 1 (Oversize)

Pierce show posters circa 1978-1987

Scope and Contents

Contents include a color poster of "Goodbye Ladies - Farewell to Cabaret" at the Ballroom in New York circa 1988; a sepia portrait printed by Blow Up in Los Angeles of Charles Pierce as a young man; a signed color proof sheet of the Exposed Cards birthday notecard series “Crazy Ladies” photographed in 1985 by Bill Bernardo; a poster of “Charles Pierce Master/Mistress of Disguise” 1978 from Studio One's Backlot Cabaret Theatre in West Hollywood; “Nightcrawling”, a caricatures poster by Philip James Herman; and a Charles Pierce celebrity character montage signed by Ron Clemens and dated February 4, 1982.
Map-case 8 : 4, Box 27 (Oversize)

Pierce show posters circa 1978-1987

Scope and Contents

Contents include an autographed poster from the First Annual Farewell Performance at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion Los Angeles 1983; posters of Charles Pierce as Joan Collins, Bette Davis, and Mae West; a color poster from The Ballroom in New York "Charles Pierce Un-retires"; two posters from Clinton Leupp aka Miss Coco Peru from the Bea Arthur estate including one from "the Incomparable Charles Pierce" signed “to Charles from the gang at the Fickle Fox, We love you”, and one from "Your Best Bette" at the Plush Room in New York, as well as many others.
Map-case 7 : 2 (Oversize)

Pierce show posters circa 1990

Physical Description: Mounted on foam core, also includes tombstone panels and copy proofs from ‘Satirist in Sequins: the World of Charles Pierce 1926 – 1999’ at the ONE Institute and Archives Los Angeles created by Bill Kaiser circa April 2001 with brief biographical information and references to ‘the Living Dolls’ and an announcement for ‘Charles Pierce; the Web Site’ created by Kevin Bochynski.
Box 18 , Folder 8

Aid for AIDS posters circa 1987

box-folder 14 : 22 ; 18 : 2 (Oversize)

Ephemera 1966-1990

Box 15 , Folder 1

Biography from agent, Budd Haas Enterprises circa 1984

box-folder 15 : 2-8 ; 18 : 3-5 (Oversize)

Clippings 1940-1999

Physical Description: 10 folders.
Map-case 7 : 2 (Oversize)

Reviews 1990

Physical Description: Enlarged clippings mounted on foam core.
Box 15 , Folder 9-11

Ledgers 1976-1990

Physical Description: 3 folders.

Personal Series 5: 1850-2000

Physical Description: 9 folders + 1 scrapbook.

Series Scope and Content

The series contains Pierce family genealogical information including, pages from a family bible, family trees, clippings, and miscellaneous notes. The Personal series also includes a 30th anniversary party sign-in book, a transcript of an oral history recorded in 1989, and the accompanying correspondence, Pierce's redacted address book, Playbills from theater performances he collected and a fan's (Michael's) scrapbook. Loose photographs found in the front of the scrapbook were placed in separate folder. The last three files consist of Pierce's published obituaries and remembrances and memorial record books, books signed by those in attendance at Pierce's memorial service.
box-folder 15 : 13 ; 18 : 6 (Oversize)

Genealogical information circa 1850-1995

Box 19 , Folder 1

"Michael's scrapbook" circa 1972-1982

Box 9 , Folder 5

"Michael's scrapbook" photographs circa 1972-1982

Box 15 , Folder 14

30th anniversary sign-in book 1984

Box 15, Folder 15

Oral history transcript (Southern Methodist University) 1989-1990

Box 15 , Folder 16

Address book (redacted photocopy) circa 1990

Scope and Contents note

Apparently redacted by Pierce's executor.
box-folder 15 : 17, box-item 26 : 45

Playbills 1949-1975

Physical Description: 1 folders, 1 unfoldered item.
Box 15 , Folder 18-19

Obituaries and remembrances 1999-2000

Physical Description: 2 folders.
Box 15 , Folder 20

Memorial record books 1999

Physical Description: 2 books.

Photographs Series 1: circa 1950-1995

Physical Description: 8.9 Linear Feet
Physical Description: 8 archive cartons + archive half-carton + 1 oversize box + 1 map case drawer.

Series Scope and Content

The bulk of the Photographs series are personal photographs taken by friends and family, spanning Pierce's life from early childhood, his years as a performer, to his retirement. The series also include performance publicity stills taken from his many performances from early stage roles through his well-known performances as a female impressionist. The performance photographs document his roles at the Pasadena Playhouse, his female impressionist shows, and his appearances on the stage, screen, and television. The photographs also document his friendships with other celebrities and his travels across the United States and abroad. The subseries are not entirely inclusive with some performance photographs included in the last three subseries Celebrity, Personal, and Photograph Albums. Each of the subseries contains folders of photographs transferred from small albums to archival photograph pages.

Impressionist Photographs Subseries 1.1: 1970-1995

Physical Description: 13 folders.

Subseries Scope and Content

The subseries includes photographs of Pierce in character or "in drag" as various actresses, organized alphabetically by the actresses' names. The photographs document much of his career from the early 1960s through the late 1980s.
Box 1 , Folder 1

As Tallulah Bankhead circa 1987

Box 1 , Folder 2

As Lucille Ball circa 1980

Box 1 , Folder 3

As Carol Channing circa 1980

Box 1 , Folder 4

As Joan Collins 1985-1989

Box 1 , Folder 5

As Joan Crawford circa 1987

box-folder 1 : 6-7 ; 25 : 1(Oversize)

As Bette Davis 1970-1995

Box 1 , Folder 8

As Deanna Durbin circa 1975

Box 1, Folder 9

As Katherine Hepburn 1979-1987

box-folder 1 : 10 ; 25 : 1 (Oversize)

As Jeannette MacDonald 1964-1977

Box 1, Folder 11

As Gloria Swanson, The Turban Ladies 1963-circa 1975

Box 1, Folder 12

As Mae West circa 1989


Performance Photographs Subseries 1.2: 1947-circa 1990

Physical Description: 36 folders + 3 oversize items.

Subseries Scope and Content

The subseries consists predominately of Pierce's performances as a female impressionist at venues across the country. The photographs also document his early stage work with Rio Dante; he and Dante developed and performed skits utilizing "Les Moppettes." Les Moppettes were puppets that allowed the expressive face of the performer to be seen seemingly attached to a puppet body. The body of the puppet allowed for more exaggerated and comical movements.
Box 1, Folder 13

Pasadena Playhouse photographs 1947-1949

Box 2, Folder 1

Performances circa 1950-1977

Box 2 , Folder 2-3

Character Impressionist (In drag) circa 1950-circa 1985

box-folder 2 : 4-5 ; 3 : 1

Character Skits circa 1950-circa 1990

Physical Description: 3 folders.
Box 3 , Folder 2

Club Echo 1956

Box 3 , Folder 3

The Diary Of Anne Frankenstein, Onyx Room, Miami Beach 1959-1961

box-folder 3 : 4-8 ; 4 : 1-2

Impressionist (In Drag) circa 1960-circa 1990

Physical Description: 7 folders.
Box 9 , Folder 1-2

Les Moppettes/The Living Dolls 1963-1969

Physical Description: 2 folders.
Box 4 , Folder 3

The Gilded Cage, San Francisco circa 1965

Box 4, Folder 4

Pierce and Rio Dante circa 1955-circa 1965

Box 4 , Folder 5

Rio Dante circa 1955-1967

Box 4, Folder 6

Los Angeles Music Center 1972

Box 25, Item 57

Pierce and performers dressed as sailors 1971

Physical Description: Photograph stuck to glass.

Scope and Contents

Charles Pierce with "His Boys" Kirk Frederick (left) and Peter Sill (right, backstage at Ciro's on Sunset Strip, Hollywood, California.
Box 25 : 57 (Oversize)

Pierce images as a female impressionist circa 1978-circa 1987

Box 4 , Folder 7

Las Vegas 1979

Box 4, Folder 8

Fairmont Hotel circa 1980

Box 9 , Folder 3

Studio One and Atlanta 1981-1983

Box 4 , Folder 9

Freddy's 1981-1983

Box 4 , Folder 10

Freddy's 1983

Box 4, Folder 11

Backstage Freddy's, Bea Arthur in San Francisco; Studio One, Dottie's circa 1983

Box 4, Folder 12

Mayfair Theater, Santa Monica; Rue McClanahan, George Chakris, K. Curtis, D. Lamous; Freddy's, V. Grey, J. Harris, L. Frey, C.N.R., V. O'Brien, U. Hagen 1984

Box 4 , Folder 13

Henry Fonda Theater 1986

Box 4 , Folder 14

Studio One, Ballroom, Fairmont, Manhattan Theater Benefit at New York Hilton 1986-1987

Box 4 , Folder 15

Bob Hope Cultural Center, Palm Desert July Fourth weekend, 1988

Box 4 , Folder 16

Studio One; Fairmont Hotel with Vincent Price, Coral, C.N.R., David Ogden Stiers, Gary Graver, Lars Hansen, Joan E. Wayland, Barbara Bladen 1988

Box 4, Folder 17

The Ballroom, New York City; Lucy; Designing Women party at Beverly Garland Hotel 1988

Box 4, Folder 18

The Ballroom, New York City 1989-1990

Box 5 , Folder 1

The Ballroom, New York City; Van Johnson, Dorothy Loudon, Margaret Whiting, Betty Garret, George Sardi, Jack Wrangler, Linda Hopkins 1989-1990

Box 5 , Folder 2

The Ballroom, New York City 1990

Box 5, Folder 3

The Ballroom, New York City 1990

Box 5 , Folder 4

Plush Room; Les, Bea at Patio Cafe, M. Biagi Rehearsal Peter Minton, Jean Martin, Gene Nelson, Boris the Harpist 1990

Box 25, Item 60

Framed photograph of Pierce performing circa 1990

Physical Description: Photograph stuck to glass.

Stage, Screen, and Television Appearances Subseries 1.3: circa 1970-1988

Physical Description: 13 folders.

Subseries Scope and Content

The subseries consists of personal and publicity photographs of Pierce’s appearances, on the stage, in motion pictures, and in television shows. The personal photographs include those taken off-set, at cast parties, and of the television broadcasts.
Box 5, Folder 5

Talk show appearances circa 1970

Box 5 , Folder 6

Applause cast photographs 1974

Box 5, Folder 7

Chico And The Man appearance 1976

Box 5 , Folder 8

Rabbit Test publicity stills 1978

Box 5 , Folder 9

Laverne And Shirley appearance 1980

Box 5 , Folder 10

Fame 1983

Box 5 , Folder 11

Fame on the set at MGM; Music of Your Life; Baby Jane, Blanche, at Bill Bernardo's 1983

Box 5 , Folder 12

Designing Women appearance 1987

Box 5, Folder 13

Nerds of a Feather Encino, Santa Monica 1988

Box 5 , Folder 14

Torch Song Trilogy cast and Pierce as "Bertha Venation" 1988

Box 5, Folder 15-16

Torch Song Trilogy 1988


Celebrity Subseries 1.4: circa 1950-1995

Physical Description: 5 folders + 1 oversize item.

Subseries Scope and Content

Pierce attracted a diverse audience, including many celebrities. The subseries contains photographs of Pierce usually in costume with other celebrities, along with autographed celebrity photographs to Pierce. The folders are arranged chronologically; however the individual photographs have not been arranged.
Box 6 , Folder 1-2

Autographed to Pierce circa 1950-1995

Physical Description: 2 folders.
box-folder 6 : 3-6 ; 7 : 1-2

With Celebrities 1959-1994

Physical Description: 5 folders.
Box 7 , Folder 3

Michael Feinstein, Betty White, Estelle Getty, Rose-Marie, Joan Collins, Johnny Ray, Big Jimmy, Kobus, Brochu, Designing Women, etc. circa 1985

Box 7 , Folder 4

With Celebrities circa 1985

Box 7 , Folder 5

With Joan Elgers circa 1985

Box 25 , Item 58

With Van Johnson circa 1990

Physical Description: Photograph stuck to glass.

Personal Photographs Subseries 1.5: 1926-1995

Physical Description: 17 folders + 3 oversize items.

Subseries Scope and Content

The bulk of these photographs are personal photographs with family and friends; the series also includes performance and celebrity photographs. Folders marked small album contain the photographs of a single small flipbook photograph album. This series contains the earliest of photograph albums of Pierce as a child.
Box 7, Folder 10

As a child circa 1935

Scope and Contents

Two black and white photographs of Charles Pierce as a boy with his mother donated by Clinton Leupp [aka Miss Coco Peru] from the Beatrice Arthur estate.
box-folder 7 : 6-9 ; 8 : 1

Out of costume 1926-1996

Physical Description: 5 folders.
Box 8 , Folder 2-3

With friends circa 1955-circa 1990

Physical Description: 2 folders.
Box 25, Item 50

Framed photograph collage circa 1960- circa 1985

Physical Description: Mounted on foam core.
Box 8, Folder 4

"Let's Have Another Drink" Book 1982-1983

Box 8, Folder 5

Bea Arthur, Conrad Bain Christmas; Rudy-Tom at Christmas at Dixie's; Nerds of a Feather 1982-1989

Box 8 , Folder 6

30th Anniversary party at Don Kobus's 1984

Box 8 , Folder 7

Dom DeLuise brunch; Joan Collins Roast, Las Vegas; Freddy's: Hildegarde and Henny Youngman; Mayfair Music Hall Photos; Freddy's glamour photos 1984

Box 8 , Folder 8

The Woods, Alliance for Gay and Lesbian Artists (AGLA), etc. 1984

Box 8 , Folder 9

Michael Brooks, etc. 1984-1985

Box 8, Folder 10

Donald Rawley party; Skip E. Lowe Show with Jay; Dixie-Hal New Years Eve party 1991

Box 8, Folder 11

Charles Nelson Reilly party; Bea Arthur in San Francisco; Masterpiece Theater 406 Franklin Street 1991

Box 8, Folder 12

Angela, Bea, Larry, Peter 1991

Box 25 , Item 59

Pierce and his mother at the Tower of London 1991

Physical Description: Photograph stuck to glass.
Box 8, Folder 13

Vincent Price, Bea Arthur, Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. 1992

Box 9 , Folder 4

Pierce at home and in a woodland setting circa 1995

Map-case 7 : 2 (Oversize)

Pierce in a woodland setting circa 1995

Physical Description: Mounted on foam core.

Photograph Albums Subseries 1.6: 1940-1998

Physical Description: 25 albums.

Subseries Scope and Content

The series consists of variety of photograph albums in size and composition. Overall the albums are the most comprehensive of the subseries containing some of the earliest to some of the last pictures of Pierce. Several of the albums include information on the events, people, and places photographed.
Box 10 , Folder 1

Pierce and his mother circa 1940-1980

Box 13 , Folder 2

Pasadena Playhouse friends and performances 1946-1947

Box 13 , Folder 4

Friends and performances 1955-1960

Box 12 , Item 3

Pasadena Playhouse performances, friends, and family 1955-1974

Box 13 , Folder 5

Mostly performances 1956-1971

Box 10, Folder 6

Friends 1956-1995

Box 12, Folder 7

Friends and performances 1962-1972

Box 12, Folder 8

Mother, friends and performances 1965-1982

Box 11 , Folder 9

Mostly performances 1967-1969

Box 12, Folder 1

Mostly performances 1969-1971

Box 10, Folder 11

Parties with friends and performances circa 1980

Box 12, Folder 12

Performances 1986

Box 10, Folder 13

Friends traveling (Atlanta?) and performances 1989

Box 10, Folder 14

Friends and Pasadena Playhouse reunion circa 1990

Box 10 , Folder 15

Return to Pasadena Playhouse(?) 1990

Box 11 , Folder 16

Cemeteries, holidays with friends, performances 1990-1992

Box 13, Folder 6

Golden Girls 1991

Box 11 , Folder 17

London, friends and family, performances 1991-1992

Box 11 , Folder 18

Friends 1991-1997

Box 11 , Folder 19

Parties with friends and performances 1992-1994

Box 13 , Folder 2

Friends and performances 1993

Box 11 , Folder 21

Friends, travel, cemeteries, family, and some performances 1994-1995

Box 10, Folder 22

Friends and new car 1995

Box 10 , Folder 23

Friends and travel 1996

Box 13, Folder 24

Friends and holidays 1997-1998