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The Loyola Marymount University Civil War Collection

Collection number: 103

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Civil War Collection
Dates: 1862-1866
Collection number: 103
Collection Size: 1 archival document box, 1 oversize box
Repository: Loyola Marymount University. Library. Department of Archives and Special Collections.
Los Angeles, California 90045-2659
Abstract: This collection consists of photographs, letters, a diary, a map, and government bonds related to the American Civil War (1861-1865).
Languages: Languages represented in the collection:English


Collection is open to research under the terms of use of the Department of Archives and Special Collections, Loyola Marymount University.

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Preferred Citation

[Identification of item], Box and Folder number, Loyola Marymount University Civil War Collection, Collection 103, Department of Archives and Special Collections, William H. Hannon Library, Loyola Marymount University.

Collection Description

Collection 103 is a mixture of accruals designed to create a teaching and research collection on Civil War history. The materials include correspondence, cartes-de-visite, a diary, and a Confederate bond. The correspondence treats such subjects as abolitionism (Box 1ov, Folder 2), Confederate spying on Union troops in Mississippi (Box 1, Folder 1), and convalescence in a Union hospital (Box 1, Folder 4).
Noteworthy is the mention of pacifists in the Union Army (Box 1, Folder 6), draft dodging (Box 1, Folder 10), and looting by Union troops, encamped near Alexandria, Virginia (Box 1, Folder 7). Also of interest are Harper's Weekly articles on President Abraham Lincoln's assassination and President Andrew Johnson (Box 1ov, Folders 1, 4).
The dates of the materials run from 1862 to 1865.
The collection contains two important items for the history of African-American soldiers in the Civil War. One (Box 1, Folder 11) is the 1865 diary of Frederick J. Bartlett, 2nd Lieutentant, Company C, 27th Ohio Colored Infantry. Bartlett details the history of this all-black unit. The other (Box 1ov, Folder 7) is the letter of Captain Charles H. Cole, 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery, requesting that rations be given to familes of freed African-American soldiers at Camp Shiloh. The letter also contains the rejection of this request by Adjutant General Lorenzo Thomas. The letter, thus, offers contemporary evidence for the condition of African-American soldiers and their families.
The correspondence has been encapsulated for the sake of preservation.
Some items contain their catalog description and other items, transcriptions of letters and background information on the authors of letters.


The collection is arranged by item in individual folders. See the box and folder list for the contents.


Accession number 2010.48: Box 1, Folder 5. Box 1ov, Folder 6
Accession number 2011.21: Box 1, Folder 1. Box 1ov, Folders 2-3
Accession number 2011.22: Box 1, Folder 2 (Cartes-de visite 1-6)
Accession number 2013.39: Box 1, Folders 3-8, 10
Accession number 2014.14: Box 1, Folder 9. Box 1ov, Folders 1, 4, 5
Accession number 2014.31: Box 1, Folders 11-12. Box 1ov, Folder 7
Accession number 2014.25: Box 1, Folder 2. (carte-de visite 8)
Accession number 2014.34: Box 1, Folder 2. (carte-de visite 9)
Accession number 2014.35: Box 1, Folder 2. (carte-de visite 10)

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865
Ruggles, Daniel, 1810-1897
Necker, John
United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Pacifism
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865 -- Assassination
Booth, John Wilkes, 1838-1865
United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Destruction and Pillage
United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Draft Resisters
United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Hospitals
United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Personal Narratives
United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Sources
United States -- History -- Civil War, 1861-1865 -- Participation, African American
United States. Army. Colored Infantry Regiment, 27th Ohio (1865)

Box and Folder List

Box 1, Folder 1

Letter of Confederate spy James Burton to Confederate General Daniel Ruggles, at Columbus, Mississippi. Contains Burton's report to Ruggles concerning the cavalry raid of Union Colonel Benjamin Grierson. Also auctioneer's blurb re the history of the raid and the letter's significance. April 19, 1863. NOTE: The year of the letter (not given in the letter itself) is based on the date of Grierson's raid.

Box 1, Folder 2

Sleeves 1-6: cartes-de-visite, six with cancelled revenue stamps and names of photographers on back (from the Civil War era). Sleeve 7: One carte-de- visite of Robert E. Lee (probably post-Civil War). Sleeve 8: One carte-de-visite of Herbert V.C. Holcomb, surgeon, 15th Regiment Connecticut Volunteers. Sleeve 9: One carte-de- visite of Union soldier, of "Company C." Sleeve 10: One carte-de-visite of two Civil War era Massachusets school children. Undated

Box 1, Folder 3

Letter of brothers Henry and Jacob Otto, of 205th Pennsylvania Infantry Volunteers, to family discussing their poor health, and their and their comrade's religious sentiments. With catalog description and crude transcription. September 11, 1864

Box 1, Folder 4

Letter from John Buyers, of the 58th Pennsylvania Infantry, to sister Mary Buyers re hospital convalescence and conditions thereof, and news of comrades. With envelope. Identification of author by Cohasco, Inc. With catalog description and background information on persons of letter. May 2, 1863

Box 1, Folder 5

Letter from Union soldier(?) D. N. Graham, at Clarksville, Tennessee, to wife (unnamed) re death of child and other family matters, and possibility of breaking camp. January 16, 1864

Box 1, Folder 6

Letter from W. B. Steoms, of the Second Division, 6th Corps, to a "Nancie A. H." re army life. Steoms mentions the steadfast adherence of three members of "the Society" (who are in his outfit) to their pacificism. The society is perhaps the Quakers. October 4, 1863

Box 1, Folder 7

Letter from Lieutentant H. D. McLellan to "Binnie." Notes activities in camps, including presence of officer's wives, building of theater for entertainment, and anticipation of payday. Also describes looting of the residence of "Commodore De Forest," formerly of the United States Navy, but now in the Confederate Navy. Sent from Camp Howard, four miles from Alexandria, Virginia. With envelope. Catalog description and partial transcription of letter. January 10, 1862

Box 1, Folder 8

Letter of Allie F. Hartshein to her "Uncle Calvin." Hartshein discusses assassination of Abraham F. Lincoln. With catalog description. April 25, 1865

Box 1, Folder 9

"The Nation Mourns." Broadside of poem on assassination of Abraham Lincoln, by Charles Magnus 1865

Box 1, Folder 10

Letter from "Farther" (Father), in Maine, to his son Madison, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Father descibes his work on the farm and crop prices. Advises son on how to avoid the draft. April 30, 1864

Box 1, Folder 11

Diary of Frederick J. Bartlett, 2nd Lieutentant, Company C, 27th Ohio Colored Infantry. With transcription and introductory notes. NOTE: Bartlett was an officer for an African-American company and his diary records, among other things, the company's history. 1865

Box 1, Folder 12

Receipts to slaveowners for impressment of slaves. Issued by Confederate Army and by the states of South Carolina and Alabama. 1865

Box 1ov, Folder 1

Harper's Weekly, volume 9, no. 437. With article on Andrew Johnson and his assumption to the presidency and Reconstruction. May 13, 1865

Box 1ov, Folder 2

Anti-abolitionist and anti-war letter of John Necker, prominent Illinois businessman, to Hill Logan re abolitionists, African-Americans, and Abraham Lincoln’s presidency and position on slavery. December 24, 1866

Box 1ov, Folder 3

Confederate $1000 bond. February 20, 1865

Box 1ov, Folder 4

Harper's Weekly, volume 9, no. 435. With article on assassination of Abraham Linclon, highlighting John Wilke Booth's role. April 29, 1865

Box 1ov, Folder 5

"President Lincoln's Funeral March." Composed by E. Mack. Probably 1865

Box 1ov, Folder 6

Hand-drawn and colored map of military encampment (Union?). Dover, Tennessee. Undated

Box 1ov, Folder 7

Letter of Captain Charles H. Cole of the 1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery requesting rations for familes of freed African-American soldiers at Camp Shiloh. On verso of letter are notice of rejection by Adjutant General Lorenzo Thomas and opinon on matter of Lieutenant Colonel John Phillips, Superintendent of Freedmen, "West Tennessee." 1864