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Inventory of the California State Senate Governmental Organization Committee Records
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Series Description

See LP Numbers below.

Series 1 Bill Files 1970-2010

Physical Description: 1,341 file folders


Bill files are arranged chronologically by legislative session then numerically by bill number within legislative house.

Scope and Content Note

Most bill files include all or some of the following items: bill analyses, amendments and resolutions, press releases, newspaper clippings, correspondence and analyses of similar, usually prior, legislation. The most common bill topics include horseracing, alcoholic beverage restrictions (particularly the "tied-house" laws), gambling establishments, Indian gaming, public contracts, solid waste and recycling, and the reorganization, creation and abolition of state agencies, departments, boards and commissions. Other topics include economic development, infrastructure financing, enterprise zones, the state lottery, state surplus property, the conversion of former defense facilities, and Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) for state employee unions.
Microfilm copies of bill files are available for the years 1970-1990 where indicated with MF before the LP number.
1970: SB29-SB1417; SCAs; SCRs; SJRs; SRs (10ff) MF LP167:19-28
1970: AB3-AB2536; ACAs; ACRs; AJRs (8ff) MF LP167:29-36
1971: SB20-SB1633; SCAs; SCRs; SJRs; SRs (4ff) MF LP167:37-40
1971: AB25-AB3079; ACAs; ACRs; AJRs (12ff) MF LP167:41-52
1972: SB8-SB1510; SCAs; SCRs; SJRs; SRs (16ff) MF LP167:54-61
1972: AB5-AB2373; ACAs; ACRs; AJRs (10ff) MF LP167:62-79
1973-1974: SB14-SB2449; SCAs; SCRs; SJRs; SRs (25ff) MF LP167:83-107
1973-1974: AB13-AB4484; ACAs; ACRs; AJRs (23ff) MF LP167:108-130
1975-1976: SB1-SB2150; SCAs; SCRs; SJRs; SRs (18ff) MF LP170:203-220
1975: SB3X (1ff) MF LP170:241
1975-1976: AB14-4524; ACAs; ACRs; AJR14 (20ff) MF LP170:221-240
1976: Governor's Reorganization Plan No. 1 (1ff) MF LP170:242
1977-1978: SB5-SB2180; SCA33; SCRs; SR40 (21ff) MF LP182:102-122
1977-1978: AB5-AB3787; ACAs; ACRs (22ff) MF LP183:1-22
1979-1980: SB11-SB1695 MF LP207:233-249
1979-1980: SB1707-SB2041; SCA7-SCA34; SCR23-SCR85;SR35-SR39 (21ff) MF LP208:1-6
1979-1980: AB3-AB3383; ACA22-ACA71; ACR12-ACR127 (14ff) MF LP208:7-20
1980-1984: Governor's Reorganization Plans of 1979-1981, 1984 (4ff) MF LP251:232-235
1981-1982: SB26-SB2097; SCR23-SCR73; SR16 (25ff) MF LP214:101-125
1981-1982: AB14-AB3799; ACR36-ACR122; AB11X (33ff) MF LP214:126-159
1983-1984: SB75-SB2036; SCA34; SCR32-SCR68; SB5X-SB15X (23ff) MF LP227:84-106
1983-1984: AB40-AB4053; ACR22-ACR74; AB3X-AB16X (28ff) MF LP227:107-134
1985-1986: SB4-SB2618; SCR19-SCR101; SJR12-SJR46 (23ff) MF LP251:183-206
1985-1986: AB23-AB4292; ACR33-ACR159; AJR8-AJR18 (22ff) MF LP251:210-231
1987-1988: SB14-SB2866; SCA39; SCR42-SCR86; SJR34-SJR38 (21ff) MF LP262:129-149
1987-1988: AB7-AB4699; ACA52-ACA63; ACR64-ACR127;AJR3-AJR77 (38ff) MF LP262:150-187
1989-1990: SB10-SB2910; SCR19-SCR78; SJR25-SJR53; SR52;SB12X-SB49X (20ff) MF LP203:183-202
1989-1990: AB4-AB4370; ACA20; ACR67-ACR141; AJR8-AJR22;AB4X-AB34X (38ff) MF LP203:203-241
1991-1992: SB8-SB2061; SCA43; SCR11-SCR83; SJR21-SJR48; SB17X-SB20X (46ff) LP388:1-46
1991-1992: AB2-AB3824; ACR1-ACR96; AJR21-AJR73 (57ff) LP388:47-103
1993-1994: SB29-SB2116; SCA12-SCA46; SCR 14-SCR56; SJR15-SJR49; SB12X (57ff) LP388:104-160
1993-1994: AB3-AB3821; ACR6-ACR139; AJR29-AJR92; AB2X (78ff) LP388:161-237
1995-1996: SB1-SB2168; SCA3-SCA39; SCR41-SCR63; SJR7-SJR35; SB9X; SB17XX-SB20XX (54ff) LP388:238-290
1995-1996: AB11-AB3502 (61ff) LP388:291-351
1997-1998: SB8-SB2189; SCA6-SCA30; SCR85; SJR20; SB2X- SB10X (43ff) LP388:352-394
1997-1998: AB3-AB2739; ACR43; AJR19-AJR72; AB2X-AB10X (48ff) LP388:395-442
1999-2000: SB27-SB2181; SCA4-SCA9; SJR3 (27ff) LP388:443-469
1999-2000: AB50-AB2936; AJR45-AJR46 (33ff) LP388:470-502
2001-2002: SB25-SB2063; SCA4-SCA7; SJR15-SJR48; SB82XX (33ff) LP388:503-535
2001-2002: AB31-AB2965; ACR18-ACR170; AJR8-AJR39; AB16X-AB69XX (35ff) LP388:536-569
2003-2004: SB9-SB1873; SCA1-SCA15; SCR10-SCR72; SJR6; SB5X (25ff) LP388:570-594
2003-2004: AB6-AB3096 (26ff) LP388:595-620
2005-2006: SB42-SB1824; SJR12-SJR29;SR20 (24 ff) LP388:711-734
2005-2006: AB42-AB3068; ACR129 (36 ff) LP388:735-770
2007-2008: SB26-SB1764; SCA6-SCA11;SJR22 (39 ff) LP388:771-809
2007-2008: AB230AB3075; AJR39 (42 ff) LP388:810-851
2009-2010: SB9-SB1486; SCA28; SCR62; SR49; SB4XX-SB16XX (37 ff) LP388:852-888
2009-2010: AB31-AB2794; ACR56; AB81XXX (44 ff) LP388:889-932
See Appendix A for LP Numbers

Series 2 Hearing Files 1973-1986

Physical Description: 106 file folders


Hearing files are arranged chronologically by date of hearing.

Scope and Content Note

Hearing files may consist of agendas, transcripts, audiotapes, and background information for regular session hearings, as well as interim hearings and select joint hearings. Audiotapes have been separated into a cold storage vault for preservation purposes. Separation sheets within the hearing files will alert the researcher to the existence of such tapes. Topics addressed in the hearing files include the "tied-house" restrictions on alcoholic beverage companies, the use of geothermal resources, licensing of professional astrologers, the issuance of seasonal and club liquor licenses, access to employment opportunities and higher education for veterans, gambling on greyhound dog racing, the proposed issuance of bonds for the California Pollution Control Financing Authority, horseracing, government reorganization, state employees, regulations requiring smoke detectors and flame-retardant roofs to be installed in all new public buildings, and urban unemployment.
For a chronological list of hearings, see Appendix A in Master Finding Aid at the California State Archives.
See Appendix B for LP Numbers

Series 3 Staff Reports 1974-1978

Physical Description: 11 file folders


Staff Reports are arranged chronologically by date of report.

Scope and Content Note

Staff reports consist of background reports published by the committee staff between 1974-1978. The reports concern a variety of topics typically addressed by the Governmental Organization committee, including solar energy, public gaming, and horseracing. Of particular interest to researchers will be a 1975 report examining the status of state lotteries around the country and considering the implications of passing such a lottery in California. (The California State Lottery was created in 1984, nine years after the issuance of this report.)
For a chronological list of reports, see Appendix B in Master Finding Aid at the California State Archives.
See Appendix C for LP Numbers

Series 4 Records of Bills 1972-1996

Physical Description: 22 file folders


Records of bills are arranged chronologically by date of file.

Scope and Content Note

This series consists of files assembled by the committee staff, which variously list, for the years 1972 through 1996: meeting agendas, minutes, records of bills heard by the committee, roll call votes taken on legislation, reports of action taken, memos to the file clerk, dual referral letters from the Chair of the Senate Rules Committee to the Governmental Organization Committee Chair, and authorization letters.
For a chronological list of records of bills, see Appendix C in Master Finding Aid at the California State Archives.

Series 5 Committee Files 1976-1998

Physical Description: 3 file folders


Committee files are arranged chronologically by date of file.

Scope and Content Note

This series includes committee files and papers covering the years 1976 to 1998, and includes: Legislative Counsel opinions on pending legislation, authorization letters from the Chair of the Senate Rules Committee regarding the creation of subcommittees, schedules and notification letters for interim hearings, handwritten minutes of hearings by committee consultants, and memoranda to file clerks.