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The Finding Aid of the Catherine G. Stern papers 0301
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Box 1, Folder 1-54

Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations 1959-2001

Scope and Content

This series includes correspondence, article clippings, reports, and pamphlets collected and distributed by the Los Angeles County Commission on Human Relations, the department responsible for working to eliminate prejudice and discrimination, and for fostering attitudes which will lead to a civic peace and intergroup understanding.
Box 1, Folder 1

Roles, functions and duties of the commission 1987-1996

Scope and Content

Includes information about the commission's rules, policies, procedures, and guidelines. Also included are new employee manuals, a list of projects the commission has worked on, and a roster of members.
Box 1, Folder 2

Stern's appointment to the Human Relations Commission 1959-1989

Scope and Content

Correspondence and a newspaper clipping.
Box 1, Folder 3

Human Relations Consultant 1991

Scope and Content

Includes the job posting and applicant files.
Box 1, Folder 4

Meetings Minutes 1982-2001

Box 1, Folder 5

Memoranda 1993-1996

Scope and Content

Memos regarding Americans with disabilities, funding issues for the program, and hate crimes in Los Angeles.

Subseries: Publications 1985-1991

Scope and Content

This subseries includes booklets produced and distributed by the Commission on Human Relations.
Box 1, Folder 6

Good Neighbors Come In All Colors undated

Box 1, Folder 7

Consumer's Guide to Diversity Training undated

Box 1, Folder 8

How to Combat Acts of Bigotry In Your Community 1985-1986

Box 1, Folder 9

When We Talk: A Guide to Interracial/Intercultural Dialogue undated

Box 1, Folder 10

What About Accents? undated

Box 1, Folder 11

23 Tips on Cross-Cultural Communication- booklet undated

Box 1, Folder 12

Salaam Means Peace- booklet undated

Box 1, Folder 13

Welcome to America (for Southeast Asian Refugees)- booklet undated

Box 1, Folder 14

Asian Diversity: More Than Meets The Eye- booklet undated

Box 1, Folder 15

Cambodians In America undated

Box 1, Folder 16

The Chinese American: Inscrutable to Some undated

Box 1, Folder 17

The Korean Americans (4 copies) undated

Box 1, Folder 18

Expressions Shared By Vietnamese In America undated

Box 1, Folder 19

Getting to Know Your Neighbors: A Message to Immigrants (English, Spanish, Chinese) undated

Box 1, Folder 20

Latinos In The Work Force: Diversity And Tradition 1991 October

Box 1, Folder 21

Community Intergroup Conflict Resolution Guide 1986 January

Box 1, Folder 22

How To Communicate Better With Clients, Customers, And Workers Whose English Is Limited (2 copies) undated


Subseries: Reports 1980-1996

Scope and Content

This subseries includes reports produced by the Commission on human rights issues within Los Angeles County.
Box 1, Folder 23

Community-Based Organizing and Intergroup Relations 1993 August

Box 1, Folder 24

Illiteracy In Los Angeles County: Part And Parcel Of A Negative Cycle 1987 September

Box 1, Folder 25

Under The Hood: A Report on the Ku Klux Klan in the Greater Los Angeles Area 1980 November

Box 1, Folder 26

Skinheads in Antelope Valley - A Report to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors 1995

Box 1, Folder 27

Hate Crime in Los Angeles County 1992 - including clippings, Report on Oakwood - Mar Vista Conflict 1993 March

Box 1, Folder 28

Hate Crime in Los Angeles County in 1996

Box 1, Folder 29

Community-Based Policing: What Makes A Real Partnership? 1994 July

Box 1, Folder 30

The Effects of Prejudice on the Lives of Gay and Lesbian Youth 1993 November 18

Box 1, Folder 31

Utmost Good Faith? American Indians on Los Angeles County's 1986 October

Box 1, Folder 32

Reports on California Education 1983-1994


Subseries: Indian Task Force 1962-1977

Scope and Content

This subseries includes correspondence, legal summaries, reports, and pamphlets produced by the Commission's Indian Task Force.
Box 1, Folder 33

Documents directly related to task force 1975-1977

Box 1, Folder 34

Correspondence 1975-1976

Box 1, Folder 35

Material related to: American Indian Movement, Wounded Knee Siege, Murder of Anna Mac Aquash 1975-1976

Box 1, Folder 36

Other material including: legal summaries, American Indian Education Commission Newsletter. 1962-1977

Box 1, Folder 37

Report of Investigation: Ogalala Sioux Tribe, General Election 1974 October

Box 1, Folder 38

The Southwest Indian Report 1973 May

Box 1, Folder 39

About Los Angeles Indian Center- leaflet undated

Box 1, Folder 40

American Indians In California 1965 November

Box 1, Folder 41

The American Indian: A Very Private People 1975 June

Box 1, Folder 42

Importance to Law Enforcement (4 copies) 1977 February

Box 1, Folder 43

Human Relations and Civil Rights Services 1993 June

Box 1, Folder 44

Human Relations Issues in Immigration Policy (Draft) 1993

Box 1, Folder 45

Documents regarding fair housing 1976-1978

Box 1, Folder 46

Annual Dinner with address made by Otis Chandler 1966 June 8

Box 1, Folder 47

Biennial Dinner 1968 June 29

Box 1, Folder 48

50th Anniversary Celebration Serving Los Angeles County, 1944-1994 1994

Box 1, Folder 49

24th Annual John Anson Ford Awards 1996 October 22

Box 1, Folder 50

Bylaws of The Human Relations Foundation of Los Angeles County 1994-1998

Box 1, Folder 51

Cultural Diversity 1986-1990

Box 1, Folder 52

Hate Crime Policies in Los Angeles Schools/Anti-Semitism 1989-1992

Box 1, Folder 53

Congratulation letters on Catherine Stern's Chairmanship of the Los Angeles Commission on Human Relations 1966- 1977

Box 1, Folder 54

County Services And Procedures for Treatment of Problems of Forcible Rape review and recommendations 1974-1977

Box 1, Folder 55-62

Los Angeles County 1957-1980

Scope and Content

This series includes additional materials pertaining to Stern's contributions to Los Angeles County between the 1950s and 1970s. Included are publications, correspondence between Stern and county officials, Stern's 1973 nomination to the Grand Jury of Los Angeles County, and certificates of appreciation awarded to Stern for her contributions to human relations issues within the county.
Box 1, Folder 55

Publication: Laws for Youth including letter to Freedom Foundation of Valley Forge 1959 October 29

Box 1, Folder 56

General Plan of Los Angeles County 1973-1980

Scope and Content

Looks at the factual and analytical review of physical, social, and economic conditions and suggested broad goals and policies aimed at improving the environment.
Box 1, Folder 57

Kenneth Hahn 1974-1976

Scope and Content

Box 1, Folder 58

Board of Supervisors- Commendation for Community Service presented to Catherine Stern 1957

Box 1, Folder 59

Donald Loughery- L.A. County Probation Department 1964 October 7

Scope and Content

Box 1, Folder 60

Superior Court Grand Jury- documents concerning Stern's Nomination 1972 October 10

Box 1, Folder 61

Catherine Sterns' Certificate of Appreciation for Jury Service 1959 May 4

Box 1, Folder 62

Richard Hayden- Judge, Los Angeles Superior Court 1979 August 21

Scope and Content

Box 1, Folder 63-75

City of Los Angeles 1964-1993

Scope and Content

This series contains items pertaining to Stern's contributions to human services and intergroup relations within the City of Los Angeles. Included are letters produced while Stern served on the city's Board of Social Services Commissioners from 1973 to 1983; correspondence exchanged between Stern and several of the city's elected officials; and other, miscellaneous items related to Stern's line of work, such as city-issued pamphlets, reports, and neighborhood plans.
Box 1, Folder 63

Los Angeles City Social Service Commission 1973-1981

Scope and Content

Correspondence, newspaper clippings, and a City of Los Angeles Social Service Commissioner badge.
Box 1, Folder 64

Gambling: Bingo 1983 June 21

Scope and Content

Pamphlets, brochures, and a case against legalized gambling.
Box 1, Folder 65

Business Tax Ordinance 1980 September 30

Scope and Content

Box 1, Folder 66

South Central Los Angeles: An Annotated Bibliography with Accompanying Statistics on Inner City Underdevelopment and Minority Business 1993 February

Scope and Content

Box 1, Folder 67

Proposed Citywide Plan for Los Angeles undated

Scope and Content

Report and Recommendations of the CRCSC Task Force on the City Master Plan from the Perspective of Human and Social Values.
Box 1, Folder 67

Planning for Watts, Avalon, Florence undated

Scope and Content

Analysis of the City's 20-year plan (1970-1990).
Box 1, Folder 68

Central City 1972/1990 Preliminary Plan 1972-1974

Scope and Content

Includes the plan, press releases, and articles.
Box 1, Folder 69

Statement on Affirmative Action Adopted by the Human Relations Commission 1979 March 15

Box 1, Folder 70

Standards and Procedures for the Los Angeles Police Department Public Disorder Intelligence Division Files 1976 December 16

Box 1, Folder 71

Dedication of Windsor Park 1964 October 7

Box 1, Folder 72

Tom Bradley- Los Angeles Mayor 1966-1982

Scope and Content

Correspondence and invitations to his inauguration.
Box 1, Folder 73

Marvin Braude and Edmund Edelman- Los Angeles City Councilman 1972-1974

Scope and Content

Box 1, Folder 74

Thomas Reddin- LAPD Chief of Police 1967 March 16

Scope and Content

Box 1, Folder 75

Certificates of Appreciation 1971-1984

Scope and Content

Photocopies of certificates given to Stern by the Mayor, Wilshire District, and the Human Relations Commission.
Box 2, Folder 1-2, Box 1, Folder 76-79

U.S. Commission on Civil Rights 1972-1992

Scope and Content

This series contains reports produced between 1975 and 1992 by the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, a federal agency directed at investigating instances of discrimination and equal protection violations. Topics include affirmative action, racial intimidation, bigotry and violence on college campuses, and civil rights issues experienced by members of the Asian American community.
Box 1, Folder 76

Statement on Affirmative Action 1977 October

Scope and Content

Box 1, Folder 77

Intimidation and Violence: Racial and Religious Bigotry in America 1990 September

Scope and Content

Box 1, Folder 78

Asian Americans and Pacific Peoples: A Case of Mistaken Identity 1975 February

Scope and Content

A report by the California Advisory Committee.
Box 1, Folder 79

Bigotry and Violence on American College Campuses 1990 October

Scope and Content

Box 2, Folder 1

Civil Rights Issues Facing Asian Americans in the 1990s 1992 February

Scope and Content

Box 2, Folder 2

Staff Director of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights 1972 July 21

Scope and Content

Box 2, Folder 3-8

Federation of Community Coordinating Councils of Los Angeles 1955-1965

Scope and Content

This series contains items pertaining to Stern's role as president of both the Wilshire Community Coordinating Council and the L.A. County Federation of Community Coordinating Council, agencies aimed at making communities more responsive to the needs of youth. Included are manuscripts of speeches presented by Stern; awards and nominations; correspondence and newspaper clippings; and items related to "Laws for Youth," a booklet produced by the Wilshire Community Coordinating Council under Stern's direction.
Box 2, Folder 3

Wilshire Community Coordinating Council 1955-1960

Scope and Content

Directory & newsletter.
Box 2, Folder 4

Recognition dinner presented by Stern 1959-1962

Box 2, Folder 5

Social event programs 1963-1965

Box 2, Folder 6

Correspondence 1961-1964

Box 2, Folder 7

Awards and nominations 1959-1964

Box 2, Folder 8

Laws for Youth 1958-1963

Scope and Content

Correspondence and a revised draft of the booklet Laws For Youth.
Box 2, Folder 9-13

Community Relations Committee of the Jewish Federation Council 1958-1981

Scope and Content

This series includes correspondence and meeting minutes related to Stern's participation in the Jewish Federation Council's Community Relations Committee, as well as the Committee's Urban Affairs Commission, between 1960 and 1973. Also included are handwritten notes, newspaper clippings, booklets, and reports collected by Stern, which pertain to intergroup relations between Jews and other minority populations.
Box 2, Folder 9

Meeting minutes and correspondence 1973-1975

Box 2, Folder 10

Women's Conference: Stern's speaking engagements 1969 December 4

Box 2, Folder 11

Church and state including notes on religions matters from 1951 1958-1968

Box 2, Folder 12

Material on Judaism 1965-1981

Box 2, Folder 13

Joint Taskforce on Cambodia 1980 February 7

Scope and Content

Joint task force of the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies at Yeshiva University of L.A. and the Community Relations Committee of the Jewish Federation Council of Greater L.A. Included are documents about the project.
Box 2, Folder 14-19

Community Relations Conference of Southern California 1969-1991

Scope and Content

This series includes materials distributed in the early 1970s by the Community Relations Conference of Southern California, a consortium of organizations whose purpose was to encourage more direct citizen participation in the city and regional planning process. Included are reports and papers, recommendations, correspondence, and articles regarding Stern's contributions to the Task Force on Citizen Participation in Planning, the "Agony of our City" and "Agony of our County" conferences, and the Coalition for Los Angeles County Planning.
Box 2, Folder 14

Stern Resignation 1988 July 28

Box 2, Folder 15

Community Reporter (newsletter) 1991 March

Box 2, Folder 16

Citizen participation in community planning undated

Box 2, Folder 17

General Plan Conferences: The Agony of Our City, The Agony of Our County 1972-1973

Box 2, Folder 18

Coalition for Los Angeles County Planning 1973

Box 2, Folder 19

Correspondence regarding city planning 1969-1971

Box 2, Folder 20-23

KCET/KQED 1981-1994

Scope and Content

This series contains materials produced and distributed by the KCET Community Advisory Board, a group which acted as a liaison between KCET's administration and the multicultural populations that the station served. Also included are newspaper clippings and correspondence related specifically to Stern's role as a Board Member between 1979 and 1989.
Box 2, Folder 20

California Women's Health Directory 1994

Box 2, Folder 21

Mental Health Resource Directory undated

Box 2, Folder 22

Cultural Diversity Month calendar of events and article clipping undated

Box 2, Folder 23

Decker, Katherine - KCET Community Relations - Correspondence 1981 April 24

Box 2, Folder 24-32

UCLA 1961-1994

Scope and Content

This series includes items pertaining to Stern's relationship with UCLA. Included are notes, correspondence, commentary, and newspaper clippings regarding Stern's participation in research projects undertaken by UCLA faculty and students. The series also includes biographical notes, programs and pamphlets, letters, and greeting cards related to the UCLA Distinguished Alumni Award, which was awarded to Stern in 1985 for her dedication to issues involving human relations in Los Angeles County.
Box 2, Folder 24

Ethics and U.S. Foreign Policy Consultation 1961-1963

Scope and Content

Correspondence and notes.
Box 2, Folder 25

Quality of Life in Los Angeles- seminar 1965-1966

Box 2, Folder 26

Community Leaders Luncheon 1974 October 31

Box 2, Folder 27

Charles E. Young- UCLA Chancellor 1968

Scope and Content

Box 2, Folder 28

Asian American Studies Center - Proposal for a Asian Pacific American Community Research Roundtable 1994

Box 2, Folder 29

Institute of Government And Public Affairs 1965-1966

Scope and Content

Publications and correspondence between Stern and business leaders.
Box 2, Folder 30

Alumni Association 1982-1988

Box 2, Folder 31

Marilyn Chandler 1973 July

Scope and Content

-Correspondence regarding urban development in Los Angeles.
Box 2, Folder 32

Alan Sieroty- California Assembly Legislator 1977-1982

Scope and Content

Box 2, Folder 33-73

Minority Rights and Issues 1951-2000

Scope and Content

This series includes items related to human rights issues that Stern was either involved in or took an interest in over the course of her career. Themes vary and include the rights of racial and ethnic minorities, women, religious groups, and American Indians; police-community relations; fair housing and employment legislation; clemency programs for war dissenters; and the rights and responsibilities of youth. The series contains correspondence, newspaper and magazine clippings, informational pamphlets and brochures, reports, handwritten notes, and materials from speaking engagements that Stern participated in.
Box 2, Folder 33

White House Conference on Children and Youth 1959-1960

Scope and Content

Documents related to Stern's visit.
Box 2, Folder 34

Report on White House Conference on Civil Rights with Women's Organizations 1963

Box 2, Folder 35

President's Committee on Equal Employment Opportunity, Los Angeles Conference 1963 December

Scope and Content

Includes signed letter by Lyndon B. Johnson.
Box 2, Folder 36

Preventing a New World War by Harry S. Truman 1951 April

Scope and Content

Includes a copy of the president's address and a letter from William D. Hassett, assistant to the President.
Box 2, Folder 37

Correspondence from Stern to President Ford asking for amnesty of those who protested the Vietnam War. 1974-1975

Box 2, Folder 38

Hillary Rodham Clinton and Janet Reno 1993 September

Scope and Content

Correspondence and articles regarding children at risk in the United States.
Box 2, Folder 39

Women's Rights - California Department of Justice 1980-1983

Box 2, Folder 40

Fair Employment Practice Commission - State of California Reports 1964-1966

Box 2, Folder 41

Fair Employment Practice Commission - Correspondence 1965-1967

Box 2, Folder 42

Ronald Reagan 1968 June 8

Scope and Content

Correspondence between Reagan and the California Human Relations Committee. Includes a letter signed by Reagan.
Box 2, Folder 43

Stanley Mosk- Associate Justice, Supreme Court of California 1964 October 6

Scope and Content

Box 2, Folder 44

Torrance, Los Angeles, Pasadena Police Departments 1988-1994

Scope and Content

Articles, mission statements, and police programs.
Box 2, Folder 45

Armenian Assembly/Southern California Region 1979 November

Scope and Content

Box 2, Folder 46

Asian Refugees 1975

Scope and Content

Materials from L.A.C.C.H.R, C.R.C.S.C., L.A. County, and Californians of Japanese, Chinese, and Filipino Ancestry.
Box 2, Folder 47

Black Korean Alliance - brochure circa 1990

Box 2, Folder 48

California Association of Human Rights Organizations: Civil Rights Leadership Award to Stern 1994 September 19

Box 2, Folder 49

California Club Discrimination 1969-1978

Scope and Content

Documents concerning position taken by Stern, The relationship of Jews to Major Corporations in Los Angeles (American Jewish Committee)
Box 2, Folder 50

La Casa de Maria 1969

Scope and Content

A retreat for women was held at La Casa de Maria "Santa Barbara" where Stern was a speaker.
Box 2, Folder 51

Catholic Human Relations Council of Los Angeles 1970 December 8

Scope and Content

Correspondence and a press release.
Box 2, Folder 52

Coalition for Humane Immigration Rights of L.A. 1992-1993

Scope and Content

Correspondence and a community proposal to establish the Joint Commission on Immigrant and Refugee Affairs.
Box 2, Folder 53

Coro Foundation 1966 February 8

Scope and Content

Box 2, Folder 54

Extremism 1962

Scope and Content

Article clippings about the far right and brochures titled: Do you Know the Facts about the Structure of the U.N.
Box 2, Folder 55

Mary Henry: award as L.A. Times Woman of The Year 1968 1968 January 17

Scope and Content

Correspondence and newspaper article about Henry's nomination.
Box 2, Folder 56

Immaculate Heart College (Los Angeles) 1969 July 26

Scope and Content

Box 2, Folder 57

Japan America Society of Southern California: visit of Crown Prince Akihito and Princess Michiko 1960 September 26

Scope and Content

Box 2, Folder 58

Japanese Relocation: Manzanar 1972-1999

Scope and Content

Newspaper and article clippings about the internment camp and the Japanese American experience during World War II.
Box 2, Folder 59

Junior League of Los Angeles - clippings, brochures 1982 January 4

Box 2, Folder 60

Edwin Markham Junior High School Special Assembly 1964 June 8

Scope and Content

The introduction was given by Robert F. Kennedy who was the Attorney General at the time. There is a note that the signature on the back is from Kennedy.
Box 2, Folder 61

Lane Bryant Annual Award For Volunteer Service to the Community 1965 April 1

Scope and Content

Correspondence regarding Stern's nomination for the award.
Box 2, Folder 62

Los Angeles Community Behavioral Sciences Advisory Committee on School Integration - Meeting 1977 July 21

Box 2, Folder 63

Los Angeles Free Clinic - Correspondence & bylaws 1972-1973

Box 2, Folder 64

Los Angeles Voluntary Action Center - Correspondence undated

Box 2, Folder 5

National Academy of Television Arts And Sciences 1971-1976

Scope and Content

Includes correspondence about Stern serving as a judge for their National Award for Community Service. Also included, is a screenplay In the Company of Strangers.
Box 2, Folder 66

Stern's speaking engagements from miscellaneous events 1960-1972

Box 2, Folder 67

Standford University 1994 January

Scope and Content

Correspondence regarding Matthew Lombard receiving the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Communication.
Box 2, Folder 68

Taos Pueblo Council 1969-1971

Scope and Content

Includes The Blue Lake Area... an appeal from Taos Pueblo, correspondence and a report on the Blue Lake Region.
Box 2, Folder 69

United States Organization for Medical Needs - booklet undated

Box 2, Folder 70

Vedanta Society of Southern California- brochure undated

Box 2, Folder 71

Watts Riots 1965

Scope and Content

Articles from LIFE and Time magazines.
Box 2, Folder 72

Pete Wilson-Mayor of San Diego 1972-1973

Scope and Content

Includes article clippings about Wilson's ideas on urban planning and experts from his state of the city address.
Box 2, Folder 73

Clippings from L.A. Times, etc 1958-2000

Box 2, Folder 74-84

Correspondence 1959-1981

Scope and Content

This series contains correspondence exchanged between Stern and her personal, professional, and political acquaintances. Included are letters, memos, notes, telegrams, and greeting cards collected by Stern, as well as recommendation letters written on Stern's behalf by several of her colleagues.
Box 2, Folder 74

Alan Cranston 1975-1977

Scope and Content

Includes signed correspondence from California Senator Alan Cranston.
Box 2, Folder 75

George McGovern/Sargent Shriver 1972

Scope and Content

Includes signed correspondence from Senator of South Dakota George McGovern and Sargent Shriver in regards to the 1972 campaign.
Box 2, Folder 76

Edmund (Jerry) G. Brown 1959-1965

Scope and Content

Correspondence signed by Governor Brown, election materials, and Governor's Advisory Committee on Children and Youth notes.
Box 2, Folder 77

John A. Ruggs- Department of Housing and Urban Development 1967 June 20

Scope and Content

Correspondence from Ruggs to Otis Chandler about Chandler possibly running for mayor.
Box 2, Folder 78

Frank F. Chuman - Correspondence 1964 July 9

Scope and Content

Box 2, Folder 79

Hilary Goldstone 1977 June 18

Scope and Content

Correspondence and her resume.
Box 2, Folder 80

Herschel Rosenthal- California Assembly Legislature 1980 August 6

Scope and Content

Box 2, Folder 81

Cardinal Manning - Archbishop of Los Angeles 1970-1973

Scope and Content

Box 2, Folder 82

Rita Walters 1977 March 22

Scope and Content

Correspondence regarding the Election of Rita Walters and Stern's contribution to her campaign.
Box 2, Folder 83

Miscellaneous greeting cards 1967-1975

Box 2, Folder 84

Letters of Recommendation for Stern 1973-1981

Box 2, Folder 85-88

Personal Ephemera 1964-1990

Scope and Content

This series contains additional items and ephemera belonging to Stern. Included in the series are correspondence, brochures, maps, and other mementos collected by Stern when she was invited to attend the inaugurations of presidents Lyndon B. Johnson and Jimmy Carter; biographical notes and a newspaper article commemorating her work; and other miscellaneous items, including badges and business cards, bumper stickers, and a poem.
Box 2, Folder 85

Presidential Inaugurations- Lyndon B. Johnson/Jimmy Carter 1964-1968

Scope and Content

Invitations, tickets, schedule of events, newspaper clippings, and pins relating to the inaugurations of Jimmy Carter and Lyndon B. Johnson.
Box 2, Folder 86

Kate Stern: She followed her conscience into a job - article 1970

Scope and Content

Newspaper article about Stern's work with the Human Relations Commission and correspondence from friends congratulating her on the article.
Box 2, Folder 87

Catherine G. Stern - Curriculum including biographical info; biographical sketch by Lu Haas 1990 June 1

Box 2, Folder 88

Miscellaneous Material undated

Scope and Content

Business cards, notes, a pin, and stickers.