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Language of Material: English
Contributing Institution: Special Collections and Archives, University of California, Irvine Libraries
Title: California College of Medicine records
Creator: California College of Medicine
Identifier/Call Number: AS.027
Physical Description: 67.4 Linear Feet (89 boxes, 4 film reels and 2 oversized folders) and .4 unprocessed linear feet of photographs
Date (inclusive): 1860-1998
Date (bulk): bulk
Abstract: The California College of Medicine (CCM) records span the years from the establishment of its first predecessor, the Pacific College of Osteopathy in 1896 to 1967 when CCM was incorporated into UCI. The materials document particularly well the two major upheavals for osteopathy in California that occurred at the end of this period: the merger in the 1960s of the Doctor of Osteopathy degree with the Medical Doctor degree, and the merger of CCM with the University of California. Also included are student records and financial documents from 1914 to 1961.


The collection is open for research. Medical records are restricted for 100 years, student records for 75 years, and personnel records for 50 years. Restrictions are noted at the file level.

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Acquisition Information

Bulk of material acquired from the California College of Medicine Library and Provost's Office before 1973. Accessions since have been donated by Forest Grunigen, Grace Bell, the UCI Medical Sciences Library, and others.

Processing History

Preliminary processing by California College of Medicine library staff. Reprocessed by Jennifer Jacobs in 2004. Revisions by Cyndi Shein in 2007. New accretion of material added in 2014 and incorporated into finding aid by Laura Uglean Jackson.

Historical note

Before it became part of the University of California, Irvine (UCI), the UCI College of Medicine went through several incarnations as a school of osteopathy. Osteopathy splintered from mainstream (or allopathic) medicine in the mid-nineteenth century in a climate of poor, commercially driven medical education and the proliferation of dangerous and ineffective medical practices such as blood-letting and the prescription of calomel and emetics. The first osteopaths were opposed to the use of any drugs for their patients; pharmacology was introduced into osteopathic practice in the early twentieth century. Andrew Still, the M.D. who founded osteopathy, "discovered" the Osteopathic Principle, which states that all disease can be attributed to lesions in the spine, and thus may be alleviated by manipulation of the vertebrae (this is why osteopathy is often confused with chiropractics, although chiropractors do not have the same medical training that osteopaths have, and are only qualified to treat skeletal complaints). Dr. Still began training osteopaths at his American School of Osteopathy in Kirksville, Missouri in 1892.
The Pacific School of Osteopathy and Infirmary (PSO) -- the second osteopathic school -- was established in Anaheim in 1896 by Aubrey C. Moore, D.O., who had studied under Dr. Still, and an M.D., B.W. Scheurer (for a short time, PSO awarded both the D.O. and the M.D.). For the first four years, PSO awarded the Diplomate of Osteopathy, D.O. In 1900 California legally recognized the profession, and PSO began awarding the Doctor of Osteopathy, D.O.
The Pacific School of Osteopathy moved to Los Angeles in 1897, to South Pasadena in 1903, then back to Los Angeles in 1904 into quarters on the corner of Mission and Daly. The school changed its name to the Pacific College of Osteopathy (PCO) in 1904.
In 1905 Harry Forbes, D.O. and several other former members of the faculty of the S.S. Still College of Osteopathy, Des Moines established the Los Angeles College of Osteopathy (LACO). Because LACO offered both a two-year course and a three-year course, the state Board of Medical Examiners did not recognize the degrees LACO was granting. Additionally, the American Osteopathic Association would not accept LACO as a member because there was already an osteopathic school in Los Angeles, PCO. Despite these difficulties, which also included a suit brought against LACO by PCO and a suit against the California Board of Medical Examiners brought by LACO, LACO persisted until 1914 when it merged with PCO to form the College of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons (COPS).
There was one other osteopathic school in California during this time. The California College of Osteopathy was founded in San Francisco in 1898. This school merged with the American School of Osteopathy in 1912.
COPS was the most enduring of California's osteopathic schools. It garnered several concessions from the medical profession over the years that enabled it to adequately train osteopaths who were then able to go on to productive careers in California and elsewhere. For example, in 1915 COPS formed an agreement with the Los Angeles County General Hospital (LACGH) to train interns there. COPS brought suit against the Medical Examiners in 1919 after they discontinued recognizing COPS as a qualified educator. During the trial, the burden was on the Medical Examiners to prove that education at COPS was sub-standard compared to education at California schools granting the M.D. degree. In 1921, while the suit was still being argued, the internship program sponsored by the LACGH was discontinued. However, the courts ruled in favor of COPS in June of 1921 (Decision by the Court of Appeal of California, 53 Cal. App. 138; 199 P. 1093; 1921 Cal. App. LEXIS 354). The decision enabled an initiative to be passed in 1922 providing for a separate California Board of Osteopathic Examiners. This eliminated the former problem of M.D.s on the Board of Medical Examiners making all the decisions about the suitability of particular osteopaths to practice their profession. That same year LACGH reinstated the residency training program for COPS.
The California Osteopathic Association (COA), affiliated with the AOA, was incorporated in 1900 as the osteopathic professional organization in California. The administration of COA and the faculty of COPS overlapped a great deal.
The California osteopathic tradition led by COPS and COA ended in 1961 by consensus among these two groups and the California Medical Association (CMA) when the two California medical professions merged and D.O.s were no longer awarded in the state of California. The merger was led by Forest Grunigen, D.O., who had begun talks with the CMA in the mid-1940s. In 1962 all COPS graduates were offered an M.D. degree in exchange for their D.O. degree and a $65 fee, with no additional qualifying examination. The new degrees were problematic for some, the M.D.s were not accepted for licensure out-of-state, and few academic or hospital appointments were given to the former D.O.s, but many went on to have successful careers.
The AOA was vehemently opposed to the merger, and many osteopaths in California agreed. A splinter group, naming themselves the Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons of California (OPSC), was formed in 1960 from the 500 osteopaths in California who decided against exchanging their D.O.s for M.D.s. In 1974 OPSC succeeded in convincing the California Supreme Court to rescind their decision that had formalized the merger. The problems encountered by Californians dissuaded osteopaths in other states from attempting mergers of their own, and the California experiment was a unique phenomenon.
In 1967 after much debate, the UC-CCM was assigned to UCI, and the college, its faculty, and its administration moved to Irvine.

Historical note


1896 Pacific School of Osteopathy and Infirmary (PSO) incorporated
1900 First Doctor of Osteopathy degree is granted at PCO
  D.O. degree is recognized in California
  California Osteopathic Association (COA) incorporated
1904 PSO changes its name to Pacific College of Osteopathy (PCO)
1905 Los Angeles College of Osteopathy (LACO) incorporated
1914 PCO and LACO consolidate to form the College of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons (COPS)
1922 California passes initiative to provide for a separate Board of Osteopathic Examiners
1928 Los Angeles County General Hospital opens Unit 2, an osteopathic unit
1941 COA and CMA reach an agreement for unification, though it is rejected by the American Medical Association on the grounds that it is illegal. The AOA was also opposed to it at this time, as well as 20 years later when the merger actually went through.
1955 CMA appoints the Committee on Other Professions
1961 COPS changes its name to California College of Medicine (CCM)
  COPS awards M.D.s to qualified/willing D.O.s.
  COA merges with the California Medical Association (CMA)
1963 Bill passes to fold CCM into UC system
1967 Agreement is signed to make CCM part of Irvine campus
1968 CCM moves to Irvine campus

Historical note


1896 B.W. Scheurer, M.D. (PSO)
1897-1898 Aubrey C. Moore, D.O. (PSO)
1898-1903 Charles A. Bailey, M.D., D.O. (PSO)
1904-1913 George Finley Burton, D.O. (PCO)
1905-1914 Harry Forbes (LACO)
1913-1914 W.J. Hayden (PCO)
1914-1920 Harry Forbes (COPS)
1920-1923 Louis Chandler
1922 Edward H. Light, acting
1923-1935 L. van Horn Gerdine
1935-1939 Carle H. Phinney
1940-1970 W. Ballentine Henley (COPS and CCM, Provost of UCI-CCM)

Collection Scope and Content Summary

The California College of Medicine (CCM) records span the years from the establishment of its first predecessor, the Pacific College of Osteopathy in 1896 to 1967 when CCM was incorporated into UCI. There are some items from 1968 to 1970, and a few earlier and later, included to preserve the context of some files. The materials document particularly well the two major upheavals for osteopathy in California that occurred at the end of this period: the merger in the 1960s of the Doctor of Osteopathy degree with the Medical Doctor degree, and the merger of CCM with the University of California. The records are also strong in vital records, including student records and financial documents, created while the college was named the College of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons from 1914 to 1961.
The materials in the California College of Medicine records are primarily textual, and include correspondence, reports, proposals, minutes, agendas, financial and legal records, and memoranda, as well as material related to the research and teaching functions of the college, including syllabi, student work, student records, grade books, and faculty reprints. Photographs, film, artifacts, and memorabilia can be found in the last two series.
Several organizations not a part of CCM or any of its predecessors are also represented in this collection. As osteopathic organizations in California, they had strong ties to what was for many years the only osteopathic school in the state, and their issues and interests overlap. The two most prominent of these groups included here are the Los Angeles County General hospital (LACGH) (its osteopathic unit became known later as the Los Angeles County Osteopathic Hospital), which served as the teaching hospital for many of the school's students, and the California Osteopathic Association (COA), the professional organization that led the D.O./M.D. merger.
Several individuals figure prominently in the CCM Records. W. Ballentine Henley's office files contain correspondence, topical files and reports from his presidency, as well as a set of 22 scrapbooks of newspaper clippings documenting the school during his tenure. Dain Tasker, who graduated from PSO in 1898, and later served as a faculty member, wrote in the 1950s a manuscript history of osteopathy in California, which is included here. Other individuals represented in the records include Forest Grunigen, Grace Bell, Dorothy Marsh, William W.W. Pritchard, and Warren Bostick.

Collection Arrangement

This collection is arranged into eight series:
  • Series 1. Histories, circa 1903-circa 1965. 1.0 linear feet.
  • Series 2. Administrative files, 1896-1967 (bulk 1933-1967). 32.9 linear feet.
  • Series 3. Research and teaching, 1896-1970. 19.3 linear feet.
  • Series 4. Los Angeles County Osteopathic Hospital, 1929-1969. 1.0 linear feet.
  • Series 5. Clinics, 1908-1940. 0.8 linear feet.
  • Series 6. Osteopathy general files, 1899-1967. 4.1 linear feet.
  • Series 7. Photographs and film, 1896-1998. 5.3 linear feet.
  • Series 8. Realia, 1896-1963. 2 linear feet.

Separation Note

Publications are arranged separately in California College of Medicine Publications (PS-001). The publications include a set of course catalogs and announcements from 1896 to 1967, the yearbook Cortex, newsletters from various departments and student groups, programs and invitations for special events, and other published material.
Files dated after 1968 were removed to College of Medicine Records (AS-026) or to College of Medicine Publications (PS-002).
About nine linear feet of osteopathic reference files have been separated and sent to other repositories. Those by or about the American Osteopathic Association were sent there. General files and those about other osteopathic schools were sent to the Western University's Health Sciences Library in Pomona.
Two letterbooks by Dain L. Tasker dated 1900-1906 and 1913-1938 have been removed to their own archival series, Dain L. Tasker Letterbooks (AS-095).

Related Collections

The following collections related to the California College of Medicine can be found in UC Irvine Special Collections and Archives:

Missing Title

  1. AS-026, University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine videotapes and photographs.
  2. AS-176, University of California, Irvine, comprises the files of the College after it moved to the University of California, Irvine campus in 1968.

  3. AS-018, Warren L. Bostick papers, provides an insider's view of the history of the California College of Medicine as well as biographical information on Dr. Bostick. The guide to this collection is available through the Online Archive of California at

  4. AS-083, Forest Grunigen Papers, contains minutes, correspondence, and other material from Dr. Grunigen's extensive participation in the activities of the California Osteopathic Association. The guide to this collection is available through the Online Archive of California at

  5. AS-095, Dain L. Tasker Letterbooks, contains the correspondence of this faculty member of the College, who instigated the recognition of the separate D.O. degree in 1914.

  6. PS-001, California College of Medicine Publications, contains the publications of CCM from 1896 to 1967.

  7. PS-003, College of Medicine Publications, contains the publications of COM from 1968 to the present.
Related materials at other repositories include LACO materials and the papers of LACO graduate, Louis Chandler, housed at Western University's Health Sciences Library in Pomona.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Osteopathic medicine -- Education.
Photographic prints -- 19th century.
Osteopathic medicine -- History.
Osteopathic medicine -- California -- History.
Osteopathic medicine -- Periodicals.
Medical educators
Photographic prints -- 20th century.
Scrapbooks -- 19th century.
Scrapbooks -- 20th century.
Osteopathic medicine -- Study and teaching.
Floor plans -- 20th century.
Letters -- 19th century.
Letters -- 20th century.
Tasker, Dain L.
University of California, Irvine -- Archives
Los Angeles County General Hospital
Los Angeles College of Osteopathy -- Archives
Meyers Clinic (Los Angeles, Calif.)
Los Angeles County Osteopathic Hospital
Pacific College of Osteopathy (Los Angeles, Calif.) -- Archives
Monte Sano Hospital (Los Angeles, Calif.)
Pritchard, William W.W.
California Osteopathic Association -- Archives
California. Board of Osteopathic Examiners
California College of Medicine -- Archives
California College of Medicine
Bell, Grace
Los Angeles City and County Osteopathic Medical Association
Henley, W. Ballentine
University of California, Irvine. College of Medicine -- History
Glendale Community Hospital (Calif.)
Forty-First Medical Society (Los Angeles, Calif.)
Doctors' Hospital (Los Angeles, Calif.)
College of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons (Los Angeles, Calif.) -- Archives


Histories . Series 1. circa 1903-circa 1965

Physical Description: 1 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains histories of CCM and its predecessors. It includes a circa 3000 page manuscript dictated by faculty member Dain Tasker in the early 1950s, probably commissioned by either COPS or the COA. In this manuscript, Tasker recounts events, conferences, and discussions between himself and other principle figures in the history of osteopathy in California. He frequently quotes at length from articles, proceedings, and correspondence. Many of the primary sources he uses are found throughout this collection or in California College of Medicine Publications (PS-001). Some of the chapters were assigned titles by the author, and those titles are noted in the container list. For the remaining chapters, the first few words of the text are given as description. For the most part, Tasker arranged his work chronologically.

Series Arrangement Note

The first item in the series is the Tasker history which comprises the bulk of this series. The short histories are arranged alphabetically after the Tasker manuscript by the author's last name, the organization name, or the title of works by unknown authors.

Tasker, Dain L., "History of osteopathy in California [late 19th century to 1950s]," . Manuscript. circa 1954

box-folder 1:1A

Letter, text begins: "Dear Dain…"

box-folder 1:1A

Chapter 1, text begins: "Early in the eighteen nineties a few…"

box-folder 1:1A

Chapter 2, text begins: "The mechanical concept of joint…"

box-folder 1:1A

Chapter 3, text begins: "In this same issue of The Osteopath…"

box-folder 1:1A

Chapter 4, text begins: "December, 1899, was an important…"

box-folder 1:1A

Chapter 5, text begins: "Fellow Osteopaths: Many of you are…"

box-folder 1:2

Chapter 6, text begins: "In 1904 the A.O.A. held a convention…"

box-folder 1:2

Chapter 6 [Sic.], text begins: "California was well represented on the…"

box-folder 1:2

Chapter 7, text begins: "In June, 1906, the Board of Directors…"

box-folder 1:2

Chapter 8, text begins: "Although the Los Angeles College of…"

box-folder 1:2

Chapter 9, "1907"

box-folder 1:2

Chapter 10, "1908"

box-folder 1:3

Chapter 11, "The State Board Of Medical Examiners scandal"

box-folder 1:3

Chapter 12, "1909"

box-folder 1:3

Chapter 13, "Extracts from Secretary Dr. Effie E. York's report of the O.A.C. Convention in San Diego May, 27,28,29, 1909, published in the Western osteopath, June, 1909"

box-folder 1:3

Chapter 14, text begins: "In the May issue of the Western osteopath…"

box-folder 1:3

Chapter 15, "An Episode 1910"

box-folder 1:4

Chapter 16, "1911"

box-folder 1:4

Chapter 17, "1912"

box-folder 1:4

Chapter 17 [Sic.], "The first malpractice suit"

box-folder 1:4

Chapter 18, "1913," or "New law"

box-folder 1:4

Chapter 18, "Letters from Dr. Tasker's File"

box-folder 1:4

Chapter 19, "Student activities (continued)"

box-folder 1:4

Chapter 20, "In this section: Organization of COPS"

box-folder 1:5

Chapter 21, "COPS Library"

box-folder 1:5

Chapter 22, "The A. T. Still Osteopathic Association" or "1915 to 1917"

box-folder 1:5

Chapter 23, "1917"

box-folder 1:5

Chapter 24, "This is a continuation of the report made to the chairman of the National Affairs Committee of theAOA"

box-folder 1:5

Chapter 25, "Extracts from Doctor Tasker's letters to his wife"

box-folder 1:6

Chapter 26, "This is a continuation of a report on the state of affairs in 1917"

box-folder 1:6

Chapter 27, "Research" or "1918"

box-folder 1:6

Chapter 28, "Letter Campaign" or "1918-1919"

box-folder 1:6

Chapter 29, "This is a final portion of the dictation of the editorial in the Western osteopath for February 1919 entitled 'The D.O. degree'"

box-folder 1:6

Chapter 30, "The continuation of dictation from correspondence between Dr. W.W. Vanderburgh and the State Journal of Medicine"

box-folder 1:7

Chapter 31, "Publicity"

box-folder 1:7

Chapter 32, "One of the most informative articles in this Cortex edition is The City Maternity Service"

box-folder 1:7

Chapter 33, "This reel contains continuation of the correspondence between Dr. Pinkham and Dr. Tasker in the late fall of 1920"

box-folder 1:7

Chapter 34, "Continuation of letter to Dr. Charles B. Pinkham, Secretary of the State Board of Medical Examiners, February 7, 1921"

box-folder 1:7

Chapter 35, "Reaction to legislative defeat"

box-folder 1:8

Chapter 36, "This is a continuation of an article in the Western osteopath under the heading 'New Officers of C.O.A. for 1922-23'"

box-folder 1:8

Chapter 37, "Final portion of "What victory means to the College" by Edward H. Light, Acting President, 1922-1924"

box-folder 1:8

Chapter 38, "Way cleared for construction of hospital"

box-folder 1:8

Chapter 39, text begins: "At the annual convention of the…"

box-folder 1:8

Chapter 40, "Promotion of new hospitals"

box-folder 1:9

Chapter 41, "Unit No. 2 Los Angeles General Hospital"

box-folder 1:9

Chapter 42, "Continuation of report of Dr. Woodbury for the activities of the Osteopathic Unit ending June 30, 1929"

box-folder 1:9

Chapter 43, "Continuation of the article entitled 'Progress And problems at Unit #2' by Dr. Louis C. Chandler taken from the Western osteopath, March, 1932"

box-folder 1:9

Chapter 44, "M.D. tyranny shows itself again"

box-folder 1:9

Chapter 45, "Continuation under subhead: Edward T. Abbott, D.O."

box-folder 1:10

Chapter 46, "A noteworthy convention"

box-folder 1:10

Chapter 47, "This is a continuation of dictation from an article entitled 'New building dedicated at Merrill Sanitarium'"

box-folder 1:10

Chapter 48, "Resolution (This is a continuation of information in relation to the death of Dr. T C Young)"

box-folder 1:10

Chapter 49, "Osteopathy and the Olympic Games"

box-folder 1:10

Chapter 50, "Hospital name changed"

box-folder 1:11

Chapter 51, "Fresno convention auspicious"

box-folder 1:11

Chapter 52, "Organization (period 1930-1940)"

box-folder 1:11

Chapter 53, "New Doctors' Hospital"

box-folder 1:11

Chapter 54, "COA has new Secretary-Treasurer"

box-folder 1:11

Chapter 55, "Uniform entrance requirements for approved colleges"

box-folder 1:12

Chapter 56, "This is continuation of address by President Bailey to the convention in Long Beach California, 1941"

box-folder 1:12

Chapter 57, "Draft deferment extended to D.O.s and osteopathic students (copy of an official ruling issued July 16 by National Headquarters of the Selective Service System in Washington) memorandum to all state directors (I-191) local board release 8, effective date: at once, subject: students of osteopathy and osteopaths"

box-folder 1:12

Chapter 58, "Continuation of article entitled 'New threat to the California profession Sept. issue 1942 of Clinical osteopathy'"

box-folder 1:12

Chapter 59, "Annual meeting of College Trustees"

box-folder 1:12

Chapter 60, "California Association report of the President 1943-1944 Forest J. Grunigen, D.O."

box-folder 1:13

Chapter 61, "Our standpoint on state health bills"

box-folder 1:13

Chapter 62, "Three members of Board of Osteopathic Examiners reappointed by Governor Warren"

box-folder 1:13

Chapter 63, "COPS launches 1947 Progress Fund"

box-folder 1:13

Chapter 64, "This is a continuation of President Hatfield's address to the COA 1947-48 page 346 Clinical osteopathy June 1947"

box-folder 1:13

Chapter 65, "Continuation of article entitled 'A COPS concave concluded'"

box-folder 1:14

Chapter 66, "Cooperation is appreciated"

box-folder 1:14

Chapter 67, "Continuation of article entitled 'Long Beach Osteopathic Hospital, Incorporated'"

box-folder 1:14

Chapter 68, "Continuation from former tape of the inaugural address by President Weaver"

box-folder 1:14

Chapter 69, "Class of 1899 new college graduates"

box-folder 1:14

Chapter 70, "Continuation of J. Gordon Epperson's convention message"

box-folder 1:15

Chapter 71, "Golden anniversary celebrated"

box-folder 1:15

Chapter 72, "This is a continuation of President Epperson's address to the convention in Long Beach, 1951"

box-folder 1:15

Chapter 73, "Continuation of hospital reports"

box-folder 1:15

Chapter 74, "This is a continuation under the heading Osteopathic Memorial Fund"

box-folder 1:15

Chapter 75, "Report on the General Osteopathic Clinic, the Department Of Osteopathic Therapeutics & Rehabilitation and the Rehabilitation, Center J.M. Andrews, D.O."

box-folder 1:16

Chapter 76, "This is a continuation of an article under the heading 'Osteopathic profession has lost a friend'"

box-folder 1:16

Chapter 77, "Fiftieth Annual Convention"


Short histories

box-folder 1:17

American Osteopathic Association, Recognition of osteopathic colleges by (dates), 1957

box-folder 1:37

Brown, May, History of the Library, ". Housed with William W.W. Pritchard's short history, below. 1938

box-folder 1:18

California Osteopathic Association

box-folder 1:18

50th Anniversary Banquet: Cavalcade of osteopathy depicting the struggle for medical freedom, by Earl Darfler, 1950

box-folder 1:19

Interview with Dain Tasker on the history of osteopathy in California, to develop a script for the COA 50th Anniversary banquet, circa 1950

box-folder 1:20

Cole, W.V, The development of osteopathic research and education, . Unpublished thesis. 1954

box-folder 1:21

DeStefano, Robert A.,, History of the California College of Medicine, 1896-1914, s circa 1960

box-folder 1:23

Dorin, David M., History and progress of the Southern California Osteopathic Hospital Foundation, 1954

box-folder 1:24-27

The historical background of osteopathy, s circa 1940


Ivie, William Horace

box-folder 1 : 28

Letter to Dain L. Tasker, 1951

box-folder 1:22, 29

"A report on the early history of osteopathy in the state of California," circa 1912

box-folder 1:38

Institute of Western Research, "The story of the College of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons," 1931

box-folder 1:31

Los Angeles County General Hospital, "Early history," 1934

box-folder 1:30

General Council and Register of Osteopaths Ltd., "The origin and development of osteopathy in Great Britain," circa 1962

box-folder 1:32,1:33,1:34,1:35

"Osteopathic profession: events, 1898 to 1903," . Arranged alphabetically by state, then by year, with the American Osteopathic Association appearing first. circa 1903

box-folder 1:37

Pritchard, William W.W., "Historical sketch of clinical training in osteopathic colleges of California," and May Brown, "History of the Library," 1938

box-folder 1:36

Shaw, A.B., "Summary of the work of the Committee of the California Osteopathic Association to Consolidate the California Osteopathic Colleges," 1914

box-folder 1:39

Stillman, Clara Judson, "History of the Pacific College of Osteopathy from 1896 to 1914," 1933

box-folder 1:40

McCracken, Betsy B., History of the Pediatrics Dept., CCM, UCI Draft #1, 2/2/78 Acc. 91-19

box-folder 1:41

Miscellaneous historical notes and outlines, s circa 1914-circa 1950


Administrative files, (). Series 2. 1896-1967 bulk 1933-1967 bulk

Physical Description: 32.9 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series includes the minutes and reports of the Board of Trustees, reports and other material documenting the college at the highest level, and the files of the college's administrative offices. The material is arranged by originating office, with the exception of Subseries 2.2, which consists of college-wide reports.

Series Arrangement Note

The series is divided into nine subseries:
Subseries 2.1. Board of Trustees, 1896-1967. 3.0 linear feet.
Subseries 2.2. Reports, proposals, planning documents, 1920-1967. 1.0 linear feet.
Subseries 2.3. Committees, 1935-1962. 0.4 linear feet.
Subseries 2.4. President, 1918-1969. 14.9 linear feet.
Subseries 2.5. Dean, 1931-circa 1970s. 2.0 linear feet.
Subseries 2.6. Comptroller, 1897-1969. 11.5 linear feet.
Subseries 2.7. Other administrative offices, 1941-1967. 0.7 linear feet.
Subseries 2.8. Staff, 1942-1961. 0.1 linear feet.
Subseries 2.9. Support groups, 1941-1968. 0.2 linear feet.

Board of Trustees, . Subseries 2.1. 1896-1967

Physical Description: 3 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Subseries Scope and Content Summary

This subseries documents the governing boards of the four schools. The bulk of the material covers the Board of Trustees for the College of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons (COPS), including annual reports (both financial and narrative), articles of incorporation, bylaws, legal and fiscal material, minutes, and rosters. Most of the same types of documentation are available for CCM, though only covering the five years CCM existed. (The Board of Trustees was maintained for several years after the school became the UCI CCM. The researcher should consult AS-026, College of Medicine Records for documentation after 1967.) Pacific College of Osteopathy (PCO) is represented here by articles of incorporation and minutes. There is little representation of the Los Angeles College of Osteopathy (LACO): articles of incorporation and some legal and fiscal material.
The Book of the Trustees is a collection (formerly bound) of annual reports, committee reports, minutes, and other material produced or used by the Trustees of COPS. There is some duplication between the annual reports in this book and those found in this subseries under Annual reports. Neither set is complete.
The Book of the Trustees is a collection (formerly bound) of annual reports, committee reports, minutes, and other material produced or used by the Trustees of COPS. There is some duplication between the annual reports in this book and those found in this subseries under Annual reports. Neither set is complete.

Subseries Arrangement Note

The files are arranged alphabetically by type of material, or by name of correspondent. Within Annual reports, Book of the Trustees, Articles of incorporation, and Minutes, material is arranged chronologically.
box-folder 2:1

Annual meeting programs, 1956-1961


Annual reports.

Scope and Contents note

These consist of annual reports to the Board of Trustees, unless otherwise indicated.
box-folder 2:2-3

Annual Report of the Board of Trustees, . 1945-1964

Scope and Contents note

Primarily consists of the balance sheet.
box-folder 2:4

Annual Report of the Board of Trustees, 1945-1961

box-folder 2:5-6


box-folder 2:7

, Annual Report of[sic.] the Board of Trustees. This is an annual report to the Board. 1938

box-folder 2:8



box 3:1-17. 1941

General note

See " Book of the Trustees,"
box-folder 2:9



. box 3:1-17. 1945-1947

General note

See " Book of the Trustees,"
box-folder 2:10

1948, Report of the College of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons to the House of Delegates of the California Osteopathic Association

box-folder 2:11

1948, Report of the President to the Board of Trustees

box-folder 2:12

1949, Report of the College of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons to the House of Delegates of the California Osteopathic Association

box-folder 2:13

1949, Report of the President to the Board of Trustees

box-folder 2:14

1950, Report of the President to the Board of Trustees

box-folder 2:15

1951, Report of the College of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons to the House of Delegates of the California Osteopathic Association

box-folder 2:15

1951, Report of the President to the Board of Trustees. In bound volume, below.

box-folder 2:16

1952, Report of the College of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons to the House of Delegates of the California Osteopathic Association.

box-folder 2:16

1952, Report of the President to the Board of Trustees. In bound volume, below.

box-folder 2:17

1953, Report of the College of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons to the House of Delegates of the California Osteopathic Association.

box-folder 2:17

1953, Report of the President to the Board of Trustees. In bound volume.

box-folder 2

1951-1965. 3 bound volumes.

box-folder 2:18-19



Book of the Trustees, 1935-1960

box-folder 3:1

1935, 1935/36 and 1936/37, "Annual report of the Board of Trustees"

box-folder 3:2

circa 1936, "Board of Trustees"

box-folder 3:2

circa 1936, "Administrative officers and standing committees"

box-folder 3:3

"Report of the Annual meeting of the Board of Trustees"

box-folder 3:4

1938, May 31

box-folder 3:4

1938, June 16. Second session.

box-folder 3:4

"Report of the meeting of the Executive committee of the Board of Trustees"

box-folder 3:4

1938, August 15

box-folder 3:4

1938, September 22

box-folder 3:4

1938, August 23, "Report of the meeting of the Public Relations committee"

box-folder 3:4

circa 1938, "Report, Special Committee"

box-folder 3:4

1938, October 1, "Board of Trustees. Report of the actions of the special meeting"

box-folder 3:4

1938, October 11, "Report of the Public Relations committee,"

box-folder 3:4

1938, October 17, "Report of the meeting of the Board of trustees"

box-folder 3:4

"Report of the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees"

box-folder 3:4

1938, November 21

box-folder 3:4

1938, December 19

box-folder 3:4

"Report of the meeting of the board of Trustees"

box-folder 3:4

1939, January 16

box-folder 3:4

1939, March 20

box-folder 3:4

1938/39, "Annual report of the Board of Trustees"

box-folder 3:4

1939, May 15, "Board of Trustees. Report of the special meeting,"

box-folder 3:4

1939, June 12, "Report of the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees"

box-folder 3:4

circa 1939, "By-Laws. College of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons"

box-folder 3:5

1939, August 21, "Report of the meeting of the Board of Trustees"

box-folder 3:5

1939, June 23-24, "Actions taken by the Associated Colleges of Osteopathy during their sessions"

box-folder 3:5

circa 1939, "Committee reports"

box-folder 3:5

"Report of the meeting of the Board of Trustees"

box-folder 3:5

1939, October 16

box-folder 3:5

1940, January 15

box-folder 3:6

circa 1940, "Committee reports"

box-folder 3:6

circa 1940, "Board of Trustees, list of members"

box-folder 3:6

circa 1940, "Administrative officers and standing committees"

box-folder 3:5

1939/40, "Annual report"

box-folder 3:6

1940, May 20, "Report of the annual meeting of the Board of Trustees"

box-folder 3:6

1940, Reports of the Executive Committee () July 22,1940 - Sept. 24, 1940

box-folder 3:6

1941, January 23, "Report of the Board of Trustees meeting"

box-folder 3:6

1940/41, "Annual report of the Board of Trustees"

box-folder 3:6

circa 1941, "Report of the President to the Board of Trustees"

box-folder 3:17

1942, Reports of the Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees

box-folder 3:17

1942, Comparative financial statement of the Executive Committee

box-folder 3:17

1941/42, "Annual report" Report of the President

box-folder 3:17

circa 1942, "Comparative financial statement"

box-folder 3:17

1942/43, "Annual report" Report of the President to the Board of Trustees


"Report of the President to the Board of Trustees"

box-folder 3:7-8

1944, January 17

box-folder 3:8

1944, September 18

box-folder 3:7

circa 1944, "Comparative financial statement"

box-folder 3:8

circa 1944, "AOA Bureau of Professional education and colleges. Committee on college inspection"

box-folder 3:9

1944/45, "Annual report"

box-folder 3:9

circa 1945, "By-laws of the administration and faculty. College of osteopathic physicians and surgeons"

box-folder 3:10

circa 1945, "Principles and procedures for attending staff members of the General Osteopathic Clinic"

box-folder 3:10

"Report of the President to the Board of Trustees"

box-folder 3:10

1946, February 18

box-folder 3:10

1946, March 18

box-folder 3:10

1945/46, "Annual report"

box-folder 3:11

"Report of the President to the Board of Trustees"

box-folder 3:11

1946, September 16

box-folder 3:11

1947, February 17

box-folder 3:11

1946/47, "Annual report"


"Report of the President to the Board of Trustees"

box-folder 3:12-13


box-folder 3:14


box-folder 3:15


box-folder 3:15

1914, "Articles of incorporation of the COPS"

box-folder 3:15

circa 1936, "Board of Trustees. Roster"

box-folder 3:15

circa 1940s, "By-laws. COPS"

box-folder 3:16

1942, November 16, "COPS report to the Board of Trustees"

box-folder 3:16

"Combined official bodies of the COPS and the COA"

box-folder 3:16

1944, September 10

box-folder 3:16

1946, May 3

box-folder 3:16

1945, September 26, "Report of the President of the COPS to the Board of Trustees on the history, purpose and status of the Institute of Tropical Disease"

box-folder 3:16

1949, February, "Report on educational conference. Chicago"

box-folder 3:17

1942, "Report to the Board of Trustees of the Washington trip made by Dean P.T. Collinge and President W. Ballentine Henley, March 6 to March 17, 1942"


Articles of incorporation. See also original signatures in Series 3. President, Topical correspondence, Trustees.

box-folder 3:18

PCO, , and 1896 1904 1913

box-folder 3:19

LACO, 1905

box-folder 3:20

COPS, , and 1914 1921

box-folder 3:20

CCM, , , and 1961 1962 1963

box-folder 3:21-22

Bylaws, . 1936-1965

box-folder 3:23

Chandler, Louis C., correspondence and bibliography, 1943-1951



box-folder 3:24

Educational, 1938-1944

box-folder 3:25

Endowment, , 1939 circa 1930s

box-folder 3:26-27

Hospital, minute book, 1908-1911

box-folder 3:27

Enclosures, 1909-1911

box-folder 3:28

Miscellaneous, 1938-1940

box-folder 3:29

Public Relations, 1944

box-folder 3:30

Holt, Frank J., correspondence, 1955


Legal and fiscal material

box-folder 3:31

Miscellaneous, . Includes: 1905-1965

box-folder 3:31

Arden Farms Employees Credit Union, 1955

box-folder 3:31

American City Bureau, incorporation agreement, 1943

box-folder 3:31

Copyright registrations, 1941

box-folder 3:31

Corporation license tax exemption, 1917

box-folder 3:31

Holt, J. Frank, lawsuit papers, 1962

box-folder 3:35

Los Angeles County Hospital, contract

box-folder 3:31

Releases from clinic patients, 1932

box-folder 3:31

Releases, , and 1938 1957 1958

box-folder 3:31

Whitney, Mary, estate documents, 1961

box-folder 3:32

COA letter requesting COPS remove "Osteopathic" from its name, 1961

box-folder 3:33

Insurance documents, 1941-1961

box-folder 3:34

Los Angeles Board of Supervisors, resolution offering land to CCM, 1966

box-folder 3:35

Los Angeles County, contracts, 1953-1960

box-folder 3:36

Mortgages, 1912-1922

box-folder 3:37

University of California, contract, . Includes amendments and correspondence. 1965-1967


Minutes: quarterly, annual and special meetings. There are no LACO minutes; PCO minutes are indicated and the others are COPS or CCM.

box-folder 3:38

1897-1904. PCO minutes. Bound volume.



box-folder 3:39

Correspondence and legal papers, . Removed from inside front cover. 1903-1904

box-folder 3:40

Tasker, Dain L., letter of resignation as Director of South Pasadena Osteopathic Sanatorium, . 1903

Scope and Contents note

Removed from between pages 86 and 87.
box-folder 3:41

Correspondence, notices, etc., . 1904

Scope and Contents note

Removed from between pages 100 and 101.
box-folder 3:42

Minutes of meeting October 4, and postal receipt. 1904

Scope and Contents note

Removed from between pages 110 and 111.
box-folder 3:43

Name lists, graduates(?), circa 1906. Removed from inside back cover.

box-folder 3:44

1904-1907. PCO minutes. Bound volume.

box-folder 3:45

1907-1913. PCO minutes. Bound volume.

box-folder 3


box-folder 3:46

Notice of stockholders meeting 1913. Removed from between pages 108 and 109.

box-folder 3:47

Notes, circa 1915. Removed from between pages 110 and 111.

box-folder 3:48-51


box-folder 3:52-59

1920-1935. Includes minutes of the Executive Committee.

box-folder 3:60

Enclosures, 1917-1922

box-folder 4:1, 4:2, 4:6, 4:7

1936-1940. Includes minutes of the Executive Committee.


Executive Committee

box-folder 4:4

Minutes, 1930-1935

box-folder 4:3-7

Minutes, . 1938-1940

box-folder 4:8

Index to minutes, 1930-1940

box-folder 4:9

Enclosures, 1930s

box-folder 4:10-14

1941-1945. Includes minutes of Executive, Finance, and Educational Committees.

box-folder 4:15-16

1946-1948. Includes minutes of Executive Finance, and Educational Committees.

box-folder 4:17-32

1949-1967. Includes minutes of Executive Committee and enclosures.

box-folder 4:33

Newspaper clippings, and 1940 1965

box-folder 4:34

Rosters, 1914-1963

box-folder 4:35

Trenery, Floyd J. memorial, . 1943

General note

See also Series 7. Photographs.

Reports, proposals, planning documents, ). Subseries 2.2. 1933-1967

Physical Description: 1 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Subseries Scope and Content Summary

These reports are by or about COPS and CCM. The materials are strong in events surrounding the M.D./D.O. merger, the move of CCM to UCI, and in accreditation documentation. This series also includes the reporter's transcript for the 1920 trial in the suit brought by COPS against the State Board of Medical Examiners. Twenty COPS faculty members and administrators served as witnesses in the trial, and the testimony found in the transcript often includes details of their professional and personal lives, as well as their teaching philosophies and methods. It also includes documents from a suit in 1961 brought by CCM against the California Medical Association regarding the D.O./M.D.
The reports may have been part of either President Henley's files or the Librarian's files. The reports document issues that were of significant and overarching concern to the campus at the time of their creation. Reports concerning accreditation (including accreditation presentations and pre-survey questionnaires) and reports concerning organizations with other regulatory functions contain statistics and other facts about the schools.

Subseries Arrangement Note

The reports are arranged chronologically.
box-folder 5:1-3

1920, COPS vs. The State Board of Medical Examiners reporter's transcript.

box-folder 5:4

1935-1954, Osteopathy and the law

box-folder 5:5

1960, Accreditation presentation of COPS to Western College Association

box-folder 5:6-8

1961, Accreditation presentation of COPS to Western College Association

box-folder 5:9

1961, CCM vs. California Medical Association complaint, interrogatories, and correspondence, regarding D.O./M.D. merger

box-folder 5:10

1961, Documents regarding D.O./M.D. merger.

Scope and Contents note

Includes proposed contract between COA and CMA, copy of a letter from De. William Hubbard of the University of Michigan Medical School, and procedures for CCM to issue M.D. degrees.
box-folder 5:11-12

1961, Pre-survey questionnaires, forms typed out

box-folder 5:13

1962, Lists of M.D. degrees granted

box-folder 5:14

1963, Accreditation presentation of COPS to Western College Association

box-folder 5:15

1964, A fund-raising survey for the California College of Medicine

box-folder 5:16-17

1964, Presurvey questionnaires

box-folder 5:18

1965, Enrollment projections for 1963/64 to 1975/76

box-folder 5:19

1965, Major capital improvement program for 1965/66.

Scope and Contents note

Includes margin notes toward 1966/67 Major Capital Improvement Program.
box-folder 5:20

1965, Major capital improvement program proposal for 1966 to 1976

box-folder 5:21

1965, Minor capital improvement program for 1966/67

box-folder 5:22

1965, Affiliation agreement

box-folder 5:23

1965, Report of survey visit to California College of Medicine Los Angeles, California: By the Liaison Committee on Medical Education representing the American Medical Association and the Association of American Medical Colleges

box-folder 5:24

1965, UC CCM All College Conference: "Curriculum Planning," November 19-21

box-folder 5:25

1967, Academic master plan

box-folder 5:26

1967, Alternative locations for the California College of Medicine and further considerations in locating CCM at Irvine Campus, by Mark S. Blumberg, M.D., Assistant to the Vice President of the University for Administration

box-folder 5:27

1967, UCI medical computer facility: Ten year planning report


Committees, . Subseries 2.3. 1935-1962

Physical Description: 0.4 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Subseries Scope and Content Summary

This subseries documents some of the committees convened by the COPS Board of Trustees.

Subseries Arrangement Note

The materials are arranged alphabetically.

Administrative Cabinet

box-folder 6:1

Sub-committee of the Administrative Cabinet appointed to investigate the Davis Cancer Treatment Program, research materials and reports, 1948-1950

box-folder 6:2-18

Minutes, 1943-1962

box-folder 6:19

Committee reports, 1940-1944

box-folder 6:20

Coordinating Committee, College County Contract minutes, February-July 1955 and July 1957-June 1960

box 89

Fact Finding Committee 1940-1948

box-folder 30:1-10

Admissions and Credentials Committee minutes, . 1935-1944

Conditions Governing Access note

Restricted until January 1, 2044.

General note

See also: Sub-subseries 3.1.1 "Administration (Faculty)."

President, . Subseries 2.4. 1918-1969

Physical Description: 14.9 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Subseries Scope and Content Summary

This subseries includes material collected by and about the office of the President of the College. The bulk of the material dates to the tenure of W. Ballentine Henley, President of COPS and CCM from 1940 to 1967, then Provost of UCI-CCM through 1970.

Subseries Arrangement Note

This subseries is arranged into five sub-subseries:
Sub-subseries 2.4.1. Librarian's files regarding presidents, 1918-1963. 0.1 linear feet.
Sub-subseries 2.4.2. Scrapbooks, etc., 1936-1968. 5.9 linear feet.
Sub-subseries 2.4.3. Alphabetical correspondence files, 1940-1946. 0.5 linear feet.
Sub-subseries 2.4.4. Topical files, 1914-1969 (bulk, 1960-1967). 7.2 linear feet.
Sub-subseries 2.4.5. Speeches, articles, and public service, 1936-1965. 1.2 linear feet.

Librarian's files regarding presidents, Sub-Subseries 2.4.1. 1918-1963.

Physical Description: 0.1 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Sub-Subseries Scope and Content Summary

These materials were collected and maintained by the CCM librarian. They include biographical material, memorabilia, correspondence, and memoranda.

Subseries Arrangement Note

This sub-subseries is arranged alphabetically.
box-folder 6:21

Forbes, Harry W., development and osteopathic independence, correspondence, 1918-1920

box-folder 6:22

Gerdine, L. van Horn, scrapbook, circa 1962.

Scope and Contents note

Includes photographs, clippings, transcripts of speeches, curricula vitae, biographies, reproductions of correspondence, and obituaries and tributes.
box-folder 6:23

Phinney, Carle H., memoranda and correspondence, 1936-1938


Henley, W. Ballentine

box-folder 6:24

Inauguration, programs and script, 1940

box-folder 6:25

Memoranda, 1940-1963


Scrapbooks, etc., . Sub-subseries 2.4.2. 1936-1968

Physical Description: 5.9 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Sub-subseries Scope and Content Note

These scrapbooks were maintained in the office of Dr. Henley during his presidency. They contain clippings of newspaper articles on COPS and Dr. Henley. The guest books in this sub-subseries contain signatures of visitors to COPS events, though they are not comprehensive. The donor book contains lists and donations of donors to the school.

Sub-subseries Arrangement Note

The scrapbooks are arranged chronologically, and are followed by the guest books and the donor book.

Scrapbooks of clippings of W.B. Henley and COPS



box-folder 7

. 1936-1946

Physical Description: 4 scrapbooks.
Physical Description: no content
box-folder 6:26-27


box-folder 8

. 1946-1949

Physical Description: 3 scrapbooks.
Physical Description: no content
box-folder 9

. 1949-1952

Physical Description: 2 scrapbooks.
Physical Description: no content
box-folder 86

. 1952-1953

Physical Description: 1 scrapbook.
Physical Description: no content
box-folder 10

. 1853-1956

Physical Description: 2 scrapbooks.
Physical Description: no content
box-folder 11


Physical Description: 1 scrapbook.
Physical Description: no content
box-folder 12

. 1956-1957

Physical Description: 2 scrapbooks.
Physical Description: no content
box-folder 13

. 1957-1959

Physical Description: 2 scrapbooks.
Physical Description: no content
box-folder 14

. 1959-1961

Physical Description: 2 scrapbooks.
Physical Description: no content
box-folder 15

. 1961-1963

Physical Description: 2 scrapbooks.
Physical Description: no content
box-folder 16

. 1963-1966

Physical Description: 2 scrapbooks.
Physical Description: no content
box-folder 17

. 1968

Physical Description: 1 scrapbook.
Physical Description: no content
box-folder 17

Guestbook, . 1956-1959

Physical Description: 1 bound volume.
Physical Description: no content
box-folder 87

Book of donors, . 1954-1959

Physical Description: 1 bound volume.
Physical Description: no content

Alphabetical correspondence files, Sub-subseries 2.4.3. 1940-1946.

Physical Description: 0.5 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Sub-subseries Scope and Content Summary

This sub-subseries contains correspondence from the earliest years of Dr. Henley's tenure.

Sub-subseries Arrangement Note

These files are arranged alphabetically by correspondent.
box-folder 6:28-50

A-Y, 1940-1945.

box-folder 18:1

Miscellaneous, 1940-1946


Topical files, (). Sub-subseries 2.4.4. 1914-1969 bulk 1960-1967 bulk

Physical Description: 7.2 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Sub-subseries Scope and Content Summary

The Topical files primarily document the later period of Dr. Henley's tenure as President of COPS and CCM. The earliest dates are represented by original articles of incorporation for COPS (found under "Board of Trustees") and the reports found under "Accreditation." The files primarily contain correspondence, as well as reports, minutes, memoranda, proposals, policies, and statistics. Topics include the University of California, financial affairs, campus planning, students, CCM administration, academic departments, committees, public affairs, fund-raising, contracts, the Board of Trustees, Dr. Henley's ethics courses, accreditation, and osteopathic organizations.
These records are particularly valuable in regard to the two upheavals at COPS/CCM in the 1960s. First, in 1962, the California D.O./M.D. merger that was led by COPS faculty and led to COPS' change from an osteopathic to a medical school. Second, the merger of the new CCM into the University of California system and then into UC Irvine, the latter of which resulted in the physical move of the campus from Los Angeles to Orange County.
Of particular interest are letters found under "Students" that include correspondence with several branches of the armed forces for the purpose of convincing them to allow osteopathic physicians (former students) to serve as military doctors. This issue was one of the early reasons for the push to merge the osteopathic and medical professions in California, which began as early as the mid-1940s.

Sub-subseries Arrangement Note

Original order has been maintained.

University of California

box-folder 18:2

UC administrative personnel, 1965-1968

box-folder 18:3

Personnel: Provost Office, 1962-1969

box-folder 18:4

Regents minutes, 1966-1969

box-folder 18:5

Carter, Edward W., Education Chairman, 1965

box-folder 18:6

Kerr, Clark, 1964-1967

box-folder 18:7

Powell, C.C. Coordinator of Medical and Health Sciences, 1965-1968

box-folder 18:8

Bolton, Earl, V.P. University-wide, 1965-1967

box-folder 18:9

Landon, Jn. General Council, 1965-1968

box-folder 18:10

Wellman, H. V.P. University-wide, 1966-1968

box-folder 18:11-12

Aldrich, Daniel, UCI Chancellor, 1967-1969

box-folder 18:13

Administrative personnel, UCI, miscellaneous correspondence, 1967-1968

box-folder 18:14

Draft deferments, 1967

box-folder 18:15

Faculty consultation/private practices and policies, 1967-1968

box-folder 18:16

Honorary degrees, 1963-1965

box-folder 18:17

Political endorsements, 1965

box-folder 18:18

Leaves of absence, 1967-1968

box-folder 18:19

Legislative action proposed, 1967

box-folder 18:20

Delegations of authority, 1966-1967

box-folder 18:21

Professional services to Medi-Cal patients, 1967

box-folder 18:22

Protocol guide to public ceremonies and events, 1965-1966

box-folder 18:23

Insurance, malpractice, 1966-1967

box-folder 18:24

Travel, 1968

box-folder 18:25

University-wide Hospital Coordinating Committee, 1967

box-folder 18:26

Academic personnel, 1968

box-folder 18:27

Academic Senate, 1966-1969

box-folder 18:28

Academic Advisory Council, 1966-1967

box-folder 18:29

Academic Advisory Committee to the CCM, minutes, 1965-1969

box-folder 18:30

Academic Ad Hoc Committee, 1966-1967

box-folder 18:31

Academic appointments, policies and procedures, 1964-1967


Faculty appointments paid

box-folder 18:32

A-L, 1965-1967

box-folder 18:33

M-Z, 1965-1967

box-folder 18:34

Faculty appointments not paid, 1966-1967

box-folder 18:35

Emeritus faculty, 1957-1968

box-folder 18:36

Prospective faculty, 1963-1965

box-folder 18:37

Resigned or severed, 1958-1965

box-folder 18:38

Faculty appointments, pre-University, 1955-1963

box-folder 18:39

Recommendations, 1969

box-folder 18:40

Retirement, 1969

box-folder 18:41

Academic salary, 1965-1968

box-folder 18:42

Academic appointment recruitment and negotiation, 1966

box-folder 18:43

Faculty loan funds, 1966-1967



box-folder 18:44

Extramural support, 1968

box-folder 18:45

Financial statements, 1940-1945

box-folder 18:46-47

Duprau, John, Bursar, 1949-1958

box-folder 18:48

Non-academic personnel, 1966-1969

box-folder 18:49

Management salary recommendations, 1966-1968

box-folder 18:50

Employee organizations, 1965-1966

box-folder 18:51

Records management program, 1966-1968


Budget proposals

box-folder 19:1-9


box-folder 19:10

Environmental Health and Safety Program, 1967-1968

box-folder 19:11

Student and staff statistics, 1965-1968


Campus planning

box-folder 19:12

Physical planning and development, 1966-1968.

Scope and Contents note

Includes clippings.
box-folder 19:13-14

CCM, UCI, and UC major capital improvement programs, 1964-1968

box-folder 19:15

Teaching hospital on campus, 1968

box-folder 19:16

Medical Science, Unit I, 1967-1968


Basic Science Building

box-folder 19:17

Basic Science Building Committee, 1964-1965

box-folder 19:18

Planning team, 1965

box-folder 19:19-20

Project planning guide, 1964


Daniel, Mann, Johnson, & Mendenhall

box-folder 19:21

Contract correspondence, 1963-1967

box-folder 19:22

Master plan agreement, 1963

box-folder 19:23

A report on the Master Plan for the California College of Medicine, 1963

box-folder 19:24

UC facilities survey, 1966

box-folder 19:25

CCM long-range development plan, 1965-1966

box-folder 19:26-27

UCI and CCM Campus Planning Committee, 1964-1968



box-folder 19:28

Prospective students, 1961-1970

box-folder 19:29

Dismissed students, 1948-1965

box-folder 19:30

Former students, deceased, 1958-1961

box-folder 19:31

Former students, withdrawn, 1961-1968

box-folder 19:32

Academic requirements, 1946

box-folder 19:33

Educational testing, and 1960 1967

box-folder 19:34

California Institution for Men, correspondence regarding admitting a former felon to COPS, 1942

box-folder 19:35

Recommendations, 1962-1969

box-folder 19:36

Selective service, 1941-1944

box-folder 19:37

Navy applications, 1942-1943

box-folder 19:38

Coast Guard correspondence, 1942

box-folder 19:39

Student employment, 1966-1967

box-folder 19:40

Student health insurance, 1966-1967

box-folder 19:41

UC Ad Hoc Committee on Student Finances, 1966

box-folder 20:1

Fellowships, 1962-1966

box-folder 20:2

Interns and residents, 1968

box-folder 20:3

Student organizations, 1966-1968

box-folder 20:4

Honor Society, 1967-1968

box-folder 20:6

Associated Student Body, 1967

box-folder 20:5

Student paper, Impulse, 1955-1966

box-folder 20:7

Yearbook, Cortex, 1964-1966

box-folder 20:8

Student tuition, 1966-1967

box-folder 20:9

Student loans, 1937-1942


CCM administration

box-folder 20:10

Merging CCM and UCI administrative organization, 1967-1968.

Scope and Contents note

Includes minutes of CCM meetings, and correspondence and memoranda between the campuses.
box-folder 20:11

Provost, 1966-1968.

Scope and Contents note

Includes Office of the Provost budget planning.
box-folder 20:12

Dean, 1962-1968

box-folder 20:13

Associate Dean, 1955-1968

box-folder 20:14

Assistant Dean, 1963-1969.

Scope and Contents note

Includes question & answer memorandum from President Henley regarding COPS's role in D.O./M.D. merger.
box-folder 20:15

Assistant to the Provost, 1965-1968

box-folder 20:16

Budget and Accounting Office, 1952-1968

box-folder 20:17

Budget and Accounting Office directives, 1965-1967

box-folder 20:18

Campus security, 1964-1967

box-folder 20:19

Purchasing, 1958-1968

box-folder 20:20

Physical plant, 1948-1968

box-folder 20:21

Schaefer Ambulance, 1968

box-folder 20:22

Bookstore, cafeteria, mail, 1966-1968

box-folder 20:23

Financial services, 1967-1968

box-folder 20:24

UCI CCM finance consolidation minutes and timeline, 1968

box-folder 20:25

Administrative advisory cabinet, 1957-1965

box-folder 20:26

Campus appeals committee, 1967

box-folder 20:27

Planning Commission, 1962-1964

box-folder 20:28

Policy and procedures, 1961-1967

box-folder 20:29

Personnel, 1966-1968.

Scope and Contents note

Includes evaluation of minority employment opportunities in Orange County by CCM staff, and personnel listing.
box-folder 20:30

Personnel Appeals Committee, 1967

box-folder 20:31

Employee policies, 1966-1968

box-folder 20:32

Non-academic employees, 1958-1970



box-folder 20:33

Cornish, Robert E., correspondence and research reports, 1939-1944

box-folder 20:34

Finkle, Raymond D. lawsuit against CCM, 1955-1969

box-folder 20:35-36

General correspondence, 1948-1955

box-folder 20:37-38

Librarian, May Brown, 1939-1946

box-folder 20:39

Registrar, 1956-1968

box-folder 20:40

Glendale Community Hospital (College Hospital), 1943-1944


Academic departments

box-folder 20:41

Academic Affairs, 1967



box-folder 21:1


box-folder 21:2

Willed bodies, 1956-1970

box-folder 21:3

Archives, 1959-1968

box-folder 21:4

Biochemistry, 1960-1968

box-folder 21:5

Cancerology training, 1950-1967

box-folder 21:6

Cardiovascular training, 1963

box-folder 21:7-10

Graduate School correspondence, reports, etc., 1942-1944

box-folder 21:11

Gynecology and obstetrics, 1962-1967

box-folder 21:12

Library, 1955-1970

box-folder 21:13

Medicine, 1962-1967

box-folder 21:14

Microbiology, 1955-1967

box-folder 21:15

Pathology, 1961-1967

box-folder 21:16

Pediatrics, 1963-1968

box-folder 21:17

Pharmacology, 1961-1968

box-folder 21:18

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, 1948-1968

box-folder 21:19

Physiology, 1966-1968

box-folder 21:20

Psychiatry, 1957-1967

box-folder 21:21

Radiology, 1966-1968

box-folder 21:22

Rehabilitation Center, 1955-1965

box-folder 21:23

Surgery, 1963-1967



box-folder 21:24

General, 1961-1967

box-folder 21:25

Academic Freedom, Privilege and Tenure Committee, 1966-1967

box-folder 21:26

Admissions Committee, 1963-1967

box-folder 21:27

Attending Staff Association, Inc. minutes, 1959-1961

box-folder 21:28

Basic Science Faculty Group, 1961-1966

box-folder 21:29

Courses of Instruction/Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee, 1966-1967

box-folder 21:30

Graduate Council minutes and reports, 1965-1967

box-folder 21:31

Isotope Committee correspondence and minutes, 1963-1965

box-folder 21:32-33

Master Planning Committee for Health Sciences Facilities, 1966-1969

box-folder 21:34

Promotions, Health and Discipline Committee, 1963-1967


Faculty Research Committee, 1962-1967

box-folder 21:35

General correspondence, 1962-1967

box-folder 21:36

Quarterly reports, 1963

box-folder 21:37

Research Travel Committee, 1966-1967

box-folder 21:38

Scholarships and honors, minutes and annual report, 1966-1967

box-folder 21:39

Search Committees, 1963-1964

box-folder 21:40

Computing, 1966-1968.

Scope and Contents note

Includes UCI Medical Computer Facility ten year planning report, 1967.
box-folder 21:41

Faculty conferences, 1956-1966

box-folder 22:1, 22:2

All College Conference on Academic Planning, 1964-1965

box-folder 22:3

Security officer, 1962-1968

box-folder 22:4

Policies, 1958-1966

box-folder 22:5

Private practice policy, 1966

box-folder 22:6

Tenure policies, 1957-1964

box-folder 22:7

Faculty Club, 1963-1968


Public affairs

box-folder 22:8

General, 1967-1968

box-folder 22:9-12

Commencement, correspondence, speeches and programs, 1964-1967

box-folder 22:13

Commencement dinner, 1964-1966

box-folder 22:14

Plaques, 1964-1966

box-folder 22:15

Charter Day, 1967-1969

box-folder 22:16-17

Founders Day, 1963-1965

box-folder 22:18

Freshman Dedication Service, 1954-1965

box-folder 22:19

President's and dean's portraits, correspondence 1948-1969.

Scope and Contents note

Includes correspondence on disposition of the paintings and photographs in 1969.
box-folder 22:20-23

Honorary degrees, 1946-1964.

Scope and Contents note

Includes list of honorary degrees conferred from 1935 to 1946.

Scope and Contents note

Includes 3 photographs
box-folder 22:23

Honorary degrees, 1963-1965

box-folder 22:24

Honorary degree recommendations, 1956-1966

box-folder 22:25

Honorary degrees reissued, 1962-1963.

Scope and Contents note

Includes list of honorary degrees conferred from 1946 to 1962.
box-folder 22:26

Christmas party and cards, 1963-1967

box-folder 22:27

Open house, 1956-1965

box-folder 22:28

Biographies, 1960-1968

box-folder 22:29

Booklet on the state of osteopathy, "What they are still saying," planning material, 1948.

box-folder 22:30

Booklet, "Career for women," planning material and survey, 1941

box-folder 22:31

Publicity, planning correspondence and clippings, 1961-1968

box-folder 22:32

Move to Orange County publicity, correspondence and clippings, 1968

box-folder 22:33

Publications, correspondence, 1965-1967

box-folder 22:34

Annual report of Provost, correspondence, 1956-1967


Fund raising

box-folder 22:35

General, 1963-1968

box-folder 22:36

A fund-raising survey for the California College of Medicine, prepared by the John Price Jones Company, 1964.

Scope and Contents note

Includes the report and correspondence.
box-folder 22:37

Growth Planning Council, minutes and correspondence, 1961-1964

box-folder 22:38

Forty-First Medical Society, 1963.

Scope and Contents note

Includes directories.
box-folder 22:39

Hughes, Margaret E., Director of Foundations, correspondence, 1945

box-folder 22:40

List of donors and contributor, 1943-1961

box-folder 22:41

Blue book, list of donors, and 1941 1943

box-folder 23:1

Gift acknowledgement letters, 1959-1968

box-folder 23:2

Library gifts, 1956-1965

box-folder 23:3

Memorial gifts, 1965-1966

box-folder 23:4

Bruel memorial, 1960-1961

box-folder 23:5

Carroll memorial, 1962-1968

box-folder 23:6

Prospective donors, 1957-1966

box-folder 23:7

Wills and bequests, 1957-1967

box-folder 23:8

Nettleship estate, 1955-1958

box-folder 23:9

Pettis estate, 1960-1968

box-folder 23:10

Ford Foundation, 1955-1956

box-folder 23:11

Medical Library Assistance Act grant, 1965-1967

box-folder 23:12

Animal Research Building, 1963-1966



box-folder 23:13

Southern California Cancer Center, correspondence and contract, 1966

box-folder 23:14

L.A. County General Hospital correspondence and contract, 1953-1967


Board of Trustees

box-folder 23:15

General correspondence, 1941-1944

box-folder 23:16

Changes in by-laws, 1914-1968

box-folder 23:17

Easton, Paul, Secretary to the Board of Trustees, correspondence, 1965-1968

box-folder 23:18

Former trustees resigned and deceased, correspondence, biographies, and photographs, 1957-1971

box-folder 23:19

Honorary degrees for Trustees, 1956-1964



box-folder 23:20

Academic Affairs Committee, 1955-1966


Buildings and Grounds Committee, 1963-1967

box-folder 23:21

General correspondence, 1963-1967

box-folder 23:22

Railroad, correspondence about noise and traffic problems, 1965-1967

box-folder 23:23

Finance Committee, 1951-1968

box-folder 23:24

Investment Committee, 1962-1965

box-folder 23:25

Financial reports, 1947-1967

box-folder 23:26

Legal and Business Affairs Committee, 1966-1967

box-folder 24:1

Medical facilities and personnel committee, 1966-1967.

Scope and Contents note

Includes report, Why the CCM should remain in Los Angeles County, 1966.
box-folder 24:2

Nominating Committee, 1956-1966

box-folder 24:3

Professional Advisory Committee, 1965-1968

box-folder 24:4

Regents and CCM vs. Lynch, Attorney General, 1967-1968

box-folder 24:5

UC-CCM affiliation proceedings, master file, 1963-1968

box-folder 24:6

Minutes of miscellaneous meetings regarding UC-CCM affiliation, 1963-1964

box-folder 24:7

Agendas, 1961-1968

box-folder 24:8

Luncheon meeting, 1966

box-folder 24:9

COPS articles of incorporation, 1914-1965.

Scope and Contents note

Includes original signatures.

Ethics course

box-folder 24:10

Publisher's consent letters, 1961

box-folder 24:11

Inventory of materials for class, 1968

box-folder 24:12

Requests for material, 1957-1967

box-folder 24:13

Term papers, 1958-1967

box-folder 24:14

Lecture notes, 1959

box-folder 24:15

General correspondence, 1950-1967


Accreditation. See also "AOA, Accreditation approvals."

box-folder 24:16

1936, California State Department of Education report of visit to COPS

box-folder 24:17

1942, U.S. Navy inspection

box-folder 24:18

1942-1943, Children's Bureau

box-folder 24:19

1944, Combined Official Bodies of the COPS and the COA report on COPS

box-folder 24:20

1944, AOA Bureau of Professional Education and Colleges Committee on College Inspection report on COPS

box-folder 24:21

1946, A Report to the Combined Official Bodies of the COPS and the COA on the recommendations made by this committee indicating what the College has done to meet its responsibilities to the osteopathic profession of California

box-folder 24:22

1960, Report of the Visiting Accreditation Committee of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges to the COPS, Los Angeles, California

Scope and Contents note

Includes correspondence.

Osteopathic organizations. Mostly correspondence, reports and publicity as they relate to COPS.

box-folder 24:23

American Association of Osteopathic Colleges, 1942-1943



box-folder 24:24

Accreditation approvals, 1957-1961

box-folder 24:25-26

Committee on Development, 1955-1960

box-folder 24:27

Council on Education, 1954-1956

box-folder 24:28

Division of Public and Professional Welfare, "Memorandum to the Honorable William O'Dwyer, Mayor of the City of New York, regarding: smoke pollution in the City of New York, from Alexander Levitt, D.O., with related material and a list of sources," June 1, 1948

box-folder 24:29

Federal education aid, 1956-1962

box-folder 24:30-31

Miscellaneous, 1953-1962

box-folder 24:32

National Health Council, 1955-1956

box-folder 24:33-34

Office of Education

box-folder 24:33

College visits, 1955-1960.

Scope and Contents note

Includes survey of COPS, 1958.
box-folder 24:34

Mills, Lawrence W., 1948-1961

box-folder 24:35

Osteopathic and Progress Fund, 1957-1961

box-folder 24:36

President's Committee on Education Beyond High School, 1956-1957

box-folder 25:1

Research Facilities Act, 1958


Swope, Chester, correspondence

box-folder 25:2

Army and Navy commissions, 1956-1958

box-folder 25:3

Federal aid to medical education, 1942-1960



box-folder 25:4

Conjoined College Fund Council, Dr. Russell Husted, Chair

box-folder 25:4-5



Speeches, articles, and public service, . Sub-subseries 2.4.5. 1936-1965

Physical Description: 1.2 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Sub-subseries Scope and Content Summary

This sub-subseries consists of speeches and articles by Dr. Henley, as well as files of correspondence and minutes related to several organizations with which he was involved. Also included here is a small amount of material from before his time at COPS, when he was a professor at the University of Southern California.

Sub-subseries Arrangement Note

This material is arranged alphabetically.
box-folder 25:6

Cortex, the COPS yearbook, articles, . 1956-1964


Defense Council of the City of Los Angeles

box-folder 25:7

Correspondence, minutes, and agendas, 1941-1942

box-folder 25:8

Morale Committee minutes, correspondence, and clippings, 1943

box-folder 25:9

Speaker's Bureau, and 1941-1942 1950

box-folder 25:10-12

Department of Water and Power, Los Angeles, speeches, correspondence, and reports, . 1947-1952

Scope and Contents note

Includes photograph
box-folder 25:13

"The education of the superior," paper for continuing education course, . circa 1938

Scope and Contents note

Includes syllabus and assignments.
box-folder 25:14

Educational Psychology continuing education course at the University of Southern California, Dr. Henley's papers and exams, 1936

box-folder 25:15

Institute of Tropical Disease, minutes, 1943

box-folder 25:16

Joint Civilian Orientation Conference, 1965

box-folder 25:17-18

Miscellaneous articles, speeches, and programs, 1944-1964

box-folder 25:19

Publications correspondence, 1955-1962


Radio program scripts. One script, indicated below, gives Dr. Henley's name as a speaker, the rest are generic scripts, though he was apparently involved in their production.

box-folder 26:1

"Public health problems of national defense," . Dr. Henley, speaker. 1941

box-folder 26:2

Number 1, "Toughen up for victory," circa 1942

box-folder 26:3

Number 2, "Relax and be alert," circa 1942

box-folder 26:4

Number 3, "Foods for vigor and victory," circa 1942

box-folder 26:5

Number 4, "Mission for American youth," circa 1942

box-folder 26:6

Number 5, "Eat, drink, but be wary!" circa 1942

box-folder 26:7

Number 6, "Have a heart for victory," circa 1942

box-folder 26:8

Number 7, "Cancer, fifth column after forty," circa 1942

box-folder 26:9

Rotary Club, programs and correspondence, 1954-1960

box-folder 26:10

Science of the mind articles, 1954-1963

box-folder 26:11

Student papers, University of Southern California, circa 1940


Dean, Subseries 2.5. 1931-circa 1970s

Physical Description: 2 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Subseries Scope and Content Summary

The dean of COPS oversaw the research conducted on the campus. These files primarily document that role.

Subseries Arrangement Note

This subseries is arranged into two sub-subseries:
Sub-subseries 2.5.1. Librarian's files regarding Deans, 1939-1965. 0.1 linear feet.
Sub-subseries 2.5.2. Topical files, 1931-circa 1970s. 1.9 linear feet.

Librarian's files regarding deans, Sub-subseries 2.5.1. 1939-1965

Physical Description: 0.1 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Sub-subseries Scope and Content Summary

The Librarian's files contain mostly memoranda from the offices of three of the deans to faculty or staff of the school, as well as some correspondence and memoranda.

Sub-subseries Arrangement Note

These files are arranged alphabetically by the surname of the dean.
box-folder 27:1

Bell, Grace, correspondence and memoranda, 1955-1965

box-folder 27:2

Collinge, P.T., memoranda, 1939-1941

box-folder 27:3

Garrison, Earle, articles, correspondence, and memoranda, 1940-1961


Topical files, . Sub-subseries 2.5.2. 1931-circa 1970s

Physical Description: 1.9 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Sub-subseries Scope and Content Summary

The Topical files primarily date to Dean Grace Bell's tenure, and document her leadership over research at CCM. Most of the files are named for national or California osteopathic organizations and contain material relating to both her professional activities and to the relationships between CCM and these organizations.

Sub-subseries Arrangement Note

This sub-subseries is arranged alphabetically, primarily by correspondent; biographical information about Dean Bell is filed first, however.

Dean Bell, personal information

box-folder 27:4

Biographical sketches, and 1964 circa 1970s

box-folder 27:4

History of CCM (1896-1914), 1964

box-folder 27:5

Photograph, . circa 1960s

General note

See also Series 7. "Photographs."
box-folder 27:6

Letter of appreciation, 1968

box-folder 27:7

New York Academy of Sciences membership certificate, 1956

box-folder 27:8

Publications, 1955-1962

box-folder 27:9

Academy of Applied Osteopathy, 1951-1962

box-folder 27:10

American Association of Osteopathic Colleges, 1950-1962

box-folder 27:11

American Medical Association Committee for the Study of Relations Between Osteopathy and Medicine (Cline Project), 1953-1955


American Osteopathic Association

box-folder 27:12-13

General correspondence, 1951-1962

box-folder 27:14

Bureau of Hospitals, 1956-1961


Bureau of Professional Education and Colleges

box-folder 27:15

Correspondence, 1948-1961

box-folder 27:15-16

Educational standards, 1959

box-folder 27:17

Bureau of Research, correspondence, 1958-1961

box-folder 27:18

Committee on Accreditation of Post Graduates Teaching, 1961

box-folder 27:19

Committee on Clinical Study, manual, 1955


Committee on Professional Visual Education


Osteopathic educational films

box-folder 27:20

Bookings, 1943-1944

box-folder 27:21

Catalogs and correspondence, . 1932-1947

Scope and Contents note

Includes screenplay by Frank Davis and Martin Rackin, The story of Father Dunne.

Letters from viewers

box-folder 27:23


box-folder 27:22



Scripts and correspondence

box-folder 27:24

Atlas lesion research, scripts and correspondence, 1937-1939

box-folder 27:25

Osteopathic mechanics: Dorsal area, 1933-1935

box-folder 27:26

Osteopathic mechanics: Pelvis, 1931

box-folder 27:27

Osteopathic mechanics: The left anterior sacral lesion, 1946

box-folder 27:28

Osteopathic therapeutics: Anterior poliomyelitis, s circa 1940

box-folder 27:29

Second lumbar osteopathic research film, circa 1942

box-folder 27:30

Council on Development, 1959-1960

box-folder 27:31

Requests for journal reprints, 1957-1961

box-folder 27:32-34

CCM Development Office correspondence, 1956-1960

box-folder 29:1

CCM prospective faculty, . 1955-1960

Conditions Governing Access note

Restricted until January 1, 2010.
box-folder 28:1

CCM student information, requests from osteopathic associations, 1945-1963

box-folder 28:2-3

COA Conjoined College Fund Council, 1954-1963


California State Board of Examiners

box-folder 28:4-5

Correspondence, 1954-1962

box-folder 29:2

Grades, 1957

Conditions Governing Access note

Restricted until January 1, 2032.
box-folder 28:6

California State Senate bills and notes, 1962


General Osteopathic Clinic

box-folder 28:7

General correspondence, 1949-1959

box-folder 28:8

Attending staff data, 1947-1959

box-folder 28:9

Attending staff personnel, 1946-1959

box-folder 28:10-12

Director of Clinical Practice, 1948-1963

box-folder 28:13

Duty statements, 1952

box-folder 28:14

Extern manual, 1957

box-folder 28:15

Fees, 1946-1962

box-folder 28:16

Insurance, 1946-1962

box-folder 28:17

Laboratory reports and data, 1946-1951

box-folder 28:19

Laboratory technician, 1946-1963

box-folder 28:20

Monthly reports, 1953-1963

box-folder 28:21

New clinic, 1951-1956

box-folder 28:22

Plans and recommendations, 1948-1954

box-folder 28:22

Policies and procedures, 1957-1962

box-folder 28:23

Clinic teaching fund, 1956-1962

box-folder 28:24

Special Clinic Committee, 1954

box-folder 28:25

Superintendent, 1946-1953


Los Angeles County Osteopathic Hospital


Attending Staff Association

box-folder 28:26

Constitution and bylaws, 1948-1949

box-folder 28:27

Research Committee minutes and correspondence, 1960-1962

box-folder 28:28-31

Medical Advisory Board minutes, 1956-1960

box-folder 28:32

Lovely, Alfred H., laboratory assistant, 1941-1944


M.D./D.O. merger

box-folder 28:33

Correspondence, agreement forms, etc., 1961-1963

box-folder 29:3

Rejected applicants for M.D. degree, lists, correspondence, letters of recommendation, 1963-1964.

Scope and Contents note

Includes court cases.

Conditions Governing Access note

Restricted until January 1, 2039.
box-folder 28:34

Organization and philosophy statements, circa 1960s

box-folder 29:4

National Osteopathic Examining Board, 1959-1960.

Conditions Governing Access note

Restricted until January 1, 2035.
box-folder 28:35

Pritchard, William W.W., A proposal to the Bureau of Professional Education and Colleges, the Council on Education, the Advisory Board for Osteopathic Specialists, the Board of Trustees of the American Osteopathic Association from a study club of osteopathic physiatrists requesting their united action and support in working for the immediate establishment of a specialty board to examine and certify "osteopathic physiatrists." Presented herein is information, documentary references and evidence of action and good faith, to establish the importance and the necessity of accomplishing this in the shortest period of time , 1952

box-folder 28:36

Steunenberg, Georgia A., "Palliative treatment in cardiac pain," manuscript and supplementary material, circa 1940


Comptroller, . Subseries 2.6. 1897-1969

Physical Description: 11.5 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Subseries Scope and Content Summary

This subseries contains documentation of the financial affairs of the college, and includes both the accounting records themselves (journals and ledgers, etc.) as well as the correspondence files of the comptroller.

Subseries Arrangement Note

This subseries is arranged into two sub-subseries:
Sub-subseries 2.6.1. Accounting records, 1897-1968. 5.6 linear feet.
Sub-subseries 2.6.2. Correspondence and topical files, 1907-1969. 5.9 linear feet.

Accounting records, . Sub-subseries 2.6.1. 1897-1968

Physical Description: 5.6 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Sub-subseries Scope and Content Summary

The Accounting records include basic documentation of the fiscal activities of the college, including vital records such as the general ledger.

Sub-subseries Arrangement Note

This sub-subseries is arranged alphabetically by type of material.

Bonds and investments

box-folder 31:2-3

Interest statements, receipts, and invoices, 1928-1938

box-folder 31:4

Record of stocks and bonds, 1944-1961


Financial reports

box-folder 31:5

Accounting manual, 1945

box-folder 31:1

Accounts, accounting and codes,financial condition report, 1966-1968

box-folder 31:6

Annual reports, 1954-1964


Audit reports. Some years are accompanied by a supplementary report.

box-folder 31:7-40


box-folder 31:4-49



Budget reports, monthly, samples

box-folder 31:50-75


box-folder 32

. Complete budget reports for 1963/64. 1963-1964

Physical Description: 1 volume.
Physical Description: no content
box-folder 32:1

Comparative statements, monthly, samples, Includes assets and liabilities, income and expenses, etc. 1945-1965.

box-folder 32:2

Comparison statements, monthly,. Year-to-year comparisons. 1958-1963

box-folder 31:3

Telephone reports, monthly, 1946-1948


Statements of financial condition, yearly. Notarized reproductions.

box-folder 32

Cash disbursements, 1918-1920

box-folder 32

Assets and liabilities, 1924-1944




General ledgers

box-folder 31:4



. 1919-1929

Physical Description: 1 volume, unbound and foldered.

Scope and Contents note

Includes general ledger and accounts receivable.
box-folder 32:5

General ledger

box-folder 32:6-9

Accounts receivable

box-folder 36:8


box-folder 32:10

Index to general ledger accounts, s circa s 1960


Accounts receivable, student payments

box-folder 32:11-16, 33:1-3


box-folder 33:4-12


box-folder 34:1-7, 35:1


box-folder 34:8-16


box-folder 35:2-9


box-folder 35:10-16


box-folder 35:17

1966-1968. Withdrawn students.



box-folder 36:1

Record of journal entries, 1960-1964


Samples from journals.

Scope and Contents note

Includes record of journal entries, cash received, daily bank statements, distribution of invoices and vouchers, etc.
box-folder 36:2


box-folder 35:18


box-folder 36:3


box-folder 36:4



Sales journal, student payments

box-folder 36:5


box-folder 36:6



Patient records

box-folder 35:20

Appointment book and patient record book, fragments, 1941-1963

box-folder 35:19

"Clinic surgical cases," book fragment, 1952-1961

box-folder 35:19

"Hospital surgical cases," book fragment, 1952-1963

box-folder 35:21

LA County Hospital invoices, samples, 1954-1963

box-folder 37

Treatment register, 1897-1902

box-folder 35:22

X-ray record book, 1921-1922



box-folder 36:7


box-folder 35:23-24




box-folder 35:25

Internal Revenue Service, 1920-1952

box-folder 35:26

State of California property tax reports and exemption letters, 1915-1962


County tax bills

box-folder 38:1


box-folder 38:2


box-folder 38:3



Correspondence and topical files, . Sub-subseries 2.6.2. 1907-1969

Physical Description: 5.9 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Sub-subseries Scope and Content Summary

This sub-subseries contains correspondence, reports, memoranda, inventories, and other material related to the financial operations of the college. Under "Buildings and construction," the researcher can find maps and floor plans of some of the buildings and property owned by the college. Correspondence related to donors and other development activity can be found under "Development, fundraising, and donations." Federal contracts and grants and other grant applications can be found under "Research and grants."

Sub-subseries Arrangement Note

These files are arranged alphabetically by topic.
box-folder 38:4

Auditor, 1965

box-folder 38:5

Bell, Grace regarding research costs, reports submitted to, 1957-1964

box-folder 38:6

Board of Trustees, 1962-1964


Buildings and construction


Basic Science Building

box-folder 38:7

Committee, 1964-1965

box-folder 38:8

Construction planning, 1964-1965

box-folder 38:9

Building and Campus Development Committee, 1964

box-folder 38:10

Buildings, 1961-1964

box-folder 38:11

Construction,1770 Sichel Street, 1964

box-folder 38:12

Floor plans, 1965

box-folder 38:13

Mora, Louis property 1722 1/2 Sichel Street, 1955-1957

box-folder 38:14

Oil station property deeds and correspondence, 1926-1940


Property papers

box-folder 38:15

Correspondence, 1969


Block 4

box-folder 38:16

Lot 10, 1832 Griffin Avenue, 1957

box-folder 38:17-20

Moulton's Addition, 1956-1957

box-folder 38:21-25

Block 8, Moulton's Addition, 1938-1969

box-folder 38:26-37

Block 9, Moulton's Addition, 1907-1963

box-folder 38:38-39

Tract 1324, 1948-1958

box-folder 38:40

Science and library building construction, 1937-1938

box-folder 38:41

Burial permits, 1922-1927

box-folder 38:46

Cadavers, 1941-1963

box-folder 38:42

Clinic and Rehabilitation Center income, 1961-1964

box-folder 38:43

Comptroller job description, 1965

box-folder 38:44

Croft, Richard D., 1964

box-folder 38:45

Department of the Interior reports, 1936-1940


Development, fundraising, and donations.

Scope and Contents note

Some of these files include worksheets from a records inventory conducted in 1968.
box-folder 39:1

Acknowledgment letters, 1966-1967


American Medical Association and California Medical Association

box-folder 39:2

Education and Research Foundation 1964-1965

box-folder 39:3

Student loans, 1962

box-folder 39:4

Auxiliary to Lambda Omicron Gamma, 1955-1956

box-folder 39:5

California Medical Education and Research Foundation, 1962-1968


COA Conjoined College Fund

box-folder 39:7

Correspondence, 1954-1960

box-folder 39:6

Educational Fund distribution statements and correspondence, 1953-1956

box-folder 39:8-9

Personnel statements and meeting minutes, 1954-1963

box-folder 39:10

Council for Tobacco Research, 1967-1968

box-folder 39:11

Davis Cancer Research, 1941-1950

box-folder 39:12

Douglas Aircraft, 1966-1968

box-folder 39:13

Emergency Fund, 1922-1924

box-folder 39:14

Endowment Fund subscribers, 1921-1938

box-folder 39:15

Essick (Bryant) Foundation, 1960-1968

box-folder 39:16

Estates, 1962-1965

box-folder 39:17

Falkenbach, K.H., 1967-1968

box-folder 39:18

Forty First Medical Society, 1964

box-folder 39:19

Foundations, correspondence, 1962-1964

box-folder 39:20

Fresno State College Foundation, 1966-1968

box-folder 39:21

Garland (L. Henry) Medical Memorial Fund, 1967-1968

box-folder 39:22

Garrison (Dr. Earle L.) Memorial Fund, 1955

box-folder 39:23

Gerdine Fund, 1961-1964

box-folder 39:24

Grunigen, Forest, 1968

box-folder 39:25

Halper (Louis M. and Birdie) Foundation, 1966-1968

box-folder 39:26

Harris, John V., 1966-1968

box-folder 39:27

Harris, Pauline L., 1966-1968

box-folder 39:28

Henley, W. Ballentine, 1961-1968

box-folder 39:29

Hermes Club, 1950-1964

box-folder 39:30

Holt, J. Frank, 1968

box-folder 39:31

Jameson (J.W. and Ida M.) Foundation, 1967-1968

box-folder 39:32

Kirkhill Foundation, 1955-1968

box-folder 39:33

Livingston (Rebecca Payne) Foundation, 1958

box-folder 39:34

Los Angeles County Medical Association Foundation for Medical Education, 1966-1968

box-folder 39:35

Macy (Josiah Jr.) Foundation, 1957-1968

box-folder 39:36

Monte Sano Memorial Foundation, 1966-1968

box-folder 39:37

National Defense Student Loan Fund, 1969

box-folder 39:38

Nutrilite Foundation, 1966-1968


Overall Fund contributors lists

box-folder 39:39


box-folder 39:40


box-folder 39:41

Phi Delta Epsilon Fraternity Foundation, 1967-1968

box-folder 39:42-46

Progress Fund (Expansion Account/Fund) monthly reports, 1945-1963

box-folder 39:47

Richards (Mabel Wilson) Scholarship Fund, 1964-1968

box-folder 39:48

Rockefeller Foundation, 1957-1968

box-folder 39:49

Scholarships, 1960-1961

box-folder 39:50

Sloan (Alfred P.) Foundation, 1957-1968

box-folder 39:51

Stuart (Elbridge) Foundation, 1956-1968

box-folder 39:52

Toni Company, 1964-1968

box-folder 39:53

Tors (Michael) Foundation, 1963-1968

box-folder 39:54

Woods, Basil estate, 1950

box-folder 39:55

World Geographic Society, 1967-1968

box-folder 40:1

Finance Committee minutes, 1962-1963

box-folder 40:2

Foreign study reports and accounts, 1957-1963


Henley, W. Ballentine

box-folder 40:3

Correspondence with, 1962-1964

box-folder 40:4

Reports submitted to, 1954-1957

box-folder 40:5

Incidental fees, 1954-1964


Inventories and supplies

box-folder 40:6-8

circa 1916-1948

box-folder 40:9

1944. Handwritten spiral notebook.

box-folder 40:10

1947. Typed.

box-folder 40:11

1963. Typed.

box-folder 40:12-13

Hypnotic and narcotic drugs, 1916-1961

box-folder 40:14

Liaison Committee on Medical Education, 1965



box-folder 40:15

Industrial accidents, medical testimony, 1961-1962

box-folder 40:16

Patient litigation, 1916-1917


Los Angeles County Hospital

box-folder 40:17

Contract, 1955-1960

box-folder 40:18

Minutes of LACH committees, 1955-1960

box-folder 40:19

Research program, 1955-1959


Memoranda from Comptroller

box-folder 40:20


box-folder 40:21


box-folder 40:22-25




box-folder 40:26

Annuities and retirement, 1964

box-folder 40:27

Employment lists and reports to California Labor Division, 1954-1960

box-folder 40:28

Instructors salaries, hours, and contracts, 1935-1939


Research and grants


Federal Contracts and Grants, (by principal investigator, director) 1952-1966

box-folder 41


box-folder 42


box-folder 43



Grant applications

box-folder 43:16

Dead applications, 1963-1965

box-folder 43:17

Neurology--Chemicals (James A. Orcutt), 1965

box-folder 43:18

Ultra-sound lasers, 1963

box-folder 43:19

Andrews, John, 1962-1963

box-folder 43:20

Bergquest, Lois M., 1962

box-folder 43:21

Brandt, Wilbur L., 1963

box-folder 43:22

Brandt, Wilbur L., and E. Wayne Hull, nuclear technology and life sciences, 1963

box-folder 43:23-27

Brown, Barbara, 1963

box-folder 43:28

Bruno, Anthony, 1962-1963

box-folder 43:29-31

Chavez, Margarito, 1963-1964

box-folder 43:32-33

Chu, David C., 1962-1963

box-folder 43:34

Daniel, Delmar J., 1963

box-folder 43:35

Davis, Earl, 1963

box-folder 43:36-41

Finkle, Raymond, 1962-1963

box-folder 43:42-43

Garcia, Eugene, 1962-1963

box-folder 43:44-45

Henstell, Henry, 1962-1963

box-folder 43:46-48

Hull, Wayne, 1960-1964

box-folder 43:49-50

Ibsen, Kennith H., 1962-1964

box-folder 43:51

Irwin, Lowel E., 1962-1963

box-folder 43:52

Iseri, Lloyd, 1961-1963

box-folder 43:53

Janiger, Oscar, 1963

box-folder 43:54

Lawrence, S.H., 1963

box-folder 43:55-58

Manos, Georgia, 1962-1963

box-folder 43:59-60

Masuoka, David, 1963

box-folder 43:61

McClure, James, 1963

box-folder 43:62

Orcutt, James A. and Glenn Gordon, 1963

box-folder 43:63

Orcutt, James A. and Margarito Chavez, 1964

box-folder 43:64-67

Orcutt, James A., 1962-1964

box-folder 43:68

Payne, David, 1962-1963

box-folder 43:69

Risch, Frank and Geza L. Vajda, 1963

box-folder 43:70-76

Searcy, Ronald, 1962-1963

box-folder 43:77-83

Simmers, Maurice, 1961-1963

box-folder 43:84

Stuart, Richard, 1963

box-folder 43:85

Surtshin, Adolph, 1962

box-folder 43:86-88

Teplitz, Raymond, 1961-1963

box-folder 43:89

Grant reports, 1963

box-folder 43:90

Health, Education, and Welfare research building grant application, 1959

box-folder 43:91

Retirement insurance surveys, 1956

box-folder 43:92

State Department of Education registration and reports, 1936-1948

box-folder 43:93

Tuition and fees, 1957-1961

box-folder 43:94

University of California, . 1964-1966

Scope and Contents note

Includes statistics, budget proposals, state allocations statements, and correspondence with the CCM comptroller.
box-folder 43:95

Veteran's Administration audit, 1953


Other administrative offices, . Subseries 2.7. 1941-1967

Physical Description: 0.7 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Series Scope and Content Summary

This subseries contains a small amount of material produced by two other COPS administrative offices, the Coordinator of Osteopathic Research and the Development Office. The researcher can also find material related to development in Sub-subseries 2.4.4. "Topical files" (President) under "Fund-raising" and in Sub-subseries 2.6.2. "Correspondence and topical files" (Comptroller) under "Development."

Subseries Arrangement Note

This subseries is arranged in alphabetical order by the name of the office.
box-folder 44:1

Coordinator of Osteopathic Research correspondence and reports, 1942-1954



box-folder 44:2

1960 to 1975: A fifteen year development program, circa 1960

box-folder 44:3

Ballot questioning faculty desire for new campus


Basic Science Building

box-folder 44:4

Construction grant application, draft, 1965

box-folder 44:5

Foundation investigation report, 1965

box-folder 44:6

Board of Trustees correspondence, 1965-1966

box-folder 44:7

Committee of Fifty correspondence and reports, 1941-1942


Daniel, Mann, Johnson and Mendenhall, Architects, correspondence, 1964-1966

box-folder 44:8

Correspondence, 1964-1966

box-folder 44:9

Preliminary planning requirements for a master site development plan for California College of Medicine, Los Angeles, California, 1963

box-folder 44:10

Detailed project program for improvement of facilities to accommodate interim operations, 1966

box-folder 44:11

Fallout shelters, 1961-1962


Floor plans and maps

box-folder 44:12

Analysis of department areas and floor plans, 1966

box-folder 44:13

Square footage, and s 1963 circa 1960

box-folder 44:14-15

Livingston Research Building, 1960-1962

box-folder 44:16

Office of College Development correspondence, budgets and reports, 1956-1965

box-folder 44:17

Preliminary planning requirements for a master site development plan, 1963

box-folder 44:18-21

Progress Fund

box-folder 44:18

Agendas, correspondence, reports, etc., 1943-1945

box-folder 44:19

Manuals, s circa 1940

box-folder 44:20

One-Hundred Dollar a Year Club reports and correspondence, 1943-1947

box-folder 44:21

Solicitations, 1947-1952

box-folder 44:22

Renovation projects, 1964-1967

box-folder 44:23

Report of endowment needs of the COPS, 1943


Staff, . Subseries 2.8. 1942-1961

Physical Description: 0.1 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Subseries Scope and Content Summary

This subseries contains memoranda produced by the COPS staff organization.

Subseries Arrangement Note

The material is arranged chronologically.
box-folder 44:24

Organization memoranda, 1942-1961


Support groups, . Subseries 2.9. 1941-1968

Physical Description: 0.2 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Subseries Scope and Content Summary

This subseries documents four of the COPS support groups. The files include such material as correspondence, memoranda, minutes, clippings, and bylaws.

Subseries Arrangement Note

This subseries is arranged alphabetically by the name of the organization.

Associated Alumni

box-folder 44:25

Associated Alumni correspondence and memoranda, . 1941-1967

Scope and Contents note

Includes photograph of Hermon H. Schlossberg, President.
box-folder 44:26

Friends of the COPS bylaws, minutes and rosters, 1952-1953 and undated


Hermes Club (women's auxiliary), 1950-1959

box-folder 44:27

Correspondence, 1950-1959

box-folder 44:28-44:30


box-folder 44:28


box-folder 44:29

Enclosures, circa 1950-circa 1959

box-folder 44:30

Rosters, 1951-1955

box-folder 44:31

Clippings, 1951-1953

box-folder 44:32

Parents Guild of COPS, bylaws, 1968


Research and Teaching, Series 3. 1896-1970

Physical Description: 19.3 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series documents the research, creative activities, study, and teaching of individuals and related departments of Pacific College of Osteopathy (PCO), Los Angeles College of Osteopathy (LACO), College of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons (COPS), and CCM. Highlights of this series include the teaching materials and writings of faculty in Subseries 3.1. "Faculty" and the student records in Subseries 3.4. "Students/Registrar."

Series Arrangement Note

This series is divided into four subseries:
Subseries 3.1. Faculty, 1899-1970. 3.9 linear feet.
Subseries 3.2. Academic units, centers, and institutes, 1909-1965. 0.8 linear feet.
Subseries 3.3. Librarian, 1914-1967. 2.0 linear feet.
Subseries 3.4. Students/Registrar, 1896-1967. 12.6 linear feet.

Faculty, Subseries 3.1. 1899-1970

Physical Description: 3.9 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Subseries Scope and Content Summary

This subseries documents the administrative, teaching, and creative activities of the faculty of the college. The researcher may also be interested in the grant contracts and applications by COPS faculty in Sub-subseries 2.6.2. Correspondence and topical files (Comptroller) under Research and grants and the photographs, biographies, and obituaries of faculty members in Series 7. Photographs.

Subseries Arrangement Note

This subseries is divided into five sub-subseries:
Sub-subseries 3.1.1. Administration, 1899-1968. 0.4 linear feet.
Sub-subseries 3.1.2. Basic science faculty, 1929-1962. 0.1 linear feet.
Sub-subseries 3.1.3. Course materials, 1899-1966. 1.2 linear feet.
Sub-subseries 3.1.4. Faculty reprints, 1904-1970. 1.2 linear feet.
Sub-subseries 3.1.5. Other creative products, circa 1910s-1955. 1.0 linear feet.

Administration, Sub-subseries 3.1.1. 1899-1968

Physical Description: 0.4 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Sub-subseries Scope and Content Summary

The Administration sub-subseries comprises material regarding the self-governance, administration, and events of the faculty of the college. It includes bylaws, meeting minutes, and a manual, as well as minutes and reports of various committees composed of faculty members.

Sub-subseries Arrangement Note

These materials are arranged alphabetically by type of material.


box-folder 45:1

, circa 1900 1945

box-folder 45:2

"A statement of the basic osteopathic principles of the College of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons,", circa 1930s



box-folder 45:3

Administrative Cabinet, meeting minutes, 1962-1965

box-folder 45:4

Admissions and Credentials Committee, 1953-1961

box-folder 45:5

Bookstore Committee, 1945-1946

box-folder 29:5

Credentials Committee, meeting minutes, 1928-1935

Conditions Governing Access note

Restricted until January 1, 2010.
box-folder 45:6

Curriculum and Educational Policy, Committee on. Report to the faculty of the UCI CCM regarding a proposed new curriculum, 1968

box-folder 45:7

Davis Cancer Treatment Program, Sub-Committee of the Administrative Cabinet Appointed to Investigate the, 1945-1950

box-folder 45:8

Educational Committee, meeting minutes, 1927-1934

box-folder 45:9-14

Executive Committee, meeting minutes, 1940-1961

box-folder 45:15

Library Committee, 1939-1946

box-folder 45:16

Visual Education Committee, 1940-1943

box-folder 45:17

Committee rosters, 1959-1963



box-folder 45:18

Semi-Centennial Program seminars, 1946

box-folder 45:19

Faculty Symposium, 1954

box-folder 45:20

Faculty Institute, and 1956 1960

box-folder 45:21

Hours taught at California colleges of medicine, 1943-1948

box-folder 45:22

Manual, [1951]

box-folder 45:23-45:25, 29:6

Meeting minutes

box-folder 45:23

. 1899-1914

Physical Description: 1 bound volume and 1 folder.

Scope and Contents note

Includes enclosures.
box-folder 45:24

. 1936-1958

Scope and Contents note

Includes agendas and announcements.

Basic science faculty, Sub-subseries 3.1.2. 1929-1962

Physical Description: 0.1 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Sub-subseries Scope and Content Summary

These files include minutes and memoranda of the basic science faculty, who were often M.D.s or PhDs rather than osteopaths. The meeting minutes include discussion of individual students, and are therefore restricted for 75 years.

Sub-subseries Arrangement Note

This sub-subseries is arranged alphabetically by type of material.
box-folder 29:6

Meeting minutes, . 1929-1932

Conditions Governing Access note

Restricted until January 1, 2007.
box-folder 45:25

Memoranda, . 1959-1962


Course materials, Sub-subseries 3.1.3. 1899-1966

Physical Description: 1.2 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Sub-subseries Scope and Content Summary

This sub-subseries includes examinations, manuals, schedules, syllabi, and textbook lists created by the faculty in support of their courses. The researcher should consult Subseries 3.2. Academic units, centers, and institutes under Graduate School for material related to graduate school courses.

Sub-subseries Arrangement Note

These files are arranged alphabetically by type of material.
box-folder 45:26-45:29


box-folder 45:26


box-folder 45:27


box-folder 45:28

1960-61 1967 and undated

box-folder 45:29

National Cancer Knowledge Achievement examination, 1956

box-folder 46:1-46:23


box-folder 46:1

Andrews, J.M. Manual of basic osteopathic manipulative technics, 1955

box-folder 46:2

Andrews, J.M. Manual of manipulative techniques, 1959

box-folder 46:3

Andrews, J.M. Student's manual: General Osteopathic Clinic, 1952

box-folder 46:4

Bowling, W.L. Atlas of nerve paths, 1909

box-folder 46:5

Brandt, Wilbur L. A laboratory manual of human physiology, . 1959

Scope and Contents note

Includes student notes by Joan Marle Duncan.
box-folder 46:6

Chandler, Louis C. Clinical toxicology, . 1916

Scope and Contents note

Copy of W.W.W. Pritchard.
box-folder 46:7

Collinge, P.T. Ophthalmology, [1924]

box-folder 46:8

Collinge, P.T. ed. Osteopathic manipulative therapy, 1949

box-folder 46:9

Collins, Bruce S. Los Angeles College tecnique, circa 1930s

box-folder 46:10

Davis, J.E. Physiology study manual, 1948

box-folder 46:11

Department of Anatomy. Neuroanatomy anatomy dissection manual, circa 1949

box-folder 46:12

Edwards, Harold T. The how book of osteopathic technique, 1945

box-folder 46:13

Forbes, Harry W. Notes on osteopathic "technique," 1914.

Scope and Contents note

Notes from Dr. Forbes' lectures, compiled by L.D. Reeks.
box-folder 46:14

Forbes, Harry W. Vertebral lesions and their correction, circa 1910s

box-folder 46:15

Lowe. Lab manual, circa 1950s

box-folder 46:16

Paseman, Fred H. Laboratory manual of biochemistry, 1951

box-folder 46:17

Perry, Ann Evelyn. Outline of psychology and psychoanalysis, 1930

box-folder 46:18

Pritchard, William W.W. Anatomy dissection manual, 1935

box-folder 46:19

Pritchard, William W.W. and Litton. Dr. Pritchard's technic notes and Litton's revisions, 1939

box-folder 46:20

Pritchard, William W.W. and Robert C. Ruenitz. Manual of basic technic, undated. "For use in undergraduate laboratory course in Manipulative Osteopathic Technic."

box-folder 46:21

Rehman, Irving. Surgical anatomy: A guide to its laboratory study, 1944

box-folder 46:22

Spencer, Jennie C. Notes on gynecology, . 1912

Physical Description: 2 annotated copies.
Physical Description: no content

Scope and Contents note

Notes from Dr. Spencer's lectures compiled by Harry P. Bloxham.
box-folder 46:23

Woods, Basil. Laboratory manual: Department of Histology, 1942



box-folder 45:30-32

Class schedules, , , 1913/14 1938/39 1946-1965

box-folder 45:33

Faculty schedules, 1945-1964

box-folder 45:34

Final examination schedules, 1947-1966

box-folder 45:35

Orientation week schedules, 1948-1965



box-folder 45:36-37


box-folder 45:38

Ophthalmology and pathology courses, Charles A. Blind, circa 1920s

box-folder 45:39

Pathology 401, 1955-1961

box-folder 45:40

Professional Ethics, GM 403, W. Ballentine Henley, 1960

box-folder 45:41

Required coursework, comparison between 1907 and 1914, circa 1914


Textbook lists

box-folder 45:42-45


box-folder 45:46

Department of Physiology, and 1953 1957


Administration, Sub-subseries 3.1.4. 1904-1970

Physical Description: 1.2 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Sub-subseries Scope and Content Summary

This sub-subseries contains reprints of articles and pamphlets written by faculty members of the college. The articles mostly concern osteopathic topics, and were generally first published in osteopathic journals, especially the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association. Some of the files also contain curriculum vitae or bibliographies, which are indicated herein.

Sub-subseries Arrangement Note

This sub-subseries is arranged alphabetically by the surname of the faculty member.
box-folder 46:24

Amussen, J.S., , 1904 1926

box-folder 46:25

Andrews, John M., 1955-1966

box-folder 46:26

Bailey, K. Grosvenor, 1932-1961

box-folder 46:27

Beckwith, Hermon E., circa 1929

box-folder 46:28

Bell, Grace B., 1942

box-folder 46:29

Bellis, Carroll J., . circa 1957

Scope and Contents note

Includes c.v.
box-folder 46:30

Bergquist, Lois M., 1959-1964

box-folder 47:1

Berk, J. Edward, 1963-1967

box-folder 47:2

Billig, Harvey E., 1943-1945

box-folder 47:3

Blind, Charles A., 1929-1933

box-folder 47:4

Bogen, J.E., 1965

box-folder 47:5

Bondies, William C., 1936

box-folder 47:6

Bornstein, Jerome L., 1959

box-folder 47:7

Brant, John W.A., 1957

box-folder 47:8

Brigham, Fleda Margaret, 1937

box-folder 47:9-10

Brigham, W. Curtis, , 1931 1953

box-folder 47:11

Brill, Morris M., 1946

box-folder 47:12

Brostrom, Edward E., 1935

box-folder 47:13

Brothers, Maxwell R., 1957

box-folder 47:14

Brown, May M., circa 1940s

box-folder 47:15

Brubaker, Merlin L., 1958-1966

box-folder 47:16

Burns, Louisa, . 1913-1948

Scope and Contents note

Includes bibliography.
box-folder 47:17

Carlucci, J.S., 1961-1962

box-folder 47:18

Caylor, Glen D., circa 1930s

box-folder 47:19

Chan, David, 1964

box-folder 47:20

Chandler, Louis C., 1927-1948

box-folder 47:21

Cheverton, William G., 1961

box-folder 47:22

Cole, W.V., 1948-1960

box-folder 47:23

Collins, Bruce S., 1936

box-folder 47:24

Comstock, John Adam, . 1957-1966

Scope and Contents note

Includes bibliography.
box-folder 47:25

Congdon, Earl E., [1942]

box-folder 47:26

Conner, W.J., 1926

box-folder 47:27

Cornish, Robert E., 1944

box-folder 47:28

Cowell, H. Stanley, 1958-1959

box-folder 47:29

Cressaty, Margaret, 1948

box-folder 47:30

D'Ablaing, Gerrit, 1959

box-folder 47:31

Daniel, D.J., 1959

box-folder 47:32

Davis, James E., 1937-1944

box-folder 47:33

Davis, W. Harriet, 1960

box-folder 47:34

Davis, Earl A., 1955

box-folder 47:35

Dearden, Lyle C., 1966

box-folder 47:36

Deason, Wilborn J., undated

box-folder 47:37

Downing, Harrison Carter, 1936-1946

box-folder 47:38

Dunn, I. Jay, 1961

box-folder 47:39

Dunning, J.J., , 1935 1940

box-folder 47:40

Earle, Robert W., 1959

box-folder 47:41

Edelstein, Morris M., 1952-1961

box-folder 47:42

Fahey, John F., 1957

box-folder 47:43

Edmiston, T. Burton, c. 1930s

box-folder 47:44

Faires, Lucius B., 1958

box-folder 47:45

Farmer, Frank C., 1924-1927

box-folder 47:46

Gaddis, C.J., 1926-1928

box-folder 47:47

Gadwa, M.E., 1940

box-folder 47:48

Geddes, David D., 1958

box-folder 47:49

Gillet, Clyde F., 1952

box-folder 47:50

Goldstein, M.B., 1960-1966

box-folder 47:51

Goodfellow, W.V., 1919-1939

box-folder 47:52

Gordon, Andrew R.M., 1936

box-folder 47:53

Gordon, Glenn F., 1962-1964

box-folder 47:54

Gore, Clair E., 1954

box-folder 47:55

Hatfield, J. Gordon, 1944

box-folder 47:56

Greene, Robert A., 1951-1955

box-folder 47:57

Hood, James Edgar, 1956

box-folder 47:58

Howe, J. Willoughby, circa 1932

box-folder 47:59

Hull, E. Wayne, 1963

box-folder 47:60

Israel, Morris, circa 1938

box-folder 47:61

Janiger, Oscar, , 1959 1972

box-folder 47:62

Jung, Ralph C., 1960

box-folder 47:63

Kaplan, Milton T., 1952-1970

box-folder 47:64

Keyes, Leslie S., 1926

box-folder 47:65

Kinosita, Riojun, 1959

box-folder 47:66

Kovner, Victor, 1958

box-folder 47:67

LeClere, Mary L., 1922-1936

box-folder 47:68

Love, Julian, 1963

box-folder 47:69

Low, E.M.Y., 1964

box-folder 47:70

Madsen, William F., 1936

box-folder 47:71

Magrill, Robert, 1955

box-folder 47:72

Merrill, Edward S., 1925-1935

box-folder 47:73

Meyers, Thomas J., , 1949 1953

box-folder 47:74

Mines, Julian Lansing, 1945

box-folder 47:75

Morehouse, Laurence E., 1957

box-folder 47:76

Morris, Wade H., 1936

box-folder 47:77

Nettleship, Raymond, 1939

box-folder 47:78

Nye, C.L., 1936

box-folder 47:79

Oliver, Clifford C., 1936

box-folder 47:80

Orcutt, James A., 1963-1964

box-folder 47:81

Ousdal, Asbjorn P., circa 1922-1949

box-folder 47:82

Pessis, Jack, 1957

box-folder 47:83

Pettigrew, A.L., 1959

box-folder 47:84

Phinney, Carle H., 1932

box-folder 47:85

Pierson, William R., . 1959-1963

Scope and Contents note

Includes bibliography.
box-folder 47:86

Plenk, Andreas, . In German. 1953

box-folder 47:87

Pritchard, William W.W., 1934-1941

box-folder 47:88

Rambo, Golden, , 1937 1954

box-folder 47:89

Rasch, Philip, 1954-1963

box-folder 47:90

Rice, Ralph W., 1934

box-folder 47:91

Riley, Thomas L., 1956

box-folder 47:92

Ruddy, Thomas J., 1942

box-folder 47:93

Roitz, Antone J., 1960

box-folder 47:94

Rumsey, Anne, 1958

box-folder 47:95

Schaub, Richard A., 1939

box-folder 47:96

Schmelzel, George F., 1938

box-folder 47:97

Schuck, John A., circa 1953

box-folder 47:98

Searcy, Ronald L., 1959-1965

box-folder 47:99

Sechrist, William T., . 1950

Scope and Contents note

box-folder 47:100

Shneidman, Arthur P., 1958-1960

box-folder 47:101

Simmers, Maurice H., 1929-1965

box-folder 47:102

Sorrentino, Frank, 1961

box-folder 47:103

Southern California Cancer Center, 1968

box-folder 47:104

Spencer, Charles H., 1925-[1932]

box-folder 47:105

Spencer, Jennie C., 1922

box-folder 47:106

Steinberg, M.S., 1956

box-folder 47:107

Stratton, John S., 1923

box-folder 47:108

Stuart, Richard R., , 1924 [1951]-1962

box-folder 47:109

Tasker, Dain L., 1924

box-folder 47:110

Taylor, Lawrence H., 1963

box-folder 47:111

Teplitz, Raymond L., , 1963 1965

box-folder 47:112

Thompson, Morris J., 1937

box-folder 47:113

Tweed, Homer N., 1926-1927

box-folder 47:114

Tweed, Laura P., 1930

box-folder 47:115

Udall, John A., 1966

box-folder 47:116

Ujihira, Ichiro, 1963-1964

box-folder 47:117

Vogel, P.J., 1965

box-folder 47:118

Vollbrecht, W.J., 1926

box-folder 47:119

Watson, James M., [1931]

box-folder 47:120

Woodall, Percy, 1919

box-folder 47:121

Wray, Alfons I., . 1936-1938

Scope and Contents note

Includes photograph.

Other creative products, Sub-subseries 3.1.5. 1910s-1955.

Physical Description: 1 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Sub-subseries Scope and Content Summary

These publications were written by members of the faculty.

Sub-subseries Arrangement Note

This sub-subseries is arranged alphabetically by the surname of the author or by the title of the work, when the author is unknown.
box-folder 49:1

Brigham, W.C., surgery lectures, 1926

box-folder 49:2

Burns, Louisa. Preliminary report of statistical cards, 1950

box-folder 49:3

Dunning, J.J., research on the osteopathic lesion, 1942

box-folder 49:4

Forbes' notes on technique: occipital lesions, circa 1930s

box-folder 49:5

Landone, Leon Elbert. Scientific lessons on perfect foods, circa 1930s

box-folder 48

Ousdal, A.P. osteopathy newspaper column clippings, . 1928-1933

Physical Description: 2 Volumes
Physical Description: no content
box-folder 49:6

Pritchard, William W.W. Mechanism of body balance fragment, . circa 1940s

Scope and Contents note

Includes fragments of other, unidentified works.
box-folder 49:7

Pritchard, William W.W. and Laurence Morehouse. Regulations and procedures governing research for use by the College of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons, 1955

box-folder 49:8

Reimer, George. Drawing, "Dislocation of the hip joint," circa 1910s

box-folder 49:9

Some effects of bony lesions, circa 1935


Academic units, centers and institutes, Subseries 3.2. 1909-1965

Physical Description: 0.8 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Subseries Scope and Content Summary

This subseries includes correspondence, reports, syllabi, schedules, and other material produced by the research and teaching units of the colleges.

Subseries Arrangement Note

This material is arranged alphabetically by the name of the unit.

Cancer Research Laboratories

box-folder 49:10

Yearbook/research report, 1949

box-folder 49:11

Department of Anatomy, correspondence regarding cadavers, 1952


Department of Biochemistry

box-folder 49:12

Correspondence, 1957

box-folder 49:13

Schedules, circa 1953-1963


Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation / Department of Osteopathic Therapeutics and Rehabilitation

box-folder 49:14

Correspondence and reports, 1962-1963 1965

box-folder 49:15

Correspondence and syllabi, 1952-1953

box-folder 49:16

Grant applications, 1961-1964

box-folder 49:17

Proposal, CCM: A development plan, 1962


Pritchard, William W.W.

box-folder 49:18

Miscellaneous, . 1954-1958 and undated

Scope and Contents note

Includes Rehabilitation Center materials.
box-folder 49:19

Keesecker, R.P., editor of The journal of the AOA, correspondence, 1954-1958

box-folder 49:20

Department of Psychiatry, clippings and syllabi, , undated, 1950


General Osteopathic Clinic

box-folder 49:21

Clinic reports, 1909-1913

box-folder 49:22

Dedication, correspondence and programs, 1951

box-folder 49:23

Osteopathic manipulative technique, reports and memoranda, 1942-1950

box-folder 49:24

Policies, 1950-1955

box-folder 49:25

Polio research, scripts and reports, 1936


Graduate School



box-folder 49:26

Librarian's file, . 1949-1958

Scope and Contents note

Includes memoranda and correspondence.


box-folder 49:27

Graduate education planning, 1945

box-folder 49:28

"Rules of the Graduate School of the COPS," undated


Course materials

box-folder 49:29

Class rolls, and 1944 1947-1962


Course notebooks. Contents generally include such materials as syllabi, lecture schedule, publicity, photographs, class rolls, correspondence, and lecture preparation materials. May have been compiled for Edward Abbott, Dean of the Graduate School.

box-folder 49:30

Ambulant proctology, 1945

box-folder 49:31

Eye, ear, nose, and throat, Summer 1943


General medicine

box-folder 49:32

Summer 1945

box-folder 49:33

Winter 1946


General surgery

box-folder 49:34

Summer 1942

box-folder 49:35

Summer 1943

box-folder 49:36

Winter 1944

box-folder 49:37

Winter circa 1944

box-folder 49:38

Winter 1945

box-folder 49:39

Summer 1945

box-folder 49:40

Winter 1946

box-folder 49:41

Summer 1946

box-folder 49:42

Osteopathic technique, Winter 1946

box-folder 49:43

Pathology conferences, 1943-1944

box-folder 49:44

Portland extension postgraduate course, 1946

box-folder 49:45

Postgraduate short courses, Fall 1947

box-folder 49:46-47

Schedules, . 1947-1955

box-folder 49:48

Summer session, 1944

box-folder 49:49

Syllabi, 1947

box-folder 49:50

Institute of Tropical Diseases bylaws, roster and prospectus, 1943

box-folder 49:51

Rehabilitation Center, correspondence, reports and memoranda, 1944-circa 1960s

box-folder 49:52

Tumor Tissue Registry, Cancer Commission, COA--COPS, 1960-1962


Librarian, . Subseries 3.3. 1914-1967

Physical Description: 2 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Subseries Scope and Content Summary

This subseries documents the activities of the COPS and CCM librarian. The librarian figures prominently in California College of Medicine Records because she maintained many of the records in the collection, and her influence can be seen throughout. The part of the collection for which she probably never served as caretaker is the President's records, which most likely came to the UCI Libraries directly from that office. The material comprises topical files, including policies, statistics, reports, and correspondence.

Subseries Arrangement Note

These files are arranged alphabetically by topic.


box-folder 50:1

Checklist for AOA union list of osteopathic books, 1955-1960

box-folder 50:2

"Descriptions and identification of instruments, etc. now in storage in North Hall," 1967

box-folder 50:3

Lists, 1915-1947

box-folder 50:4

Location chart, circa 1940s

box-folder 50:5-6

Periodicals received, 1954-1963



Scope and Contents note

Includes correspondence related to memorial gifts to the library and some biographies.
box-folder 50:7

Carroll, Vincent P., Jr., 1962

box-folder 50:8

Gerdine, L. van Horn, 1959-1960

box-folder 50:9

Jenney, William W., 1962

box-folder 50:10

Litton, Harold E., 1944

box-folder 50:11

Livingston, Rebecca Payne, 1963

box-folder 50:12

McHenry, Troy L., 1957-1967

box-folder 50:13

Wells, Clyde (Mrs. C. Stillman), 1950-1952

box-folder 50:14

Miscellaneous, 1945-1954


Policy and procedures

box-folder 50:15

Faculty manual, 1958

box-folder 50:16

Procedures manual, 1954

box-folder 50:17

Rules, 1960


Reports and statistics

box-folder 50:18-19

Budget and reports, 1933-1963

box-folder 50:20

Research record/circulation statistics, 1937-1943

box-folder 50:21

Statistics, circa 1925-1961

box-folder 50:22

Volunteer time records, 1954-1965


Topical correspondence

box-folder 50:23

American Osteopathic Association, 1939-1944

box-folder 50:24

Applications, 1945

box-folder 50:25

Archives, 1967

box-folder 50:26

Associated Colleges, 1939-1945

box-folder 50:27

Association of Osteopathic Publications, 1941-1944

box-folder 50:28

Basic science faculty seminars, 1964-1966

box-folder 50:29

Bibliographies, by subject, circa 1939-circa 1943

box-folder 50:30

Board of Osteopathic Examiners test questions, 1944-1954

box-folder 50:31

Board of Trustees members, 1914-1946

box-folder 50:32

Bookstore textbook lists, 1962-1964

box-folder 50:33

Bookplate designs, 1942

box-folder 50:34-35


box-folder 50:34


box-folder 50:35

Planning for the new library building, 1964

box-folder 50:36

California Physicians Credit Union, 1965-1967

box-folder 50:37

Christmas party, 1962-1966

box-folder 50:38

College and University Librarians, 1943-1946

box-folder 50:39

Collinge, P.T., 1938

box-folder 50:40

Commencement service, 1962-1963

box-folder 51:1-9


box-folder 51:1-3

Audiovisual Committee, 1940-1947

box-folder 51:4

Citizen's Committee for "Yes" on Proposition 2, 1966

box-folder 51:5

Founders' Day Committee, 1962-1965

box-folder 51:6

Graduate School Library Committee, 1945

box-folder 51:7

Library Committee, 1949-1967

box-folder 51:8

Research Committee, 1962-1963

box-folder 51:9

Textbook Committee, 1942-1945

box-folder 51:10

Conferring of M.D. degrees, . 1962

Scope and Contents note

Includes program and "Joint statement of California Medical Association, California Osteopathic Association, and California College of Medicine regarding M.D. degrees to be issued by California College of Medicine."
box-folder 51:11

Dedications, 1944-1945



box-folder 51:12

Clarke memorial, 1943

box-folder 51:13-15

Gifts, 1936-1966

box-folder 51:16

Endowment, and 1944 1952-1965

box-folder 51:17

Goodefellow memorial, 1944

box-folder 51:18

Library Associates, 1944

box-folder 51:19

Los Angeles Osteopathic Surgical Society, 1941-1946

box-folder 51:20-21

Memorials, 1948-1965

box-folder 51:22

Monte Sano Hospital, 1937-1939

box-folder 51:23

South Side Osteopathic Society, and 1938 1941

box-folder 51:24

Faculty Wives' Tea, 1964

box-folder 51:25

Fiftieth anniversary, 1946

box-folder 51:26

Friends of the Library, 1942-1946

box-folder 51:27-32

General correspondence, 1937-1954


Henley, W. Ballentine

box-folder 51:33

Correspondence, circa 1942-1947

box-folder 51:34

Memoranda, 1962-1966

box-folder 51:35

Instruction, undated

box-folder 51:36

Libraries, correspondence with other librarians, 1936-1947

box-folder 51:37

LA County Board of Supervisors' resolution to make land available to CCM, . 1966

Scope and Contents note

Includes photograph of Supervisors and CCM trustees.
box-folder 51:38

Medical history course, circa 1936

box-folder 51:39

Memoranda, 1965-1967

box-folder 51:40

Name changes, 1962-1965

box-folder 51:41

Open house, and 1945 1960

box-folder 51:42

Osteopathy, definitions of, 1921-1941

box-folder 51:43

Other osteopathic schools, correspondence with, 1937-1944

box-folder 51:44

Other osteopathic libraries, correspondence with, 1938-1946

box-folder 51:45

Special Libraries Association, Southern California chapter, 1939-1941

box-folder 51:46

Students, 1937-1951

box-folder 51:47

Tournament of Roses, Pasadena, souvenir program, . 1924

Scope and Contents note

Includes photo and description of COPS float.
box-folder 51:48

Wells, Benjamin D., Dean, 1963


Students/Registrar, . Subseries 3.4. 1896-1967

Physical Description: 12.6 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Series Scope and Content Summary

This subseries includes material produced by individual students and student groups, and material written about individual students, particularly by the registrar, but also by faculty members. As such, some of the records in this subseries are restricted. All four schools are represented. An alphabetical list of student names found in the student records can be found at the beginning of the subseries.

Subseries Arrangement Note

The material is arranged alphabetically by topic or type of material.
box-folder 52:1

Alphabetical list of student names found in the official student records, created by UCI Special Collections staff, s circa 1980


Attendance records, grade books, and registrar's records


1896-1914: PCO

box-folder 52:2

Correspondence regarding student standing, 1910

box-folder 52:3

Credit and term reports, s circa 1900

box-folder 52:4

Exam results, 1914

box-folder 52:5

Matriculation fee certificates, . 1896

Physical Description: 5 items.
Physical Description: no content
box-folder 52:6

Scholarship and agreement certificates, 1900

box-folder 52

Student records, . 1909-1913

Physical Description: 2 bound volumes and 2 sets of unbound cards.
box-folder 52:7

Loose papers from student records, 1909-1914


1904-1914: LACO

box-folder 52

Student records, . 1907-1914

Physical Description: 2 Volumes
Physical Description: no content

Recitation records. Arranged by instructor.

box-folder 53:1-2

Bowling, R.W., 1907-1913 and undated

box-folder 53:3

Brigham, W. Curtis, 1909-1910 and undated

box-folder 53:4

Campbell, R.A., 1912-1913

box-folder 53:5

Chaffee, Alice B., undated

box-folder 53:6

Clark, John M., 1912-1913 and undated

box-folder 53:7

Copeland, G.H., 1910-1914 and undated

box-folder 53:8

Erwin, Charles H., 1907

box-folder 53:9-10

Forbes, Harry W., 1907-1913 and undated

box-folder 53:11

Freestone, J.W., 1914 and undated

box-folder 53:12

Goodfellow, Ferd, 1907-1908

box-folder 53:13

Goodfellow, Walter V., undated

box-folder 53:14

Hammett, Charles A., 1907

box-folder 53:15

McNaughton, J.A., 1909 and undated

box-folder 53:16

Reed, H. Earl, undated

box-folder 53:17

Reynolds, S. Blanche

box-folder 53:18

Ring, Merritt, 1910-1915 and undated

box-folder 53:19

Ruddy, Thomas J., 1909-1913 and undated

box-folder 53:20

Spencer, Charles H., 1905-1914

box-folder 53:21-22

Spencer, Jennie, 1907-1914 and undated

box-folder 53:23

Sprague, Norman F., 1911-1913 and undated

box-folder 54:1-2

Turney, Dayton, 1911-1914 and undated

box-folder 54:3

White, L.T., undated

box-folder 54:4

Young, F.P., 1910

box-folder 54:6-7

Unidentified, 1905-1913 and undated


1914-1962: COPS

box-folder 55

Student record cards, 1-540 1914-1925

box-folder 56

Grade books, . circa 1917-1928

Physical Description: 27 Volumes
Physical Description: no content

Student records, s and s. 1930 1940

Scope and Contents note

Includes grades, personal information, applications, diplomas, etc.

Conditions Governing Access note

Restricted until January 1, 2024.
box-folder 60

Nos. 22-955

box-folder 57

Nos. 951-1100

box-folder 58

Nos. 1101-1254

box-folder 59

Nos. 1255-1727

box-folder 61

Nos. 1729-1885

box-folder 62

Nos. 1886-2088

box-folder 63

Nos. 2089-2199

box-folder 30

Attendance records, . 1942-1947

Conditions Governing Access note

Restricted until January 1, 2022.
box-folder 30:11-14

Postgraduate courses, 1942-1947

box-folder 30:15

Saturday symposia, 1942

box-folder 64:1-7

Associated Student Body agendas, minutes, and rosters, 1963-1967

box-folder 64:1

Constitution, By-Laws and the Manual of Precedents and Traditions of the Officers and Executive Council of the Associated Students of the COPS , undated

box-folder 64:2

Elections material, 1957 and undated



box-folder 64:3

. 1921-1924

Physical Description: 1 volume.
Physical Description: no content
box-folder 64:4

. Excerpts. 1932-1933

box-folder 64:5

and 1933 1937

box-folder 64:6

. 1963-1967

Scope and Contents note

Includes agendas and rosters.
box-folder 64:7

Student Health Program proposal, 1958


Clinic records, 1906-1928

box-folder 54:5

Clinic registration records, 1906-1910 and undated

box-folder 66:1

New patient assignments, undated

box-folder 66:2-4

Treatments performed by students, circa 1925-1927

box-folder 66:5

Treatments performed by students, reports from Department of Health, 1925-1928

box-folder 64:8

Cortex yearbook budgets and subscription information, 1958-1962



box-folder 64:9

Interfraternity Council constitution and bylaws, undated

box-folder 64:10

Eta Nu Chi rosters, 1926-1936

box-folder 64:11

Iota Tau Sigma rosters, and . 1935 circa 1951

General note

See also Photographs.
box-folder 64:12

Kappa Psi Delta manuscript sheet music and certificates, 1917-1924

box-folder 64:13

Sigma Sigma Phi minutes, yearbook, correspondence and rosters, 1937-1959


Freshman information letters.

Scope and Contents note

Includes admissions essays.
box-folder 54:8-15

, and 1949-1951 1953 1955-1958

box-folder 64:14

License checks from registrar to out-of-state medical licensing boards, 1962

box-folder 64:15

"Our own COPS" sheet music, 1916

box-folder 64:16

Pasadena Tournament of Roses float entry, . Program. 1924


Photo books. Compiled by the Registrar for use of the faculty in recognizing students.

box-folder 65:1-3

Class of , , and 1955 1951 1953 1954

box-folder 65:4

Class of , 1956 1952

box-folder 65:5

Class of , 1957 1953

box-folder 65:6

Class of , 1958 1954

box-folder 65:7

Class of , 1959 1955

box-folder 65:8

Class of , 1960 1956

box-folder 65:9

Class of , 1961 1957

box-folder 65:10

Class of , 1962 1958

box-folder 65:11

Class of , 1963 1959

box-folder 65:12

Class of , 1965 1961


Registrar administrative files

box-folder 65:13

Commencement announcements from Registrar, . 1945-1961

Scope and Contents note

Includes location of each commencement program.
box-folder 65:14

Graduation lists, . 1957

Scope and Contents note

Includes classes from 1897 to 1957.
box-folder 65:15

Graduation requirements, s circa 1920

box-folder 65:16

McNerney, Robert J., Registrar, biographical information, circa 1965

box-folder 64:17

Singleton Essay Contest rules and correspondence, 1944-1945


Student notes and coursework. Arranged by student name.


Anatomy Notes Committee of the Class of . 1966

Scope and Contents note

Copies of Donald Plumb '68.
box-folder 66:6

Trimester I: Extremities, c. . Notebook. 1967

box-folder 66:7

Trimester II: Head and Neck, c. . Notebook. 1967

box-folder 66:8

Trimester III: Thorax and Abdomen, c. . Notebook. 1967

box-folder 66:9

Chambers, Bob. Experiment reports, c. . 1965

box-folder 66

Chu, David Chi-Yen. The Mode of Action and Interrelationship between Lipids and Antigens: Their Effect on the Solubility of Antigens and the Production of Antibodies , COPS dissertation, . 1961

box-folder 29:7

Davis, Clifford. Histology examinations, . 1930

Conditions Governing Access note

Restricted until January 1, 2005.
box-folder 66

Deutsch, S.F. Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding Etiology, Diagnosis and Evaluation of Therapy, COPS dissertation, . 1949


Gilman, William L.

box-folder 66:10

Biochemistry laboratory experiments, c. . Notebook. 1927

box-folder 66:11, 66:12

Notes taken in classes at Des Moines Still College of Osteopathy, circa 1926

box-folder 66:13, 66:14

Notes taken in classes at COPS. 1927-1928

box-folder 66

Hinds, William Ernest. A Study of Peptic Ulcer, COPS dissertation, . 1949

box-folder 66:15

Hoeffer, Philip. Physiology notes, . 1914

box-folder 66:16

Kaufman, L.B. Pharmacology/physiology experiment reports, . Notebook. 1965

box-folder 66:17

Lombard, Gabriel. Pharmacology/physiology experiment reports, . Notebook. 1964

box-folder 66:18

McAllister, T.W. Physical diagnosis notes, . 1913


Medical writing term papers, . 1945-1947

Conditions Governing Access note

Restricted until January 1, 2022.
box-folder 29:8

Abrams, Louis

box-folder 29:9

Bell, William M.

box-folder 29:10

Berg, Thomas Ralph

box-folder 29:11

Bernstein, Robert

box-folder 29:12

Buselmeier, Rudolph E.

box-folder 29:13

Bush, Otis Barton

box-folder 29:14

Campbell, Nell

box-folder 29:15

Condie, Afton L.

box-folder 29:16

East, Edward A.

box-folder 29:17

Ehrlich, Saul

box-folder 29:18

Essex, Harold E.

box-folder 29:19

Freitas, William Jerome

box-folder 29:20

Geralt, Algerd W.

box-folder 29:21

Grum, Dorothy

box-folder 29:22

Hess, Theodore G.W.

box-folder 29:23

Jolivette, Stanley

box-folder 29:24

Kaupke, John M.

box-folder 29:25

Keller, Frank L.

box-folder 29:26

Little, David J.

box-folder 29:27

Machacek, Joseph A.

box-folder 29:28

Mason, Elmer J.

box-folder 29:29

Newkirk, Erma

box-folder 29:30

Owens, B.W.

box-folder 29:31

Parrish, Claude

box-folder 29:32

Perkins, Henry

box-folder 29:33

Rice, Aris L.

box-folder 29:34

Robinson, Carl C.

box-folder 29:35

Scherbert, Donald J.

box-folder 29:36

Shea, Vincent

box-folder 29:37

Smith, Lillie M.

box-folder 29:38

Stute, W. Daryl

box-folder 29:39

Sutherland, Ralph M.

box-folder 29:40

Taylor, Frank H.

box-folder 29:41

Terasaki, Shigeo

box-folder 29:42

Tiffany, R.E.

box-folder 29:43

Townsend, W.B.

box-folder 29:44

Wood, John F.

box-folder 66:19

Roback, Donald L. Pharmacology/physiology experiment reports, . Notebook. 1964

box-folder 66:20

Simmers, M.H. Experimental production of cancers by petroleum asphalt, COPS dissertation, . 1960

box-folder 66:21

Treat, Clara L. Differential diagnosis notes, . 1913

box-folder 66:22

Witlin, A. Allan. The endopelvic fascia, COPS thesis, . 1950


Unknown authors

box-folder 66:23

Drugs and preparations notes, c. s. 1910

box-folder 66:24

Pharmacology/physiology experiment reports, 1965

box-folder 64:18

Student organizations roster and miscellaneous, 1960-1963 and undated


Los Angeles County Osteopathic Hospital, Series 4. 1929-1969

Physical Description: 1 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series documents some of the activities of the Los Angeles County Osteopathic Hospital (LACOH), which was a unit of the Los Angeles County General Hospital. Interns and residents frequently came out of COPS, and some of the COPS faculty were likewise associated with LACOH.

Series Arrangement Note

This series is arranged by the title of the group or individual, and is generally in the order of the reporting structure of the hospital: the Medical Director comes first, followed by the Medical Advisory Board, and then going down through the Interns. The Alumni Association is the final file in this series.

Medical Director



box-folder 67:1

Annual reports, 1929-1931

box-folder 67:2

Contract with Los Angeles County, . 1954-1963

Scope and Contents note

Includes agreement, correspondence and reports.
box-folder 67:3

Maps, 1958-1964

box-folder 67:4

Clippings, 1931-1956

box-folder 67:5

Patient reports, 1942-1945

box-folder 67:6

A Survey of the Research Potentials Existing at the Los Angeles County Osteopathic Hospital, by Laurence E. Morehouse and William W.W. Pritchard, 1954



box-folder 67:7

O'Meara, Lawrence B., biographical notes, and memorial service program for his wife, , 1959 1973

box-folder not specified

Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons of California (OPSC) and merging of D.O.s and M.D.s

box-folder 67:8-11

Correspondence and publications, reproductions, 1960 to 1962

box-folder 67:12

Clippings, 1960-1962

box-folder 67:13

CCM Registrar list of D.O.s granted M.D. degrees, . 1962

box-folder 67:14

Physicians and surgeons licensed in 1963 by the California Board of Medical Examiners who were formerly licensed by the California Board of Osteopathic Examiners , list, circa 1963

box-folder 67:15-29

Medical Advisory Board minutes, 1940-1960

box-folder not specified

Attending staff and house staff

box-folder not specified

Attending Staff Association

box-folder 67:30

Articles of incorporation, 1956

box-folder 67:31

Agreement with hospital, 1957

box-folder 67:32

Constitution and bylaws, 1965-1966

box-folder 67:33

Manual of the Los Angeles County General Hospital: Part III, The Attending Staff and Part XIX, Obstetrics and Pediatrics, undated

box-folder 67:34

Duties assumed from Medical Advisory Board, correspondence, 1961

box-folder 67:35

Commendatory certificate from California Medical Association, 1966

box-folder 67:36

Assignment agreement, 1966

box-folder 67:37

Dissolution authorizations, 1968

box-folder 67:38

Certificate planning for honorary emeritus, 1968-1969

box-folder 67:39

Bylaws, 1941 and 1958

box-folder 67:40

Directories, and 1961/62 1965

box-folder not specified

Research Committee

box-folder 67:41

Annual reports and memoranda, 1955-1962

box-folder 67:42

Los Angeles County Osteopathic Hospital research, budgets, 1955-1956

box-folder 67:43-44

Standing orders, circa 1941

box-folder not specified


box-folder 67:45

Assignment schedules, 1963-1964

box-folder 67:46

Certificates, circa 1930

box-folder not specified

Alumni Association

box-folder 67:47

Correspondence, etc., 1958-1967

box-folder 67:48

Breakfast, 1966


Clinics Series 5. 1908-1940

Physical Description: 0.8 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series comprises scattered documentation about the clinics and clinical research affiliated with the colleges. The case records contain personally identifiable medical information, and are therefore restricted for 100 years. Series includes annual reports and a manual of clinic procedures.

Series Arrangement Note

This series is arranged alphabetically.
box-folder 68:1

Academy of Osteopathic Clinical Research case records ["Source 25" in original inventory], . 1908-1915

Conditions Governing Access note

May be reproductions. Restricted until January 1, 2015.
box-folder 68:2-10

Case records, . 1929-1949

Conditions Governing Access note

Outside of box (box removed, label retained) reads "K. Palmer, Berkeley, California." Restricted until January 1, 2049.
box-folder 69:1

Clinic procedure, circa 1940s

box-folder 70

Clinic record, . 1909-1914

Conditions Governing Access note

Restricted until January 1, 2040.
box-folder 69:2

Clinic reports, 1909-1914


Osteopathy general files, . Series 6. 1899-1967

Physical Description: 4.1 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Series Scope and Content Summary

Probably maintained by the CCM librarian, these files consist primarily of ephemera, publications, and clippings produced by and about organizations and people other than CCM. The bulk of the files document osteopathy and osteopathic organizations in California, though general osteopathy is represented in the first file. Files documenting the COA can be found in Subseries 6.4, "California osteopathic organizations."

Series Arrangement Note

This series is divided into five subseries:
Subseries 6.1 Osteopathy general reference, circa 1910s-1962. 0.1 linear feet.
Subseries 6.2 Board of Osteopathic Examiners, State of California, 1919-1962. 0.1 linear feet.
Subseries 6.3 California osteopathic hospitals, circa 1910s-1964. 1.0 linear feet.
Subseries 6.4 California osteopathic organizations, circa 1899-1967. 2.8 linear feet.
Subseries 6.5 California health organizations (non-osteopathic), 1914-1958. 0.1 linear feet.

Osteopathy general reference, . Subseries 6.1 circa 1910s-1962

Physical Description: 0.1 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Subseries Scope and Content Note

This subseries contains a small amount of material about osteopathy in general, including the D.O. versus the M.D. issue, and general osteopathic medical texts.

Subseries Arrangement Note

These materials are arranged alphabetically.
box-folder 69.3

D.O. versus M.D. degrees, reprints and other reference material, . circa 1910s-1962

Physical Description: 9 item.
Physical Description: no content
box-folder 69:4

Osteopathy general reference, . circa 1940s

Scope and Contents note

Includes some photoreproductions of medical texts and drawings dating to 1797.

Board of Osteopathic Examiners, State of California, . Subseries 6.2 1919-1962

Physical Description: 0.1 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Subseries Scope and Content Note

This subseries documents the osteopathic licensing board of California. The material includes directories and copies of laws related to the board.

Subseries Arrangement Note

These materials are arranged alphabetically.
box-folder 69.5

California Osteopathic Act and compilation of laws, 1935-1950

box-folder 69:6-17

Directory of Graduates of Osteopathic Colleges, 1941-1962

box-folder 69:18

License directory, 1919


California osteopathic hospitals, . Subseries 6.3 circa 1910s-1964

Physical Description: 1 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Subseries Scope and Content Note

This subseries includes publications, clippings, and other ephemera produced by or about osteopathic hospitals, primarily those located in Southern California.

Subseries Arrangement Note

The material is arranged alphabetically by the name of the hospital.
box-folder 69:19

Altadena Community Hospital, clippings and brochures, 1954-1960

box-folder 69:20

Antelope Valley Hospital (Lancaster), newsletter Making the rounds, 1963

box-folder 69:21

Baldwin Hills Hospital (Los Angeles), newsletter The pacemaker, 1959-1961

box-folder 69:22

Belvedere Hospital, newsletter Belvedere Hospital newsletter, 1954-1960


Doctors' Hospital (Los Angeles)

box-folder 69:23

Newsletter Doctors' Hospital bulletin, 1941-1959

box-folder 69:24

Statistics, 1948-1949

box-folder 69:25

Evergreen Sanitarium, brochure, circa 1930s

box-folder 69:26

8th Street Clinic, circa 1940s


Glendale Community Hospital

box-folder 69:27

Clippings and brochure, 1949

box-folder 69:28

Newsletters Glendale Community Hospital newsletter, GCH news, and The communicator, 1947-1964

box-folder 69:29

Hillside Hospital (San Diego), newsletters Hillside highlights, The draw sheet, Hillside and Heartland highlights, 1956-1961

box-folder 69:30

Hiss (John Martin) Clinic (Los Angeles), clippings, 1958


Long Beach Osteopathic Hospital

box-folder 69:31

Clippings, brochures, and fundraising material, 1949-1961

box-folder 69:32

Newsletter Long Beach Osteopathic Hospital newsletter, 1956

box-folder 69:33

Los Angeles Clinical Group, brochure, circa 1930s

box-folder 69:34

Los Angeles County Osteopathic Hospital bond measure, clippings, brochures, and campaign material, 1954-1956

box-folder 69:35

Los Angeles Receiving Hospital, schedules, 1962


Maywood Hospital

box-folder 69:36

Minutes, announcements, and clippings, 1958-1961

box-folder 69:37

Newsletter Maywood Hospital staff bulletin, 1953-1961

box-folder 69:38

Meyers Clinic (Los Angeles), newsletter Bulletin of the Meyers Clinic, 1951-1963


Monte Sano Hospital (Los Angeles)

box-folder 71:1-4

Brochures, bylaws, patient services, 1933-1961



box-folder 71:5

Monte Sano employees plain talk, 1951

box-folder 71:6

Monte Sano Hospital views, 1955-1961

box-folder 71:7

Monte Sano staff bulletin and Staff letter, 1951-1959

box-folder 71:8

Ontario Community Hospital, newsletter The pulse, 1954-1959


Park Avenue Hospital (Pomona)

box-folder 71:9

Newsletter Parkavenews, 1951-1955

box-folder 71:10

Poster, 1960

box-folder 71:11

Physician's Hospital (Bakersfield), newsletter Physician's Hospital news, 1960

box-folder 71:12

Rio Hondo Memorial Hospital (Downey), newsletter Rio Hondo Memorial Hospital bulletin, 1958-1963

box-folder 71:13

San Gabriel Valley, clippings, 1952-1955

box-folder 71:14

Sierra Hospital (Fresno), newsletters Sierra Hospital news and Sierra horizons, 1956-1959

box-folder 71:15

Southern California Polyclinic (Burbank), newsletter Reporter, circa 1950s

box-folder 71:16

Victory Hospital, program, 1960

box-folder 71:17

Wallace Memorial Hospital (Fresno), newsletter The Memorial news, 1949-1954

box-folder 71:18

Washington Hospital (Culver City), constitution and bylaws, 1952

box-folder 71:19

Westmoreland Clinic (Los Angeles), brochure, circa 1960s



box-folder 71:20

The body guard, . 128-page pamphlet on nutrition, circa 1910s

Scope and Contents note

including menus and recipes.
box-folder 71:21

Various hospitals, newsletters and brochures, 1925-1959


California osteopathic organizations, . Subseries 6.4 1899-1967

Physical Description: 2.8 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Subseries Scope and Content Note

Most of the material in this subseries comprises reference files probably maintained by the college librarian. The files may include publications such as newsletters, bulletins, and programs; circular (form) letters; and minutes.
However, some of the organizations are also represented by original records produced by the organization and donated to either the librarian of the college or to UCI Special Collections. The California Osteopathic Association (COA), in particular, is well-documented here, and some of the material included is more substantive than ephemeral, though there are also several publications.

Subseries Arrangement Note

Several women's auxiliaries are filed together under "Auxiliaries." The rest of the organizations are arranged alphabetically by name.



Woman's Auxiliary to the Forty-First Medical Society. Formerly Auxiliary to the COA.

box-folder 71:22

Auxiliary to the California Osteopathic Association annual reports, 1949

box-folder 71:23

The bulletin, . 1950-1961

Scope and Contents note

Includes rosters, lists of local auxiliaries, bylaws, and announcements.
box-folder 71:24-27

Correspondence, 1958-1968

box-folder 71:28

Directories, 1963-1964

box-folder 71:29

Reports, , 1944 1959


Women's Osteopathic Auxiliary of Los Angeles

box-folder 71:30

Bylaws and correspondence, 1955-1958

box-folder 71:31

News bulletin, 1943-1961

box-folder 71:32

Program, 1959

box-folder 71:33

Yearbook, 1953-1961

box-folder 71:34

Yearbooks from various local osteopathic auxiliaries, . 1958-1960

Scope and Contents note

Includes Bay Harbor, Citrus Belt, Glendale, Long Beach, San Diego, San Fernando Valley, San Gabriel Valley, and Whittier.
box-folder 71:35

California Doctors Plan, circular letters and membership cards, 1951

box-folder 71:36-71:52, 72, 73:1-73:22

California Osteopathic Association

box-folder 72

Ledger accounts, . 1900-1919

Physical Description: 1 bound volume.
Physical Description: no content




box-folder 71:36

The physician and surgeon, D.O. in California, 1947-1960

box-folder 71:37

Why the osteopathic physician and surgeon?, 1930

box-folder 71:38

Cancer Commission programs, 1949-1953

box-folder 71:39

Charter and bylaws, 1927-1935

box-folder 71:40

Chronic Disease Committee programs, 1951-1953

box-folder 71:41

Code of ethics, , 1950 1954



box-folder 71:42

Clippings, 1938-1940

box-folder 71:43-45

Programs, 1917-1959

box-folder 71:46

Directory of members, bylaws, 1937


Forty-First Medical Society

box-folder 71:47

Forty-First newsletter, 1962-1967

box-folder 71:48

Proposed bylaws of the Forty-First Medical Society, circa 1962

box-folder 71:49

History and articles of incorporation, 1902


House of Delegates

box-folder 71:50

Agendas, 1948-1960

box-folder 71:51

Epitomized minutes, 1952-1960

box-folder 71:52

Reports to the House of Delegates, 1948-1960




California clinician. Continues Clinical osteopathy.

box-folder 73

. 1959-1960

Physical Description: 2 bound volumes.
Physical Description: no content
box-folder 73

. 1962-1963

Physical Description: 2 bound volumes.
Physical Description: no content
box-folder SRLF, W1 CL287

Clinical osteopathy, . Continues Western osteopath. Continued by California clinician. 1934-1957

box-folder SRLF, W1 WE423

Western osteopath, . Continued by Clinical osteopathy. 1907-1934

box-folder 73:1

Manual of procedures and bylaws, 1939-1960

box-folder 73:2

Miscellaneous brochures, fliers, etc, 1921-1953

box-folder 73:3

Newsletters, , 1946 1961


Topical files

box-folder 73:4

Administration, . 1920-1955

Scope and Contents note

Includes circular letters, budgets, and directories.
box-folder 73:5

Agreement with California Medical Association, 1961

box-folder 73:6

Bureau of Insurance, circular letter, 1948

box-folder 73:7

Bureau of Public Service, circular letters, circa 1950


California Board of Osteopathic Examiners

box-folder 73:8

Correspondence, 1899-1967

box-folder 73:9

Examinations, 1907-1954


California legislation

box-folder 73:10

Various, 1935-1963

box-folder 73:11

Initiative No. 20 (Osteopathic Act), 1922

box-folder 73:12

Proposition No. 3, November 1942

box-folder 73:13

Proposition No. 22, November 1962

box-folder 73:14

Citizens' Committee Against Medical Merger, 1960-1965

box-folder 73:15

Committee on COPS report, circular letter, 1944

box-folder 73:16

Committee for the Study of Communicable Diseases, . 1915-1916

Scope and Contents note

Includes report, correspondence, and 9 surveys of osteopathic physicians' experiences with recent cases of communicable disease.
box-folder 73:17

Committee No. 20 campaign, circular letters, 1922

box-folder 73:18

Component Officers' Association, meeting minutes, 1956-1957

box-folder 73:19

50th anniversary banquet, December 1950

box-folder 73:20

Osteopathic Credit Union, 1953-1962

box-folder 73:21

School of Industrial Medicine, 1944

box-folder 73:22

Southern California Telephone Company, 1936

box-folder 73:23

California Osteopathic Hospital Association, . 1924-1962

Scope and Contents note

Includes newsletters, programs, and clippings.
box-folder 73:24

"Heads of various osteopathic societies" meeting minutes, 1941

box-folder 74:1

Hollywood Osteopathic Luncheon Club programs, 1934-1962

box-folder 74:2

Los Angeles City and County Osteopathic Medical Association secretary's book, . 1906-1909

Physical Description: 1 bound volume.
Physical Description: no content

Scope and Contents note

Includes meeting minutes, roster, and correspondence with the COA.
box-folder 74:3

Los Angeles City Osteopathic Society circular letters, 1947


Los Angeles County Osteopathic Society

box-folder 74:4

Minute book, . 1901-1904

Physical Description: 1 bound volume.
Physical Description: no content
box-folder 74:5

Minutes, rules, and circular letters, 1936-1959

box-folder 74:6

Newsletter, Team work, 1920-1929

box-folder 74:7

Los Angeles Obstetrical and Gynecological Society program, 1959

box-folder 74:8

Los Angeles Osteopathic Society of Proctology circular letter and program, 1953

box-folder 74:9

Los Angeles Osteopathic Surgical Society proceedings, 1919-1922

box-folder 74:10

Osteopathic Committee for Dewey-Bricker, 1948


Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons of California

box-folder 74:11

Directories, 1964-1966

box-folder 74:12

Newsletter, Osteopathic horizons, 1963-1966

box-folder 74:13

Osteopathic Women's National Association Southern California Division directory, 1947

box-folder 74:14

Pasadena Osteopathic Society, , . 1929 1949

Scope and Contents note

Includes clippings and rosters.
box-folder 74:15

Professional Economic Bureau Plan brochures, circa 1930s

box-folder 74:16

Southern California Osteopathic Hospital Foundation newsletter, 1954

box-folder 74:17

Southwestern Osteopathic Association program, 1914

box-folder 74:18

Western Osteopathic Association, . 1919-1922

Scope and Contents note

Includes directory, circular letters, and constitution.

Women's Osteopathic Club

box-folder 74:19

Correspondence, constitution, and bylaws, 1925-1934

box-folder 74:20

Minute book, 1922-1930

box-folder 74:21

Paper on "Birth Control," 1932


California health organizations (non-osteopathic), . Subseries 6.5 1914-1958

Physical Description: 0.1 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Subseries Scope and Content Note

This series includes programs, reprints, and brochures from non-osteopathic California health organizations.

Subseries Arrangement Note

These materials are arranged chronologically.
box-folder 74:22, 74:23



Photographs and film, Series 7. 1896-1998

Physical Description: 5.3 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series includes images from each of the four schools, with a focus on College of Osteopathic Physicians and Surgeons (COPS) and CCM. The topics most thoroughly covered include events, faculty, students, campus buildings, the laboratories, and the staff, residents, and interns of the Los Angeles County Osteopathic Hospital (LACOH). Most of the individuals in the candid photographs are unidentified, but individual faculty, staff (including LACOH), and student photographs are usually identified. Materials also include four 16mm films, which are probably mostly shots of campus scenes and building dedications.

Series Arrangement Note

This series is arranged alphabetically by topic. The films are described at the end of the series.

Restriction Note:

The 16 mm films are the archival originals; these films have been digitized for viewing.
box-folder 75:1

Alumni banquet, 1947

box-folder XOS 1

American Osteopathic Association Convention, . 1903

Scope and Contents note

Includes Harry Forbes and Dain Tasker.
box-folder XOS 1

American School of Osteopathy lithograph, circa 1920s

box-folder 75:2

Auxiliaries 1945-1955

box-folder 75:3-4

Board of Trustees 1950-1969


COA conventions

box-folder 76

15 th anniversary, 1916

box-folder XOS 1

Silver Jubilee, 1926

box-folder 75:5

50th anniversary, 1950

box-folder 76

Other California osteopathic conventions 1921-1950


Campus and buildings 1928-1966

box-folder 75:6-7



PCO buildings

box-folder 75:8

Hotel del Campo, Anaheim, . circa 1896

Scope and Contents note

Includes photocopy of floor plan.
box-folder 75:9

10th and Flower, Los Angeles 1898-1999

box-folder 75:10

South Pasadena, 1903

box-folder 75:11

Mission and Daly, Los Angeles, circa 1904-1912



box-folder 76

Buildings, circa 1920s-circa1960s

box-folder 76

Campus scenes, 1956

box-folder 76

Classroom scenes, circa 1940s

box 89

University of California, Irvine, College of Medicine construction 1968



box-folder 75:12

Groundbreaking, construction, and dedication of General Osteopathic Clinic 1950-1951

box-folder 75:13

Scenes from the clinic, . 1950-circa 1960s

Scope and Contents note

Includes treatment of patients.

Commencement and graduates.

General note

See also "Portraits" under "Graduate School students and staff," and "Photobooks" under Subseries 3.4. "Students/Registrar."
box-folder 77:1

1907-1908, LACO graduates and affiliates

box-folder 77:2

1917, PCO and COPS graduates

box-folder 77:3-77:16


box-folder 78:1-78:6


box-folder not specified

Oversize class portraits

box-folder 76


box-folder XOS 1


box-folder 76


box-folder XOS 1


box-folder 76

1943, Graduate School

box-folder 76

1944, Graduate School

box-folder 76


box-folder 76

circa 1948, Graduate School

box-folder 76


box-folder 76

1956, Graduate School


Faculty and staff

box-folder 78:7

Group and candid photographs 1940-1965

box-folder not specified

Biographical information and portraits of faculty, staff, and affiliates

box-folder 78:8

Miscellaneous, A-H

box-folder 78:9

Miscellaneous, I-Z

box-folder 78:10

Abbott, Edward T., 1930s-1983

box-folder 78:11

Allison, John Stephen, circa 1941

box-folder 78:12

Andrews, John, circa 1950s

box-folder 78:13

Bailey, K. Grosvenor, circa 1940s

box-folder 78:14

Bashor, Ernest G. 1939-1941

box-folder 78:15

Beckwith, Hermon E., 1933

box-folder 78:16

Bell, Grace B. 1939-1998

box-folder 78:17

Biddle, Samuel G., circa 1928

box-folder 78:18

Blind, Charles A., 1940

box-folder 78:19

Blum, Elton F., 1956-circa 1960s

box-folder 79:1

Bostick, Warren L., circa 1960s

box-folder 79:2

Brandt, Wilbur, circa 1960s

box-folder 79:3

Brigham, W. Curtis, , 1940 1962

box-folder 79:4

Brubaker, Merlin, circa 1960s

box-folder 79:5, 76

Burns, Louisa

box-folder 79:5


box-folder 76

Oversized, , 1904 1957

box-folder 79:6

Button, John C., circa 1940s

box-folder 79:7

Carpenter, Ford A., circa 1968

box-folder 79:8

Carroll, Vincent P. Jr., circa 1960s

box-folder 79:9

Caylor, Glen D., , . 1928 1933

General note

See copy negatives.
box-folder 79:10

Chandler, Louis C. 1928-1940

box-folder 79:11

Collinge, P.T., circa 1940s-1962

box-folder 79:12

Collins, Bruce, 1993

box-folder 79:13

Comstock, John Adams, Jr. 1928-1939

box-folder 79:14

Dooley, Wayne, circa 1930s

box-folder 79:15

Duprau, John L., 1961

box-folder 79:16

Emery, Robert D., , circa 1930s 1949

box-folder 79:17

Faires, Lucius B., circa 1930s

box-folder 79:18

Fawns, Lynn, circa 1960s

box-folder 79:19

Forbes, Harry, circa 1930s

box-folder 79:20

Garrison, Earle L., 1955

box-folder 79:21

Gerdine, L. van Horn, 1955-circa 1960s

box-folder 79:22

Gwinup, Grant, 1965

box-folder 79:23

Hare, Hugh, , circa 1930s 1967

box-folder 79:24

Hazzard, Charles, 1938

box-folder 79:25

Henley, W. Ballentine, circa 1930s-1966

box-folder 79:26

Hogue, Garford, 1956

box-folder 79:27

Hood, James E., 1956

box-folder 79:28

Hunt, John O., circa 1930s

box-folder 79:29

Husted, Benneth Ann, circa 1940s

box-folder 79:30

Jones, Edward 1928-1940


Litton, Harold E.

box-folder 79:31


box-folder 76

Oversized, circa 1937

box-folder 79:32

MacBain, Ricard N., 1930

box-folder 79:33

MacCracken, Betty, circa 1960s

box-folder 79:34

McCaughan, Russell C., circa 1930s

box-folder 79:35

McNerney, Robert J., circa 1966

box-folder 79:36

Merrill, Edward S., 1928-circa 1940s

box-folder 79:37

Nelson, Lura, 1940

box-folder 79:38

Nolan, Frank 1935-1937

box-folder 79:39

O'Meara, Lawrence B., circa 1930s-circa1960s

box-folder 79:40

Ousdal, Asbjorn P. 1936-1946

box-folder 79:41

Payne, David, circa 1960s

box-folder 79:42

Phinney, Carle H. 1933-1938

box-folder 79:43

Pritchard, William W.W., circa 1930s-1951

box-folder 79:44

Purdom, Hezzie Carter, , circa 1900s 1941

box-folder 79:45

Rowlinson, C.B. 1931-1943

box-folder 79:46

Spencer, Charles H., , circa 1927 1940

box-folder 79:47

Still, Charles E., 1955

box-folder 79:48

Stinebring, Warren R., circa 1965

box-folder 79:49

Stuart, Richard R., 1989

box-folder 79:50

Tasker, Dain L. 1928-1961

box-folder 79:51

Trenery, Floyd J., circa 1926 1940

box-folder 79:52

Webster, George V. 1932-1936

box-folder 79:53

Whiting, Clement A. 1900-1950

box-folder 79:54

Copy negatives

box-folder 79:55

Founders' Day 1956-1965

box-folder 80:1

Graduate School students and staff, . 1946-1948

General note

See also oversized class portraits in "Commencement and graduates."
box-folder 80:2

Interns 1964-1967

box-folder 80:3

Laboratories, . 1928-1965

Scope and Contents note

Includes anatomy courses and the laboratory of Dr. Louisa Burns.


box-folder 80:4

Hands Across the Sea Project 1950-1954

box-folder 80:5

Scenes with students and staff, and interiors 1949-1965

box-folder 80:6

Livingston Research Center 1961-1965

box-folder not specified

LA County General Hospital,

Physical Description: Unit 2

Scope and Contents note

(osteopathic unit) and LA County Osteopathic Hospital
box-folder 80:7-8

General, 1928-circa 1960s

box-folder 81

Residents, interns and staff, 1928-1967

Physical Description: 1 album and 1 loose portrait.
box 89

Los Angeles County Osteopathic Hospital construction photographs 1955-1958

box-folder 80:9

Los Angeles publicity shots, circa 1930s

box-folder 80:10

Miscellaneous, 1934-circa 1960s

box-folder 80:11

North Hall, 1966

box-folder 80:12

Open House and Charter Day 1946-1967

box-folder 82:1

Phinney Hall, 1937-circa 1960s

box-folder not specified

Rehabilitation Center

box-folder 82:2-3


box-folder 76

Research group, circa 1955

box-folder 82:4

Science Building construction and dedication, 1946

box-folder 82:5

Special events 1950-1965

box-folder 82:6-82:8


General note

See also class portraits and individual portraits of students under Commencement and graduates and Graduate School students and staff.
box-folder 82:6

Student body officers, 1950

box-folder 82:7

Student life, 1938-circa 1950s

box-folder 82:8

Student organizations 1936-1951

box-folder 82:9

Trenery, Floyd J. memorial, , . circa 1943

General note

See also Subseries 2.1. Board of Trustees.
box-folder 82:10

UC-CCM, 1967-1971

box 89

Yearbook (Nucleolus) copy negatives 1913

box-folder 90-93

16mm films, . circa 1950s

Physical Description: 4 Reels
Physical Description: no content

Scope and Contents note

These films are archival originals; the films have been digitized for viewing.

Realia, Series 8. 1860-1963

Physical Description: 2 Linear Feet
Physical Description: no content

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series includes artifacts and memorabilia from CCM and COPS. Some of the items filled the cornerstone boxes planted under Basic Science Hall, Phinney Hall, and Tower Hall. The boxes were opened in 1970.

Series Arrangement Note

The items are arranged alphabetically.
box-folder 84

CCM seal plaque reading: "Presented by Class of 1962"


Contents of cornerstone boxes

Scope and Contents note

Includes inventories of the contents that indicate some of the original content is missing.
box-folder 83:1

Tower Hall, 1933

box-folder 83:2-3

Phinney Hall, 1938

box-folder 83:4

Basic Science Hall, 1946

box-folder 83:5

Photographs of opening of cornerstone boxes, 1970

box-folder FB-65 : 7

Copper plate used to print post graduate diplomas for COPS, undated

box-folder 83

Guest books, 1948-1963

box-folder XOS 1

Martin, Thomas D., diploma from the Pennsylvania College of Homeopathy, 1860


Medical instruments

box-folder 85

Glass hypodermic syringes and other tools used by Dr. Philip Herriges, undated

box-folder 88

Manometer for blood pressure measurement and circulatory diagnosis forms, undated

box-folder 83:3

Paper press, circa 1940s