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San Francisco LGBT Business Ephemera Collection
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Folder List


3rd World Productions (Club promoters) circa 1998, undated


12 Galaxies circa 2000, undated


26 Mix circa 1998-2003, undated


55 Natoma (Dance club) circa 1994, undated


100% Solution (T-shirt design) circa 1982


111 Minna Gallery circa 2000-2010, undated


132 Bush (Cabaret) circa 1984, undated


177 Townsend, Club Townsend circa 1988-2002, undated


222 Club circa 1981-1983, undated


280 Seventh Street (Bar supplies) circa 1980, undated


330 Ritch Street (Dance club) circa 1995-2002, undated


544 Natoma Performance Gallery circa 1980-1984, undated


550 Barneveld, Space 550 (Dance club) circa 2000-2007, undated


641 Club (San Jose) 1988


715 Harrison (Dance club) circa 1990-2007, undated


1001 Nights, Thousand and One Nights circa 1974, undated


1015 Folsom (Dance club) circa 1987-2004, undated


1177 Club 1984-1985


1800 Square Feet (Performance space) circa 1998-2002, undated


1970, The Dance Club of the Decade circa 1990-1993, undated


Abandoned Planet Bookstore circa 1988, undated


Abundant Love Institute (Therapy, Deborah Anapol) 1995


Academy Driving and Traffic School circa 1989, undated


ACME Gallery circa 1996, undated


After Shock circa 1997-2001, undated


Alamo Square Saloon circa 1981-1987, undated


Albion Hall circa 1970-1979, undated


Alcazar Theatre circa 1950, 1978-1984


Alexander Book Company circa 1996-1997, undated


Alfie's circa 1978-1983, undated


Alice in Rubberland (Rubber stamps) 1990


All Wrapped Up (Gift wrapping) circa 1982, undated


Alley Cat circa 1970-1979, undated


Alta Plaza (Bar and restaurant) circa 1997, undated


Alvin's circa 1989-1992, undated


Always Tan and Trim (Gym and salon) circa 1983-2003, undated


Ambassador Lounge circa 1973, undated


Ambush circa 1978-1987, undated


Amelia's circa 1980-1991, undated


American Express (Credit card company) circa 2000, undated


Amnesia circa 1998-2005, undated


Androgyne Books undated


Ant Hill Books 1991


Apollo's Temple of Body Building circa 1972-1979, undated


Aranciat a Mara (Clothing store) circa 2000, undated


Arena circa 1978-1984, undated


Aristocrat Restaurant (Cabaret, Daly City) circa 1980, undated


Armpit Gallery circa 1990


Art Lick Gallery circa 1989-1991, undated


Art's Cavern circa 1970-1975, undated


Artemis Cafe (Venue) circa 1981-1986, undated


Artists' Television Access, ATA circa 1990-2009, undated


Asia, Club Asia circa 1996, undated


Asia SF circa 1999-2003, undated


Asian Girl Asian Boy Productions (Club promoters) 2005


Atherton Hotel, The Abbey Room (Bar, cabaret and dance club) circa 1981-1983, undated


Atlas 1990-1991


Atlas Savings and Loan circa 1982-1988, undated


Atticus (Cabaret, Sacramento) 1975


Aunt Charlie's (Bar) circa 1989-2004, undated


Avalon, A Nite Club for Women circa 1995, undated


Avenidas (Bar and restaurant) 1997


B Street (Dance club, San Mateo) circa 1985-1992


B-Unit (Club promoters) circa 2000, undated


Baby Judy's circa 1995-1996


Bacchanal (Venue, Albany) circa 1976-1981, undated


Bachelor's Club circa 1976, undated


Backstreet circa 1998-2000, undated


Badlands circa 1979, undated


Bagdad Cafe circa 2000, undated


Bahia Cabana, Bahia Tropical circa 1988-1993, undated


Baj circa 1976, undated


Bar-D Saloon circa 1978, undated


Bar on Church, BOC circa 2003-2007, undated


Barbary Lane (Retirement community) 2007-2008


Bass Ale (Beer) 1998


Bates Riverside Cottages (Russian River) circa 1982-1983, undated


Bay Area Reporter circa 1972-2006


Bay Times 1978-1979


Baybrick Inn (Bar, hotel and venue)


General circa 1983-1993, undated


Clementina's 1983


Bear Bar circa 1988-1995, undated


Bear Camp (Saratoga Springs) 1997


Bear Hollow 1978


Bear Magazine 1988-1989


Bear Wallow Resort (Boonville) 1981


Bearded Lady Cafe (Venue) circa 2001, undated


Bearracuda circa 2007-2009, undated


Beauty Bar circa 2006, undated


Bed-By-The-Bay (Hotel) circa 1981-1982, undated


Bedrock 1992-1993


Bee Bookshop (Calamus Collection, Oakland) undated


Before Two Club circa 1978, undated


Beige Room circa 1960-1965, undated


Belcher Gallery 1996-1999


Belden 22, Magdalena's Grotto 1987


Bench and Bar (Oakland) circa 1981-2004, undated


Big Heart City circa 1990-1998, undated


Big Mama's (Hayward) circa 1981-1990, undated


Big Top circa 2004-2008, undated


Bijou Video (Lesbian film and video) circa 1985-1989, undated


Billboard Cafe 1987


Bimbo's circa 1971-1988, undated


Bishop's Coffee House (Oakland) circa 1975


BJ's (Corte Madera) circa 1990


Black Cat Bar and Restaurant circa 1960-1969, undated


Black List (Mail-order books) circa 2000, undated


Black Rose 1985-1989


Black Stallion Inn circa 1994


Black and White Formal Wear circa 1979, undated


Blitz circa 1998


Blowfish (Sex toys) 1994-2003


Blue and Gold circa 1980-1989, undated


Blue Muse 1991-1999


Boadecia's Books (Berkeley) circa 2000, undated


Boarding House (Cabaret) 1980


Body Electric School (Sex workshops, Joseph Kramer) circa 1980-1995, undated


Bob's Broiler (Restaurant) circa 1980, undated


Bojangles circa 1971-1976, undated


Bolerium Books circa 1980-2000, undated


Bolt circa 1976, undated


Bookpaper 1982


Books Etc. 1997


Books Inc. 1997-1998


Boomer's (Redwood City) 1986


Boot Camp (Russian River) 1993


Border Cantina circa 1999, undated


Bottom of the Hill circa 1999-2006, undated


Bound Together Books circa 1984-1989, undated


Box circa 1988-1998, undated


Boy Bar circa 1996, undated


Boy Club circa 1988-1993


Boy Toyz (Erotic dolls, Daly City) circa 2000, undated


Bradley's Corner circa 1972-1976, undated


Braindrops (Record store) circa 2000, undated


Brainwash 1990


Brasserie 1600 circa 1976, undated


Brick House 1993


Brig (Gallery) circa 1985, undated


Brinca circa 1995-2000, undated


Bronzed Butter (Tanning salon) circa 2000, undated


Buckley's (Cabaret and restaurant) circa 1985-1986, undated


Bud Light (Beer) 2007


Buffalo Whole Food circa 2005, undated


Build (Gallery and venue) circa 1993-1998, undated


Bull Ring circa 1975, undated


Bullshead Restaurant 2007


Burger Meister (Restaurant) circa 2000, undated


Butter circa 1998-2000, undated


Cabaret circa 1977-1985, undated


Cabel's Reef (Oakland) 1988-2002


Cafe, The, Cafe San Marcos (Venue) circa 1987-1998, undated


Cafe Biarritz 1977


Cafe du Nord (Venue) circa 1994-2000, undated


Cafe Flore circa 1986-2006, undated


Cake Gallery (Bakery) circa 1988-1994, undated


California Club circa 1988, undated


California Hall circa 1975, undated


California Theatrical Supply circa 1980, undated


Camelot Restaurant (Russian River) 1986


Camp Dude (Yosemite) circa 2005, undated


Camp Never Never Land 1984-1986


Campus 1970


Campy's Collectibles 1996


Canary Island Diner 1982-1983


Capri Pizza 1996


Carlene's Restaurant 1988


Casa de Cristal (Restaurant) circa 1975, undated


Castle Grand Brasserie 1981-1982


Castro Cafe 1984


Castro Country Club circa 1986-1990, undated


Castro Day Spa 1997


Castro Gardens (Cafe) circa 1979, undated


Castro Hotel circa 1980, undated


Castro Hibachi 1996


Castro Station (Bar) circa 1977-1997


Castro Theater circa 1977-2009


Castro Video 2008


Castro Village Pharmacy 1996


Castro Village Wine Co. 2005


Castro Yoga circa 2000, undated


Castrobear circa 2007, undated


Casual Man (Clothing store) circa 1968, undated


Cat Club circa 1999-2005, undated


Cat's Grill and Alley Club circa 1998-2002, undated


Catfish Club 2002


CD Record Rack circa 1998, undated


ChaCha's circa 1994, undated


Chaise Lounge circa 2000, undated


Chan Chan Cafe Cubano circa 2000, undated


Chaos, at Crystal Pistol circa 1989-1991, undated


Chaps (375 11th Street) circa 1983-1985, undated


Chaps II (1225 Folsom Street) circa 2009, undated


Charpe's Grille circa 1989-1994, undated


Chase (Bank) circa 1997-2009, undated


Chat House (Restaurant) circa 1998, undated


Chatter Box circa 1990, undated


Check 'n' Cruise circa 1982, undated


Cherry Bar circa 2000, undated


Chez Jacques Cafe and Theater circa 1971-1980, undated


Chic of 'Frisco (Design) 1968


Chicago Saloon circa 1975, undated


China Court (Restaurant) circa 1988-2000


Church Street Bed and Breakfast 1998


Church Street Flowers 2004


Church Street Gallery circa 1986, undated


Church Street Station (Bar) circa 1982-1984, undated


Cinch Saloon circa 1979-2004, undated


Cinema, The (Venue) circa 1981


City circa 1979-1986, undated


City Athletic Club 1979


Clairelight (Santa Rosa) 1988-1994


Clarion (Restaurant) 1981


Cleis Press 1997-2002


Cliff's Variety circa 2000-2010


Clone-A-Grams 1982


Clone's circa 1982, undated


Cloud Seven circa 1975, undated


Club 6 circa 2001-2006, undated


Club 21 (Sacramento) circa 2002, undated


Club 181 circa 1971-1984, undated


Club 900, Young Men's Dance Club, YMDC circa 1990, undated


Club 1220 2000


Club Analog, at The Skylark circa 1997, undated


Club Bangkok circa 1997, undated


Club Bella Napoli (Oakland) 1990


Club Card Printing circa 2008, undated


Club Dori circa 1970-1984, undated


Club Ecstacy circa 1995, undated


Club Fab (Russian River) 2001


Club Hangover 1967


Club Improvisation, The Big Basket 1974


Club Mami 1997-2000


Club Mystique circa 1979, undated


Club Nomad circa 1989-1991, undated


Club O circa 1990-1991, undated


Club Papi circa 1997-2003, undated


Club Port 1985


Club Q circa 1987-1997, undated


Club Rapture circa 1988


Club Rendez-vous (1312 Polk Street) 2000-2002


Club Rendezvous (567 Sutter Street) circa 1970-1979, undated


Club Samurai circa 1998, undated


Club Skirts, Club Touche circa 1990-1999, undated


Club UK circa 1986-1995, undated


Club Wild (San Jose) circa 2002-2004, undated


Clubhouse circa 1990-1999, undated


Cobb's Comedy Club 2008


Cocktails circa 1992, undated


Coco Club circa 1991-1999, undated


Coconut Grove circa 1989-1998, undated


Code Blue circa 1995-2005, undated


Colossus circa 1990-1999, undated


Coming Up (Newspaper) circa 1988, undated


Community Thrift Store circa 1982-1989, undated


Comstock circa 1986, undated


Connection (Gay bar shuttle) 1984


Connie's Why Not circa 1969-1979, undated


Continental Hotel circa 1982, undated


Copy Central circa 2005-2008, undated


Corner Grocery Bar and Opera circa 1975-1985, undated


Corner Longhorn Saloon circa 1970-1975, undated


Corner Zoo circa 1985, undated


Corral circa 1988-1991, undated


Cowboy Country Western Wear circa 1990, undated


Crankshaft (Santa Rosa) 1981


Crew circa 1988-1990, undated


Cruiser Cocktails (Redwood City) circa 1975, undated


Crystal Pistol circa 1990-1993, undated


Curran Theatre 1944-1957


CW Saloon, Covered Wagon Saloon circa 1971-1999, undated


Cyberworld Cafe circa 1998, undated


Cycle Leather Wear 1983-1984, undated


Cyclops circa 1993


D Bar circa 1998-2004, undated


Daddy's (440 Castro) circa 1991-2008, undated


Dance Factory (Berkeley) circa 1992, undated


Dark Garden Corsetry 2009


David's Garden Cafe circa 1985, undated


David's Hot Diggity Deli 1986


Deco Lounge (Club Deco) circa 1990-2009, undated


DeHaven Valley Farm (Hotel, Westport) circa 1985, undated


Deja Vu (Clothing store) circa 1990, undated


Dekadence, at the End Up 1990-1993


Deluxe, Club Deluxe circa 1981-1992, undated


Den (Fresno) circa 2007, undated


Designs in Photography (Gallery) circa 1977-1979, undated


Detour (2348 Market Street) circa 1986-1993, undated


Detour (888 McAllister Street) circa 1979, undated


Detour (10 Sanchez Street) circa 1995, undated


Devil's Herd Saloon circa 1981-1982, undated


Dial circa 1969, undated


Different Light Bookstore


General circa 1989-2009, undated


Readers and Writers Conference 1994-1998


Different Strokes circa 1981-1990, undated


Diva a Nite Club for Women circa 1990-1999, undated


DJ's Bar (Walnut Creek) circa 1994-1998


DNA Lounge circa 1987-2009, undated


Do Not Sit on the Furniture circa 1989-1991, undated


D'Oak Room circa 1964, undated


Dog Eared Books and Phoenix Books circa 2000, undated


Dog House (741 O'Farrell Street) 1966


Dog House (45 Turk Street) circa 1990, undated


Don Ramon's Mexican Restaurant circa 1983-1984, undated


Don't Panic 1994


Dottie's Stardust Lounge 1976


Double D Saloon and Grill circa 1985, undated


Dragracer (Women and transgender bike messengers collective) circa 1999-2004, undated




General circa 1996-2002, undated


SF Drag King Contest circa 1994-2003, undated


Dreamland 1980-1990


Drummer Magazine and Compound


General circa 1980-1990, undated


Mr. Drummer Contest 1989-2000


Studstore 1983-1989


Dub Club circa 1990-1995, undated


Dude Ranch (Dance club) circa 1988, undated


Duste's Lounge circa 1982, undated


Dutch Treat Restaurant circa 1975, undated


DV8, Club DV8 circa 1987-1995, undated


Eagle Tavern, SF Eagle circa 1984-2010, undated

Extent: 3.0 folders

Eagle Creek Saloon circa 1981-1983, undated


Early Bird (Restaurant) circa 1970-1972, undated


Earth circa 1999, undated


East Coast Cuts (Salon) circa 1985-1989, undated


Edge circa 1993-2000, undated


Effigy (Metalsmith) 1997


Egaymarketplace.com circa 2000, undated


Eichelberger's Restaurant (Bar and cabaret) circa 1995, undated


Eight, Club Eight circa 2006-2009, undated


Eighth House circa 1998, undated


El Picante Night Club circa 1987, undated


El Rio circa 1990-2009, undated


Elbo Room circa 2000-2009, undated


Elephant Walk (Restaurant) circa 1985-1995, undated


Elite Club (Women's bar) 1983


Embassy Ballroom 1989


Embassy Lounge circa 1995-1997, undated


Emerald City Supper Club circa 1997-1998, undated


Emerald City Cafe (Palo Alto) 1989


Emporer Norton's Folly circa 1969-1975, undated


End Up circa 1979-2009, undated


Ernst and Young (Financial services) 2005


Escape from New York Pizza circa 1989, undated


Este Noche circa 1982-2000, undated


Etienne de Lynne (Graphic designer) 1987-1991


Euphoria circa 1990, undated


Eureka Arcade Garden circa 1975-1985, undated


Eureka Federal Savings and Loan 1988


Every 6 Weeks (Salon) circa 1995-1999, undated


Eye Galley circa 1982-1991, undated


Fab (Russian River) circa 2000-2009, undated


Fabuloid (Clothing store) circa 2000, undated


Face It (Salon) circa 2000, undated


Faces (Sacramento) circa 2000-2008, undated


Fag Club circa 1988


Fag Fridays, at The End Up circa 2000-2005, undated


Fair Oaks Gallery 1981


Fairy Butch, In Bed with Fairy Butch circa 2004, undated


Fanny's circa 1981-1984, undated


Fantasy Hall circa 1982, undated


Fantastico (Store) circa 1980, undated


Farm (Farm and venue) circa 1977-1979, undated


Faster Pussycat circa 1995-1996, undated


Fay Mansion Inn circa 1970-1975, undated


Fayes Coffee and Video 2000


Febe's circa 1972-1984, undated


Fellowship Coffee House circa 1969-1975, undated


Female Trouble circa 1988-1990, undated


Femina Potens circa 2005-2009, undated


Fern Grove (Russian River) circa 1986, undated


Festus 1985


Fey Wey Studios (Gallery) circa 1978-1979, undated


Fickle Fox circa 1982-1983, undated


Fifes circa 1979-2005, undated


Fillmore circa 1996-2009, undated


Finochio's circa 1946-1971, undated


Fire Mountain Lodge circa 1983-1984, undated


Firehouse circa 1995, undated


Flesh and Spirit Community (Bodywork, Kirk Prine) 1998-2007


Flower Therapy (Medical marijuana) circa 2000, undated


Foam Party circa 1996, undated


Foghorn circa 1981, undated


Folsom Gulch Books circa 1983, undated


Folsom Magazine 1981


Folsom Prison circa 1974-1975, undated


Folsom Street Hotel circa 1981-1983, undated


Fountain Grove Lodge LGBT Retirement Community (Santa Rosa) circa 2005, undated


Foxy Flyer (Bike store) circa 1996, undated


Foxy Lady Boutique circa 1975-1991, undated


Francine's 1986


Frapez Smoothie Spa circa 2005, undated


French Quarter circa 1995, undated


Fresh Fruit Records 1995


Friendly Spirits (Wines) circa 1996-2002, undated


Friends (Restaurant) 1985


Frisco Club, Frisco Saloon circa 1979-1983, undated


Frolic Room circa 1971, undated


Full Moon Coffeehouse and Bookstore for Women circa 1981-1988, undated


Funny Farm of England (Berkeley) circa 1982, undated


Fusion circa 1991-1993, undated


Futura Latino Dance Club circa 1994-1999, undated


Fuzio Universial Pasta circa 1997-2000, undated


Gaby's Records and Tapes circa 1984, undated


Galleon Bar and Restaurant circa 1979-1996, undated


Galleria Design Center (Venue) circa 1978-1985, undated


Gangway circa 1972-2008, undated


Garden Grill circa 1998, undated


Gas Station 1968


Gate circa 1987-1992, undated


Gauntlet Body Piercing circa 1989-1992, undated


Gay Community News (National) circa 1982, undated


Gay News by Phone circa 1982, undated


Gay Sunshine Press circa 1977-1989, undated


Rossmoor Retirement Community (Walnut Creek, CA) circa 2000, undated


Gaywired.com 2002


Geary Theatre circa 1950-1968, undated


Gift Center Pavilion (Venue) circa 1988-1989, undated


Gil's Saloon circa 1985, undated


Ginger's circa 1979, undated


Ginger's Too circa 1987-1997, undated


Ginger's Trois circa 1995-1997, undated


Giraffe circa 1985-1997, undated


Girlspot circa 1990-2002, undated


Girlworld 2002


Given 2007


Glashaus circa 1987-1991, undated


Glas Kat Nightclub circa 2000, undated


Gliss circa 2000, undated


Going Places (Clothing store) 1981


Gold Coast circa 1981, undated


Gold Eagle Saloon circa 1972, undated


Gold Room circa 1997-2000, undated


Gold Street (Bar and venue) circa 1971-1974, undated


Gold's Gym 2008


Golden City Inn circa 1985, undated


Golden Gate Gym circa 1982, undated


Golden Rivet circa 1974-1976, undated


Good Vibrations (Sex toys) circa 1990-2004, undated


Googies circa 1970-1975, undated


Gordon's (Restaurant) circa 1970-1980, undated


Gotham Body Piercing 2001


Graffiti circa 1984, undated


Gramaphone circa 1977-1982, undated


Grandma's House (Oakland) circa 1973, undated


Granma Books and Periodicals (Mail-order books, Berkeley) undated


Grass Roots Medical Cannabis Clinic circa 2000, undated


Guardian, San Francisco Bay Guardian 2006


Guerneville Parcel Box Plus (Russian River) circa 2000, undated


Gus Presents circa 1990-2008, undated


Hamburger Mary's (Bar and restaurant) circa 1970-1990, undated


Hand Job Leather 1993


Hand Jobs Custom Clothing 1976


Hangout circa 1980-1986, undated


Hans-Off circa 1972, undated


Harlot 2008


Harry Denton's Starlight Room circa 2000, undated


Harvey's circa 1990-2008, undated


Hastings House circa 1977, undated


Headlines 1982-1983


Headquarters (469 Castro Street) circa 1990-1999, undated


Headquarters (683 Clementina Street) circa 1980-1981, undated


Heart of the Castro Wedding Chapel circa 2004-2008, undated


Hedon circa 1990, undated


Hell circa 1980, undated


Herbooks 1987-1990


Hiding Place (Guerneville, Russian River) circa 1980, undated


High Chaparral circa 1986, undated


Highlands Resort (Russian River) circa 1980-1992, undated


HMS Dance Bar (Campbell) circa 1984, undated


Hob Nob circa 1974-1992, undated


Hole in the Wall Saloon circa 1995, undated


Holiday Host Travel Park (Scotts Valley) circa 1979, undated


Holly's Place (Lake Tahoe) circa 1989-1996, undated


Holy Cow circa 1987, undated


Hombre circa 1972-1976, undated


Home circa 2005, undated


Horny Owl circa 1971-1975, undated


Hot Flash (Gallery) circa 1975, undated


Hot Mess circa 2008, undated


Hot 'n' Hunky (Restaurant) circa 1987-1990, undated


Hotel Casa Loma (Venue) circa 1979-1985, undated


Hotel Leland circa 1982, undated


Hotel Utah (Venue) circa 1980-1999, undated


Hotel York, Plush Room, Empire Plush Room circa 1980-2008, undated


Houndstooth Inn (Cabaret, San Rafael) circa 1969-1971, undated


House o' Chicks circa 1993, undated


House of Harmony circa 1969-1974, undated


Husbands (Clothing store) circa 1989, undated


Hush Hush circa 1995-2005, undated


Hyde Plaza Cafe circa 1981, undated


Hype circa 1994, undated


I Do No circa 1968, undated


I-Beam circa 1980-1991, undated


Ike's Sandwiches 2007


Image Leather circa 1988-2004, undated


Images (Dance club) circa 1990, undated


Images Ltd. (Bar) 1983


Inches Inc. 1989


Incontro Ristorante 1999


Inn Debt (Bar) circa 1970, undated


Intersection 1981


Intermission 1990


Internet Alfredo circa 2000, undated


Into the Sound circa 2000, undated


Iron Pot circa 1950, undated


Itch circa 2000, undated


Ivan Stormgart Books circa 1990-1995, undated


Ivy's Restaurant and Bar circa 1982, undated


Jackeroo 1976


Jackhammer circa 1985-1995, undated


Jackson's (118 Jones Street) circa 1975-1980, undated


Jackson's (2237 Powell Street) circa 1969-1979, undated


Jaded circa 1992, undated


James of San Francisco (Leather store) circa 1975, undated


Jaques Michaels circa 1985, undated


Jelly's circa 1997, undated


Jet circa 2000, undated


Jezebel's Joint circa 1997-2000, undated


Jillian's circa 1998, undated


Joe Sent Me Club, Chuck Largents' circa 1996-2000, undated


Joe's Shows circa 1982, undated


John-Jack's Restaurant circa 1969, undated


Jon's Bed n' Breakfast circa 1982, undated


Josie's Cabaret circa 1990-1996, undated


Julie Rings Heart and Soul circa 1996, undated


Julie's Supper Club circa 1988, undated


Jungle Red circa 2008, undated


Junk circa 1996-1998, undated


Kalendar circa 1985, undated


Kandy Bar 2000-2001


Kasa Indian Eatery circa 2009, undated


Kate O'Briens circa 2000, undated


Kelly's Mission Rock circa 2006, undated


Kennel Club circa 1988-1995, undated


Kepler's Books and Magazines (Menlo Park) circa 1990, undated


Keys to the City (Business promoters) 1979-1980


Kiki Gallery 2009


Kimball's East (Emeryville) circa 1994, undated


Kimo's circa 1978-2000, undated

Extent: 2.0 folders

King St. Garage 1997-1998


Kitchen Privileges (Store) circa 1982, undated


Klubstitute circa 1995-1998, undated


Kok Pit circa 1977-1988, undated


Kuma 2007


Kung Pao Kosher Comedy circa 2000-2007, undated


La Cantina circa 1998, undated


Labyris Auto Repair 1980


Ladyslipper (Women's music catalog) 1981-1996

Extent: 2.0 folders

Lady Medeia circa 2002, undated


Lake Merritt Hotel (Retirement community) 2008


Lalita Bar and Restaurant circa 1995, undated


Landing (Santa Clara) circa 1985, undated


Landmark circa 1960-1982, undated


Land's End Saloon circa 1983, undated


Latin Gardens circa 1979, undated


Laughing Goddess Grotto (Oakland) circa 1985, undated


Le Cabaret (Redwood City) circa 1970, undated


Le Disque circa 1980-1982, undated


Le Domino Country Club circa 1960-1972, undated


Le Freak circa 2000, undated


Le Jeu de Paume circa 1982, undated


Le Mistral Cafe and Restaurant circa 1980, undated


Le Park Roller Club circa 1980, undated


Leather Forever 1970-1978


Leather Master's Catalogue circa 1990-1999, undated


Leather N' Things circa 1970, undated


Leather Neck circa 1979, undated


Leather Zone 1992-1997


Leatherworld 1975-1979, undated


Left Bank circa 1975, undated


Lenny Mollet's 527 Club


Chez Mollet (Restaurant, 527 Bryant Street) circa 1981-1990, undated


Off the Levee, On the Levee (527 Bryant Street) circa 1970-1985, undated


On the Levee (987 Embarcadero Street) undated


Leticia's Mexican Restaurant circa 1982, undated


Level Up circa 1990-1991, undated


Levende Lounge circa 2008, undated


Levi's Jeans circa 2009, undated


Lexington Club circa 1999-2009, undated


Leyland Publications (Mail-order books) 1995


Li Po Lounge circa 1998, undated


Libra Bar and Restaurant circa 1970, undated


Lift circa 1996, undated


Lily's circa 1991-1994, undated


Lineup Mexican Restaurant circa 1988-1994, undated


Lion Pub circa 1977-1989, undated


Lipps/Underground circa 1984-1990, undated


Lipstick 1993


Liquid circa 1991, undated


Litter Box circa 1996, undated


Little Bavaria Restaurant (Russian River) circa 1983, undated


Little Michelle's circa 1981-1982, undated


Little More circa 1984, undated


Living End circa 1970, undated


Loading Dock circa 2000-2003, undated


Loading Zone circa 1984, undated


Logan's circa 1984-1985, undated


Lone Star Saloon circa 1990-2000, undated


Lonely Bull circa 1970,undated


Look Sharp Vintage Clothing circa 1982, undated


Lookout circa 2000-2008, undated


Lost Coast Brewery (Eureka) circa 1999, undated


Lounge-a-rama circa 1990, undated


Love that Dares Bookstore circa 1987-1989, undated


Low Rider circa 1996, undated


Lucky Pierre circa 2007, undated


Mabuhay Gardens (Cabaret) 1977


Macante's circa 1979, undated


Macho, at Club Rendevous circa 2000, undated


Macy's circa 2006, undated


Mad Dog Tattoo circa 1987-1989, undated


Mad House circa 1990-1995, undated


Mad Magda's (Gallery and tea room) circa 1998, undated


Madame S. and Mr. S. Leather


General circa 1981-2006, undated


Catalogs circa 1978-2000, undated


Magazine circa 1975-1982, undated


Magic Garden Bar and Restaurant circa 1971-1982, undated


Main Street Station (Cabaret and pizza, Russian River) circa 2000, undated


Major Ponds circa 1980, undated


Make Out Room circa 2000-2009, undated


Male Entertainment Network (MEN, Videos) 1985-1987


Mama Bears Bookstore (Oakland) circa 1990-1994, undated


Mame's Palazzo (Cabaret) circa 1979, undated


Man for all Seasons (Clothing) 1982


Maple Leaf circa 1968


Marathon Ballroom circa 1971, undated


Marcello's Pizza circa 1984, undated


Margie's Diner circa 1990, undated


Marin II (Gallery, San Rafael) 1980


Mark I. Chester's Folsom Gallery circa 1983-2009, undated


Market Street Club (Medical marijuana) circa 2004, undated


Market Street Gym circa 2000, undated


Marlena's circa 1990-2009, undated


Mars circa 1989, undated


Mars Bar (798 Brannan Street) circa 2007, undated


Marshall's (Clothing, Richmond) circa 1960, undated


Martuni's circa 1996-1999, undated


Mary's (San Jose) circa 1998, undated


MASH 407 (Russian River) circa 1982, undated


Masque circa 1983, undated


Matinee circa 1981, undated


Maud's circa 1986-1989, undated


MC Film Festival (Home video catalog) 1991-1994


Medithrive (Medical marijuana) circa 2004, undated


Meet Market 1969


Men's Room circa 1981-1989, undated


Mercury circa 1989, undated


Mercury Mail Order (Leather and sex toys) 1982-1997


Merchantile Saloon (Sacramento) 2003


Mercury circa 1989, undated


Merrill Lynch (Financial planning) 1998


MetLife Insurance 2006


Metro circa 1987-1990, undated


Metro City Bar circa 2000, undated


Metropolis circa 1983-1989, undated


Mexicali Rose (Hayward) circa 1989, undated


Mezzanine circa 2003-2009, undated


Midnight Mass with Peaches Christ circa 2000-2009, undated


Midnight Sun circa 1971-1990, undated


Mighty circa 2004-2009, undated


Milk circa 2000, undated


Mind Shaft circa 1977, undated


Mint circa 1979-1992, undated


Miracle Mile Shuttle circa 1977, undated


Miramar circa 1979, undated


Mission Blue Cafe circa 1981, undated


Mission Records circa 2000


Mission Rock 1989-2000


Missouri Mule circa 1970, undated


Mistake circa 1970, undated


Mix (Berkeley) circa 1987-1994, undated


Mix (4086 18th Street) circa 2006, undated


Moby Dick (Bar and gallery) circa 1979-1990, undated


Modern Times Bookstore circa 1981-2004, undated


Molly Brown's Saloon (Russian River) circa 1983, undated


Mom's Pharmacy circa 2002, undated


Mona's 440 Club circa 1966, undated


Motherlode 1988-1990


Motorwerks circa 1994, undated


Mr. Lee-Ona's circa 2000-2003, undated


Mr. Madam's Parlor circa 1969, undated


Mr. Toad Luncheon and Cocktails undated


Muchacho's circa 2000, undated


Muff Dive circa 1994, undated


Mule (Restaurant) circa 1960, undated


Music Hall circa 1978-1981, undated


My Apartment circa 1970, undated


My Place circa 1988-1989, undated


My Room circa 1970, undated


MyQueerWedding.com circa 2004, undated


N' Touch circa 1979-2001, undated


Naked Angel circa 1990, undated


Naked Swords 2009


Naked Grape circa 1972, undated


New Bell Saloon circa 1979-1990, undated


New Crow circa 1982, undated


New Eagle Creek Saloon circa 1992, undated


New Sex Magazine circa 1990, undated


New World 1986


Nickelodeon circa 1979, undated


Nikita circa 2000, undated


Nightbreak circa 1990, undated


Nine's 1979


Nitecap circa 1970, undated


NJN Bar and Grille circa 1985, undated


No Name Bar circa 1975, undated


Noah's Ark circa 1970, undated


Noe and Market Laundromat circa 1990, undated


Norman the Flier Fairy circa 1982, undated


Oasis circa 1979-1987, undated


Obelisk Gifts and Home Accessories circa 1979, undated


Octavia Lounge circa 1998, undated


Odeon circa 1999-2004, undated


Off the Hook circa 2000-2001, undated


Oil Can Harry's circa 1980, undated


Old Wives' Tales Womens Visions and Books circa 1979-1987, undated


Olivia Records 1979-1999


Ollie's (Oakland) circa 1980-1983, undated


On the QT circa 1969-1973, undated


On Our Backs (Magazine) circa 1984, undated


Open Wide circa 1990, undated


Opera Club (Venue) circa 1969-1970, undated


Opium circa 1991, undated


Oracle Feminist Bookstore circa 1977-1979, undated


Original Jackson's circa 1979, undated


Orphan Andy's Restaurant and Gallery circa 1978-1988, undated


Orpheum Circus (Bar and venue) circa 1969-1972, undated


Osaka Japanese Restaurant circa 2000, undated


Osento Bathhouse for Women circa 1981-1985, undated


Our Place circa 1998, undated


Out of the Closet (Thrift store) circa 2007-2009, undated


Outer Limits circa 1980-1989, undated


Outfit (Clothing store) circa 1998-2000, undated


Overpass circa 1988-1991, undated


P. S. (Bar and venue) circa 1969-1985, undated


Pacific Exchange circa 1980, undated


Page One circa 1966-1969, undated


Palace circa 1988-1990, undated


Palace Theater and Nocturnal Dream Shows circa 1969-1972, undated


Palms circa 1974-1994, undated


Pan Dulce! circa 2000, undated


Pan-Graphic Press (Mail-order books) 1959


Paperback Traffic circa 1970-1989, undated


Paradise Cove (Russian River) 1983


Paradise Lounge circa 1994-2000, undated


Paradox circa 1969-1970, undated


Pasqua circa 1996, undated


Patio Cafe circa 1979-1988, undated


Patsy's circa 1981-1982, undated


Paulo's Juice Bar circa 1998, undated


Peacock Lounge circa 2000, undated


Pegasus 1985


Peg's Place circa 1984, undated


Peke Palace circa 1973, undated


Pendulum circa 1981-2000, undated


Penny Lane circa 1982, undated


Pepper circa 1993-2000, undated


Peter Pan circa 1976-1991, undated


Peter's Pub circa 1984-1985, undated


Phoenix (482 Castro Street) circa 1996-2000, undated


Phoenix (1035 Post Street) circa 1974-1980, undated


Phoenix Hotel Pool and Backflip circa 1998-2002, undated


Phone Booth circa 1998, undated


Photo Naturals circa 2005, undated


Piaf's circa 1998-2000, undated


Pilsner Inn (Bar) circa 1987-2005, undated


Pines circa 1979-1982, undated


Pink circa 2008, undated


Pink Tarantula Hair circa 1987, undated


Pipeline circa 1982, undated


Pirate Tattoo circa 2002, undated


Pit circa 1992-1996, undated


Pit Stop (Santa Rosa) 1985


Place Pigalle 1995-1999


Plants at Faded World (Store) 1979


Pleasuredome, Thunderdome circa 1989-1999, undated


Plunge circa 1980-1984, undated


PO Plus (Mail and shipping) circa 2007-2009, undated


Polk-a-Long circa 1969-1972, undated


Polk Gulch Saloon circa 1974-1996, undated


Polk Rendezvous (1303-1305 Polk Street) circa 1987-1998, undated


Polk Surplus (Store) circa 1983, undated


Porn Store Cafe circa 2005, undated


Port Cafe circa 1996, undated


Powerhouse circa 1984-2004, undated


Previews (Cabaret) circa 1980-1982, undated


Primal circa 1998, undated


Product circa 1990-1995, undated


Psychedelic Shop (Head shop) circa 1979


Psychic Hanna (Psychic) circa 2008, undated


Pulp, The Stationary and Toy Store circa 2000, undated


Pulse circa 1991, undated


Pure T 2000


Purgatory (Berkeley) circa 1990-1991, undated


Purple Pickle circa 1975, undated


Pytrone 2002


Q San Francisco (Magazine) circa 1998, undated


QComedy.com (Comedy promoters) circa 1994-1999, undated


QSM Book and Magazine Catalog 1996


QT (Polk Street, 1312) circa 1980-1996, undated


Quarry 1974


Quarterly circa 1982, undated


Queen Mary's Pub circa 1982-1985, undated


QueerCity.com circa 2007-2009, undated


Queerist.com 2009


Question Mark Saloon circa 1980, undated


Quetzal Cafe circa 1989-1999, undated


Rage Salon circa 2000, undated


Raggs Bar and Restaurant circa 1984-1985, undated


Railway Express (Bar and cabaret) circa 1980-1989, undated


Rainbow Cattle Company (Valencia Street, San Francisco) circa 1979-1984, undated


Rainbow Cattle Company (Russian River) circa 1984-1990, undated


Rainbow Room (Hayward) 2003


Ram Studios (Gallery) circa 1989-1995, undated


Ramrod 1982-1984


Ram's Head circa 1985, undated


Ranch Oasis circa 1990, undated


Rancho Cicada Resort (Plymouth) circa 1980, undated


Rapture, Club Rapture circa 1990, undated


Rathskeller 1983-1984


Raven Gallery circa 1995-2000, undated


Rawhide I and II circa 1982-2001, undated


Rebel Girl circa 2007-2009, undated


Record Finder circa 1990, undated


Red Devil Lounge circa 2000, undated


Red Dora's Cafe (Gallery and venue) circa 1995-1999, undated


Red Eye Saloon circa 1980-1982, undated


Red Lantern circa 1974-1978, undated


Red Square circa 1988, undated


Red Star Saloon circa 1979, undated


Redwood City Roller Rink circa 1999, undated


Reflection circa 1997, undated


Renegade 1983-1985


Remedy Lounge (San Rafael) circa 1970, undated


Respect for Women (Dance club) circa 2000, undated


Retarded Whore (Club promoters) circa 1994-1996, undated


Retreat Resort and Spa (Russian River) 2002


Revival House (Films) circa 1995-1999, undated


Revol (Oakland) circa 1969-1979, undated


Reys circa 1994, undated


Rickshaw Stop (Venue) circa 2009, undated


Ride On circa 1971-1974, undated


Riff Raff (Restaurant) circa 1979-1980, undated


Rimshot (Oakland) circa 1995-2000, undated


Ritz circa 1989, undated


Rive Gauche Restaurant circa 1960, undated


Rivet circa 1980, undated


River Bend Campground and Trailer Park (Russian River) circa 1982, undated


Road Runner circa 1979-1984, undated


Rob (Leather) circa 1985-1995, undated


Rob Gallery circa 1983-1986, undated


Roccapulco circa 2000, undated


Rock 'n' Roll Queer Bar circa 1995, undated


Rockers circa 1985-1989, undated


Rolladium Roller Rink (San Mateo) 1990


Roller Gardens (San Leandro) circa 1984-1985, undated


Roller World circa 1995-1999, undated


Rolo (Clothing store) circa 1990-1998, undated


Rose Street House of Music (Berkeley) 2000-2001


Rosenberg circa 1980, undated


Roxie (Movie theater) 1986


Roundup circa 1970-1972, undated


Roxy Roadhouse 1982-1983


Ruby Skye circa 2002-2009, undated


Rugby Men's Store 1979-1981


Rumors circa 1990-2000, undated


Russion River Eagle circa 2000, undated


Russian River Express, A Closer Look (Shuttle bus) circa 1980-1981, undated


Russian River Lodge 1981-1982


Russian River Resort, The Triple R circa 1980-2008, undated


Rustica (Restaurant) circa 2000, undated


Sabre Room circa 1970-1975, undated


Sacred Rose Tattoo circa 2005, undated


Safeway (Grocery store) 2008


San Francisco Trucking Company, Inc. circa 1980-1985, undated


Sanctuary 1991


Sandy's Saloon circa 1970, undated


Santa Rosa Inn circa 1970-1979, undated


Sappho's, a Residence for Women circa 1995-1999, undated


Saturnalia circa 1970-1979, undated


Sausage Factory circa 1972-2008, undated


Sausalito Inn circa 1965, undated


Savoy (Santa Clara) 2008


Savoy Tivoli circa 1981-1982, undated


Scandals circa 1988-1989, undated


Scooter's circa 1985-1990, undated


Score II circa 1970-1975,undated


Scoreboard, Uncle Billy's circa 1970-1975, undated


Scott's Pit circa 1970-1975, undated


Scottie's Breakaway Transportation (Shuttle bus, Russian River) circa 1984, undated


Screw circa 1989-1992, undated


Secret Cinema Theatre circa 1970-1979, undated


Sentinel, SF (Newspaper) circa 1979-1988, undated


Shadows (Nicasio) circa 1979, undated


Shangri La circa 2000-2009, undated


Shape Up (Gym) circa 1980-1989, undated


Shed circa 1970-1976, undated


Sherwood Forest Resort (Russian River) circa 1980-1995, undated


Shutters circa 1970-1975, undated


Simply Shortbreads 1990


Sin 2003


Sister circa 2000-2002, undated


Sisterspirit (San Jose) circa 1982-1991, undated


Skateland 1983


Skirts circa 1990-1999, undated


Slam n' Beats circa 2000, undated


Slick circa 1995-1999, undated


Sliders Diner 1997


Slim's (Venue) circa 1990-2000, undated


Smokey's Den (Oakland) circa 2000, undated


Snatch circa 1990-1995, undated


Snodrift 2001


So Many Men 1985-1987


Sofia's circa 1985, undated


Solina's Parlour circa 1970-1979, undated


Software Disco Show circa 1983, undated


Sound Factory circa 1991-2002, undated


Sound of Music circa 1980-1989, undated


Southern Exposure (Gallery) circa 1989-2002, undated


Space 743 (Gallery) 2002-2004


Sparky's circa 1990, undated


Spaz circa 1990-1999, undated


Speak Easy circa 1970, undated


Special circa 1986, undated


Special K circa 1990-1995, undated


Spinsters Book Company 1992


Spirit 1985


Spread circa 1994, undated


Spoiled Brat (Hayward) circa 1984, undated


Sports Affair (Store) circa 1980, undated


Spundae circa 1995-2002, undated


Stables circa 1980-1985, undated


Stallion circa 1980-1986, undated


Starwash (Laundromat) circa 1989, undated


Stars 1978


Starlight Room, Mark Calhoun's circa 1978-1982, undated


Stay Gold circa 2009, undated


Sticky Bun Bakery 1984


Stormy Leather (Store) circa 1996-2009, undated


Storyville circa 1995-1999, undated


Strand Theatre circa 1986-1987, undated


Stray Bar 2006


Stud circa 1980-2008, undated


Studio Four (Venue) circa 1989, undated


Suck (Dance club) circa 1989, undated


Sugar circa 2006-2009, undated


Sugar Shack circa 1989, undated


Sundance Saloon (Dance club) circa 1999-2009, undated


Super Star Video circa 1999, undated


Supperclub circa 2000-2005, undated


Surf City Boy Party (Santa Cruz) 1988


Surf N Sand of Sausalito (Clothing store) circa 1960, undated


Surrey Inn Tennis and Swim Club (Russian River) 1980


Sutter's Mill (Restaurant) circa 1970-1987, undated


Swallow 1999-2000


Sweet Inspiration 1989-2008, undated


Swirl on Castro 2009


T. C.'s Smudge (Artwork) 1988-1990


T's and Toys 1981


Taboo circa 2007, undated


Tacky Wench circa 1960-1965, undated


Tactile circa 2000, undated


Take Five circa 1991, undated


Tallula (Bar and restaurant) circa 2000, undated


Tango Tango 2000-2002


Taqueria Zapata circa 1990-2000, undated


Taste, Club Taste circa 1996, undated


Tattoo Lagoon (Bar) circa 1980, undated


Tattoo Works circa 1980-1982, undated


Tauber's of California (Leather store) circa 1980, undated


Taylor of San Francisco (Leather shop) circa 1980-1983, undated


Teddy Bears (Bar and restaurant) circa 1986, undated


Temple circa 2005-2008, undated


Terry Photo 1980-1991


TGIF circa 1990-1999, undated


Thai Chef circa 2000, undated


Theatre on the Square 1982-1984


Three Snaps Up (Promoters) circa 1990-1999, undated


Thrillpeddlers 2009


Thump 2000-2001


Thunderbay, The Klub (Berkeley) circa 1991, undated


Tiffany's (Bar) circa 1970-1975, undated


Time (Dance club) circa 1996-2000, undated


Tinker's Damn (Santa Clara) circa 1970-1979, undated


Tingel Tangel 2008


Tip Top Inn (Venue) circa 2000, undated


Toad Hall circa 1979-1985, undated


Tommy's Plants and Greenhouse circa 1982-1983, undated


Tool Box (Bar) circa 1966-1969, undated


Tootsie's (Restaurant) circa 1984, undated


Top circa 1990-1999, undated


Totie's circa 1971-1982, undated


Tower Lounge circa 1969-1975, undated


Town Square, T.S. (Clothing store) circa 1966-1986, undated


Toy Tiger Restaurant and Bar circa 1970, undated


Trading Post, A Taste of Leather (Store)


General circa 1975-1980, undated


Catalogs circa 1974-1985, undated


Trannyshack circa 1995-2009, undated


TransAm 2007-2008


Transfer circa 1986-2007, undated


Transformer (Salon) circa 1989, undated


Transmission Theater (Venue) circa 1996-2000, undated


Trapp circa 1969-1981, undated


Travelers circa 1989, undated


Travelodge (Hotel) circa 1985-1990, undated


Trax Bar circa 1983-1999, undated


Trench 1983


Tribe circa 1991, undated


Trinity Place (Venue and club) circa 1978-1985, undated


Triple Crown circa 2000, undated


Trixie's Restaurant and Piano Bar circa 1991, undated


Trocadero Transfer circa 1978-1989, undated

Extent: 2.0 folders

Trolley (Bar) 1972


Truck (Bar and restaurant) 2007


Truck Stop (Restaurant) circa 1970-1979, undated


Tubesteak Connection circa 1998-2001, undated


Turf Club (Hayward) circa 1970-1999, undated


Tuxedo Junction circa 1980, undated


Twelve 20 (Clothing store, Walnut Creek) 1990


Twice Told Books (Russian River) 2007


Twin Peaks circa 1977-1980, undated


Two Four One Koffee Klub circa 1980, undated


Two Turtles Lounge circa 1980-1989, undated


Uncle Bert's Place circa 1988-2000, undated


Under One Roof circa 1988-2000, undated


Underground SF circa 2005-2009, undated


Underworld circa 1989-1994, undated


Unicorn circa 1981, undated


Universe, Club Universe circa 1995-2000, undated


Unleash, Dance Party for Women circa 2000, undated


Unleash the Queen circa 1990-1995, undated


Up Periscope (Sandwich shop) circa 1980, undated


Upper Market Street Gallery circa 1975-1985, undated


Uranus, Club Uranus circa 1989-1996, undated


V sf circa 1995-2000, undated


Vagabond 1982


Valencia Rose

Extent: 3.0 folders

General circa 1981-1986, undated


Comedy circa 1982-1985, undated


Gay and Lesbian Pioneers Project circa 1983, undated


Valle de Coiffeurs, V de C 1969


Valley Fireside Cafe, Chuck's circa 1984, undated


Valley Pride Market and Deli circa 1996, undated


Vanderwater's Disco circa 1976, undated


Vanishing Point Medical Group (Hair removal) circa 2002-2005, undated


Vector 1975


Veux Carre (Venue) circa 1969, undated


Vi's Club Drake (Fairfax) circa 1971-1975, undated


Via Vai circa 1965-1969, undated


Victoria Theater circa 1985-2000, undated


Victorian Hotel, Keystone Bar and Showroom circa 1982, undated


Video Control circa 2000, undated


Villa (Hotel) 1995


Village (4086 18th Street) circa 1983-1985, undated


Village (901 Columbus Street) circa 1971-1978, undated


Village Inn (Russian River) circa 1975-1980, undated


Visa (Credit card company) 1995


Visions (San Jose) 1986-1987


Vitamin Shoppe 1999


Viva circa 1995-1999, undate


Viva Italia (Pizza) circa 1980, undated


Volume One (Berkeley) circa 1985, undated


Voodoo Lounge 2000


Vortex (Palo Alto) circa 1988-1990, undated


Wagons (Restaurant, hotel and bar) circa 1980-1985, undated


Walt Whitman Bookshop circa 1978-1989, undated


Warbabies (Clothing store) circa 1981, undated


Warehouse Cabaret circa 1988, undated


Water Garden (San Jose) 1998


Waterhole #3 circa 1972, undated


Watering Hole (6th Street) circa 1979-1983, undated


Watering Hole Saloon (1145 Folsom Street) circa 1985-1994, undated


Welcome Home Restaurant circa 1988-1994, undated


Westcoast Films 1967


West Graphics 1982


Wet circa 1991-1992, undated


White Horse Inn and Bar (Oakland) circa 1999- 2001, undated


White Swallow (1750 Polk Street) circa 1980-1999, undated


White Trash (Bar) circa 1999, undated


Why Not circa 1980, undated


Wild Goose circa 1972-1982, undated


Wild Side West (Bar) 2000


Wilde Oscar circa 1970-1979, undated


Wildwood Ranch (Russian River) circa 1972-1986, undated


Willows (Hotel, Russian River) circa 1982-2004, undated


Windjammer circa 1972-1975, undated


Wite Elafant, The 501's Bar and Restaurant 1980-1981


Women's Dance Club (Club promoters, East Bay) circa 2000, undated


Wooden Horse circa 1978-1996, undated


Woods (Russian River) circa 1980-2000, undated


Worn Out West (Clothing store and gallery) circa 1980-1994, undated


Xandria Collection (Sex toys) 1978-1982


XY Nitespot (Berkeley) 2000


Yacht Club circa 1970-1979, undated


Yerba Buena Village circa 1970, undated


Yoshi's 2009


Z Leathers circa 1980-1982, undated


Zami circa 1998-2002, undated


Zelda's Restaurant and Cocktail Lounge (Corte Madera) circa 1975-1985, undated


Zocalo (Gallery) 1990


Zookini (Dance club) circa 1989, undated