Register of the Small Business and Official Records

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Register of the Small Business and Official Records

Collection number: MSS 001

Holt-Atherton Department of Special Collections

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Stockton, California
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Descriptive Summary

Title: small business and official records
Dates: 1840-1931
Collection number: MSS 001
Collection Size: .25 linear
Repository: University of the Pacific. Library. Holt-Atherton Dept. of Special Collections
Stockton, California 95211
Abstract: These Holt-Atherton Center collections contain single items of business and official records which are cataloged individually.
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Languages: Languages represented in the collection: English


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small business and official records. MSS 001. Holt-Atherton Department of Special Collections, University of the Pacific Library.

Scope and Content of Collection

These Holt-Atherton Center collections contain single items of business and official records which are cataloged individually. These records include primarily Stockton and California business receipts, bank notes, certificates, land patents, stock certificates, advertisements, checks, licenses, sight drafts, statements, deeds, marriage certificates, sworn oaths, agreements, etc. These documents reflect the activities and give clues to the businesses and dating of individuals.

Indexing Terms

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Legal documents - California
Business records

Container List


MS 1 A436 dm card only ALLIED DIVIDE MINING COMPANY, GOLDFIELD, NEVADA. Stock Certificate, 1919 March 31. 1 item.


MS 1 A481 (oversize) AMADOR & NEVADA WAGON ROAD COMPANY. Advertisement, 1865 April 20 giving public notice of the opening of a toll road from Sacramento to points east. 1 Broadside.


MS 1 A512 AMERICAN RIVER WATER AND MINING COMPANY. Bond coupons, payable 1863 June 1. 2 items.


MS 1 A878 ATKINSON, W. W. Merchandise receipt, 1860 December 8, Ione City, California. 1 page.


MS 1 A923 AUGUSTINE, MR. Statement of account, 1864 January 8, San Andreas, California with G. Bowman. 1 page.


MS 1 B218 1931 BANK OF ITALY. STOCKTON OFFICE. Cashier's check, 1931 July 28, John M. Perry, manager to City Treasurer, City of Stockton. Photocopy of original. 1 page.


MS 1 B433 BELL & CLARK, HUMBOLDT COUNTY, NEVADA. Retail liquor license, 1864 June 13. 1 page.


MS 1 B547 BERTON (F.) & COMPANY, SAN FRANCISCO. Sight draft, 1884 January 14, for 100 francs. 1 item.


MS 1 B624 BIVEN, CRAFT A Sight draft, 1854 November 6, Stockton California for $90, payable to Adams & Company. 1 page.


MS 1 B787 BOWMAN (G.) DEALER, SAN ANDREAS, CALIFORNIA. Statement, 1864 May 2, to Mr. Augustine. 1 page.


MS 1 C 153 1930 CALIFORNIA TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. Ticket, 1930 May 23, Stockton California for the afternoon excursion aboard the S.S. Fort Sutter. 1 page.


MS 1 C 153 E 96 CALIFORNIA. BOARD OF EXAMINERS. Approval of an account, 1858 February 15, Sacramento. 1 page.


MS 1 C353 CASTLE, JAMES U., PAYEE. Promissory note, 1866 October 13, Stockton, California for $600. 1 page.


MS 1 C397 CENTRAL PACIFIC RAILROAD Notice to the public of a change to Pacific Standard Time. n.p., 1884. 1 page.


MS 1 C533 CHICO GOLD AND SILVER MINING COMPANY, CHICO, CALIFORNIA. Stock certificate, 1867 October 1. 1 page.


MS 1 C596 CLARK, WILLIAM G Receipt, 1864 June 9, Coloma, California for payment of tax assessment on shares held in the General Grant Mining Company. Manuscript on printed form. 1 page.


MS 1 C625 1904 CLEMENS, SAMUEL LANGHORNE Autograph, 1904 June 12. 1 page.


MS 1 C726 COLUMBIA GULCH FLUMING COMPANY, COLUMBIA, CALIFORNIA. Stock certificate, 1857 September 9. 1 page.


MS 1 C748 THE CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA. Fifty-dollar note, 1864 February 17. 1 item.


MS 1 C973 UOP student? CUNNINGHAM, E M Marriage certificate, 1879 October 22, attesting to the marriage of E.M. Cunningham and Amanda C. Russell in Suisun Valley, California. 1 item.


MS 1 C976 CURRY, F P Stock certificate, 1905 August 9, Bullfrog Central Mining and Development Company, Arizona. 1 item.


MS 1 D117 DACE, JOHN. Deed, 1840 October 1, issued by U.S. General Land Office, granting title to 41 acres in Washington County, Missouri. 1 sheet.


MS 1 D337 BANK OF A. DELANO, GRASS VALLEY, CALIFORNIA. Note, 1874 August 31, for $95. 1 page.


MS1 D391 DENCH, J W Stock certificate, 1878 December 7, Utah Gold and Silver Mining Company, Newtown, El Dorado County, California. 1 page.


MS 1 D427 DERBY, C W Receipt, 1865 July 6, for the post office box rent, San Francisco. 1 page.


MS 1 D578 DILL, RAYMOND Mule and donkey purchase notes and accounts being a personal memorandum by a Clements, California livestock dealer. The holograph is on Eccles Hotel letterhead, ca. 1910. 2 pages on 1 leaf.


MS 1 D718 DORSEY (CALEB) & BROTHERS. Tax receipt, 1872 May 13, Stanislaus County, California, assessment of $67.36 for 1265 sheep. 1 page.


MS 1 E 64 EPSTINE, H E Stock certificate, 1906 November 12, Silver Pick Extension Mining Company, Goldfield, Nevada. 1 sheet.


MS 1 E 76 1883 ESMERALDA MINING DISTRICT, ESMERALDA COMPANY, NEVADA. Annual labor performance certificate, 1883 December 31, Emma Jane Quartz Mine, Aurora, Nevada. 1 page.


MS 1 F 514 FINNEY, MICHAEL Citizenship certificate, 1864, October 28, Amador County, California. 1 sheet.


MS 1 F696 FORBUSH, EDWIN JEROME. Marriage certificate, 1882 November 8, North Brookfield, Massachusetts. Handwritten copy of original document showing ceremony performed at North Brookfield, September 14, 1864. 1 page.


MS 1 F885 FREEMAN, J. W. Notary public commission, February 23, 1858. Signed by John B. Weller, California governor. A note on the back by Freeman declining the commission. 1 page.


MS 1 G 618 GOLDEN GATE MINING COMPANY, MONO COUNTY, CALIFORNIA. Stock certificate, 1905 May 17. 1 page.


MS 1 G 663 GORDON, JOSIAH. Receipt, 1851 April 6, Coloma, California. 1 page.


MS 1 G 698 GOULD, S. B. Commission, 1891 May 20, appointing S.B. Gould a member of the Oregon Board of Pharmacy, to hold office for the term of four years, until his successor is appointed and qualified. 1 sheet.


MS 1 G 984 GUTHRIE, LEE. Bar-room license, 1900 July 5, Skagway, Alaska, issued to Lee Guthrie after payment of $1500 to J.J. Robers, Clerk of the Court, United States of America. Photocopy. 1 sheet.


MS 1 H151 HAIL, F Oath, 1864 April 6, Farmington, St. Francis County, Missouri, affirming loyalty to the Union during the existing rebellion. 1 page.


MS1 H414 HAYDEN, CHARLES W. Notary public commission, September 11, 1852, signed by John Bigler, California governor. 1 page.


MS 1 H497 HENDERSON, W. R. Receipt, 1888 May, Stockton, California from F.A. West, Yosemite Club, for an initiation fee and dues. 1 page.


MS 1 H 543 HOLIDAY, JOHN Statement, 1851 November 8, Louisville, Kentucky, to Henry Willits. The manuscript is a bill for mule livery, medicine, and lodging. 1 page.


MS 1 H 552 HOMESTAKE KING CONSOLIDATED BULLFROG MINING & MILLING CO., DALLAS, TEXAS. Stock certificate, 1907 February 25. 1 page.


MS 1 H 733 HUGGINS, FRANK 25 receipts to or from Frank Huggins of Stockton, California for groceries, lumber, furniture, etc. between 1853-1865. Also includes 6 other receipts between 1855-1898 from and to other individuals in Stockton.


MS 1 I 64 IONE CITY GOLD AND SILVER MINING COMPANY, IONE, CALIFORNIA. Stock certificate, 1864 February 12. 1 item.


MS 1 J12 JACKS, DAVID Gambling license, 1852 September 11, Monterey, California, issued to William B. Pyburne, proprietor of Ala Bola de Oro House for the period of one month. 1 page.


MS 1 J 17 JACOBSON, ANNA M Ware house ration n order, Florence, Nebraska Territory, June 13, 1863. 1 item.


MS 1 J 282 JEWEL MINING COMPANY, ARIZONA. Stock certificate, 1907 February 18. 1 page.


MS 1 K 29 KELLOGG, L A Promissory note, 1855 June 26. 1 page.


MS 1 L 322 LARGAN, FATHER Telegram, 1866 February 21, Placerville, to Frank Gallagher. 1 page.


MS 1 L 431 LAZARD FRERES, BANKERS, JACINTO, CAL. Note, 1881, January 10 for $143.21. 1 item.


MS 1 L 847 LONDON, JACK. Personal check, 1913 November 17, drawn on The Merchants National Bank, San Francisco, for $4.60 to Joan London, payee. 1 page.


MS 1 L 973 LUTE, B. F. Promissory note, 1918 June 1, Reno, Nevada, to the Farmers and Merchants National Bank of Reno, for $210. 1 page.


MS 1 M 153 MACKAY, I. W Bank check, 1870 September 12, Trench Mill, Agency of the Bank of California for $244.02 to B.D. Dunning or bearer, payee. 1 page.


MS 1 M 169 1925 MACNIDER, W., ET AL Agreement, 1925 January 7, between W. Macnider, et al., and William Wallace Mein, transferring interest in Calaveras County property to Calaveras Cement Company. 1 page.


MS 1 M 381 MOORE, FRED Certificate, (undated) proclaiming Fred W. Moore a permanent contributing member to the maintenance fund of the Shriner's hospital for crippled children. 1 item.


MS 1 N 895 NORWOOD, REUBEN W. A deed, 1849 August 1, issued by U.S. General Land Office, granting title to 160 acres located near Batesville, Arkansas. 1 item.


MS1 N 994 NYE AND RICHARDSON, ATTORNEYS OAKLAND, CAL. Statement, 1892 March 16, to Methodist Episcopal Church, San Leandro for clerical fees with an endorsement "paid" by Stephen G. Nye. 1 item.


MS 1 O 58 O'NEILL, ANNE WYNNE Letter of invitation, 1925 June 4, to be present at West Park Grammar School commencement exercises. 2 items.


MS 1 P 116 PACHE (J.) AND CO., STOCKTON, CAL. A statement on May 8, 1866 to possibly J. Agostini for purchase of general merchandise for $6.00. 1 page.


MS 1 P 451 PERKINS, W L Receipt, 1862 August 30, for packages to be delivered to Empire Mill & Co., Virginia City (Nevada). 1 page.


MS 1 P 688 PITTECK, HENRY L. A receipt on February 15, 1872 from Salem, Oregon for $5.00 dividend payment from People's Transportation Company. 1 page.


MS 1 R 763 ROMERO, FRANCIS A Waybill on March 28, 1867 in Stockton for general merchandise to be delivered to J. Agostini, San Domingo. 1 page.


MS 1 S 333 SANTA ROSA FEMALE SEMINARY Broadside on August 11, 1868 announcing the opening of a girl's school in Santa Rosa, California. 1 page.


MS 1 S 553 SHERRILL, ALICE J Satisfaction of mortgage, 1895 April 15 in Washington County, Oregon. 1 page.


MS 1 S 699 SONOMA VALLEY BANK, SONOMA, CALIFORNIA A note on December 20, 1875, for $20.00. 1 item.


MS 1 S 699 SONORA, CALIFORNIA. MAYOR. A deed sale on August 9, 1852, by which Charles F. Dodge, Mayor, for a consideration of one dollar, conveys title to a consideration of one to James P. Clough, et al./ Trustees, for the use and benefit of the Methodist Episcopal Church South. 1 page.


MS 1 S 726 SOUTH END MINING CO., DEVILS GATE DISTRICT, NEVADA. A land patent on July 10, 1876 issued by the U.S. General Land Office, Carson City, Nevada, to the South End Mining Company, embracing a portion of land located in the Devils Gate and Chinatown Mining Districts, Lyon County, Nevada. 1 page.


MS 1 S827 1899 SOUTHERN PACIFIC COMPANY. Half-fare permit, May 10,1899 from San Francisco to Stockton and return, for Mrs. Florence Banham which is signed by E.E.Wade. 2 pages on 1 card.


MS 1 S866 L 697 1903 STOCKTON FREE PUBLIC LIBRARY. Borrower's Application form, July 24, 1903, signed by Leonora Bugbee. 2 pages on 1 leaf.


MS 1 S 958 SUNSET MOTOR COMPANY, RENO, NEVADA Stock certificate, July 22, 1929. 1 item.


MS 1 S 974 SWEENEY, JAMES G Stock certificate, April 18, 1907, Manhattan Anaconda Mining Company of Nevada, sheet.


MS 1 T153 (oversize) TAM, J H Notice, September 23, 1860, by which H.H. and Sarah Tam announce the public auction of their 240 acre ranch which is 8 miles north of Stockton, California.


MS 1 T256 TEMPLE, MR. July and August 1853 receipts from Stockton businesses: V. M. Peyton, Grove and Knight, and Webster and Waite.


MS 1 T 572 TILGHMAN, GEORGE, PHYSICIAN. Receipt, June 29, 1876 [n.p.] for services rendered in the probate court in the Estate of Henry Rugen. 1 page.


MS 1 T 891 TUCKER & WALLACE, ALTA CITY, UTAH, WHOLESALERS. Receipt, September 1, 1885, for groceries and general merchandise purchased by Gardner Delivery[?] Company. 1 page.


MS 1 W 121 WADE MORGAN & COMPANY Receipt, June 21, 1861, San Francisco, for the purchase of misc. merchandise in the amount of $52.25 from A.F. Brown. Receipt letterhead reads: "Bought of A.F.Brown, importer of beads of every description for Indian trade..."


MS 1 W 381 WEBSTER (J.B.) & COMPANY, PAYEE. Promissory note, May 11, 1872, Stockton, for $60.00 in gold coin. Signature of drawer torn off. 1 page


MS 1 W 453 WELLS, FARGO & COMPANY, VIRGINIA CITY, NEVADA. Bank draft, September 22, 1862. 1 item.


MS 1 W 453 WELLS, FARGO & COMPANY Freight receipt, April 7,1898, Los Angeles. 2 pages.


MS 1 W 453p WELLS, FARGO & COMPANY Sight draft, December 27, 1862, San Francisco. 1 page.


MS 1 W 563 WHEELER, JAMES Receipt, August 8,1862, Florrence [sic] [Idaho?], [from] Maddin & Young.


MS 1 W 689 WILL, DAN Promissory note, September 27, 1884, LaFayette, Oregon, to Nelson & Bird, for $12.70. 1 page.


MS 1 W 723 WILLIAMS, GEORGE E, PAYEE. Promissory note, April 25, 1870 [n.p.]. Names of signatories torn from page. 1 page.


MS 1 W 872 WONDERLIC & COPLEY Statement, November 22, 1851, Louisville [Kentucky?], to J.W. Ridgway & Company.


MS 1 W 954 WRIGHT, W Receipt, August 16, 1866, Stockton, for hardware merchandise purchased of Thos. H. Selby & Company. 1 page.


MS 1 Y 46 1876 YERINGTON & COMPANY, VIRGINIA [CITY], NEVADA. Bank check, March 15, 1876, to Parker & Tobey. 1 page.