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Title: Andrzej W. Tymowski interview transcripts
Date (inclusive): 1987-1991
Collection Number: 93018
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Library and Archives
Language of Material: In Polish, Czech and German
Physical Description: 2 manuscript boxes (0.8 Linear Feet)
Abstract: Interviews with activists in KOR, Solidarnosc, and other Polish dissident movements of the 1970s and 1980s, with activists in Czechoslovak and East German dissident movements of the same period, and with observers of these movements, relating to the history of the movements, and to the social dynamics of participation in them.
Creator: Tymowski, Andrzej


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Acquired by the Hoover Institution Library & Archives in 1993.

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Biographical Note

Political scientist

Scope and Content Note

Political scientist Andrzej W. Tymowski conducted these interviews while he was at Yale University. Tymowski interviewed activists in Komitet Obrony Robotnikow (KOR), Solidarnosc, and other Polish dissident movements of the 1970s and 1980s, activists in Czechoslovak and East German dissident movements of the same period, and observers of these movements, about the history of the movements and the social dynamics of participation in them.
The descriptions of the interviewees included in the container list were taken verbatim from descriptive notes written by Tymowski.
Tymowski used this research in several publications:
"The Unwanted Social Revolution: 1989 in Poland," East European Politics and Societies 7, no. 2 (Spring 1993).
"Youth Activism in the East European Transformation," Communist and Post-Communist Studies (June 1994).
"The Unwanted Revolution: From Moral Economy to Liberal Society in Poland (The Social Origins of Reform and Counter-Reform)," PhD diss., Yale University, 1995.
The Hoover Institution Library & Archives acquired the transcripts in 1993 and 1995.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Dissenters -- Czechoslovakia
Dissenters -- Poland
Dissenters -- Germany (East)
Social movements -- Poland
Social movements -- Czechoslovakia
Social movements -- Germany (East)
NSZZ "Solidarność" (Labor organization)
Komitet Samoobrony Społecznej KOR


Interview Transcripts 1987-1993

Scope and Contents note

Arranged by language of transcript, Polish, Czech, English, and German, which reflects the order in which the transcripts were received, thereunder alphabetically by name of interviewee

Polish language

box 1, folder 1-2

Adamowicz, Pawel; , Gdansk. 1991 April 2

Scope and Contents note

Strike leader at the University of Gdansk in May 1988, at time of interview alderman in Gdansk and vice-rector of the university
box 1, folder 3

Adamowicz, Piotr; , Gdansk. 1991 April 4

Scope and Contents note

Active in the opposition (Ruch Mlodej Polski) before 1980, now a journalist for Zycie Warszawy
box 1, folder 4

Arkuszewski, Wojciech; , Warsaw. 1991 May 5

Scope and Contents note

Active since 1968, in Klub Inteligencji Katolickiej (KIK), worked closely with Komitet Obrony Robotnikow (KOR), Solidarnosc. At time of interview on the Solidarnosc National Commission
box 1, folder 5

Bartkowiak, Jacek; , Slupca. 1991 March 22

Scope and Contents note

Active in student movement during Solidarnosc, in underground activity under martial law. Edits Slupca's (bi-weekly) newspaper
box 1, folder 6

Bielinski, Konrad; , Warsaw. 1991 May 17

Scope and Contents note

Founding member of Komitet Obrony Robotnikow (KOR), NOWA, printer at Gdansk shipyard in 1980, underground during martial law
box 1, folder 7

Chlopcy z Gdanska; , Gdansk. 1991 April 3

Scope and Contents note

At time of interview members of the radical-action group "Dym-II," they were teen-aged couriers in the 1988 shipyard strikes, "kangaroos" who jumped the fence with supplies, letters, etc.
box 1, folder 8

Grudzinski, Wlodzimierz; , Warsaw. 1991 April 29

Scope and Contents note

Active in the opposition since 1968, worked closely with Komitet Obrony Robotnikow (KOR), Solidarnosc, and then in the underground during martial law
box 1, folder 9

Holzer, Ryszard; , New Haven, Connecticut. 1987

Scope and Contents note

Wrote for underground publications during martial law, now is political editor for Warsaw's daily, Zycie Warszawy. In the interview he described the founding and activities of Wolnosc i Pokoj (WiP), a movement of young people for conscientious objection, peace, and ecology (2 copies)
box 1, folder 10

Jankowski, Wojciech; , Gdansk. 1991 April 6

Scope and Contents note

Wolnosc i Pokoj (WiP) activist, first political conscientious objector to military service (1985), "strike helper"
box 1, folder 11

Jasinski, Miroslaw; , Prague, Czechoslovakia. 1990 October 16

Scope and Contents note

Active in Wolnosc i Pokoj (WiP) and Solidarnosc Polsko-Czeska (SP-Cz) (Polish-Czech Solidarity) in the 1980s. At time of interview he was attaché at the Polish Embassy in Prague. He spoke of the history of Polish-Czech opposition contacts, Polish-Czech relations generally, and political issues since 1989 (2 copies)
box 1, folder 12

Kaczynska, Elzbieta; , Warsaw. 1991 April 30

Scope and Contents note

Professor of history, took part in worker-education programs during Solidarnosc and under martial law
box 1, folder 13

Kalinowska, Izabela; , New Haven, Connecticut. 1991 December 12

Scope and Contents note

Took part in religious pilgrimages, student activities during Solidarnosc. Now lives in New Haven, Connecticut (2 copies)
box 1, folder 14

Krawczyk, Dariusz; , Gdansk. 1991 April 6

Scope and Contents note

Federacja Mlodziezy Walczacej (FMW) activist in Wrzeszcz, "strike helper" in 1988
box 1, folder 15

Kruk, Roland; , Albany, California. 1991 June 22

Scope and Contents note

Worked with Komitet Obrony Robotnikow (KOR), active in underground during martial law and especially with Wolnosc i Pokoj (WiP). Now lives in Sacramento, California (2 copies)
box 1, folder 16

Mazewski, Lech; , Gdansk. 1991 April 1

Scope and Contents note

One of the "Gdansk liberals," adviser to Premier Jan Krzysztof Bielecki
box 1, folder 17

Mocko, Marian and Maciej Tonski; , Stocznia Gdanska. 1991 April 3

Scope and Contents note

Members of the Solidarnosc committee of the Gdansk shipyard. I asked them how they assessed the changes since 1980 and then again since 1988, and how they reacted to the young "enrages" of 1988, some of whom still work at the shipyards
box 1, folder 18

Mujzel, Jan; , Warsaw. 1991 May 27

Scope and Contents note

Director of the Economics Institute, Polish Academy of Science. Discussed the social consequences of economic reform, difficulties in implementation, and future prospects (2 copies)
box 1, folder 19

Pilchowski, Jacek; , Derby, Connecticut. 1991 December 16

Scope and Contents note

Komitet Obrony Robotnikow (KOR) "contact person" in Walbrzych, 1970s. Now lives in Derby, Connecticut (2 copies)
box 1, folder 20

Stefanski, Zbigniew; , Gdansk. 1991 April 3

Scope and Contents note

"Shipyard bard" in 1988 strikes, today represents his department on the shipyard Solidarnosc committee
box 2, folder 1

Urzad Miejski Slupcy; , Warsaw. 1991 March 22

Scope and Contents note

A discussion at the town hall of Slupca, population 14,000, just northeast of Poznan. Present were the mayor, the town secretary, the editor of the post-1989 town newspaper, and two members of the Slupca Historical Society

Czech language

box 2, folder 2

Bergmann, Pavel; , , and , Prague. 1990 July 9 1990 October 1991 March

Scope and Contents note

Concentration camp survivor, member of Social Democratic Party since the late 1940s, currently one of its leading figures. Professional historian. At the times of the interview, he was responsible for Poland and the German-speaking countries at foreign affairs department of Občanské Fórum. In a wider-ranging discussion, we covered relations with Poland throughout the post-World War II period, but especially in the last few years, and the formation of the Občanské Fórum from precursors in 1988-1989
box 2, folder 3

Illner, Michael; , Prague. 1991 March 15

Scope and Contents note

Sociologist. Discussed the changes in politics and society from the point of view of small towns and countryside, his area of specialization
box 2, folder 4

Maťeějů, Petr; , Prague. 1990 October 11

Scope and Contents note

Sociologist. Discussed the institutional/personnel changes in sociological studies
box 2, folder 5

Palouš, Martin; , Prague. 1990 October 18

Scope and Contents note

Charta 77 signatory, its spokesman in 1986. At the time of the interview he was head of the Foreign Affairs department in Občanské Fórum. Earlier that week at the snem, he lost an election for Chairmanship of the Obččanské Fórum to Václav Klaus, finance minister. Discussed the philosophical, historical, and symbolic traditions of the Czech opposition
box 2, folder 6

Penc, Stanislav; , Prague. 1990 October 18

Scope and Contents note

Young participant in the Velvet Revolution, Stanislav Penc was personally familiar with many leading dissidents before 1989 (he was in his late teens). At the time of the interview he was a representative of his borough's Občanské Fórum committee to the snem (Congress) of Občanské Fórum
box 2, folder 7

Šiklov, Jiřina; , , Prague. 1990 July-October 1991 March 15

Scope and Contents note

Sociologist, longtime dissident, published abroad before 1989 under pseudonyms. We spoke about the experience of opposition activity in the 1970s and 1980s (samizdat, defense of prisoners, contacts with others in the East Bloc) and about the cultural/ historical/sociological background to the rise of opposition movements in Czechoslovakia. Also about the changes in the academic community before/after 1989
box 2, folder 8

Slánská, Marta; , Prague. 1990 July

Scope and Contents note

A historically significant Czech family: father Rudolf was the leading figure in the Slanský trials; brother Rudolf was Havel's ambassador to Moscow. Marta Slánská works at Lidové Noviny in the international circulation department
box 2, folder 9

Valouch, Vladimír , Prague. 1990 October

Scope and Contents note

Works "na špalčku," the Občanské Fórum headquarters in Prague, as office manager of the Foreign Affairs Department
box 2, folder 10

Vodrážka, Mírek; , Prague. 1990 July 8

Scope and Contents note

One of the editors of the underground journal Vokno, he discussed the development of political opposition in Czechoslovakia, its relation to the cultural underground (poetry, music, youth culture) and the role of symbolic traditions

English language

box 2, folder 11

Modzelewski, Karol; , , Warsaw and New Haven, Connecticut. 1991 May 11 1992 September 29

Scope and Contents note

Active in public opposition since 1956, served seven years in prison, Solidarnosc press spokesman in 1980-1981, Wroclaw Region representative on Solidarnosc National Commission. At the time of first interview he was a senator of the Polish Republic. He spoke of his experience in mass movements and gave a critical overview of the changes since 1989, especially the economic reforms
box 2, folder 12

Skwornowski, Robert; , Albany, California. 1990 December 12

Scope and Contents note

Robert Skwornowski took part in Wolnosc i Pokoj (WiP) activities in the 1980s in Szczecin. The format of this interview's questions (its sequence and the substance of the questions themselves) is a paradigm for later ones: I talked to Robert Skwornowski before leaving for my research visit to Poland and just after I composed an "interview plan." I transcribed the interview myself, directly into English from the audio tape

German language

box 2, folder 13

Frenzel, Michael; , East Berlin. 1990 July 16

Scope and Contents note

Youth outreach worker for a Berlin parish. Discussed situation of young people, political activity, and reactions to the opening of East Germany. I queried him on the role of historical awareness, traditions, and symbolic communication among GDR youth
box 2, folder 14

Klingenberg, Reinhard and Christine; 1990 July 16 and October

Scope and Contents note

Members of a Christian youth group in a Lutheran parish in the city of Jena "Peace" movement of 1982-1983. Described their early experiences with actions and communication expressing dissident views and their lives just before and during the Jena "events" (the peace movement had a brief if highly-publicized career, concluded by effective state repression)
box 2, folder 15

Mehlhorn, Ludwig; , Berlin. 1993 June 10

Scope and Contents note

Before 1989 active in Christian action in East Berlin, speaks Polish, traveled to Poland, acquainted with Znak circles. Discussed these matters, and "dealing with the past"
box 2, folder 16

Templin, Wolfgang and Lotte; , West Berlin. 1988 August

Scope and Contents note

Active in "Frieden und Menschenrechte," East Berlin opposition group. Forced into temporary exile in February 1987. Discussed prospects for future dissident activity in the GDR, relations with other East Bloc oppositionists. Speaks Polish, had traveled to Poland
box 2, folder 17

Templin, Wolfgang and Marie-Luise Lindemann; , Berlin. 1993 June 9

Scope and Contents note

Templin (as above). Lindemann was a West Berliner who worked for years in support of East Berlin dissidents; active in Alternative Liste in West Berlin. Discussed "dealing with the past" in post-GDR Germany