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Ginzburg (Aleksandr Il'ich) papers
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Biographical File 1936-2007

Scope and Contents note

Includes trial and release material, certificates, identification documents, awards, references, applications, contracts, employment records, press releases, clippings, petitions, and family papers, arranged alphabetically by subject.

Confinement, exile and rehabilitation 1960-2003 undated

box 1, folder 1

First imprisonment 1960-1962, 1991

Scope and Contents note

Includes KGB files (photocopies), trial material, petitions to the Office of Prosecutor General (General'nomu prokuroru Sovetskogo Soiuza), and prison release certificate.
box 1, folder 1

Second imprisonment 1967-1972, 2003

Scope and Contents note

Includes release certificate, prison's physician recollections, photographs, and other documents.
box 1, folder 1

Exile to Tarusa 1974-1976

Scope and Contents note

Includes register of Ginzburg's absences from Tarusa and draft complaint about falsification of surveillance order.
box 1, folder 2-4

Third imprisonment 1977-1979, bulk 1978

Scope and Contents note

Includes statement of Petr Vins (Evangelical Christians - Baptists) protesting the arrest of Aleksandr Ginzburg, photographs, and unpublished typescripts about Ginzburg's trial by Vera Lashkova and Arina Ginzburg, with Arina Ginzburg's press release.
box 1, folder 5

Rehabilitation 1992-1996, 2003, undated

Scope and Contents note

Certificate of rehabilitation and clippings relating to Ginzburg's imprisonment and exile.
box 1, folder 6

Education 1948-1965

Scope and Contents note

Applications and references, certificate for excellence in studies, review of Ginzburg's student paper, university records, student ID card. See also oversize box 29.

Employment 1955-2002 undated

box 1, folder 7

Business and calling cards, undated undated

box 1, folder 8

Soviet Union 1955-1973.

Scope and Contents note

Includes employment records (trudovaia knizhka), references, and employment contract with AndreĬ Sakharov.
box 1, folder 9

France 1981-2001, bulk 1981-1982

Scope and Contents note

Includes contracts, work permits, correspondence
box 1, folder 10-12

Lecture tour of American universities 1979-1980s

Scope and Contents note

Includes subject list, booklets, programs, announcements, correspondence, and clippings
box 30, folder 1-2

Lecture tour of American universities (continued) 1979-1980s

box 2, folder 1

Press cards 1958-2001, bulk 1990s

Scope and Contents note

Russian and French press cards, including Russkaia mysl' , Soiuz zhurnalistov Rossii, and International Press
box 2, folder 4

Publishing projects 2002

Scope and Contents note

Material relating to possible publication of "Gorizontal," "Evropeets," and "Vertikal'" newspapers
box 2, folder 5-7

Russkaia mysl' documents 21997-1998

Scope and Contents note

Includes holograph t letters by Aleksandr and Arina Ginzburg, publications, and letters (mostly photocopies) protesting their dismissal from the newspaper editorial board
box 2, folder 8-12

Family 1968-1985

box 2, folder 8-10

Ginzburg, Arina 1968-1972

Scope and Contents note

Log book, address book, and other documents printed from CD 4 in ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS (available on reading room workstation)
box 2, folder 11

Ginzburg, Arina and Liudmila Ginzburg (mother of Aleksandr Ginzburg) 1980-1985

Scope and Contents note

Identification and travel documents and social security cards
box 2, folder 12

Shibaev, SergeĬ (Ginzburg's adopted son) 1979

Scope and Contents note

Public statement and petitions to Soviet and U.S. authorities, legal documents and letters in support of Shibaev's emigration with the Ginzburgs. Photocopies
box 3, folder 1-3

Household 1986-2001 and undated

Scope and Contents note

Includes financial accounts, petitions, address and phone books, documents relating to undeclared currency case against Aleksandr Ginzburg
box 3, folder 4-6

Identification, membership, and travel 1936-2001

Scope and Contents note

Includes birth certificate, passports, trade union card, residence and travel permits, visas, asylum status card

Public attention and support 1966-2007

box 3, folder 7-8

Alexander Ginzburg Defense Committee 1977-1979.

Scope and Contents note

Includes list of members, appeals to Soviet and U.S. authorities, press releases, interviews, publications, nine photographic prints depicting a demonstration in defense of Ginzburg
box 3, folder 9

Awards and invitations 1972-1998

General note

See Oversize box 29
box 3, folder 9

Invitations 1972-1998

Scope and Contents note

Includes invitations from Jacques Chirac, the International Society for Human Rights (Frankfurt, Germany), Jean-Paul Bucher (to lunch with Mikhail Gorbachev), Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn (to Nobel Prize ceremony), Russian embassy in France
box 3, folder 9

Awards 1977-1980

Scope and Contents note

Includes National Coalition of American Nuns Award and Key to Jersey City press kit.

General note

Key in oversize box 29

Publicity 1966-2007

box 3, folder 10

APF news agency clippings relating to the trials of Ginzburg, his exile, and emigration of his family 1968-1980, bulk 1977-1979, and undated

box 3, folder 11

"Etikh liudeĬ ia brosit' ne mogu," 2007

General note

Publication honoring Ginzburg in newspaper 30 oktiabria, no. 71
box 3, folder 12

French press clippings 1966-1970

Scope and Contents note

Relate to the trial of Ginzburg and Yuri Galanskov. Includes Posev article about Dubrovlag camp system
box 4, folder 1

Russian and foreign press clippings 1988-2002

Scope and Contents note

Include transcript of the Radio Liberty memorial program, Novoe russkoe slovo article on confiscation of a copy of Doctor Zhivago, and "Memorial" society biographical dictionary entry
box 4, folder 2

U.S. press clippings 1979 and undated

box 30, folder 3-4

World wide press clippings 1990-1999


Correspondence 1967-2005

Arrangement note

Divided into three groups: general correspondence of Arina and Aleksandr Ginzburg, their correspondence as editors of the Russkaia mysl' newspaper, and correspondence collected from other correspondents, arranged alphabetically therein.

General correspondence, Aleksandr and Arina Ginzburg 1961-2005 and undated

General note

Items in Box 31 were previously removed from the collection for preservation treatment.
box 4, folder 3

Unidentified 1971-1991

box 31, folder 1

Unidentified (continued) 1971-1991

box 4, folder 4

Aizenberg, A., 1979

Aizova, Elena, 1981

Amal'rik, AndreĬ and Giuzel', 1973-1974

Astrakhan, Michelle, 1984

Aucouturier, Michel, 1995

box 31, folder 1

Amnesty International 1980

box 4, folder 5

Bakhmin, Viacheslav and AndreĬ, and Bakhmina (Khromova) Tat'iana 1980-2002 undated

Scope and Contents note

Includes family photographs and sketch portraits of Soviet dissidents
box 4, folder 6, box 31, folder 1

Bogoraz, Larisa, 1968-1970 and undated

Borisova, Tat'iana, 1990s

BukovskiĬ, Vladimir, 1967-1997 and undated

Burmistrovich, Il'ia, 1991

Scope and Contents note

Includes memorandum from the KGB to the Central Committee of the KPSS regarding the case of Ginzburg, Galanskov, Dobrovol'skiĬ, and Lashkova and excerpts from the case file, 1967
box 4, folder 7, box 31, folder 2

Chirac, Jacques, 1993

Chuprinin, SergeĬ, 1997

Daniel', IUliĬ, 1970-1971 and 1977.

Davydov, Egor, and Valeriia Davydova (Isakova), 1978

Dodin, Lev, circa 1994

Scope and Contents note

Includes 1 photographic print depicting MaĬia Litvinova and Arina Ginzburg visiting IUliĬ Daniel' in exile (Kaluga), 1971
box 31, folder 3

Dovlatov, Sergei undated

box 4, folder 8

Feigina, Inna, 1991

Finzer, David R., 1985

Gaenko, Vladimir, and Nina and Tat'iana Gaenko, 1981-2000

Galanskov, Yuri, 1969 April

Gal'perin, IUriĬ, 1988.

Gerstenmaier, Cornelia Irena, 1988

General note

See related photographs in PHOTOGRAPHS
box 31, folder 3

Freedom House 1981

box 4, folder 9

Ginzburg, Liudmila 1969-1971.

General note

See PHOTOGRAPHS for letters written on the back of photographic prints
box 31, folder 3

Golyshev, Viktor 1971

box 4, folder 10

Gorbanevskaia, Natal'ia 1968-1971

General note

See ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS at the reading room workstation
box 4, folder 11

Grigorenko, Petr, 1971-1976, and undated

Gudava, Eduard, 1990

IAnovskaia, Lydiia, 2001

Il'ina, Emiliia, 2000

Iofe, Lidiia and Veniamin, 1971-1987

Ivanov, NikolaĬ Viktorovich, 1971.

General note

Includes photographs
box 31, folder 4

Iofe, Lidiia and Veniamin, 1971 and undated

Jurašas, Jonas, and Aušra Marija Jurašas, 1980

box 4, folder 12

Kalnyn'sh, Viktor, 1969

Kaminskaya, Dina (Ginzburg's lawyer), 1969

Kataeva-Lytkina, Nadezhda (Dom-muzei Mariny Tsvetaevoi), 1992

Kheifets, Mikhail, 1982, 1986

Kishilova, Anna, 2002

Krakhmal'nikova, Zoia, 1988

Krymova, Natalia and DmitriĬ Krymov, circa 1987

KublanovskiĬ, IUriĬ, 1985

Kuznetsov, Eduard, 1996

box 4, folder 13

Landa, Mal'va (from exile), 1978

Lashkova, Vera, 1981, 2005.

Latynina, Alla, and Leonid Latynin, 1989-1990

Levitin-Krasnov, AnatoliĬ, 1971

Litvinov, Pavel, after 1981

Scope and Contents note

Includes a photograph depicting Vera Lashkova, description of Nadezhda Mandel'shtam death, and photographs depicting reburial of Yuri Galanskov in August 1991 and a photo of Ginzburg and Leonid Latynin in Paris, 1990
box 31, folder 5

Litvinov, Pavel, and Litvinova-Kopeleva, Maya 1969-1971

General note

Includes photographs depicting Pavel Litvinov, Maya Litvinova- Kopeleva, Alksandr and Irina Ginzburg, Leonard Ternovskii and Liudmila and Olga Ternovskaia, Renata Ziman, Igor' Khokhlushkin, Boris Shragin, father Sergei Zheludkov, Giuzel' Amal'rik, V. Luhkov and Margarita Luchkova, Iurii Mal'tsev, Viktor Fainberg, and departure of the Litvinov family for the United States.
box 31, folder 6, box 4, folder 14

Maksimov, Vladimir, 1986

Mémorial Caen Normandie (Museum), 2000-2002

MIgnot, J.-L.

MikhaĬlova, Natal'ia, and Boris MikhaĬlov, 1982 and undated

Morgulis, Mikhail, 1985

Murzhenko, Liubov', 1980

box 31, folder 6, box 4, folder 15

Nezmer, Pavel, and Pavel Poliakov(?), 1996

Nikolaev, Evgenii

Nosov, Aleksandr, 1992

Orlova, Kseniia Ivanovna (Khakhaev's mother), 1971-1972

Otten, NikolaĬ Davydovich, 1971

Panina, Issa, 1990

Pashnin, Evgenii, 1978

Pasmur, Aleksandr, 1978

Pavlenkov, Vladlen, and Svetlana Pavlenkova, 1980

Peltier-Zamoiska, Hélène, 1987

Pernin, Jean-François, 1982

Petrov, A. 1971

Podrabinek, Aleksandr, 1985

Pravda (newspaper), 1961 March

Pressel, Joe, 1977

Scope and Contents note

Includes clipping from Le Figaro and memorandum from Igor BrodetskiĬ of Voice of America
box 31, folder 6, box 4, folder 16

Radygina, Alla, 1985

Riazantsev, Mikhail, undated

Ronkina, Irina, and ValeriĬ Ronkin, 1980.

Rovner, Arkady, 1980

Royce Carlton, Inc., 1980

Rozenzweig, Yuri (IUriĬ), 1987

Rubanova, Irina (Leonid Pazhitnov's wife), 1991 January

Russian Library of the Zionist Forum, 1996

General note

See audiotape #41 in box 18 in SOUND AND VIDEO RECORDINGS
box 31, folder 6, box 4, folder 17

Saakiants, Anna, 1992, 1998,

Sadomskaia, Natal'ia, undated,

Sakharov, AndreĬ Dmitrievich, undated,

Sarkisian, David, undated.

Shabalina, Sonia (Jerusalem), on behalf of Natan Shcharansky, 1999

Shakhovskaia, Zinaida, Paris, 1996

Simis, Konstantin, 1981

Smolkin, ValeriĬ 1985.

Scope and Contents note

Includes photographs of Ariadna Efron and David Sarkisian
box 5, folder 1

Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr, undated

Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr, and Natal'ia Solzhenitsyna, 1970-2005, bulk 1990-2000, and undated

box 5, folder 2

Solzhenitsyna, Natal'ia 1970-2002

Scope and Contents note

Includes letter from Ignat Solzhenitsyn. Printed from DVD in ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS, box 13. Available at the reading room computer station. Includes a letter from Natal'ia Solzhenitsyna's mother E. F. Svetlova, box 3.
box 31, folder 7

Solzhenitsyna, Natal'ia 1970-2002

Scope and Contents

Includes letter from Ignat Solzhenitsyn. Printed from DVD in ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS, box 13. Available at the reading room computer station. Includes a letter from Natal'ia Solzhenitsyna's mother E. F. Svetlova, box 3.
box 5, folder 3

Stango, Antonio (chairman of the Italian Helsinki Committee), 1988

Tserkovno-obshchestvennyi vestnik, ca 1990s

Verkholiak, DmitriĬ (Dmytro), 1971

Vigdorova, Frida, 1965 May

Vladimova (Kuznetsova), Natal'ia, 1991, 199

Volkov, Oleg, and Margarita Volkova, 1990 and undated

Yarim-Agaev, Yuri, and IUliia Pessina, 1981

Zernova, Ruth (Ruf?), 1984-1985

Ziman(?), Galina, undated

box 31, folder 7

Zdorovets, Boris 1971

box 31, folder 1

City of Tarusa Executive Committee 1976


Russkaia mysl' correspondence of Aleksandr and Arina Ginzburg 1980-1999 and undated

box 5, folder 4

Anonymous, 1980s

Agursky, Mikhail, 1982

AĬgi, GennadiĬ, 1989

Alekseeva, Liudmila, Valentin Turchin, and Yuri Yarim-Agaev, 1982

AleshkovskiĬ, IUz, 1992 and undated

Babenyshev, Aleksandr, 1988

Babenysheva, Sara, 1982

Batchan, Aleksandr, 1986

Bobyshev, DmitriĬ, 1982

Brodsky, Joseph, 22 October 1987

box 5, folder 5

Chalidze, ValeriĬ, undated

Dobkin, Alexander I., 1997

Dovlatov, SergeĬ, 1980

Egides, Petr, undated

Eliseenko, Valentin, 1994

Etkind, Efim, 1981

Gabovich, EvgeniĬ, 1982

Gasferov, Aleksandr, 1982

Gladilina, Mariia, undated

Glucksmann, F., 2000

Gordon, Ernest, 1985

Gunderson, Dorann, 1986

Igrunov, V. V., 1997

Juraitene, Natal'a, undated

box 5, folder 6

Kaminskaia, Dina, 1981

Kestutis, Jakubinas, 1984

Konson, Lev, 1984

KublanovskiĬ, IUriĬ, 1982, 1985.

Kuznetsov, Eduard, 1982

Lecomte, Bernard (Association des Journalistes France-Russie), 2000

LosskiĬ, Boris, 1994

Scope and Contents note

Includes essay by KublanovskiĬ and a letter from Irina IlovaĬskaia of 15 December 1985
box 5, folder 7

Maksimov, Vladimir, 1982

Milan, Claude, 1995.

MiloslavskiĬ, IUriĬ, 1988

Mnukhin, Lev, 1994

Mukhametshin, Boris, 1985

Mychaltchouk, Wasyl', 1999.

Scope and Contents note

Includes a letter from Natal'ia Zelenko to Claude Milan, 1996
box 5, folder 8

NaĬman, AnatoliĬ, 1996

Nekrasov, Viktor Platonovich, photocopy, 1982

Orlova, Raisa, 1982.

Parnis, Aleksandr, 1996

Pazhitnov, Leonid, 1980s

Plankett, Patrice de, 1995

PribylovskiĬ, Vladimir, after 1989.

Reddaway, Peter, 1982

Ross, Ed, 1995

Rostin, Petr (pseudonym), 1982

Ryzhov, IuriĬ, 1992

Scope and Contents note

Includes cover letter from GrigoriĬ Tochkin

General note

See box 5, folder 9, for letter from Boris Suvarin
box 5, folder 9

San, D. de (UNESCO), 1997

Shaposhnikov, EvgeniĬ Ivanovich (Aeroflot), 1996

ShteĬn, Eduard, 1982

Struve, Nikita (YMCA-PRESS), 1994 August 31

Superfin, Gabriel', 1999

Suvarin, Boris, 1982.

Ulanovskaia, MaĬia 1987

VaĬl', Petr, and Aleksandr Genis, 1982

Vins, GeorgiĬ, 1981

Vins, Lidiia, 1982

Voronel', Nina, 1982

Voznesenskaia, IUliia, 1981-1982.

Zaks, Boris, 1982 and undated

Zernova, Ruth (Ruf'), 1985

ZholkovskiĬ, Aleksandr, 1985

Scope and Contents note

Includes photocopies of Voznesenskaia's letters

General note

See also box 5, folder 8 for letter from Raisa Orlova
box 5, folder 10

Collected correspondence 1969-1997

Scope and Contents note

Unidentified to Natal'ia Solzhenitsyna, 1984

Baltic republics appeal to governments of the Soviet Union, Federal Republic of Germany, and other countries, and to Kurt Waldheim, Secretary General of the UN, 1979

Daniel', IUliĬ, to Political Prisoners Aid Fund and Ginzburg's lawyer, 1969 and 1972

Galanskov, IUri, probably to Olga Timofeeva, 1971

Ivanov, Aleksandr, to the Stolypins, undated

Kalnyn'sh, Viktor, to the Committee of State Security (KGB), 1978

Lupan, Viktor, to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, 1997

Maksimov, Vladimir, to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, 1990

Ptushkina, M., to Vladimir BukovskiĬ, 1996

Sapgir, Kira, to E. Averin (chief editor of the Knizhnoe obozrenie weekly), 1991.

Sidorov, EvgeniĬ (minister of culture of the Russian Federation) to IuriĬ Luzhkov (mayor of Moscow), 1995

Trifonov, GrigoriĬ, to "Grant," 1987.

Verrue, Robert, to the European Commission, 1984

Speeches and Writings 1985-2001, undated

Scope and Contents note

Includes excerpts from Ginzburg's memoirs, transcripts of his essays, interviews and reviews, and an open letter, arranged chronologically, thereunder by title.
box 5, folder 11

"Na dvore byl 1967 god," undated

Scope and Contents note

Excerpts from unfinished memoirs. Holograph. Includes Ginzburg's version of a new Russian anthem and background notes by Arina Ginzburg.
box 5, folder 11

"Optimist?retsidivist po imeni Alik," undated.

Scope and Contents note

Interview. Typescript with holograph corrections
box 5, folder 11

"Tol'ko odin god ? 1976: Dissidenty i svoboda sovesti," undated.

Scope and Contents note

Excerpts from unfinished memoirs. Holograph
box 5, folder 12

Interview by Raisa Orlova 1985

Scope and Contents note

Transcript, with cover letter from Orlova
box 5, folder 12

Draft review of 1995 publications in Russian periodicals 1995 or after

General note

box 5, folder 12

"Bulat i postupok," 1998 or 1999

Scope and Contents note

Draft of paper presented at the First International Conference commemorating Bulat Okudzhava. Typescript
box 5, folder 12

Interview by Annie Tchernychev for KUBABA magazine 1999

Scope and Contents note

Includes cover letter from A. Tchernychev
box 5, folder 12

"Nikogda ne govori nikogda," 2000

Scope and Contents note

Comments regarding the book Shcharansky bez maski, by IUliĬ Nudel'man (Be ėr-Sheva : Izd-vo "Negev-press," 1999)
box 5, folder 13

"Pamiati glasnosti," open letter in support of free press in Russia 2000

Scope and Contents note

Original and copies. Includes background notes by Arina Ginzburg
box 5, folder 13

"Alik Ginzburg ? dedushka russkogo dissidentstva," 2001

Scope and Contents note

Interview by Igor' Shevelev for Moscow News. Typescript
box 5, folder 13

Open letter in support of NTV (National Russian Television) 2001

box 30, folder 5

Moscow News clipping accompanying interview "Alik Ginzburg ? dedushka russkogo dissidentstva," 2001

box 30, folder 5

"Pravozashchitnika Aleksandra Giznburga ne puskaiut v Rossiiu," 2001

Scope and Contents note

Interview by DmitriĬ Volchek for Radio Liberty. Includes transcript on floppy disk and a copy of the transcript printed out by the Hoover Archives
box 30, folder 6

"Sakharov ? on vypolnil svoiu missiiu," Izvestiia, 21 May 2001


Writings by Others 1960-2004

Scope and Contents note

Includes published and unpublished works, arranged alphabetically by author or title.
box 5, folder 14

Ginzburg, Arina, paper presented at the Storie di uomini giusti nel Gulag international symposium in Milan, Italy 2004

box 5, folder 14

Gokhman, Mikhail, "C'est un ordre ? il faut survivre: La situation politique à Moscou" in Pensée russe, no. 4157 1997 December 16

box 5, folder 15

Gorbanevskaia, Natal'ia 1965-1970

box 5, folder 15

Poetry 1967-1970

Scope and Contents note

box 5, folder 15

PoteriannyĬ raĬ 1965

General note

Typescript, with inscription by the author to Ginzburg
box 5, folder 16

Il'ina, Vera (wife of philosopher Vladimir Il'in), interview, transcript undated

box 5, folder 16

Kotova, Tat'iana (pseudonym), poetry 1986-1988

box 5, folder 16

Kovalev, SergeĬ, interview by Ginzburg for the "Gorizontal'" newspaper project 2001

box 5, folder 17

Litvinova (IAsinovskaia), Flora, recollections undated

Scope and Contents note

Includes photographs depicting Nekrasov and Makhonin and illustrations to Nekrasov's book V okopakh Stalingrada
box 5, folder 17

Makhonin, Filip, "O moikh vstrechakh s Viktorom Nekrasovym," 1997 September 26

box 5, folder 18

Mel'nikova, Tat'iana, "Tarusa ? 101-i kilometr," undated

General note

box 5, folder 18

Michel, Françoise, "La dissidence soviétique, ferment de la société civile russe," 2001

box 6, folder 1

"Pochemu i ia khristianin," sample of religious Samizdat 1968

General note

Bound typescript
box 6, folder 2

Rasa, Maria A., Zeks, play 1980-1982

Scope and Contents note

Includes photograph and a letter from actor Oliver Stone

General note

Translated from Lithuanian. Typescript.
box 6, folder 3

Rozanova (Siniavski), Maria, interview by Aleksandr Ginzburg 2002

General note

Typescript printed from floppy disk in ELECTRONIC DOCUMENTS, box 13
box 6, folder 4

Sapgir, Kira, essays for the "Gorizontal'" newspaper project undated

box 6, folder 5

Severianin, Igor 1960s

Scope and Contents note

Samizdat book of poems created by Ginzburg, in his handwriting
box 6, folder 5

Skujenieks, Kurt, "Evridika," poem undated

General note

See unnumbered compact sound cassette in box 17, "IUliĬ Daniel' reading Knut Skujenieks poetry"
box 6, folder 6

Vaissié, Cécile. "La parole contre les mythes: Les dissidents de Russie (1968-1987)," 1999

Scope and Contents note

Dissertation summary, with cover letter
box 6, folder 7

Vladimov, GeorgiĬ, "Igraiut, kak umeiut," 1992

Scope and Contents note

Typescript. Includes a letter from I. IlovaĬskaia to the author, 1992 March 6
box 6, folder 8

ZaslavskiĬ, RitaliĬ, poetry 1993-1997

Scope and Contents note


Subject File 1962-2002, undated

Scope and Contents note

Includes advertising material, clippings, certificates, portrait sketches, reports, and Solzhenitsyn Fund documents, arranged alphabetically by subject.
box 6, folder 9

Advertising and related information undated

Scope and Contents note

Includes advertising materials of ITAR-TASS, Raritet 537, Literaturnaia gazeta, International Cultural Initiative Foundation, Demokraticheskaia programma FAR i TASIS
box 6, folder 10

Aleksandr Ginzburg memoirs project 1986-1999

Scope and Contents note

Includes clippings, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty publications
box 30, folder 7

Aleksandr Ginzburg memoirs project 1986-1999

Scope and Contents note

Includes clippings, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty publications
box 6, folder 11

Assotsiatsiia razvitiia russkoi kul'tury 1994

Scope and Contents note

Includes registration certificate, printed statute, letterheads, notifications
box 6, folder 12

Convention Collective Nationale de Travail des Journalistes 1987


Dissidents 1966-2002


General 1966-2002

box 30, folder 8

Clippings, mostly photocopies from Russkaia mysl' 1966-1997, bulk 1978-1981

Scope and Contents note

Relates to the dissident movement in the Soviet Union
box 6, folder 13

Clippings 1989-1994 and 2002

Scope and Contents note

Relates to polemics about Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Includes a letter from Aleksandr Daniel' to Russkaia mysl' and a clipping from Le Nouvel observateur
box 6, folder 13

Gratitude Fund 2000

box 6, folder 13

IUrkevich, Igor'. Indictment on charges of anti-Soviet activities 1969

box 6, folder 13

Sidenko, Fedor. Release certificate 1970

box 6, folder 14-15

Dronnikov-Konovalov, NikolaĬ 1998-2002

Scope and Contents note

Five sets of portrait sketches depicting Ginzburg, Vladimir Maksimov, AndreĬ SiniavskiĬ, and Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
box 6, folder 16

Fond istoricheskikh issledovaniĬ imeni Mikhaila Gellera, printed statute 2000

box 6, folder 17

Independent Lawyers, Inc., constituent agreement 1993

box 6, folder 18

Memorial'nyi muzei zhertv politicheskikh repressiĬ i totalitarizma 1994

Scope and Contents note

Includes draft statute, report, and correspondence
box 7, folder 1

National Endowment for Democracy, proposal preparation guidelines undated

box 7, folder 2

Panorama, informatsionno-issledovatel'skiĬ tsentr 1997

Scope and Contents note

Includes questionnaire completed by Ginzburg
box 7, folder 3

Solzhenitsyn Fund 1962-1990

Scope and Contents note

Includes financial documents and data relating to prosecuted fund members
box 7, folder 4

Vorontsov-Vel'iaminov family 2001

Scope and Contents note

Documents relating to assistance rendered to them, with their letters
box 7, folder 5

War in Chechnia 1999-2000

Scope and Contents note

Includes clippings from Russian and French press, open letters, appeals, minutes of meetings of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, "Putin-voina" postcard

Printed Matter Bulk, 1981-2001 1921-2001 Bulk, 1981-2001 1921-2001

Scope and Contents note

Includes catalogs, programs, bulletins, newspaper and magazine issues, arranged alphabetically by title, author, or type of material.
box 7, folder 6-7

Advertising publications 1981-1995

box 7, folder 6

Bulat Okudzhava concert in Paris program, 1981

Les thèmes éernels dans l'art contemporain des peintres de la Russie et des peintres russes de l'étranger exhibit catalog, 1995

MuzeĬ i obshchestvennyĬ tsentr imeni Andreia Sakharova, catalog, 1997.

box 7, folder 7

Catalogs of Russian periodicals 1994 1995

box 7, folder 8

Pomoshch', Biulleten' VserrossiĬskogo komiteta pomoshchi golodaiushchim 1991

Scope and Contents note

Reprint of the 1921 bulletin published in London, with introductory essay by Mikhail Gel'man
box 7, folder 9

Belaia vorona, no. 7(15) 1996

Scope and Contents note

Gazeta russkikh belykh emigrantov i ikh potomkov v Bolgarii
box 7, folder 9

Grani, magazine, no. 62 1966

Scope and Contents note

Contains documents from the AndreĬ SiniavskiĬ and IUliĬ Daniel' trial
box 7, folder 10

Krasnaia zvezda 1984

Scope and Contents note

Forged newspaper published by Russian émigrés in Paris for distribution in Afghanistan
box 7, folder 10

Lettre de Russie, no. 5 August 1993

Scope and Contents note

Centre de Recherches Entreprises et Sociétés (en collaboration avec La Pensée russe)
box 7, folder 10

Limonka 2001

Scope and Contents note

Special issue with open letter to Vladimir Putin from Eduard Savenko (Limonov)
box 7, folder 10

Moskovskaia khartiia zhurnalistov, deklaratsiia 1994

box 7, folder 10

Russkaia pravda, special issue no. 1(3) 1996

Scope and Contents note

VserossiĬskaia gazeta natsional'no-osvoboditel'nogo dvizheniia. Published by AlekseĬ Dobrovol'skiĬ. Photocopy
box 7, folder 11

Sintaksis , nos. 1-3 1959-1960

Scope and Contents note

Reprinted in Grani magazine. Photocopy
box 7, folder 12

Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr, Arkhipelag Gulag (Paris: YMKA?Press) undated

Scope and Contents note

Miniature reprint from the 1973 edition. Two volumes
box 30, folder 9

Literaturnaia gazeta, no. 43 27 October 1976

box 30, folder 9

Segodnia, no. 239 22 October 1999

box 30, folder 9

Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr, "Nash dukh sil'nee gnetushchego bytiia," Argumenty i fakty, no. 4 2001

box 30, folder 9

Vecherniaia Moskva 20 September 2001


Russkaia Mysl' File 1980s, 1991-1997

Scope and Contents note

Includes advertising material, business agreements and proposals, correspondence, distribution and financial records, Moscow bureau file, office materials, and letters in support of the newspaper, arranged alphabetically by physical form.
box 8, folder 1-2

Advertising documents 1993-1996

Scope and Contents note

Includes catalog, sample advertisements, and advertising rates and provisions
box 30, folder 10

Advertising documents 1993-1996

Scope and Contents note

Includes catalog, sample advertisements, and advertising rates and provisions
box 8, folder 3-9

Business agreements and proposals 1993-1997

box 8, folder 3

Diagilev tsentr (Moscow association) 16 August 1993

Scope and Contents note

Includes financial and advertising documents
box 8, folder 4

Divin Joint Stock Company 1993

Scope and Contents note

Mostly business correspondence
box 8, folder 5

Marium Publishers 1993

Scope and Contents note

Includes publishing agreement between Marium and Pressa agencies, letterhead, financial documents, and distribution agreements
box 8, folder 6

Mediakom company 1996-1997

Scope and Contents note

Documents relating to publishing Russkaia mysl' in electronic format
box 8, folder 7

MIK Publishers 25 August 1996

Scope and Contents note

Concerns distribution of Russkaia mysl' within the Russian Federation, CIS, and Baltic States
box 8, folder 8

Referendum Foundation 1995-1996

Scope and Contents note

Includes agreement, correspondence, distribution lists, and financial documents
box 8, folder 9

Russkaia galereia joint-stock association, 1995. Agreement regarding The Silver Age of the Russian Poetry exhibit

Russkaia press sluzhba (agency), 1994. Draft agreement

Proposals, 1993-1997 and undated

box 8, folder 10-11

Correspondence 1980s-1990s

Scope and Contents note

Includes letters and documents related to controversy generated by the 1982 letter of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn to President Ronald Reagan and to the establishment of the Moscow division of Russkaia mysl'

Distribution records 1993-1995

box 8, folder 12-17

Lists of subscribers 1994-1995 and undated

box 9, folder 1

Lists of subscribers 1994-1995 and undated

box 9, folder 2

Orders from distributors 1993

box 9, folder 2

Reviews and surveys 1994-1995.

Scope and Contents note

Relates to availability and distribution of Russkaia mysl'
box 9, folder 3

Subscription requests 1995


Financial records 1992-1997


Expenses 1994-1997 and undated

box 9, folder 4

Distribution undated.

Scope and Contents note

Includes expenditure review
box 9, folder 5

Postal and telephone 1993-1997

box 9, folder 6

Printing 1994-1995


Honoraria 1992-1997

box 9, folder 7-10

General 1992-1997

box 9, folder 11-12

Moscow 1994-1996

Scope and Contents note

Includes invoices and acknowledgements
box 10, folder 1

Moscow 1994-1996

Scope and Contents note

Includes invoices and acknowledgements
box 10, folder 2

Invoices and bills 1996

box 10, folder 3

Marium publisher's account 1993

box 10, folder 4

Payment sheets and acknowledgements 1996-1997 and undated

box 10, folder 5-6

Revenues and expenditures 1993-1996.

Scope and Contents note

Includes revenue and expenditure sheets and reports, invoices, and bills
box 10, folder 7-8

Izdatel'skiĬ dom RM (Russkaia mysl') file 1993-1994

Scope and Contents note

Includes constituent agreement and statute
box 10, folder 9-12

Moscow Bureau materials 1992-1996

box 10, folder 9

Clippings 1992-1994

box 10, folder 10

Correspondence 1992-1995

box 10, folder 11-12

Office establishment documents 1991-1996

Scope and Contents note

Includes apartment lease agreement, municipal and utility service file, travel documents, correspondence, and letterhead samples
box 11, folder 1-5

Office reference materials 1993-1997 and undated

Scope and Contents note

Includes address and telephone directories, business cards and subscription, postal, and telephone rate lists
box 11, folder 6-8

Public connections and support letters 1993-1997

box 11, folder 6

Invitations 1994-1997

box 11, folder 7-8

Letters in support of Russkaia mysl' 1993

Scope and Contents note

Includes letters from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Elena Bonner, Galina Starovoitova, and others
box 12

Card catalog of contributors 1992-1996

Scope and Contents note

Includes one photographic slide depicting staff members of Russkaia mysl'

Electronic Documents 1969-1972

Scope and Contents note

Includes DVDs and CDs containing the log book of Arina Ginzburg, her correspondence with Aleksandr and other prisoners, and some individual documents and photographs, arranged alphabetically by physical form. Also available on reading room workstation.
box 13, folder 1

Correspondence between Aleksandr and Arina Ginzburg 1969-1970

Scope and Contents note

Includes one original postcard from Aleksandr to Arina, 1 DVD and 7 CDs. Use copies in the Hoover Archives reading room.
box 13, folder 2-3

Logbook of Arina Ginzburg 1969-1972

Scope and Contents note

Includes 3 DVDs and 4 CDs with identical documents and some individual documents and photographs. Use copies in the Hoover Archives reading room
box 13, folder 4-5

Selected documents and photographs printed out from CDs 1969-1972

box HD21

Materials relating to the publication of the "Газета" newspaper, [1 USB flash drive] undated

Conditions Governing Access

Digital materials are not available until processed. If interested in accessing these materials, please contact us for more information.

Photographs 1950s-2002

Scope and Contents note

Includes three groups of photographs, arranged chronologically within each group: Aleksandr Ginzburg with his family and friends; his family members; and Ginzburg's friends and public figures.

Aleksandr Ginzburg with family and friends 1972-2002

box 14, folder 1

11 prints of Ginzburg, Aleksandr Ginzburg Jr., AlekseĬ Ginzburg, Giuzel' Amal'rik, EvgeniĬ IAkir, Kirill KostsinkiĬ, IuriĬ Orlov, ValeriĬ Ronkin, and Tat'iana Turchina 1972-1977

box 14, folder 2

39 prints of Ginzburg, Vladimir BukovskiĬ, Mihajlo Mihajlov, Father Viktor Potapov, Maria Potapova, Mstislav Rostorpovch, Avital Shcharansky, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Natal'ia Solzhenitsyna with their sons, and Lidiia Voronina May-July 1979

box 14, folder 3

23 prints of Ginzburg's lecture tour in the United States 1979-1980

box 14, folder 4

35 prints of Ginzburg, Petr Abovin-Egides, Mikhail Geller, Robert and Susan Massie, Kirill Pomernatsev, Maria Rozanova (Siniavski), Kira Sapgir, IuriĬ and A. Shikhanovich, Liudmila Soldatova, and others 1980s

box 14, folder 5

27 prints of Aleksandr and Arina (Irina) Ginzburg, Petr Abovin-Egides, VasiliĬ Aksenov, IUriĬ Belov, VasiliĬ Betaki, Irina Delone, Mal'vina Dragosh, Irina El'konen, MaĬia Karmen, IUriĬ Mitiunov, Viktor Nekrasov, Bulat Okudzhava, Kirill Pomerantsev, Maria Rozanova (Siniavski), M. SlavinskiĬ, Irina Zaionchik, IUliia Voznesenskaia, and others 1981-1983

box 14, folder 6

22 prints of Ginzburg, Irina Baskina, AndreĬ Bitov, Elena Bonner, Ol'ga IAkovleva, Fazil' Iskander, DmitriĬ Krymov, Natal'ia Krymova, Viktor Nekrasov, Bulat Okudzhava, AnatoliĬ Rybakov, SergeĬ and Tat'iana Khodorovich, AnatoliĬ Koriagin, AnatoliĬ Krasnov-Levitin, Igor' Vinogradov, Natal'ia Zelenko 1987-1989

box 14, folder 7

39 prints of Ginzburg, Martina Audrie, Irina Bokova, Ambassador Mikhail Fedotov and Mariia Fedotova, Mikhail Gokhman, Eduard Grafov, Lidiia Grafova, Aleksandr IAkovlev, Vladimir KorsunskiĬ, SergeĬ Kaledin, Tat'iana Khodorovich, SergeĬ Kovalev, Mal'va Landa, Vera Lashkova, Alla Latynina, Leonid Latynin, IUriĬ Mitiunov, Bulat Okudzhava, ValeriĬ Prokhorov, AlekseĬ Simonov, Veniamin Smekhov, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Natal'ia Solzhenitsyna, Vittorio Strada, Vladimir Vasil'ev, Oleg Volkov, Margarita Volkova, and members of the Russkaia mysl' editorial board 1990-2000s

box 14, folder 8

10 prints of Ginzburg, ValeriĬ Abramkin, Efim Etkind, Vadim Nechaev, Maria Rozanova (Siniavski), IUliĬ Rybakov, Mikhail Sokolov, Viktor Suvorov and his wife, SergeĬ IUshenkov, ArkadiĬ Vaksberg, V. VishnevskiĬ 2000-2002

box 14, folder 9-10

Family members and friends 1960s-1987

box 14, folder 9

47 prints of AlekseĬ and Aleksandr Ginzburg Jr, Liudmila Ginzburg (Aleksandr Ginzburg's mother), Vladlen Pavlenkov and Svetlana Pavlenkova, SergeĬ Shibaev, and others 1960s-1970s

General note

Some photographs sent to Ginzburg in prison contain letters of Liudmila Ginzburg on the back
box 14, folder 10

36 prints of Ginzburg's sons AlekseĬ and Aleksandr, adopted son SergeĬ Shibaev, Liudmila Ginzburg, Vladimir AlloĬ, Ol'ga Burmistrova, Vera Bykova, IUliĬ Daniel', SergeĬ Dediulin, Irina Delone, Natal'ia Fedorova, Petr and Zinaida Grigorenko, Irina IlovaĬskaia , Tat'iana Khodorovich, Igor' Khokhlushkin, AlekseĬ Khvostenko, Mal'va Landa, Vera Lashkova, IUriĬ Mniukh, SergeĬ Moshkov, Viktor Nekrasov, Bulat Okudzhava, Irina Orlova, Aleksandr Podrabinek, ValeriĬ Prokhorov, Vladimir Rybakov, Kira Sapgir, Aleksandr Shuster, Viktor Timachev, Valentin Turchin, IUri Yarim-Agaev, Natal'ia Vladimova, Vladimir Voinovich, editors of the underground "Kolokol" magazine, and others 1967-1987


Friends and public figures 1950s-1995, undated

box 15, folder 1

Includes 32 prints of Vadim Borisov, Ivan Kovalev, Aleksandr AĬkhenval'd, Zoia Krakhmal'nikova, AndreĬ Krasulin, Mikhail Makarenko, Filip Makhonin, Father Aleksandr Men' (including his rare pictures from the 1950s), Boris MikhaĬlov and Natal'ia MikhaĬlova and their children, Nadezhda Murina (Sarob'ianova), AnatoliĬ NaĬman, Viktor Nekrasov, Ida Nudel', Bulat Okudzhava, Irina Orlova (Valitova), IUriĬ Orlov, AlekseĬ Smirnov, Feliks Svetov, DmitriĬ ShakhovskoĬ 1950s-1980s 1995

box 15, folder 2

48 prints of Vadim Borisov, Tat'iana Borisova, SergeĬ Khodorovich, Boris MikhaĬlov, Viktor Nekrasov, Bulat Okudzhava, Irina Orlova, EvgeniĬ Pasternak, Elena Pasternak, Elizaveta Pasternak, Vladlen Pavlenkov, Viktor Pavlenkov, Leonid Pliushch, Viacheslav Pochechuev, Mariia and Anastasiia Pod''iapol'skaia, GrigoriĬ Pod''iapol'skiĬ, Aleksandr Podrabinek with his family, VitaliĬ Pomazov, Kiril Pomerantsev, SergeĬ Ponomarev, Anna Prokof'eva, Viktor Timachev, GeorgiĬ Vladimov, and others;

Press-conference commemorating anniversary of Ginzburg's arrest in 1977

box 15, folder 3

25 prints of Liudmila Kovaleva, Aleksandr Orlov, IUliia Pessina, TanenboĬm, Liudmila Ternovskaia, Leonard TernovskiĬ, Petr Vail', Tat'iana Velikanova, GeorgiĬ Vladimov, Vladimir Vysotsky, Yuri Yarim-Agaev, Boris Yeltsin (during his first visit to France), IUliia Zaks, Vera Zelendinova, and others 1960s-1991

box 15, folder 4

45 prints of Liudmila Alekseeva, Natal'ia Fedorova, Nina Gaenko, Sof'ia Kalistratova, Dina Kaminskaia, Irina Kaplun, SergeĬ Khodorovich, AlekseĬ Khvostenko, IUliĬ Kim, MaĬia Kopeleva, Vladimir KorsunskiĬ, Vera Kotan, Natal'ia Kravchneko, IUriĬ KublanovskiĬ, Eduard Kuznetsov, Mal'va and AlekseĬ Landa, Vera Lashkova, Aleksandr and Serafima Lavut, Pavel Litvinov, Tat'iana Litvinova with her daughter Mariia Slonim and grandson Anton Freidin-Slonim, Viktoriia Liubarskaia, Kronid LiubarskiĬ, Vladimir Maksimov, SergeĬ Moshkov, ArseniĬ RoginskiĬ, ValeriĬ Ronkin, AndreĬ Sakharov, IUriĬ Shikhanovich, Leonard TernovskiĬ, Viktor Timachev, IUliia Vishnevskaia, Aleksandr Zinov'ev, and others late 1960s-2000s

box 15, folder 5

36 prints of Elena Bonner, Tat'iana Borisova, Boris Delone, Venedikt Erofeev, Tat'iana Khromova, Alla Khromova (Podrabinek), Aleksandr Lavut, Natal'ia MikhaĬlova, Irina Orlova, Tat'iana Osipova, Aleksandr Podrabinek, Petr Starchik, Liudmila and Ol'ga Ternovskaia, Leonard TernovskiĬ, Viktor Timachev, Valentin Turchin, Tat'iana Turchina, Vladimir Tur'ianskiĬ, AndreĬ Tverdokhlebov.

Court trials of Ginzburg, Orlov, and Shcharansky

box 15, folder 6

39 prints of human right activists, presumably from Leningrad 1970s

box 15, folder 7

Includes 24 prints of EvgeniĬ Bachurin, Tat'iana Bakhmina and AndreĬ Bakmin with their children, Larisa Bogoraz, Elena Bonner, Vadim Borisov, Tat'iana Borisova, Joseph Brodsky, Nadezhda Bukharina, Vladimir BukovskiĬ, Irina IAkir, Vladimir Korner, Vladimir Maramzin, Valentin Turchin, Oleg Tselkov, and others 1970s-1980s

box 15, folder 8

43 prints of Larisa Bogoraz, Viktor Dziadko, Nina Eroshenko, Oleg Fedorov, Vadim Gaenko, Nina, IUriĬ Gastev, Lidiia Iofe, Elizaveta Iofe, Veniamin Iofe, SergeĬ Khakhaev, Mark and AlekseĬ Kharitonov, Tat'iana and SergeĬ Khodorovich, Alla Khromova, Tat'iana Khromova (Bakhmina), AndreĬ KistiakovskiĬ, IUliĬ Kim, Liudmila Klimakova, Igor' and Vera Kogan, Liudmila Kovaleva, AndreĬ Krasulin, Vera Lashkova, Aleksandr Lavut, Flora Litvinova, SergeĬ Moshkov, Irina Orlova, Boris Pakel'chik, Gulia Romanova, Irina Ronkina, Vladimir Sirotin, ValeriĬ Smolkin, Rina Smolkina, Viktor Timachev, Elizaveta Tsitovskaia, Sara Tverdokhlebova, Yuri Yarim-Agaev, Boris Zelikson, Leonid Ziman, and others 1970s-1980s

box 16, folder 1

38 prints of Vladimir BukovskiĬ, Igor' Golomshtok, Sof'ia Kalistratova, Viktor Kalnyn'sh, Liudmila Kovaleva, Kronid LiubarskiĬ, Mikhail Makarenko, SergeĬ Men'shutin, Maria Rozanova (Siniavski), AndreĬ Sakharov, Feliks Serebrov, DmitriĬ ShakhovskoĬ, Leonid Shcharansky, Vladimir Shelkov, IUriĬ Shikhanovich, Boris Shragin, AndreĬ SiniavskiĬ, Mariia Slonim, ValeriĬ Smolkin and his family, Petr Starchik, Saida Starchik, Gabriel' Superfin, Valentin Turchin, M. Zinov'eva, Aleksandr Zinov'ev, and others, and participants of the Sakharov Russian Institute in Germany late 1970s-1982

box 16, folder 2

31 prints of DmitriĬ Bobyshev, Vladimir BukovskiĬ, IUliĬ and Aleksandr Daniel', Viktor Dziadko, Viktor Erofeev, Viktor FaĬnberg, Natal'ia Fedorova, EvgeniĬ Gabovich, IUriĬ Galanskov, Aleksandr Galich, IUriĬ Gastev, SergeĬ Genkin, Natal'ia Gorbanevskaia with her sons, Petr and Zinaida Grigorenko and their sons, Leonid Pliushch, Ekaterina Velikanova, V. Zhivov, and others 1970s-1980s 1998

box 16, folder 3

20 prints of Valentina Kropivnitskaia, Aleksandr and Oskar Rabin, Lev Regel'son, Il'ia Rips, Vladimir Riabokon', ValeriĬ Ronkin, Irina Ronkina, Vladimir Sirotinin, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and his sons, and others 1970s-1993

box 16, folder 4

14 prints of ParuĬr AĬrikian, AndreĬ and Giuzel' Amal'rik (contains letter on the back), cultural and social events in the Montgeron Russian Center 1976-1980s undated

box 16, folder 5

17 prints of a press-conference at home of AndreĬ Sakharov and Elena Bonner re trials of Ginzburg, Shcharansky, and Piatkus; and departure of Liudmila, Arina, Aleksandr (son), and AlekseĬ Ginzburg from the USSR 1978 July 1980 February 1

box 16, folder 6

5 slides of Ginzburgs' friends early 1980s


Audiovisual Material 1970s-1990s, undated

Scope and Contents note

Includes three groups: compact audio cassettes; uncensored recordings of famous Soviet/Russian singers and poets; and video cassettes and four notebooks with detailed descriptions of the content of the compact audio cassettes in the first group. The first group of audio cassettes and video cassettes are arranged by number assigned by Arina Ginzburg; the uncensored recordings are arranged alphabetically by personal name.
box 11, folder 9-11

Four notebooks with detailed descriptions of the content of each recording, except for no. 31, compiled by Arina Ginzburg undated


Sound recordings 1978 and 1980s-1990s

Scope and Contents note

Includes 126 compact sound cassettes with radio programs, telephone conversations, and Ginzburg's McCoff lectures; and four unnumbered cassettes. Cassettes nos. 26, 30, 35, and 46 were not delivered.
box 17

IUliĬ Daniel'; reading Knut Skujenieks poetry 1978-1979

Scope and Contents note

Ginzburg and Viktor Kalnyn'sh also took part in this recording made in camp

General note

The tape is unnumbered
box 17

VitaliĬ AmurskiĬ and VitaliĬ StatsinskiĬ, radio talk 1999

General note

The tape is unnumbered
box 17

Ziiaiushchie vysoty by Aleksandr Zinov'ev, read by Vl. Shtepa undated

General note

The tape (on two cassettes) is unnumbered
box 17

Arkhipelag Gulag by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Stage version developed and recorded by V. Sechin 1980 August 17

General note

The tape (on two cassettes) is unnumbered
box 17, item 1

General Aleksandr Lebed', regarding Pridnestrov'ie region and possible run for president.

Conversation with Konstantin Zatulin, historian.

Discussion regarding publication of books by AndreĬ SiniavskiĬ and IUliĬ Daniel' with a foreword by Veniamin Kaverin and Belaia kniga.

Archbishop Juvenal, biography and conversation regarding hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church who served as KGB agents.

IUriĬ Mitiunov, telephone conversation regarding AndreĬ BabitskiĬ, Mrs. Debrianskaia, Mark DeĬch, Vadim BelotserkovskiĬ, and Denis Pekarev; and Ginzburg's story about Vadim BelotserkovskiĬ.

Radio Free Europe (RFE) broadcasts.

News broadcast and Itogi ?,; EvgeniĬ Kiselev Moscow television program

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 2004c55_a_0001123
box 17, item 2

Crisis of power, Boris Yeltsin and Ruslan Khasbulatov, audio clips.

Liliia Shevtsova and Viacheslav Nikonov discussion on political issues.

German Solomatin regarding meetings of Boris Yeltsin in Karelia.

EvgeniĬ Kiselev, talk regarding speech of Vladimir Isakov, deputy of the Supreme Soviet.

SergeĬ Goriachev, report from Washington, D.C., about the public life of U.S. politicians and transfer of power in the United States.

Staff meeting of Russian Federation radio and television personnel regarding minister of press and information

EvgeniĬ Kiselev talk regarding television and politics.


circa 1993

box 17, item 3

Aleksandr Ginzburg, telephone conversation with IUriĬ Mitiunov, ValeriĬ Seleznev, and other Moscow correspondents.

probably 1990s

box 17, item 4

Radio Liberty news.

Radio programs with Petr Vail', Aleksandr Genis, SergeĬ Dovlatov, IUriĬ Afanas'ev, and Mikhail Bombin.

News and radio programs with Mark DeĬch, AnatoliĬ Dotsenko, Margaret Thatcher, and Jeane Kirkpatrick
late 1980s

box 17, item 5

Vladimir Voinovich, interview by Arina Ginzburg for Voice of America.

Alla Demidova, actress, on theatre, art, and herself (in French). Includes questions and answers session

box 17, item 6

Maria Rozanova (Siniavski) and AndreĬ SiniavskiĬ regarding Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Eduard Limonov, Joseph Brodsky, and others, with introduction by Natal'ia Ivanova

Late 1980s

box 17, item 7

IUriĬ Mitiunov (Moscow) regarding the Congress of People's Deputies.

Archbishop Pavlo Vasylik regarding arrest of a Greek-Catholic priest.

Pushkin square demonstration in Moscow.

French policy towards foreign visitors and other issues.

ca 1990

box 17, item 8

IUriĬ Afanas'ev regarding history and its interpretation and other issues ca 1990

box 17, item 9

IUriĬ Mitiunov (Moscow) regarding the Congress of People's Deputies.

ca 1990

box 17, item 10

Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversation with DmitriĬ Borisov (Moscow).

VitaliĬ Korotych about publication of Arkhipelag GULAG.

Rusofobiia by Igor' Shafarevich.

Ronald Reagan's visit to the Soviet Union.

Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversation with ValeriĬ Senderov (Moscow).

Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversation with Natal'ia Solzhenitsyna.

ca 1989-1990

box 17, item 11

Discussion (probably at the editorial office of the Russkaia mysl' in Paris) regarding feminist movement in the USSR

probably late 1980s

box 17, item 12

Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversation with IUriĬ Mitiunov (Moscow).

Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversation with unidentified person in St. Petersburg

Ginzburg about a letter from a psychiatrist regarding treatment of N. I. Borodin and lies about Soviet health care system.

ca 1989-1990

box 17, item 13

Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversation with unidentified correspondent (Moscow)

News broadcasts
late 1980s -1990s

box 17, item 14

Referendum magazine, pilot issue late 1980s -1990

box 17, item 15

ValeriĬ Senderov (Moscow), review of Vybor magazine no. 3.

late 1980s -1990s

box 17, item 16

Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversation with artist Slava Sysoev (Moscow).

Aleksandr and Arina Ginzburg, talk to Aleksandr Podrabinek(?) about a meeting in the American embassy of George Shultz with Soviet dissidents (Gleb IAkunin, Aleksandr Ogorodnikov, Lev Timofeev, SergeĬ Grigoriants, SergeĬ Kovalev, Larisa Bogoraz, and others)


box 17, item 17

Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversation with Lev Timofeev (Moscow) regarding Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, trip of AndreĬ Sakharov to Armenia, and the Association of Repression Victims

ValeriĬ Senderov regarding Azerbaijan intelligentsia in Karabakh and Sumgait regions
ca 1987-1988

box 17, item 18

Democratic Union opposition party, political and economic conditions, and interethnic relations in the Soviet Union.

ca 1988-1991

box 17, item 19

Ginzburg and Professor Efim Etkind regarding Viktor Nekrasov obituary.

Nathan Shcharansky, interview by Arina and Aleksandr Ginzburg

box 17, item 20

Liudmila Belousova and Oleg Protopopov, interview by Ginzburg.

ca 1988

box 17, item 21

SergeĬ Kuznetsov regarding resolution against arrest of Alain Guillo (French journalist) in Afghanistan

SergeĬ Kuznetsov, conversation with Ginzburg.


box 17, item 22

AnatoliĬ StrelianyĬ regarding life of Russian villages.

RFE broadcasts.

1987 or 1988

box 17, item 23

"International Seminar of Non-governmental Organizations on Human Rights," Baltic republics, and Memorial project.

How to cooperate with authorities.

Ginzburg (Paris), conversation with ValeriĬ Senderov and Vladimir KorsunskiĬ (Moscow)

probably late 1980s or early 1990s

box 17, item 24

Moscow report on possible Jewish pogroms during celebration of the 1,000th anniversary of Christianity in Russia; interethnic conflicts.

Short stories.

ca 1988

box 17, item 25

Radio (mostly Radio Liberty) broadcasts.

ca 1988

box 17, item 26

Not listed ca 1988

box 17, item 27

Radio Liberty broadcasts.

ca 1988

box 17, item 28

Ginzburg, conversation with unidentified American correspondent.

ValeriĬ Senderov (Moscow) regarding Russkaia mysl', Ukrainian Helsinki group, and Ukrainian, Armenian, and Russian emigration.

late 1980s

box 17, item 29

Ignat Solzhenitsyn, interview by BBC, London 22 January 1989

box 17, item 30

Not listed

box 17, item 31

Not described.

ca 1988

box 17, item 32

IUriĬ Mitiunov (Moscow) regarding the Congress of People's Deputies probably 1990

box 17, item 33

Vladimir Voinovich, press conference.

Hijacking of a Soviet airplane, press conference.


box 17, item 34

AndreĬ Sakharov, Elena Bonner, Mustafa Dzhemilev, statement at press conference regarding Crimean Tatars.

Persecution of Mykola Rudenko in the Dnepropetrovsk psychiatric clinic, statement.

1987 or 1988

box 17, item 35

Not listed

box 17, item 36

Poet Genrikh Sapgir, conversation (Paris)


box 17, item 37

IUriĬ Orlov with his son Aleksandr Orlov, wife Irina Orlova, and Elena Bonner, press conference regarding Orlov's trial. ca 1986

box 17, item 38

Pinkhas Podrabinek, statement about KGB offer to his son Aleksandr Podrabinek of avoiding criminal charges by leaving the Soviet Union with his father and brother Kirill.

AndreĬ Sakharov regarding demonstration on the Constitution Day.

Elena Bonner regarding alternative "respect your laws" demonstration.

ca 1988

box 18, item 39

Ginzburg (Paris), conversation with a Moscow correspondent regarding meeting of Mikhail Gorbachev with hierarchs of the Russian Orthodox Church.

ca 1988

box 18, item 40

AndreĬ Sakharov, press conference with question and answer session 1987 or 1988

box 18, item 41

Radio program about Boris Zelikson, SergeĬ Khakhaev, and ValeriĬ Ronkin 1989

box 18, item 42

Foster care system in France, discussion ca 1989

box 18, item 43

Artists in the Soviet Union, their living conditions, exhibits, relations with authorities.

ca 1989

box 18, item 44

Igor' Ogurtsov, regarding political resistance in the USSR undated.

General note

In Russian, with German translation
box 18, item 45

Clergy in the Soviet Union and relations between the Russian Orthodox Church and the authorities ca 1989

box 18, item 46

Not listed

box 18, item 47

Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversation with IUriĬ Mitiunov (Moscow)

Ginzburg and IUriĬ Mitiunov regarding censorship over Radio Liberty.

News from Russia
ca 1989

box 18, item 48

Ginzburg (Paris) with Vladimir Riabokon' and ValeriĬ Senderov (Moscow), telephone conversation regarding political and cultural life in the Soviet Union.

IUriĬ Mitiunov with AndreĬ Sakharov, SergeĬ Stankevich, and others regarding SergeĬ Kuznetsov and meetings in Moscow.

News from Russia

box 18, item 49

IUriĬ Mitiunov regarding Literaturnaia gazeta.

Priest GeorgiĬ Edel'shteĬn regarding ecumenical conference in Zagorsk on 10-14 May 1982.

Former political prisoner talks to Ginzburg about his imprisonment and fellow prisoners.

News from Russia
ca 1988

box 18, item 50

Ginzburg (Paris) and IUriĬ Mitiunov (Moscow), telephone discussion regarding meetings in Moscow, Abkhazia, and other places.

ca 1989

box 18, item 51

Natan E'del'man, historian, question and answer session.

Ginzburg, conversation with writer Viktor Suvorov
ca 2000

box 18, item 52

Ginzburg receives phone messages from Moscow.

IUriĬ Liubimov, interview by Arina Ginzburg

box 18, item 53

IUriĬ Afanas'ev, speech. ca 1988

General note

In Russian, with French translation
box 18, item 54

Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversation with IUriĬ Mitiunov (Moscow) ca 1988

box 18, item 55

IUriĬ Afanas'ev, question and answer session.

VitaliĬ Urazhtsev, NikolaĬ Moskovchenko, Tigran Aslamazian, discussions.
ca 1988

box 18, item 56

Andreev, IUli?Ĭ Kim, NikolaĬ Rozov, Khromov, AlekseĬ Gladkov, Mikhail Lemeshev, DmitriĬ Vasil'ev, discussion regarding the Pamiat' society meeting in Moscow on 21 May 1986 ca 1988

box 18, item 57

Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversation with ValeriĬ Senderov (Moscow) ca 1988

box 18, item 58

Ginzburg receives phone messages from Moscow 1988

box 18, item 59

Ginzburg receives phone messages from Moscow.

Establishment of the Democratic Union (DemokraticheskiĬ soiuz)

Restoration of the Greek Catholic Church in Ukraine

Amendments to the law on freedom of faith

Political prisoners in the Soviet camps during perestroĬka

box 18, item 60

Duplicate of tape #52

box 18, item 61

Ginzburg receives phone messages from Moscow 1988

box 18, item 62

Arina Ginzburg for Voice of America.

Olga Borodinets (Borodina?), Galina Cheplinskaia, and Igor' Tsar'kov regarding meeting in Moscow on 30 October 1988.

Ginzburg receives phone messages from Moscow.

box 18, item 63

Semen Gluzman and Anatoly Koryagin, statement regarding criminal psychiatry ca 1988

box 18, item 64

Samoilova, V., court trial undated

box 18, item 65

Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversation with SergeĬ Grigoriants and ValeriĬ Senderov (Moscow) ca 1988

box 18, item 66

Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversation with IUriĬ Mitiunov and ValeriĬ Senderov (Moscow) ca 1988

box 18, item 67

Essays for the Russkaia mysl' newspaper.

Irina IlovaĬskaia-Alberti and Naum Korzhavin
ca 1988

box 18, item 68

Phone messages from Moscow for Semen MirskiĬ (Radio Liberty Paris Bureau) ca 1988

box 18, item 69

Appeal in defense of Aleksandr Podrabinek transmitted to Aleksandr Ginzburg from New York.

Memorial service for Petr Grigorenko in New York.

box 18, item 70

Egor Ligachev regarding his trip to attend the French Communist Party Congress late 1980s

box 18, item 71

Reports, poems, songs undated

box 18, item 72

Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversation with IUriĬ Mitiunov (Moscow) Late 1980s

General note

Inscription on the tape does not match the content
box 18, item 73

Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversation with IUriĬ Mitiunov, ValeriĬ Senderov, and SergeĬ Grigoriants (Moscow).

AndreĬ Sakharov regarding his trip to Sverdlovsk.

Elena Bonner, report

box 18, item 74

Ginzburg and Leonid Vladimirov, BBC radio program ca 1989

box 18, item 75-77

Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversations with IUriĬ Mitiunov (Moscow) and others ca 1989

box 18, item 78

Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversation with IUriĬ Mitiunov, ValeriĬ Senderov, and SergeĬ Grigoriants (Moscow).

Information from Moscow for Arina Ginzburg
ca 1989

box 18, item 79

Arina Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversation with Lev Timofeev (Moscow) ca 1989

box 18, item 80

ValeriĬ Senderov, Tamara Grigoriants, and IUriĬ Mitiunov.

Speech and press conference of AndreĬ Sakharov in London for the Radio Liberty Russian Service.

Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversation with IUriĬ Mitiunov (Moscow)
ca 1989

box 18, item 81

Ginzburg at Ekho Moskvy (Moscow echo) radio program ca 1990s

box 18, item 82

Ginzburg, Maria Rozanova (Siniavski), Aleksandr Glotser, and others, press conference on Soviet archives with KGB personnel ca 1990s

box 18, item 83

Ginzburg and Natal'ia Solzhenitsyna, discussion on cancellation by Moscow television of the Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn program;.

Press release by Natal'ia Solzhenitsyna

box 18, item 84

Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversation with Lev AleĬnik (Moscow).

Two protest meetings in Moscow.

box 18, item 85

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, at the Ostankino TV station, Moscow 12 September 1994

box 18, item 86

Maria Rozanova (Siniavski) about Sintaksis magazine.

Press conference on financial and economics of the Russian Federation

box 18, item 87

IAsin, EvgeniĬ (minister of economics of the Russian Federation), press conference in Paris.

News on Russian public television.

box 18, item 88

Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversations with ValeriĬ Senderov (Moscow), and Kartashov (Munich).

Information about the Soviet Union

box 18, item 89

Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversation with VasiliĬ Aksenov (New York) regarding Aleksandr Glezer's press conference.

information from IUriĬ Mitiunov (Moscow)
ca 1990

box 18, item 90

Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversation with Vladimir KorsunskiĬ (Moscow). ca 1990

Scope and Contents note

Includes Radio Liberty program about Aleksandr Glezer
box 19, item 91

Symposium on literature 1990s

box 19, item 92

Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversation with IUriĬ Mitiunov (Moscow).

Discussion on literature

box 19, item 93

Aleksandr Glezer, press conference in Paris regarding his visit to the Soviet Union, with NikolaĬ TeliakovskiĬ, IUriĬ Mamleev, and Genrikh Sapgir January 1990

box 19, item 94

Aleksandr Glezer, interview by Ginzburg.

Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversation with IUriĬ Mitiunov (Moscow)

box 19, item 95

Ginzburg (Paris), telephone conversation with Vladimir KorsunskiĬ (Moscow).

Aleksandr Glezer's statement in Moscow.

AnatoliĬ Sobchak, interview by IUriĬ Mitiunov

Aleksandr Ginzburg, lecture with question and answer session
October 1987

box 19, item 96

Aleksandr Glezer, press conference.

Jiovanni Bensi regarding polemics between Adam Michnik and Lech Wałęsa
late 1989-1990

box 19, item 97

VitaliĬ AmurskiĬ, V poiskakh odnoi assotsiatsii.

Radio presentation of Georges Nivat: Rene Guerra, IUriĬ Kuper, Vladimir Maksimov, interview, 21 January 1989.

Benedikt Sarnov, interview by VitaliĬ AmurskiĬ in memory of Osip Mandel'shtam, 22-23 December 1988

box 19, item 98

Ginzburg regarding Viktor Sipiatkus undated

box 19, item 99

Ginzburg regarding article in Moskovskie novosti newspaper ca 1990s

box 19, item 100

Ginzburg interview at the "Samizdat ? al'ternativnaia kul'tura s 60kh po 80e gody v Tsentral'noi i Vostochnoi Evrope" exhibit, Berlin 25 September 2000

box 19, item 101

Ginzburg, interview by Nemetskaia volna undated

box 19, item 102

Ginzburg regarding his dismissal from Russkaia mysl', undated ca 1997

box 19, item 103

Natal'ia Solzhenitsyna, press conference regarding third court trial of Aleksandr Ginzburg 11 July 1978

box 19, item 104

Truth about the Solzhenitsyn Fund, press conference, Zurich 19 September 1978

Scope and Contents note

Includes Kronid LiubarskiĬ speech
box 19, item 105

Radio Liberty Paris Bureau broadcasts 6-7 May 1979

box 19, item 106

Ginzburg, speech on human rights in the Soviet Union 12 November 1979.

General note

Two cassettes


Use copy reference number: 2004c55_a_0012497
box 19, item 107

McGoff lecture series: Aleksandr Ginzburg,

Public lecture, 16 April 1980. Two cassettes

First classroom visit, 17 April 1980

Press conference, University of California, 17 April 1980

West Hall luncheon, 18 April 1980

Student roundtable discussion, 18 April 1980

Second classroom visit, 18 April 1980

Social hour and dinner, 18 April 1980

3 side series, side 3 is not in the Hoover Archives
16-18 April 1980

Conditions Governing Access note

Use copy reference number: 2004c55_a_0001124

General note

Eight cassettes
box 19, item 108

Radio Liberty, discussion regarding exchange of Soviet political prisoners for two Soviet spies 29-30 April 1980

box 19, item 109

Four Soviet political prisoners, press conference, New York 30 April 1980

box 18, item 110

Dokumenty i liudi, in memory of IUriĬ Galanskov, Radio Free Europe program with Ginzburg's comments 6-7 November 1982

box 18, item 111

Forum, Voice of America program honoring the Moscow Helsinki Group 1985

Scope and Contents note

With Aleksandr Ginzburg, Elena Bonner, Liudmila Alekseeva, Nina Strokata, Aishe Seitmuratova
box 18, item 112

AndreĬ Sakharov, press conference 14 January 1988

Scope and Contents note

Comments by Elena Bonner and Aleksandr and Kirill Podrabinek
box 18, item 113

Arina Ginzburg and Alla Latynina, interview 30 January 1990

box 18, item 114

Ginzburg and Irina IlovaĬskaia-Alberti regarding changes in Russkaia mysl', Radio France (International program) 3 November 1997

box 18, item 115

Ginzburg and Irina IlovaĬskaia-Alberti, Radio France (International program) 3 November 1997

General note

poor quality
box 19, item 116

Ginzburg and Elena Bonner, conversation 12 November 1997

box 19, item 117

Ginzburg, interview by A. Chukoev, Express khronika, no.16 (37) 2 December 1997

box 19, item 118

Ginzburg, Golos truda program, Radio Liberty 12 December 1997

General note

Two cassettes
box 19, item 119

Ginzburg, interview by Frantsiia segodnia radio program 19 August 1998

box 19, item 120

Ginzburg, interview by Radio Free Europe 5 September 1998

box 19, item 121

Ginzburg, interview in honor of the 80th birthday of Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Radio France (International program) 12 December 1998

box 19, item 122

Fatima Salkazanova, interview by Radio France (International program) May 1999

box 19, item 123

RossiĬskie pravozashchitniki o yugoslavskoĬ tragedii, Radio Liberty 13 April 1999

box 19, item 124

Chto proizoshlo s 'RusskoĬ mysl'iu?' interview of Irina Krivova, chief editor of the Russkaia mysl' Paris bureau 23 December 2000


Sound recordings 1970s-1990s

Scope and Contents note

Includes 299 compact sound cassettes, with Soviet underground poetry and poetic and protest songs.
box 20

Agafonov, Gleb. 16 compact sound cassettes

AleshkovskiĬ, IUz. 2 compact sound cassettes

Almazov Boris. 1 compact sound cassette

Andreeva, Anna, reading poetry by Daniil Andreev. 1 compact sound cassette

Bachurin, EvgeniĬ. 10 compact sound cassettes

Bachurin, EvgeniĬ, interview. 1 compact sound cassette

Baez, Joan. 2 compact sound cassettes

Brodsky, Joseph. 10 compact sound cassettes

box 21

Brodsky, Joseph. 4 compact sound cassettes

Dolina, Veronika, with IUliĬ Kim, SergeĬ Nikitin, and Tat'iana Nikitina. 6 compact sound cassettes

Dolina, Veronika, with SergeĬ Nikitin and Tat'iana Nikitina. 1 compact sound cassette

Dolina, Veronika. 15 compact sound cassettes

Dudko, Father DmitriĬ, reading his translation of Aesop's fables. 1 compact sound cassette

Galich, Aleksandr. 16 compact sound cassettes

box 22

Galich, Aleksandr. 2 compact sound cassettes

Genkin, Aleksandr, with Ada IAkusheva and Aleksandr Dulov. 1 compact sound cassette

Gershtein, Larisa. 1 compact sound cassette

Grebenshchikov, Boris. 1 compact sound cassette

IAkubovich, Elena. 2 compact sound cassettes

Khodorovich, SergeĬ, Pesni nevoli. 1 compact sound cassette

Khvostenko, AlekseĬ. 4 compact sound cassettes

Kim, IUliĬ. 32 compact sound cassettes

box 23

Kim, IUliĬ. 17 compact sound cassettes

Kim, IUliĬ, with Mikhail ZhvanetskiĬ. 1 compact sound cassette

Kim, IUliĬ, interview by Arina Ginzburg. 1 compact sound cassette

Kliachkin, EvgeniĬ. 1 compact sound cassette

Kukin, IUriĬ. 3 compact sound cassettes

Kul'turnyĬ bul'on. 1 compact sound cassette

Luferov, Viktor. 1 compact sound cassette

Matveeva, Novella. 3 compact sound cassettes

Nikitin, SergeĬ, and Tat'iana Nikitina. 3 compact sound cassettes

Okudzhava, Bulat, celebration of his 60th birthday. 2 compact sound cassettes

Okudzhava, Bulat. 8 compact sound cassettes

box 24

Okudzhava, Bulat. 30 compact sound cassettes

Putilin, Aleksandr. 2 compact sound cassettes

Ratushinskaia, Irina, program in her honor. 2 compact sound cassettes

Rozenbaum, Aleksandr. 1 compact sound cassette

Sakharov, AndreĬ, press-conference at his home. 1 compact sound cassette

Saltykov, SergeĬ. 1 compact sound cassette

Skorov, ValeriĬ. 6 compact sound cassettes

box 25

Skorov, ValeriĬ. 3 compact sound cassettes

Solzhenitsyn, Aleksandr, interviews, speeches, and his reading of short stories and of Odin den' Ivana Denisovicha. 13 compact sound cassettes

Starchik, Petr. 5 compact sound cassettes

Tarakanov, IUriĬ. 2 compact sound cassettes

VertinskiĬ, Aleksandr. 1 compact sound cassette

Vizbor, IUriĬ. 3 compact sound cassettes

Vladimirskaia, Zhanna, with AlekseĬ Kovalev. 2 compact sound cassettes

Vysotsky, Vladimir. 13 compact sound cassettes

box 26

Vysotsky, Vladimir. 37 compact sound cassettes

Vysotsky, Vladimir, concert in his memory. 2 compact sound cassettes

Vysotsky, Vladimir, and Aleksandr Dol'skiĬ. 1 compact sound cassette

ZhvanetskiĬ, Mikhail. 3 compact sound cassettes


Video recordings 1979-2002

Scope and Contents note

Includes 18 videotape cassettes (VHS) with Ginzburg's lectures, television programs, documentaries, and interviews.
box 27, item 1

Ginzburg, interview by CBS correspondent at the Saint Vladimir seminary, New York ca 1980

box 27, item 2

International Sakharov hearings on human rights, New York 1979

box 27, item 3

World Affairs Council, Loma-Linda University, Southern California November 1979

Scope and Contents note

Lecture and discussion
box 27, item 4

Lectures fall of 1980

box 27, item 5

Farleigh Dickinson University 26 February 1985

Scope and Contents note

box 27, item 6

French television program with Ginzburg in memory of AnatoliĬ Marchenko 29 December 1986

box 27, item 7

"Dissidenty," French television program undated

box 27, item 8-10

"Trizhdy zek," Russian television program, 4 April, 16 June, and 29 August 1992,

"Sintaksis Aleksandra Ginzburga," Sovershenno sekretno, Russian television program, 1993

box 27, item 11

Deti arkhipelaga undated

box 27, item 12

IUliĬ Kim, musical; VitaliĬ Rubin benefit undated

box 27, item 13

Ginzburg, interview regarding Russkaia mysl' undated

box 27, item 14

Duel' Vadima Delone, documentary ca 1999

box 27, item 15

"ParizhskiĬ zhurnal 'Russkaia mysl',' with Arina Ginzburg and Irina IlovaIUliĬskaia-Alberti 2001

box 27, item 16

"Chelovek legendy," undated

Scope and Contents note

Documentary about Aleksandr Ginzburg
box 27, item 17

"Les témoins du Goulag," French program 29 November 2002

box 27, item 18

Meeting in memory of Aleksandr Ginzburg 21 November 2002

Scope and Contents note

Memorial Society, Moscow

Memorabilia 1970s-2002

Scope and Contents note

Playing card set, ephemera, ex-libris bookplate set, and U.S. one-dollar bill signed by G. William Miller, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, arranged alphabetically by physical form.
box 28, folder 1

Elect playing cards set picturing Russian politicians 1990s

box 28, folder 2

Ephemera relating to cultural events in Paris (concerts, exhibitions, and others) 1978-2002

box 28, folder 3

Ex-libris bookplates set, presumably by Filip Makhonin 1970s

box 28, folder 4

U.S. one-dollar bill signed by G. William Miller, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury circa 1980


Oversize Material 1966-2002, undated

Scope and Contents note

Soviet prison rules, color print, award certificates, advertising materials, newspapers, and clippings. Box 29 arranged alphabetically by physical form.

Awards 1979-1980, undated

box 29

American Federation of Teachers undated


Coalition for a Democratic Majority, Friend of Freedom award, Washington, D.C. 1979 June 19


The Cuban Nation in Exile plaque 1979 November 27


Holy Cross College honorary diploma, Massachusetts 1979


Key for the City of New Jersey 1980 April 9


Sheriff of Hudson County, New Jersey, Distinguished Service Award 1980 April 9


Ross McWhirter Foundation plaque 1980 April 30


New York Senate resolution #739, proclaiming June 1980 a "Month of Conscience" in remembrance of Soviet citizens denied the right to immigrate 1980 June 5


Color print portraying mother [Arina Ginzburg] and her two sons being spied on by the KGB, Koktebel' 1978


Soviet prison rules, Osnovnye prava i obiazannosti zakliuchennykh i mery pooshchreniia i nakazaniia primeniaemye k nim, undated

box 30, folder 1-10

Newspapers and newspaper clippings 1966-2002

Scope and Contents note

The content is described in their corresponding series.