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Creator: Berger, Bennett M.
Title: Bennett M. Berger Papers
Date: 1950-2005
Date (bulk): (bulk 1970-1979)
Extent: 5.8 linear feet
Abstract: Academic writings of Bennett Berger during his career as a professor at UC Davis and UC San Diego. Includes correspondence, manuscripts, notes, and articles on his work on suburbia, counter-culture, and communes. Also included is his collection of other authors' correspondence, manuscripts, notes, and publications related to Berger's research subjects.
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Collection number: D-441
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Bennett Berger was born in 1926 in Brooklyn, New York. He grew up in the Bronx and he served as a Marine during World War II in the Pacific. He did his undergraduate work in sociology at Hunter University then received his Ph.D. at UC Berkeley. After receiving his Ph.D., he served as a faculty member in the School of Communication at the University of Illinois from 1959 to 1963. In 1963, he left the university to assume the chairmanship of the Sociology Department at UC Davis. Ten years later, he left UC Davis and joined the faculty of UC San Diego until his retirement in 1991. During his career, Berger researched and wrote on several different subjects such as suburbanization, youth culture, counter-culture, and communes. He published Working-Class Suburb: A study of Auto Workers in Suburbia in 1960, Looking for America: Essays on Youth, Suburbia and Other American Obsessions in 1973, The Survival of a Counter-Culture: Ideological Work and Everyday Life Among Rural Communards in 1981, and several dozen articles and book reviews. He died in 2005.

Scope and Content

The Bennett M Berger papers spans 1950-2005, with the bulk of material from 1970-1971. This collection contains to Berger's correspondence, manuscripts, notes and articles relating to his work on suburbia, counter-culture, and communes. This collection includes several manuscripts that deal with the deconstruction of sexuality and age-difference among children living in communes.
Also included is his collection of other authors' correspondences, manuscripts, and notes related to Berger research subjects.

Arrangement of the Collection

The collection is arranged into three series: 1. Bennett M. Berger; 2. Other Authors; 3. Audio Visual.

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Collection Contents


Series 1 Bennett M. Berger 1950-2005

Physical Description: 3 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

Arranged in four subseries: Correspondence, Manuscripts, Notes, and Articles.

Series 1.1 Correspondence 1969-2005

Physical Description: 0.8 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

Includes correspondence between Bennett Berger and book publishing companies, the National Institute of Mental Health, university presses, community colleges, and colleagues. Arranged chronologically.
Box/Folder 6:1

Quadrangle Books, Inc. 1969-1971

Box/Folder 6:2

NIMH Documents 1970

Box/Folder 6:3-5

Correspondence re: communes 1970-1977

Box/Folder 6:6

Correspondence 1971 1974 1977

Box/Folder 6:7

University of California Press and Correspondence 1971-1972 1974 1976-1977

Box/Folder 6:8

Correspondence: McClung, William J. 1972

Box/Folder 6:9

Correspondence: UCLA 1973

Box/Folder 6:10

Institute of Human Values Booklet and Letter 1975

Box/Folder 6:11

Correspondence: Coast Community College 1975

Box/Folder 6:12-13

Bennett Berger's 50th Birthday Celebration 1976

Box/Folder 7:1

Commune Work of Students, Assistants, etc. 1974-1975

Box/Folder 7:2

Commune Notes, Papers, Correspondence 1974-1975

Box/Folder 7:3

Pacific Consultants Papers and Letters 1976

Box/Folder 7:4

Correspondence, Susan Rags 1977

Box/Folder 7:5

American Pastoralism Manuscript; Critiques; Correspondence 1977

Box/Folder 7:6

Ruth, David J., Correspondence and Manuscript 1977-1978

Box/Folder 7:7

Untitled Manuscript and Correspondence 1979

Box/Folder 7:8

Bruce Hackett Retirement and Misc. 1987-2003

Box/Folder 7:9

Correspondence 1989-2000

Box/Folder 7:10

Adolescent Psychology Conference 1991-1992

Box/Folder 7:11

Correspondence 1995-1999

Box/Folder 7:12

Fetzer Conference 1995-1996

Box/Folder 7:13

UC Press Correspondence 1996-2000

Box/Folder 7:14

"Fragments: A Series" and Correspondence 1999-2002

Box/Folder 7:15

Correspondence: Horowitz, Irving Louis 2002-2004

Box/Folder 7:16

Correspondence: West Virginia University; Manuscript 2004-2005


Series 1.2 Manuscripts 1950-2004

Physical Description: 1.2 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

Includes Berger's manuscripts of books drafts, conference papers, and essays. Arranged chronologically.
Box/Folder 1:1-2

Proletarian Suburb: A Study of a Working Class Version of Suburbia 1950 1959

Box/Folder 1:3

Remarks at Pacific Sociology Meetings 1972

Box/Folder 1:4-5

Age Grading in Rural Communes: American Pastoralism 1974

Box/Folder 1:6

Manuscript for USA and T.V. 1976

Box/Folder 1:7

Definitions and Validity Issues in Field Research on Fad Drugs 1977

Box/Folder 1:8-9

Essay (Berger, Bennett) 1980 1987-1988 1993

Box/Folder 1:10-11

Recent Manuscripts 1993

Box/Folder 2:1

Attention Deficit Disorder 1998-2003

Box/Folder 2:2

Generation Talk 1999

Box/Folder 2:3

ICL Talk 2004

Box/Folder 2:4

Manuscript: Ideological Work in Counterculture Communes (incomplete) undated

Box/Folder 2:5

Child Rearing Practices of the Communal Family (Draft) undated

Box/Folder 2:6-9

Manuscript Draft undated

Box/Folder 2:10-11

Book Manuscript Fragments undated

Box/Folder 2:12

Unidentified Manuscript (incomplete) undated

Box/Folder 2:13

[Chapters] From Unknown Manuscript undated

Box/Folder 2:14-15

Untitled Manuscript undated

Box/Folder 2:16

"Models" undated

Box/Folder 2:17

American Pastoralism, Suburbia, and the Commune Movement (incomplete) undated

Box/Folder 3:1

"Introduction to the Transaction Edition" undated

Box/Folder 3:2

Progress Report to NIMH undated

Box/Folder 3:3

The Journal of a Counter Culture undated

Box/Folder 3:4

Pastoralism Manuscript Drafts undated

Box/Folder 3:5

Decline of Age Grading in Rural Communes undated

Box/Folder 3:6

Miscellaneous Manuscripts 1998-2004

Box/Folder 3:7

Guggenheim Draft Application 1977

Box/Folder 3:8

Communes in the Counter-Culture - Book Review by Berger undated

Box/Folder 3:9

"Country Life" undated

Box/Folder 3:10

"Introduction" undated

Box/Folder 3:11

"The More Things Change" undated

Box/Folder 3:12

First Drafts of Chapters undated

Box/Folder 13:1

Book Layout undated


Series 1.3 Notes 1954-2004

Physical Description: 0.6 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

Includes index cards, outlines, questionnaires, bibliographies, interview transcripts, and photocopies of Berger's journal. Also includes a folder containing information about friend's memorial. Arranged chronologically.
Box/Folder 4:17

Index Cards: Notes 1954-1971

Box/Folder 4:18

"Abstracts of Papers on Youth..." 1960

Box/Folder 4:19

Commune Grant: Official Documents 1967-1971

Box/Folder 4:20

Outlines; Organizations 1970

Box/Folder 5:1

Field Notes; Commune Research 1976

Box/Folder 5:2

Table Mountain Papers; Notes 1970

Box/Folder 5:3

Field Notes: TMR 1971

Box/Folder 5:4

Questionnaires 1972

Box/Folder 5:5

Commune Study Notes 1970-1976

Box/Folder 5:6

Application for Senior Fellowship 1973

Box/Folder 5:7

Commune Bibliography 1973

Box/Folder 5:8

Notes 1994

Box/Folder 5:9

Curriculum Vita 1998

Box/Folder 5:10

Michael Rizzo Memoriam 1999

Box/Folder 5:11

Pacific Sociological Association 2000

Box/Folder 5:12

Notepads undated

Box/Folder 5:13

Bibliography undated

Box/Folder 5:14

Miscellaneous Papers and Notes undated

Box/Folder 5:15

Notes re: Communes undated

Box/Folder 5:16

Notes on Commune Book undated

Box/Folder 5:17

Children's Rights Notes undated

Box/Folder 5:18

Unknown References undated

Box/Folder 5:19

French Lessons undated

Box/Folder 5:20

Interview Transcript undated

Box/Folder 5:21

[Journal Photocopies] undated


Series 1.4 Articles 1970-2003

Physical Description: 0.4 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

Includes various drafts of published articles that Berger wrote over a thirty year period. Arranged chronologically.
Box/Folder 4:1

"The Lands" 1970

Box/Folder 4:2

"Sinatra" 1998

Box/Folder 4:3

"'Patch Adams' and the Movies" 1998

Box/Folder 4:4

"The Evolution of 'Cool'" 1999

Box/Folder 4:5

"Well" 1999

Box/Folder 4:6

"Enron: Conspiracy and Other Clichés" 1995-2002

Box/Folder 4:7

"It's the Categories, Stupid" 2000

Box/Folder 4:8

Counter Culture Definition for Encyclopedia of Social and Behavioral Sciences 2000

Box/Folder 4:9-10

"Who Is a Jew" 2001

Box/Folder 4:11

"Go Figure" 2003

Box/Folder 4:12-13

"Geezer Talk: An Emeritus Professor Looks Back" 2004

Box/Folder 4:14

"Counterculture" undated

Box/Folder 4:15

"I Hear Ringing and There's No-One There" undated

Box/Folder 4:16

"The Aging of Popular Music" undated


Series 2 Other Authors 1963-2003

Physical Description: 2.3 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

Arranged into three subseries: Correspondence, Manuscripts, and Notes and Publications.
Box/Folder 12:9

Series 2.1 Correspondence 1976

Physical Description: 1 folder

Scope and Content Note

Includes correspondence between Dr. Stephen M. Pittel and Joan Dunne Rittenhouse concerning a Department of Health, Education, and Welfare Field Report on fad drugs.

Series 2.2 Manuscripts 1963-2003

Physical Description: 1.2 linear feet

Scope and Content Note

Includes manuscripts from other authors: essays, articles, theses, and field report studies. Arranged chronologically.
Box/Folder 7:17

Master's Thesis 1963

Box/Folder 7:18

Mungo, Raymond, "Total Loss Farm" 1970

Box/Folder 7:19

Coran, Sheri, "The Joys of Childhood" 1970

Box/Folder 7:20

Hackett Papers 1970

Box/Folder 8:1

Kanter, Rosabeth Moss, "Getting It All Together" 1971

Box/Folder 8:2

Paul Kagan Papers 1971

Box/Folder 8:3-4

Sherri Caran 1970-1971

Box/Folder 8:5

Youth Subculture 1972 1975

Box/Folder 8:6

Other's Manuscript 1973

Box/Folder 8:7

Preliminary Case Report II 1972-1973

Box/Folder 8:8

Annual Report: Structure, Function, and Impact of Urban Communes 1972-1973

Box/Folder 8:9

laFargue, Michael, "The Redbird Commune" 1972-1973

Box/Folder 8:10

Kanter, Rosabeth and Bronfman, Joan "The Ravensreet Commune" 1972-1973

Box/Folder 8:11

Lofland, John, "Diversity in Reporting Qualitative Field Research" 1973

Box/Folder 8:12

McDermott, Richard "The Magpie Street Commune" 1973

Box/Folder 8:13

Zablocki, Benjamin, "Communes and the Future of America" 1973

Box/Folder 8:14

Progress Report to NIMH: Rosabeth Moss Kanter 1973

Box/Folder 8:15

Jaffe, Dennis T., "The First Four Long Years of a Family Commune" 1975

Box/Folder 8:16

Field Study Report: PCP as a Fad Drug 1976

Box/Folder 8:17

PCP Report for Pacific Consultants 1976

Box/Folder 8:18

Wallis, Roy, "Sex, Marriage and the Children of God" 1977

Box/Folder 8:19

Hawkins, J. David, Dissertation and Correspondence 1978

Box/Folder 8:20

Gardner, Hugh, "Children of Prosperity" 1977

Box/Folder 9:1

[Vinod's] Contacts 1971

Box/Folder 9:2-3

Yolanda Cohen Project 1989-1993

Box/Folder 9:4

Damiell, Joseph, "This is a Think-Piece About Bennett Berger" 1991

Box/Folder 9:5

Sabbatical Request 2002

Box/Folder 9:6

Caran, Sherri, "Hippies of the Redwood Forest" Outline undated

Box/Folder 9:7-9

[Millar] Manuscript undated

Box/Folder 9:10

Jaffe, Dennis T. undated

Box/Folder 9:11

[ Rural Hippie Communes] undated

Box/Folder 9:12

Hawkins, David J., "Dynamics of Conformity in Communal Groups undated

Box/Folder 10:1

"Against Essentialism" 1999

Box/Folder 10:2

Others' Work 2001-2002

Box/Folder 10:3

Zablocki, Benjamin, "The Genesis of Normative Systems in Rural Hippie Communities" 1973

Box/Folder 10:4

Untitled Others' Work undated

Box/Folder 10:5

Book Proposal undated

Box/Folder 10:6

Christopherson, "Free Shchool" undated

Box/Folder 10:7

Cononer, "Alternate Institutions and Alternate Society" undated

Box/Folder 10:8

Hall, John R., "The Ways Out..." undated

Box/Folder 10:9

Miller, Henry, "On Drugs, Hippies, and the Radical Left" undated

Box/Folder 10:10

Poney, Walter W., "A Comparative Analysis of 19th and 20th Century Communes" undated

Box/Folder 10:11

Unidentified Author, "The Acquisition of Sexual Identity" undated

Box/Folder 10:12-14

Kagan, Paul, "Search for Community" undated


Series 2.3 Notes and Publications 1999-2002

Physical Description: 1 linear foot

Scope and Content Note

Includes another author's interview transcript as well as newspaper and magazine publications. Arranged chronologically.
Box/Folder 10:15

Interview Transcript undated

Box/Folder 10:16

Articles, Newspaper Clippings 1998-2000 2002

Box/Folder 10:17

Articles, Book Reviews 1992 1997-1999

Box/Folder 10:18

Synanon Foundation Literature 1968

Box/Folder 10:19

"This is the Farm Book" 1974

Box/Folder 10:20

Communal Societies in America 1970-1971

Box/Folder 11:1-2

Newspaper Clipping Photocopies (Sociology Interest) undated

Box/Folder 11:3

Power and Civility: Elias, Norbert 1982

Box/Folder 11:4

Playboy 1976 1981

Box/Folder 11:5

New York Times Book Review: Article by Berger undated

Box/Folder 11:6

Directory of Intentional Communes 1978

Box/Folder 11:7

Communities: Journal of Cooperative Living 1977

Box/Folder 11:8

Film Ad 1978

Box/Folder 12:1

Ogilvy, Jay and Heather, "Communes and the Reconstruction of Reality" undated

Box/Folder 12:2

Article/Newspaper Clippings undated

Box/Folder 12:3

International Society for the Sociology of Knowledge 1978

Box/Folder 12:4

Humboldt Journal of Social Relations 1975

Box/Folder 12:5

Publication: Think 1970

Box/Folder 12:6

Jaffe, Dennis J., "The Healer, The Community, or the Bureaucrat" 1974

Box/Folder 12:7

Greene, Felix, "Visit to a Rural Commune" undated

Box/Folder 12:8

Jerome, Judson, "All in Common" undated


Series 3 Audio Visual 1985-2004

Physical Description: 3 folders

Scope and Content Note

Includes two video cassette tapes as well as photographs of Berger and his family.
Box/Folder 12:10

Video: Culture Cross Cultural Communications 2002

Box/Folder 12:11

Video: Culture Identity Behavior 2004

Box/Folder 13:2

Photographs of Berger and His Family 1985-1997