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Register of the Robert L. Bartley papers

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Collection Summary

Title: Robert L. Bartley papers
Dates: 1966-2003.
Collection Number: 2005C56
Creator: Bartley, Robert L.
Collection Size: 143 manuscript boxes. (48 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Correspondence, writings, and printed matter, relating to political and economic conditions in the United States, international relations, international economic conditions, and the publication of the Wall Street Journal.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Languages: English

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Acquired by the Hoover Institution Archives in 2005.


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Biographical/Historical Note

1937, October 12 Born, Marshall, Minnesota
1959 B.S., Iowa State University
1962 M.S., University of Wisconsin
1972-1978 Editorial page editor, Wall Street Journal
1979-2002 Editor, Wall Street Journal
1980 Awarded Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing
1992 Author, The Seven Fat Years: And How to Do It Again
2003, December 10 Died, New York City

Scope and Content of Collection

The papers of Robert L. Bartley document his thirty years successively as editorial page editor, and as overall editor, of the Wall Street Journal from 1972 to 2002. They include correspondence and other material detailing operations of the newspaper, and reportage and editorial commentary on financial, economic, political and military events, nationally and internationally. There is a large volume of material on financial and political scandals, especially relating to the Bank of Credit and Commerce International, the Watergate affair during the presidency of Richard M. Nixon, and the Whitewater and other affairs of the presidential administration of Bill Clinton. Other large bodies of material deal with supply-side economic policies, the Vietnamese War, the Iraq War, and biological and chemical warfare. The papers were acquired by the Hoover Institution from Edith Bartley in 2005.
This preliminary inventory reflects the present retention of the papers in folder arrangements made by Bartley. The folders have been grouped into series to accord as well as possible with the nature of the folder titles. Two caveats with respect to these series arrangements should be noted. The first is that the Speeches and Writings series does not contain all writings by Bartley, but merely those in folders with titles referring to a specific speech, conference participation, or article, or an aspect of the preparation of Bartley's book The Seven Fat Years. The Wall Street Journal File contains folders of aggregations of printed copies of articles and editorials from particular years of that publication, mostly unsigned, but many certainly written by Bartley. The Subject File consists of folders of diverse materials with titles indicating a specific topic. Frequently they include both articles or other writings by Bartley on that topic and materials by others on the same topic. The second caveat regarding retention of Bartley's own folder arrangement is that there is a certain incidence of filing, or misfiling, of extraneous material, related dubiously or not at all to the ostensible theme suggested by the folder title.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
United States Politics and government.
United States Foreign relations.
United States Economic conditions.
World politics.
Journalism United States.

Collection Contents

Box: 1-2.

Personal File, 1974-2002.

Scope and Content Note

So designated by Robert L. Bartley. Includes biographical data and photographs
Box: 1.

General, including biographical data


Christmas cards


Correspondence concerning disposition of RLB papers


Financial records

Box: 2.





Printed articles about RLB

Box: 3-5.

Appointment Books,1976-2003

Box: 3.




Box: 4.


Box: 5.




Box: 5.

Notebook, undated

Box: 5-12.

Speeches and Writings, 1971-2003.

Scope and Content Note

Notes, drafts, typescripts, printed copies, correspondence, and research material. Some folders include extraneous material
Box: 5.

"The Limits of the Press Corps in a Political/Technical Debate" (with Jude Wanniski), Conference on Expert Advice and Democratic Choice, Racine, Wisconsin, 1974 April 4-6


Speech, Council on Foreign Relations meeting on South Africa, New York City, 1986 December 4


Speech, Forum Club, Houston, Texas, 1986 December 11


"Business Ethics and the Ethics Business," commencement address, Babson College, Babson Park, Massachusetts, 1987 May 16


The Great Crash of '29 and the Great Correction of '87 Compared panel discussion, Allied Social Science Association annual meeting, New York City, 1988 December 28

Box: 6.

"Progress and Pessimism: Why Is Gloom Chic amid Peace and Prosperity?" speech, Town Hall luncheon, Los Angeles, California, 1989 August 16


"Time to Shake our Hypochondria," Wall Street Journal, 1990 January 2


The Wealth of Nations: 1990 Conference, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1990 June 26-30


"The Great International Growth Slowdown," Wall Street Journal, 1990 July 10


Speech, Hudson Valley Forum, Poughkeepsie, New York, 1990 October 4


Speech, Pumpkin Papers Irregulars dinner, Washington, D.C., 1990 October 31


Bilderberg meetings, Baden-Baden, Germany, 1991 June 3-6


The Seven Fat Years: And How to Do It Again, 1992


Working materials, including drafts, outlines, correspondence and research material

Box: 7.

Working materials (contd.)

Box: 8.

Working materials (contd.)


Publicity materials

Box: 9.


Box: 10.

Paperback edition.

Scope and Content Note

Drafts of introduction, epilogue and index, and other working materials
Box: 11.

Senate Republican Conference weekend, Wilmington, Delaware, 1993 April 24-25


"Reviving the U.S. Economy: A Blueprint," speech, Venture Investing 1993 Conference, San Francisco, California, 1993 June 22


"The Case for Optimism: The West Should Believe in Itself," Foreign Affairs, 1993 September-October


Speech on 1994 election results, unknown occasion, 1994


"A Time for Moralism," commencement address, Mayo Medical School, Rochester, Minnesota, 1995 May 20


"The Press and Elections, Issues and Scandals," Minow lecture, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, 1996 November 11


"Capitalism's Uncertain Trumpet," speech, Mont Pèlerin Society meeting, Washington, D.C., 1998 September 1


"The Future of Economic Freedom," lecture, Heritage Foundation regional meeting, Dearborn, Michigan, 2000 October 16

Box: 12.

"Thirty Years of Progress, Mostly," speech, Forum Club, Houston, Texas, 2002 September 25


Speech, occasion and exact date unknown, San Jose, California, 2002


"Backward on Understanding Profit," Charles Wolf lecture, RAND Corporation, Santa Monica, California, 2003 April 15


Speech on Iraq War, Rotary Club, place and exact date unknown, 2003


"The Beginning of the Journey" (re Clarence Barron), undated


Assorted articles in Wall Street Journal, various dates (1971-2002)


Assorted speeches, various dates (1981-1996)

Box: 13-17.

Wall Street Journal File, 1928-2003

Scope and Content Note

Internal correspondence and memoranda, and printed articles from and about the Wall Street Journal
Box: 13-14.

Internal memoranda and correspondence

Box: 15.

Printed editorials and articles from the Wall Street Journal, mostly unsigned, including some by RLB



Box: 16.


Box: 17.



Indexes to Wall Street Journal articles


Printed articles about the Wall Street Journal from other publications

Box: 18-24.

Correspondence, Chronological, 1970-2003

Box: 18.

1970s, miscellaneous



Scope and Content Note

Includes letters of congratulation upon promotion to editor of the Wall Street Journal
Box: 19.

1978 (contd.)





Scope and Content Note

Includes letters of congratulation on Pulitzer Prize
Box: 20.

1980 (contd.)



Box: 21.






Box: 22.




Box: 23.


Box: 24.



2000s, miscellaneous

Box: 25-61.

Correspondence, Alphabetical, circa 1970-2003

Box: 25.


Box: 26.

B (contd.)

Box: 27.

B (contd.)



Box: 28.

C (contd.)

Box: 29.

C (contd.)



Box: 30.

D (contd.)

Box: 31.

D (contd.)



Box: 32.

E (contd.)



Box: 33.

F (contd.)

Box: 34.


Box: 35.

G (contd.)



Box: 36.

H (contd.)



Box: 37.


Box: 38.

K (contd.)

Box: 39.


Box: 40-43.


Box: 44.


Box: 45.

O (contd.)



Box: 46.

P (contd.)

Box: 47.

P (contd.)



Box: 48-50.


Box: 51-55.


Box: 56.


Box: 57.

T (contd.)



Box: 58-60.


Box: 61.


Box: 62-143.

Subject File, 1950-2003.

Scope and Content Note

Printed articles and other writings by RLB arranged topically; correspondence; printed matter and other research material by others. In a few cases entry is under name of author or correspondent rather than topic. Some folders include extraneous material
Box: 62.



Affirmative action


Ahlstrom, T. Robinson


American Bar Association


American Heritage Magazine


American Spectator


Amiel, Barbara


Andersen (Arthur) Company

Box: 63.

Annie Get Your Gun (Musical)






Arms control.

Scope and Content Note

Includes material on missiles, lasers, nuclear strategy, and Strategic Arms Limitation Talks
Box: 64.

Arms control (contd.)

Box: 65.

Arms control (contd.)


Ashcroft, Michael






Balance of payments


Balkans and Caucasus

Box: 66.

Banca Nazionale del Lavoro


Bancroft family


Banfield, Edward C.


Bank of Credit and Commerce International.

Scope and Content Note

Includes material on Robert Altman, Clark Clifford and Ghaith Pharaon
Box: 67-68.

Bank of Credit and Commerce International (contd.)

Box: 69.

Bank of Credit and Commerce International (contd.)


Banking and bank regulation.

Scope and Content Note

Includes material by Robert Clarke

Barone, Michael


Barr Laboratories


Barron's Magazine


Bartley Institute (Proposed)


Bickel, Alexander M.

Box: 70.

Biological and chemical warfare



Scope and Content Note

Includes material on Sverdlovsk anthrax outbreak
Box: 71-74.

Yellow Rain controversy (Southeast Asia)

Box: 75.

Anthrax attack, 2001.

Scope and Content Note

Includes material re Steven Hatfill

Black Mischief controversy


Blumenthal, Sidney

Box: 76.

Bork, Robert H.



Scope and Content Note

Includes material by Albert Wohlstetter

Brady, Nicholas F.


Breast implants


Bretton Woods Agreement


Brock, Horace W.


Brown, Ron


Bruce-Briggs, B.


Bubbles (Finance)

Box: 77.

Buckley, William F., Jr., and National Review.

Scope and Content Note

Includes material on antisemitism


Scope and Content Note

Includes material on poverty programs

Burchett, Wilfred


Bush, George W.

Scope and Content Note

Includes material on religion, drunk driving, 2000 election campaign, and Bush Doctrine
Box: 78.

Business cycles


Businessmen in the dock




CNBC (Television station)



Scope and Content Note

Includes material on Ben Kiernan

Campaign finance


Capcom Financial Services

Box: 79.

Capital formation


Capital gains




Casey, Paula J.


Center for Individual Rights


Central America


Chamberlain, John


Character assassination

Box: 80.

Charts and statistics (Economics)


Child abuse allegations.

Scope and Content Note

Includes material on Wenatchee case


Scope and Content Note

Includes material on intellectual property rights theft

Churchill School

Box: 81.

Civil rights


Clark, Steve


Clash of civilizations thesis


Clinger, William


Clinton, Bill, and Clinton administration.

Scope and Content Note

Includes material on 1992 and 1996 election campaigns, and Clinton administration personnel and economic policy

Clinton, Hillary

Box: 82.

Clinton administration scandals



Scope and Content Note

Includes material on drugs, foreign influence, pardons, violence, White House staff, and impeachment
Box: 83-84.

Foster, Vincent-Suicide

Box: 85.

Sex scandals.

Scope and Content Note

Includes material on Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Dick Morris, and Sally Perdue

Whitewater and other financial scandals.

Scope and Content Note

Includes material on the Whitewater Development Company, Beverly Enterprises, blind trusts, commodities trading, Dan Lasater, James McDougal, Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan Association, Dennis Patrick, Rose Law Firm, tax returns, Tyson Foods, and David Watkins
Box: 86-89.

Whitewater and other financial scandals (contd.)

Box: 90.



Communications Workers of America vs. Beck






Coolidge, Calvin


Corporate control and governance

Box: 91.

Corporate scandals


Corporate taxes




Creative destruction


Credit demands




Crovitz, L. Gordon


Cultural crisis


Curran, Paul J.

Box: 92.

Currency exchange rates


Daiwa Bank


Dalton, John H.


D'Amato, Alfonse


Dartmouth College


Daugherty, Harry M.


Deadline Club


Deficits and debt



Box: 93.

Democratic Party




Derian, Patricia M.


Diana, Princess


Dinkins, David N.


Disgorgement (Finance)



Scope and Content Note

Includes material on Libya

Ditchley Foundation


Dole, Bob, and Hollywood


Dow Jones Averages


Drew Investment Research and Management


Drexel Burnham Lambert Group

Box: 94.

Drug pricing



Scope and Content Note

Includes material on energy
Box: 95.

Economy-General (contd.)

Box: 96.

Economy-General (contd.)



Scope and Content Note

Includes material on 1968, 1992 and 1996 elections
Box: 97.

Elections (contd.)





Scope and Content Note

Includes material on Carter administration policy

Enron Corporation

Box: 98.





Epstein, Jason










Evans, Joseph E.




Faludi, Susan


Falvey, Jack


Family values

Box: 99.

Far Eastern Economic Review


Federal Reserve System


Feldstein, Martin


Ferraro, Geraldine

Box: 100.



Financial Times


Flag burning


Flaps (Controversies)


Forbearance (Finance)


Foreign policy


Frank, Barney


Franklin Savings Association


Freeh, Louis


Gergen, David




Gingrich, Newt


Giuliani, Rudolph

Box: 101.



Goodwin, Frank


Gore, Albert, and Viktor Chernomyrdin

Box: 102.

Gould, Jay


Gross, Daniel


Growth and democracy






Harriman family


Haynsworth, Clement

Box: 103.

Health care


Helprin, Mark


Heymann, Philip B.


Hill, Anita, and Clarence Thomas


Holocaust and Holocaust Museum

Box: 104.



Hong Kong


Hubbell, Webster


Hunt, Al


Hustler Magazine


Hutchison, Kay Bailey, and Ronnie Earle


Ickes, Harold




Income distribution

Box: 105.

Income distribution (contd.)


Independent counsels


Index of Economic Freedom


Insider trading


Inslaw, Inc.

Box: 106.

Internal Revenue Service


International Criminal Court


International Herald-Tribune


Intriago, Charles A.




Iowa State University


Iran-contra affair


Iraq and Iraq War

Box: 107.

Iraq and Iraq War (contd.)

Box: 108.

Iraq and Iraq War (contd.)



Scope and Content Note

Includes material on right of return


Scope and Content Note

Includes material on Shintaro Ishihara
Box: 109.

Jeffrey, Christina


Jereski, Laura



Scope and Content Note

Includes material on journalists' politics

Junk bonds


Justice Department


Kaiser Permanente-Mental health coverage


Kaye, Scholer, Fierman, Hays and Handler (Law firm)


Kennedy, Edward M.-Chappaquiddick incident

Box: 110.

Kennedy, John F.

Scope and Content Note

Includes material on Judith Exner and Vietnam policy

Kilgore, Bernard


Kinsley, Michael


Kissinger, Henry


Korea, North




Kuttner, Robert


Lake, Anthony


Lawson, Nigel


League of Nations


Lee, Wen Ho


Left rhetoric


Leveraged takeovers


Levy, Paul

Box: 111.

Lipsky, Seth


Long-term capital


Loral Space Systems




McDonough, William J.


McGovern, George


Maddison, Angus




Maltby, Barbara





Scope and Content Note

Includes material on Federal Employees Health Benefits Plan
Box: 112.

Medicine and medical issues



Box: 113.

Mexico (contd.)

Box: 114.

Mexico (contd.)


Mikva, Abner


Milken, Michael

Box: 115.

Millennium (2000)


Money and monetary policy


Moynihan, Daniel P.


Mundell, Robert A.

Box: 116.

Mundell, Robert A. (contd.)


Murray, Charles


National Conference of Editorial Writers


National Rifle Association.

Scope and Content Note

Includes material on George W. Bush

National security.

Scope and Content Note

Directive by Harry S. Truman

New era (Post 9-11)

Box: 117.

New York (State)


New York City


New York Times


New York University.

Scope and Content Note

Includes material on its science program

Nineteen sixties

Box: 118.

Nixon, Richard M.

Scope and Content Note

Includes material on civil rights policy, San Clemente residence, and presidential finances
Box: 119.

Nobel Prizes


Non-lethal weapons



Scope and Content Note

Includes material on the 1973 embargo and the Hubbert curve

Oklahoma City bombing


Olayan, Suliman S.


Olympic games

Box: 120.

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Scope and Content Note

Includes material on tax havens

Ossuary (Purported biblical archeological artifact)


Outward Bound program


Palestine Liberation Organization


Paramount Communications


Pataki, George


Pearl Harbor attack


Pearson, Hugh


People for the American Way


Pepper and Salt (Cartoon)

Box: 121.



Perot, Ross.

Scope and Content Note

Includes material on economic program

Points of Light Initiative




Pollard, Jonathan


Postal Service


Powell, Colin


Poynter, Nelson


Pre-Reagan era


Presidents, great and small

Box: 122.


Scope and Content Note

Includes material on objectivity



Pritchett, Kevin

Box: 123.



The Progressive


Prudential Insurance Company-Robert Fiske lawsuit


Puerto Rico


Pulitzer Prizes


Purchasing power parity.

Scope and Content Note

Includes material by Ronald I. McKinnon
Box: 124.

Quayle, Dan


Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act


Reagan, Ronald


Recall elections


Regulation Q (Federal Reserve System)




Reno, Janet


Rent control

Box: 125.

Republican Contract with America


Rescorla, Rick, and 9/11


Rich, Marc


Ridge, Tom


Right to petition


Roach, Stephen S.


Roberts, Paul Craig


Robertson, Pat


Rostenkowski, Daniel


Rule of law


Rumsfeld, Donald


Russia and Soviet Union.

Scope and Content Note

Includes material on Marxism, Russian empire, and Russian Mafia
Box: 126.

Russia and Soviet Union (contd.)




Ryan, Jack


Santorum, Rick


Saudi Arabia


Savings and loan association crisis


Scandals, Miscellaneous



Scope and Content Note

Includes material on Keith Henson
Box: 127.

Scientology (contd.)


Secular humanism


Securities fraud prosecutions.

Scope and Content Note

Includes material on Robert M. Morgenthau

Shaw, David


Shesol, Jeff


Simpson, O. J.



Scope and Content Note

Includes material on Lee Kuan Yew
Box: 128.

Singapore (contd.)

Box: 129.

Singapore (contd.)


Smith, Adam


Social Security.

Scope and Content Note

Includes material on Daniel P. Moynihan



Southeast Banking Corporation


Space shuttle


State Department


State of the union

Box: 130.

Stephens Inc.


Stimulus packages


Stock option accounting


Stockman, David


Strauss, Leo


Student unrest

Box: 131.

Supply-side economics






Systematics, Inc.



Box: 132.


Scope and Content Note

Includes material on credits, deficits, enforcement, international aspects, and spending


Box: 133.

Term limits






Thomas, Michael M.


Timerman, Jacobo


Tobacco fee





Box: 134.

Turkey (contd.)


Tuttle, Alexandra




Uncaused causes


United Nations.

Scope and Content Note

Includes material on Boutros Boutros-Ghali

Vanity Fair

Box: 135.

Vassar College





Scope and Content Note

Includes material on Hmong refugees and Barry Wain

Vietnamese War.

Scope and Content Note

Includes material on air war, amnesty, Cambodian aspects, Henry Kissinger, Ngo Dinh Diem, Richard M. Nixon, Paris peace agreement, prisoners of war, and Thich Tri Quang
Box: 136-138.

Vietnamese War (contd.)

Box: 139.

Vietnamese War (contd.)


Wage-price controls


Wagner, Bernard M.


Wanniski, Jude


War and war powers.

Scope and Content Note

Includes material on the American Civil War, World War II, and Iraq War
Box: 140.

War and war powers (contd.)


Ward Industries


Washington Post


Watergate affair.

Scope and Content Note

Includes material on impeachment
Box: 141.

Watergate affair (contd.)

Box: 142.



Whip Inflation Now policy (Nixon and Ford administrations)


Wilson, James Q.


Wohlstetter, Albert.

Scope and Content Note

Includes material on Persian Gulf War

Wolfowitz, Paul


World War II


Worthen Banking Corporation

Box: 143.

Yale University



Scope and Content Note

Includes folders with material on diverse topics