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Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, Los Angeles Chapter Records, 1931-2002
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Collection Contents


Series 1. Los Angeles Chapter Records, 1931-2001

Physical Description: 4 letter boxes

Scope and Content Note

This series contains all the materials generated or distributed by the Los Angeles office, including literature collected from other organizations. Most of the records in this series document the activities stemming from monthly chapter meetings, which formed the heart of the local organization. Chapter meetings were structured around a featured speaker or presentation to rally support for national initiatives as well as to raise funds for the local branch. The series also contains printed flyers and brochures created to raise awareness of particular issues and to publicize local events.
This series is further subdivided into three subseries: A. Office Files, B. Programs and Seminars and C. Newsletters.

Subseries A. Office Files, 1932-2000

Physical Description: 20 folders

Scope and Content Note

This subseries contains meeting minutes documenting the activities of the Los Angeles board. Minutes were recorded for executive board meetings and for general meetings, which were held separately.
Correspondence files chronicle the local chapter's involvement in local and national political and social issues. Of note is a letter dated 1950 that reveals the branch's actions in support of a proposed constitutional amendment giving equal rights to women. Interestingly, the national organization did not consider this issue a priority at that time.
Files containing the branch by-laws, position papers and rosters show the development and structure of the local organization in the state of California and its links to the national organization. Dorothy Hampton, Lois Hamer, Vivien Myerson and Sarah Shuldiner held the offices of branch president in 1964, 1969, 1973 and 1977, respectively; Hampton, Hamer and Myerson also served as executive board members at the national level. The writings files contain reports and essays about a variety of issues, some of which appear to have been created as submissions for publication in the chapter newsletter. Of note is the testimony of California state branch president Sylvia Saiger at the Vietnam Hearings, which were conducted by congressmen George E. Brown Jr. and Edward R. Roybal in 1967.
Box-folder 1/1-1/10

Meeting minutes, 1950-1986

Box-folder 1/1-1/8

Executive Board, 1951-1986

Box-folder 1/1


Box-folder 1/2


Box-folder 1/3


Box-folder 1/4


Box-folder 1/5


Box-folder 1/6


Box-folder 1/7


Box-folder 1/8


Box-folder 1/9-1/10

General meetings 1950-1984

Box-folder 1/9


Box-folder 1/10


Box-folder 2/1-2/5

Correspondence 1931-1983

Box-folder 2/1

1931, 1950, 1968, 1974

Box-folder 2/2


Box-folder 2/3


Box-folder 2/4


Box-folder 2/5

Circular letters, 1967-1980

Box-folder 2/6

By-laws, constitution and rosters, 1949-1950, 1953-1954, 1957, 1959, 1973, 1979, 1985

Box-folder 2/7

Position statements and petitions, 1973-2000

Box-folder 2/8-2/10

Writings, 1960, 1967, 1970, 1983, n.d.

Box-folder 2/8

Jane Addams fact sheet, biography by Orilla Winfield, 1960 and n.d.

Box-folder 2/9

Report: "The Possibilities of Developing the United Nations into a World Political Community," by Sylvia Major, 1964

Box-folder 2/10

Assorted essays and reports, 1967, 1970, 1983, n.d.


Subseries B. Programs and Seminars, 1960-1990

Physical Description: 14 folders

Scope and Content Note

The Los Angeles chapter held monthly meetings and organized activities in response to national calls to action as well as to other social and political issues germane to local community and state issues. This series contains a variety of materials generated in support of these monthly events and special programs, such as press releases, photographs, clippings, study guides and other literature, demonstrating most vividly the processes involved in developing grassroots organizations.
Folder 11 includes records created in conjunction with appearances by: David Roberti, California state senator, 27th district; Paul Schrade, director, Western Region 6, United Auto Workers Union; Joseph Friedman, chairman, Southern California American Civil Liberties Union Committee for Amnesty; and others. Materials include correspondence, photographs, press releases and clippings. Course materials created to support education and outreach programs include role-playing exercises, bibliographies, handouts and other printed materials. The Los Angeles office collected pamphlets and additional printed materials from other organizations, including the "American Experiments in Disarmament and the London Conference of 1930," by William I. Hull.
Box-folder 2/11

Chapter meetings, 1971-1974, 1979

Box-folder 2/12-2/14

Course materials, ca. 1960 and 1977

Box-folder 2/12

Assorted class materials: nuclear disarmament, peace action, resources for secondary school teachers, 1961, 1977, n.d.

Box-folder 2/13

Role-playing script, "Operation Living Room, Economic Conversion," ca. 1960

Box-folder 2/14

Role-playing script, "Operation Living Room, Nuclear Disarmament," ca. 1960

Box-folder 2/15

General events and publicity, 1972-1996, n.d.

Box-folder 3/1-3/4

Clippings 1961-1985

Box-folder 3/1

1961-1972, n.d.

Box-folder 3/2


Box-folder 3/3


Box-folder 3/4


Box-folder 3/5-3/6

Literature 1960-1992

Box-folder 3/5

Event flyers, 1966-1992, n.d.

Box-folder 3/6

Event programs, 1960-1992

Box-folder 3/7

Leaflets, n.d.

Box-folder 3/8-3/9

Other organizations, 1969-1990

Box-folder 3/8

Reprints and pamphlets, 1969-1979

Box-folder 3/9

Program flyers and leaflets, 1969-1990, n.d.


Subseries C. Newsletters, 1936-2001

Physical Description: 1 letter box (6 folders)

Scope and Content Note

This subseries contains the Bulletin, the newsletter published monthly by the Los Angeles chapter. The Bulletin was one of the branch's most powerful organizing tools and, except for monthly meetings and special programs, was the primary outlet for raising awareness of issues and action campaigns. Articles, reports and fact sheets provided direction as well as clarification on specific issues and campaigns.
In addition to news items about various chapter members, upcoming meetings and events, the Bulletin also featured submissions from other small WILPF groups in and around Southern California, as well as Action Alert and Legislative Update, memos of legislative and congressional activities both at the local and national levels.
Of note is an early Los Angeles branch publication, Peace Brevities, which was issued in 1936. This can be found in Folder 4/1.
Box-folder 4/1-4/7

Los Angeles Branch Bulletin, 1936-1969

Box-folder 4/1

1936,( Peace Brevities), 1960-1969 (incomplete)

Box-folder 4/2


Box-folder 4/3


Box-folder 4/4


Box-folder 4/5


Box-folder 4/6


Box-folder 4/7



Series 2. United States Section, 1931-2002

Physical Description: 3 letter boxes

Scope and Content Note

The material in this series primarily contains literature generated by the national organization and circulated to the local branches through the efforts of its various committees and offices. The Policy Committee generated statements and resolutions for approval by the United States Section National Board. WILPF "Principles and Policies" and its constitution were updated at national meetings. The Program and Action Committee spearheaded initiatives and coordinated national and international campaigns, special events and seminars and scheduled national demonstrations in support of WILPF initiatives. These in particular reveal the evolution of the peace, disarmament and social action movement in this country. The Program and Action Letter documented the activities deriving from various WILPF initiatives and contained suggestions for implementation at the local level in the organization. The Literature Committee issued leaflets, fact sheets, discussion papers and study guides to encourage participation in WILPF political and social programs. Membership brochures and branch education packets, which were distributed to branches throughout the country, contained sample press releases, WILPF position statements and meeting agendas, enabling local branches to plug into national campaigns through community outreach. Brochures, such as "Principles and Policies" and "About WILPF," dating from the 1950s, provide valuable insight on the history, philosophies and organizing principles of the League.
The Legislative Office, located in Washington, DC, published a variety of materials and advisories, including Legislative Bulletin and Legislative Alert. These memos served to introduce members to national legislative activity, raise awareness of WILPF-sponsored initiatives and to provide governmental points of contact at the national and local levels.
This series also contains files created in conjunction with national conferences, board meetings and internationally sponsored programs, including the United Nations Seminar on Soviet-American Women and International Women's Year.
The series is divided into 4 subseries: Subseries A. Executive Board Office Files, Subseries B. Conferences and Programs, Subseries C. Legislative Office, Subseries D. Jane Addams Association.

Subseries A. Executive Board Office Files, 1930-2002

Physical Description: 21 folders

Scope and Content Note

This subseries contains the organization's constitution and by-laws, minutes and resolutions from national board meetings and membership directories. In addition, the series contains position statements, pamphlets, brochures and educational materials that would be distributed to the branches as well as for fundraising and membership drives. Of note in Folder 5/5 is a circular sent to members during the Herbert Hoover presidency proposing drastic reductions in naval warships.
Box-folder 5/1-1/5

Administrative files, 1963-2000

Box-folder 5/1

Constitution, by-laws, annual reports, 1965-2000

Box-folder 5/2

National Board meeting minutes and reports, 1973, 1974-1976, 1982

Box-folder 5/3

Essays and writings, 1963, 1970, 1975-1976, 1981, 1989, n.d.

Box-folder 5/4

Directories, 1977-1984

Box-folder 5/5

Circular letters, 1958-1998, n.d.

Box-folder 5/6-5/7

National policies and resolutions, 1930-1980

Box-folder 5/6

"Principles and Policies," 1930-1973

Box-folder 5/7

Position papers and resolutions, 1937, 1960, 1962-1963, 1972-1974, 1976-1977, 1979, 1987

Box-folder 5/8-5/9

Branch outreach and education, 1963-1976

Box-folder 5/8

Leadership manuals, 1970-1972, 1976

Box-folder 5/9

Study guides, 1961, 1963, 1973, 1976, n.d.

Box-folder 5/10-6/2

Literature and publications, 1930-2002

Box-folder 5/10

Reports and reprints, ca. 1930-1981, n.d.

Box-folder 5/11

Special publications, 1985-1999, n.d.

Box-folder 5/12

Histories and fact sheets, 1960-1985, n.d.

Box-folder 5/13

General and membership brochures, 1954-1981, n.d.

Box-folder 5/14

Brochures, WILPF International, 1959-1984, n.d.

Box-folder 6/1

Leaflets and flyers, ca. 1929-2002

Box-folder 6/2

Other organizations, 1962-1975, n.d.


Subseries B. Conferences and Programs, 1960-1983

Physical Description: 15 folders

Scope and Content Note

This subseries includes correspondence, notes, event programs and flyers created in connection with national conferences and board meetings. The subseries also includes the records of national and international congresses and seminars sponsored by WILPF International members. The Program and Action Committee organized national and international initiatives, such as Stop the Arms Race (STAR) and International Women's Year, which are also represented in this section. Folder 6/3 contains a few issues of the Program and Action Letter. The memos were included in the national newsletter, Peace and Freedom, which members received through membership dues. These materials in particular amplify the issues and activities most pertinent to the local organization. The Program and Action Letter directed members to particular events, programs and demonstrations and provided lists of local contacts, organizing hints and related activist organizations and activities. A small folder containing educational materials, newsletters and conference programs from the Jane Addams Peace Association can be found at the end of this subseries.
Box-folder 6/3

Program and Action Letter, 1971, 1973, 1975-1977, 1982

Box-folder 6/4

Jane Addams Centennial, 1960

Box-folder 6/5

15th International Congress at Asilomar, California, 1962

Box-folder 6/6

UN Seminar on Disarmament, International Women's Year, 1975

Box-folder 6/7

US Section Biennial Meeting and Conference, Santa Cruz, California, 1979

Box-folder 6/8

21st International Triennial Congress, Quinnipiac College, Hamden, Connecticut, 1980

Box-folder 6/9

US-Soviet Women's Seminar, Moscow, 1980; Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, 1981

Box-folder 6/10

US Section Biennial Meeting and Conference, Ypsilanti, Michigan, 1981

Box-folder 6/11

Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT), 1978-1979; Stop the Arms Race (STAR), 1982-1983

Box-folder 6/12

Women's Encampment for Peace and Justice, Seneca Army Depot, 1983

Box-folder 6/13

22nd International Congress, Gothenburg, Sweden, 1983; International Peace Update, published at the 26th International Congress, Helsinki, Finland, 1995

Box-folder 7/1

National Conference Programs, 1966, 1968, 1978, 1983

Box-folder 7/2

16th International Congress Program, The Hague, 1966; 18th International Congress Program, New Delhi, 1971

Box-folder 7/3

International Women's Day, Brussels, 1983

Box-folder 7/4

Jane Addams Peace Association (JAPA), n.d.


Subseries C. Legislative Office, 1964-1985

Physical Description: 4 folders

Scope and Content Note

The Legislative Office kept members informed on key legislative issues through its memos, bulletins and alerts, which also publicize WILPF views and programs to elected officials and the general public. The Washington Newsletter, published in the 1960s, and Action Bulletin summarized bills and resolutions considered in Congress, analyzed issues and campaigns and tracked voting records of legislators. Through action alerts, the office helped members generate support with local political representatives through suggested letter-writing campaigns and other resources.
This subseries contains a few issues of the Washington Newsletter, the Legislative Bulletin from the 1970s, Legislative Alerts, memos, and various reports, including the testimony of Marjorie Boehm, president of the US Section, before the House Budget Committee, February 27, 1978.
Box-folder 7/5

Washington Newsletter, 1964-1968; Action Bulletin, January - August, 1968

Box-folder 7/6

Legislative Bulletin, 1971-1982

Box-folder 7/7

Legislative Report, 1973-1979; Legislative Alert, 1977-1985, n.d.

Box-folder 7/8

Assorted memos, statements and correspondence, 1964-1985


Series 3. Western Region, 1963-1993

Physical Description: 1 letter box (14 folders)

Scope and Content Note

This series includes materials generated by the WILPF Western Region, the Southern California State Branch, which included local branches throughout Southern California, and various records from the Washington State and Oregon branches.
The Southern California Regional Council correspondence is mainly of council presidents Sylvia Saiger (1968-1971) and Florence Stevens (1971-1974). Other branch materials consist of flyers, newsletters, clippings and reports submitted by member branches from Northern and Southern California.
Box-folder 8/1

Administrative files, 1974-1975, 1993, n.d.

Box-folder 8/2-8/5

Western Region Conferences, 1980-1986

Box-folder 8/2

San Diego, California, 1980

Box-folder 8/3

Denver, Colorado, 1982

Box-folder 8/4

Western Region Biennial, Madison, Wisconsin, 1984

Box-folder 8/5

Culver City, California, 1986

Box-folder 8/6

Newsletters, 1976-1984

Box-folder 8/7-8/15

Southern California Regional Council, 1963-1983

Box-folder 8/7

By-laws and resolutions, 1963-1973

Box-folder 8/8-8/11

Minutes, 1963-1975

Box-folder 8/8


Box-folder 8/9


Box-folder 8/10


Box-folder 8/11


Box-folder 8/12-8/14

Correspondence, 1964-1974

Box-folder 8/12

General, 1964-1967

Box-folder 8/13

Office of the President (Sylvia Saiger), 1968-1971

Box-folder 8/14

Office of the President (Florence Stevens), 1971-1974

Box-folder 8/15

Assorted branch materials, 1962-1983, n.d.


Series 4. Photographs and Memorabilia, 1960s-1992

Physical Description: 1 legal half box (7 folders)

Scope and Content Note

This series includes photographs, clippings, commendations and awards, which were originally housed in scrapbooks. Each album page has been photocopied and numbered; the corresponding photographs and awards themselves can be found in separate envelopes. Many of the photographs appear to have been taken at Los Angeles Chapter meetings, Los Angeles-area demonstrations and other events. Where applicable, the photocopies have been labeled. The series also contains two audiotapes; a radio interview on the KOST program, "Metrospect," hosted by Roy Elwell, with L.A. Branch president Sarah Shuldiner and National Vice President, Western Region, Vivien Myerson; and a speech given by Oakland congressman, 9th district, Ronald V. Dellums (b.1935). Shuldiner was president of the Los Angeles branch from 1977 to 1978. Dellums' speech appears to have taken place in the late 1970s. Two autograph books in this series contain the following quotation: "May Peace Prevail on Earth. May peace be in the United States of America. May the United States of America's missions be accomplished." All the entries are signed in Japanese.
Box-folder 9/1

"Miriam Goldsmith Album", 1972-1992

Box-folder 9/2

"Jane Addams Album," n.d.

Box-folder 9/3

Gulf War Demonstration, n.d.

Box-folder 9/4

Jane Addams photographs, n.d.

Box-folder 9/5

Commendations, 1980, 1985, 1990

Box-folder 9/6

Audiotaped radio interview with Sarah Shuldiner and Vivien Myerson, ca. 1977

Box-folder 9/7

Audiotaped speech, congressman Ronald V. Dellums, ca. 1976