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Finding Aid for the Documents concerning the Investigation Dispute between Bishop Bernardino de Cardenas and the Jesuits of Paraguay, 1664-1665
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1r Cover page for the transcript of meetings held between the Jesuits of Paraguay and the Bishop of the province, Don Frai Bernardino de Cardenas. n.d.


1r-2v Copy of the briefing provided by the Crown for Don Fernando Ysabedra de Paz in 1661, in the preparation of his reports as oidor of Buenos Aires. 1664/10/23


3r-4v Copy of the instructions sent in 1661 from Madrid to Don Fernando Ysabedra de Paz, includes list of questions to be asked to primary witnesses. 1664/10/23


5r Auto issued to Don Pablo de Roxas y Luna orders him to refer back to the original instructions given to Fernando Ysabedra de Paz in 1661. 1664/10/23


5r-7r Testimony of General Diego de Vega y Frias, alleges to have been absent at the time of the disturbances. Taken in Santa Fe de la Veracruz. 1664/10/25


7r-11r Testimony of Manuel Cabral de Alpoín, colonel (maestre de campo) in San Juan de Vera, discloses information on Jesuits' extensive ranches. 1664/12/16


11v-14r Testimony of Captain Pedro Gomez de Aguilar, "correxidor y theniente de governador y capitan a guerra" only knows rumors through hearsay. 1664/12/18


15r-15v Estimated census of the number of Indians found in the provinces under the jurisdiction of the Jesuits of Buenos Aires, total of 2600 families. n.d.


16r-16v Don Pedro de Rojas informs Doctor Adrian Cornejo, governor of the bishopric of Buenos Aires, of his obligation to respond to his "exortatorio." 1665/01/22


16r-20v Doctor Adrian Cornejo submits a written declaration, explaining his actions and involvement in the dispute between the Jesuits and Cardenas. 1665/01/23


21r-36r Testimony of Lazaro de Ortega Vallejo (Ballejo), encomendero and mestre de campo, taken in the city of Asumpcion in the province of Paraguay. 1665/02/18


36r-43r Testimony of Captain Antonio Correadera, thirty-seven year old vecino of Asumpcion affirms having been present during most of the disturbances. 1665/02/23


43r-49v Testimony of Captain Diego de Yedros, thirty-two years old, names the owners whose houses were burned and/or sacked when he was only 16. 1665/03/02


49v-52r Testimony of Captain Francisco Pesoa de Figueroa, native of Chile, allegedly visited the Jesuit "reducciones" nineteen years before this statement. 1665/03/03


52r-56v Testimony of Alonso Fernandez Ruano's, public notary and alferez, native of Extremadura, eyewitness of Jesuit disputes while living in Asumpcion. 1665/03/04


57v-60r The archdeacon (arcediano) of Asumpcion, Licenciado Don Pedro de Mendoza, responds to exhortation with description of disturbances in 1644. 1665/03/04


61r-66r Testimony of Captain Francisco Sanchez de Cabrera, witness to the death of many Indians in their forced relocation from Guayra to Parana. 1665/03/04


66r-75r Testimony of General Christobal de Balbuena, alcalde provincial of Asumpcion, testifies in relation to the house burnings in the San Roque barrio. 1665/03/09


76r-86r Testimony of Rodrigo de Rojas Aranda, colonel (maestre de campo), describes the military actions taken by Sebastian de Leon in great detail. 1665/03/23


86r-88r Testimony of Lucas Melgarejo, encomienda holder of Villa Rica and grandson of one of Paraguay's conquistadores, Ruy Diaz de Melgarejo. 1665/03/26


88r-90r Testimony of Don Fernando Corrilla del Valle, maestre de campo, provides a list of the prominent individuals present at Ytapua, in the Parana. 1665/03/27


90r-93v Testimony of General Pedro Gamarra y Mendoza, discusses the behavior of the indigenous people of Guayra after the arrival of the portuguese. 1665/03/29


93r-100r Testimony of Antonio Roberto Coronel, sargento mayor, provides key information on the activities of a "portuguese spaniard" Domingo Fartto. 1665/04/13


100r-104r Testimony of Captain Garcia Moreno, recounts encounter with portuguese vagabond, "Carlos el desdichado," who found gold in the Piquiri river. 1665/04/25


104r-106r Testimony of Captain Juan Delgado, relates that he had already been previously interrogated by Don Andres Garavito de Leon own investigation. 1665/04/25


106r-107r Testimony of Joseph Cervin, maestre de campo, who explains his role in taking bishop Cardenas under his custody from Asumpcion to Santa Fe. 1665/05/16


107r-111r Testimony of Don Pedro de Valdivia (Baldibia) Chriçuela, captain and alcalde ordinario of Asumpcion, describes the nature of the Jesuits' dispute. 1665/05/27


111r-115r Testimony of Captain Melchor Marecos Pollito (?), relates the origins of the disagreement between bishop Cardenas and governor Hinestrosa. 1665/06/02


115r-117v Declaration provided by the maestre de campo Sebastian de Leon, made in reference to a letter taken from the Asumpcion cabildo archives. 1665/07/03


117v-127v Testimony of Francisco de Aranda Rojas Castellano del Castillo de Tapua, attests that many houses were burned in Asumpcion during the dispute. 1665/07/17


128r-128v Testimony of Francisco Sanchez de Vera, presents his view of the proceedings as legitimate brother of the Licenciado Cristobal Sanchez de Vera. 1665/08/16


128v-130r Testimony of Captain Juan Delgado, explains his encounter with Spanish soldiers and Fabio de Moya, who led him back to Delgado's "chacra". 1665/08/16