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Guide to the Arlene Dorn Papers

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Descriptive Summary

Title: Arlene Dorn Papers
Dates: 1970-2000
Bulk Dates: (bulk 1978-1985)
Collection number: MS 192
Creator: Dorn, Arlene
Collection Size: 7 half cartons
Repository: University of California, Santa Cruz. University Library. Special Collections and Archives
Santa Cruz, California 95064
Abstract: This collection contains materials relating to Arlene Dorn's work with migrant students, teachers and education officials in helping to develop the Binational Education Program. Dorn played a key role in developing a standardized student progress form that is recognized as an official transfer document by schools in both the U.S. and Mexico.
Physical location: Stored offsite at NRLF: Advance notice is required for access to the papers.
Languages: Languages represented in the collection: English Spanish


Collection open for research.

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Acquisition Information

Gift of Arlene Dorn.


When Arlene Dorn-Trowbridge transferred to UCSC from Cabrillo College in 1966, she was in her early 40's, which makes her one of UCSC's most senior alumni. She went on to teach in Watsonville's public schools, where many of her students were from migrant farm worker families. She noticed that each year several students left for Mexico in November, not returning until the following spring. "They were at a great disadvantage," she says, "because they arrived in Mexico too late to enroll in schools there."
Working with education officials, teachers, and parents on both sides of the border, Dorn soon occupied a key role in developing a standardized student progress form that is recognized as an official transfer document by schools in the U.S. and Mexico. In 1975, concerned with the impact on her students that the annual moves between Mexico and California were having during the school year, she initiated a needs study of the parents of international migrant children. She then took a sabbatical leave the following year to pursue her Masters degree in Intercultural Education in Mexico, where she met Señora Irene Anzaldúa, principal of the American School in Mexico City. Anzaldúa put her in touch with officals in the centalized educational system of Mexico. Together, they brought to the California State Migrant Education Department a commitment made by the Mexican Ministry of Education to aid international migrant children jointly with California schools.
This commitment became the basis for the Gómez-Farías Project, a pilot project (designed for replication) that Dorn originated, developed, organized, and promoted. The project was funded for a two-year initial period (fiscal years 1978-79 and 1979-80) by the Department of Education. A process to communicate academic data for the students was jointly developed by the Sectaría de Educación Pública (SEP) of Mexico, and California. Irene Anzaldúa became the coordinator in Mexico, working directly with Dorn.
In January 1980, Dorn solicited aid from various private foundations. The David and Lucille Packard Foundation in Los Altos, California offered a grant toward phase two of the project, now to be referred to as Project MEDIR [Spanish = to measure], for Migrant Education Data International Record. Identification of migrant children took place through the use of a Migrant Student Record Transfer System (MSRTS) among other agencies. In November, 1980, Dorn became full-time coordinator for the remainder of the school year, and the project was placed within the non-profit organization California Mini-Corps, part of the State Department of Migrant Education (in the County Office of Education in Butte County). This office was approved by the State Department of Education to be the fiscal agent for the M.E.D.I.R. project in January, 1981. The Packard Foundation again funded the second year. Districts in which Project MEDIR was implemented were Lodi (San Joaquin County), Planada (Merced County), Cutler-Orosi (Tulare County), Delano (Kern County), Greenfield (Monterey County), Gonzales (Monterey County), Cabrillo (San Mateo County), and Desert Sands (Riverside County). Sites were selected because groups of students were returning annually to the same village. During this time Dorn succeeded in changing the fall-only enrollment policy of Mexican schools, greatly enhancing the possibility of success for the program.
In 1997 Arlene Dorn-Trowbridge was honored by the Mexican government for her work. She lives in Santa Cruz and continues to be active in the community.

Scope and Content of Collection

The collection contains correspondence, much of it in Spanish, between and among Dorn and other educators, administrators, and politicians involved in the effort to standardize information about binational migrant students. Also included are office files documenting some of the day to day activities, survey forms of school districts, newspaper clippings covering Dorn's activities, and some related writings and publications.


The original order has been maintained where ever possible. Please note that some correspondence remains with the project files. Both the correspondence files and project files have been sorted chronologically.

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Children of migrant laborers--Education--Mexico
Education--California--Pajaro River Valley--International Cooperation
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Mexican Americans--Education--United States

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California--Migrant Education Office

Box:Folder 1:1-2:9

Correspondence, 1976-2000

Physical Description: 21 folders

Series Scope and Content Summary

Contains correspondence both by and to Arlene Dorn, as well as third party letters concerning her efforts to establish a standardized student progress form as an official transfer document for use by schools in the U.S. and Mexico. Note: There is still correspondence filed in the other series when that correspondence was included in the original office files. Some duplication may still exist.
Box:Folder 1:1


Box:Folder 1:2

"Addresses Project" n.d.

Box:Folder 1:3


Box:Folder 1:4


Box:Folder 1:5


Box:Folder 1:6

Jan-Jun 1980

Box:Folder 1:7

Jul-Dec 1980

Box:Folder 1:8

Jan 1981

Box:Folder 1:9

Feb-Mar 1981

Box:Folder 1:10

Apr-Jun 1981

Box:Folder 1:11

Jul-Sep 1981

Box:Folder 1:12

Oct-Dec 1981

Box:Folder 2:1

Jan-Jun 1982

Box:Folder 2:2

Jul-Dec 1982

Box:Folder 2:3


Box:Folder 2:4


Box:Folder 2:5


Box:Folder 2:6


Box:Folder 2:7


Box:Folder 2:8


Box:Folder 2:9

Incomplete Letters n.d.

Box:Folder 2:10

Other Writings: Published ca. 1995

Box:Folder 2:11-13, 3:1-4

Gómez-Farías - Pájaro Valley Project, 1975-1980

Physical Description: 7 folders

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains material related to the first phase of Dorn's work, a pilot program in educational cooperation focused on the students from the village of Gómez-Farías, Michoacán, Mexico, who also each year attended the Pájaro Valley Unified School District in California.
Box:Folder 2:11

Reports and Evaluations 1975-1980

Box:Folder 2:12-13, 3:3

Project Files 1976-1979

Box:Folder 2:12


Box:Folder 2:13


Box:Folder 3:3


Box:Folder 3:1

"People Lists" ca. 1977-1978

Box:Folder 3:2

Project Brochures ca. 1978

Box:Folder 3:4

Report by P. Bess Kendall 1979

Box:Folder 3:5-15, 4:1-36

Project MEDIR, 1975-1985

Physical Description: 46 folders

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains material related to the second phase of Dorn's work indentifying migrant students and constructing an international transfer system for their educational information, over which she was the full-time coordinator.
Box:Folder 3:5

Reports and Evaluations 1975-1981

Box:Folder 3:6

Annual Operational Summary, Migrant Family Housing Centers Feb 1978

Box:Folder 3:7

Process Model/Modelo de Proceso Jul 1979

Box:Folder 3:8

"Persons Interested and/or involved with Project" n.d.

Box:Folder 3:9-10,12,15

Project Files 1978-1981

Box:Folder 3:9


Box:Folder 3:10


Box:Folder 3:12


Box:Folder 3:15


Box:Folder 3:11

Project Coordinator job descriptions - Arlene Dorn [ca. 1980]

Box:Folder 3:13

UNESCO Report and Recommendations 1981

Box:Folder 3:14

Fiscal Agent (California Mini-Corps); Project MEDIR Cover Letter 1981

Box:Folder 4:1-33

Survey Forms 1981

Box:Folder 4:1

Butte County 1981

Box:Folder 4:2

Colusa County 1981

Box:Folder 4:3

Contra Costa 1981

Box:Folder 4:4

Fresno County 1981

Box:Folder 4:5

Glenn County 1981

Box:Folder 4:6

Imperial County 1981

Box:Folder 4:7

Kern County 1981

Box:Folder 4:8

Kings County 1981

Box:Folder 4:9

Lake County 1981

Box:Folder 4:10

Madera County 1981

Box:Folder 4:11

Mendocino County 1981

Box:Folder 4:12

Merced County 1981

Box:Folder 4:13

Modoc County 1981

Box:Folder 4:14

Monterey County 1981

Box:Folder 4:15

Napa County 1981

Box:Folder 4:16

Orange County 1981

Box:Folder 4:17

Riverside County 1981

Box:Folder 4:18

San Benito County 1981

Box:Folder 4:19

San Diego County 1981

Box:Folder 4:20

San Joaquin County 1981

Box:Folder 4:21

San Luis Obispo County 1981

Box:Folder 4:22

San Mateo County 1981

Box:Folder 4:23

Santa Barbara County 1981

Box:Folder 4:24

Santa Clara County 1981

Box:Folder 4:25

Solano County 1981

Box:Folder 4:26

Sonoma County 1981

Box:Folder 4:27

Stanilaus County 1981

Box:Folder 4:28

Sutter County 1981

Box:Folder 4:29

Tehama County 1981

Box:Folder 4:30

Tulare County 1981

Box:Folder 4:31

Ventura County 1981

Box:Folder 4:32

Yolo County 1981

Box:Folder 4:33

Yuba County 1981

Box:Folder 4:34

Project Files 1982-1985

Box:Folder 4:35

La Cooperativa 1984-1985

Box:Folder 4:36

Miscellany n.d.

Box:Folder 5:1-8

Migrant Student Record Transfer System (MSRTS) 1979-1992

Box:Folder 5:1

Handbook and Related Documents 1979 1989 1991-1992

Box:Folder 5:2

Pájaro Valley Slide Presentation Script n.d.

Box:Folder 5:3

Labor Tally, ISEMS Tally, MEDIR Survey Tally n.d.

Box:Folder 5:4

Student List by Region n.d.

Box:Folder 5:5

Tracking Data n.d.

Box:Folder 5:6-8

Inter/Intra-state Student Enrollment Monitoring System (ISEMS) Depository Records Feb 12, 1977

Box:Folder 5:6

A-I Feb 12, 1977

Box:Folder 5:7

J-LL Feb 12, 1977

Box:Folder 5:8

M-Y Feb 12, 1977

Box:Folder 5:9-6:3

Project Proposals 1977-1989

Box:Folder 5:9

MEDIR 1977-1981

Box:Folder 6:1

Curriculum Center (Binder Contents), 1977-1983

Box:Folder 6:2

Prospectus for an International Migrant Family Mobile Learning Center, Feb 1979

Box:Folder 6:3

Rotary Project (Did not materialize because of timing and the Loma Prieta earthquake) 1981-1989

Box:Folder 6:4-6

Financial Files 1980-1988

Box:Folder 6:4

Rotary Request 1981-1988

Box:Folder 6:5

Foundation Funding Requests 1980-1984

Box:Folder 6:6

Includes Needs Statements 1980-1985

Box:Folder 6:7-10, 7:1-3

Trips and Conferences 1976-1997

Box:Folder 6:7

Photo Print-outs from the Albuquerque Convention Center, featuring Arlene Dorn n.d.

Box:Folder 6:8

International Migrant Education Conference at UCSC; UC-MEXUS Proposal 1982

Box:Folder 6:9

Trip Itineraries 1977-1985

Box:Folder 6:10

Maps n.d.

Box:Folder 7:1

Various Conferences 1976-1997, n.d.

Box:Folder 7:2

Commission of the Californias 1980-1982

Box:Folder 7:3

Patrick Rooney, Ventura Unified School District Superintendent 1982

Box:Folder 7:4

Fourth Migrant Parent State Conference Evaluations Mar 1983

Box:Folder 7:7-13

Related Writings and Publications, 1968-1981

Physical Description: 13 folders

Series Scope and Content Summary

This series contains various articles either generally or specifically related to Dorn's efforts, as well as education publications and a student thesis from the same era.
Box:Folder 7:5

Clippings 1976-1997 n.d.

Box:Folder 7:6

Pájaro Valley Unified School District press release n.d.

Box:Folder 7:7

California Master Plan for Migrant Education 1976

Box:Folder 7:8

The Migrant Educator, v.4:5; with article "Migrant Education Across the Border - A California-Mexico Breakthrough" May 1978

Box:Folder 7:9

Normas Fundementales, Secretaría de Educación Pública Oct 1978

Box:Folder 7:10

"Covalidación: Del Trabajo Arlene Dorn," para Graciela Orozco, y "Visita de la Señora Arlene Dorn a los Estados de Guanajuato, Michocan [y] Nuevo Leon," para Carlos Rosas Rueda 1981

Box:Folder 7:11

"The International Migrant Child - An Aspect of U.S./Mexico Relations," by Ralph Guzman ca. 1981

Box:Folder 7:12

Migrant Education, Region I Reporter, v.1:1 Jul/Aug 1981

Box:Folder 7:13

Bibliography on Migrant and Migrant Education ca. 1981

Box:Folder 7:14

"The International Migrant Child: An Aspect of U.S./Mexico Relations," by Ralph Guzman, Educational Research Quarterly, v. 6:3, Fall 1981 Fall 1981

Box:Folder 7:15

"The International Mexican Migrant Student - Their Educational Problems and Solutions," a senior thesis by Socorro Mata 1984

Box:Folder 7:16

The Bi-National Migrant Child: A Research Project, Sponsored by the California State Dept. of Education and Migrant Education, Region IX 1986

Box:Folder 7:17

"Keeping Up With Our Nation's Migrant Students: A Report On The Migrant Student Record Transfer System (MSRTS)," National Commission on Migrant Education Sep 1991

Box:Folder 7:18

ERIC/CRESS Bulletin , v.8:2

Box:Folder 7:19

Información Sobre Estudiantes Migrantes Binacionál n.d.

Box:Folder 7:20

UCSC Graduation Programs 1968-1969