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Contributing Institution: University of California, Santa Cruz
Title: John Cage Mycology collection
Creator: Cage, John
source: Cage, John
Identifier/Call Number: MS.074
Physical Description: 15.5 Linear Feet 15 boxes, 1 painting
Date (inclusive): 1873-2003
Date (bulk): 1950-1995
Abstract: This collection includes books, correspondence, journals, newsletters, pamphlets, ephemera and realia related to Cage's interest in the study of mushrooms.
Language of Material: English

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John Cage Mycology Collection. MS 74. Special Collections and Archives, University Library, University of California, Santa Cruz.

Acquisition Information

Gift of John Cage in 1971.


John Cage was an American composer and music theorist, as well as an amateur mycologist. He was born in Los Angeles on the 5th of September, 1912. He attended Pomona College, but dropped out after two years and headed to Europe. In 1930, while still in Paris, Cage became interested in both modern music and modern painting. Soon he left and went to Mallorca, where he began painting and writing music himself. The following year he returned to California, settling in at Pacific Palisades. While writing music for the piano, he met Richard Buhlig, who was the first pianist to play the Opus II of Schoenberg. Though Buhlig was not a teacher of composition, he agreed to help Cage with writing music. From Buhlig he went to Henry Cowell [1933-34] and, at Cowell's suggestion, to Adolph Weiss in preparation for studies with Arnold Schoenberg. In order to work with Schoenberg, he gave up painting and concentrated on music.
After two years Cage became an assistant to the film maker Oskar Fischinger, while doing library research work. He married Xenia Andreyevna Kashevaroff, a student of the bookbinder Hazel Dreis. By 1937 he had found a group of modern dancers who were interested in his music and could put it to use, resulting in his move to Seattle, where he was given a job as a dance accompanist at the Cornish School. Within a couple of years Cage and his wife moved back south to San Francisco, and then in 1941 they moved to Chicago, where he joined the faculty of Moholy Nagy's School of Design in Chicago. While there he was commissioned to write the sound effects music for a CBS Columbia Workshop Play. He was told by the sound effects engineer that anything he could imagine was possible. What he wrote, however, was impractical and too expensive; and the work had to be rewritten for percussion orchestra, copied, and rehearsed in the few remaining days and nights before its broadcast. The play, incidentally, was The City Wears a Slouch Hat by Kenneth Patchen. In 1942 Cage and his wife Xenia moved to New York, where within a couple of years he began working with Merce Cunningham. He and Xenia were divorced in 1945.
In the late 1950's Cage taught occasionally at New York's New School for Social Research. It was during that time that he met Guy Nearing, who was to become his mentor in the study of mushrooms and other wild edible plants. With three other friends they founded the New York Mycological Society. In 1964 Cage was given the North American Mycological Association's Award for Contributions to Amateur Mycology, which is "given annually to recognize a person who has contributed extraordinarily to the advancement of amateur mycology." It was, however, through Cage's enthusiasm for the work of English master gardener Alan Chadwick and his "Student Garden Project" on the new campus of the University of California at Santa Cruz that Special Collections received his "collection of mushroom books and mushroomiana".
John Cage died in New York City on August 12th, 1992.

Scope and Content of Collection

This collection includes a small amount of biographical material, some miscellaneous music programs, incoming correspondence, journals, newsletters, pamphlets, books, artwork, ephemera and realia is all related to mushrooms and mushroom collecting.

Separated material

John Cage's personal mycology reference library has been cataloged separately. It is available through the library's online catalog.
The "Mushroom Ear Phones - "Para Oir El Bosque" from Adolf Schosser, Galeria de Arte Buades, Claudio Coello 43 Madrid" have been de-accessioned due to mold growth. Photocopies of the "Mushroom Ear Phones" are available in Box 9:16

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Subjects and Indexing Terms

Chadwick, Alan, 1909-1980
Graves, Morris, 1910-2001
Nearing, G. G. (George Guy), 1890-1986
Cage, John

box-folder 1:1-2, 10-16; 10:5, 9; 12; 13-15

Biographical material 1951-2003

Scope and Contents

This series contains a few personal items belonging to Cage, incoming correspondence and information about the mycological societies such as the New York Mycological Society and Cage's ongoing interest in macrobiotics.
box-folder 1:1

Membership cards 1963-1990

box-folder 1:2

Award: People to People Program Sub-Committee on Fungi 1964

box-folder 1:10

"Remembering John Cage at Wesleyan", v.75:3 Winter 1993, Wesleyan 1993

box-folder 1:11

"Overpopulation and Art" & "Overpopulation and Art II" by John Cage 1991-1992

box-folder 1:12

Toadstools at Home, 1907 edition Somerville Hastings F.R.C.S. of British Fungai - with additional annotated pages added by Cage, 1960-1979

box-folder 1:13

Field book - "Last week of April 1958 - May 2 - 27, 1959" - [accordian book - small, 3.5 x 4.75", green covers], 1958-1959

box-folder 1:14

"Exhibit of books from the Library of Dr. Marcus Crahan shown at the UCLA Biomedical Library from January 4 to March 5, 1971" [3 1/8 x 8 3/8", accordian book with Japanese paper sleeve decorated with mushroom], 1971

box-folder 1:15

Prospectus for Another Song by Susan Barron, John Cage, 1981

box-folder 1:16

2 Pencil drawings by Lois Long - possibly for The Mud Book , ca. 1970-1981

box-folder 10:5

International Star Registry - Star no. Lynx Ra 8h 56m Osd 33 °51' - to John Cage from Lou Harrison April 22, 1983

box-folder 10:9

Note card & folio cover samples - Artwork by John Cage [probably done for Mushroom Book, Lois Long & John Cage] 1972

box-folder 12

John Cage's card index for his reference mycology book collection. Books have been cataloged separately and are available via the Library Catalog. 1971

box-folder 13

Articles about John Cage & Merce Cunningham, 1960-2002

Box 14-15

Music Programs 1951-2003

box-folder 14:1-9


box-folder 15:1-5

1990-2003, undated

box-folder 1:3-9; 10:2

Correspondence n.d. 1956-1992

Physical Description: 9 folders, 1 painting, 1 photographic collage

Scope and Contents

This series contains correspondence to John Cage. One letter is a framed tempera painting and one is an oversized photographic collage celebrating Cage's 75th birthday.
frame ms0074_ptg_001

"Letter to John Cage, Oct. 19 [1956] ", text reads "Oct. 19, Dear John, Yum, Yum! Morris [Graves] - Tempera painting on paper, 36" x 20.5" in original frame ms0074_ptg_001 Oct. 19, [1956]

box-folder 1:3


box-folder 1:4


box-folder 1:5

Correspondence/drawing by Morris Graves to J. Cage [Cantnerellas Aurantiacus" at the "Lake' Eureka] November 20, 1965

box-folder 1:6


box-folder 1:7


box-folder 1:8

1990 1992

box-folder 1:9


box-folder 10:2

"Happy 75th Birthday John and Thanks for your help. David & JoAnn W." - [Oversize photographic collage of John Cage cooking & eating mushrooms with David and JoAnn W.] [1987]

box-folder 2:1-13; 3:1-7; 6:1-4; 10:7

Activities 1960-1992

Physical Description: 19 folders

Scope and Contents

This subseries includes information on some the mycological societies that Cage started or was actively involved with during his lifetime as well as information on macrobiotics.
box-folder 2:1-10

New York Mycological Society (NYMS) 1960-1990

box-folder 2:1

Correspondence 1964-1965

box-folder 2:2

Membership lists 1960-1965

box-folder 2:3

Financial reports 1962-1966 1989

box-folder 2:4

Meeting notes ca. 1964-1992

box-folder 2:5

Mushroom guides prepared by Guy Nearing ca. 1960-1990

box-folder 2:6

Lecture program schedules ca. 1962-1992

box-folder 2:7

Lectures n.d. 1959-1980

box-folder 2:7

"The Boleti" - Ester A. Dick 1962

box-folder 2:7

"The Genus Clitocybe in Northeastern North America" - Howard E. Bigelow 1962

box-folder 2:7

"Consolidated Check List of Fungi Identified in Forays in Seasons of 1970-1971" - Emil Lang 1970-1971

box-folder 2:7

"Consolidated Check List of Fungi Identified in Forays in Seasons of 1970-1973", 4th annual edition - Emil Lang 1970-1973

box-folder 2:7

"How Mushrooms Get Their Names and Why" - Emil Lang 1972

box-folder 2:7

"The Role of the Amateur in Mycology" - Emil Lang 1973

box-folder 2:7

"A Consumers Guide to Edible Mushrooms & How to Make Them More Edible" - Emil Lang 1974

box-folder 2:7

"The Role of the Great Amateurs in Mycology" - Emil Lang 1978

box-folder 2:7

"Gastermycetes" April 26, 1965

box-folder 2:7

"The Control of Sex in the Higher Fungi" ca. 1960-1980

box-folder 2:7

"Hypomyces" Clark T. Rogerson January 1962

box-folder 2:7

"The Relationships of the Agaricales to Other Basidiomycetes" Alexander H. Smith ca. 1960-1980

box-folder 2:7

"Bolentinae of the Northeast" 1959

box-folder 2:7

"Partial List of Fungi Collected during the Field Forays at the 3rd convention of the Fungi committee of People-to-People" 1963

box-folder 2:7

"Common Fleshy Fungi of Wisconsin" n.d.

box-folder 2:7

"Fungi" n.d.

box-folder 2:7

"Useful Methods for the Study of Fungi" n.d.

box-folder 2:7

"Fungi Check List" n.d.

box-folder 2:8

Events flyers ca. 1960-1993

box-folder 2:9

Walk calendars ca. 1960-1993

box-folder 2:10

Notebook pages [Cage's notes?] ca. 1960-1994

box-folder 10:7

Hymn to Mycology by Mr. W. Multer and set to music by Mr. H. Aitken; Dedicated to New York Mycological Society - 3 copies 1987

box-folder 6:1-4

New York Mycological Society (NYMS) Newsletter ca. 1980-1992

box-folder 6:1

Vol.4:4 (Sept-Dec 1980); v.5:1-4 (1981); v.6:1-4 (Winter 1981-Fall 1982) 1980-1982

box-folder 6:2

Vol.7:1-3 (Winter 1982- Fall 1983); v.8:1-2 (Winter 1984 - Spring-Summer 1984); v.9:1-4 (Winter 1985-Autumn 1985) 1982-1985

box-folder 6:3

Vol.10:1-2 (Winter - Spring 1986); [v.11 (1987)]; [v.13:1-3 (1988)] 1986-1988

box-folder 6:4

Vol.14:1-4 (Jan-Nov 1989); [v.15] (Feb-Sept 1990); [v.16] (Feb-Nov 1991); [v.17] (Jan. 1992) 1989-1992

box-folder 3:4-5

North American Mycological Association (NAMA) 1974-1991

box-folder 3:4

Awards 1974-1989

box-folder 3:5

Directories 1977 1984-1989 1991

box-folder 3:6-7

Mycological Society of America (MSA) 1965-1982

box-folder 3:6

Notices 1965-1982

box-folder 3:7

Directories 1974 1976-1978 1981

box-folder 2:11-13; 3:1-2

Macobiotics 1977-1992

box-folder 2:11

Newsletters (various) 1979-1989

box-folder 2:11

Healthways, v.3:3 1989

box-folder 2:11

Macroscope, v.1:4; 2:3 Oct. 1979 Spring 1989

box-folder 2:11

Michio Kushi Institute of London Journal, no.2 Feb. 1982

box-folder 2:12

Life and Death by George Ohsawa 1977

box-folder 2:13

Serials 1981-1991

box-folder 2:13

Order of the Universe Review: Oriental Astrology in Life, Love, Health and Human Destiny by Michio Kushi 1981

box-folder 2:13

Changes, v.2:2; 3:2 March/April 1987 Summer/Fall 1988

box-folder 2:13

Macrobiotics Today , v.30:4; 31:4 July/August 1990 July/August 1991

box-folder 3:1

Macrobiotic Center of New York - flyers, brochures ca. 1978-1990

box-folder 3:2

Misc. flyers, brochures ca. 1975-1990

box 2-5; 8; 10

Printed Materials 1873-1994 n.d.

Physical Description: 100 folders

Scope and Contents

This series contains collected articles, serials, reprints about mushrooms. Also included is some material about Cage and his musical activities
box-folder 2:10; 3:1-21; 4:1-31

Articles 1873-1994

Physical Description: 53 folders

Scope and Contents

This subseries contains articles collected by and given to Cage about mushrooms, mushroom hunting, identification, etc.
box-folder 2:10

"A Little About Tomio Kikuchi's Life" n.d.

box-folder 3:11

"The Magic Mushroom", Austin Hatton n.d.

box-folder 3:12

"Vermont's Native Mushrooms", George S. Coffin, Vermont Life n.d.

box-folder 3:13

"The Growth of Mushrooms", John T. Bonner n.d.

box-folder 3:14

"John Cage: Uma dieta ecologica", Tania Nomura, Texturas 4 n.d.

box-folder 3:15

"Mushrooms" n.d.

box-folder 3:16

"Curiosities of Plant Life, Pt.II - The Funny Fungus Family" n.d.

box-folder 3:17

"Seeking the Magic Mushroom", R. Gordon Wasson n.d.

box-folder 3:18

"A Hereford Fungus Feast", Nov.1, 1873 and "The Fungus Festival Hereford", Saturday Review Nov.15, 1873

box-folder 3:19

"Common Mushrooms of the United States", Louis C.C. Krieger, National Geographic, v.37:5 May 1920

box-folder 3:20

"How to Avoid Mycophobia", Robert Graves, Nature & Mankind ca. 1957

box-folder 3:21

"I ate the Sacred Mushrooms", Valentina P. Wasson, New York Times; This Week Magazine May 19,1957

box-folder 4:1

"The Magic Seven", Margaret McKinney, Gourmet April 1958

box-folder 4:2

"Internal Fungal Parasites of Insects", M.F. Madelin, Endeavor, v.19:7 October 1960

box-folder 4:3

"Fungi, Friends or Foe", Willis Peterson, Arizona Highways October 1960

box-folder 4:4

"Hunting the Wild Mushroom", James Cerruti ca. 1960-1969

box-folder 4:5

"Some Plentiful Wild Mushrooms", Guy Nearing, The Garden Journal , v.11:3 May-June 1961

box-folder 4:6

"Basifiomycetes Ahoy!", Jane Whitbread, New York Times Magazine November 18, 1962

box-folder 4:7

"The Mushroom Hunt", Richard A. Aylward, Maryknoll October 1964

box-folder 4:8

"Mycophiles", The New Yorker January 9, 1965

box-folder 4:9

"A Poetry of a Mushroom Summer", Soviet Life August 1965

box-folder 4:10

"Bizarre World of the Fungi", Paul A Zahl, National Geographic , v.128:4 October 1965

box-folder 4:11

"John Cage" A Second Time, Good Food", Ninette Lyon, Vogue October 1, 1965

box-folder 4:12

"A Preliminary Study of the Mazatec Mushroom Ceremony", Willard Rhodes, Inter-American Music Bulletin, no.50 November 1965

box-folder 4:13

"Bold Hunters Dine on a Wild Prize, the Mushroom", Nan Ickeringill, New York Times December 15,1965

box-folder 4:14

"In Search of Cantharellus cibarius & company", Sports Illustrated October 16, 1967

box-folder 4:15

"Edible Mushrooms", Bill Vietti, O.D., Fish and Game, March-April n.d.

box-folder 4:16

"The Wonderful Secret of Reading, PA", Silas Spitzer, Travel & Leisure n.d.

box-folder 4:17

"Champignons des pres et des bois", "Champignons de couche", Tout Votre Jardin, Encyclopedie pratique permanente , no.44 1970

box-folder 4:18

Rustica, no.39 [2 articles] September 27, 1970

box-folder 4:19

"Mushrooms -To Eat or not to Eat", John F. Morgan-Jones, Ontario Naturalist , v.15:4 October 1975

box-folder 4:20

"John Cage: Je Veux Entendre un Champignon", Misette Godard, Decoration International, no.65 October 1983

box-folder 4:21

"Call of the Wild", Scientific American April 1984

box-folder 4:22

"A Dieta Ecologica de John Cage", Transformacao June 1986

box-folder 4:23

"Mushrooms", The New York Times September 27, 1987

box-folder 4:24

"The Joy of Mushroom-Watching", Kerry T. Givens, Modern Maturity August-September 1987

box-folder 4:25

"With Macrobiotic Cooking, A Balance of Yin and Yang", Trish Hill, The New York Times August 31, 1988

box-folder 4:26

"The Mushroom", The Journal of Wild Culture Winter 1988-1989

box-folder 4:27

"Into the Woods", The New York Times Magazine February 16,1992

box-folder 4:28

"The Roaring Silence: John Cage, a Life", London Review of Books January 7,1993

box-folder 4:29

"Cage by Chance", Mark Swed, The New Yorker October 1993

box-folder 4:30

"Sound of Silence", Michael Walsh, Time November 1,1993

box-folder 4:31

"John Cage; Music for Mushrooms", Jill Johnston, Art in America January 1994

box-folder 4:32-48

Reprints n.d. 1936-1973

Physical Description: 17 folders

Scope and Contents

This series contains reprints collected by or sent to Cage.
box-folder 4:32

"A Note on the ISCC-NBS Centroid Color Charts & ISCC-NBS Centroid Color Charts" n.d.

box-folder 4:33

"Evolution of Domestication", Edgar Anderson, Evolution after Darwin n.d.

box-folder 4:34

"Pěstování Žampiónů" n.d.

box-folder 4:35

"Tentative Keys to the Boletaceae of the United States & Canada", Walter H. Snell, Rhode Island Botanical Club, Publication no.1 1936

box-folder 4:36

"Some Common Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms", H.M. Fitzpatrick, W.W. Ray, Cornell Extension Bulletin 386 June 1946

box-folder 4:37

"Mushroom Collecting for Beginners", J. Walton Groves, Department of Agriculture, Ottawa, Canada , Publication 861 1951

box-folder 4:38

Papers of the Michigan Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters

box-folder 4:38

"New and rare Agarics from the Douglas Lake Region and Tahquamenon Falls State Park, Michigan ...", Alexander H. Smith, v.38 1952

box-folder 4:38

"The Genus Lysurus", Paul M. Rea, v.40 1955

box-folder 4:38

"Evaluation of Specific Characters in the Genus Tulostoma Pers", Jorge E. Wright, v.40 1955

box-folder 4:39

"New Records of Fleshy Fungi in Michigan", Alexander H. Smith, The Asa Gray Bulletin , n.s. v.1:2 April 1952

box-folder 4:40

"Some Common Mushrooms and How to Know Them", Vera K. Charles, U.S. Department of Agriculture, Circular, no. 143 July 1953

box-folder 4:41

"A man as a maker of new plants and new plant communities", Edgar Anderson, Man's Role in Changing the Face of The Earth, Wm. Thomas, University of Chicago 1956

box-folder 4:42

"An Analysis of Variation in a Variable Population of Cladonia", Evolution, v.10:2 June 1956

box-folder 4:43

Engineering Progress at the University of Florida, Technical papers , no.158, 194, 199 1959-1961

box-folder 4:43

"Production of Mushrooms from Sawdust", S.S. Block, no.158 January 1959

box-folder 4:43

"Developments in the production of Mushroom Mycelium ... Culture", S.S. Block, no.194 November 1960

box-folder 4:43

"Experiments in the Cultivation of Pleurotus Ostreatus", S.S. Block, no.199 February 1961

box-folder 4:44

The Michigan Botanist

box-folder 4:44

"The Silca Gel Method for Drying Mushrooms", Florence Hoseney 1963-1964

box-folder 4:44

"Notes on Interesting Mushrooms from the upper Peninsula", Bartelli & Smith 1963-1964

box-folder 4:45

"Some Common Edible and Poisonous Mushrooms of Pennsylvania", Pennsylvania Agricultural Experiment Station, Bulletin 667 April 1964

box-folder 4:46

"Exploring for Mushrooms", Virginia S. Eifert, Illinois State Museum, Story of Illinois series , no. 3 1965

box-folder 4:47

"Factors Affecting Spore Germination of Volvariella volvacea", Shu-timg Chang, Sze-Shuen Chu, Physiologia Plantarum, v.22 1969

box-folder 4:48

Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan 1973

box-folder 4:48

"Mushrooms & Japanese Culture", R. Gordon Wasson, v.11 Ser.3 1973

box-folder 4:48

"Kinpu, Mushroom Books of the Toku-Gawa Period", Rokuya Imazecki, v.11 ser.3 1973

box-folder 5:1-20; 8:1-4; 10:1-6

Serials 1914-1992

Physical Description: 30 folders

Scope and Contents

This subseries contains serial issues and runs collected by Cage.
box-folder 5:1

Transactions of the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters , "Species of Pholiota and Stropharia in the Region of the Great Lakes", "Wisconsin Discomycetes", v.17, pt.2, no.3 1914

box-folder 5:2

United States Department of Agriculture, Bulletin, "Mushrooms and Other Common Fungi", no.175 April 29, 1915

box-folder 5:3

New York State Agricultural Experiment Station, Circular , "How to Know the Mushrooms and Toadstools", F.C. Stewart, no.82 (rev) 1933

box-folder 5:4

Oregon State Monographs; Studies in Botany, "Tuberales of North America", Helen M. Gilkey, no.1 March 1, 1939

box-folder 5:5

New York State Museum, Circular, "New and Noteworthy Species of Fungi - V", John Dearness, no.24 October 1940

box-folder 5:6

Contributions from the University of Michigan Hebarium, "Studies of North American Agarics - I", Alexander H. Smith, no.5 1941

box-folder 5:7

Boston Mycological Club Bulletin, 1954, 1956, 1961-62, 1967, 1989 1954 1956 1961-1962 1967 1989

box-folder 5:8

Friesia Nordisk Mykologisk Tidsskrift (Danish Mycological Society), "Elias Fries' Autobiography, "Historiola Studii Mei Mycologici" 1955

box-folder 5:9

Missouri Botanical Garden Bulletin, v.48:8; v.49:3 October 1960 March 1961

box-folder 5:10

Bulletin of Rochester Fungophiles, "Mushroom Newsletter", v.1:1-2 (March, September) 1963

box-folder 5:11

Zeitschrift fur Pilzkunde; v.42:11-12 November-December 1964

box-folder 5:12

XX Salon du Champignon, Guide , "Champignons de la Region Parisienne"; "Salon de Champignon - Mycogastronomie" 1970

box-folder 5:13

Michigan Botanical Club, Special Publication, "Some Common Mushrooms of Michigan's Park & Recreation Areas", A. H. Smith, no.1 1968

box-folder 5:14

Koyi (#1 June); Koyi/Kuksu (#3 Spring) 1972 1974

box-folder 5:15

Institute of Current World Affairs, "Mushroom Hunting in Oregon, I-III", Andrew Weil January 1,1975

box-folder 5:16

American Type Culture Collection, Annual Report 1975-1976

box-folder 5:17

Auckland War Memorial Museum Leaflet, "Some Common Auckland Fungi", Joan M. Dingley, no.3 1978

box-folder 5:18

Rachel Carson Council, Inc., Newsletter 1982-1991

box-folder 5:19

International Journal of Dravidian Linguistics, "Mushrooms in Dravidian", S.H. Levitt, v.18:1 January 1989

box-folder 5:20

Bollettino del Gruppo Micologico G. Bresadola, v.1:7 October 1958

box-folder 10:1-6

Mykologický sborník, v.25-41 1947-1964

box-folder 8:1-3

Photographs ca. 1962-1992

Physical Description: 3 folders

Scope and Contents

Photographs of mushrooms sent to Cage.
box-folder 8:1

To 3x5 [8 photos] n.d.

box-folder 8:2

To 5x7 [13 photos, # 7-13 © Roger Bergner] 1987

box-folder 8:3

To 8x10 [18 photographs, color] n.d.

box-folder 10:1,3-4,6-8, 10

Art Work ca. 1960-1992

Physical Description: 8 folders

Scope and Contents

This series includes mushroom artwork (mostly) given to or collected by John Cage.
box-folder 10:1

The Unifying Acre, Huub Kortekaas, Quantum Art 1991

box-folder 10:3

Photograph by Chris Harley - for John Cage, [Gelatin silver print - of mushrooms, glasses, cup, saucer] 1974

box-folder 10:4

Mushroom lithographs - single sheets

box-folder 10:4

"Poisonous Mushrooms", engraved for Encyclopedia Londinesis, 1817, J. Chapman, sculp. 1817

box-folder 10:4

"Wild Senna: Cassia marilandica" n.d.

box-folder 10:4

[2 brown colored mushroom engravings], pg. 245, Lowerby, London Jan.1,1800

box-folder 10:4

"(Comestible. - Essbar) pl. L 1-3. Pezia Aurantia, 4-7. Pezia Fulgens, 8. Pezia Coccinea, 9-11. Pezia Splendens" F. Leub Del. Lith. H. Furer, Neuchatel n.d.

box-folder 10:6

Edward Weston poster [mushroom] - advertising "Edward Weston, Fifty Years" n.d.

box-folder 10:8

Artwork from admirers ca. 1960-1992

box-folder 10:10

Mushroom chart "Inheemse Paddestoelen" B.V.W.J. Thieme & Cie, undated

box-folder 9:1-16

Ephemera ca. 1960-1992

Physical Description: 13 folders

Scope and Contents

This series consists of mushroom pictures, clippings about mushrooms, poetry about mushrooms, mushroom postcards & stamps, mushroom recipes, greeting cards, notepad, sets of photograph cards of mushrooms.
box-folder 9:1

Newspaper clippings ca. 1950-1970

box-folder 9:2

Recipes ca. 1960-1992

box-folder 9:3

Wild, Edible and Poisonous Plants of Alaska, Publication 40, Reprinted 1973, Cooperative Extension Service, University of Alaska, 1973

box-folder 9:4

Calendar [lino prints] by Gwen Frostic, 1975

box-folder 9:5

"Whither the Sun?" by G.G. Nearing - signed copy, 1977

box-folder 9:6

1 packet of 50 color photograph cards Bolets de Catalunya (Mushrooms of Catalonia), 1 Colleccio (Collection I) by Societat Catalana de Micologia, 1982

box 9:7

1 packet of 12 mushroom cards - b/w drawings by Jellison, n.d.

box 9:8

1 packet of 23 mushroom cartoon postcards - color/ink drawings by R. Sabather, n.d.

box 9:9

1 packet of color cards "Raccogliete Questi Funghi" Sammeln Sie Diese Pilze, n.d.

box 9:10

1 notepad "Bunte Pflanzenwelt" calendar/postcards for 1959 with botanical illustrations including mushrooms n.d.

box 9:11

1 packet 23 color photograph cards of mushrooms of the Basque Country produced as a promotion by Setas del Pais Vasco - Municipal De San Sebastian - selection and description by Seccion de Micologia de la Sociedad de Ciencias Naturales Aranzadi n.d.

box-folder 9:12

Poetry - "On Fungi, Graveyards and the Triumph of Matter Over Intellect", Cyril A. Dostal n.d.

box-folder 9:13

Mushroom images & ephemera - general n.d.

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Mushroom Post Cards ca. 1960-1992

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Mushroom Stamps ca. 1960-1992

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Photocopies of "Mushroom ear phones - 'Para Oir El Bosque', Adolf Schosser, Galeria de Arte Buades, Caludio Coello 43 Madrid ", ca. 2007

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Realia ca. 1960-1992

Physical Description: 1 box

Scope and Contents

This series consists of mushroom objects pieces given to and collected by Cage.

1 tie decorated with mushrooms ms0074_obj_001 n.d.


1 tea towel [Vera] ms0074_obj_002 n.d.


1 t-shirt, green "Mushrooms of Alaska" ms0074_obj_003 n.d.


1 plastic mushroom ms0074_obj_004 n.d.


1 tea towel [Kreier] ms0074_obj_005 n.d.


Marble mushroom [stem broken - glued together] ms0074_obj_006 n.d.


Stripped stemmed green capped mushroom on a wooden block 4 1/2" x 1 5/16" x 1 5/16" ms0074_obj_007 n.d.


Large honeycomb paper mushroom decoration - [11 1/4" long] ms0074_obj_008 n.d.


Small honeycomb paper mushroom decoration - [6" long] ms0074_obj_009 n.d.


Walnut shell tableau [Beach & mountain scenes in walnut halves] ms0074_obj_010 n.d.


Mushroom Christmas ornament, clip-on [redcap mushroon with small white mushroom on stem at base], ms0074_obj_011 n.d.


Mushroom ashtray, ms0074_obj_012 n.d.


Brown/white embroidered cloth mushroom, ms0074_obj_013 n.d.


"Mushroom [Polypopus Caeruleoporus painting w/cross-section" by Lois Long, Framed ink Painting, 8 1/8" x 15", ms0074_ptg_002 n.d.


"A Poisoned Mushroom" for John Cage with Love from Remy Charlip - Framed ink painting, 5 3/4 x 4 3/4" ms0074_ptg_003 n.d.