Inventory of the Norris E. Dodd papers

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Title: Norris E. Dodd papers
Date (inclusive): 1905-1969
Date (bulk): 1946-1953
Collection Number: 75020
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Archives
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 11 manuscript boxes, 2 card file boxes, 13 oversize boxes, 4 linear ft (13.4 linear feet)
Abstract: Collection includes notebooks, travel documents, speeches and writings, photographs, audiovisual material, and memorabilia, relating to American and world agricultural problems during 1905 to 1969.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Creator: Dodd, Norris E., 1879-1968.


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Acquired by the Hoover Institution Archives in 1975.


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Arrangement Statement

The collection is organized into five series: Personal papers file, Published writings file, Photographs/Negatives, Memorabilia and Sound Recordings. Materials there after arranged by subject.

Biographical Note

July 20, 1879 Born, Chichsaw County, Iowa
1900-1907 Opened and operated drug stores in Pendleton, Pilot Rock, Baker, Haines, and Wallowa, Oregon
1907-1912 Built and operated rural and city telephone lines, Haines, Oregon
1933 Chariman, County Wheat Committee, Oregon
1934 Chairman, County Corn-Hog State Board Control, Oregon
1934-1935 Chairman, Corn-Hog State Board Control, Oregon
1936-1937 Chairman, Oregon State Agriculture Conservation Committee
1938-1939 Assistant Director, Western Division, Agriculture Adjustment Agency
1939-1943 Director, Western Division, Agricultural Adjustment Agency
1943-1946 Chief, Agricultural Adjustment Agency
1946-1948 United States Under Secretary of Agriculture
1948-1954 Director-General, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
1968 Died, Arizona

Scope and Content of Collection

The collection dates 1905 to 1969 and documents Dodd’s days as Director-General of the United Nation Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Collection includes notebooks, travel documents, speeches and writings, photographs, memorabilia, and audiovisual material (10.5" reels) relating to American and world agricultural problems. Series one includes documents related to Dodd's time with the FAO. Series two consist of books with written contributions from Dodd. Series three combines photographs and negatives to showcase the agricultural landscape and harvests from around the world. With a combination of medals and displays of gratitude, series four consist of Dodd’s memorabilia. The sound recordings include magnetic tapes and vinyls relaed to FAO events.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.
United Nations--Economic assistance.
United States. Dept. of Agriculture.
Agriculture--United States.
Food supply.
International agricultural cooperation.


Personal papers file, 1935-1969

Scope and Contents

Materials include speeches, biographical notes, appointment books, notepads, travel documents and various Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) papers spanning 1935 to 1969. Majority of the collection includes materials from Dodds appointment as Director-General of the United Nation FAO. Representation of Dodd’s travels is documented through reports and notes. Notepads and appointments books provide a glimpse into the position as Director-General of the FAO.
Box/Folder 1:1

Biography, undated

Box/Folder 1:2

FAO Speeches, circa 1950

Box/Folder 1:3

Speeches, 1948-1949

Box/Folder 1:4

Speeches, 1950-1952

Box/Folder 1:5

Speeches, 1953-1954

Box/Folder 1:6

Honors and Awards, 1946-1955

Box/Folder 1:7

Travel Reports, 1949, 1952

Box/Folder 1:8

Letters from N.E. Dodd, 1946-1948

Box/Folder 1:9

83rd Congressional Report, 1954

Box/Folder 2:1

FAO Papers, 1948-1965

Box/Folder 2:2

Canada and FAO Short History, 1961

Box/Folder 2:3

Travel Itinerary and Notes, 1946-1961

Box/Folder 2:4

World Wheat and AAA Ledger, 1935

Box/Folder 3:1

Appointment Book, 1950

Box/Folder 3:2

Appointment Book, 1951

Box/Folder 3:3

Appointment Book, 1952

Box/Folder 4:1

Appointment Book, 1953

Box/Folder 4:2

Survey Maps, undated

Box/Folder 4:3

Passports, 1947-1957

Box/Folder 4:4

Business Cards, undated

Box/Folder 4:5

Association Cards, 1949-1969

Box/Folder 4:6

Notepads, 1946-1948

Box/Folder 4:9

Notepads, 1949

Box/Folder 5:1

Notepads, 1950-1951

Box/Folder 5:2

Notepads, 1952

Box/Folder 5:3

Notepads, 1953

Box/Folder 5:4

Norris E. Dodd Medical Remedies, circa 1905


Published Writings file, 1953-1955

Box/Folder 5:5-6

The United Nation FAO, 1953

Box/Folder 5:7

So Bold An Aim, 1955


Photographs and Negatives, 1941-1960

Scope and Contents

Includes photographs, negatives, and glass enclosed negatives dating 1941 to 1958. Photographs and negatives showcase the different agricultural regions Dodd visited. Further the photographs capture pivotal moments in Dodd's life. Negatives capture the agricultural landscape from countries around the world. Majority of photographs are compiled into separate photo albums. Loose photographs have been removed throughout the collection and combined into one box

Negatives, 1941-1958

Box/Folder 6:1

U.S., Australia, Germany, Ethiopia, and Rome, 1941

Box/Folder 6:2

U.S. and Germany, 1948

Box/Folder 6:3

France, 1949

Box/Folder 6:4

Italy and Africa, 1949

Box/Folder 6:5

Round Up Celebration and Siam, 1949

Box/Folder 6:6

Ecuador, Spain, Turkey, and Round Up, 1949

Box/Folder 6:7

India, Decca, and Pakistan, 1949

Box/Folder 6:8

Liberia and Ethiopia, 1950

Box/Folder 6:9

Canada, 1950

Box/Folder 6:10-11

South America, 1950

Box/Folder 6:12-13

South America and Africa, 1950

Box/Folder 6:14

South Africa and Canada, 1950

Box/Folder 6:15

Buenos Aires, Moutevideo, and Niagra Falls, 1950

Box/Folder 6:16

Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Denmark, Canal Zone, and Holland, 1950

Box/Folder 6:17

Ecuador and Poland, 1950

Box/Folder 6:18

England, Australia, and Italy, 1950

Box/Folder 6:19

Egypt, Hawaii, and Siam, 1950

Box/Folder 6:20

Burma, Laos, and Indonesia, 1950

Box/Folder 6:21

Austria, Korea, and Siam, 1950

Box/Folder 7:1

Oregon, Haines, and Bryce Canyon, 1950

Box/Folder 7:2

United States, 1950

Box/Folder 7:3

India, 1950

Box/Folder 7:4

Cuba, 1950

Box/Folder 7:5

Ecuador and Bolivia, 1950

Box/Folder 7:6

Portugal, 1950

Box/Folder 7:7

Hawaii and Bolivia, 1950

Box/Folder 7:8

Asia and Egypt, 1951

Box/Folder 7:9

Iceland, Holland, India, and Greece, 1952

Box/Folder 7:10

Thailand, 1952

Box/Folder 7:11

Austria and Israel, 1952

Box/Folder 7:12

Cerro Jachia and Peru, 1953

Box/Folder 7:13

Austria and France, 1953

Box/Folder 7:14

Italy and Morocco, 1953

Box/Folder 7:15

Siam, 1949-1953

Box/Folder 7:16

Rabat, Morocco, 1953

Box/Folder 7:17

Switzerland, 1953

Box/Folder 7:18

Phoenix and U.S., 1958

Box/Folder 7:19

Phoenix and Mt. Shasta, 1958

Box/Folder 7:20

Africa, Rome, and Asia, undated

Box 8-9

Glass enclosed negatives, unidentified countries, circa 1950

On Shelf /4 linear feet

Glass enclosed negatives, identified countries, circa 1950

Scope and Contents

Housed in three negative cases. May not be used without permission of the Archivist.

Photographs, 1941-1960

Box 10

Afghanistan project from the combined Austrian Scythe Manufactures, 1941-1958

Box 11

The Forestry Invertment-Program of Austria in pictures, 1941-1958

Box 12

Norris Dodd Photo Album, 1941-1958

Box 12

Election of Dodd as FAO Director, 1948

Box 13

Rice in Madras, 1941-1958

Box 13

Agriculture collections throughout the World, 1941-1958

Box 13

Pope John XXIII Knight Commander Grand Cross of Saint Sylvester, 1941-1958

Box 14

Western Region Farm Land, 1941-1958

Box 14

War Zone, 1941-1958

Box 15

Agriculture photo album, 1948

Box 15

Morocco Photographs, 1941-1958

Box 15

Paraguay Photographs, 1941-1958

Box 16

Loose Photographs, 1941-1958

Box 17

Austria Trip and Retirement Scrapbook, 1953-1954

Box 17

Knight Commander of St. Sylvester Scrapbook, 1958-1960

Box 18

University of the Pacific Scrapbook, 1948-1958

Box 19

Mr. Dodd and his Japan Suite, 1952

Box 19

Travels around the world, 1952-1953

Box 20

Agriculture Adjustment Agency Scrapbook, 1943-1946


Memorabilia, 1946-1955

Scope and Contents

Includes signature books, medals, scrapbooks, certificates, ceremonial attire and a bronze sculpture dating 1941 to 1955. Series highlights the career of Norris E. Dodd as Director-General of the FAO. The medals represent honors presented to Dodd for the work throughout his career, including the Grand Cross of Saint Sylvester. Signature books, notebooks and certificates illustrate the gratitude of Dodd's dedication to the FAO with a series of personal messages.
Box/Folder 21:1

Signature Book, 1946

Box/Folder 21:2

Notebooks, 1949, 1955

Box/Folder 21:3-4

Signature Book, 1954

Box/Folder 21:4

Scrapbook, undated

Box 22-23

Medals, circa 1950

Box 24

Ceremonial Sash, undated

Box 24

Neckpiece, undated

Box 24

Certificates, 1953

OS folder

Scroll, 1953 November

Scope and Contents

Scroll presented to Dodd at the United Nations Food and Agriculture Conference in Rome, Italy.
Box 27

Norris Dodd Bronze Head, undated


Sound Recordings, 1953-1955

Scope and Contents

Includes eight 10.5" magnetic reels and six vinyls. Topics includes FAO confernce, speeches, and celebratory events.
Box 25

Magnetic Reels (10.5" reels), 1954

Box 26

Vinyls, 1953-1955