Finding Aid for the Mexico City Treasury (Tesorería) - Account book for the year 1715, under the charge of Don Juan Antonio Vasquez Yañes, 1714-1717; bulk 1715

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Title: Mexico City Treasury (Tesorería) - Account book for the year 1715, under the charge of Don Juan Antonio Vasquez Yañes
Date (inclusive): 1714-1717; bulk 1715
Collection number: 170/462
Creator: Gabriel de Mendieta Revollo (b. 1660-d.?)
Extent: 270 leaves : paper; 315 mm x 220 mm, bound to 325 mm x 225 mm.
Abstract: Account book written by Gabriel Mendieta Revollo for the Mexico City treasury in the year 1715, when under the charge of Don Juan Antonio Vasquez Yañes. Primarily consists of payment receipts for high officials and local merchants that assisted the city government (cabildo) in its quotidian operations.
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Cataloged by Pablo Sierra with assistance from Kelly Bachli, May 2008, in the Center For Primary Research and Training (CFPRT).

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[Identification of item], Mexico City Treasury (Tesorería) - Account book for the year 1715, under the charge of Don Juan Antonio Vasquez Yañes (Collection 170/462). UCLA Library Special Collections, Charles E. Young Research Library.

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The scribe responsible for the existence of the account book, Gabriel de Mendieta Revollo (or Rebollo), was a well-known public notary of Mexico City during the late 17th and early 18th centuries ("ssno. Ma. De el Cabildo, Justicia y Reximiento desta muy noble ciudad"). According to Irving A. Leonard, Mendieta Revollo was a "former student of the foremost Creole savant of his time, Don Carlos de Siguenza y Gongora," who often had this particular scribe draw up his private papers. Born in 1660, he appears as early as 1686 in a famous document related to the exhumation of Hernan Cortes' remains. Mendieta Revollo also authored an important document in relation to the 1692 riot and burning of Mexico City's municipal building, a document that has been preserved among the royal decrees of the Archivo Histórico del Distrito Federal (AHDF). Judging by Don Pedro de Avendaño Suarez de Sousa's 1697 dedication of a book in his honor, the scribe seems to have been a man of significance in New Spain's viceregal capital. The famed public notary was working as late as 1732, when his name appears in a cabildo document under the name Gabriel de Mendieta Rebollo, "escribano mayor de cabildo". At the time this account book was written, Fernando de Alencastre Noroña y Silva, the Duke of Linares, was the current viceroy (1710-1716), with Don Juan Antonio Vazquez Yañes as treasurer for Mexico City, "thesorero mayordomo de dichos proprios y ventas," a position he had held since at least 1698.

Scope and Content

The 1715 account book is divided into two main sections, the first consisting of building inspections and the many receipts of salary payments for government officials and local merchants. The text does not follow a chronological order, but instead provides a vague thematic organization based on the type of payment being made by the city cabildo (e.g. holiday expenses, officials salaries, merchant wares, etc.) Brief expense reports for various construction projects, which list the daily wages paid to architects, overseers and peons, are also included within this first section. In addition, several receipts confirming payment for the Corpus Christi celebrations, which would either take place in early May or June, highlight the extreme importance the holiday had as a popular festival in which all sectors of Mexico City's population participated. For instance, the political leaders of San Juan, Santiago Tlatituilco and other indigenous communities all received payment for their participation in the afore-mentioned holiday. Other remarkable documents include the payment receipts for two choreographers, Thomas Moreno Pacheco and Juan de Chaves, "maestros de danza" (93r-96v). As the cultural center of New Spain, the treasury records provide fascinating insight into the political elite's predilection for luxury as seen in the considerable sums of money spent on food and wine at two state dinners (128r-129v).
The bulk of the documents contained in this first section of the account book is comprised of signed receipts acknowledging the government's payments or reimbursements of local officials for their services. Yearly salaries were systematically divided into three installments (tercios) leading to the need of dividing entire peso sums into fractions consisting of tomines and granos. Nonetheless, several prominent administrators such as the powerful Don Francisco de Urrua Muñarris, Conde del Fresno de la Fuente, received payments continuously throughout the entire year of 1715. As a result, the treasury's records illustrate the degree to which the political elite succeeded in working the colony's bureaucratic apparatus for its own benefit. The payment, transfer and partitioning of Bartholome Rodriguez de los Rios' inheritance seems to have benefitted a significant group of individuals, although its distribution within official treasury records is unusual. Several of the prominent magistrates featured within the 1715 account book, such as Don Juan Manuel de Aguirre y Espinosa, Don Ambrosio Melgarejo and Don Miguel de Cuevas Davalos y Luna, also appear as high officials during the documentation related to the famine of 1741 (UCLA Special Collections, Bound Manuscripts, No. 170/654). It may be worthwhile to examine the "Guía de las actas de Cabildo de la Ciudad de México, 1711-1720" published by Universidad Iberoamericana (1988) for further information on these well-documented individuals.
Text in Spanish.

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Container List


1r-1v Gabriel de Mendieta Revollo reports that store number 8 on "la Esportilla" street has been vacant from January 15 to December 31, 1715. 1715/04/30


2r Stores twenty, twenty-one and twenty-two have been empty since July 24 to September 9 (1715) due to construction projects. 1715/09/08


3r-3v Store number twenty three on la Esportilla street remains vacant, and has been so since February 1 up to September 8, 1715. 1715/04/30


4r Store number twenty four on Esportilla street remains vacant, has remained in that condition since January 6, 1715. 1715/04/25


5r-5v Gabriel de Mendieta Revollo visits Calle de San Bernardo, finds store number 30 is vacant, has been empty from January 1 to December 31, 1715. 1715/04/30


6r-6v Visit to Calle San Bernardo finds that store number thirty-one is empty and has remained that way from January 1 to December 31, 1715. 1715/04/30


7r San Bernardo street inspection finds that store number thirty-two is empty and has been in that condition from January 1 to August 8, 1715. 1715/08/08


8r Stores forty-one, forty-two and forty-three on the alley next to the "Pozito" have been empty all year long due to "Alhondiga" construction project. 1715/12/31


9r Store number forty-four, belonging to the Mexico City pozito, has been empty since November 1 up to the present day (December 31, 1715). 1715/12/31


10r Mendieta certifies that store next to the Alhondiga door, number forty-six (formerly number forty-five), has been closed since January 1, 1715. 1715/12/31


11r Antonio Alvarez, "alarife mayor" for Mexico City, received 242 peso payment from Diego Castrejon for the repairs made to his residence. 1715/08/30


12r-12v Record of the wages and expenses spent on the construction project spanning from the corner of the Audiencia Ordinaria to San Bernardo street. 1715/08/18


13r-13v Expenses for second week of construction includes carpenter and peon's wages, list and cost of materials, workers paid on Sunday, August 25. 1715/08/25


14r-14v Completion and total expenses after the third week of construction amounts to 242 pesos, supervised by Don Miguel de Cuebas Dabalos y Luna. 1715/08/31


15r-17v Doctor Don Juan Diez de Bracamonte receives three separate installments of 166 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos for his 500 peso annual salary. 1715/05/02


18r-20v Don Miguel Diez de la Mora, presiding judge of the "pulizia" receives salary of 550 pesos in three installments of 183 pesos 2 tomines 8 granos. 1715/03/18


21r-21v Don Juan Antonio de Urrutia Guerrero Davila, "Marques del Villar del Aguila," is given 165 pesos 6 tomines of his 210 peso annual salary. 1715/03/18


22r-23v Two separate installments of 66 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos paid to Don Pedro Ximenez de los Cobos, "diputado y capitular de propios." 1715/05/02


24r-24v Two installments of 66 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos given to Don Juan Manuel de Aguirre y Espinosa, "nuestro diputado y capitular de propios." 1715/12/31


25r-28v Don Francisco de Urrua Muñarris, Conde del Fresno de la Fuente "rexidor y juez de las aguas" receives three 100 peso payments of his wages. 1715/05/02


29r-31r Don Francisco de Urrua receives another three payments of 66 pesos 5 tomines and 4 granos each, for his annual wages as "procurador mayor." 1715/05/02


32r-32v Count del Fresno de la Fuente receives another 200 pesos for litigation expenses, "gastos de pleitso, causas y negocios de esta ciudad." 1715/01/14


33r-33v 400 peso payment awarded to Don Francisco de Urrua, "rexidor" for having sent a dispatch with testimonies to the Royal Council of the Indies. 1715/05/10


34r-36v Don Juan Manuel de Aguirre, "rexidor" receives three payments of 11 pesos for his services towards the government of Mexico City. 1715/05/08


37r-39v Pedro Ximenez de los Cobos signs three payment slips in exchange for 33 pesos resulting from services performed for the Mexico City cabildo. 1715/05/04


40r-42v Three installments of 11 pesos each awarded to Miguel de Cuevas Davalos y Luna, "rejidor desta Nobilisima ciudad" for his government post. 1715/05/08


43r-45v Don Pedro Sanchez de Tagle, "Cavallero del Calatrava" and Marquis of Altamira, accepts salary of 33 pesos, in three eleven peso payments. 1715/05/02


46r-46v General Joseph Nuñez, Mexico City regent and chief of the Cholula captaincy, given 33 pesos and 10 peso bonus from Juan Antonio Vasquez. 1716/01/04


47r-49v Don Franciso de Urrua, Conde del Fresno de la Fuente, receives 11 pesos salary from Juan Antonio Vasquez Yañes, treasurer for Mexico City. 1715/05/02


50r-52v Coronel Juan del Castillo, of the Order of Santiago and Mexico City regent, confirms reception of three 11 peso payments from Vasquez Yañes. 1715/05/08


53r-55v Don Pedro Carrasco Marin awarded three payments of 11 pesos each for his services as one of the capital city's regents for the year 1715. 1715/05/02


56r-57v Doña Mariana de Cantabrana, holding power of attorney for her husband Don Matheo de Morales Chofre, claims two 11 peso "paychecks". 1715/05/02


58r Don Domingo Bustamente, claims 11 pesos as Morales Chofre's representative, holds power of attorney from Puebla de los Angeles in his name. 1715/12/31


59r-61v Mexico City cabildo scribe, Gabriel de Mendieta Revollo, receives three installments of 283 pesos 2 tomines 8 granos from Vasquez Yañes. 1715/09/02


62r-64v Gabriel de Mendieta Revollo accepts three "libramientos" for 33 pesos 2 tomines 8 granos each, witnessed by Carra, Mascareñas and Rodriguez. 1715/05/02


65r Juan Antonio Vasquez, Mexico City treasurer "de los propios y rentas", gives Gabriel de Mendieta Revollo 100 pesos attested by three witnesses. 1715/01/02


66r-68v The chaplain of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios Sanctuary, Juan de la Peña, awarded three payments of 133 pesos 2 tomines 8 granos each. 1715/09/02


69r-69v Presbyter and chaplain for Mexico City, Don Francisco de Esquibel, accepts 100 peso libramiento from Don Juan Antonio Vasquez Yañes. 1715/05/02


70r-70v Don Manuel Garrido de Riveras receives 78 pesos 6 tomines 1 grano, gives 40 pesos back to Juan Vasquez, remainder to pay Fray Juan Minguez. 1715/08/29


71r-71v Don Bartholome de Rivillas, replaces the late chaplain Don Francisco de Esquibel in Mexico City, given 21 pesos 1 tomin 2 granos from treasurer. 1715/09/09


72r-72v Don Juan Antonio Vasquez Yañes pays newly appointed chaplain Bartholome de Revillas 100 pesos for his services during the year 1715. 1715/31/12


73r-75v A lawyer of the Real Audiencia, Dr. Joseph de Soria (presbyter), receives three payments of 33 pesos 2 tomines 8 granos from Vasquez Yañes. 1715/09/02


76r-78v The bachelor (licenciado) Don Ignacio de Soria, lawyer of the Real Audiencia, awarded three installments of 33 pesos 2 tomines 8 granos each. 1715/02/02


79r-81v Don Manuel de Zuaza accepts three payments of 166 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos each to complete the wages of his 500 peso annual salary. 1715/09/02


82r-82v Accountant for the Mexico City treasury, Don Manuel de Zuaza, receives 50 pesos to purchase paper, ink and cañones for the "contaduria" office. 1715/01/03


83r-83v Francisco Perez de Santoyo, attorney "procurador"of the Real Audiencia, receives annual salary of 50 pesos from city treasurer Vasquez Yañes. 1715/12/31


84r-86v Petty constable, Agustin Rodriguez "portero de vara," paid 66 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos, a third of his yearly salary by Antonio Vasquez Yañes. 1715/09/02


87r-89v Agustin Felix de Mascareñas, "portero de maza" disbursed yearly salary of 200 pesos in three payments of 66 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos each. 1715/09/02


90r-92v Don Pedro del Villar, "pertiguero" (perdiguero?) of Mexico City cathedral, is given his 80 peso salary in payments of 26 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos. 1715/09/02


93r-95v Thomas Moreno Pacheco, "maestro de danza" awarded 165 pesos divided into three payments for his choreography during Corpus Christi festival. 1715/06/05


96r-96v Juan de Chaves, "maestro de danza" paid 55 pesos for services during the Corpus Christi celebrations, "para que saque y vista una danssa." 1715/06/05


97r-97v The (nahuatl?) interpreter Manuel Mansio signs and receives 62 pesos to be distributed among the indigenous participants of the Corpus Christi. 1715/06/05


98r-98v Don Antonio de Santiago, Nicolas de los Angeles, and Juan Manuel, indigenous leaders from Santiago Tlatituilco accept payment of 60 pesos for the construction of arches ("para la sombra y arcos") for Corpus Christi festivites. 1715/06/05


99r-99v Indigenous representatives from the community of San Juan are paid 60 pesos for the "sombras y arcos" to be built for the year's Corpus Christi. 1715/06/05


100r-100v Carlos Perez de Villalobos and Don Juan de Baraona, "maestros de confitero," receive 50 pesos for help in preparing the Corpus Christi altar. 1715/06/15


101r-101r Gregorio Antonio de Leon, responsible for the Corpus Christi fireworks presentation (maestro de "coettero") paid 45 pesos for his services. 1715/06/05


102r-102v Fray Manuel Paez of the Augustinian convent, awarded 100 pesos for the San Phelipe de Jesus celebration held in the aforementioned convent. 1715/02/09


103r-103v Fray Miguel de Valdivieso given 50 pesos for the celebration of San Hipolito and the altar's (candle?) wax, in rememberance of the Conquest. 1715/08/08


104r-104v Nicolas de Villegas, sacristan of the Bernardine convent, receives 20 pesos from the treasury for expenses of the San Isidro Labrador festivities. 1715/05/08


105r-105v Vazquez Yañes gives 50 pesos to Don Nicolas de Villegas, for the costs to be incurred during an unspecified religious celebration in his convent. 1715/08/08


106r-106v Treasury awards Fray Manuel Paez of the Augustinian convent 100 pesos for the expenses and feast of its patron saint, San Nicolas Tolentino. 1715/09/09


107r-107v Fray Miguel de San Joseph of the Carmelites receives 50 pesos for the feast of Santa Teresa (Theresa) de Jesus, to be held on June 15, 1715. 1715/10/12


108r-108v Vasquez Yañes presents the Jesuit priest Phelipe Vadillo, "ministro de la casa professa" 200 pesos for the celebration of San Francisco Xavier. 1715/11/28


109r-109 Citizen Hipolito de Betancur receives 35 pesos for having placed (and made?) the candle to be used by the Viceroy during Lent processions. 1715/05/04


110r-110v Don Bartolome de Rivillas, presbyter and chaplain, paid 20 pesos in advance for decorating the altar for the January 1 and 2, 1716 masses. 1715/12/31


111r-111v Don Juan Marcelo Hudelo, governor of the indigenous San Juan barrio, given 8 pesos for arches his community will place in the cabildo's houses. 1715/12/24


112r-112v Gatekeepers, Agustin Felix de Mascareñas and Agustin Rodriguez, receive payment of 40 pesos for carrying benches "a las fistas de Dotazion". 1715/12/31


113r-113v Treasury submits 65 peso reimbursement to Don Martin de Sabalsa, responsible for the confraternity of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios. 1715/12/24


114r-114v Pedro Ximenez de Segura, presbyter of the archbishopric, is paid 26 pesos for purchasing paper for the Corpus Christi invitations and envelopes. 1715/07/12


115r-115v Vasquez Yañes pays Don Joseph de Pedraza, "maestro confitero," 89 pesos for the pastries made for the Good Friday solemnities of 1715. 1715/05/05


116r-116v Citizen Juan Baptista Gallo receives 70 pesos for cost of providing water (garrafas de aguas) to the Royal Palace and its guests on Good Friday. 1715/04/30


117r-117v Doña Magdalena Xinuecio , owner of a wax factory, is paid 235 pesos for sixteen four- pound candles (achas) used for various ceremonies. 1715/12/08


118r-118v Register of the 1300 peso distribution of bonuses (propinas) awarded to the city's administrators for services rendered throughout the year 1715. 1715/06/05


119r-120r Register of the cost of the wax candles (achas) to be used by cabildo members in the luminaries celebrating the marriage of the king of Spain. 1715/11/15


121r-123v Antonio Alvarez, as "asientista de los aqueductos y cañerias" for Mexico City, receives three payments of 133 pesos 2 tomines 8 gramos. 1715/01/25


124r-124v Book publisher Don Francisco de Rivera Calderon accepts 150 pesos for cost of publishing a sermon about the martyr San Phelipe de Jesus. 1715/04/04


125r-125v Antonio Alvarez, architect (alarife mayor), is paid 189 pesos 2 tomines for expenses incurred in the maintenance of the Belem watermill (noria). 1715/07/08


126r-126v City treasury gives Antonio Alvarez 306 pesos 3 tomines for the operation of the Belem watermills from April 15 (1714?) to February 10, 1715 1715/02/11


127r-127v Don Juan Garcia de la Riva is reimbursed 300 pesos for the construction of the Belem watermill, "de la obra de la tarjea del agua de Belem". 1715/08/12


128r-128v Expense report for meal celebrating inauguration of hydraulic system in town of San Cristobal, attended by members of the Mexico City cabildo. 1715/01/31


129r-129v Mexico City cabildo spends 153 pesos on meal prepared for May 12th departure of the ship fleet headed back to Spain, Don Juan de la Peña paid. 1715/05/13


130r Vasquez Yañes gives Don Francisco de Urrua Muñarris, Conde del Fresno de la Fuente, 81 pesos to be charged to the city's public treasury. 1715/07/13


131r Order stipulates that Alhondiga must remain in the houses of the Marques del Valle, authorizes repairs (necesita envigarse) for the city granary. 1715/03/14


131r-131v Antonio Alvarez, city engineer, drafts expense report for granary construction project amounting to 84 pesos 4 reales for four days of work. 1715/03/30


132r-132v Expense report for granary construction project and repairs for six days of labor (April 1 to April 5, 1715), wood from old Alhondiga recycled. 1715/04/06


133r-134r Total cost of three weeks of repair work amounts to 174 pesos, completion of state "galera" measuring twenty-five meters long by five wide. 1715/04/04


135r-137r Nicolas Moreno, notary public, receives 124 pesos 1 real for services rendered as a scribe in visits to Iztacalco and Mexicalzingo during 1714. 1714/12/18


138r-138v Antonio Alvarez, city engineer, receives 100 pesos for repairs suffered by the city's aqueducts and pipes due to the August 5, 1715 earthquake. 1715/08/12


139r-139v Vazquez Yañes gives Antonio Alvarez 100 pesos for repairs and maintenance to the city's aqueducts after the September 7, 1715 earthquake. 1715/11/14


140r-141v Juan Bautista Lopez claims 200 pesos in name of Doña Ignes Cano Moctezuma for debts owed to hear by the city treasury from the year 1714. 1715/04/12


142r-142v 67 pesos 1 tomin 5 gramos awarded to Don Juan Tello de Guzman as heir to Balthasar Rodriguez, as stipulated in March 1711 decree. 1715/03/09


143r-143v Juan Bautista Lopez given 581 pesos as "cesionario" of Doña Ignes Cano Moctezuma, money was owed to Juan Antonio de Rivera Calderon. 1715/04/12


144r-146v Don Miguel de Cuevas Davalos y Luna is paid three installments of 77 pesos 3 tomines 8 granos as tutor of Captain Diego de Borja's children. 1715/05/04


147r-148v Presbyter Don Francisco de Borja Altamirano y Reynoso receives two payments of 77 pesos 3 tomines 8 granos as heir to Balthasar Rodriguez. 1715/05/04


149r-149v Don Pedro de Borja claims the last of three payments of 77 pesos 3 tomines 8 granos as his brother Francisco's legal representative (podatario). 1715/12/31


150r-152v Don Juan Andres de Yturralde "cesionario" awarded three installments totalling 232 pesos 3 tomines 2 granos as Bartholome Rodriguez's heir. 1715/05/06


153r-155v Vazquez Yañes gives Don Pedro de Borja Altamirano y Reynoso, heir of Bartholome Rodriguez three installments of 154 pesos 7 tomines 6 granos. 1715/05/04


156r-158v Don Fernando and Don Nicolas de Lezama, heirs to Bartholome Rodriguez's "reditos", receive 1162 pesos in three payments for the year 1715. 1715/05/02


159r-161v Don Manuel de la Mora de Calderon y la Barca collects 581 pesos in three installments originally awarded to Doña Theresa de Amarilla y Guevara. 1715/05/22


162r-163v Don Juan Bautista Lopez, "alferez" and holder of Doña Ignes Cano Moctezuma claims, is given two payments of 193 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos. 1715/05/04


164r Juan Bautista Lopez signs receipt for 193 pesos 5 tomines as holder of Juan de Rivera Altamirano's rights to Bartholome Rodriguez's will. 1716/01/20


165r-165v As legal representative for Misteses brothers, heirs of Bartholome Rodriguez, don Manuel de la Mora receives 193 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos. 1715/09/05


166r-166v Don Manuel de la Mora holds power of attorney (podatario) belonging to heirs of Doña Teresa de Amarilla y Guevara, claims 193 pesos 5 tomines. 1715/09/05


167r-167v Don Manuel de la Mora receives 193 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos as legal representative for Misteses brothers, heirs of Bartholome Rodriguez. 1715/01/31


168r-168v Don Francisco de Borja Altamirano y Reynoso claims payment of 64 pesos 4 tomines 5 granos as representative of Alonso de Toro Altamirano. 1715/05/04


169r-170v Presbyter Don Pedro de Borja holds power of attorney from Alonso de Toro Altamirano's, collects two payments of 64 pesos 4 tomines 5 granos. 1715/09/06


171r-173v City treasurer Vasquez Yañez gives Doña Maria Theresa de Toro Altamirano a total 193 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos in three separate installments. 1715/05/02


174r-176v Don Joseph and Doña Maria de Saldivar, citizen of Chiautla, give Manuel de la Mora the right to claim 193 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos in their name. 1715/05/04


177r-179v Don Francisco de Oyanguzen, of the king's royal council and Real Audiencia, receives 700 pesos 2 tomines 2 granos as tutor of Guevara children. 1715/05/04


180r-182v Juan Miguel de Cuia paid three installments of 233 pesos 3 tomines 4 granos as owner to the rights of Don Francisco de Guevara's inheritance. 1715/05/04


183r-185v Three payments of 22 pesos 3 tomines 2 granos awarded to Don Francisco de Villerias Roeles Tello de Guzman as heir of Balthasar Rodriguez. 1715/05/06


186r-188v Don Juan Tello Guzman y Guevara, one of Balthasar Rodriguez's heirs, is given a total of 67 pesos 1 tomin 5 granos in three separate installments. 1715/05/02


189r-191v Don Joseph Tello Guzman y Guevara, a heir of Balthasar Rodriguez, is given a total of 67 pesos 1 tomin 5 granos in three separate installments. 1715/05/02


192r-193r City treasury pays Sor Gertrudis de San Benito and the San Geronimo convent 962 peso dowry on the 3000 peso rent owed on an "obra pia". 1715/06/21


194r-196v The administrator of the cathedral's Santisimo Sacramento y Caridad archconfraternity, Don Custodio Blasco, claims 450 pesos from treasury. 1715/05/06


197r-199v Luis de Aguilar, rector of the Santa Fe hospital, collects three payments of 100 pesos each from the interest of a 6000 peso tax or "censo". 1715/09/05


200r-202v Agustin de Vedarte receives 300 pesos in three installments as the administrator for Mexico City's Hospital Real de los Indios (Naturales). 1715/05/04


203r-205v Don Andres de Salzedo Coronel, heir to Don Andres de Salzedo Coronel y Samano, claims 500 pesos of interest from his father's inheritance. 1715/07/08


206r-208v Don Fulgencio de Vega y Vic receives 100 pesos for the entirety of 1715, the three payments come from 2000 peso "principal" tax to his benefit. 1715/05/06


209r Gabriel de Mendieta (Revollo?) is to receive 100 pesos from city treasurer Don Juan Antonio Vasquez Yañes for debts incurred at the carniceria. 1715/04/30


209v Agustin Felix de Mascareñas awarded 200 pesos, half paid by Vasquez Yañes, the other half completed by members of the Mexico City cabildo. 1715/04/30


210r-210v Maestro Don Joseph Saenz de Escobar acknowledges having received 100 pesos from the city cabildo and another 100 from Vasquez Yañes. 1715/05/20


211r-211v Don Pedro de Ximenez de los Cobos receives 50 pesos at the hands of city treasurer Don Juan Antonio Vasquez Yañes, along with several letters. 1715/10/02


212r-213v Don Cristobal de Mendoza, alcalde de carniceria, collects two payments of 200 pesos each for meatpackers' salaries (repesadores de carne). 1715/09/07


214r Scribe of the ordinary court, received 10 pesos 6 reales for copying two books from the flooded Sanctuario de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. 1715/02/08


215r Silver maces repaired at cost of 5 pesos as per recommendation of the cabildo's doormen Agustin Felix de Mascareñas and Agustin Rodriguez. 1715/01/25


216r-216v Don Juan Diez de Bracamonte, Real Audiencia "oidor" and superintendant judge, orders 200 pesos to be given to Don Miguel Diez de la Mora. 1715/09/28


217r-217v Expense report compiled for canoe guardian Mathias de Naranja, to receive 194 pesos 4 tomines for payment of materials and services rendered. 1715/12/31


218r-218v Doorkeeper Agustin Felix de Mascareñas (portero de maza) receives 200 pesos to be used to pay the the salary of the carniceria's adminstrators. 1715/12/23


219r-219v City treasurer, Don Juan Antonio Vasquez Yañes is owed 104 pesos 2 tomines, remainder which must be paid to balance out the year's expenses. 1716/01/02


220r-246v Financial report of the rent and sales tax income, and of the expenses from salaries, feasts and bonuses incurred by the 1715 Mexico City cabildo. 1715/12/31


246v-247r Note indicating that the financial report of treasurer Vasquez Yañes did not take into account 200 peso debt owed to Don Miguel de Cuebas. n.d.


248r-248v Don Manuel de Zuaza, accountant for the Mexico city cabildo, requests a copy of the August 9 transaction related to the city's carniceria officials. 1716/05/08


249r-249v City procurator orders the scribe Gabriel de Mendieta Revollo to produce a report on the dispute between Vasquez Yañes and carniceria officials. 1715/03/11


250r-250v Don Joseph Nuñez de Villa, high magistrate of the Cholula cabildo, receives annual salary of 33 pesos from Mexico city treasurer Vasquez Yañes. 1715/12/31


251r-251v Don Juan de Rivera Calderon is paid 193 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos corresponding to the last third of his annual salary from the past year, 1715. 1716/04/31


252r-252v Payment of 800 pesos for Luis Maldonado's "obra pia" was not appproved due to already having been received in court (juzgado de capellanias). 1716/01/01


253r-253v 150 pesos awarded to Don Francisco, Conde del Fresno de la Fuente, for payment of accountants and their assessment of carnicerias finances. 1715/09/28


254r-257r Revised financial report for Mexico City treasury reveals a disparity of 1761 pesos in expenses, as reported by accountant Don Manuel de Zuaza. 1716/07/30


257r-259r Don Juan Antonio Vasquez Yañes responds to the adjustment of his financial report, explains nature of his disagreement with Conde del Fresno. 1716/07/31


260r-261r Treasurer Vasquez Yañes requests a copy of Don Juan Diez de Bracamonte's 200 peso petition for payment of Don Manuel Chofre de Morales. 1716/03/18


262r-263r Conde del Fresno de la Fuente appeals to the viceroy, Duque de Linares, forces Vasquez Yañes to pay lawyers 200 pesos over carniceria dispute. 1716/03/18


264r Joseph de Soria receives 50 pesos from the treasury for the purchase of paper by order of Don Francisco de Urrua Muñarris, Conde del Fresno. 1715/07/04


265r-267v Don Miguel de Cuevas Davalos y Luna, "rexidor y diputado de meza de proprios" is awarded three payments of 66 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos. 1715/05/02


268r-268v Cuevas Davalos y Luna reviews and amends several of the corrections proposed by Joseph de Soria in the adjustment of the 1715 financial report. n.d.


269r-269v Mexico City cabildo ratifies recommendations proposed by Cuevas Davalos y Luna, treasury already charged 1276 pesos to Alonsso de Assinas. 1717/10/13


270r-270v Financial report of the net amount (alcanze liquido) owed by Mexico City treasury after final revisions amounts to 1231 pesos 4 tomines 4 granos. 1717/12/02