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Finding Aid for the Mexico City Treasury (Tesorería) - Account book for the year 1715, under the charge of Don Juan Antonio Vasquez Yañes, 1714-1717; bulk 1715
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1r-1v Gabriel de Mendieta Revollo reports that store number 8 on "la Esportilla" street has been vacant from January 15 to December 31, 1715. 1715/04/30


2r Stores twenty, twenty-one and twenty-two have been empty since July 24 to September 9 (1715) due to construction projects. 1715/09/08


3r-3v Store number twenty three on la Esportilla street remains vacant, and has been so since February 1 up to September 8, 1715. 1715/04/30


4r Store number twenty four on Esportilla street remains vacant, has remained in that condition since January 6, 1715. 1715/04/25


5r-5v Gabriel de Mendieta Revollo visits Calle de San Bernardo, finds store number 30 is vacant, has been empty from January 1 to December 31, 1715. 1715/04/30


6r-6v Visit to Calle San Bernardo finds that store number thirty-one is empty and has remained that way from January 1 to December 31, 1715. 1715/04/30


7r San Bernardo street inspection finds that store number thirty-two is empty and has been in that condition from January 1 to August 8, 1715. 1715/08/08


8r Stores forty-one, forty-two and forty-three on the alley next to the "Pozito" have been empty all year long due to "Alhondiga" construction project. 1715/12/31


9r Store number forty-four, belonging to the Mexico City pozito, has been empty since November 1 up to the present day (December 31, 1715). 1715/12/31


10r Mendieta certifies that store next to the Alhondiga door, number forty-six (formerly number forty-five), has been closed since January 1, 1715. 1715/12/31


11r Antonio Alvarez, "alarife mayor" for Mexico City, received 242 peso payment from Diego Castrejon for the repairs made to his residence. 1715/08/30


12r-12v Record of the wages and expenses spent on the construction project spanning from the corner of the Audiencia Ordinaria to San Bernardo street. 1715/08/18


13r-13v Expenses for second week of construction includes carpenter and peon's wages, list and cost of materials, workers paid on Sunday, August 25. 1715/08/25


14r-14v Completion and total expenses after the third week of construction amounts to 242 pesos, supervised by Don Miguel de Cuebas Dabalos y Luna. 1715/08/31


15r-17v Doctor Don Juan Diez de Bracamonte receives three separate installments of 166 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos for his 500 peso annual salary. 1715/05/02


18r-20v Don Miguel Diez de la Mora, presiding judge of the "pulizia" receives salary of 550 pesos in three installments of 183 pesos 2 tomines 8 granos. 1715/03/18


21r-21v Don Juan Antonio de Urrutia Guerrero Davila, "Marques del Villar del Aguila," is given 165 pesos 6 tomines of his 210 peso annual salary. 1715/03/18


22r-23v Two separate installments of 66 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos paid to Don Pedro Ximenez de los Cobos, "diputado y capitular de propios." 1715/05/02


24r-24v Two installments of 66 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos given to Don Juan Manuel de Aguirre y Espinosa, "nuestro diputado y capitular de propios." 1715/12/31


25r-28v Don Francisco de Urrua Muñarris, Conde del Fresno de la Fuente "rexidor y juez de las aguas" receives three 100 peso payments of his wages. 1715/05/02


29r-31r Don Francisco de Urrua receives another three payments of 66 pesos 5 tomines and 4 granos each, for his annual wages as "procurador mayor." 1715/05/02


32r-32v Count del Fresno de la Fuente receives another 200 pesos for litigation expenses, "gastos de pleitso, causas y negocios de esta ciudad." 1715/01/14


33r-33v 400 peso payment awarded to Don Francisco de Urrua, "rexidor" for having sent a dispatch with testimonies to the Royal Council of the Indies. 1715/05/10


34r-36v Don Juan Manuel de Aguirre, "rexidor" receives three payments of 11 pesos for his services towards the government of Mexico City. 1715/05/08


37r-39v Pedro Ximenez de los Cobos signs three payment slips in exchange for 33 pesos resulting from services performed for the Mexico City cabildo. 1715/05/04


40r-42v Three installments of 11 pesos each awarded to Miguel de Cuevas Davalos y Luna, "rejidor desta Nobilisima ciudad" for his government post. 1715/05/08


43r-45v Don Pedro Sanchez de Tagle, "Cavallero del Calatrava" and Marquis of Altamira, accepts salary of 33 pesos, in three eleven peso payments. 1715/05/02


46r-46v General Joseph Nuñez, Mexico City regent and chief of the Cholula captaincy, given 33 pesos and 10 peso bonus from Juan Antonio Vasquez. 1716/01/04


47r-49v Don Franciso de Urrua, Conde del Fresno de la Fuente, receives 11 pesos salary from Juan Antonio Vasquez Yañes, treasurer for Mexico City. 1715/05/02


50r-52v Coronel Juan del Castillo, of the Order of Santiago and Mexico City regent, confirms reception of three 11 peso payments from Vasquez Yañes. 1715/05/08


53r-55v Don Pedro Carrasco Marin awarded three payments of 11 pesos each for his services as one of the capital city's regents for the year 1715. 1715/05/02


56r-57v Doña Mariana de Cantabrana, holding power of attorney for her husband Don Matheo de Morales Chofre, claims two 11 peso "paychecks". 1715/05/02


58r Don Domingo Bustamente, claims 11 pesos as Morales Chofre's representative, holds power of attorney from Puebla de los Angeles in his name. 1715/12/31


59r-61v Mexico City cabildo scribe, Gabriel de Mendieta Revollo, receives three installments of 283 pesos 2 tomines 8 granos from Vasquez Yañes. 1715/09/02


62r-64v Gabriel de Mendieta Revollo accepts three "libramientos" for 33 pesos 2 tomines 8 granos each, witnessed by Carra, Mascareñas and Rodriguez. 1715/05/02


65r Juan Antonio Vasquez, Mexico City treasurer "de los propios y rentas", gives Gabriel de Mendieta Revollo 100 pesos attested by three witnesses. 1715/01/02


66r-68v The chaplain of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios Sanctuary, Juan de la Peña, awarded three payments of 133 pesos 2 tomines 8 granos each. 1715/09/02


69r-69v Presbyter and chaplain for Mexico City, Don Francisco de Esquibel, accepts 100 peso libramiento from Don Juan Antonio Vasquez Yañes. 1715/05/02


70r-70v Don Manuel Garrido de Riveras receives 78 pesos 6 tomines 1 grano, gives 40 pesos back to Juan Vasquez, remainder to pay Fray Juan Minguez. 1715/08/29


71r-71v Don Bartholome de Rivillas, replaces the late chaplain Don Francisco de Esquibel in Mexico City, given 21 pesos 1 tomin 2 granos from treasurer. 1715/09/09


72r-72v Don Juan Antonio Vasquez Yañes pays newly appointed chaplain Bartholome de Revillas 100 pesos for his services during the year 1715. 1715/31/12


73r-75v A lawyer of the Real Audiencia, Dr. Joseph de Soria (presbyter), receives three payments of 33 pesos 2 tomines 8 granos from Vasquez Yañes. 1715/09/02


76r-78v The bachelor (licenciado) Don Ignacio de Soria, lawyer of the Real Audiencia, awarded three installments of 33 pesos 2 tomines 8 granos each. 1715/02/02


79r-81v Don Manuel de Zuaza accepts three payments of 166 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos each to complete the wages of his 500 peso annual salary. 1715/09/02


82r-82v Accountant for the Mexico City treasury, Don Manuel de Zuaza, receives 50 pesos to purchase paper, ink and cañones for the "contaduria" office. 1715/01/03


83r-83v Francisco Perez de Santoyo, attorney "procurador"of the Real Audiencia, receives annual salary of 50 pesos from city treasurer Vasquez Yañes. 1715/12/31


84r-86v Petty constable, Agustin Rodriguez "portero de vara," paid 66 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos, a third of his yearly salary by Antonio Vasquez Yañes. 1715/09/02


87r-89v Agustin Felix de Mascareñas, "portero de maza" disbursed yearly salary of 200 pesos in three payments of 66 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos each. 1715/09/02


90r-92v Don Pedro del Villar, "pertiguero" (perdiguero?) of Mexico City cathedral, is given his 80 peso salary in payments of 26 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos. 1715/09/02


93r-95v Thomas Moreno Pacheco, "maestro de danza" awarded 165 pesos divided into three payments for his choreography during Corpus Christi festival. 1715/06/05


96r-96v Juan de Chaves, "maestro de danza" paid 55 pesos for services during the Corpus Christi celebrations, "para que saque y vista una danssa." 1715/06/05


97r-97v The (nahuatl?) interpreter Manuel Mansio signs and receives 62 pesos to be distributed among the indigenous participants of the Corpus Christi. 1715/06/05


98r-98v Don Antonio de Santiago, Nicolas de los Angeles, and Juan Manuel, indigenous leaders from Santiago Tlatituilco accept payment of 60 pesos for the construction of arches ("para la sombra y arcos") for Corpus Christi festivites. 1715/06/05


99r-99v Indigenous representatives from the community of San Juan are paid 60 pesos for the "sombras y arcos" to be built for the year's Corpus Christi. 1715/06/05


100r-100v Carlos Perez de Villalobos and Don Juan de Baraona, "maestros de confitero," receive 50 pesos for help in preparing the Corpus Christi altar. 1715/06/15


101r-101r Gregorio Antonio de Leon, responsible for the Corpus Christi fireworks presentation (maestro de "coettero") paid 45 pesos for his services. 1715/06/05


102r-102v Fray Manuel Paez of the Augustinian convent, awarded 100 pesos for the San Phelipe de Jesus celebration held in the aforementioned convent. 1715/02/09


103r-103v Fray Miguel de Valdivieso given 50 pesos for the celebration of San Hipolito and the altar's (candle?) wax, in rememberance of the Conquest. 1715/08/08


104r-104v Nicolas de Villegas, sacristan of the Bernardine convent, receives 20 pesos from the treasury for expenses of the San Isidro Labrador festivities. 1715/05/08


105r-105v Vazquez Yañes gives 50 pesos to Don Nicolas de Villegas, for the costs to be incurred during an unspecified religious celebration in his convent. 1715/08/08


106r-106v Treasury awards Fray Manuel Paez of the Augustinian convent 100 pesos for the expenses and feast of its patron saint, San Nicolas Tolentino. 1715/09/09


107r-107v Fray Miguel de San Joseph of the Carmelites receives 50 pesos for the feast of Santa Teresa (Theresa) de Jesus, to be held on June 15, 1715. 1715/10/12


108r-108v Vasquez Yañes presents the Jesuit priest Phelipe Vadillo, "ministro de la casa professa" 200 pesos for the celebration of San Francisco Xavier. 1715/11/28


109r-109 Citizen Hipolito de Betancur receives 35 pesos for having placed (and made?) the candle to be used by the Viceroy during Lent processions. 1715/05/04


110r-110v Don Bartolome de Rivillas, presbyter and chaplain, paid 20 pesos in advance for decorating the altar for the January 1 and 2, 1716 masses. 1715/12/31


111r-111v Don Juan Marcelo Hudelo, governor of the indigenous San Juan barrio, given 8 pesos for arches his community will place in the cabildo's houses. 1715/12/24


112r-112v Gatekeepers, Agustin Felix de Mascareñas and Agustin Rodriguez, receive payment of 40 pesos for carrying benches "a las fistas de Dotazion". 1715/12/31


113r-113v Treasury submits 65 peso reimbursement to Don Martin de Sabalsa, responsible for the confraternity of Nuestra Señora de los Remedios. 1715/12/24


114r-114v Pedro Ximenez de Segura, presbyter of the archbishopric, is paid 26 pesos for purchasing paper for the Corpus Christi invitations and envelopes. 1715/07/12


115r-115v Vasquez Yañes pays Don Joseph de Pedraza, "maestro confitero," 89 pesos for the pastries made for the Good Friday solemnities of 1715. 1715/05/05


116r-116v Citizen Juan Baptista Gallo receives 70 pesos for cost of providing water (garrafas de aguas) to the Royal Palace and its guests on Good Friday. 1715/04/30


117r-117v Doña Magdalena Xinuecio , owner of a wax factory, is paid 235 pesos for sixteen four- pound candles (achas) used for various ceremonies. 1715/12/08


118r-118v Register of the 1300 peso distribution of bonuses (propinas) awarded to the city's administrators for services rendered throughout the year 1715. 1715/06/05


119r-120r Register of the cost of the wax candles (achas) to be used by cabildo members in the luminaries celebrating the marriage of the king of Spain. 1715/11/15


121r-123v Antonio Alvarez, as "asientista de los aqueductos y cañerias" for Mexico City, receives three payments of 133 pesos 2 tomines 8 gramos. 1715/01/25


124r-124v Book publisher Don Francisco de Rivera Calderon accepts 150 pesos for cost of publishing a sermon about the martyr San Phelipe de Jesus. 1715/04/04


125r-125v Antonio Alvarez, architect (alarife mayor), is paid 189 pesos 2 tomines for expenses incurred in the maintenance of the Belem watermill (noria). 1715/07/08


126r-126v City treasury gives Antonio Alvarez 306 pesos 3 tomines for the operation of the Belem watermills from April 15 (1714?) to February 10, 1715 1715/02/11


127r-127v Don Juan Garcia de la Riva is reimbursed 300 pesos for the construction of the Belem watermill, "de la obra de la tarjea del agua de Belem". 1715/08/12


128r-128v Expense report for meal celebrating inauguration of hydraulic system in town of San Cristobal, attended by members of the Mexico City cabildo. 1715/01/31


129r-129v Mexico City cabildo spends 153 pesos on meal prepared for May 12th departure of the ship fleet headed back to Spain, Don Juan de la Peña paid. 1715/05/13


130r Vasquez Yañes gives Don Francisco de Urrua Muñarris, Conde del Fresno de la Fuente, 81 pesos to be charged to the city's public treasury. 1715/07/13


131r Order stipulates that Alhondiga must remain in the houses of the Marques del Valle, authorizes repairs (necesita envigarse) for the city granary. 1715/03/14


131r-131v Antonio Alvarez, city engineer, drafts expense report for granary construction project amounting to 84 pesos 4 reales for four days of work. 1715/03/30


132r-132v Expense report for granary construction project and repairs for six days of labor (April 1 to April 5, 1715), wood from old Alhondiga recycled. 1715/04/06


133r-134r Total cost of three weeks of repair work amounts to 174 pesos, completion of state "galera" measuring twenty-five meters long by five wide. 1715/04/04


135r-137r Nicolas Moreno, notary public, receives 124 pesos 1 real for services rendered as a scribe in visits to Iztacalco and Mexicalzingo during 1714. 1714/12/18


138r-138v Antonio Alvarez, city engineer, receives 100 pesos for repairs suffered by the city's aqueducts and pipes due to the August 5, 1715 earthquake. 1715/08/12


139r-139v Vazquez Yañes gives Antonio Alvarez 100 pesos for repairs and maintenance to the city's aqueducts after the September 7, 1715 earthquake. 1715/11/14


140r-141v Juan Bautista Lopez claims 200 pesos in name of Doña Ignes Cano Moctezuma for debts owed to hear by the city treasury from the year 1714. 1715/04/12


142r-142v 67 pesos 1 tomin 5 gramos awarded to Don Juan Tello de Guzman as heir to Balthasar Rodriguez, as stipulated in March 1711 decree. 1715/03/09


143r-143v Juan Bautista Lopez given 581 pesos as "cesionario" of Doña Ignes Cano Moctezuma, money was owed to Juan Antonio de Rivera Calderon. 1715/04/12


144r-146v Don Miguel de Cuevas Davalos y Luna is paid three installments of 77 pesos 3 tomines 8 granos as tutor of Captain Diego de Borja's children. 1715/05/04


147r-148v Presbyter Don Francisco de Borja Altamirano y Reynoso receives two payments of 77 pesos 3 tomines 8 granos as heir to Balthasar Rodriguez. 1715/05/04


149r-149v Don Pedro de Borja claims the last of three payments of 77 pesos 3 tomines 8 granos as his brother Francisco's legal representative (podatario). 1715/12/31


150r-152v Don Juan Andres de Yturralde "cesionario" awarded three installments totalling 232 pesos 3 tomines 2 granos as Bartholome Rodriguez's heir. 1715/05/06


153r-155v Vazquez Yañes gives Don Pedro de Borja Altamirano y Reynoso, heir of Bartholome Rodriguez three installments of 154 pesos 7 tomines 6 granos. 1715/05/04


156r-158v Don Fernando and Don Nicolas de Lezama, heirs to Bartholome Rodriguez's "reditos", receive 1162 pesos in three payments for the year 1715. 1715/05/02


159r-161v Don Manuel de la Mora de Calderon y la Barca collects 581 pesos in three installments originally awarded to Doña Theresa de Amarilla y Guevara. 1715/05/22


162r-163v Don Juan Bautista Lopez, "alferez" and holder of Doña Ignes Cano Moctezuma claims, is given two payments of 193 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos. 1715/05/04


164r Juan Bautista Lopez signs receipt for 193 pesos 5 tomines as holder of Juan de Rivera Altamirano's rights to Bartholome Rodriguez's will. 1716/01/20


165r-165v As legal representative for Misteses brothers, heirs of Bartholome Rodriguez, don Manuel de la Mora receives 193 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos. 1715/09/05


166r-166v Don Manuel de la Mora holds power of attorney (podatario) belonging to heirs of Doña Teresa de Amarilla y Guevara, claims 193 pesos 5 tomines. 1715/09/05


167r-167v Don Manuel de la Mora receives 193 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos as legal representative for Misteses brothers, heirs of Bartholome Rodriguez. 1715/01/31


168r-168v Don Francisco de Borja Altamirano y Reynoso claims payment of 64 pesos 4 tomines 5 granos as representative of Alonso de Toro Altamirano. 1715/05/04


169r-170v Presbyter Don Pedro de Borja holds power of attorney from Alonso de Toro Altamirano's, collects two payments of 64 pesos 4 tomines 5 granos. 1715/09/06


171r-173v City treasurer Vasquez Yañez gives Doña Maria Theresa de Toro Altamirano a total 193 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos in three separate installments. 1715/05/02


174r-176v Don Joseph and Doña Maria de Saldivar, citizen of Chiautla, give Manuel de la Mora the right to claim 193 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos in their name. 1715/05/04


177r-179v Don Francisco de Oyanguzen, of the king's royal council and Real Audiencia, receives 700 pesos 2 tomines 2 granos as tutor of Guevara children. 1715/05/04


180r-182v Juan Miguel de Cuia paid three installments of 233 pesos 3 tomines 4 granos as owner to the rights of Don Francisco de Guevara's inheritance. 1715/05/04


183r-185v Three payments of 22 pesos 3 tomines 2 granos awarded to Don Francisco de Villerias Roeles Tello de Guzman as heir of Balthasar Rodriguez. 1715/05/06


186r-188v Don Juan Tello Guzman y Guevara, one of Balthasar Rodriguez's heirs, is given a total of 67 pesos 1 tomin 5 granos in three separate installments. 1715/05/02


189r-191v Don Joseph Tello Guzman y Guevara, a heir of Balthasar Rodriguez, is given a total of 67 pesos 1 tomin 5 granos in three separate installments. 1715/05/02


192r-193r City treasury pays Sor Gertrudis de San Benito and the San Geronimo convent 962 peso dowry on the 3000 peso rent owed on an "obra pia". 1715/06/21


194r-196v The administrator of the cathedral's Santisimo Sacramento y Caridad archconfraternity, Don Custodio Blasco, claims 450 pesos from treasury. 1715/05/06


197r-199v Luis de Aguilar, rector of the Santa Fe hospital, collects three payments of 100 pesos each from the interest of a 6000 peso tax or "censo". 1715/09/05


200r-202v Agustin de Vedarte receives 300 pesos in three installments as the administrator for Mexico City's Hospital Real de los Indios (Naturales). 1715/05/04


203r-205v Don Andres de Salzedo Coronel, heir to Don Andres de Salzedo Coronel y Samano, claims 500 pesos of interest from his father's inheritance. 1715/07/08


206r-208v Don Fulgencio de Vega y Vic receives 100 pesos for the entirety of 1715, the three payments come from 2000 peso "principal" tax to his benefit. 1715/05/06


209r Gabriel de Mendieta (Revollo?) is to receive 100 pesos from city treasurer Don Juan Antonio Vasquez Yañes for debts incurred at the carniceria. 1715/04/30


209v Agustin Felix de Mascareñas awarded 200 pesos, half paid by Vasquez Yañes, the other half completed by members of the Mexico City cabildo. 1715/04/30


210r-210v Maestro Don Joseph Saenz de Escobar acknowledges having received 100 pesos from the city cabildo and another 100 from Vasquez Yañes. 1715/05/20


211r-211v Don Pedro de Ximenez de los Cobos receives 50 pesos at the hands of city treasurer Don Juan Antonio Vasquez Yañes, along with several letters. 1715/10/02


212r-213v Don Cristobal de Mendoza, alcalde de carniceria, collects two payments of 200 pesos each for meatpackers' salaries (repesadores de carne). 1715/09/07


214r Scribe of the ordinary court, received 10 pesos 6 reales for copying two books from the flooded Sanctuario de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe. 1715/02/08


215r Silver maces repaired at cost of 5 pesos as per recommendation of the cabildo's doormen Agustin Felix de Mascareñas and Agustin Rodriguez. 1715/01/25


216r-216v Don Juan Diez de Bracamonte, Real Audiencia "oidor" and superintendant judge, orders 200 pesos to be given to Don Miguel Diez de la Mora. 1715/09/28


217r-217v Expense report compiled for canoe guardian Mathias de Naranja, to receive 194 pesos 4 tomines for payment of materials and services rendered. 1715/12/31


218r-218v Doorkeeper Agustin Felix de Mascareñas (portero de maza) receives 200 pesos to be used to pay the the salary of the carniceria's adminstrators. 1715/12/23


219r-219v City treasurer, Don Juan Antonio Vasquez Yañes is owed 104 pesos 2 tomines, remainder which must be paid to balance out the year's expenses. 1716/01/02


220r-246v Financial report of the rent and sales tax income, and of the expenses from salaries, feasts and bonuses incurred by the 1715 Mexico City cabildo. 1715/12/31


246v-247r Note indicating that the financial report of treasurer Vasquez Yañes did not take into account 200 peso debt owed to Don Miguel de Cuebas. n.d.


248r-248v Don Manuel de Zuaza, accountant for the Mexico city cabildo, requests a copy of the August 9 transaction related to the city's carniceria officials. 1716/05/08


249r-249v City procurator orders the scribe Gabriel de Mendieta Revollo to produce a report on the dispute between Vasquez Yañes and carniceria officials. 1715/03/11


250r-250v Don Joseph Nuñez de Villa, high magistrate of the Cholula cabildo, receives annual salary of 33 pesos from Mexico city treasurer Vasquez Yañes. 1715/12/31


251r-251v Don Juan de Rivera Calderon is paid 193 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos corresponding to the last third of his annual salary from the past year, 1715. 1716/04/31


252r-252v Payment of 800 pesos for Luis Maldonado's "obra pia" was not appproved due to already having been received in court (juzgado de capellanias). 1716/01/01


253r-253v 150 pesos awarded to Don Francisco, Conde del Fresno de la Fuente, for payment of accountants and their assessment of carnicerias finances. 1715/09/28


254r-257r Revised financial report for Mexico City treasury reveals a disparity of 1761 pesos in expenses, as reported by accountant Don Manuel de Zuaza. 1716/07/30


257r-259r Don Juan Antonio Vasquez Yañes responds to the adjustment of his financial report, explains nature of his disagreement with Conde del Fresno. 1716/07/31


260r-261r Treasurer Vasquez Yañes requests a copy of Don Juan Diez de Bracamonte's 200 peso petition for payment of Don Manuel Chofre de Morales. 1716/03/18


262r-263r Conde del Fresno de la Fuente appeals to the viceroy, Duque de Linares, forces Vasquez Yañes to pay lawyers 200 pesos over carniceria dispute. 1716/03/18


264r Joseph de Soria receives 50 pesos from the treasury for the purchase of paper by order of Don Francisco de Urrua Muñarris, Conde del Fresno. 1715/07/04


265r-267v Don Miguel de Cuevas Davalos y Luna, "rexidor y diputado de meza de proprios" is awarded three payments of 66 pesos 5 tomines 4 granos. 1715/05/02


268r-268v Cuevas Davalos y Luna reviews and amends several of the corrections proposed by Joseph de Soria in the adjustment of the 1715 financial report. n.d.


269r-269v Mexico City cabildo ratifies recommendations proposed by Cuevas Davalos y Luna, treasury already charged 1276 pesos to Alonsso de Assinas. 1717/10/13


270r-270v Financial report of the net amount (alcanze liquido) owed by Mexico City treasury after final revisions amounts to 1231 pesos 4 tomines 4 granos. 1717/12/02