Inventory of the Spas T. Raikin Papers

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Inventory of the Spas T. Raikin Papers

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Prepared by:
Spas T. Raikin and Hoover Institution Archives Staff
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2009, revised 2012
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Collection Summary

Title: Spas T. Raikin papers
Dates: 1922-2011
Collection Number: 80148
Creator: Raikin, Spas T., 1922-
Collection Size: 55 manuscript boxes (22 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: Correspondence, writings, bulletins, serial issues, printed matter, and photographs, relating to Bulgarian history, the Bulgarian Orthodox Eastern Church, Bulgarian émigré affairs, and activities of anti-communist organizations, including the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations and the Bulgarian National Front.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Languages: Bulgarian English

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Acquired by the Hoover Institution Archives in 1980, with a voluminous increment received in 2012.


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Biographical Note

A Bulgarian-American historian, Raikin served as secretary of the Central Executive Board, Bulgarian National Council, from 1960 to 1963.
Born to a poor peasant family, Raikin herded cows and sheep until he was admitted to the Plovdiv Theological Seminary. He graduated with honors and went on to study in the School of Theology in Sofia University and teach in the Sofia Theological Seminary. Once the Bulgarian Communists had solidified their power, they intensified their religious persecution, drafting Raikin into the army, where he served his time in a military labor camp. In 1951, he and several of his friends escaped from the camp and formed a partisan group in the Rhodope Mountains in southern Bulgaria. Evading the Communists, they managed to cross into Greece, where he received a scholarship from the World Council of Churches to study theology at the University of Athens. He went on to study at the universities in Geneva, Basel, and King's College in London, finally taking a graduate degree in political science at Columbia University in New York. In New York, Raikin became a social worker who helped resettle Bulgarian refugees in the United States under a State Department Program, as well as a staff member in the Travelers Aid Society. It was in that capacity that he was directed to meet Lee Harvey Oswald upon his return from Russia. Raikin found a hotel room for Oswald, his wife, and baby, and handed him a check that paid for their move to Fort Worth, Texas. His account of this event is in the Warren Commission Report and is discussed in dozens of works on the Kennedy assassination.
Raikin's academic career was mostly with East Stroudsburg University in Pennsylvania, where he taught from 1966 until his retirement in 1991. He published some twenty books on Bulgarian history, politics, and culture from the late nineteenth century into the twentieth. He was also active in Bulgarian and East European anticommunist exile organizations.
Additional biographical information may be found in box 1.

Scope and Content of Collection

Raikin's papers, contained in ninety-nine binders, document Rhis historical research and writing as well as Bulgarian émigré activities in the United States.
Spas T. Raikin notes, "The following?99 volumes of my archives are a mirror of my political activities in exile. They contain information on historical, political, social, and ecclesiastical events in the turbulent 20th century in which I personally participated, witnessed and interpreted."
"Some of this information was published in my twenty volumes in the [several] series Politicheski problemi pred bulgarskata obshtestvenost v chuzhbina (Political Problems Facing the Bulgarian Community Abroad), five volumes, Politichesko pateshestvie sreshtu vetrovete na XX vek (Political Journey Against the Winds of the XX Century), thirteen volumes, and San Stefanska Bulgaria. Poiava, sudba, triumf i tragedia na bulgarskata natsionalna ideia (Origins, Fate, Triumph and Tragedy of the Bulgarian National Idea) , two volumes."
"Articles, documents, essays, papers and commentaries not included in the above publications are in these Archives. I believe that all these materials - published or not published, but saved here - will serve well future scholars in understanding and interpreting Bulgarian history of our age, specifically our exile movement." Spas T. Raikin, 29 November 2011, Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, Box 1
Binder number 71, however, is different from the others. It contains copies of documents, notes, and clippings about his meeting with Lee Harvey Oswald in the port at Hoboken, New Jersey on June 13, 1962, when Oswald was returning from the Soviet Union.
Arranged by Raikin in numerical order by binder, with all titles retained. Although Raikin created 99 volumes, he did not include number 78 in the collection.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
Bŭlgarska pravoslavna tsŭrkva.
Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations.
Bulgarian National Front.
Anti-communist movements.
Bulgarians--United States.
Bulgaria--Emigration and immigration.

Collection Contents


Arranged by Raikin in numerical order by binder; all titles were retained

Box: 1

Writings, memoranda, and declarations relating to Bulgaria, Bulgarian émigré, and the Bulgarian National Council, received in 1980 (formerly 10.V)

Box/Binder: 1 : 1

Preface, photographs, biography notes, my creed, editorial principles, "Escape from Hell," "Epilogue - Evil's Flowers," documents, contents of archives

Box/Binder: 1 : 2

Family history, personal documents, letters from and to my brothers

Box/Binder: 2 : 3

Personal, letters to and from family in Bulgaria

Box/Binder: 3 : 4

Documents, originals and copies, Marin, Bezmer, Trudovak, World Council of Churches, Lavrion, Switzerland, England

Box/Binder: 4 : 5-6

Darzhavna Sigurnost, dossier "Desertiori," "Bulgarian Sum"

Box/Binder: 5 : 7

King Simeon

Box/Binder: 5 : 8

American Bulgarian League

Box/Binder: 6 : 9

Arrival in America, Diary first seven weeks, politics and refugees, Church World Service, 1954-1955

Box/Binder: 6 : 10

Bulgarian National Front (BNF) first congress, political report, Kalin Koichev, Ivan Dochev, Paprikov, MPO, church politics and refugees

Box/Binder: 7 : 11-12

Borba edited by Raikin, #1-21, 1956-1963

Box/Binder: 8 : 13

American Friends Anti-Bolshevik Block of Nations, Raikin, Secretary General, 1958-1960

Box/Binder: 8 : 14

Metropolitan, Andrey

Box: 9-10

Bulgarian National Front

Box/Binder: 9 : 15-16


Box/Binder: 10 : 17


Box: 10-14

Bulgarian National Front and Bulgarian National Council

Box/Binder: 10 : 18


Box/Binder: 11 : 19


Box/Binder: 12 : 20


Box/Binder: 13 : 21-22


Box/Binder: 14 : 23-24


Box/Binder: 15 : 25

Independent, 1964-1970

Box: 16-18

Bulgarian Agrarian National Union

Box/Binder: 16 : 26-27


Box/Binder: 17 : 28-29


Box/Binder: 18 : 30


Box: 18-20

Free Agrarian Banner

Box/Binder: 18 : 31

No. 1-20, 1978-1982

Box/Binder: 19 : 32-33

No. 49-67, 1982-1990

Box/Binder: 20 : 34

Bank accounts

Box/Binder: 20 : 35

Published and unpublished articles

Box/Binder: 21 : 36-37

Papers and articles, published and not published

Box/Binder: 22 : 38

Unpublished papers and articles

Box/Binder: 22 : 39

San Stefanska Bulgaria, English original text

Box/Binder: 23 : 40-41

San Stefanska Bulgaria, English original text

Box/Binder: 24 : 42

Scrapbook, Zhelev, Stoyanov, Project Political Program BNF, Washington declaration, Spas, Tantikov, et al.

Box/Binder: 24 : 43

Bulgarian Orthodox Church under communism, Senate hearing, my report for Bolan court case

Box/Binder: 25 : 44

Trudovak, Marin, long hand texts

Box/Binder: 25 : 45

Schism in the Bulgarian Orthodox Church 1

Box/Binder: 26 : 46

Schism in the Bulgarian Orthodox Church 2 (not published papers)

Box/Binder: 26 : 47-48

Schism in the Bulgarian Orthodox Church 3-4, 1992-2002

Box/Binder: 27 : 49

Schism in the Bulgarian Orthodox Church 5, 1992-2002

Box/Binder: 27 : 50

Court case, Varba-Nov vs. St. Andrey, Attorney Bolan 1

Box/Binder: 28 : 51

Court case, Varba-Nov vs. St. Andrey, Attorney Bolan 2

Box/Binder: 28 : 52

Raskol in New York, Schismatics vs. Metropolitan Joseph II

Box/Binder: 29 : 53

Chicago, Munich, Raskol, 1992-2002

Box/Binder: 30 : 54


Box/Binder: 30 : 54

Free Agrarian Banner edited by Raikin, 1981-1983

Box/Binder: 31 : 55

Personal correspondence, family in Bulgaria

Box/Binder: 31 : 56

General correspondence, New York Times, Pocono records, Chicago churches, et al.

Box/Binder: 32 : 57

Important correspondence, Patriarch Pavle of Serbia, Dr. Ivan Gadjev, Meytropolitan Kiril Yonchev, Petar Nikolov

Box/Binder: 32 : 58

My dossier in "Darzhavna Sigurnost" Sofia, Bulgaria, my dossiers in CIA and FBI, State Department, Filchev, Attorney General, Sofia, Bulgaria

Box/Binder: 33 : 59

Political VIP in my orbit, Borislav, Dochev, Radi, G. M., Dimitrov, Shivarov

Box/Binder: 34 : 60

Omitted or repeated materials, VIP BNF, BNC, schism, refugees, seminarians, lost pages, omitted letters

Box/Binder: 35 : 61

Bulgarian Orthodox Chuch under communism, my resistance, Joseph I Kalin, Koichev

Box/Binder: 35 : 62

Bulgarian Orthodox Church, New York diocese, Joseph II and Raikin vs. Schismatics, Joseph II confession

Box/Binder: 36 : 63

Bulgarian Orthodox Church, New York diocese, Joseph II and Raikin vs. Schismatics

Box/Binder: 36 : 64

Diocese in good and bad times, documentation: Schismatics vs. Joseph in court action, analysis by Raikin

Box/Binder: 37 : 65

Analysis by Raikin, papers against the Schismatics, in defense of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, miscellaneous

Box/Binder: 37 : 66

Miscellaneous: omitted items, personal principles, drafts, unpublished documents and essays, maps

Box: 38-42

General correspondence, alphabetical

Box/Binder: 38 : 67-68


Box/Binder: 39 : 69-70


Box/Binder: 40 : 71

O-S. Includes Lee Harvey Oswald materials

Box/Binder: 41 : 72


Box/Binder: 42 : 73


Box/Binder: 42 : 74

Miscellaneous correspondence, 1992-1993

Box/Binder: 43 : 75

Miscellaneous correspondence, 1984-1985

Box/Binder: 43 : 76

Munich correspondence, RFE, Darvodelski vs. Raikin, Stephan Popov, Rodopi Odyssey, Post-communist era letters, memorandum to president Bush, failure in the Middle East, Julia Daskalova, "Nedelnik," Velko Valkanov

Box/Binder: 44 : 77

The Theodores, Momar Quaddafi, Chicago cultural affairs, Simeon Ovcharov, Raikovski

Box/Binder: 44 : 78

Not sent to Hoover Institution by Raikin

Box/Binder: 44 : 79

Correspondence, Tsanyo P. Tsvaitkov, commentaries, post-communist Bulgaria

Box/Binder: 45 : 80

Robert Chipperfield, press forums, commentaries, Bulgarian politics

Box/Binder: 45 : 81

Corduffe, Emil, Australia, commentary, e-mail

Box/Binder: 46 : 82

Pocono Record letters to the editor, 1970-2011

Box/Binder: 46 : 83

Important omissions, letters, commentaries, documents

Box/Binder: 47 : 84

Samples, articles, Bulgarian press, 2000-2005

Box: 47-51

Political commentaries, internet pages

Box/Binder: 47 : 85


Box/Binder: 48 : 86-87


Box/Binder: 49 : 88-89


Box/Binder: 50 : 90-91


Box/Binder: 51 : 92-93


Box/Binder: 52 : 94

Defective English text of San Stefanska Bulgaria 1

Box/Binder: 53 : 95

Defective English text of San Stefanska Bulgaria 2

Box/Binder: 53 : 96

Unpublished essays, articles, conference papers, historical studies

Box/Binder: 54 : 97

Introduction to philosophy notes, 1964-1965, lectures

Box/Binder: 54 : 98

Personal promotion papers

Box/Binder: 54 : 98

Personal correspondents: Altunkov, Miro G., Mitropolit Simeon Ing. Doichin, Penev

Box/Binder: 55 : 99

Personal correspondents: Gadjec, Rev. Peniu, Tsvaitkov, Todorov, Jordan, Perle, Richard, commentaries