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Title: Arthur Edward Ruark papers
Date (inclusive): 1885-1979
Collection Number: 80112
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Library and Archives
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 56 manuscript boxes (22.4 Linear Feet)
Abstract: This collection contains writings, technical reports, reprints, lectures, correspondence, notes, and printed matter relating to physics.
Creator: Ruark, Arthur Edward, 1899-1979
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Library & Archives


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Biographical Note

American physicist; assistant and senior associate director of research, Atomic Energy Commission, 1961-1969.
1899 Born in Washington, D.C.
1921 Received A.B. cum laude from Johns Hopkins University
1923 Received A.M. from Johns Hopkins University
1927-1929 Worked as a physicist for Gulf Oil Co., Mellon Institute
1926-1927 Served as assistant professor of physics at Yale University
1924 Received Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University
1922-1926 Served as a member of the Atomic Structure Section of the Bureau of Standards, Washington, D.C.
circa 1945-1956 Started the graduate program of physics at the University of Alabama
1934 Served as the head of the physics department at the University of North Carolina
1930-1934 Served as professor of physics at the University of Pittsburgh
1930 Served as chief of physics division for the Gulf Research Laboratory
1979 Died in Washington, D.C.
1930 Wrote Atoms, Molecules, and Quanta with Nobel Prize in Chemistry winner Harold Clayton Urey
1959 Wrote "Material for the McKinney Report - Progress Towards Fusion-Power"

Scope and Content of Collection

Writings, technical reports, reprints, lectures, correspondence, hand-written notes, and printed matter relating to physics. Publications include The Physical Review, American Journal of Physics, Physics Today, the German language Zeitschrift Für Physik, and the French language Le Journal de Physique et le Radium. Also includes published reports from the United States Atomic Energy Commission.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Nuclear energy -- United States
U.S. Atomic Energy Commission


Correspondence 1930-1977

box 1, folder 1

A - F 1937-1975

box 1, folder 2

G - I 1930-1977

box 1, folder 3

J - L 1931-1970

box 1, folder 4-5

M 1966-1976

box 1, folder 6, box 2, folder 1

N - S 1933-1972

box 2, folder 2-3

T - V 1943-1973

box 2, folder 4

W 1940-1968


Speeches and Writings 1940-1975

box 2, folder 5

A-B 1965


"A Note on Classical Fields" 1964


"About Symmetry" undated


"Addendum on Extended Form of Ehrenfest Paradox" 1973


"Advantages and Limitations of Fusion-Power" undated


"Approximate Methods of Solving the Wave Equation" undated


"Approximate Parameters of the Accelerator" undated


"Background and History of the Sherwood Program" 1966

box 2, folder 6

C 1940


"CERN Proton Synchrotron" undated


"The Chemistry of Tritium in Controlled Fusion Devices" 1965


"Composition of Mixed Vapors in the Cloud Chamber" 1940


"Cornell 10-ReV Electron Synchrotron" undated


"Cosmic Ray File" 1969

box 3, folder 1

D undated


"Directions to Tester" undated

box 3, folder 2-3

E 1953-1965


"Electromagnetic Interactions" 1968


"Electron-Like Kryptotrons" undated


"Electron Microscope Bibliography" 1966


"Energy Loss and Scattering of Fast Ions and Electrons" 1953


"Experimental Investigations of Pair Production" undated

box 3, folder 4

F 1948-1967


"Fast Modulation Effects in the Optical Region" 1947


"The Foundations of the Quantum Theory" undated


"Future Advances in Electron Microscopy" 1967

box 3, folder 5

G-I 1949


"General Properties of Frequency Distributions" undated


"General Theory of Quantum Dynamics" undated


"Geometry of n-Dimensional Space" undated


"Improvement of Telegraphic Word-Speed by Use of High-Character Printing Systems" 1949


"Interaction Energy in Quantum Electrodynamics" undated

box 4, folder 1

K-L 1974


"LLL-Sohio Solar Process Heat Project" 1974

box 4, folder 2

M-O 1956-1975


"The Need for Controlled Thermonuclear Power" undated


"On the Kinetic Energy of the Visible Universe" 1956

box 4, folder 3

P 1953-1968


"Permutations, Combinations" undated


"The Possibility of Hitherto-Undiscovered Stable Particles" 1953


"Publications of Arthur E. Ruark" 1968

box 4, folder 4-5

R 1952-1969


"Radiation from a Very Hot Plasma" 1952


"Research Contracts" 1969


"Research Toward Power from Fusion of Hydrogen Isotopes" 1963

box 4, folder 6

Sc-Sp undated


"Scattering of a Beam of Particles by a Ceter of Force" undated


"The Science of Completely Ionized Matter" 1965


"Scientific Principles" undated


"Scientific Problems" undated


"Scientific Theology" 1967


"Selected Phenomena in the Field of Oxide Hydration" 1966


"Symmetry in a Curved Manifold" 1962


"Symmetry in Chemistry" undated

box 5, folder 1-2



"Special Topics in Spectroscopy" undated


"Spectral Intensities" undated

box 5, folder 3

Ta-Ti 1951


"The Theory of Discrimination and Reliability in Crowded Situations" 1951

box 5, folder 4

Tr-Ty 1949-1960


"Trends in Project Sherwood" 1960


"Typewriter Keyboards Carrying Both Letters and Very-Frequent Words" 1949

box 6, folder 1

U 1968


"Ultimate Reserves" undated


"UN-6" 1968

box 6, folder 2-3

W 1968


"Where Do We Go From Here?" 1968

box 6, folder 5, box 7, folder 1-3


box 7, folder 4

Glass Slides undated

box 7

Notes undated

box 8

Notes undated

box 9

Notes undated

box 10

Notes undated

box 11

Notes undated

box 12

Notes undated

box 13

Notes undated

box 14

Notes undated

box 15

Notes undated

box 16

Notes undated

box 17

Notes undated

box 18, folder 1-2

Photographs undated


Printed Matter 1885-1979

box 18, folder 3-6, box 19, folder 1-3

Articles 1963-1978

box 19, folder 4-5, box 20, folder 1

Clippings 1971-1976

box 20, folder 2

Pamphlets 1942-1965


Reports 1921-1979

box 20, folder 3-5, box 21, box 22, folder 1



"An Absolute Frame of Reference for the Expanding Universe," 1965


"An Amateur's View of Particle Physics," 1968


"An Analogy Between Metric and Hertz Potentials," 1974


"An Analytical Approach to the Ising Problem," undated


"An Application of Information Theory to Multivariate Analysis," 1952


"An Astrophysical Determination of the Average Life of an Excited Calcium Atom," 1924


"An Atomic Beam Study of the Hyperfine Structure of the Metastable State of Indium," 1939


"An Attempt to Detect a Magnetic Field as the Result of the Rotation of a Copper Sphere at High Speed," 1928


"An Attempt to Detect a Neutral Particle of Small Mass," 1934


"An Attempted Theory of Photosynthesis," 1937


"A Brief History of Element Discover, Synthesis, and Analysis," 1963


"A Brouwer Type Space to Replace the Conventional Physical Continuum When Particles are Regarded as Distinction Systems"


"A Class of Conserved Tensors in an Arbitrary Gravitational Field," 1962


"A Class of Representations of the Generalized Bondi-Metzner Group," 1966


"A Classification of Quadrics in Affine N-Space by Means of Arithmetic Invariants," 1932


"A Cloud Chamber Search for Free Magnetic Poles," undated


"A Cloud Chamber Search for Sub-Ionizing Particles," 1957


"A Cloud Chamber Study of the Compton Effect," 1936


"A Commutation Rule in Quantum Mechanics," 1930


"A Comparative Review of Recent Researches in Geometry," 1892


"A Comparison of the Eastlund Pulsar Model with the Frequency Dependent Pulse Width Data for CP1133," undated


"A Comparison of the Informational Capacities of Amplitus and Phase Modulation Communication Systems," 1952


"A Comparison of Transmission Systems," undated


"A Compilation of Pion-Nucleon Scattering Data," undated


"A Compilation of Potassium Nitrogen Reactions," 1969


"A Compton Scattered Laser Beam for the 82" Bubble Chamber," 1967


"A Contribution to the Mathematical Biophysics of Psychophysical Discrimination," 1938


"A Contribution to the Theory of the Brillouin-Wentzel-Kramers Method," 1935


"A Correspondence Principle in the Compton Effect," 1926


"A Critique of Operationalism in Physics," 1937


"A Demonstration of One-Atom Detection," 1977


"A Determination of All Invariant Tensors," 1927


"A Determination of the Masses and Velocities of Three Radium B Beta-Particles," 1940


"A Determination of the Rate of Change of G," 1976


"A Discussion of the Experiments Bearing on the Existence of a Medium for the Propagation of Electromagnetic Waves," 1962


"A Double Quantum Jump in CTR," 1975


"A Dynamical Model for Complex Atoms," 1926


"A Dynamical Model of a Crystal Structure," 1947


"An Eigen-Value Problem in the Generalized Theory of Gravitation," 1958


"An Electrical Quadrupole Moment of the Deuteron," 1940


"An Electromagnetic Effect of Importance in Solar and Terrestrial Magnetism," 1929


"An Energy Principle for Dissipative Fluids," 1969


"An Equation for a System with a Single Type of Transformation," 1947


"An Equation of State for a System with a Single Type of Transformation," 1947


"An Exploding Pellet Fusion Reactor," 1969


"An Extensible Model of the Electron," 1962


"An Extension of the Balmer Series of Hydrogen and Spectroscopic Phenomena of Very Long Vacuum Tubes," 1920


"An Extension of the Maxwell Theory," 1955


"An Extension of the Newtonian Law of Gravitation," 1958


"A Field Theory of Elementary Particles," 1939


"A Fusion-Fission Reactor," 1962


"A General Equation of State: Equations for Ammonia and Steam," 1949


"A Generalization of a Theorem of Jacobi," 1950


"A Generalization of Electrodynamics with Applications to the Structure of the Electron and to Non-Radiating Orbits," 1921


"A Generalization of the Einstein-Mayer Field Theory," 1935


"A Generalization of the Kaluza-Klein Field Theory," 1935


"A Geometric Approach to Nonrelativistic Spin Theory," 1953


"A Hundred Years of Entropy," undated


"An Improved Evaluation of 'Excitation-Heating of Advanced Pellet Fusion Fueld to Ignition,'" 1976


"An Indeterminacy Relation for Several Observables and its Classical Interpretation," 1934


"An Informational Theory of the Structure of Language," undated


"An Interaction Interpretation of Special Relativity Theory," undated


"An Interpretation of Dirac's Theory of the Electron," 1928


"An Interval Meter and Its Application to Studies of Geiger Counter Statistics," 1940


"An Investigation on Jets," 1953


"An Investigation of the Pair Creation by Gamma Rays in a Cloud Chamber," 1937


"An Investigation of the Production of Positive and Negative Electron Pairs in a Cloud Chamber," 1937


"An Intrinsic Transport Theorem," undated


"An Introduction to Spinors," 1953


"A Kinematical Interpretation of Electromagnetism," 1920


"A Literature Review and Interpretation of the Absorption of Water Vapor on Glass Surfaces," undated


"A Lorentz Invariant Theory for the Gravitational Light-Deflection Phenomena," 1965


"A Markovian Analysis of the Life of Newspaper Subscriptions," 1968


"A Mathematical Theory of Optical Illusions and Figural Aftereffects," 1973


"A Maximum-Complexity Theorem for Nondynamical Parity Tests," 1966


"A Mechanism of Acquirement of Cosmic-Ray Energies by Electrons," 1932


"A Method for the Construction of Minimum Redundancy Codes," undated


"A Method of Calculating Fluctuations," 1938


"A Metrical Theory and Its Relation to the Charge and Masses of the Electron Proton," 1931


"A Model of Unified Fields," 1970


"A Modification of Brillouin's Unified Statistics," 1934


"A New Class of Spectra Due to Secondary Radiation," 1928


"A New Conception of Supraconductivity," 1937


"A New Cosmological Hypothesis," 1976


"A New Device for Obtaining X-Ray Diffraction Patterns from Substances Exposed to High Pressure," undated


"A New Look at Research and Development," 1963


"A New Method for the Measurement of the Bohr Magneton," 1937


"A New Model of Magnetic Storms and Aurorae," 1957


"A New Modification of Classical Electromagnetic Theory," 1953

box 17, folder 2

"A New Radiation" 1928


"A New Regularity in the List of Existing Nuclei," 1930


"A New Rigorous Lower Bound on the Range of the Triplet Neutron Proton Interaction," 1953


"A New X-Ray Effect," 1940


"A Nonhomogenous Cosmological Model," 1949


"A Note on Atomic Binding Energies," 1951


"A Note on the Decomposition of the Scalar Product of Two Symmetric Tensors," 1954


"A Note on Imitative Behavior and Information," 1951


"A Note on Positron Theory and Proper Energies," 1936


"A Note on the Possible Effect of Screening in the Theory of Beta Disintegration," 1936


"A Note on Summation over Seynman Histories," 1957


"A Note on the Value of the General Constants of the Saha Equation," 1933


"A Novel Concept for Start-up of Controlled Fusion Reactions," 1969


"A Numerical Variational Method," 1951


"An Optical Study of Adsorbed Films," 1928


"An Outline of Stability Studies Concerning the Density Build-up Project in the Colliding Beam Device Migma IV," 1978


"A Partial Wave Analysis of Single Pion Photoproduction," 1968


"A Peril and a Hope," 1978


"A Phase Shift Analysis of the Scattering of Protons by Deuterons," 1947


"A Photometric Procedure for Weight Determination of Submicroscopic Particles Quantitative Electron Microscopy," 1962


"A Physicist's Thoughts on the Formal Structure and Psychological Motivation of Theory and Observation," 1957


"A Practical Proposal for the Experimental Study of Born Rigid Motions," 1973


"A Precise Determination of the Magnetic Moment of the Positive Muon," 1969


"A Proposal for a Bubble Chamber Experiment with the Polarized Laser Induced Photon Beam," 1968


"A Proposal to the National Science Foundation: A Cloud Chamber Search for Free Magnetic Poles," undated


"A Quantitative Determination of the Neutron Moment in Absolute Nuclear Magnetons," 1940


"A Quantum Theory of Wheeler-Feynman Electrodynamics," 1969


"A Rational Interpretation of the Dirac Equation for the Electron," 1974


"A Recent Development in Communication Technique," 1952


"A Reconciliation of the Undulatory and Particulate Aspects of Radiation," 1974


"A Redetermination of the Newtonian Constant of Gravitation," 1927


"A Regional Air Pollution Analysis Model," 1971


"A Relation Between the Dirac Field of the Electron and Electromagnetic Fields," 1975


"A Relativistic Field Theory of the Electron," 1975


"A Reputation of Geochronometric Conventionalism," undated


"A Review of Fusion-Fission (Hybrid) Concepts," 1973


"A Search for an Electrostatic Analog to the Gravitational Red Shift," 1931


"A Search for Neutrinos from the Sun," 1968


"A Search for New Particles Produced by High Energy Photons," 1968


"A Simple Graphical Method in the Analysis of SU3," 1965


"A Simple Picture of the Binding Energies of Hydrogen and Helium," 1939


"A Simplified Presentation of Einstein's Unified Field Equations," 1929


"A Singularity-Free Empty Universe," 1968


"A Spinor Formulation of Electromagnetic Theory in General Relativity," 1963


"A Study of Background in a Long Sensitive Time Wilson Cloud Chamber," 1958


"A Study of H.E. Ives on Relativity," undated


"A Summary of Communication Theory," undated


"A Symmetric-Tensor-Antisymmetric-Tensor Theory of Gravitation and Electromagnetism from a Quaternion Representation of General Relativity," 1968

box 22, folder 2-3



"A Test of Neutrino-Antineutrino Identity," undated


"A Theoretical Comparison Between Autocorrelation and Square Law Types of Detection," 1951


"A Theory of Gravitation," 1966


"A Theory of the Magnetic Field Associated with Sun-Spots," 1929


"A Theory of Relativistic Supermultiplets," 1969


"A Thermodynamic Theory of Solutions of Two Liquids at All Concentrations," 1942


"A Unified Einstein-Yukawa Theory," 1977


"A Unified Theory of Spontaneous Electrical Fluctuations in Thermionic Valves," 1947


"A Unified Treatment of the Kerr and Vaidya Solutions in General Relativity," 1970


"A Unified Variational Formulation of Classical and Quantum Dynamics," 1962


"A Universal Polarimeter," 1925


"An Upper Limit for the Cross Section for Scattering of Neutrinos by Hydrogen," 1947


"A Valuable Guide to the Theory of Scattering Processes," 1973


"Abnormal Nuclear States and Vacuum Excitations," 1974


"Absence of Effect of an Electric Field on the Magnetic Susceptibilities of HCl and NO," 1928


"Absolute Conservation Laws and Space-Time Symmetries," 1966


"Absolute Selection Rules for Meson Decay," 1950


"The Absolute Significance of Maxwell's Equations," 1921


"Absorption Coefficient for Slow Electrons in Alkali Metal Vapors," 1929


"The Absorption Coefficient of Hard Gamma Rays," 1930


"Absorption Curves and Ranges for Homogenous Beta Rays," 1937


"Absorption of the Beta Particles from Some of the Radioactive Substances by Air and Carbon Dioxide," 1915


"Absorption Problems in Radioactivity," undated


"Absorption Spectra of Mercury, Cadmium, and Zinc at High Pressure," 1927


"Abstract Mathematical Molecular Biology," 1961


"Abundances of the Elements," 1956

box 22, folder 4-5

Ac - An


"The Acceleration Formula for a Substratum and the Principle of Inertia," 1937


"Acoustic and Magnetic Surface Wave Ring Interferometers for Rotation Rate Sensing," 1974


"Action of Radiation and Perturbations on Atoms," 1927


"Action of Thromboplastinase on Human Brain Lipid Fractions," 1955


"Actinouranium and the Geologic Time Scale," undated


"The Activation Energy of Unimolecular Reactions," 1935


"Adsorption de l'eau sur une Face de Clivage de Chlorure de Sodium," 1963


"Advanced Fuels for Nuclear Fusion Reactors," 1975


"Advances in Knowledge of Nuclear Forces," 1953


"Advances in Nucleon-Nucleon Scattering Experiments and Their Theoretical Consequences," 1953


"Advances in X-Ray Analysis," 1963


"The Affine: Projective Field Laws," undated


"Afflication to Optics of Certain Results and Methods of Information Theory," undated


"Age and Confinement of Cosmic Ray Nuclei," 1970


"Aggregates in One and Two Dimensional Random Distributions," 1945


The Algebra of Microscopic Measurement," 1959


"Algebraic Classification of Four-Dimensional Riemann Spaces," 1969


"Allergy Statistics," 1966


"Alpha-Particle and Fission Anisotropies from Oriented Actinide Nuclei," 1958


"The Amount of Information in Absolute Judgements," 1951


"Amplifier Response," 1946


"Analogy in Quantum Theory: From Insight to Nonsense," 1967


"Analogy Structure in a Thesaurus," undated


"Analysis of Conversion Ratio Requirements in an Expanding Nuclear Electric System," 1965


"Analysis of Energy Recovery Blankets for Controlled Fusion Systems," undated


"Analysis of Non-Commuting Vectors with Application to Quantum Mechanics and Vector Calculus," 1934


"Analysis of the Dirac Equation in Riemannian Space," 1967


"Angular Distribution of Electrons Scattered by Mercury Vapor," 1931


"Angular Distribution of Gamma Rays in Coulomb Excitation," 1955


"Angular Distribution of Intensity of Resonance Radiation," 1928


"Angular Distribition of Light Scattered in Liquids," 1941


"Angular Distribution of Pions from Theta Decay," 1955


"Angular Scattering of Electrons in Hydrogen and Helium," 1928


"Anomalous Prediction of Quantum Processes by Some Human Subjects," undated


"Anomalous Scattering of Fast Neutrons," 1940


"Anomalous Transmission of X-Rays in Copper Crystals," 1963


"Anwendung des Prinzips virtueller Verschiebungen auf die in eine Strahlung versenkten Systeme," 1911


"Any Physics Tomorrow?," 1949

box 23, folder 1-2

Ap - Ar


"Apparatus for Viewing and Measuring Stereoscopic Cloud Chamber Photographs," 1940


"Apparent Evidence of Polarization in a Beam of B-Rays," 1928


"The Apparent Existence of Easily Deflectable Positives," 1932


"The Application of the Absorption Method to the Determination of the Upper Limits of Continuous Beta Ray Spectra," 1938


"Application of Adiabatic Functions to Nitrogen + Nitrogen Reactions," 1956


"Application of Liouville's Theorem to Electron Orbits in the Earth's Magnetic Field," 1933


"Application of the Theory of Small Vibrations to Polyatomic Molecules," 1941


"The Applications of Fibre Bundles in Physics," 1967


"Applications of the Radioactive Elements in Chemistry," 1930


"Approaches to Infinity," undated


"The Approximate Equality of the Proton-Proton and Proton-Neutron Interactions for the Meson Potential," 1939


"Approximate Nature of Physical Symmetries," 1958


"Approximately Relativistic Equations," 1938


"Approximately Relativistic Equations for Nuclear Particles," 1937


"Are Electrons Real?," 1965


"Are Pion-Pion Scattering Experiments Feasible?," 1967


"Are Photon-Photon Scattering Experiments Feasible?," 1967


"Are Quanta Unidirectional?," 1923


"Are There Particles in Nature Other Than Bosons and Fermions?," 1968


"Are We Machines?," 1968


"Are We Retrogressing in Science?," 1963


"Around the World Atomic Clocks," 1972

box 23, folder 3-4

As - Ba


"Aspects of the Scholarly Life," undated


"Aspects of the Turbulence Problem," 1952


"Association and the Equation of State," 1955


"Association and the General Equation of State of Gases, Liquids, and Solids," undated


"Association Theory and the Nature of the Critical State," 1972


"Association Theory: The Discontinuous Case and the Structure of Liquids and Solids," 1970


"Asymmetries of Pressure Broadened Spectral Lines," 1933


"Asymptotic Properties of Fields and Space-Times," 1962


"The Atom in Man's Future," 1967


"Atomic Energy Commission High Intensity Neutron Generator," 1964


"Atomic Energy Relations," 1934


"Atomic Hydrogen and the Balmer Series Spectrum," 1922


"Atomic Synthesis and Stellar Energy," 1931


"The Atomic Weights of Radioactive Substances, Actinouranium, and the Problem of Geologic Time," undated


"The Atmospheres of the Stars," 1934


"Attenuation of 14.1 Mev Neutrons in Water," 1957


"Bahnvalenz und Richtungseigenschaften in der Theorie der chemischen Bindung," 1936


"The Barnwell Addresses," 1934


"Basic Assumptions in Kinetic Theories of Fully Ionized Gases," 1964


"The Basic Ideas of Quantum Mechanics," 1969


"The Basic Principles Involved in the Glassy State," 1942


"Basic Theorems in Matrix Theory," 1962


"Basis for Special Relativity Theory Provided by Experiments in High Energy Physics," 1966


"The Basis of Our Measuring System," undated

box 23, folder 5

Be - Br


"Beauty, the Ideal: Of the Arts, and the Sciences," 1954


"The Behavior of Particles in a Scattering and Absorbing Medium," 1947


"Beiträge zur Optik trüber Medien," undated


"Beiträge zur Optik trüber Medien, speziell kolloidaler Metallösungen," 1908


"Bericht über Fragen der Kernphysik," 1934


"The 'Best' Straight Line among the Points," 1953


"The Beta and Gamma Rays of Actinium B and Actinium C," 1939


"Beta-Gamma Directional Correlation in Sb," 1966


"The Beta Rays of Actinium B and Actinium C Partial Spectra," 1938


"The Beta Ray Spectra of Lithium and Boron," 1937


"The Beta-Ray Type of Radioactive Disintegration," 1934


"Bethe-Salpeter Equation," 1967


"Big-Bang Model Without Singularities," 1973


"Bilateral Symmetry in Morphogenesis of Embryos," 1970


"Binding Energy of the Triton," 1947


"The Biophysics of Space and Time," 1935


"The Blue-Green Fluorescence of Mercury Vapor," undated


"Bohr's Theory of the Hydrogen Atom," undated


"Bonding Power of Electrons and Theory of Valence," 1931


"Bragg Reflection of Slow Neutrons," 1936


"Breakdown of Lorentz Invariance," 1967


"The Broglie Waves," 1977


"Brownian Motion in a Field of Force and the Diffusion Model of Chemical Reactions," 1940


"Brownian Motion of a Mirror in Superfluid Helium," 1958

box 24, folder 1



"The Calculation of Chemical Equilibrium from Spectroscopic Data," 1931


"Calculation of the Kinetic Energy in Flat Space-Time," undated


"Calculations on Classical Field Theory," 1942


"Calculation of Equilibrium Constants for Isotopic Exchange Reactions," 1947


"Calculation of Work at 90 Degrees," undated


"The Cambridge Physical Tracts," undated


"Can Equations of Motion Be Used in High-Energy Physics?," 1970


"Can One Derive the Schwartzschild Line-Element Without the Field Equations?," 1959


"Can Quantum-Mechanical Description of Physical Reality Be Considered Complete?," 1935


"Cantor's Continuum Hypothesis," undated


"Capture of Slow Neutrons," 1936


"Carnegie Institution: Report of the President," 1978


"CASPAR: Control Systems," 1960


"Catalysts, Stored Information, and Controlled Sequences of Chemical Events," undated


"Cauchy's Problem in General Relativity," 1953


"Causality and Modern Physics," 1931


"Causality Effects of Particles that Travel Faster than Light," 1967


"Causality in Natural Science," 1954


"Causality in the Physical World," 1923

box 24, folder 2-3

Ce - Ch


"Census of Oil Desulfurization to Achieve Environmental Goals," 1973


"Central Peaks Due to Microdomains, Impurities, or...?," 1976


"The Center for Particle Theory," 1971


"Center for Theoretical Studies," undated


"Cerenkov Radiation of Neutral Particles with a Magnetic Moment," 1956


"The CERN Separated Low-Momentum Antiproton Beam," 1963


"Characteristic Hypersurface in General Relativity," 1965


"Characteristics Features of Mathematics and of Its History," undated


"The Characteristics of Radio-Frequency Radiation in an Ionized Gas," 1949


"Characteristics of the 'Synchrotron Light' from the NBS MeV Machine," 1965


"Characteristics of Thermonuclear Plasmas," undated


"Charge Fluctuation Forces in Biological Systems," 1969


"Charge Fluctuation Interactions and Molecular Biophysics," 1965


"Charge Quantization and Non-Integrable Lie Algebras," 1968


"The Charging Effect Produced by the Rotation of a Prolate Iron Spheroid in a Uniform Magnetic Field," 1924


"Charts for Predicting Equilibria," undated


"Check List of Items for Future Consideration," 1969


"Chemical Reactions at Surfaces," 1931


"The Chi-Test and Curve Fitting," 1934


"Chronometric Relativity," 1973

box 24, folder 4-5

Ci - Cl


"Circuit Minimization: Algebra and Algorithms for New Boolean Canonical Expressions," 1954


"Civilian Nuclear Power," 1965


"Clarification on Two Important Questions in Rigid Body Mechanics," 1972


"Classical and Quantum Field Theories in the Lagrangian Formation," 1953


"The Classical Description of Charged Particles," 1962


"Classical Electrodynamics and the Conservation of Energy," 1931


"Classical Electrodynamic Equations of Motion with Radiative Reaction," 1959


"Classical Elementary Measurement Electrodynamics," 1968


"Classical Relativistic Mechanics of Interacting Point Particles," 1969


"Classical Theory of Radiating Electrons," 1938


"Classification of Many-Particle States," 1961


"Classification of the Harrison Metrics," undated


"The Clock Paradox and the Physics of Discontinuous Gravitational Fields," 1957


"Close Electron-Electron Collisions at High Energies," 1926


"Cloud Chamber Evidence Against the Existence of Heavy Beta-Particles," 1938


"Cloud Chamber Search for Particles Ionizing Less Than an Electron," 1958


"Cloud Chamber Study of Hard Collisions of Cosmic Ray Muons with Electrons," 1961

box 25, folder 1

Coh - Col


"Coherent Cerenkov Radiation Effects in High Intensity Electron Beam Experiments," undated


"Cohesion of Clean Surfaces and the Effect of Absorbed Gases," undated


"Coils for the Production of a Uniform Magnetic Field," 1939


"Coincedence Pi Electroproduction and the Pion Form Factor," undated


"Collision of Neutron and Proton," 1936


"The Collision of Two Particles: Relativistic Collisions, Collisions Between Quanta, and Material Particles," 1940


"Collision Mechanics," undated


"Collisions of the Second Kind Between Magnesium and Neon," 1935


"Collision of Two Light Quanta," 1934


"Collisional Effects and the Conduction Current in an Ionized Gas," 1953

box 25, folder 2



"Cometary Collisions and Geological Periods," 1973


"Comments on the Incompatibility of Mach's Principle and the Principle of Equivalence in Current Gravitation Theory," 1973


"The Committee on Mathematical Biology," 1953


"Communication in the Presence of Additive, Gaussian Noise," 1952


"A Comparison of the Eastlund Pulsar Model with the Frequency Dependent Pulse Width Data for CP1133," undated


"Comparison of Effective Ranges of N-P and P-P Interactions," 1965


"Comparison of Electron-Proton and Positron Proton Elastic Scattering at Four Momentum Transfers," 1968


"Comparison of the Scattering of Positrons and Electrons from Nuclear Charge Distributions," 1961


"Complete Reduction of Fermion-Antifermion Bethe-Salpeter Equation with Static Kernel," 1975


"Complete Solutions of the Schrodinger Equation and/or the Dirac Equation," 1968


"The Complex Neutron," 1934


"Complex Orthogonal and Anti-Orthogonal Representation of Lorentz Group," 1960


"Complex Scattering Amplitudes in Elastic Electron Scattering," 1967


"Complex Structures and Representations of the Einstein Equations," 1974


"Composite Nature of the Physical Particles in Lagrangian Field Theory," 1976


"Composition and Origin of Cosmic Rays," 1968


"The Composition and Swelling Properties of Haemoglobin Crystals," 1946


"Composition of Mixed Vapors in the Cloud Chamber," 1940


"Compressibility of Solids and Tait's Law," 1966


"Compton-Modified Line Structure and Its Relation to the Electron Theory of Solid Bodies," 1929


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box 25, folder 3-5



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box 26, folder 1-2

Cor - Cu


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box 26, folder 3

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box 26, folder 4-5

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box 27, folder 1-2



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box 27, folder 3

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box 27, folder 4



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box 27, folder 5

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box 27, folder 6

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box 28, folder 1

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box 28, folder 2-3



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box 28, folder 4

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box 29, folder 1



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box 29, folder 2

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box 29, folder 3



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box 29, folder 4

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box 29, folder 5



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box 30, folder 1

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box 30, folder 2-3



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box 30, folder 4

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box 30, folder 5

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box 31, folder 1

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box 31, folder 2

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box 31, folder 3

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box 31, folder 4-5

Inf - Inn


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box 32, folder 1-3

Ins - Int


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box 28, folder 2

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box 32, folder 4-5

Inv - J


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box 32, folder 6



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box 31, folder 1-2

La - Le


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box 33, folder 3

Li - Lu


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box 33, folder 4-5

Mac - Mag


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box 34, folder 1

Mai - Mas


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box 34, folder 2-3



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box 34, folder 4



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box 34, folder 5-6



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box 35, folder 1-3

Mi - Mu


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box 35, folder 4



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box 35, folder 5-6



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box 36, folder 1-2



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box 36, folder 3-4



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box 36, folder 5

Oa - Of


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"Observation of Stimulated Radiative Emission from Normal to Superconducting Metal Junctions," 1969


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box 36, folder 6, box 37, folder 1

On a - On S


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box 37, folder 2-3

On the A - On the D


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box 37, folder 4

On the E - On the M


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box 37, folder 5, box 38, folder 1

On the N - On the R


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box 38, folder 2

On the S - On the Z


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box 38, folder 3

One - Ou


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box 38, folder 4

Pa - Pe


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box 39, folder 1-2



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box 39, folder 3-4

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box 39, folder 5

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box 40, folder 1-2

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box 40, folder 3-4



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box 41, folder 1

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box 41, folder 4, box 42, folder 1

Rem - Rez


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box 42, folder 2

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box 42, folder 3-4

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box 42, folder 5-6



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box 43, folder 1-2

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box 43, folder 3-4



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box 43, folder 5, box 44, folder 1



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box 45, folder 1

Sw - Sy


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box 45, folder 2

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box 45, folder 3-4



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box 45, folder 5

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box 46, folder 1-2

To - Ty


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box 46, folder 3-4



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box 46, folder 5



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box 46, folder 6, box 47, folder 1



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box 47, folder 2

X to Z


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box 43, folder 4

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"Zur Frage nach der physikalischen Bedeutung der Relativitätstheorie," 1922

box 48, folder 1-3, box 47, folder 3-4



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box 51, folder 3-5

Miscellany 1927-1975

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Miscellany 1927-1975

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