Guide to the University of California, Irvine Class Project on the Southeast Asian American Experience MS.SEA.022

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Title: The University of California, Irvine, class project on the Southeast Asian American experience
Identifier/Call Number: MS.SEA.022
Contributing Institution: Special Collections and Archives, University of California, Irvine Libraries
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 6.8 Linear feet (11 boxes and 6 oversized folders)
Date (inclusive): 2002-2008
Abstract: The collection is comprised of student projects from the Southeast Asian American Experience class (course number 151H) taught by Linda Vo. The class was first offered in 2003 within the Asian American Studies Program at the University of California, Irvine. Students' projects reflect cultural and social issues of Southeast Asian American communities in Orange County. Materials include artifacts, photographs, sound and video recordings, newsletters, ephemera, and the students' written assessment of each project.
Language of Collection Materials: The collection is in English, Vietnamese, and Khmer.
Creator: University of California, Irvine. Dept. of Asian American Studies.


The collection is open for research. Original compact discs, audio cassette tapes, and video cassette tapes materials may not be used. Researchers must request that duplicate use copies be made for access.

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Acquisition Information

Gift of Professor Linda Vo, 2003-2009.


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Processing History

Processed by Julia Stringfellow, 2005 and Dawn Schmitz, 2009. Processing was supported by a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) grant.

Historical Background

The Southeast Asian American Experience class was first offered in winter quarter 2003 within the Asian American Studies Program at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). Professor Linda Vo created the class to provide a comparative overview of the ethnically, culturally, and historically diverse Southeast Asian people from Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam who relocated to the United States as refugees and immigrants. The class analyzed the resettlement process and refugees' economic adaptations, educational experiences, and social conditions. The focus of the class was on the individual voices of refugees and their experiences in order to understand how they construct their identities, negotiate cultural challenges, recreate communities, and engage in acts of resistance. An interdisciplinary approach was used, drawing upon theoretical frameworks and scholarship from anthropology, education, history, political science, psychology, social work, cultural studies, and sociology.
As part of the class, each student completed a project designed to both utilize resources from the Southeast Asian Archive about Southeast Asian American communities, and to teach the students what it means to collect, research, display, and preserve histories. Before choosing a topic for their project, students were required to visit the archive and see what materials were available, look at its web page, and read a copy of the newsletter. Student projects ranged from focusing on businesses in Little Saigon to Southeast Asian American organizations. Students worked in groups to identify areas in which the Southeast Asian Archive lacked documentation. They then considered ways to direct outreach efforts to a particular group and publicizing the archive in these communities. Students did this through attending local events in the Southeast Asian American communities and contacting organizations about their resources. A group presentation explaining the project was given at the end of the quarter, as well as a 2 page assessment from each member of the group discussing their collaborative project and their role in the project.

Collection Scope and Content Summary

The collection is comprised of student projects from the Southeast Asian American Experience class (course number 151H) taught by Linda Vo. The class was first offered in 2003 within the Asian American Studies Program at the University of California, Irvine. Students' projects reflect cultural and social issues of Southeast Asian American communities in Orange County. Materials include students' written assessment of each project, artifacts, photographs, sound and video recordings, newsletters, and ephemera.
Students signed release forms giving permission for their projects to be open to the public.

Collection Arrangement

This collection is arranged in series by year the class was offered, then alphabetically by name of student.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

University of California, Irvine -- Archives.
Võ, Linda Trinh, 1964- .
Audiocassettes -- 21st century.
Ephemera -- 21st century.
Photographic prints -- 21st century.
Refugees -- Southeast Asia -- Archives.
Southeast Asian Americans -- California -- Orange County -- Archives.
Southeast Asians -- California -- Orange County -- Archives.
Video recordings -- 21st century


2003 Series 1. 2003

Physical Description: 1.9 Linear feet
Box-folder 1 : 1

Baeg, Jung, and Tran, Thanh, "Rising Businesses Owned or Managed by Vietnamese People in Irvine" 2003

Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A01

Compact disc

Box-folder 1 : 2

Chan, Gloria, and Tang, Tinh, "The Indonesia, Galang Refugee Camp" 2003

Box-folder XOS1

Collage of images and text

Box-folder 1 : 3

Cheng, Isaac, and Vu, Sophia, "The Clubbing Nightlife in the Southeastern Asian Community" 2003

Box-folder XOS1

"The Clubbing Nightlife in the Southeastern Asian Community" poster

Box-folder 1 : 4

Chen, Steve, "Laotian-Thai Cultural Club" 2003

Box-folder AV-11 : MS-SEA022-V01

VHS videocassette tape

Box-folder 1 : 5-6

Dinh, Thu-Lam, "Southeast Asian American Experience Project" 2003

Box-folder 3

Medallion and t-shirt

Box-folder 1 : 7

Dolalas, Elaine, and Jo, Young, "Bao Phi Poetry" 2003

Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A02

Compact disc

Box-folder 1 : 8

Her, Jao, and Xiong, Fue, "Pictures, Video, and Articles About Hmong Youth, Politics, and the Period Between 1975-1980" 2003

Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A03-A04

Compact discs

Box-folder 1 : 9-10

Huynh, Hoa, "Vietnamese American Youths" 2003

Box-folder 1 : 11

Huynh, Khanh, and Idemundia, Matthias, "Tran Resident Video Documentary" 2003

Box-folder AV-11 : MS-SEA022-V02

VHS videocassette tape

Box-folder 1 : 12

Kawachi, Mami, "Photographs of Little Saigon, Westminster, California" 2003

Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A05

Compact disc

Box-folder 1 : 13

Kim, Sothai, "Cambodian Voices Through Poetry" 2003

Box-folder 1 : 14

Ly, Lisa, and Nguyen, Thuy, "Vietnamese Dishes: From Simple Everyday Food to Special Occasions" 2003

Box-folder 1 : 15

Ly, Sylvia, "Hmong Culture: Musical Artifacts of the Hmong People" 2003

Box-folder AV-11 : MS-SEA022-V03

VHS videocassette tape

Box-folder 1 : 16

Nguyen, Anthony, and Pham, Thu, "Tet in Little Saigon" 2003

Box-folder AV-11 : MS-SEA022-V04-V05

VHS videocassette tapes

Box-folder 1 : 17

Nguyen, Lin, "Traditional Dress" 2003

Box-folder 1 : 18

Nguyen, Nam, "Vietnamese Traditional Music" 2003

Box-folder 2

Collage of Vietnamese traditional instruments

Box-folder 1 : 19

Nguyen, Nghi, "Capturing Living History" 2003

Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A06

Compact disc

Box-folder 1 : 20

Nguyen, Theresa, and Vong, Helen, "Vietnamese Precious Moments Doll" 2003

Box-folder 3

Vietnamese Precious Moments doll


2004 Series 2. 2004

Physical Description: 1.7 Linear feet
Box-folder 4 : 1

Berning, Lauren, and Irlanda, Candy, "Vietnamese Restaurants in Little Saigon" 2004

Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A07-08

Compact discs

Box-folder XOS 2

Maps of Little Saigon 2004

Box-folder 4 : 2

Bitanga, Karen, and Martin, Joseph, "Southeast Asians in the Import Scene" 2004

Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A09

Compact disc

Box-folder 4 : 3

Bui, Hong, and Luong, Don, "Vietnamese American Coalition (VAC)" 2004

Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A38-39

Compact discs

Box-folder BA cage

VAC poster

Box-folder 5

VAC t-shirts

Box-folder 4 : 4

Clemente, Jacqueline, and Trang, Ly, "Through the Eyes of Phuong Que Ngo" 2004

Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A10

Compact disc

Box-folder XOS 2

Posters of nail salons in Little Saigon

Box-folder AV-11 : MS-SEA022-V06

VHS videocassette tape

Box-folder 4 : 5

Dao, David, and de Leon, Heidi, "Import Car Culture" 2004

Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A11

Compact disc

Box-folder 4 : 6

Garcia, Michelle, and Lau, Adrian, "Archiving the Cambodian Family Center" 2004

Box-folder 4 : 7

Hoang, Ann, and Song, Andy, "Lee's Sandwiches" 2004

Box-folder 6

Bowl with lid, spoon, and chopsticks from Lee's Sandwiches

Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A12

Compact disc

Box-folder 4 : 8

Hwang, Ruth, and Okazoe, Jun, "Vietnamese Funerals" 2004

Box-folder FB-40 : 3

Photograph of Veterans' Memorial Site

Box-folder 4 : 9

Kim, Andrea, and Vo, Lisa, "Hip Hop and Vietnamese Culture" 2004

Box-folder XOS 2

Collage of photographs and text

Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A13-A14

Compact discs

Box-folder 4 : 10

Kim, Andy, and Nguyen, Ann, "Irvine High School Swim Team's Trip to Vietnam" 2004

Box-folder XOS2

Collage of photographs

Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A15

Compact disc

Box-folder 4 : 11

Lee, Annie, and Oum, Carolyn, "Cambodian Wedding" 2004

Box-folder FB-59 : 5


Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A16-A17

Compact discs

Box-folder 4 : 12

Manese, Michael, and Vo, Sophie, "Vietnamese Student Association (VSA)" 2004

Box-folder XOS2

Collage of VSA

Box-folder 5

Phonomenon t-shirt

Box-folder 4 : 13

Nguyen, John, and Nguyen, Karen, "Youth Organizations; Vietnamese American High School Alliance" 2004

Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A37

Compact disc

Box-folder XOS2


Box-folder 4 : 14

Tran, Hoang, and Young, Steffanie, "Vietnamese American Weddings" 2004

Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A18

Compact disc

Box-folder 4 : 15-16

Tran, Quan, "Vietnamese Language Centers in Little Saigon" 2004

Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A19

Compact disc


2005 Series 3 2005

Physical Description: 1.2 Linear feet
Box-folder 8 : 1

Chiang, Han, and Hong, Susan, "Vietnamese American Nail Salons: Nail Spa Excel and Happy Nails" 2005

Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A20-A22

Compact discs

Box-folder 8 : 2

Concha, Daniel, and Yoon, Richard, "Khmer Girls in Action: A Room of Her Own" 2005

Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A23-A24

Compact discs

Box-folder 8 : 3

Duong, Tom, and Park, Joohyung, "One Part of Tom's Life in Palawan Refugee Camp" 2005

Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A25-A26

Compact discs

Box-folder 8 : 4

Harnatake, Ben, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Vietnam" 2005

Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A27-A28

Compact discs

Box-folder 8 : 5

Hoo, Ashley, and Hsiao, Joina, "Xe Do Hoang: A Vietnamese Charter Bus" 2005

Box-folder FB-34 : 11


Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A29-A30

Compact discs

Box-folder 8 : 6

Huynh, Natalie, "Southeast Asian American Experience" 2005

Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A31

Cassette tape

Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A32-A33

Compact discs

Box-folder 8 : 7

Khem, Seward, and Valdeavilla, Michelle, "EMS: Educated Men with Meaningful Messages" 2005

Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A34

Compact disc

Box-folder FB-34 : 12

Lam, Linda, and Nguyen, Natalie, "Plastic Surgeons in Orange County Assessment," album of photographs and advertisements 2005

Box-folder 8 : 8

Lee, Han and Ly, Lin, "The Cambodian Buddhist Temple" 2005

Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A35

Compact disc

Box-folder FB-34 : 13


Box-folder 8 : 9

Lim, Sokha, and Oh, Samuel, "Phnom Pich Pharmacy" 2005

Box-folder 7 : MS-SEA022-A36

Compact disc


2008 Series 4. 2002-2008

Physical Description: 2.0 Linear feet

Series Arrangement

This series begins with Professor Linda Vo's syllabus for the course, which includes the archive assignment instructions. It is followed by the student projects, in alphabetical order by student name.
Box 9, Folder 1

Vo, Linda (Professor): syllabus, including archive project assignment 2008


Ang, Joyce and Vu, Sandy. "The Ao Dai and Vietnamese Tailor and Fabric Shops in Westminster, California." 2008

Box 9, Folder 2

Photographic prints and advertising card 2008


Arai, Jennifer and Kishiyama, Casey. "Saigon Dish, Vietnamese Cuisine" 2008

Box 9, Folder 3

Menu 2008

Box DM-001, Item MS-SEA022-CDA40

Compact disc 2008


Bentley, Kevin and Gupta, Saurabh. "Southeast Asian Cuisine from Little Saigon" 2008

Box 9, Folder 4

Menus and photographic prints (inkjet) 2008

Box DM-001, Item MS-SEA022-CDA41

Compact disc 2008


Chung, Stuart and Nguyen, Thai. "Orange County Tet Festival" 2002-2009

Box 10, Folder 1

Program and brochure 2007-2009

Box 10, Folder 2-3

Non Song magazine, Union of Vietnamese Student Associations 2002-2008

Box Flat Box 069, Folder 3

Posters, flyers, and other materials 2008

Box DM-001, Item MS-SEA022-CDA42

Compact disc 2008

Box DM-001, Item MS-SEA022-DVDA001-004

DVD (4 discs) 2006


Dauz, Jonathan and Yu, Danielle. "Inter-Ethnic Wedding" 2008

Box 9, Folder 5

Photographic prints (inkjet) and interview transcript 2008

Box DM-001, Item MS-SEA022-CDA43-44

Compact discs (2) 2008


Dill-James, Anjelica and Nguyen, Huong. "Cambodia Town" 2008

Box 10, Folder 4

Program and brochure 2008

Box Flat Box 069, Folder 4

Posters circa 2008

Box 11

Artifacts undated

Scope and Content

Textured relief print (60 inches x 20 inches), 3 scarves/sashes, 2 bird ornaments, 4 purses, small wooden card holder, small metal box.
Box AV-011, Item MS-SEA022-V08

Mao Noth Long Beach: Cambodian Kickboxing Champion undated

Box DM-001, Item MS-SEA022-CDA45

Compact disc 2009


Dickinson, Carl and Gillick, Christy. "Cambodia Town, the Multi-Ethnic Business District" 2008

Box 9, Folder 6

Photographic prints and flyer 2008

Box 10, Folder 5-6

Fitzgerald, Katherine and Vo, Tiffany. "Vietnamese Buddhist Temples in California": photographic prints in album 2008


Heng, Janette and Strange, Katelyn. "Vietnamese Restaurants in Westminster" 2008

Box 9, Folder 7

Menus and business cards 2008

Box DM-001, Item MS-SEA022-CDA46

Compact disc 2009


Nguyenfa, Paul and Sakzlyan, Emanuel. "Election Day in Little Saigon" 2008

Box 9, Folder 8

Sample ballot in Vietnamese 2008

Box DM-001, Item MS-SEA022-CDA47

Compact disc 2008

Box 9, Folder 9

Nguyen, Michael and Onodera, Ryan. "Progression of Politics": sample ballot, candidate proposition booklet (both in Vietnamese) and photographic prints 2008

Box 9, Folder 10

Tang, Juliann and Nguyen, Elizabeth. "A Look at Vietnamese Traditional Dresses": photographic prints 2008


Trinh, Kathy and Yau, Iris. "High-End French/Vietnamese Restaurants in Little Saigon" 2008

Box 9, Folder 11

Menus and photographic prints 2008

Box DM-001, Item MS-SEA022-CDA48-49

Compact disks (2) 2007-2008