Guide to the City of Berkeley Records, 1878-1954

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Guide to the City of Berkeley Records, 1878-1954

Collection number: BANC MSS C-A 200

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University of California, Berkeley

Berkeley, California

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Collection Summary

Collection Title: City of Berkeley Records,
Date (inclusive): 1878-1954
Collection Number: BANC MSS C-A 200
Creator: Berkeley (Calif.) Berkeley (Calif.) City Clerk Berkeley (Calif.) Planning Commission Berkeley (Calif.) City Council
Extent: 11 Cartons, 46 Volumes, 4 Oversize folders (18.5 linear feet)
Repository: The Bancroft Library
Berkeley, California 94720-6000
Abstract: The City of Berkeley California records (1878-1954) consist of records from the city clerk's office. The collection includes records relating to the business of city government, such as the city charter, reports, town attorney opinions, city council minutes, planning commission information, correspondence, tax sale rolls, indices, financial records, agreements, leases, bids, ordinances, and petitions. It also contains police and fire department reports, information on public utilities including natural gas, water, electric power, lighting, and discussion of municipally owned utilities. Additional documentation including street infrastructure, street railways of the Southern Pacific Railroad and the Key System Transit Company, the wharf and harbor, school construction, Civil Works Administration projects, and clippings are included in the collection. The contents are somewhat inconsistent over sporadic periods of time, however, a range of documentation on late nineteenth and early twentieth century Berkeley is available.
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Languages Represented: English

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Early license plates added to the Historical object miscellany (BANC PIC 19xx.031:002--OBJ).
City Publications cataloged separately.

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Public documents--California--Berkeley.
City planning--California--Berkeley.
Community development, Urban--California--Berkeley.
Street-railroads--California--San Francisco Bay Area. (Calif.)--History.
Berkeley (Calif.)--Planning.
Key System Transit Lines (Calif.).
Southern Pacific Railroad Company.
Berkeley (Calif.). City Planning Commission.
Berkeley (Calif.). City Council.
Berkeley (Calif.). City Clerk.

Administrative Information


The City of Berkeley California records were given to The Bancroft Library by the Berkeley City Clerk in 1953. Additions were made in 1988.

City History

The City of Berkeley, California was incorporated on April 1, 1878 from two distinct settlements. Much of the area surrounding Berkeley was given the Peralta family as a land grant from the Spanish king in 1820. After the gold rush and California statehood in 1850, the large ranchero should have stayed in the Peralta hands. However, the large ranchero's unoccupied land quickly filled with Americans, using "squatter's rights" or a right to occupy empty land. Confusion over rights to the lands was finally settled in 1877, but by that time the land was already settled and the Peralta family sold their remaining land.
James Jacob first anchored in the area where Strawberry Creek flows into the bay in 1853. In 1854, Captain William J. Bowen established an inn on Contra Costa Road (today's San Pablo Avenue) that became a successful stage stop. The small community known as Ocean View encouraged industry to settle in the region, beginning with the Pioneer Starch and Grist Mill in 1855. The industrial area steadily grew, with Z.B. Heywood's lumberyard in 1866, the Hofburg Brewery in 1869, the California Watch Company and Standard Soap Company factories in 1875, Griffin Glove Company in 1877, and a number of chemical plants in the 1880's. In 1877 the Southern Pacific Railroad located its transcontinental mainline along the Berkeley shore, giving West Berkeley businesses direct access to the national rail network for the first time. Ocean View (West Berkeley) thus developed into a lively working class and agricultural community.
The other settlement, a mile east of the Ocean View, surrounded land chosen by the College of California. After the original site in Oakland and proved too urban for the founder's ideal for the College, the trustees bought land located five miles north of Oakland near Strawberry Creek with a spectacular western view of the Golden Gate. Ground was broken for the new college in 1860. The community was named after George Berkeley, Bishop of Cloyne, Ireland, a strong supporter of higher education in the new world. What particularly attracted the trustees was a line in one of Berkeley's poems: "Westward the course of empire takes its way," a fitting tribute to a new educational community on the western frontier. The state legislature voted to establish a state university in 1867, and the College of California combined with the proposed land grant university, becoming the University of California in 1868. In 1869 the state School for the Deaf, Dumb and Blind was moved from San Francisco to a new facility under construction a few blocks south of the university campus. The surrounding community grew to service the University population, though most students and faculty came to the university by means of stage coach or rail line from living quarters in Oakland.
An animosity between the two areas sprung up for several specific reasons, along with general social and economic differences. When the university dammed Strawberry Creek for a water supply, Ocean View residents claimed this substantially lowered the water level in their wells, and argued that waste from the campus area was polluting the stream. A law prohibiting the sale of alcoholic beverages within two miles of campus would have closed down taverns in Ocean View, a matter of concern to the hardworking community. The limit was reduced to one mile, but caused other problems as new bars opened in Ocean View catering to students. Yet along with conflict, economic ties to the two communities grew, as the campus community used Ocean View's shops and labor.
By the late 1870's, residents from Ocean View and Berkeley were dissatisfied with the level of services from the county government that had jurisdiction over unincorporated areas. Moreover, Oakland seemed to be making plans to extend its borders north to include both areas. The two sides united, incorporating on April 1, 1878. Additional annexations of territory in 1891, 1906, 1908, 1920, and 1958 brought the town to its current size.
Due to the fact that the communities were polarized, many simple things were issues. The location of the town hall was settled by the creation of a steam rail line on Shattuck Avenue, the most convenient route to Oakland and the Southern Pacific ferry to San Francisco for both East and West Berkeley. In 1899, the town hall was put on wheels and moved from University Avenue and Sacramento Street to a site on Grove Street between Allston Way and Center Street, just two blocks west of Shattuck.
From 13,214 residents in 1900, Berkeley's population increased to 40,434 in 1910 and to 56,036 in 1920 due to increase in the availability of transportation to Oakland and San Francisco. The community continued to grow, with populations reaching 82,000 in 1930 and 115,000 by 1940, fueled by a boom in defense spending, both in research at the University and in the Richmond area shipyards. Since the 1940's, the population of Berkeley has remained relatively stable at just over 100,000 due to space constraints and the growth of surrounding suburban communities.
The availability of transportation options such as street rail and ferries from 1900 to the 1920's promoted Berkeley's development and growth as a suburban area. The red Southern Pacific electric streetcars were in competition with the orange San Francisco-Oakland Terminal Railways or Key Transit System streetcars. Francis Marion "Borax" Smith established the Key Transit System routes in 1903 to help with real estate development. The Key System street rail to a propeller driven ferry transport promised a 35-minute trip from Berkeley to San Francisco. By 1923 Golden Gate Ferry established a ferry option for those with automobiles. Ferries could not compete after the Bay Bridge opened in 1936. More cost-effective buses over took all street rail routes by 1948. The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District was formed to publicly operate a local bus system in 1960.
The new community also had to face significant challenges in utilities. The water supply through Strawberry Creek and shallow wells that first encouraged settlement proved insufficient for the growing population. Due to lack of water storage, Berkeley residents had restricted watering for gardens as early as 1883. A series of private water companies failed, were bought out, restructured, and failed again in a cycle from 1877 to the 1920's. Seeing a need for reliable water supply and larger water storage, there was a move to implement municipally owned water companies and public utilities as early as 1911. The proposal for the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) was voted on in 1923, winning in part due to lack of water supply to quell a wildfire that burned a great deal of North Berkeley in October 1923. EBMUD turned down San Francisco's offer to share water supply from the Hetch Hechy reservoir, creating the San Pablo reservoir from Mokelumne River water by 1929.
Fire was a constant threat in early Berkeley, due to lack of water supply, wood construction, and a dependence on wood stoves and kerosene lamps. The first volunteer fire department was established in 1882, continuing until paid fire positions were established in 1904 in as many as 10 firehouses. Fire continues to be a hazard in Berkeley, as seasonal drought, hot weather, and large wildfires destroy homes. Particularly destructive fires occurred in October of 1923 and 1991.
The police department began as the town marshal and constables, elected positions. In 1905, August Vollmer, a veteran of the Spanish American war, was elected marshal. When the 1909 charter established a professional police department, Vollmer was appointed police chief. Chief Vollmer demanded honesty and efficiency from his force, requiring staff to know the laws they were enforcing and wear standard uniforms while on duty. Vollmer was among the first to implement scientific investigation, a record keeping system, and instituted codes of ethics including a ban on gratuities and drinking in uniform. During Vollmer's 40 years on the force, Berkeley grew into one of the most highly respected police forces in the country, a reputation that continues through today.
After World War II, Berkeley faced a migration to the surrounding suburbs. The University's student population doubled from 1945 to 1948, for a total of 25,000. The University's prestige increased, in part because of participation in the Manhattan project building the atom bomb. During the 1950's, the Regents required all university personnel to take an anti-Communist loyalty oath. However, much of the University's faculty felt the loyalty oath was a violation of First Amendment rights and a threat to academic freedom and tenure. Faculty that refused to take the oath were fired, and promptly sued. The California Supreme Court ruled that the university could not impose a loyalty oath different than that required of all other state employees. Controversies such as the loyalty oath demonstrate the liberal nature of Berkeley citizens. By 1961, the city government had liberal majorities. The city council worked on the issues of racial justice, including housing discrimination and school desegregation. Students at the University were also active participants in the Civil Rights movement in the early 1960's.
Berkeley activists participated in demonstrations against a San Francisco meeting of the House Committee on Un-American Activities in 1960, employment discrimination all over the Bay area, and organized political activity on the edges of Campus. In September of 1964, students were told that political activity would be banned from the campus edge's Bancroft Way sidewalk. Student groups decided to use direct action and civil disobedience to oppose the administrative restrictions. The activists transformed the structure of the protest from a "united front" of organizations to the Free Speech Movement (FSM), a separate group with its own identity and highly informal governing process. FSM activists put their campus conflict into a broad context, beginning an era of activism in many arenas.
Liberal politicians had long urged campus and city radicals to pursue their goals through electoral politics rather than direct action. Berkeley's on-going legacy of the sixties has promoted laudable popular involvement in community affairs and a willingness to defend important values and promote useful social experimentation.
Sources: City of Berkeley Home Page. (accessed 11/10/2003)
Wollenburg, Chris., Berkeley: A City in History. (accessed 11/10/2003)
Pettitt George A., A History of Berkeley. Berkeley, Calif. Alameda County Historical Society, 1976.
Pettitt George A., Berkeley: the Town and Gown of it. Berkeley, Calif. Howell-North Books 1973.

Scope and Content of Collection

The City of Berkeley California records (1878-1954) consist of records from the city clerk's office. The collection includes records relating to the business of city government, such as the city charter, reports, town attorney opinions, city council minutes, planning commission information, correspondence, tax sale rolls, indices, financial records, agreements, leases, bids, ordinances, and petitions. It also contains police and fire department reports, information on public utilities including natural gas, water, electric power, lighting, and discussion of municipally owned utilities. Additional documentation including street infrastructure, street railways of the Southern Pacific Railroad and the Key System Transit Company, the wharf and harbor, school construction, Civil Works Administration projects, and clippings are included in the collection. The contents are somewhat inconsistent over sporadic periods of time, however, a range of documentation on late nineteenth and early twentieth century Berkeley is available.
Highlights of the collection include: documentation on the early town of Berkeley, including the charter, 1899 census documents, tax sale rolls and indices, planning commission and street information, documentation on the street railway systems, and early police department records.

Collection Contents

Cartons 1-2, Oversize 1B, Volumes 16, 36

SERIES 1: City Office Records, 1878-1954, n.d.


Arranged hierarchically and chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Divided into five sub-series, Charter and Reports, City Staffing, City Council, Planning Commission and Territory, and Correspondence. Contains records relating to the running of the city offices, including information on the city charter, reports, city staffing, city council minutes, resolutions, financial documents, planning commission material, and correspondence.
Carton 1, Folders 1-25, Volume 16, 36

1.1: Charter and Reports, 1878-1911, 1920


Arranged hierarchically and chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Contains charter amendments by the board of freeholders, reports from the town clerk, treasurer, and board of health as well as figures from the 1899 census.
carton 1, folder 1-8

City Charter: Amendments by the Freeholders, 1890-1916

carton 1, folder 9

County Surveyor Report, 1878

carton 1, folder 10

Taxes, Licenses, Notices, 1880-1881

carton 1, folder 11

Board of Health: Statement Regarding Cholera, Yellow Fever and Sanitation, 1885

carton 1, folder 12

Town Clerk's Record, Treasurer's Report, 1886

carton 1, folder 13

Committee Reports, 1888, 1890

carton 1, folder 14

City Treasurer, Marshall, and Tax Collector Reports, 1893-1894

volume 36

Record of Resolutions and Intentions, 1893-1895

volume 16

License Record, 1893-1911

carton 1, folder 15

Treasurer's Reports, 1894-1895

carton 1, folder 16-18

Expert's Report on City Clerk's Records, 1895, 1897, 1899

carton 1, folder 19

Census, 1899

oversize 1B

Census, 1899

carton 1, folder 20

Town Clerk and Expert's Reports, 1901

carton 1, folder 21

Town Clerk's Report, 1902-1903

carton 1, folder 22-23

Town Clerk and Board of Trustees Reports, 1907

carton 1, folder 24

Health Officers Report on Influenza, 1920

carton 1, folder 25

Report of Commission of Public Works, 1920

Carton 1, Folders 26-54

1.2: City Staffing, 1881-1905, 1911-1914, 1922, 1933, 1939, n.d.


Arranged hierarchically and chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Consists of documentation on city staff, including town attorney opinions, material from the mayor, correspondence regarding other town offices, and documents relating to the defeated move to make city offices civil service positions.

Town Attorney

carton 1, folder 26-44

Opinions, 1881-1883, 1888-1901, 1905, n.d.

carton 1, folder 45

Claims Against City, 1911-1914, 1922



carton 1, folder 46

Annual Report, 1911-1912

carton 1, folder 47

General Correspondence, 1911-1913

carton 1, folder 48

Spirit of Peace Memorial Tablet Presentation, 1912

carton 1, folder 49

Sewer System/ Garbage, 1912

carton 1, folder 50

Street Repair, 1912-1913

carton 1, folder 51

City Engineer, 1911

carton 1, folder 52

City Staffing: Attorney, Efficiency Expert, 1911-1913

carton 1, folder 53

City Manager, 1922, 1933

carton 1, folder 54

Initiative for Civil Service Positions for City Offices (defeated), 1939

Carton 1, Folders 55-63, Carton 2, Folders 1-6

1.3: City Council, ca. 1937, 1940-1944, 1952-1954


Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Contains resolutions and minutes from the City Council.
carton 1, folder 55

Publicity Film Sequence, ca. 1937

carton 1, folder 56-57

Resolutions, 1940-1944

carton 1, folder 58-63

City Council Minutes, 1952- June 1953

carton 2, folder 1-6

City Council Minutes, July 1953-1954

Carton 2, Folders 7-35

1.4: Planning Commission and Territory, 1913-1935, n.d.


Arranged hierarchically and chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Information on territory annexed by the city, as well as planning commission documents generally on zoning resolutions.
carton 2, folder 7

Annexation of Ocean View Precinct, 1913-1914

carton 2, folder 8-9

Territory, 1916-1917, 1935, n.d.


Planning Commission

carton 2, folder 10

San Pablo Avenue Between Ashby and Carrison Streets, Resolution 9813 N.S., 1920

carton 2, folder 11

Solano Avenue Between the Alameda and Western City Line, Resolution 10, 189 N.S., 1920

carton 2, folder 12

South Side of Durant East of Telegraph, Resolution 10, 703 N.S., 1921

carton 2, folder 13

South Side of Addison 40 ft. East of Acton Street, Resolution 10,365 N.S. (denied)

carton 2, folder 14

Northwest Corner of Rose and Grove, Resolution 10, 658 N.S., 1921

carton 2, folder 15

Stewart Street Near Shattuck Avenue, Resolution 10,704 N.S., 1921

carton 2, folder 16

Santa Fe Tracks Between Ashby and Dwight, Resolution 737 N.S., 1921

carton 2, folder 17

On Santa Fe Railroad Along West St. from Berkeley Way to Virginia St., Resolution 10, 874 N.S., 1921

carton 2, folder 18

Southeast Corner of College and Alcatraz, Resolutions 11, 338 N.S. and 11, 339 N.S., 1922

carton 2, folder 19

East Side of College Avenue North of Russell Street, Resolution 12, 398 N.S. (denied), 1923

carton 2, folder 20

South Side of Alcatraz West of Dover, Resolution 12, 421 N.S., 1923

carton 2, folder 21

El Dorado and Hopkins Streets, Hopkins and Sutter Streets, Resolutions 12, 485 and 12, 486 N.S. (denied), 1923

carton 2, folder 22

Southwest Corner of Grove and Rose Streets, Resolution 12, 554 N.S. (denied), 1923

carton 2, folder 23

North Side of Oregon Street West of McGee Avenue, Resolution 12,900 N.S. (denied), 1923

carton 2, folder 24

North Side of Addison Street Near Bonar Street, Resolution 12,901 N.S. (denied), 1923

carton 2, folder 25

North Side University Ave East of Milvia Street, Resolution 12,937 N.S. (denied), 1923

carton 2, folder 26

East Side of Telegraph Avenue South of Stewart Street, Resolution 12,950 N.S. (denied), 1923

carton 2, folder 27

Dwight Way to Northern City Line Along Santa Fe Railroad Tracks, Resolution 13, 177 N.S., 1923

carton 2, folder 28

West Side of Grove St Near Allston Way, Resolution 13, 547 N.S., 1924

carton 2, folder 29

Dwight Way Between Grove and Grant Streets, Resolution 15, 113 N.S., 1924

carton 2, folder 30

Zoning Correspondence, 1923-1924

carton 2, folder 31

Southwest Corner of Ashby Avenue and California Street, Resolution 15, 486 N.S. (denied), 1926

carton 2, folder 32

Southwest Corner of Sacramento and Parker Streets, Resolution 15, 949 N.S., 1927

carton 2, folder 33

West Side of Adeline Street North of Ashby Avenue, Resolution 15, 953, 1927

carton 2, folder 34

West Side of Grove North of Stewart Street, Ordinance 666N.S., Resolution 16,023 N.S., 1927

carton 2, folder 35

Durant Avenue West of Telegraph Avenue, Resolution 16,417N.S., 1928

Carton 2, Folders 36-66

1.5: Correspondence, 1868-1940, n.d.


Arranged hierarchically and chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Contains correspondence filed by the city clerk from various sources including the University of California, local civic groups, and on topics such as taxation, World War I, and miscellany.

University of California

carton 2, folder 36

College of California: Land Deed, 1868-1869

carton 2, folder 37

Correspondence, 1881, 1883, 1890, 1893, 1901-1904, 1908, 1928-1929, 1940

carton 2, folder 38

Ordinance Limiting Sale of Liquor Near Campus, 1884

carton 2, folder 39

Military Barracks (temporary), 1917, 1919

carton 2, folder 40

Complaints on Placement of Stadium in Strawberry Canyon, 1922


Local Organizations

carton 2, folder 41

San Francisco Earthquake and Fire, 1906

carton 2, folder 42

City of Oakland, 1908, 1917, 1924

carton 2, folder 43

Event Invitations, 1909, 1918, 1920-1923, 1925, 1927, 1935

carton 2, folder 44

Chamber of Commerce, 1909, 1911, 1915, 1918, 1924-1925

carton 2, folder 45

California State Legislature, 1909, 1926-1927

carton 2, folder 46

City Club of Berkeley Bulletin, 1910

carton 2, folder 47

Berkeley Neighborhood Improvement Clubs, ca. 1910-1924

carton 2, folder 48

League of California Municipalities, 1912, 1937

carton 2, folder 49

Property Values, 1912-1914, 1916, 1920-1922

carton 2, folder 50

Civic Bulletin, 1913

carton 2, folder 51

Panama Pacific International Exposition, 1915

carton 2, folder 52

Housing and Building Legislation, 1920

carton 2, folder 53

Berkeley Clubs, 1920, 1925, 1945

carton 2, folder 54

Labor Unions, 1926

carton 2, folder 55

Alameda County Mosquito Abatement Report, 1939

carton 2, folder 56-58

Miscellany and Unidentified, 1888-1892, 1909-1951, n.d.



carton 2, folder 59

County, 1912

carton 2, folder 60

Home Rule, 1912-1914

carton 2, folder 61

Gasoline Tax for Municipal Funds, 1924-1926, 1932-1933

carton 2, folder 62

Property Taxation: Veteran's Welfare Board, 1925


World War I

carton 2, folder 63

Belgian Soldier's Tobacco Fund, Belgian Artists Commission, 1917-1918

carton 2, folder 64

Chamber of Commerce and Berkeley Defense Corps War Garden (Food Growth), 1918

carton 2, folder 65

Berkeley's Work in Food Conservation, 1919

carton 2, folder 66

Veteran's of Alameda County: Resolution to employ discharged soldiers, 1919

Volumes 1-15, 18-35, 37-46

SERIES 2: Tax Rolls, Personal Property Rolls, and Indices, 1879-1936


Arranged hierarchically and chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Volumes include registers of treasury tax sales, assessment rolls, personal property rolls, indices, and delinquent tax sales.

Treasury Tax Sales

volume 28


volume 29



Assessment Rolls

volume 30

v.1, 1908

volume 5-15

v.1, 1A, 2-10, 1912


Personal Property Rolls

volume 31


volume 32


volume 33


volume 34


volume 35




volume 37


volume 38


volume 39


volume 40


volume 41


volume 42


volume 43


volume 44


volume 45


volume 46


volume 1-4

1932: A-E, F-L, M-R, S-Z


Delinquent Tax Sale Rolls

volume 18-19

1931-1932, books 1-7, 8-15, June 27, 1932

volume 20-21

1932-1933, v.1-2, August 27, 1933

volume 22-23

1933-1934, v.1-2, June 27, 1934

volume 24-25

1934-1935, books 1-7, 8-15, June 27, 1935

volume 26-27

1935-1936, books 1-7, 8-15, June 1-7, 8-15

Carton 2, Folder 67-75

SERIES 3: Financial Documents, 1928-1930, 1936-1944


Arranged hierarchically and chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Includes information about bonds, receipts, and license revenue. (See also Series 7, Public Utilities, and Series 8 sub-series on Street Railway companies for franchise receipts.)


carton 2, folder 67

Series 23 Assessment Sheets, 1928-1930

carton 2, folder 68

Street Assessments, 1936-1943

carton 2, folder 69

Series 24: North Berkeley Storm Sewers, 1937

carton 2, folder 70

Delinquent and Open, 1938

carton 2, folder 71

Series 24: Delinquent and Paid, 1939-1940

carton 2, folder 72

Receipts and Disbursements, 1937-1943

carton 2, folder 73

License Reports, 1937-1943

carton 2, folder 74

Trial Balances, 1938-1944

Cartons 3-4, Carton 5, Folders 1-15

SERIES 4: Leases, Contracts, Agreements, and Bids, 1887-1953


Arranged hierarchically and chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Includes leases, contracts, agreements and bids for a variety of city needs, such as utility infrastructure, gravel, fuels, automobiles, fire-hose, electric lamps, sewer pipe, insurance and many other items. Contains agreements with service organizations such as the Berkeley Day Nursery, School Lunch Program, and the Berkeley Art Association.
carton 3, folder 1-8

Leases and Contracts, 1887-1916

carton 3, folder 9-23

Agreements, 1910-1913, 1916-1942

carton 4, folder 1-11

Agreements, 1943-1949, 1952-1953

carton 4, folder 12-17

Bids, 1911, 1915-1918, 1921-1924

carton 5, folder 1-15

Bids, 1925-1929

Carton 5, Folders 15-48, Carton 6, Carton 7, Folders 1-18

SERIES 5: Ordinances and Petitions, 1881-1931, n.d.


Arranged hierarchically and chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Divided into two sub-series: Ordinances and Petitions. Contains adopted and proposed ordinances with supporting documentation for or against the ordinance. Also includes petitions to the city council, generally protest petitions from the Berkeley population on a variety of topics.
Carton 5, Folders 16-36

5.1: Ordinances, 1895-1926, n.d.


Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Includes adopted and proposed ordinances with supporting documents on topics of interest to Berkeley citizens. Some ordinances correspond to an alphanumeric code, while other files do not contain code information.
carton 5, folder 16

Relief for Moving Ordinance Expenses, 1895

carton 5, folder 17

Billboards, 1909

carton 5, folder 18

Street Railway Fenders, 1909-1910

carton 5, folder 19

Violation of 348A (vicious dogs), G. Liberman; People vs. John Doe, 1910

carton 5, folder 20

Violation of 55A (obstruction of sidewalks) People vs. James Pellettrini, 1910

carton 5, folder 21

Meat Shop and Slaughter House Inspections, 1912

carton 5, folder 22

Proposed: Disinfection of Doctors and Nurses Treating Infectious Diseases, 1912

carton 5, folder 23

Concerning Stables and Privies, ca. 1912

carton 5, folder 24

Proposed: Against Loitering, Picketing, and Speaking in Streets, 1913

carton 5, folder 25

Proposed: License fees for Billboards and Bill posting, 1913

carton 5, folder 26

Sale of Bottled Water; Regulating Water Wells, 1913

carton 5, folder 27

Repeal 62NS: Sanitary Condition of Fruit, Vegetable and Foodstuff Stores, 1913

carton 5, folder 28

Proposed: Housing Codes, 1914

carton 5, folder 29

Proposed: Limitation of Sale of Tobacco to Minors, Age Increase from 18 to 21, 1914

carton 5, folder 30

Underground Conduits for Wires, 1914

carton 5, folder 31

Defining Garbage, 1914

carton 5, folder 32

Regulations for the Disposal of Manure and Refuse, 1914

carton 5, folder 33

Proposed: Standard Size Bread Loaves, 1917

carton 5, folder 34

Licensing Cats, 1918

carton 5, folder 35

Proposed: Vaccination, Licensing, and Registration of Dogs (not adopted), 1926

carton 5, folder 36

Phone Systems, n.d.

Carton 5, Folders 37-48, Carton 6, Carton 7, Folders 1-18

5.2: Petitions, 1881-1931, n.d.


Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Petitions to the city council. Generally petitions of request or protest on a variety of topics signed by Berkeley citizens.
carton 5, folder 37

To Postpone Purchase of Lot on University and Sacramento for Town Hall, 1881

carton 5, folder 38

To Slow Train Speeds: Current High Speed of Trains Result in Deadly Accidents, 1890

carton 5, folder 39

Against Advertising Signs, 1903

carton 5, folder 40

Against Samuel Fisher's Saloon License, 1903

carton 5, folder 41

Against Southern Pacific Railroad Freight Yard on Shattuck Avenue, 1903-1904

carton 5, folder 42

Expressmen's License, 1904

carton 5, folder 43

To Refuse License for Samuel Fisher's Saloon, 1905

carton 5, folder 44

Against "Boxing Ordinance", 1908

carton 5, folder 45

Against Granting Railway Franchises on City Streets, 1908

carton 5, folder 46

Welcome Blend Time Lock Coffee Co., Solicitor's License, 1909

carton 5, folder 47

From Residents of Ashby Station for Installation of Electric Lights, 1909

carton 5, folder 48

Nuisance Complaint: William Lowe's Sewer Lines, 1909

carton 6, folder 1-3

Against Standard Oil Tanks on Hopkins Street, 1910

carton 6, folder 4

Application for Petroleum Storage Tanks by Standard Oil (denied), 1910

carton 6, folder 5

Ownership of Cows and Livestock West of Grove Street, 1911

carton 6, folder 6

To Remove Overhead Power Lines on Woosley and Ellsworth Streets, 1911

carton 6, folder 7

Nuisance Complaint: Chicken and Cow Ranch of Mr. And Mrs. Martin at Claremont and Webster Streets, 1911

carton 6, folder 8

For an Electric Light System, 1911

carton 6, folder 9-10

Against the One Cow per Premises Ordinance, 1911

carton 6, folder 11-12

Dog Muzzling Ordinance (for and against), 1912

carton 6, folder 13

Nuisance Complaint: G.W. Rumble: Against Chicken, Dove and Rabbit Corrals, 1913

carton 6, folder 14

Nuisance Complaint: Against Electric Plant at Hearst and McGee, 1913, 1919

carton 6, folder 15

To Prohibit Sale of Tobacco to Minors Under Age 21, 1913

carton 6, folder 16

To Improve Crossings at Channing, West Street and Santa Fe Railroad, 1913

carton 6, folder 17

Against Delivery or Possession of Liquor "Saloons on wheels", 1913, 1915

carton 6, folder 18-21

Against Discontinuance of Key System on Shattuck Avenue, 1914

carton 6, folder 22

Against Building a Colored People's Church at California and Derby, 1915

carton 6, folder 23-24

Against Establishment of Lighting District No. 1, 1916

carton 6, folder 25

Pacific Wine, Brewing and Spirit Review: Libelous Publication Retraction, 1917

carton 6, folder 26

For Purchase of Real Estate for Civic Center (Block Bounded by Allston Way, Grove, Milvia, and Center Streets), 1918

carton 6, folder 27-30

To Increase in Teacher's Salaries, 1919

carton 7, folder 1

Against Renting Home at Rose and Spruce Streets to Japanese Laborers, 1920

carton 7, folder 2

Against Sale of Property to Orientals near Camelia and Stannage Streets, 1920

carton 7, folder 3

Pacific Conservation Service (Garbage), 1921

carton 7, folder 4

Establishment of a Labor Bureau for the Unemployed, 1921

carton 7, folder 5

Purchase of Real Estate for Park and Playground on Sacramento and Rose Streets at University Avenue, 1921

carton 7, folder 6

Against the Curtailment of Street Lighting, 1922

carton 7, folder 7

Against Home Used for a Convalescent Home (found not to be a Convalescent Home by City Inspector), 1922

carton 7, folder 8

Against Sale of 2211 Stewart Street to Orientals, 1923

carton 7, folder 9

To Allow Diagonal Parking on Durant Avenue, 1924

carton 7, folder 10

Against Construction of Japanese Student Clubhouse (University of California), 1924

carton 7, folder 11

To Renew Lease on Newspaper, Peanut, Popcorn and Candy Stand at Southern Pacific Terminal, 1924

carton 7, folder 12-13

Against Re-zoning Area in West Berkeley to Permit Erection of Obnoxious Establishments, 1925

carton 7, folder 14

For Six O'clock Closing of Food Stores, 1925-1926

carton 7, folder 15

For Bus Service to Connect with Key Line at The Alameda, 1926

carton 7, folder 16

For a Spur Track on Ashby Avenue, 1927

carton 7, folder 17

Against Assessment for Repaving of Oxford, Spruce, and Rose Streets, 1931

carton 7, folder 18

Against Abandonment of Thousand Oaks Street Car for Bus (Key Transit System), n.d.

Carton 7, Folders 19-40, Carton 8, Folders 1-17

SERIES 6: Fire and Police Departments, 1902-1921


Arranged hierarchically and chronologically

Scope and Content Note

Divided into two sub-series, Fire Department Records and Police Department Records. Consists of documentation from the fire and police departments.
Carton 7, Folders 19-27

6.1: Fire Department Records, 1902-1912, 1920


Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Includes information about fire alarm and emergency telegraph systems, fire houses, fire engines, and fire hydrant placement.
carton 7, folder 19

Waterous Gasoline Fire Engine and Automatic Police Telegraph (A.J. Coffee Co. Contract), 1902-1906

carton 7, folder 20

Fire Bell, Fire Alarm System, Switchboard, 1902-1912

carton 7, folder 21-22

Peralta Fire House Agreement, 1902

carton 7, folder 23

Emerson Street Fire House Construction Contract, 1907

carton 7, folder 24

Combination Engine and Wagon, Contract with American France Fire Engine Co., 1907

carton 7, folder 25

Steam Engine Proposal, 1908

carton 7, folder 26

Fire Hydrant Placement, 1908-1909

carton 7, folder 27

Report of the Fire Department, 1920

Carton 7, Folders 28-40, Carton 8, Folders 1-17

6.2: Police Department Records, 1906, 1909-1921


Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Consists of information on the police telegraph system, statistics, special officer nominations, and department reports.
carton 7, folder 28

Police Telegraph System (agreement with A.J. Coffee Co.), 1906

carton 7, folder 29

Police Report Statistics, 1906

carton 7, folder 30-31

Special Officer Appointments, 1906, 1909

carton 7, folder 32-40

Department Reports, 1909-1913

carton 8, folder 1-17

Department Reports, 1914-1921

Carton 8, Folder 18-37, Carton 9, Folders 1-40

SERIES 7: Public Utilities, 1883-1927


Arranged hierarchically and chronologically

Scope and Content Note

Divided into six sub-series: Water, Natural Gas, Electricity, Lighting, Telegraph and Telephone, and Municipal Utilities. Documents Berkeley's water, natural gas, electricity, lighting, telegraph and telephone systems as the community grew. Also contains correspondence and documents regarding efforts for municipal ownership of utilities. (See also series 4, Leases and Contracts.)
Carton 8, Folders 18-37

7.1: Water, 1884-1927


Arranged hierarchically and chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Contains information on private water companies, the search for a reliable water supply with reservoir storage capability, and correspondence regarding municipal ownership of the water system. (See also sub-series 7.6, Municipal Utilities.)
carton 8, folder 18

Alameda Water Company, 1884, 1888-1889

carton 8, folder 19

Water Report, 1898

carton 8, folder 20

Contra Costa Water Company, 1903, 1905


Water Supply

carton 8, folder 21

Prospectus for Water Supply and Electric Power from the American River near Auburn, 1907

carton 8, folder 22

Hetch Hechy Project, 1908-1913

carton 8, folder 23

Committee Report, 1910

carton 8, folder 24-25

People's Water Company, 1909-1914, 1916

carton 8, folder 26

Water Access, 1910-1912

carton 8, folder 27

Municipal Ownership of Water, 1912-1914

carton 8, folder 28

Water Corporation Accounts: California State Railroad Commission, 1912

carton 8, folder 29

Correspondence Regarding a Municipal Water System, 1912-1913

carton 8, folder 30

Internal Waterways of California Congress, 1914

carton 8, folder 31

Water Infrastructure, 1915

carton 8, folder 32-34

East Bay Water Company, 1917-1922, 1924, 1927

carton 8, folder 35

Bay Cities Water Supply, 1919, n.d.

carton 8, folder 36

Antioch and Sacramento San Joaquin River Water Use Rights Resolutions, 1922

carton 8, folder 37

Water District Correspondence, 1923-1924

Carton 9, Folders 1-6

7.2: Natural Gas, 1903-1911, 1920, 1932-1933


Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Contains information about natural gas usage and rates in Berkeley.
carton 9, folder 1

Manufacture and Sale of Gas, W.R. Port, 1903

carton 9, folder 2

Gas Meter and Service Connection Controversy Raised by Mr. North and Mr. Britton, 1909

carton 9, folder 3

Oakland Natural Gas Company, Proposal for Gas Well at Berkeley High School, 1911

carton 9, folder 4

Extension of Gas Line on Bancroft Way, 1911

carton 9, folder 5

Natural Gas Rates Case Argued Before the California Railroad Commission, 1920, 1933

carton 9, folder 6

Gas Shut off Rules Regarding Shut off Valves, Case Argued Before the California Railroad Commission, 1932

Carton 9, Folders 7-21

7.3: Electricity, 1888-1923


Arranged hierarchically and chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Includes information on the electrical contracts and creation of electrical infrastructure.
carton 9, folder 7

General, 1888-1891

carton 9, folder 8

Electricity Contracts, 1893-1897

carton 9, folder 9-10

Bay Counties Power Company, 1903-1907, 1912-1913


Pacific Gas and Electric

carton 9, folder 11

Receipts, Ordinance for Electricity Sales, 1908-1910

carton 9, folder 12

Power Rates, 1912

carton 9, folder 13

Lines Out, 1913

carton 9, folder 14

Receipts, Lines Down, 1913

carton 9, folder 15

Contract, 1914-1915

carton 9, folder 16

Receipts and Correspondence, 1914-1927

carton 9, folder 17

Great Western Power Company, 1913-1917, 1923

Carton 9, Folders 22-26

7.4: Lighting, 1883-1913


Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Consists of documentation about street light placement and the electrical infrastructure for street lighting.
carton 9, folder 22

Gas Street Lights, 1883

carton 9, folder 23

Extension of Electric Light in Berkeley, 1889

carton 9, folder 24

Electric Light Plant, 1889-1893

carton 9, folder 25-26

Electric Lighting for City Streets, 1893-1894, 1896-1897, 1900-1910

carton 9, folder 27-28

Berkeley Electric Lighting Company, 1899-1911

carton 9, folder 29

Street Light Requests, 1908-1911

carton 9, folder 30

Street Lights Maintained by San Francisco-Oakland Terminal Railways, 1913

Carton 9, Folders 31-35

7.5: Telegraph and Telephone, 1902-1927


Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Contains of information about the telegraph and telephone infrastructure, as well as the evolution of telephone companies in Berkeley. (See also Series 4 Police and Fire departments for alarm telegraph.)
carton 9, folder 31

Telegraph Lines, 1902-1904

carton 9, folder 32

General (Pacific Telephone and Telegraph, Bay Cities Home Telephone Co.), 1911-1915

carton 9, folder 33

Merger of Pacific States Telephone with Home Telephone Co., 1912

carton 9, folder 34

Telephone Rates, 1912-1913, 1927

carton 9, folder 35

Pacific Telegraph and Telephone, 1919-1925

Carton 9, Folders 36-40

7.6: Municipal Utilities, 1902, 1912-1913, 1923-1925


Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Documents the periodic investigation of municipal ownership of utilities.
carton 9, folder 36

General, 1902, 1912

carton 9, folder 37

Municipal Ownership League: Alameda Municipal Electric Light Plant, 1912

carton 9, folder 38

Municipal Water, Electric Light, and Telephone System, 1912-1913

carton 9, folder 39

Municipally Owned Utilities Correspondence

carton 9, folder 40

East Bay Municipal Utilities District, 1923-1925

Carton 9, Folders 41-46, Carton 10, Folders 1-42, Oversize Folders 2-3B, Volume 17

SERIES 8: Transportation, 1880-1936, n.d.


Arranged hierarchically and chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Divided into eight sub-series: General, Street Improvements, California Railroad Commission, Street Railways, Santa Fe Railroad Company, Key Transit System: San Francisco-Oakland Terminal Railways, Southern Pacific Railroad Company, and Wharf and Harbor. Consists of documentation on Berkeley and East Bay transportation structures, such as streets, street railways, wharf, and harbor.
Carton 9, Folders 41-46, Oversize Folder 2B

8.1: General, 1904-1933


Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Contains limited documentation on transportation subjects such as horses, automobiles, the Carquinez and San Francisco-Oakland Bay bridges, auto traffic, and an airport.
carton 9, folder 41

Correspondence Regarding Livestock and Horses in Town, 1904-1905, 1912, 1918

oversize 2B

Water Trough Map, ca. 1909

carton 9, folder 42

Vehicle Lights, 1909-1910

carton 9, folder 43

Bridge Planning (Carquinez and San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridges), 1914, 1921-1925, 1927

carton 9, folder 44

Bridge from Oakland to Alameda, 1918

carton 9, folder 45

Pacific Coast Highway, Carmel - San Simeon Gap, 1926

carton 9, folder 46

Auto Traffic Correspondence, 1931

carton 9, folder 47

Report on Traffic Arteries connecting with the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, 1932

carton 9, folder 48

Airport Rating Certificate, 1933

Carton 9, Folders 47-62, Oversize Folders 2-3B

8.2: Street Improvements, 1886, 1893-1913, 1920-1929, n.d.


Arranged hierarchically and chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Consists of documentation of Berkeley street dedications, improvements, and repair, including some maps.
carton 9, folder 47

Request for Street Repair, California Institute for the Education of the Deaf, Dumb and Blind, 1886

carton 9, folder 48

Proposals for Work, 1893

volume 17

Register of Street Work, 1895-1916

carton 9, folder 49

Moody Place Dedication, 1899

oversize 3B

Moody Place Map, 1902

carton 9, folder 50

Gilman Street Opening, 1903

carton 9, folder 51

Improvements Survey Clippings, 1904

oversize 2B

Plan for improvement of Bonte Street Map, 1907

carton 9, folder 52

Chesnut Street Opening, 1907

oversize 3B

Chesnut Street Map, 1906

carton 9, folder 53

Carton Street: Proposal to widen near Ellsworth Street, 1909

carton 9, folder 54

Blake Street Improvements, 1909

carton 9, folder 55

Regent Street Opening, 1910

carton 9, folder 56

Claremont Court Dedication, 1910

oversize 3B

Claremont Court Map, 1907

carton 9, folder 57

Matthew Street Opening, 1913

oversize 3B

Matthew Street Map, 1906

carton 9, folder 58

Sacramento and Grove Streets Improvements, 1913

oversize 3B

Westmorland Park (Ashby Avenue, Stanton, Prince and Baker Streets) Map, 1913

carton 9, folder 59

Shattuck Avenue widening at Allston Way, 1920

carton 9, folder 60

Telegraph Avenue Repair and Street Parking, 1922-1923

carton 9, folder 61

Improvements, 1924-1925

carton 9, folder 62

Tunnel Road, 1927, 1929

oversize 2B

Map of Ashby Avenue near Adeline Street, n.d.

Carton 9, Folders 63-67

8.3: California Railroad Commission, 1923-1941


Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Records of cases heard by the California Railroad Commission on topics such as rail travel, trans-bay fares, and switches from streetcars to buses.
carton 9, folder 63

California Railroad Commission Orders, 1917-1918

carton 9, folder 64

Case for Reduction of Trans-bay Fares, 1923

carton 9, folder 65

Case Hearings, 1925-1927

carton 9, folder 66

Financial Statements from Key Lines and Southern Pacific Regarding Fare Reductions, 1932

carton 9, folder 67

Key System Railway and Motor Coach Service, 1941

Carton 9, Folders 68-75, Carton 10, Folders 1-5

8.4: Street Railways, 1880-1936


Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Includes general information, correspondence, and complaints against the streetcar system as a whole.
carton 9, folder 68

Franchises, 1880-1890

carton 9, folder 69-75

General, 1900, 1903-1904, 1906-1914, 1919-1920, 1922-1926, n.d.

carton 10, folder 1

Improvements, 1911-1914

carton 10, folder 2

Railway Crossing Reports, 1917

carton 10, folder 3-4

Fare Reduction, Opposition to one-manned cars, 1923-1925, 1933-1936

carton 10, folder 5

Correspondence Regarding Lines and Crossings, 1923-1925, 1928

Carton 9, Folders 6-7

8.5: Santa Fe Railway Company, 1913, 1924


Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Documentation of the Santa Fe Railway Company's business in Berkeley.
carton 10, folder 6

Spur Track on Sacramento between Woosley and Alcatraz, 1913

carton 10, folder 7

Franchise Receipts, 1924

Carton 9, Folders 8-17

8.6: Key Transit System: San Francisco-Oakland Terminal Railways, 1905-1926


Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Consists of information about city streetcar franchises and lines by Key Transit System, a Berkeley streetcar company owned by the San Francisco-Oakland Terminal Railways.
carton 10, folder 8-9

Oakland Traction Company: Franchise and Services, 1905-1906, 1908, 1910, 1912-1913

carton 10, folder 10

Correspondence, 1912-1913

carton 10, folder 11

Franchise Receipts, 1915

carton 10, folder 12

Financial Statements, 1915-1919

carton 10, folder 13

Correspondence Regarding Lines, 1919

carton 10, folder 14

Rate Increase, 1925

carton 10, folder 15

Correspondence, 1925-1926

carton 10, folder 16

Application for Motor Bus Service, 1926

carton 10, folder 17

Euclid Avenue Line, 1926

Carton 10, Folders 18-33

8.7: Southern Pacific Railroad Company, 1903-1932


Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Contains records of the Southern Pacific streetcars, including tracks, lines, stops, and franchise receipts.
carton 10, folder 18

Proposed Railroad Yard: Shattuck and Ward Streets, 1903

carton 10, folder 19

Sewer Lines, 1903, 1906

carton 10, folder 20

Track Repair and Upkeep, 1905

carton 10, folder 21

Side Track on Sacramento Between Alcatraz and Fairview Streets, 1905

carton 10, folder 22

Franchise for Second Track on Shattuck Avenue, 1905

carton 10, folder 23

Franchises, 1908

carton 10, folder 24

Woosley Street Line, 1911

carton 10, folder 25

Stop, Line and Flagmen Requests, 1911-1912

carton 10, folder 26

Correspondence, 1912

carton 10, folder 27

Wires on Allston Way, 1912

carton 10, folder 28

Ellsworth Street Line, 1912

carton 10, folder 29

Spur Track across Snyder Avenue, 1912-1913

carton 10, folder 30-32

Franchise Receipts, 1915-1918, 1920-1927, 1931-1932

carton 10, folder 33

Lines and Stops, 1922-1925

Carton 10, Folders 34-42, Oversize Folder 4C

8.8: Wharf and Harbor, 1907-1918, 1926


Arranged hierarchically and chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Records from the planning and use of the municipal wharf and harbor.

Municipal Wharf

carton 10, folder 34

General, 1907-1908

oversize 4C

Proposed Wharf Drawing, 1907

carton 10, folder 35

Records, 1909

carton 10, folder 36

Bids for Work at Wharf, 1926



carton 10, folder 37

Petition, 1912

carton 10, folder 38

Proposal, 1913

carton 10, folder 39

Plans and Correspondence

carton 10, folder 40

Proposed Ordinance for Bonds, 1914

carton 10, folder 41

Waterfront Leasing, 1918

carton 10, folder 42

Correspondence, 1918

Carton 10, Folders 42-47, Carton 11, Folders 1-8

SERIES 9: Construction, 1915-1917, 1933-1934


Arranged hierarchically and chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Divided into two sub-series, School Construction and Civil Works Administration Projects. Consists of documentation of construction projects in Berkeley, including several school buildings and projects of the Civil Works Administration.
Carton 10, Folders 42-47

9.1: School Construction, 1915-1917


Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Contains records from the building of Frances E. Willard and James A. Garfield Schools as well as a failed contract for John Muir School.
carton 10, folder 43-44

John Muir School (A. H. Waid Contractor: Failed to Build), 1915

carton 10, folder 45-46

Frances E. Willard School "B" (Siebert Company), 1915-1917

carton 10, folder 47-48

James A. Garfield School "D" (Siebert Company), 1916

Carton 11, Folders 1-8

9.2: Civil Works Administration Projects, 1933-1934


Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Documentation from Civil Works Administration projects for civic improvement.
carton 11, folder 1

Rules and Regulations, 1933

carton 11, folder 2-8

Projects, 1933-1934

Carton 11, Folders 9-43

SERIES 10: Clippings, 1934-1939


Arranged chronologically.

Scope and Content Note

Contains newspaper clippings collected for the city manager on general topics and events in Berkeley.
carton 11, folder 9-43

Newspaper Clippings, 1934-1937