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Title: James F. Tent papers
Date (inclusive): 1936-2010
Collection Number: 86035
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Archives
Language of Material: English and German
Physical Description: 29 manuscript boxes (12.1 linear feet)
Abstract: Correspondence, reports, memoranda, studies, minutes, conference proceedings, and interview transcripts relating to educational policy and denazification in the American-occupied zone of Germany after World War II, the establishment of the Freie Universität Berlin, and Nazi persecution of persons of partial Jewish ancestry. Includes photocopies of records of the Education and Cultural Relations Division of the United States Office of Military Government for Germany, 1945-1949, and photocopies of Nazi police files. Used as research material for J. F. Tent's books Mission on the Rhine: Reeducation and Denazification in American-Occupied Germany (Chicago, 1982), The Free University of Berlin (Bloomington, 1988), and In the Shadow of the Holocaust: Nazi Persecution of Jewish-Christian Germans (Lawrence, 2003).
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Creator: Tent, James F.
Contributor: Germany (Territory under Allied occupation, 1945-1955 : U.S. Zone) Office of Military Government. Education and Cultural Relations Division


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Location of Originals

In part, originals at the National Archives, Washington, D.C.

Biographical Note

1969 Published master's thesis, German Social Democracy and the General Strike, 1890-1914
  Received master's degree from the University of Wisconsin
1973 Published dissertation, Eugen Richter, Manchester Liberal and German Statesman
  Received PhD from the University of Wisconsin
1974 Began teaching New European history, German history, military history, and the history of the Cold War at the University of Alabama at Birmingham
2002-2008 Served as the Dean of the History Department at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

Scope and Content of Collection

The James F. Tent papers consist of correspondence, reports, memoranda, studies, minutes, conference proceedings, and interview transcripts relating to educational policy and denazification in the American-occupied zone of Germany after World War II, the establishment of the Freie Universität Berlin, and Nazi persecution of persons of partial Jewish ancestry. Includes photocopies of records of the Education and Cultural Relations Division of the United States Office of Military Government for Germany, 1945-1949, and photocopies of Nazi police files. Used as research material for J. F. Tent's books Mission on the Rhine: Reeducation and Denazification in American-Occupied Germany (Chicago, 1982), The Free University of Berlin (Bloomington, 1988), and In the Shadow of the Holocaust: Nazi Persecution of Jewish-Christian Germans (Lawrence, 2003).

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Military government.
Freie Universität Berlin.
Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)

Boxes 1-4

Correspondence, 1938-2000

Box/Folder 1 : 1

A-B, 1947-1991

Box/Folder 1 : 2

C-D, 1948-1995

Box/Folder 1 : 3

E-G, 1948-1997

Box/Folder 1 : 4

H, 1938-1994

Box/Folder 1 : 5

I-L, 1948-1995

Box/Folder 1 : 6

M, 1946-1996

Box/Folder 1 : 7

N-R, 1938-1957

Box/Folder 2 : 1

S, 1945-1996

Box/Folder 2 : 2

T-U, 1945-1994

Box/Folder 2 : 3

W-Z, 1946-2000


Memoranda, 1939-1999, undated

Box/Folder 2 : 4


Box/Folder 2 : 5-7, Box/Folder 3 : 1-6, Box/Folder 4 : 1


Box/Folder 4 : 2


Box/Folder 4 : 3


Box/Folder 4 : 4-5

Notes, undated

Boxes 4-10

Printed Matter, 1941-2003


Articles, 1945-2000, undated

Box/Folder 4 : 6


Box/Folder 4 : 7


Box/Folder 5 : 1


Box/Folder 5 : 2-4

Forms, undated

Scope and Contents note

Includes copies of Nazi police files.
Box/Folder 5 : 5

Lists, undated

Scope and Contents note

Includes lists of known Nazis at German universities.

Minutes, 1945-1948

Box/Folder 5 : 6


Box/Folder 5 : 7


Box/Folder 6 : 1



Reports, 1941-2003

Box/Folder 6 : 2

A, 1945-1977


"A Casebook Recording the Cooperative Effort of Educators of Germany and the United States in Establishing an Experimental School in Hessen, Germany," 1962


"A First Report on the Reorganization of the Elementary Schools," undated


"A Four Year Report," 1945


"A Report of Activities as OMGUS Consultant on Educational Measurement, with Observations and Recommendations," 1948


"A Report to the National Student Organizations of Great Britain, Sweden, and the United States," 1949


"Abschließender Finanzbericht über die Fordspende vom 1958"


"The Administration of Education under Military Government," 1946


"Adult Education," undated


"Allgemeine Richtlinien," 1946


"The American Institute at the University of Munich," undated


"An Analysis of the Bavarian School Reform," 1948


"Analysen und Berichte aus Gesellschaft und Wissenschaft," 1977


"Ansprache des Direktors auf der Rektoren-Konferenz," undated


"Ansprache zur feierlichen Immatrikulation," undated


"Appeal for Foundation of a Free University of Berlin," 1948


"Arbeitsbericht," undated


"Arbeitsbericht über das Sommersemester 1953"


"Arbeitskreis 'Freunde der Schulreform,'" 1948

Box/Folder 6 : 3

B, 1945-1991


"Background Analysis of the Bavarian Ministry of Education and Religion," undated


"Background Facts Concerning the Kaiser-Wilhelm Institutes," undated


"The Bavarian Educational System as We Want It," undated


"Bayerischer Landtag," 1950


"Bemerkungen zu dem Voschlag des Haushaltsplans für die Forscherhochschule Berlin," undated


"Bericht über das Gutachten des Studienausschusses für Hochschulreform," undated


"Bericht über das Wartburgtreffen der Deutschen Studentenschaft Pfingsten 1948 in Eisenach"


"Bericht über den augenblicklichen Stand der Vorarbeiten für die Freie Universität," 1948


"Bericht über die Entwicklung des erweiterten Internationalen Programms," undated


"Bericht über die Marburger Hochschulgespräche," 1947


"Bericht über die Studienfahrt Freiburger Studenten nach Berlin," 1953


"Bericht über eine Arbeitsgemeinschaft," 1953


"Bericht über meine Tätigkeit im Interesse der amerikanistischen Studien an der Universität Göttingen im Sommer-Semester 1953"


"Berlin," 1953


"Berlin in Geschichte und Gegenwart," 1991


"Berlin Sector," 1945


"Berlin University," 1949


"Beschlüsse der Rekterenkonferenz," 1945


"Between All Stools: The Persecution of Half-Jews in Hitler's Germany," undated


"British Zone," undated

Box/Folder 6 : 4

C-D, 1945-1994


"Certification," 1945


"Comment on Report of United States Education Mission to Germany," undated


"Comments and Tentative Recommendations Regarding the Point System for Admission to Universities in Hesse," undated


"Conference of Rectors of German Hochschulen in the British Zone," undated


"Constitution of the Three Bavarian Universities," undated


"Cultural Policy in British Section of Berlin," 1948


"Cumulative Record of OMGUS and HICOG US Education Advisers," 1953


"Current Period," undated


"Dank, Rückschau, Ausblick," 1994


"Das geistige Leben der Universität," undated


"Das Schuldorf Bergstrasse," undated


"Data on Situation of Students in the Universities and Hochshulen in the Land Hessen," undated


"Democracy and German Secondary Education," undated


"Democratization of Education in Germany," undated


"Democratization Program," 1948


"Denazification of the Clergy in Bavaria," undated


"Die Neue Zeitung," 1951


"Die Urkundenfälschung vom Februar 1941"

Box/Folder 6 : 5

E-F, 1944-1949


"Education and Religious Affairs," 1945


"Education Branch Report," 1948


"Education for Freedom," undated


"Effect of United States Troops on Marburg Student Mentality," undated


"Elementary Education," 1946


"European Civil Affairs Division," 1944


"Expulsion of Three Students in the University of Berlin and Conditions of Universities under the SCVZON Central Agency for Public Education," undated


"Extract on the Establishment of a Free University in the Western Sectors of Berlin," undated


"Fight for Freedom," undated


"Final Report of Sigmund Neumann," 1949


"Former Members of the NSDAP in Universities," undated


"Frank Cass Journals," undated


"The Free University of Berlin," 1949


"Freie Universität Berlin," undated


"French Zone," undated

Box/Folder 7 : 1

G, 1988, undated


"The German School," undated


"Geschichte Seiner Entstehung," undated


"Gesetz zur Demokratisierung der Deutschen Schule," undated


"Grundsätzliche und politische Bedründung," undated


"Gründungsfeier der Freien Universität Berlin," 1988

Box/Folder 7 : 2

H, 1946-1998


"Half-Jews in Hitler's Germany," 1998


"Half Jews in Hitler's Germany: Persecutees Who Fell Between All Stools," undated


"Hamburg in der NS-Zeit," undated


"Hartshorne Report," 1946


"Higher Education," 1946


"History of the Control of the University of Berlin," 1946


"Hochschulsatzgungen-Grundsätzliches," undated


"Horst Hartwich," undated


"Housing and Equipment Needs Acute," undated

Box/Folder 7 : 3

I-L, 1941-2003


"Illegal Arrests and Abductions," 1948


"Im Namen des Deutschen Volkes," 1941


"Implementing Instructions," 1945


"In the Shadow of the Holocaust," 2003


"Innovation in German Schools," 1968


"Internal Affairs and Communications," 1947


"Internierung in England," 1941


"Is Dr. Ped Coming?," 1949


"Jahrbuch für Antisemitismusforschung 7," undated


"Kampf um die Universität," undated


"Kindermann's Proposals Concerning School Reform," undated


"Kritik am Gutachten," undated


"Lebenslauf," undated


"Leitsätze für die Rektorenkonferenz," undated


"Letter for Consul General Groth on Visit to Goettingen," undated


"Letter from Germany," 1968


"Long-Range Policy Statement for German Re-Education," undated

Box/Folder 7 : 4

M-O, 1946-1981


"Main Points of Democratic Reorganization of Education under the Weimer Constitution," undated


"Material über die Zulassung der Studenten zum Wintersemester 46/47 an der Universtität Berlin," 1946


"Mein Leben," undated


"Military Government for Hesse Information Intelligence Report," 1948


"Nationalsozialistische, Militaristische und Antisemitische Tendenzen an der Universität München," 1946


"Need for Clarifying Attitude and Standardizing Procedures with Regard to Linden University," 1949


"Neubeginn an der Freien Universität," undated


"Neue Rundschau," 1972


"The New Organization of Our School System A in General," undated


"Nobody Heard the Students," 1949


"Non Admittance of Persons with Former Nazi Affiliations as Students to Institutions of Higher Learning," 1946


"Notes on Findings at the Berlin Documents Center," undated


"Notes on Germany's Ambivalent Student Revolt," undated


"Notes to the Erection of a New University in Berlin," undated


"Occupation Statute," 1949


"Occupied Countries Commission Urges Continued German Education Program," 1949


"Opening, Reopening, and Planning of Schools of Higher Learning," 1948


"Opinion Concerning the Establishment of a Democratic University in the Western Sectors of Berlin and Reform Suggestions Referring to the Present Method of Teaching at the German Universities," 1948


"Orientational--Educational Provision for Germany," 1947


"Original French Paper and Action up to 6 November 1945," 1948


"Otto Erich Deutsch und die Emigration," 1981


"Our Responsibility for German Universities," 1946

Box/Folder 8 : 1

P-Q, 1945-1968


"Party Systems, Party Organizations, and the Politics of New Masses," 1968


"Plan of Personnel Exchange between the United States and Germany," undated


"Political Summary," 1946


"Population and Housing Data on Marburg," 1945


"The Present Decline of German Economics," undated


"Priority Aims and Objectives of the Public Affairs Program," 1950


"Private Darstellung meiner Tätigkeit als kommissarischer Rektor der Universität Berlin," 1945


"Probleme der rehected Professoren und Dozenten," undated


"The Process of Reeducation in Germany," 1947


"Project Request to Rockefeller Foundation International Holiday Courses," 1948


"Proposed Experiment in Secondary Teacher Training Erlangen University Unterfranken Bavaria," undated


"Proposed Revision of Title 8 of Military Government Regulations," 1947


"Quarterly History," 1948

Box/Folder 8 : 2

R, 1945-1996


"The Rector of the University of Würzburg," 1946


"The Rededication of German Scholarship," 1946


"Reden des Stadtvererdneten WILDANGEL (SED) zum Thema 'Forschungschochschule,'" 1948


"References and Documentation," undated


"Rektoren-Konferenz zu Heidelberg vom 25 to 27 November 1946"


"Reorganization of Education in all the Zones of Germany (Excluding Polish)," 1945


"Report about Berlin University till November 27, 1948"


"Report about the Academy of Commerce in Mannheim," 1946


"Report about the Technische Hochschule Stuttgart," 1946


"Report about the University of Berlin," 1945


"Report by John W. Draper at the University of Munich," 1949


"Report for May and June," 1946


"Report from the Academy of Fine Arts, Stuttgart," 1947


"Report of Investigation," 1946


"Report of Special Assignment in Germany," 1948


"Report on a Conference Held with Dr. Otto Hipp," 1945


"Report on Activity to Regional United States Military Government of Wuerttemberg and Baden," 1946


"Report on Budget Committee Session," 1948


"Report on Denazification of Erlangen University," undated


"Report on Denazification of Johann Wolfgang Goethe University," undated


"Report on Denazification of Universities in United States Zone by Policy," undated


"Report on Denazification of University of Wurzburg," undated


"Report on Reorientation," 1948


"Report on School Reform with Reference to Higher Education," 1948


"Report on Text Book Meeting," 1946


"Report on the Activities of Stuttgart State College of Music," 1946


"Report on the Activities of the State College of Agriculture at Stuttgart-Hohenheim," 1946


"Report on Trip to Education Office," 1947


"Report on Trip to Stuttgart and Munich," undated


"Research Project: Mischlinge: The Fate of Half-Jews in Hitler's Germany," undated


"Resistance of the Heart: Intermarriage and the Rosenstrasse Protest in Nazi Germany," 1996


"Russian Zone," undated

Box/Folder 8 : 3

S, 1945-1986


"School Reform," 1948


"School Reform in Land Hesse," 1948


"School Reform: Kommandatura," 1948


"Schools and Education," 1947


"Secondary Schools in Germany, American Zone," 1946


"Sending Germans to European Countries for Observation and Study under the Cultural Exchange Program," 1949


"Situation an der Universität Berlin," 1948


"Six Months Report," 1947


"Social Democratic Party of Germany," undated


"Sociological Section," undated


"Some Ideas Concerning the Reform of the Universities," 1948


"Some Notes on Leftist Students and Constitutional Law in Germany," 1968


"Soziale und politische Kritik," undated


"Statement of the Department of Sciences," undated


"Status and Progress of Social Sciences in German Universities," 1949


"Status of School Legislation," 1948


"Streitschrist gegen die Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin," 1986


"Studentwerk," 1945


"Study of the Secondary School Background of Students Entering Hessian Universities," undated


"Sundquist Personal Files," 1949


"Summary of the Report of Pax Romana's Delegation on Its Visit to Germany," undated

Box/Folder 8 : 4

T, 1946-1968


"Talk with MAY (Education)," undated


"Teacher Education in Germany American Zone," undated


"Teacher Training Since 1945," 1946


"Terror, Herrschaft und Alltag im Nationalsozialismus," undated


"Text eines Radio-Interviews über die neue Forschungshochschule in Berlin-Dahlem," 1946


"Textbooks in Germany American Zone," 1946


"Thesen als Grundlage der Diskussion," 1946


"'To Live for Science': Ideals and Realities at the University of Berlin," undated


"Topical Report," undated


"Trends and Problems in Adult Education," undated


"Two Days that Shook West Germany," 1968


U, 1947-1977

Scope and Contents note

In addition to titled reports beginning with the letter "U," these folders also contains excerpts and untitled reports.
Box/Folder 8 : 5

"Über Christen und Konfessionalose jüdischer Herkunft," undated


"United States Zone," undated


"The Universities," 1948


"The University in Germany Today," 1947


"University of Munich: An Analysis of the Law Faculty," 1948


"Universtäten," undated


"Unterlagen zur Frage der Errichtung einer zweiten Universität in Berlin," undated

Box/Folder 9 : 1

"University Officer's Report," 1947

Box/Folder 9 : 2

"Universität Hochburg der idealistischen Jugend," undated


"Universitäts-Bibliotheken," undated


"Universitäts-Report Berlin," 1970


"University of Munich: An Analysis of Student Composition," 1977


"Unreason and Revolution," 1969

Box/Folder 9 : 3

V, 1945-1980


"The Value of the Human Being," 1945


"Verfolgung von Mischlingen in Deutschland und im Reichsgau Wartheland," undated


"Veritas, Iustitia, Libertas," 1953


"Visit to Marburg University," 1948


"Von Burschenschafter bis zum Sponti," 1980

Box/Folder 9 : 4

W-Z, 1946-1994


"Wer und wo ist der Hauptschuldige in der Affaire Scholl?," undated


"Who Is Allowed to Study?: Concerning Admittance for Students," undated


"Wir Wollen Froh Sein, Daß Wir Jetzt Sind Wie Alle Anderen," 1993


"Wo Wurzeln waren: Juden in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel," 1946-1947


"Wuerttemberg-Baden Labor Market Who Are Unemployed and Unable to Find Apprenticeship," undated


"Yearbook XXXIV," 1989


"Zeitschrift für Biographieforschung und Oral History," 1994


"Zu Ihrem Brief von 5.iii. möchte ich im Folgenden Stellung nehmen," undated


"Zwischen allen Stühlen- Zur Verfolgung der 'Halbjuden' in Hamburg," undated

Box/Folder 9 : 5, Box/Folder 10 : 1-2

Transcripts, 1945-1996

Box/Folder 10 : 3

Speeches and writings by others, 1943-1949

Scope and Contents note

Contains speeches, essays, radio broadcasts, and other writings not authored by James F. Tent but by multiple miscellaneous people.
Box/Folder 10 : 4

Miscellany, 1946-1996

Scope and Contents note

Contains resumes, faxes, revisions, notes, and other printed matter.
Boxes 11-29

2016 Incremental Materials, circa 1980-2010

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence files relating to a variety of topics but pertaining mostly to Tent's research in German history and his academic career.