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Title: California State University Government Affairs Office Records,
Dates: 1960-1991
Bulk: 1960-1969
Collection Number: CSU 011
Creator: California State University Government Affairs Office
Extent: 6 boxes 6 linear ft
Repository: California State University Historical Archives California State University, Dominguez Hills
Archives & Special Collection
University Library, Room G-145
1000 E. Victoria Street
Carson, California 90747
Phone: (310) 243-3013
Abstract: CSU Office of Government Affairs records (1960-1991—mostly 1960s, 6 ft) deal with the State College and University systems interactions with the California State Legislature regarding legislation, college sites and controversial issues. Subjects include college sites, campus unrest, buildings and grounds, student admission, year-round operations and many other issues. Includes correspondence of chancellors, legislatures and governors including Ronald Reagan.
Language: Collection material is in English

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Materials in this collection were transferred by the Chancellor’s Office, California State University and collected by archives staff. It is a growing collection.

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Processed during 2004-2006 CSU System-wide Archives Processing Project.


The California State University System, formally established in 1960 by the Donahoe Higher Education Act. It is the nation’s largest university system, with 23 campuses and seven off-campus centers, more than 400,000 students and 42,000 faculty and staff. The CSU is one of three public higher education systems in the state of California (the others are the University of California and the California Community College System). Since 1961 more than 2 million alumni have received a bachelor's, master's, and doctoral (Ph.D. and Ed.D) degrees from the university system. It offers more than 1,800 degree programs in some 240-subject areas.
Today's California State University system is the direct descendant of the California State Normal School (now, San Jose State University) established by the California Legislature on May 2, 1862. By 1895 there were four State Normal schools. In 1921, the schools were re-named the State Teacher’s Schools. In 1935 the colleges were re-named the California State Colleges and were run by the State Department of Education. With the master plan created along with the Donohue Act, the California State Colleges were placed under control of the CSC Board of Trustees. In 1972 the system was renamed the California State Colleges and Universities. The term "Colleges" was dropped in 1982.
Responsibility for the California State University is vested in the Board of Trustees, whose members are appointed by the Governor of the State of California. The Trustees appoint the Chancellor, who is the chief executive officer of the system, and the Presidents, who are the chief executive officers of their respective campuses. The Academic Senate of the California State University, made up of elected representatives of the faculty from each campus, recommends academic policy to the Board of Trustees through the Chancellor. Chancellors of the system include Buell Gallagher (1961-1962); Glenn S. Dumke (1962-1982); W. Ann Reynolds (1982-1990); Ellis E. McCune [Acting] (1990-1991); Barry Munitz (1991-1998); Charles B. Reed (1998- ).

Scope and Content

CSU Office of Government Affairs records (1960-1991—mostly 1960s, 6 ft) deal with the State College and University systems interactions with the California State Legislature regarding legislation, college sites and controversial issues. The former Government Affairs office is currently called the Office of Advocacy and Institutional Relations.
Subjects include Board of Trustee Actions, production of the play "The Beard" at Fullerton; college name changes; Association of Student Body Presidents; buildings and grounds; architects; proposed college sites; Les Cohen speeches; campus dissent; Vandenburg Air Force Base; individual campus issues; correspondence with Chancellors, legislators, Governors including Ronald Reagan, and Lt. Governors; possible Ventura County campus sites; Dow Chemical/Anti-war demonstration; joint doctoral degree programs; John Gilbaugh correspondence with chancellor; legislative progress reports; State Technical Services Act; faculty recruitment; labor unions; grievance procedures; faculty staffing formula; faculty research; bond issues; nudity; nursing program; "pornography;" R.O.T.C.; George Murray, National Defense Student Loans; weekly briefing, student admissions; Vietnam Moratorium Day; year-round operations; San Francisco State crisis (1968-1969); remedial education; and many other issues.

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College buildings
College campuses
Student movements

Personal Names

Reagan, Ronald
Murray, George

Corporate Names

California State University
California State University. Office of the Chancellor
San Francisco State University

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Container List


California State University Government Affairs Office Records, 1960-1991

Physical Description: 6 boxes
Container GA001, ID 10122

Advisory Board Members 1963-1966

Container GA001, ID 10123

Alumni 1963-1966

Container GA001, ID 10124

American Association of University Professors 1962-1966

Container GA001, ID 10125

Architects; Private vs. State Lawsuit 1960-1964

Container GA001, ID 10126

Architects 1963-1966

Container GA001, ID 10127

Articles of Incorporation; Education Forum of California; Pasadena Playhouse Association 1937-1964

Container GA001, ID 10128

Association of State Colleges and Universities (ASCU) 1963-1964

Container GA001, ID 10129

Association of Student Body Presidents 1963-1967

Container GA001, ID 10130

Auxiliary Operation 1963-1967

Container GA001, ID 10131

Auxiliary Personnel 1964-1965

Container GA001, ID 10132

Production of "The Beard" CSU Fullerton 1968

Container GA001, ID 10133

Board of Trustees; Board Action 1966

Container GA001, ID 10134

Creation of the Trustees of California State Colleges; Roles and Procedures; Standing Orders 1966

Container GA001, ID 10135

Board of Trustees; Correspondence to members 1967

Container GA001, ID 10136

Support Budget 1969-1970

Container GA001, ID 10137

Budget; Capital Outlay Budget 1969

Container GA001, ID 10138

Buildings and Grounds 1963-1965

Container GA001, ID 10139

Buildings and Grounds; Off Campus Center 1965-1966

Container GA001, ID 10140

Buildings and Grounds; Vandenburg Air Force Base 1963-1964

Container GA001, ID 10141

Buildings and Grounds; Vandenburg Air Force Base 1963-1966

Container GA001, ID 10142

Campus Dissent 1967

Container GA001, ID 10143

California College and University Faculty Association 1964-1966

Container GA001, ID 10144

California State Employee's Association 1962-1966

Container GA001, ID 10145

California Teachers Association 1963

Container GA001, ID 10146

Chain Letter Campaign to Control University / Morrissey 1970

Container GA001, ID 10147

College; Additional Sites 1963-1964

Container GA001, ID 10148

College; Chico 1964-1969

Container GA001, ID 10149

College; Land Acquisitions 1963-1967

Container GA001, ID 10150

College; Name Changes 1963-1966

Container GA001, ID 10151

Cohen, Les, Speeches 1966

Container GA001, ID 10152

College Site Selection - Miscellaneous; Palos Verde 1962-1967

Container GA001, ID 10153

College Sites 1964-1970

Container GA001, ID 10154

College Proposed Sites; Contra County 1964-1967

Container GA002, ID 10155

State Colleges; Dominguez Hills 1963

Container GA002, ID 10156

State Colleges; Dominguez Hills 1963-1968

Container GA002, ID 10157

State Colleges; Fresno 1964-1969

Container GA002, ID 10158

State Colleges; Fresno, Physical Education Facilities 1957-1964

Container GA002, ID 10159

State Colleges; Fullerton 1963-1969

Container GA002, ID 10160

State Colleges; Glendale Burbank Area (Proposed College Sites) 1963-1965

Container GA002, ID 10161

State Colleges; Hayward 1960-1968

Container GA002, ID 10162

State Colleges; Humboldt 1962-1969

Container GA002, ID 10163

State Colleges; Kern County (Bakersfield) Proposed College Site 1965-1967

Container GA002, ID 10164

State Colleges; Lake County (Proposed College Site) 1966

Container GA002, ID 10165

State Colleges; Long Beach (Correspondence) 1963-1967

Container GA002, ID 10166

State Colleges; Los Angeles 1963-1969

Container GA002, ID 10167

State Colleges; Los Banos Area (Proposed College Site) 1964

Container GA002, ID 10168

State Colleges; Kellogg-Voorhis, Pomona 1963-1969

Container GA002, ID 10169

State Colleges; San Luis Obispo 1962-1969

Container GA002, ID 10170

State Colleges; Sacramento 1962-1966

Container GA002, ID 10171

State Colleges; Sacramento 1965-1969

Container GA002, ID 10172

State Colleges; San Bernardino 1962-1969

Container GA002, ID 10173

State Colleges; San Diego 1962-1969

Container GA002, ID 10174

State Colleges; San Diego 1962-1969

Container GA002, ID 10175

State Colleges; San Fernando Valley State College, Master Plan 1963-1964

Container GA002, ID 10176

State Colleges; San Fernando Valley State College, AB2971 (Cusanovich) Devonshire Downs Property 1963-1966

Container GA002, ID 10177

State Colleges; San Fernando Valley State College, Planning 1962-1964

Container GA002, ID 10178

State Colleges; San Francisco 1964-1969

Container GA002, ID 10179

State Colleges; San Francisco; Faculty Revolt 1964

Container GA002, ID 10180

State Colleges; San Jose 1966-1969

Container GA002, ID 10181

State Colleges; San Jose; Tower Hall 1963-1964

Container GA002, ID 10182

State Colleges; Tulare and Kings County (Proposed College Site) 1963

Container GA003, ID 10183

State Colleges; San Mateo 1962-1965

Container GA003, ID 10184

State Colleges; Stanislaus 1963-1969

Container GA003, ID 10185

State Colleges; Sonoma 1963-1969

Container GA003, ID 10186

State Colleges; Site Studies and Planning 1962-1969

Container GA003, ID 10187

State Colleges; Ventura County 1963-1966

Container GA003, ID 10188

Commissions 1963-1966

Container GA003, ID 10189

Commissions; American Council for Higher Education nd

Container GA003, ID 10190

Commissions; Chancellors Advisory Committee 1966

Container GA003, ID 10191

Commissions; Constitution Revision Committee 1966

Container GA003, ID 10192

Correspondence 1981, January 9- may 8

Container GA003, ID 10193

Correspondence 1981, May 15-December 28

Container GA003, ID 10194

Correspondence 1982, January - May 28

Container GA003, ID 10195

Correspondence 1982, June 4 - December 30

Container GA003, ID 10196

Correspondence 1984, January 6 May 29

Container GA003, ID 10197

Correspondence 1987, June 1

Container GA003, ID 10198

Correspondence: Assistant Executive Vice Chancellor, McGrath 1968

Container GA003, ID 10199

Correspondence: Special Assistant to the Chancellor, Suguitan 1969

Container GA003, ID 10200

Correspondence: Dr. Glenn S. Dumke 1963-1969

Container GA003, ID 10201

Correspondence: Governor/ Lt Governor 1967-1969

Container GA003, ID 10202

Correspondence: Chancellor Dr. C. Mansel Keene 1969

Container GA003, ID 10203

Correspondence: California Congressional Delegation 1980, March 13

Container GA003, ID 10204

Correspondence: Coordinating Council for Higher Education 1966-1968

Container GA003, ID 10205

Correspondence: Legal Affairs 1966-1968

Container GA003, ID 10206

Correspondence: Miscellaneous 1969-1970

Container GA003, ID 10207

Correspondence: Vice Chancellor Business Affairs. Brakebill 1965-1969

Container GA003, ID 10208

Correspondence: Dr. Russell Whitesel 1969

Container GA003, ID 10209

Correspondence: Washington D.C. 1979

Container GA003, ID 10210

Doctoral Joint Degree Programs 1963-1969

Container GA003, ID 10211

Dow Chemical Anti-War Demonstrations CSULA 1967

Container GA003, ID 10212

Dow Chemical Recruiting Demonstration 1967-1968

Container GA003, ID 10213

Education. Credentials 1963-1966

Container GA003, ID 10214

Education. Distinguished Teacher Awards 1966-1969

Container GA003, ID 10215

Education Code Revisions 1960-1966

Container GA004, ID 10216

Education. Faculty Issue 1963-1969

Container GA004, ID 10217

Eldrige Rutherford Case, San Jose State 1970

Container GA004, ID 10218

Elections; Bond Issues 1964

Container GA004, ID 10219

Elections; Bond Issues 1964

Container GA004, ID 10220

Elections; Economic Welfare of Faculties 1964

Container GA004, ID 10221

Elections; Proposition #3 1968 Election 1968-1969

Container GA004, ID 10222

Ethics Commission 1949-1965

Container GA004, ID 10223

Extension Programs 1962-1965

Container GA004, ID 10224

Federal Programs / Grants 1966-1968

Container GA004, ID 10225

Faculty Research 1962-1964

Container GA004, ID 10226

Faculty Research 1962-1964

Container GA004, ID 10227

Faculty Staffing Formula 1963-1969

Container GA004, ID 10228

Faculty Teacher Placement 1963-1964

Container GA004, ID 10229

Faculty Recruitment 1962-1968

Container GA004, ID 10230

Faculty Sabbaticals / Leaves 1964-1967

Container GA004, ID 10231

Gilbaugh, John, Columnist, Professor San Francisco State, Letters to Reagan. Campaign to get Gilbaugh named President of San Jose State 1973

Container GA004, ID 10232

Gilbaugh, John, Columnist, Professor San Francisco State, Letters to Reagan. Campaign to get Gilbaugh named President of San Jose State 1970

Container GA004, ID 10233

Grievance Procedure 1964

Container GA004, ID 10234

Junior Colleges 1964-1967

Container GA004, ID 10235

Legislative Reports 1986

Container GA004, ID 10236

Legislation. Final Report on the Regular Session of the California Legislation 1979-1986

Container GA004, ID 10237

Legislation. International Education Act of 1966 1966

Container GA004, ID 10238

Legislation. Labor Unions 1964-1965

Container GA004, ID 10239

Legislation. State Technical Services Act 1965-1966

Container GA004, ID 10240

Legislative Progress Report 1966

Container GA005, ID 10241

Legislation. Higher Education Act 1965-1966

Container GA005, ID 10242

Legislation. 1963-1968

Container GA005, ID 10243

Legislative Reports Recap 1978-1979

Container GA005, ID 10244

Legislative Summary / Reports / Misc 1967-1971

Container GA005, ID 10245

Marine Institute of Science and Technology 1966-1967

Container GA005, ID 10246

Marvin x Case, Fresno 1969

Container GA005, ID 10247

Mezey, Robert / Marijuana Laws, CSU Fresno 1968

Container GA005, ID 10248

Murray, George, Firing at San Francisco State University / Eldridge Cleaver at Berkeley 1968

Container GA005, ID 10249

Murray, George, Firing at San Francisco State University / Eldridge Cleaver at Berkeley, 1968

Container GA005, ID 10250

National Defense Student Loans 1964-1969

Container GA005, ID 10251

National Defense Student Loans 1963-1965

Container GA005, ID 10252

National Science Foundation Grants 1962-1966

Container GA005, ID 10253

Newsletter. Sacramento. No 5 1966, November 4

Container GA005, ID 10254

Newsletter. Weekly Briefing 1983, January 7-April 29

Container GA005, ID 10255

Newsletter. Weekly Briefing 1983, May 6-December 22

Container GA005, ID 10256

Newsletter. Weekly Briefing 1985, January 4-April 26

Container GA005, ID 10257

Newsletter. Weekly Briefing 1985, May 3-September 6

Container GA005, ID 10258

Newsletter. Dateline: Washington 1979

Container GA005, ID 10259

Newsletter. Dateline: Washington 1980

Container GA005, ID 10260

Newsletter. DC to CSC 1968

Container GA005, ID 10261

News Releases. 1980-1981

Container GA005, ID 10262

News Releases. 1982

Container GA005, ID 10263

Nudity; Long Beach 1970

Container GA005, ID 10264

Nudity / Burning Rats, CSU Los Angeles 1976

Container GA005, ID 10265

Nursing Program 1960-1964

Container GA005, ID 10266

Parking 1963-1969

Container GA005, ID 10267

Parking 1963-1970

Container GA005, ID 10268

Parking State College Revenue Fund 1966-1970

Container GA005, ID 10269

Personnel Annual Report to Governor and Legislature 1963-1965

Container GA005, ID 10270

Personnel Forms 1966

Container GA005, ID 10271

Pornography. Spater Art Exhibit / CSU Long Beach 1968-1970

Container GA005, ID 10272

Public Works Board Meeting. South Bay, Palos Verde State and San Bernardino State College 1963-1964

Container GA005, ID 10273

Public Works Board Meeting. South Bay, Palos Verde State and San Bernardino State College Field Trip 1963, August

Container GA005, ID 10274

R.O.T.C. 1968

Container GA006, ID 10275

Reagan, Ronald Correspondence; Summerskills Resignation San Francisco State University 1967-1968

Container GA006, ID 10276

Salaries 1964-1965

Container GA006, ID 10277

Salaries 1964-1969

Container GA006, ID 10278

Salaries: Scales 1964-1968

Container GA006, ID 10279

Salaries: Standards 1964-1970

Container GA006, ID 10280

San Francisco State Crisis, Shut It Down 1968

Container GA006, ID 10281

Scholarships 1963-1964

Container GA006, ID 10282

Security Programs for the CSC 1963-1969

Container GA006, ID 10283

Students. Policies 1961-1967

Container GA006, ID 10284

Students. Admissions 1966-1970

Container GA006, ID 10285

Students. Centers for Economic Education 1964-1965

Container GA006, ID 10286

Students. Enrollments 1964-1970

Container GA006, ID 10287

Students. Diplomas 1963-1968

Container GA006, ID 10288

Students. Attacking CSU Hayward Professor Brawie 1969

Container GA006, ID 10289

Students. Enrollment Limitations; Experimental Colleges 1965

Container GA006, ID 10290

Students. Experimental Colleges; Guerilla Warfare Class 1968

Container GA006, ID 10291

Students. Foreign Students 1964-1970

Container GA006, ID 10292

Students. Lower Division Courses; CSU Dominguez Hills and other campuses 1962-1963

Container GA006, ID 10293

Students. Remedial Education 1963-1991

Container GA006, ID 10294

Students. Riots 1964

Container GA006, ID 10295

Students. Enrollment Diversion 1963-1964

Container GA006, ID 10296

Students. School Buses 1965-1966

Container GA006, ID 10297

Students. Study Abroad 1962-1966

Container GA006, ID 10298

Students. Special Education 1964-1965

Container GA006, ID 10299

Tax Sheltered Annuities Program 1965-1966

Container GA006, ID 10300

Teacher Education and Training 1964-1969

Container GA006, ID 10301

Teach-In Vietnam 1967

Container GA006, ID 10302

Student Body Organization 1966-1968

Container GA006, ID 10303

Vietnam Moratorium Day 1969

Container GA006, ID 10304

University California (General) 1962-1967

Container GA006, ID 10305

University California (General) 1967-1968

Container GA006, ID 10306

Year Round Operations 1964-1970

Container GA006, ID 10307

Zeilenga, Jack, Political Comments, CSU Chico 1960