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Finding Aid for the David Gebhard papers, circa 1949-1996 0000136
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Personal Papers


Biographical Information

Box 1, Folder 1-2

Curriculum vitae 1953-1991

Box 1, Folder 3

Passports 1965



Box 1, Folder 4

Garrett, Stephen 1981

Box 1, Folder 5

Gebhard, Walter 1968

Box 1, Folder 6

Haines, Pamela W. 1995

Box 1, Folder 7

Jan and Jim 1996

Box 1, Folder 8

Jury Commissioner 1976

Box 1, Folder 9

Plett, Jay n.d.


Student Work

Box 1, Folder 10-16

Dissertation, "William Gray Purcell and George Grant Elmslie and the Early Progressive Movement in American Architecture from 1900 to 1920" 1957

Box 1, Folder 17

"Gorthby" 1947

Box 1, Folder 18

History 200F n.d.

Box 1, Folder 19

History of Architecture (University of Minnesota) n.d.

Box 1, Folder 20

"A Kierkegaardian Criticism of Mathew Arnold" 1952

Box 1, Folder 21

"Maya-Mexican History: A Trial Formation of the Cyclic Theory of History" 1950

Box 1, Folder 22

Relighion & Science 1948



Box 1, Folder 23

Family and Friends 1950s-1970s

Box 1, Folder 24

Portraits n.d.

Box 1, Folder , Folder 25-27

Residences 1949-1969


Clippings and Scrapbooks

Box 1, Folder 28

Camera clippings n.d.

Box 1, Folder 29-31

Family clippings n.d.

Oversize-box 2-6

Scrapbooks 1933-1945


Professional Papers

Box 7-15


Box 7, Folder 


Box 8, Folder 


Box 9, Folder 


Box 10, Folder 


Box 11, Folder 


Box 12, Folder 


Box 13, Folder 


Box 14, Folder 


Box 15, Folder 


Box 16-23, Oversize-box 49, Folder 1-9


Box 16, Folder 

Book Reviews

Box 17, Folder 

Writings and Publications A-ART

Box 18, Folder 

Writings and Publications BAY-DIC

Box 19, Folder 

Writings and Publications DOM-HIG

Box 20, Folder 

Writings and Publications HIS-MIN

Box 21, Folder 

Writings and Publications MIS-PRE

Box 22, Folder 

Writings and Publications PRE-RMS

Box 23, Folder 

Writings and Publications SAM-WOO

Oversize-box 49, Folder 1-8

Writings and Publications Oversize


Writings and Reviews on David Gebhard A-P


Writings and Reviews on David Gebhard R-Y

Oversize-box 49, Folder 9-10

Writings and Reviews on David Gebhard, Oversize

Oversize-box 49, Folder 10-11, Box 24-26

Presentations and Lectures

Box 24, Folder 

Public Lectures A-HI

Box 25, Folder 

Public Lectures HO-PUB

Box 26, Folder 

Public Lectures PUE-W

Oversize-box 49, Folder 11-12

Public Lectures Oversize

Box 27-48, Oversize-box 49, Folder 12

Associations and Committees

Box 29, Folder 1-6, Box 28, Folder 1-61, Box 27, Folder 1-53

American Institute of Architects 1902-1996

Box 29, Folder 7-8

Archaeological Society of New Mexico 1955-1956

Box 29, Folder 9-10

Architectural Foundation of Santa Barbara 1991-1993

Box 29, Folder 11

Architectural Review Board 1989

Box 29, Folder 12-13

Architecture and Design Support Group 1980-1983

Box 29, Folder 14

Archives of American Art 1980

Box 29, Folder 15-17

Bayer Sculpture Committee 1988-1990

Box 29, Folder 18

Bonnymede 1962-1964

Box 29, Folder 19

California Arts Council 1993

Box 29, Folder 20

California Coastal Commission 1981

Box 29, Folder 21

California Heritage Council 1989

Box 29, Folder 22-37

California Preservation Foundation 1984-1995

Box 29, Folder 38-43

California State Coastal Conservancy 1985-1988

Box 29, Folder 44-49

California Today 1984-1988

Box 29, Folder 50-55

California Waterfront Age 1985-1990

Box 29, Folder 56-57

Chicago Historical Society 1991-1994

Box 29, Folder 58

CHS 1980

Box 30, Folder 1-19, Box 29, Folder 59-70

Citizens Planning Association of Santa Barbara 1969-1995

Box 30, Folder 20-21

College Art Association 1973-1984

Box 30, Folder 22

Committee for Santa Barbara 1975

Box 30, Folder 23

Committee for the Preservation of Architectural Records 1977

Box 30, Folder 24-25

Community Development Department of Santa Barbara 1989

Box 30, Folder 26

County Planning Commission n.d.

Box 30, Folder 27

Crosstown Freeway Forum Group 1971

Box 30, Folder 28

Dunlap Society 1982-1983

Box 30, Folder 29

Ethics in American Archaeology 1995

Box 30, Folder 30

Fairbanks Ranch Environmental Control Committee 1982

Box 30, Folder 31

Foothill Preservation League 1977

Box 30, Folder 32-35

Friends of Terra Cotta 1982-1986

Box 30, Folder 36-48, Box 32, Folder 1-6, Box 31, Folder 1-33, Box 47, Box 48

Hammonds Meadow Preserve 1978-1991

Box 32, Folder 7-19

Historic American Buildings Survey 1958-1985

Box 32, Folder 20-45, Box 33, Folder 1-10

Historic Preservation 1958-1994

Box 33, Folder 11

Historical Society of Southern California 1993-1994

Box 33, Folder 12

Institute for Community Economics 1985

Box 33, Folder 13-15

International Committee of Architectural Critics 1980-1991

Box 33, Folder 16

International Confederation of Architectural Museums 1996

Box 33, Folder 17

Land Trust Exchange 1984

Box 33, Folder 18

League for Coastal Protection 1988

Box 33, Folder 19-20

Los Angeles Cultural Heritage Board 1962-1989

Box 34, Folder 1-31, Box 33, Folder 21-37

Montecito Association 1988-1994

Box 34, Folder 32

Montecito Life 1994

Box 34, Folder 33-34

Montecito Preservation Group 1994

Box 34, Folder 35-40

Montecito Protective and Improvement Association 1965-1993

Box 34, Folder 41-42

Montecito Villager 1994-1995

Oversize-box 49, Folder 12, Box 34, Folder 43-44

Montecito Zoning Plan 1928-1929

Box 34, Folder 45-46

National Architectural Accrediting Board 1982

Box 35, Folder 1-5, Box 38, Folder 1-57, Box 34, Folder 47-54

National Trust for Historic Preservation 1974-1996

Box 35, Folder 6

NOAA 1989

Box 35, Folder 7-9

Nonprofit Organization Assistance Program 1984-1989

Box 35, Folder 10

Office of Historic Preservation 1992

Box 35, Folder 11

Performing Arts Committee 1975

Box 35, Folder 12

Regional Plan Association of Southern California 1972

Box 35, Folder 13-15

Research Libraries Group 1992-1994

Box 35, Folder 16

Rural Lands of Santa Barbara County 1961

Box 35, Folder 17-19

Santa Barbara City College 1971-1974

Box 35, Folder 20

Santa Barbara City Council 1994

Box 36, Folder 1-24, Box 35, Folder 21-32

Santa Barbara County Board of Architectural Review 1971-1996

Box 36, Folder 25

Santa Barbara Heritage n.d.

Box 36, Folder 26

Santa Barbara Historical Society 1986-1995

Box 37, Folder 1-37, Box 36, Folder 27-33, Box 40, Folder 1-43, Box 39, Folder 1-28, Box 42, Folder 1-52, Box 41, Folder 1-42, Box 43, Folder 1-44

Santa Barbara Landmarks Committee 1973-1996

Box 43, Folder 45

Santa Barbara Municipal Airport 1993

Box 43, Folder 46

Santa Barbara New Press 1994

Box 43, Folder 47-51

Santa Barbara Planning Commission 1930-1990

Box 43, Folder 52

Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation 1975-1976

Box 44, Folder 1-37, Box 45, Folder 1-40, Box 46, Folder 1-38, Box 47, Folder 1-13, Box 43, Folder 53-55

Society of Architectural Historians 1965-1995

Box 47, Folder 14-15

Society of American Registered Architects 1994

Box 47, Folder 16-21

Society for Commercial Archaeology 1988-1995

Box 47, Folder 22

Summerland Board of Architectural Review 1990

Box 47, Folder 23

Surfrider Foundation 1985-1986

Box 47, Folder 24

Trust for Public Land 1985



Oversize-box 49, Folder 13-17

Research Notes


Research and Reference A-AME


Research and Reference AME-ARC


Research and Reference ARC-ART


Research and Reference ART-BUF


Research and Reference BUI-CAS


Research and Reference CAS-CON


Research and Reference CON-EGY


Research and Reference ELD-GAR


Research and Reference GAR-HEI


Research and Reference HEL-INC


Research and Reference IND-LIG


Research and Reference LIT-MIS


Research and Reference MIS


Research and Reference MIS-NEW


Research and Reference NEW-PAP


Research and Reference PAR-PLU


Research and Reference PLY-QUI


Research and Reference RAD-SEB


Research and Reference SEL-SOU


Research and Reference SOU-SUI


Research and Reference SUL-VER


Research and Reference VIC-WYO


Research and Reference Box of Card File Boxes, 1 of 3: American Indian Art


Research and Reference Box of Card File Boxes, 2 of 3: American Architects; California Architects; City Planning; Drive-in Architecture


Research and Reference Box of Card File Boxes, 3 of 3: Miscellaneous Architects

Oversize-box 49, Folder 14-18

Research and Reference Oversize


Reference Files


Cultural Resource Reports - Santa Barbara


Index, Santa Barbara Cultural Resource Reports


Seismic Guidelines


Alamar Avenue 1988


Alameda Padre Serra, 44 1990


Alameda Padre Serra, 326 1993


Alameda Padre Serra, 1510 1995


Alameda Padre Serra, 2060 1989


Alston Road, 912 1989


Anacapa Street, 427 1991


Anacapa Street, 1014-1018 and 1036 1988


Anacapa Street, 1014-1022 and 1036 1989


Anacapa Street, 1036 1989


Anacapa Street, 1334 1995


Anacapa Street, 2515 1990


Anapamu Street, 11 and 17 East 1989


Anapamu Street, 11-17 East 1989


Anapamu Street, 409 East 1988


Anapamu Street, 700 East 1990


Anapamu Street, 836 East 1990


Argonne Circle, 3110 1989


Arrellaga Street, 121 East 1992


Arrellaga Street, 615 West 1990


Arroyo Burro Beach Park 1989


Bath Street, 116 and 118 1989


Bath Street, 116-118 1989


Bath Street, 210 1990


Bath Street, 512-518 1990


Anacapa Street, 514-518 1990


Bath Street 512-518 1990


Bath Street, 1425 1994


Bath Street, 1605 1988


Bath Street, 1605 1988


Bath Street, 1720 1992


Bath Street, 1823 and 1825 1990


Bath Street, 2026 and 2030 1991


Botello Road, 820 1991


Braemar Drive, 3333 1990


Braemwar Sewage Lift Station 1991


Cabrillo Boulevard, East 1992


Cabrillo Boulevard, 22-28 West


Cabrillo Boulevard, 28 West 1989


Cabrillo Boulevard, 28 West 1993


Cabrillo Boulevard, 28 West 1990


Cabrillo Boulevard, 101 East 1988


Cabrillo Boulevard, 225 1990


Cabrillo Boulevard, 232 West 1988


Cabrillo Boulevard, 325 East 1988


Cabrillo Boulevard, 325 East 1988


Cacique Street, 712 1994


Cacique Street, 800 Block East 1990


Calle Alella, 732 1990


Calle Real, 4040 1992


Canon Perdido Street, 101 West 1991


Canon Perdido Street, 1030 East 1989


Capenteria Street, 1108 1992


Castillo Street, 520 1992


Castillo Street, 922 1995


Castillo Street, 1112 1988


Castillo Street, 1629 and 1631 1989


Castillo Street, 1629-1631 1988


Castillo Street, 1824 1990


Castillo Street, 1916 1995


Castillo Street, 1922 1989


Castillo Street, 2029 1989


Castillo Street, 2205 1995


Chapala Street, 328 1988


Chapala Street, 615 and 617 1988


Chapala Street, 801 1990


Chapala Street, 1235 1988


Chase Palm Park 1990


Chino Street, 1001 South 1993


Cima Linda Lane, 1027 1990


Claveria Project 1988


Cliff Drive Micro Cell Facility 1994


Cliff Drive, 1040 1989


Cliff Drive, 3219 1992


Cliff Drive, 3255 1990


Cliff Drive, 3317 1991


Cliff Drive, 3430 1990


Constance Avenue, 222 East 1994


Cota Street, 810 East 1992


Cota Street, 814 East 1989


Coronel Street, 821 1991


Coyote Road, 701 1993


Coyote Road, 963 1992


Coyote Road, 1002 1989


Del La Guerra Street, 1016-1024 East 1989


De La Guerra Street, 227 West 1991


De La Guerra Street, 317-321 West 1990


De La Guerra Street, 427 West 1988


De La Vina Street, 1116-1128


De La Vina Street, 1517 1993


Dwight-Murphy Field 1989


Edgewater Drive, 2201 1990


Edison Street, 336 1988


El Caserio Road 1991


El Escorial Condominiums 1989


Euclid Avenue, 1412 and 1414 1991


Figueroa Street, 220 East 1988


Foothill Road, 3688 1990


Garden Street Exit and Parking Lot 1994


Garden Street, 523, 525 and 527 1988


Garden Street, 630 1990


Garden Street, 916-920 1989


Garden Street, 1010-1/2 and 1012 1990


Garden Street, 1629 1989


Garden Street, 2115 1992


Garden Street, 2211 1989


Garden Street, 2319 1995


Gibraltar Dam 1987


Gutierrez Street, 204 1993


Gutierrez Street, 211 West 1989


Gutierrez Street, 415 1991


Haley Street, 417 East 1994


Haley Street, 614 East 1988


Haley Street, 909 and 909-1/2 East 1989


Haley Street, 211 West


Harbor Master Plan 1990


Harbor Master Plan 1991


Harbor Way, 113 1995


Hitchcock Ranch 1988


Hitchcock Ranch 1993


Hitchcock Way, 36 1992


Hollister Ave, Airport Property (Former Drive-In) 1994


Hollister Avenue, Bridge Replacement Project 1994


Inland Production and Well Field Project 1989


Inland Production and Well Field Project 1990


Islay Street, 21 West 1992


Islay Street, 309 East 1991


Islay Street, 210 West 1989


Junipero Street, 529 West 1988


Junipero Street, 529 West 1989


Kenwood Road 1991


Kimberly Avenue, 115-135 1990


La Colina Condominium Conversion 1990


La Marina Drive, 248 1990


Ladera Street, 305 1991


Ladera Street, 309 and 311 1988


Laguna Street, 702 1991


Laguna Street, 1436 1996


Laguna Street, 812-814 1994


Laguna Street, 1021 1993


Laguna Street, 1436 1996


Las Alturas Road, 250 and 360 1991


Las Canoas Place, 718 1991


Las Canoas Place, 724 1989


Las Canoas Place, 731 1989


Las Olas Avenue, 1110 1991


Las Positas Road, 1102 1990


Linda Road, 347 1989


Linda Road, 417 1992


Loma Vista Avenue, 317 1992


Los Aguajes Avenue, 215 1989


Los Banos Del Mar National Register of Historic Places 1991


Los Olivos Meadows 1993


Los Olivos Street, 505 East 1994


Los Olivos Street, 313 and 319 West 1994


Lou Dillon lane 1989


Marxmiller Road, 300 1993


Mason Street, (Between Anacapa and Chapala Streets) 1990


Mason Street, 1318 1989


Meigs Road, 222 1990


Mellifont Avenue, 300 1990


Mesa Verde 1993


Miceltorena Street, 111-113 and 117 East 1987


Micheltorena Street, 113 and 117 East 1987


Micheltorena Street, 601 East 1992


Micheltorena Street, 117 West 1988


Milpas Street, 810 North 1989


Milpas Street, 201 South 1990


Milpas Street, 224 and 226 South 1993


Miramonte Drive, 1091 1989


Mission Santa Barbara 1990?


Mission Drive, 906 West 1990


Mission Ridge Road, 2166 1990


Montecito Country Club 1989


Montecito Street, 33 1991


Montecito Street, 505-535 East


Montecito Street, 535 East 1988


Montecito Street, 1228 East 1994


Montecito Street, 135 West 1994


Mount Calvary Road, 2400 1989


Mountain Avenue, 1524 1991


Mountain Drive Retaining Wall 1994


Mountain Drive, 931 West 1989


Mountain Drive, 965 West 1993


Mountain Drive, 1000 West 1989


Mountain Drive, 1510 1992


Newton Road 1989


Ninos Drive and Cabrillo Boulevard 1990


Nopal Street, 407 North 1989


Nopal Street, 526 North 1989


Nopalitos Way, 107 South 1989


Nopalitos Way, 118 1990


Oak Park Lane, 2118 1989


Olive Street, 511 1989


Olive Street, 932 1995


Olive Street, 1007-1011 1994


Olive Street, 1524 1989


Ontare Road, 508 1990


Ontare Road, 1330 North 1992


Oramas Road, 1580 1992


Ortega Street, 26 East 1987


Ortega Street, 607 East 1995


Ortega Street, 931 East 1990


Ortega Street, 425 West 1994


Paseo Nuevo Project 1988


Padre Street, 25 West 1990


Pedregosa Street, East 1988


Pedregosa Street, 34 East 1990


Pico Avenue, 628 1995


Plaza Rubio, 408/412 1991


Plaza Rubio, 412 1993


Plaza Rubio, 414 1988


Plaza Rubio, 424 1989


Plaza Rubio, 434 1991


Pueblo Street, 540 West 1988


Puesta Del Sol, 2814 1992


Pump Station (Proposed) and Water Main Replacement Project 1991


Quarantina Street, 325 North 1992


Quinientos Street, 1224-1226 East 1990


Quinientos Street, 1235 1990


Quinto Street, 228 West 1989


Quinto Street, 233 West 1990


Rancheria Street and Gutierrez Street Apartments 1994


Rinconada Road, 1036 1988


Robbins Street, 1920 1989


Salinas Street Roundabout 1994


Salinas Street, 10 North 1991


Salinas Street, 14 North 1989


Salinas Street, 320 South 1991


Salsipuedes Street, 3 South 1992


Salsipuedes Street, 510-520


San Andres Street, 1308 1992


San Andres Street, 1310 1989


San Andres Street, 1838 1989


San Andres Street, 1909 1991


San Martin Way, 4119 1991


San Miguel Avenue, 1432 1989


San Miguel Avenue, 1541 1990


San Pasqual Street, 929 and 931 1989


San pasqual Street, 931 1989


San Pasqual Street, 1535 1992


San Pasqual Street, 1714


San Roque Road, 825 1994


San Roque Road, 1011 1995


Santa Barbara City College - Parking Lot Expansion 1988


Santa Barbara City College - Phase II Archaeological Data Recovery Program 1989


Santa Barbara City College - Phase II Archaeological Resource Evaluation 1989


Santa Barbara City College - Phase III Archaeological Mitigation Program 1989


Santa Barbara City College - Proposal for Phase III Archaeological Mitigation Program 1989


Santa Barbara, City of - Airport Emergency Generator Project 1989


Santa Barbara, City of - Concept Review and Revisions to Ordinance 4140 1986


Santa Barbara, City of - Coastal Plan 1980


Santa Barbara, City of - Cultural and Historical Resources Update: Master Environmental Assessment 1987


Santa Barbara, City of - Development Activity Report 1985


Santa Barbara, City of - Development Review Streaming Report 1985


Santa Barbara, City of - Draft of Local Coastal Plan Amendment for Highway 101 1993


Santa Barbara, City of - Economic Forecast and Hotel/Tourism Study 1986


Santa Barbara, City of - Fiscal Years 1986-87 to 1991-92


Santa Barbara, City of - Fishing Gear Storage Facility 1991


Santa Barbara, City of - General Plan Update 1988


Santa Barbara, City of - Housing Development Addendum 1985


Santa Barbara, City of - Lower East Side Industrial Area 1995


Santa Barbara, City of - Master Environmental Assessment Revision of 1987 1989


Santa Barbara, City of - Mixed Use Development 1987


Santa Barbara, City of - Mixed use Development 1985


Santa Barbara, City of - Municipal Airport 1991


Santa Barbara, City of - Municipal Airport 1993


Santa Barbara, City of - Municipal Airport Eligibility for Historic Resources 1995


Santa Barbara, City of - Municipal Airport Expansion 1983


Santa Barbara, City of - Municipal Airport Fuel Tank Farm Access Road 1994


Santa Barbara, City of - Municipal Airport Hangar 6 Improvements 1994


Santa Barbara, City of - Municipal Airport Phase I Archaeological Assessment 1993


Santa Barbara, City of - Municipal Airport Proposed Apron/Hangar Extension and Access Road 1992


Santa Barbara, City of - Ordinance 3904


Santa Barbara, City of - Sewer Main Rehabilitation and Replacement Project 1990


Santa Barbara, City of - Water and Sewer Main Replacement Project 1989


Santa Barbara Mission Park Rose Garden 1992


Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History 1988


Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History 1992


Santa Barbara Street, 201 1988


Santa Barbara Street, 900-902


Santa Barbara Street, 914-916 1988


Santa Barbara Street, 1034 1988


Santa Barbara Street, 1234 1994


Santa Barbara Street, 1600 1990


Santa Barbara Water Reclamation Project 1989


Santa Barbara Water Reclamation Project 1991


Santa Barbara Zoo 1989


Santa Barbara Zoological Gardens 1989


Santa Monica Way, 276 1992


Santa Rosa Avenue, 1542 1994


Shoreline Drive, 401 1995


Shoreline Drive, 1206 1990


Shoreline Drive, 1415 1990


Skofield Park 1988


Soledad Street, 33 South 1988


Stanwood Drive, 1957 1991


State Street - Lower State Street Between Cabrillo and Yanonali 1990


State Street, 202 1988


State Street, 214 1992-1993


State Street, 410 1992


State Street, 419 1988


State Street, 501 1992


State Street, 521 1992


State Street, 610 1989-1990


State Street, 628 1988


State Street, 718 1992


State Street, 727, 729, 731 and 735 1989


State Street, 740, 742 and 746


State Street, 808 1990


State Street, 1000, 1002, 1008 and 1012 1987


State Street, 1001 1990


State Street, 1018-1024 1992


State Street, 1316 1989


State Street, 1600 1989


State Street, 1601 1990


State Street, 1725 1990


State Street, 2021 1990


State Street, 2435 1991


State Street, 2819 1994


State Street, 3618 1989


State Street, 3660 1995


State Street, 3704 1989


State Street, 3771 1995


State Street, 3956 1993


Storke Project 1991


Sycamore Canyon Road, 1565 1990


Sycamore Creek Bridge 1991


Treasure Drive, 2550 1992


University of California, Santa Barbara - Proposed Recreational Sports Complex 1989


Velerio Street, 220 East 1994


Valerio Street, 707 1993


Velerio Street, 226 West 1990


Valerio Street, 230 West 1989


Vernon Road, 2745 1992


Via Lucero, 3986 1989


Victoria Street, 29, 31, 33, and 37 East


Victoria Street, 210 West 1995


Voluntario Street, 22 South 1990


Wentworth, 520 1994


Westmont College 1989


Westside Storm Drain/Bonnett Park Improvement Project 1994


Yanonali Street Extension 1990


Yanonali Street, 817 1998


Yanonali Street, 320 West 1992


Cultural Resource Reports - California


California - Preliminary Coastal Plan 1975


California - Preliminary Coastal Plan Task Force October 1976


Pasadena, California - California Institute of Technology Master Plan - Draft Environmental Impact Report 1988


Pasadena, California - California Institute of Technology Master Plan 1988


Pasadena, California - CALTRANS Historical Housing Rehabilitation - 816 Bonita Drive


Pasadena, California - Civic Center Area 1987


Pasadena, California - Comprehensive General Plan September 1987


Pasadena, California - Draft Environmental Impact Report 1988


Pasadena, California - Pasadena Marketplace - Draft Environmental Impact Report January 1988


Los Angeles, California - Historic Olivera Street: A Plan for the Future November 1987


Los Angeles, California - Public Library Renovation and Expansion - Draft Environmental Impact Report 1978


San Diego, California - Historical Site Board Meeting July 26, 1995


Santa Barbara, California - "The Crosstown Freeway" - The Proposed Freeway Development of Route 101 1972


Santa Barbara, California - Draft Conservation Elements


Santa Barbara, California - Draft Environmental Impact Report October 1976


Santa Barbara, California - General Plan: Conservation Element


Santa Barbara, California - Major Creek Open Spaces: Design Standards and Regulations


Santa Barbara, California - Major Creek Open Spaces Plan and Ordinance 1976


Santa Barbara, California - Planning Activity Report 1981


Santa Barbara, California - Public Art Review Process 1993


Santa Barbara, California - Rancho Arroyo Village 1982


Santa Barbara, California - Report and Recommendations of the Family Housing Task Force 1992


Santa Barbara, California - Stearns Wharf - Historical Landmarks Review


Santa Barbara County - Regional Improvement Program March 1979


Ventura County - Tomorrow Plan 1972


Office Records






Financial Records


Public Relations




Presentation Materials


Clippings and Scrapbooks


Project Records










Faculty Papers




Course Materials


Art History 6F - Survey of Architecture and Planning Spring 1974


Art History 22 - Public and Private Housing in the U.S., 1945-1959 1990


Art History 66 - 20th Century Art 1990


Art History 67H - Street Culture and Ethnicity in Los Angeles 1993


Art History 138 - Art and Architecture in the U.S.


Art History 148 - Modern European and American Architecture


Art History 151D - North American Indian Art and Architecture Winter 1981


Art History 151D - North American Indian Art and Architecture 1986


Art History 151D - North American Indian Art and Architecture Winter 1996


Art History 132 - North American Indian Art


Art History 159C - 19th Century Architecture Fall 1981, 1988 and 1992


Art History 195C - 19th Century Architecture Fall 1991


Art History 159C - 19th Century Architecture Fall 1990


Art History 159C - 19th Century Architecture Fall 1992


Art History 159C - 19th Century European and American Architecture and City Planning Fall 1994


Art History 160A - 20th Century Architecture and City Planning 1986-1988


Art History 160A - 20th Century Architecture and City Planning Winter 1990


Art History 160A - 20th Century Architecture and City Planning 1991


Art History 160A - History of Art and Architecture Winter 1992


Art History 160A - 20th Century Architecture and City Planning 1993


Art History 160A - 20th Century Architecture and City Planning Winter 1995


Art History 165A - Architectural Theory 1a Winter 1995


Art History 160A and 165E - Theories of Architecture 1995


Art History 165A - Theories of Architecture Fall 1993


Art History 165A - Architectural Theory 16 Winter 1995


Art History 165B - Islamic Architecture 1969


Art History 165D and 160A - Architecture and City Planning in California and the Southwest & 20th Century Architecture and City Planning Winter 1990


Art History 165D - California Architecture, 1865-1890 Winter 1985


Art History 165D - Architecture and City Planning in California and the Southwest Winter 1990


Art History 165D - Architecture and City Planning in California and the Southwest Winter 1993


Art History 165D - Architecture and City Planning in California and the Southwest Winter 1994


Art History 165E - Historic Preservation and Architecture Winter 1986


Art History 165E - Historic Preservation and Architecture 1987


Art History 165E - Historic Preservation and Architecture Fall 1988


Art History 165E - Historic Preservation and Architecture Fall 1991


Art History 165E - Historic Preservation and Architecture Fall 1992


Art History 165E - Historic Preservation and Architecture Fall 1995


Architecture 173 - The Early "Bay Tradition," 1900-1920+ 1968


Architecture 173 - American Architecture 1977


Art History Seminar 265 - California, 1820-1850 1986


Art History Seminar 265 - America and the Hispanic/Mediterranean Tradition of the 1920s Spring 1959


Art History Seminar 265 - Readings 1981


Art History Seminar 265 - Regionalism, American Nationalism and the Colonial Revival During the 1930s Winter 1993


Art History Seminar 265 - The Spanish Architectural Image as the Image of Play 1991


Art History Seminar 265 - Readings Spring 1995


Art History Seminar 265 - Prairie School: Interior/Exterior Landscape 1996


Art History 266 - Image and Meaning in the Post-WWII American House, 1945-1960 Spring 1995


The City and the Garden


Prairie Movement in the Midwest 1979


Purcell and Elmslie (Modern Architecture)


Research Notes & Reference Files


Architects - California


Abell, Thorton


ACE Architects


Adams, Charles Gibbs


Ainsworth, Robert H.


Albright, Harrison


Alexander, Robert E.


Alexander, William


Allen, Frank P.


Allen, Glen


Allied Architects Association


Allison and Allison


Altoon and Porter


Anshen and Allen


Anthony, Earl Charles


Applebaum, Norm


Applegarth, George A.


Appleton and Associates, Inc.




Armet, Lousis and Associates


Aronovici, Carol


Austin, John C.


Automobile as Home


Babcock, Everett Phipps


Baer, Morley


Baird, Joseph


Bakewell and Brown


Baldauf, Lisa


Barber, Peter J.


Bashford, Katherine


Batchelder, Ernest


Beach, John


Beach, Mary Ann


Becket, Welton, and Associates


Beckett, William Sutherland


Beelman, Claude W.


bennett, Edward H.


Benton, Arthur B.


Bergstrom, Edwin


Binder, Rebecca L.


Blanton, John A.


Bliss and Faville


Bobrow, Thomas and Associates


Bollay, Thomas Associates


Born, Ernest


Bourgeois, Louis


Brown, Arthur Page


Brown, Jr., Arthur


Brown, Sr., Arthur


Bryant, Leland A.


Buff, Straub, and Hensman


Bubbee, S.C. and Son


Burns, Silas Reese


Byers, John


Byrne, Barry


Callister, Payne and Bischoff


Campbell and Campbell


Campbell and Wong and Associates


Carjola, Chester J.


Chase, John


Child, Stephan


Church, Thomas D.


Clark, Alson


Clark, Alson and Harrison Clarke


Clark, Birge M.


Clark, Hervey Park (Clark and Beuttler)


Clark, Hervey Park


Coate, Roland E. (Lecture, Pasadena) April 20, 1993


Coate, Roland E.


Coate, Sr., Roland E.


Colcord, Gerard E.


Comstock, Hugh White


Comstock, Nelson A.


Confer, Frederick L.R.


Cook, David Wilbur


Corbett, Mario


Corlett, William


Cornell, Ralph D.


Craig, James Osborne


Cullimore, Clarence


Curlett and Beelman


Cutter, Kirtland K.


Dailey, Gardner A.


Daniel, Mann, Johnson and Mendenhall (D.M.J.M.)


Daniels, Mark


Dapprich, Frederick Richard


Davidson, Julius Ralph


Davies, Hugh R.


Davis, Pierpont and Walter S.


De Forest, Lockwood


DeMars, Vernon


De Rose, Michael


Derrah, Robert Vincent


Diamond, Kate


Dinwiddie, John Ekin


Dodd, William J.


Dolena, J.E.


Drake, Gordon


Dworsky, Daniel L.


Easton, Robert


Eaton, Charles Frederick


Eckbo, Garrett


Edelman, Abe M.


Edwards, Plunkett and Howell


Ehrlich, Steven


Eichler, Joseph


Eisen, Percy A.


Eisen, Theodore A.


Eisenman, Peter


Ellerbe, Beckett (Mehrdad Yazdani)


Ellwood, Craig


Ellwood, Craig (Correspondence)


Ellwood, Craig (Photographs)


Esherick, Joseph


Farquhar, Robert David


Farr, Albert


Farwell, Lyman and Oliver Perry Dennis


Field, John Louis


Fisher, Friedman and Associates


Fitzhugh, Thornton


Flewelling, Ralph C.


Flores, Miguel Angelo


Folonis, Michael W.


Frankl, Paul T.


Frey, Albert


Frizell, Hill, Moorhouse, Beaubois (F.H.M.B.)


Funk, John


Garland, Jr., Robert


Gaynor, J.P.


Gehry, Frank


Gehry, Frank O. and Associates


Gensler and Associates


Gibbs, Dwight


Goldman, Herbert J.


Goodell, Nathaniel Dudley


Goodhue, Bertram G.


Goodman, Michael


Gray, Melinda


Green, Aaron


Greene, Isabelle C. and Associates


Gregory, Daniel


Grey, Elmer (Building Notices)


Grey, Elmer (General)


Grey, Elmer (G.W. Wattles House)


Grey, Elmer (Vicissitudes of A Young Artist, 1932-1933)


Grey, Elmer (Writings)


Grossman, Greta Magnusson


Gruen, Victor


Gutterson, Henry H.


Hall and Cook


Halprin, Lawrence


Harris, Harwell Hamilton


Harvey, Arthur E.


Havens, Weston


Hays, William C.


Head, Chalfant


Hearst, William Randolph


Hebbard, W.S.


Heiman, S.


Heineman, Arthur S.


Herold, Rudolph A.


Hewitt, Harwood


Higginson, Augustus B.


Hill, Henry


Hillmer, Jack


Hitchcock, Henry Russell


Hobart, Lewis P.


Hodgetts and Fung


Hodson, Garvin


Hoffmann, Bernhard


Holroyd, Nils


Honnold and Rex


Howard, Coy


Howard, John Galen


Hoyt, Robert Ingle


Hubbell, James


Hudson and Munsell


Hunt, Myron (Building Lists)


Hunt, Myron (Photographs)


Hunt, Myron and H.C. Chambers


Hunt, Myron and Elmer Grey


Hunt and Eager and Burns


Hunt, Sumner P.


Hunter, Paul Robinson


Inaya, Beata


Irwin, Robert


Isreal, Franklin D.


Jacobs, Stephen W.


James, George Wharton


Jeanette, Brion S.


Johnson, Keufmann and Coate


Johnson, Reginald D.


Johnson, Reginald D. (Building Notices)


Johnson, Reginald D. (General, Illustrations)


Johnson, Reginald D. (Santa Barbara)


Jonson, William Templeton


Jones, Carr


Jones, Quincy A.


Judson Studios


Kanner, Steve and Chuck


Kappe, ray (Kahn Kappe Lotery)


Kapp, Raymond


Kauffman, Gordon B.


Keating, Mann, Jernigan, Rottet


Kelham, George William


Kelley, H. Roy


Kelly, Arthur R.


Kenard, Robert A.


Kesling, William


Killingsworth, Edward A. (Killingsworth, Brady, and Smith)


Kipp, Maria


Kirker, Harold


Kober, Charles


Koening, Pierre


Koning Eizenberg Architecture


Kotas, Jeremy


Kotas List (Slides)


Kump, Ernest K. and Associates


Ladd, Thornton and Associates


Langdon and Wilson (Langdon, Wilson and Mumper, Architects)


Lansburgh, Albert


Laszlo, Paul


Lautner, John


Laver, Augustus (Stent and Laver)


Lee, Roger


Lee, S. Charles


Legorreta, Ricardo


Lenny, Henry


Limerick, Jeff


Lloyd, Lucile


Lockard, E. Keith


Longstreth, Richard


Lowe, David Ming-Li


Luckman, Charles


Lummis, Charles Fletcher


Lumsden, Anthony


Lunden, Samuel


Lym, Glenn Robert


Mack, Mark


Maginnis, Charles D. and Walsh, Timothy


Makinson, Randell L.


Marquis, Robert B. and Associates


Marsh, Norman Foot and Co. (Powell, Herbert J.)


Marston, Sylvanus B.


Martin, Albert C. and Associates


Maston, Carl


Matcham, Charles O. and Heitschmidt, Earl


Mathews, Arthur and Lucia


Mathews, Edgar A.


May Company Retail Store Building


Maybeck, Bernard


Mayhew, Clarence W.W.


McCall, C.W.


McCarthy, Francis Joseph


McDonough, Michael


McMurray, Donald D.


McSweeney, A.D.


McWilliams, Carey


Mead and Requa


Meline, Frank L.


Mendelsohn, Louise


Meyer and Allen Associates (Kurt Meyer)


Meyer and Holler Inc.


Miller, Marcus P.


Mills, Mark E.


Monaco, Armand R.


Moody, Harriett and Mildred


Moore, Lester S.


Morgan, Julia


Morphosis Architects


Morphosis Architecture and Planning


Morris, Allyn E.


Morrow and Garren


Moss, Eric Owen


Motzkin, Patricia


Muir, Edla


Mullgardt, Louis Christian


Murphy, John F.


Myers, Barton


Neff, Wallace L.


Neptune and Thomas Associates


Neurberg, Norman


Newcomb, Rexford


Newsom, J.C.


Newton, Henry Carlton and Murray, Robert Dennis


Nixon, Thomas


Northman, Edith


Orr, Robert H.


Owen, Thomas


Owens, Henry


Page, Charles Hall and Associates


Palevsky, Max


Parkinson, Donald B. and John


Parkinson, Donald B. and John


Parmentier, Fernand


Patterson, H.M.


Peano, Felix


Pelli, Cesar and Associates


Pereira, William


Perry, Warren C.


Peters, Clayberg and Caulfield


Peters, Jacob (Jock) Detlef


Pluegler, T.L. and Miller, J.R.


Pissis, Albert


Plachek, James W.


Pletsch, Theodore


Plowman, George T.


Plummer, Charles F.


Polk, Willis J. and Co.


Pool, J. Corbley


Powerll, Herbert J.


Price, Roy Seldon


Pries, Lionel Henry


Pulliam, Matthews and Associates


Quigley, Rob Wellington


Rand, Marvin Associates


Ransome, Ernest L.


Ratcliffe, Walter H.


Reed, Jr., O.P.


Reid Brothers


Rex, John (Honnold and Rex)


Rice, Lilian J.


Richards, Sim Bruce


Risley, Winchton L. and Gould, Stanley R.


Roberts, Tom Associates


Roehrig, Frederick Louis


Rosenheim, Alfred F.


Russell, George Vernon


Sabin, Henry Palmer


Santos, Adele


Schindler, Rudolph M.


Schweinfurt, A.C.


Scott, Burton A. and H. Denman Scott


Sexsmith, Harold O.


Sheets, Millard


Shulman, Julius


Skidmore, Owings and Merrill


Smith and Williams


Solomon, Daniel and Associates


Soper, Frederick J.


Soriano, Raphael


Soule, Murphy and Hastings


Spaulding, Sumner


Spurgeon, Jr., Robert


Stacy-Judd, Robert B.


Steilberg, Walter


Stevens, Ralph


Sticknay, D.O. and Hill, W.R.


Stone, Edward D.


Streatfield, David C.


Streatfield, David C. (Landscape)


Sutcliffe, Judy


Szeptycki, J. George


Tantau, Calrence A.


Taylor, Richard B.


TEDESCO Associates


Temko, Allan


Test, Lawrence C.


Thiene, Paul G.


Tomson, Tommy


Tracy, Robert


Turnbull, William


Turner, Paul V.


Tuttle, Paul


Underhill, Francis Townsend


Underwood, Gilbert Stanley


University of California, Santa Barbara - Campus Architecture History 1995


Van der Ryn, Sim


Van Keppel-Green Collection (by Benedetti)


Van Pelt, Garrett


Vernon, Huntington Park


Vreeland, Jr., Thomas R.


Walker and Eisen


Walker, Rodney


Warnecke, John Carl


Warner and Gray


Waterman, Hazel W.


Weber, Kem


Weber, Kem (Santa Barbara)


Weeks, Charles Peter


Weeks, William H.


Wells Fargo Bank


Wemple, Emmet L. and Associates


Werner, Carl


Westbrook, Virgil


Weyl, Carl Jules


Whittlesey, Austin


Whittlesey, Charles F.


Whittlesey, Charles F. (Photos)


Williams, Paul R.


Wilson, Adrian


Wilson, Adrian (Library)


Wilson, Francis W.


Wilson, G. Stanley


Wilson, George E.


Winslow, Jr., Carleton


Winslow, Sr., Carleton Monroe


Withey, Henry F.


Witmer and Watson


Wolfe, Tom


Wolfe and Wolfe


Woodbridge, Sally B.


Woolf, John and Robert K.


Wollett, William Lee


Wright, Eric Lloyd


Wright, George Alexander


Wright, John Lloyd


Wright, Parker O.


Wyman, George H.


Yelland, William Raymond


Yoch, Florence


Zimmerman, Bernard


Zwebell, Arthur


Lotery, Rex


Architects - Non-California


Aalto, Alvar


Ackerman, Frederick


Adams, C.


Adler, David


Albro, Lewis Colt


Andrews, Wayne


Art Nouveau


Ashbee, C.R.A.


Ashbee, C.R.A. - "C.R.A. Ashbee and the Guild of Handicraft," by Alec Miller


Atterbury, Grosvenor


Ayres, Atlee B. and Robert M.


Bacon, Henry


Baily, Van Evera


Baillie-Scott, H.M.


Barragan, Luis


Barber, Donn


Barnes, Edward L.


Bartholomew, Harland




Baum, Dwight James


Beeby, Thomas


Behrens, Peter


Belluschi, Pietro


Blake, Peter


Bossom, Alfred C.


Bottomley, William Lawrence


Bowman, Lewis


Brookman, Herman


Breuer, Marcel


Bullard, Roger H.


Burnham, Daniel H.


Byne, Arthur and Mildred


Carjola, Chester


Carrerre and Hastings


Cerney, Jerome Robert


Chamberlain, Samuel


Charles, Prince


Clark, Cameron


Cram, Ralph Adam


Cret, Paul Philippe


Cross, John Walter


D'arnoco, Raimondo


D'arnoco, R. and the Art Nouveau in Turkey


Davis, Andrew Jackson


Delano, W. and Aldrich


Delehanty, Bradley


Doty, Harold W.


Dow, Alden B.


Dow, Joy Wheeler


Drake, Blaine


Dresser, Christopher


Eames, Charles and Ray


Edberg, Gosta (Ione)


Embury II, Aymar


Erickson, Arthur


Evans, Randolph


Eyre, Wilson


Fatio, Maurice


Fellheimer, Alfred


Fitch, James Marston


Flaggi, Ernest


Fletcher, Sir Banister


Folk Fanavoyo (20th Century)


Forestier, J.C.N. (Landscape Architecure)


Forster, Frank J.


Fowler, Orson S.


French, Daniel Chester


French Jr., Leigh


Fuller, Buckminster


Furness, Frank


Garnier, Tony


Gardens, History of


Gaudi, Antonio


Gilbert, Cass


Gilchrist, Edmund B.


Gill, Brendan


Goff, Bruce


Goldberger, Paul


Goodhue, Bertram G.


Goodhue, Bertram G. (L.A. Public Library Restoration)


Goodwin, Phillip H.


Gordon, Elizabeth


Graham, Anderson, Probst and White (Chicago)


Graves, Michael


Gray, Eileen


Greenberg, Allan


Gregory, Julius


Gropius, Walter


Gugler, Eric


Haas, Richard


Hamlin, Alfred D.F.


Hamilin, Talbot F.


Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates


Harris, John


Harrison, Wallace


Hastings, Thomas


Hitchcock, Henry-Russell


Holabird and Root


Holland, Leicester B.


Hollein, Hans


Hood, Raymond M.


Hoover, Herbert and Allan


Hopkins, Alfred


Hornbostel, Henry


Horta, Victor




Howard, Ebenezer


Howe, George


Howells, John Mead


Hudnut, Joseph


Hundertwasser, Friedensreich (Vienna)


Hunt, Richard Morris


Huxtable, Ada Louise


Isozaki, Arata


Jackson, John B.


Jacobsen, Arne


Janssen, Benno


Jefferson, Thomas


Jenney, William LeBaron


Jensen-Klint, P.V.


Johnson, Philip


Jones, Fay


Kahn, Albert


Kahn, Louis


Keith, Walter J.


Kent, Rockwell


Kenyon, William M. and Maine, Maurice F.


Keck, George F.


Kennedy, Robert Woods


Kimball, Fiske


Klauder, Charles Z.


Koch, Carl


Kocher, A. Lawrence


Kump, Ernest


La Beaume, Louis


Lamber, Phyllis B.


Lancaster, Clay


Lapidus, Morris


Lawrie, Lee


Le Corbusier


Legorreta, Ricardo


Lescaze, William E.


Levitt, William J.


Lindber, Harrie T.


Litchfield, Electus D.


Loewy, Raymond


Loos, Adolf


Lowell, Guy


Lustig, Alvin


Lutyens, Sir Edwin


Lutyens, Sir Edwin (New-Dehli Residency)


Macintosh, Charles Rennie


MacLaren and Thomas


McArthur, Albert Chase


Magonigle, H. Van Buren


Markelius, Sern


McCoy, Esther (Wilshire Boulevard)


McGill, Henry J.


McGoodwin, Robert Rodes


McKim, Meade and White


Meem, John Gaw


Meier, Richard


Mellon, A.W.


Mellor, Meigs and Howe


Mendelsohn, Eric


Mies van der Rohe, Ludwig


Mills, Robert


Mizner, Addison


Moses, Robert


Mumford, Lewis


Muschamp, Herbert


Nadleman, E.


Nelson, George


Nelson, Paul


Nervi, Pier Luigi


Newcomb, Rexford


Nolen, John


Noyes, Eliot


Nutting, Wallace


Okie, R. Brognard


Olbrich, J.M.


Olenburg, Claes


Olmsted, Frederick Law


Otis Elevator Company


Peabody, Wilson and Brown




Pei, I.M.


Pelli, Cesar and Associates


Pennell, Joseph


Perry, Shaw and Hepburn


Peterson, Charles E.


Phillips, W. Stanwood




Platt, Charles A.


Pliney's Tuscan Villa


Pope, John Russell


Pope, Theodate


Pop-up Books


Portland, Oregon


Portman, John


Post, George B. and Sons


Predock, Antoine


Queene Anne Style


Rand, Ayn


Rasch, Von Bruder Project


Reid, Neel


Requa, Richard S.


Richardson, H.H.


Robert, Hubert


Robinson, Charles Mulford


Roche, Kevin


Rogers, James Gamble


Rossi, Aldo


Rudolph, Paul


Saarinen, Eero


Saarinen, Eliel




Schmidt, Mott


Schultz, Leonard


Schweikher and Elting


Schweinfurth, C.F.


Scott, Giles Gilbert


Shipway, Verna Cook


Shreve, Lamb and Harmon


Site, N.Y.


Skidmore, Ownings and Merrell


Smith, Myron Bement


Smithson, Alison and Peter


Soleri, Paolo


Spencer, Robert


Stein, Clarence


Sterling, James


Stern, Robert


Stone, Edward


Straub, John F.


Stubbins, Hugh


Sturgis, Clipston, R.


Tallmadge, Thomas E.




Thiry, Paul


Thomson, Law-Greek


Thornton, William


Tigerman, McCurry


Totten, George Oakley


Townsend, C. Harrison


Trowbridge, Alexander B. and Ackerman, Frederick L.


Trumbauer, Horace


Twain, Mark


Underwood, Francis H.


Upjohn, Hobart B.


Urban, Joseph


Van Allen, William


Verne, Jules


Viollet-le-Duc, Eugene




Voorhees, Stephen F.


Wachsman, Konrad


Wagner, Otto


Webb, Philip


White, Stanford


Williams, David R.


Wolfe, Tom


Woodbridge, F.J.


Yamasaki, Minoru


Yellin, Samuel


Yeon, John


Zeigler, Carl A.


California Cities and Towns






Anaheim - Disneyland










Bakersfield Area




Barstow Area








Berkeley Competition


Berkeley (UC Berkeley Campus Plan)










Byron Hot Springs




California City








Carthay Center






Catalina Island




















Fort Bragg


Fort Ross


Fort Tejon




Fresno Area
















Hollister (San Juan Bautista)




Huntingon Beach


Huntington Harbor (Orange County)


Humboldt County






Irvine (UC Irvine Campus)




Laguna Beach (Emerald Bay)


Lake Arrowhead


Lake Tahoe








Lompoc (La Purisma Mission)


Long Beach


Los Angeles (UC Los Angeles Campus)


Los Angeles (University of Southern California Campus)


Los Gatos




Marin County


Marina del Rey












Montebello Park


Monterey (Carmel/Pebble Beach)






Nevada City


Newport Beach












Orange County








Palm Springs


Palo Alto (Stanford University)


Palos Verdes




Paso Robles


Pebble Beach














Rancho Santa Fe


Red Bluff






Redlands-Kimberly Crest






Riverside County


Riverside (UC Riverside Campus)




Saint Helena




San Antonio de Padua


San Bernardino


San Carlos


San Clemente


San Dimas


San Diego


San Diego (Photos)


San Diego (General)


San Diego County


San Diego (Historical Society)


San Diego (Miscellaneous)


San Diego (Mission Viejo)


San Diego Title Insurance and Trust Co.


San Diego (19th Century)


San Diego (UC San Diego Campus)


San Francisco


San Francisco Architectural Club


San Francisco (19th Century)


San Francisco (Early 20th Century)


San Francisco (1915 Exposition)


San Francisco (1921-1934, 1935-1941)


San Francisco (1945-1959)


San Francisco (1970's-1980's)


San Francisco Contract Lists


San Francisco Museum of Modern Art


San Francisco Planning (St. Francis Woods)


San Gabriel


San Juan Batista


San Juan Capistrano


San Jose


San Luis Obispo


San Luis Obispo (Brock St.)


San Luis Obispo (History)


San Luis Obispo (Higuera St.)


San Luis Obispo (Madonna Inn)


San Luis Obispo County


San Marino


San Rafael


Santa Ana


Santa Catalina


Santa Cruz


Santa Fe (Railroads)


Santa Fe Springs


Santa Paula


Santa Rosa


Sea Ranch




Simi (Ventura County)




South Pasadena




Suisun City




Sunset/Lane Publishing (Menlo Park)
















Ventura County






Walnut Creek




Westlake Community












California Research


19th Century California - General


1920's California


Addresses - California


Aqueduct - California


Architecture and the Automobile


Architecture Comments


Architectural Practices


California Design


Civic Centers


Civic Centers - Illustrations


Civic Presence in California Cities - Where and How 1987


Court Houses


Craftsman Movement


Department of Transportation: CALTRANS


Egyptian Influence






Gladding, McBean, Co.


Governors Mansion


H.A.B.S. California


H.A.B.S. Southern California


Herbert Hoover


Historical Society




Hotels - 19th Century


Hoover Dam


Hollywood and the Film


(American) Indian Influence in Architecture


Institute of the Arts


Islamic Influence




The Motel


Parks (Historic)


Post Offices


Post War California


Prairie Architecture


Pre-Columbian Influence


Pre-Columbian Revival


Railroad Stations (19th and 20th Centuries)


Romanesque Revival






West Coast Architecture (1950's and 1960's)


Fort MacArthur


100, Varas Square - Casa de San Pedro - Application for Registration of Historical Landmark


100, Varas Square - Land Ownership Transactions


500, Varas Square - National Register of Historic Places Nomination Forms


Beland Associates, Inc.




A Brief History of Fort MacArthur


Building Data


Building Survey - Buildings #1-189


Building Survey - Buildings #400-553


Cultural Resource Investigations of Fort MacArthur


Environmental Impact Analysis


Fort MacArthur (1916-1956)


Fort MacArthur - Finances


Fort MacArthur - General


Fort MacArthur - The Hide House


Fort MacArthur - Historic American Building Survey


Fort MacArthur - Historical Background


Historic Maps


Historic Photographs


Lecture - San Francisco, California 1974




National Register Nominations


Negatives (Historic)


Nominated Sites/Original Appearance




Original Working Drawing Photographs


Patton Quadrangle




Public Report (1882-1941)


Public Report (1916-1935)


Public Report and Photographs






Retyped Preface


Site Maps


Source Materials for Historic Research


Trona Plant


Trona Plant H.A.B.S.


Gill, Irving J.


Articles/Notes by Gill


Building List 1993


Building List by Bruce Kammerling


Bungalow Courts




Friends of Irving Gill


General - Photographs/Negatives


Gibbs-Smith Gill Book 1980


Gill, Louis J.


Irving Gill Book 1993


Kamerling, Bruce


Kamerling, Bruce - Notes/Photographs


La Jolla, California - Photographs/Negatives


Lecture - La Jolla, California June 18, 1994


Lecture - San Diego, California November 29, 1978


Lecture - "Technology and Aesthetics" - La Jolla, California October 25


Lecture - University of California, Santa Barbara


Lecture - University of Washington 1993


Long Beach Buildings - Photographs/Negatives


Los Angeles, California


Los Angeles, California - Photographs/Negatives


National Trust for Historic Preservation Master Builders


Oceanside, California


Oceanside, California - City Council Minutes


Orceanside, California - David Brickers Notes


Oceanside, California - H.S.R. 1986




San Diego, California


San Diego Projects - Photographs/Negatives


San Francisco, California - Gill-Like Buildings


Sutro, Dirk - Correspondence


Torrance, California


Guide to the Architecture of Minnesota


a. Correspondence


Clay County Courthouse


County Courthouse


Martinson, Tom


Minnesota Architecture


Minnesota Map Requests


Minnesota Society of Architects


University of Minnesota Art Gallery


University of Minnesota Art Gallery Expansion


b. Research - Minnesota Cities


Albert Lea








Blue Earth










Detroit, Lakes




Eden Prairie


Edina Village




Fercus Falls


Grand Rapids












Lake Minnetonka


Lincoln County




Little Falls






Marine on St. Croix


Minneapolis (19th Century)


Minneapolis Architecture (1900-1920)


Minneapolis Architecture (1920-1945)


Minneapolis Architecture (1940-1950)


Minneapolis Architecture (1960-1970)


Minneapolis Architecture (1980- )


Minneapolis Architecture and St. Paul


Minneapolis Metropolitan Area/Transit


Minneapolis - The Northwestern Line


Minneapolis - Stewart Memorial Church


Minneapolis - University of Minnesota Campus








New Ulm








Red Wine




Sauk Centre


Sheldon's Artistic Country Seats




St. Cloud


St. Croix Falls


St. James


St. Joseph


St. Paul


St. Paul (19th Century)


St. Paul (20th Century)


St. Peter






Two Harbors




c. Research - Minnesota General Topics




Bellenbach Lake House


Control Minnesota


Duluth and the Range


Economic Development


Gilbert, Cass - Papers (1882-1934)


List of Buildings 1972


Minnesota Agriculture - Literature/Map/Notes


Minnesota Architects - List


Minnesota Counties


Minnesota Episcopate Churches


Minnesota Highways and Railroads


Minnesota Historic Sites


Minnesota Loans and Exhibitions (University of Minnesota) 1976


Minnesota Parks


Minnesota Railroads


Minnesota Roads and Highways


Minnesota State Capitol


Minnesota Transportation - Air and Bus


NW Minnesota


SE Minnesota


SW Minnesota


d. Minnesota Guidebook


Guidebook - Committee


Guidebook - Introduction


Guidebook - Outline


Guidebook - Sections


Guidebook - Bibliography


Minnesota Guidebook Notes


Minnesota Guidebook Exhibition - Photo Cards


Minnesota - Guide and Exhibition


Excerpt From: A Guide to the Architecture of Minnesota


Reviews - Minnesota Guide


Students' Work