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Box 24, Folder 75

Williams, Stephen J. 08-85

Box 24, Folder 76

Williamson, James E. 10-82

Box 24, Folder 77

Williamson, Nancy 1969

Box 24, Folder 78

Willis, George C.

Box 24, Folder 79

Wimer, Arthur C.

Box 24, Folder 80

Wincler, Marian F.

Box 24, Folder 81

Winslow, Robert

Box 24, Folder 82

Wilson, Carlos

Box 24, Folder 83

Wilson, Donald 01-85

Box 24, Folder 84

Wilson, Dr. Wilfred 05-78

Box 24, Folder 85

Windle, Beverly 07-01-68

Box 24, Folder 86

Wineman, Dr. 12-02-63

Box 24, Folder 87

Winston, Ralph J. 10-82

Box 24, Folder 88

Witherspoon, John 09-89

Box 24, Folder 89

Witte, Dr. Ernest F. 11-30-63

Box 24, Folder 90

Woike, Erma 11-77

Box 24, Folder 91

Wolf, Dr. Ernest M.

Box 24, Folder 92

Wolf, F. A. 09-18-69

Box 24, Folder 93

Wolfersberger, Marsha 02-89

Box 24, Folder 94

Wolkonsky, Elizabeth 07-82

Box 24, Folder 95

Wolter, Gerhard H. 11-73

Box 24, Folder 96

Wong, Adrian 10-84

Box 24, Folder 97

Woo, Catherine 02-89

Box 24, Folder 98

Woo, Christina 10-87

Box 24, Folder 99

Wood, Dr. Daniel N.

Box 24, Folder 100

Woodrow, W. 02-02-83

Box 24, Folder 101

Woods, Dr. Kenneth F.

Box 24, Folder 102

Woodson, Dr. John H.

Box 24, Folder 103

Wotruba, Thomas R. [04-78?]

Box 24, Folder 104

Wotruba, Dr. Thomas 02-01-68

Box 24, Folder 105

Wozniak, Dolores A. 06-82

Box 24, Folder 106

Wright, David [11-87?]

Box 24, Folder 107

Wright, Penny L. [10-73?]

Box 24, Folder 108


Box 24, Folder 109

Wright, Richard D. [05-31-91?]

Box 24, Folder 110

Wright, William H. 12-02-59

Box 24, Folder 111

Wulbern, Julian H. [03-89?]

Box 24, Folder 112

Wylie, Donald G.

Box 24, Folder 113

Yahr, Dr. Charles 12-17-63

Box 24, Folder 114

Yakubu, Derry-Joe

Box 24, Folder 115

Yamame, Dr. Taro

Box 24, Folder 116

Yamamura, Kozo 04-30-64

Box 24, Folder 117

Yang, Melio [12-88?]

Box 24, Folder 118

Yanizyn, Jim 02-05-65

Box 24, Folder 119

Yankey, David B. [09-69?]

Box 24, Folder 120

Yarborough, Dr. John 02-24-60

Box 24, Folder 121

Yassow, Joseph 10-84

Box 24, Folder 122

Yates, Charles [10-24-85?]

Box 24, Folder 123

Yerger, Leslie F. 11-84

Box 24, Folder 124

Yesselman, Charlotte 11-84

Box 24, Folder 125

Young, B. 11-81

Box 24, Folder 126

Young, L. 07-74

Box 24, Folder 127

Zamir, Meir 08-88

Box 24, Folder 128

Zandt, John Van 10-82

Box 24, Folder 129

Zelenovich, George

Box 24, Folder 130

Ziegenfuss, Dr. George [06-01-66?]

Box 24, Folder 131

Zimmerman, Bonnie

Box 24, Folder 132

Zupko, Jack

Box 24, Folder 133

Zutski, R. 01-80

Box 24, Folder 134

Zyskind, Judith 04-82


Slide Binders


Binder 1 1981, June 30, 1984

Scope and Contents

Administrators (Dr. Welker, Mills, Butler, Caruthers, Distinguished Faculty), Adult Fitness, Aerials, Alumni (Homecoming 1981 Receptions, Faculty / Staff Picnic, On-Campus Displays), Art (Japanese Enamelist June 30, 1984, Jewelry Preview Saks 5th Avenue -- Benefits SDSU Art Gallery)

Binder 2 1982-1983

Scope and Contents

Astronomy (Mt. Laguna Observatory, Rubin Buxton, Fall 1982), Athletics (Football-1983, Women's Volleyball, Track and Field, Baseball, Gymnastic, Tennis, Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball), Aztec Bookstore, Aztec Center (Bowling, Health Food Store, Monty's), Bell Tower?, Center for Marine Studies (Sea Activity--San Diego, Marine Studies)

Binder 3 1971, 1979, 1983-1984

Scope and Contents

Graduation (Commencement 1971, Commencement 1979, Commencement May 1981, Commencement 1983, Rubin Buxton 1983, Commencement 1984)

Binder 4 1983-1984, 1986

Scope and Contents

Computer Terminals, Daily Aztec, President Day, Drama, Education, Engineering and Geology, Health Services, Homecoming (Open House, Bonfire Homecoming 1984, Robin Buxton 1983, Homecoming 1984, 1986 Homecoming, Homecoming Committee 1986)

Binder 5 February 25, 1983

Scope and Contents

Having a Residential Life, IVC (Open House February 25, 1983), Love Library, Minority Programs, Mission Bay Aquatic Center, Music, North County Campus, Orientation

Binder 6

Scope and Contents

Students in Class, Students Studying, Graphics

Binder 7 1988

Scope and Contents

1988 Awards Alumni, Alumni Board Activities, Lee Grissom

Binder 8 1984, October 1986

Scope and Contents

SDSU Homecoming (October 1986), Commencement (1984), Campus, The Free Lance

Binder 9 1931, 1945

Scope and Contents

Historical (most Pre-1931, some up to 1945)

Binder 10

Scope and Contents

Activities Students (Various, Newman Club with media campus scenes, student protest, Jane Fonda, Peach March, Joan-Baez concert, Student Faces), Activities, University (Commencements, SDSU 90th Anniversary Celebration, Founder's Day)

Binder 11 1987-1988

Scope and Contents

Activities, University (Continued) (Homecoming, Registration, California State College Presentation, Fireworks at the Aztec Bowl, Campus Dinners (Sol Price, 1988 and Lee Grissom, 1987), Alumni (Outing to Cabriilo Point, Alumni), Building (Aztec Center, Bookstore, Student Resources Center, Campus Lab School)

Binder 12

Scope and Contents

Buildings (Continued) (Floor plans, plats, etc...renderings, North--buildings, grounds some with CSU imprint, Ground and Buildings, Dorms, entrance to campus, buildings and grounds, Library construction, Library exterior, Library interior, Library staff Library art entries)

Binder 13

Scope and Contents

Campus Area and Scenes (Aerial Views, Campus scenes with students and people, Dorms, Parking signs, Campus Life), (continued in Volume VI)

Binder 14

Scope and Contents

Buildings (Continued) (Bell Tower, Little Theater, Life Science Building (includes construction) Misc. Campus buildings, Montezuma, Alumni House, Imperial Valley Campus)

Binder 15

Scope and Contents

Campus Area and Scenes (Campus Life--continued from Volume V), Classroom and Lab Scenes (Animal Lab, Misc., Chemistry, Children, Lab--classroom, misc., classroom, assorted life sciences

Binder 16

Scope and Contents

Departments (continued) (Music, Departmental symbols), Faculty/Personnel (Staff/Student Portraits, Faculty and staff and students, Faculty and staff - C. Dale Johnson, Faculty and Staff/maintenance personnel, President Thomas B. Day)

Binder 17

Scope and Contents

Faculty/Personnel (Faculty and Staff/Plant operations personnel, Faculty and Staff/Housing Staff, Faculty and Staff/Dentist at work, Distinguished Faculty, Judge Frank H. Nottbursch Jr,. associate or visitor, Dean Herbert Peiffer, Jean Marjorie Warmer, Mike Boyle (?), Staff person, Faculty Senate, Faculty Reception, Sept. 1959, President Love at Staff meeting, November 1970, Faculty/Staff meeting, President Day's 10th Anniversary slide show), Sports (Basketball, Football, Pushball, Jogging)

Binder 18 1960-1963

Scope and Contents

Sports (continued) (ROTC, Charts (SDSU?), General, Aztec Sculpture, Parade Scenes, Snow Machine, Human Powered Vehicle 1975, Event at the Open Air Theater, Freeway/Cars, Cal State Univ. Logo, SDSU Logos, and SDSU campus map, misc. graphics--Daily Aztec and S.D. Union Tribune. CA. (1960-1963)

Binder 19 1959, 1963

Scope and Contents

Misc. Slides (Continued) (Kennedy slides 1963, misc. slides (includes: campus buildings, people), Boy Scout "Fair" in Aztec Bowl 1959 donated by Andrew Olson)

Binder 20 1960, 1974, 1978, 1979-1981

Scope and Contents

Library Orientation, An Armchair Tour of San Diego State University Library, Quick Tour of the SDSU Library, Term Paper Clinic

Binder 21 1915-1931, 1933-1940, 1938-1948, 1942

Scope and Contents

Memories 1933-1940, SDSU Presidents, SDSU 100th Anniversary, SDSU Campus Scenes 1997, Memories 1915-1931, Class of 1938-1948, Memories 1942

Binder 22

Scope and Contents

SDSU Child Care Facility

Negatives and Contact Sheet Binders


Binder 1 1978-1979

Scope and Contents

Drama Collection, Campus, Children's Hospital of General Campus 1978, Communication Department?, Maurice Lemme Scholarship 1979, Aztec Shops Scholarship, Investigations (Aztec Report) October 1979

Binder 2

Scope and Contents

Students--Library and Student Health Services, Misc., Shaw/Art and Artist, CSEA Boat Ride, Hepner Hall, Zura Hall, Faculty/Staff, Music/Chorus, Drama/Music Buildings, Campus Periphery, All The Way To The Bay, Campus Periphery, Physical Education (Soccer ball, Handball), Soviet Visit to Geography Dept., Baseball, Track, Dick Davis (Basketball), Hardy Towers, International History, Open Air Theater, Chemistry, Scripps Cottage, Engineering Department, Aztec Week

Binder 3 1970, 1978-1979

Scope and Contents

Dorm Life 1978, General Campus Concert, Aztec Center, Registration Boards late 1970's, ACS Student Teaching, ACS Campus Misc., Dennis Selder, North County Center Dedication August 1979, Visiting French President October 1979, KPBS Auction June 1979, Link Scholarship, Naturalization Ceremony July 1979, Living University 1979, The Great Literary Crisis 1978, Technological Institute of Tijuana Agreement May 1979, Dorm Group, RA's Maya Hall, AMS Council, Family/Staff, Anthropology, Mecha, University College Directors,

Binder 4 1975-1976

Scope and Contents

Japanese Class, Art Exhibit 1975, History Art Class 1976, Sculpture Pottery Class, Students-Class/Awards, Electronic Labs, Education Building, Adams Humanities Building, Orchestra, Ensemble Alfonso X (Benefit Concert for Art Council), Cooking Demonstration, Audio Visual North Room, EOP Counseling, Commencement 1976, Graduation 1975, Nelson Family Graduation,

Binder 5 June 12, 1964, September 1976

Scope and Contents

Open House, Aries Retirement, 67th Commencement (June 12, 1964), Christmas Card 1976, Residence Hall, Peterson Gym, Campus Scenes, Campus Building, Hardy Tower (September 1976), General Campus

Binder 6 1978, 1981-1984, 1987

Scope and Contents

Dean Boxer (August, 1987), Crew, Phonathon (1983), Child Care Center, Central Mail (Dale Camp August 1982), ROTC, Football Game 1980's, Robert Goulay (Aztec Bowl, 1982), Football 1983, SDSU Wind Ensemble--Spring 1983, Music Department, Telecom and Film 1982, Chuck Shockley Portraits (Business Dev. Center, Videotex Equipment and Professional Studies Building), Tuba Concert (Fall 1983), Grad. School of Public Health, Graduate Division and Restoration, Chemistry, Geological Sciences, Commencement 1964, Commencement 1981, Commencement 1982, Commencement 1983, Senior Citizens Students, Staff Awards Luncheon 1983, Homecoming 1981-1984, Floats (Prob Homecoming), Halloween 1982, Alumni Awards Banquet (Spring 1983), Singing Hills Golf Tournament, Alumni Fundraiser Kick-off for Greek Alumni (Hilton Hotel), 1982 Staff Awards Luncheon, Staff Awards Luncheon 1983, Registration 1978

Binder 7 1971, 1991, 1994

Scope and Contents

General Campus, Rare Books, Library Opening 1971, Library Student Assistance, Friends of the Library Book-sale, Dick Goodman 1991, Library Activities, Love Library Addition (Preliminary 1994)

Binder 8 1984, 1989, 1991-1995,

Scope and Contents

Daily Aztec (March 28, 1995), Breaking ground for SAC (April 28, 1995), Aztec Bowl Student Activities Center (Ground Breaking Ceremony, March 28, 1995), Scripps Cottage (March 1995), Aztec Circle Drive (March 1995), Destruction of Aztec Bowl to make room for SAC (May 1995), Book Collection Contest (April 1995), KPBS Building Construction (January 1994), Gateway Complex Construction, Aztec Murals (1950's), Student Protest Graffiti (budget related, Spring 1991), Student March Protest, Drawing of proposed campus entry on Campanile Drive (1995), Gateway Construction (February/March 1994), Lipinsky Institute (April 2, 1995), Unnamed visitors at KPBS Dedication/Open House 1994, KPBS Wing of Gateway Center (August 1994), Inaugural Ceremony for Mexus (Jaime Falazar, Stanley Crokett, Michael Hergert, Alvord, Brannan, Luis Nesa--August 29, 1994), MECHA 25th Anniversary celebration (1989 Grad. Carmen Chavez), Ellen Ochoa (Playing flute in Spacecraft 1993), 1995 WAC Champions (Stephanie Sorenson, Lakeysha Wright, Michelle Suman, Christina Murguia, Judi Nowlin), Lionel Van Deerlin, Al Johnson, Herman Land, Opening of Computer Divided Manufacturing Center, Students, Faculty and Staff protest of SDSU Budget Cuts (May 22, 1992), Student Protest/Budget Cuts, Social Science Research Lab, Crew Classic, Special Collections Librarian (September 1991), Retirement Party ( Ruth Leerhoffs), Chilling Plant Annex (Addition), Chapultapec Dorm (August 1992), Campus Lab School Farewell Party, Hepner Hall, International Student Services, Hepner Hall, Parking Structure IV Construction, Student Services Building, Construction of Student Services, Physical Science, Department of Telecommunication and Film, CSU Chancellors and Trustees (Ann Reynolds), Spinetta Project (1984), Women Studies Department

Binder 9 1983, 1985-1987

Scope and Contents

Accounting (American Indian Studies--Marketing--Mechanical Engineering), Accounting, Administration, Accounting Psychology, Administration (Leslie Yerger), Adopt A School (Granger), Adult Fitness Programs, Aerospace Studies, Aerial View of SDSU, Aerial Shots of SDSU Campus (Students Shooting Video), Afro American Studies, Allen Center (Journalism), A&R Potluck, Alumni, Alumni (used for SDSU Report), Bob Glaser (Bald), Doug Moore, Bob Livingstone, Alumni Brunch, Alumni Annual Banquet 1985-1986, 1st Amend. Conference, American Language Institute, Poct Yehuda Anichai, Apple Computer Airfoil (Aerospace Engineering) Annual Fund Brochure: Ken Jacques, Annual Report, Eric Orr at the Art Gallery--SDSU, Eric Orr Reception, Art Japanese Anamelist, Art Graduate, Art Department, Associated Students President Larry Emond (1987), Astronomy/ Alumni Star Party (Summer 1983), Astronomy, Athletics, Aztec Center--Humanities Building, Aztec Report Cover, Aztec Shops Sholarships Winners (1987)

Binder 10 1982-1984

Scope and Contents

Balloon (Hot Air), Baseball (1983), Basketball (1983), Basketball (1982, Cabrillo Classic), Bell Tower, Bell Tower (Joel Kraemer), Bicentennial (U.S. Constitution, September 1987), Business Developmental Center (Chuck Shockley Portraits), Martin Bernherimer (1984, Music Critic, LA Times), Biology (Dr. Krisans), Biology (West Commons), Biology, Biology (Collier), Black Student Council, Black Studies (Philosophy, Physics, and Study Skills), CSU Board of Trustees Counselor Education Information Systems, Gail Burnett, Business Administration Century Club Reception, Spon. of Canadian Artists Showcase, College of Business Administration, Business Administration/Management, Business Briefing (Brian Neuberger), College of Business, Bowling/Red/ Black (Aztec Center, Aerospace Engineering, ? Building Dedication

Binder 11 1982-1983, 1986

Scope and Contents

President's Cabinet (Leslie Yerger), Campus Building, Campus Scenes, Campus--Students, Casino Night (1986), SDSU Cheerleaders, Commencement (1983), CES Class, Chemistry--Alumni, Chemistry, Classroom (Foreign Lang Lab, Anthropology, Engineering, Geology, Marine Studies, Lobster), Commencement 1982, Commencement 1986, Computer Engineering, Children using Computers, Students and Computers, Communications Clinic, Conway (Public Health), Crew Clinic (April 1986), Carpool (Ride-Share), Dr Roger Cunniff (SDSU Press), CSU Board Trustees

Binder 12 1982, 1985-1986

Scope and Contents

President Day, Craig Day (Equipment Donation, April 1986), Daily Aztec 1982, Dance, Pre-Summit Debate (November 1985), Publications and Design Staff, Drama, Honorary Doctorate (John F. Kennedy), Dorm Rooms (Tenochca Hall), Drama Theater (Young Audiences), Drama Department, Drama (Fantastiks, Summer 1982), Drama, Most Happy Fella), Drama (Butterflies are Free. October 1984), Drama (Equis), Drama (Tom Jones), Drama (Sweet Clarity), Drama (Dracula), Drama (Streetcar named Desire), Drama (Opera, Spring 1985), Drama (Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, September 1985), Drama (Crimes of the Heart, October 1985), Drama (Comedy of Errors, October 1985), Drama (Frontiers, February 1986), Drama (Old Silent Movie, March 1986), Drama (London Cuckolds, March 1986), Drama (On the Road to Edo, April 1986)

Binder 13 1985-1986

Scope and Contents

Easter Seals Telathon, Education Conference, Education (Dr. Ochoa, June 1986), Engineering/Lockwood, English Professor (Jackson, Benson), EOP tutoring (June 1985), EOP MECHA Office, EOP (Gus Chavez, Alice Flores), San Diego Bay Replica (Engineering Vacuum Strength, Circuit Board), Education Parking Structure II, Education Department (General Campus Shots, ROTC), Bill Erickson, Extended Studies, English and Comparative Literature, Aztec Football, Department of Education, Shojai (English/Comparative Literature, June 1986), EMC, Electron Microscope, Endowed Chair, Engineering Department, Faculty, Nakamura (Faculty Emeritus), Faculty, Dean Gooler (Education), Faculty/Staff, Dr. Unterman, Professor Catherine Woo

Binder 14 1985-1986

Scope and Contents

Family Studies, Finance (Jewish Studies--Accounting), Financial Planning, Football Operations Center, Ron Fowler, Gateway Complex, Geology (Dating Lab, Donna Martin, Physics--Roger Lilly, Biology Molecules--Herb Lebherg), Geology, Geology Department, German, Presidents Golf Tournament, Graduate School of Public School, Statistical Research Center (Graduate School of Public Health), Halloween Costume Contest, Student Health Services, Hepner Hall, San Diego History Archives, Homecoming, Homecoming 1985-1986, Ground Breaking (New Housing), Housing Staff, Humanities Building (Library, Band)

Binder 15 1986

Scope and Contents

Imperial Valley Campus, International Programs (Spanish and Religious), Industrial Studies, Info Systems (Music, Mt. Laguna, Speech Path, Children--Outdoor, Rec.--Bowling, Red and Black Bowl), Internships, Economics, Indonesian Student 1986 (Valedictorian--Debbie Vista, 1986), International Students, International Services, Economics, Marketing, Japanese Enamelist, Japan Studies, Japan Studies (Community Advisory Board), Jog-a-thon, Jogging, Graham Kent (Valedictorian), Dean's Reception at Mt. Laguna Observatory, Latchkey, Learning Lab, Linguistics (English and Composition Literature--Accounting). Library

Binder 16 1983, 1985-1986

Scope and Contents

Management, SDSU (President Day signs Mexico Agreement June 1986), Minority Outreach, Darryl Mitten (Business Management), Move Monty, Mecha Conference(November 1986), Mechanical Engineering, Microbiology, Military Science, Military Science People, Miscellaneous, Alma Morosz' (Going Away), Mortar Board, Music Reception (J. Fish Piano Competition), Music, SDSU Choir Music, Music Violin, Kiwanis Music Scholar Presentation (November 1985), Music (Humanities, Drama), Professor Massey (June 1986), Minority Outreach, San Diego Mission, Faculty, Mt. Laguna Observatory, Music (SDSU Wind Ensemble (Spring 1983), Al Coox and Kotaro Nakamura (November 1985), Nasatir and Summer Bridge Program, North County, Nursing, SDSU Opera Institute, Open Air Theater, Parking Structure III (Bus Terminal), Cox Cable Donation (Alvarado Apartments, Parking Structure III, Marilyn Boxer), Parking Structure II, John Patrick, Bob Payne (Alumni), People, Graduation School of Public Health (Fruity Rudy's, Extinguishing Cigarette, Physical Plant), Public Safety, Physical Science, Center for Energy Studies (Alan Sweedler, Physics), Physics, Political Science Faculty, Presidents Council Dinner, Publication Staff

Binder 17

Scope and Contents

Guest Lecture (Jonas Salk), Todd Santos, College of Science, SDSU Report Photos, Guest Artist (Peter Shire), Sky Oaks Ranch, Sociology (Dr Philip Gay), Social Sciences, Social Science Research Lab, Awards (School of Social Work), Social Science Research Lab, Electron Microscope, Reno Team Players), Spanish, Spotlight in Japan, Structure Photos, Dan Nowak (Students), Students, Students (Classroom), Student Service Award, B. Honing (State Superintendent), Telecommunication and Film, Teletext (Jim Bates), Track

Binder 18 1968, 1998

Scope and Contents

Mediterranean Garden, Groundbreaking ceremony for Student housing: Piedra Del Sol (September 17, 1998), Aerial (September 10, 1968)

Binder 19 1984-1985, 1987

Scope and Contents

Health Promotion (Grad School of Public Health), International History Fair, Homecoming 1984, President Golf Tours, Russian scientist who visited campus (August 1987) (Geography), Faculty--Krisans, Biology; Ring, Chemistry; Detneiler, A and L Dean (September, 1984), Golf Tourney, Faculty, Faculty--Developmental psychology (Professor L. Ferson), Alumni- Judge Cazarez, Business, Faculty, Stuart Borie and Phil Wallis (Partners, Philadelphia Recycling), LMC, Educational Growth Opportunity (Extended Studies), Public Administration--James Clapp, Industrial Studies, Education, Drama, Drama "Lady from the Sea"(April 1985), Date Processing, Dean George Craig, Chemistry, East Commons, Biology, Counseling Services and Placement, General Store (AC), Morty's Den (AC), Travel Bureau (AC), Candid Studios--Eugene Ray (Art Department), Campus Scenes, Red/Black Bowl, Aztec Center, Aerospace Engineering, Speech Communication, Aztec Shops, Health Services, Drama, Aztec Athletic Foundation, Aztec Center, Athletics, Denny Statz--Football head coach (December 1987), Art Department--Jess Dominguez, Architecture, Annual Fund Brochure, Alumni, Track, Telecommunications and Film, Students/ Campus, Student Affairs--Personnel, Student Affairs Personnel--EOP, Spotlight Japan, Residence Halls, Recreation, Recreation and Leisure, Recreation/Campus Scenes, President Circle Reception, John Garrison, Physics fixed, evacuated solar collector, Physical Education, J. Robb Payne--Album--Pres. Grossmont Bank, Orientation, Balinese Ga melon--Music, Marine Studies, Music Department, Morty, Mt. Laguna Observatory, Literary, Lincoln High School--SDSU Reading Program, Library, Cashier, A&R, Financial Aid, Dean Marriel Lessley, Dean Marriel Lessley and Ann Morey, Latchkey, KPBS Auction, KPBS Satellite Dash, Klein/Ford Event 1986, Snyder/Judaic Studies, Professor Jiracek at RUAC Terminal, Japanese Enamelist, Imperial Valley Campus, IVC Dedication, Housing

Binder 20

Scope and Contents

Dean Dual and Dean Bailey (1987), Dean Don Short, George Craig, Dean Allan Bailey and Hal Brown, Ballesteros/Locke/Yerger, Ann Morey, Baseball Banquet, Public Health--C. Everett Koop, Surgeon General , Campus Scenes, Kim Padulo, Joanne Gorges--Sororities, MALA Program, Casino Night (George Bailey, Dr. Day Lucy Killea, Mort and Noni Jergesen, Ralph Lundberg, Jennifer and John Waddas, Gary Brown, Chris Mechalas, Kery Zurier), Chemistry, 1986 Staff Awards Day, President's Council--Jim Schmidt, Dr Day, President's Council Dinner, President's Council (Martha Contreras/Video Conference with Mark Fowler, Computer Center, Ron Fowler, Homecoming 1986, SDSU 90th Anniversary Celebration (President Day/ Bryan Jacobs, SDSU Transit, Education, Parking Structure, Annual Report (Don Nowak/Felicia Swoope, Judy Zyskind--Biology, Professor O'Neal--Chemistry, Spotlight on Japan (March 11, 1987), 1987 Commencement (Mrs. Day and Pete Chacon), 1987 Golf Tournament (Dr. Day, Ron Reina, Patrice Hutan, Mark Lipinski, Bill kolerder), Miscellaneous, Professor Steve Roeder, Mike Lewis.

Binder 21 1979-1980

Scope and Contents

Drama, Campus, Gym campus scenes, foundation family, zoology, registration, library (inside), ITV, Sports uniforms, Black communication center, IVC, LT. Gov. Dismally, Health Science, Faculty (Dance), Track uniforms/Team Women, Auto engineering, music (voice), Aaron Copland, Children theater, Natural science, Child care, Mansfield (car), Alumni, Age is work of art, Dorms (inside), Aztec bowl, Classroom scenes, Extended Studies, Biology labs, Music quartet women

Binder 22

Scope and Contents

Campus views/scenes, building/students, library exterior views, marching band practice, football game (coin flip with alumni payers as guest), lighting of bonfire, mascot old and new

Binder 23 1978

Scope and Contents

Homecoming parade/Founder Day, Naturalization, Day in the office, Men's Basketball, Castro 1978 (Michael D. Atkins, Andrew Olson, Roger Carpenter, C. O'Niel Krekorian, Geralk Collier, Ronald Monroe, Don Hunsaker, Michael Vovacek, Lo-Chai Chen, Norman McLean, Estes Richard, Harvy Playmale, Etheridge, Kurt Bohnsack), Campus Police, Marching band, Day Speaking outside Hepner Hall

Binder 24

Scope and Contents

Scuba diving class, exercise lab, hubbs/sea lab, image processing lab, computer lab, life science lab, greenhouse, laser application lab, soil mechanic lab, engineering lab, nursing lab, grass roots, cuyamaca elementary, anthropology lab, campus/people/scenes, dorms, commons, LRC, genovese, IVC, industrial studies, football game vs. Long Beach, Dr. Downing, football vs. pacific, homecoming king and queen, Don Powell Theater exterior, Health Service exterior, softball women's

Binder 25

Scope and Contents

Miscellaneous (Students and Faculty)

Binder 26

Scope and Contents


Binder 27

Scope and Contents

Faculty (Miscellaneous), Drama scenes (Miscellaneous)

Binder 28 1996-1997

Scope and Contents

Centennial Kick-off Press Conference (November 18, 1996), Time Capsule Opening (August 12, 1997)

Binder 29

Scope and Contents

Faculty (Miscellaneous)

Binder 30 1848, 1968-1977

Scope and Contents

Campus Aerial Negatives
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