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Overview of the United States Army 8th Psychological Operations Battalion (Airborne) issuances
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Digital images of leaflets, flyers and broadsides for Iraq and Afghanistan, 2003

Flier depicting bombing of a place in the hills, 2003
"A united Afghanistan offers peace and prosperity. A new government offers new freedoms. The future of Afghanistan depends on your support of the new government," leaflet, 2003
"Why would you allow safe passage to those who have betrayed and abandoned you? These terrorists are the same people who sent your brothers, sons, and loved ones to fight and die," leaflet, 2003
"Voice of Peace Radio," leaflet, 2003
Depicts black and white drawing of two men holding rifles and shaking hands, 2003
Depicts three men, two of whom have just shaken hands, but now they are turning, looking skyward, and two are raising their rifles, 2003
"Many threads make one rug. Together you can make one Afghanistan," leaflet, 2003
"People of Afghanistan / Eid Mabaruk / We wish that God will accept your prayers and fast. [from] People of America," leaflet, 2003
"Many tribes / One Afghanistan," leaflet, 2003
"Caution citizens of Afghanistan, the partnership of nations is working to bring peace and stability to this region. Help us keep you safe. Please do not interfere with military operations," leaflet, 2003
"Usama bin Ladin sacrifices al Qaeda fighters for his own pride. He has abandoned the Taliban, now he has abandoned you!" leaflet, 2003
"Al Qaeda, your escape routes are mined. You are trapped," leaflet, 2003
"Taliban: We know where you are. Stop fighting for the Taliban and live," leaflet, 2003
Depicts four Taliban/al Qaida leaders against a backdrop of bodies hanging from nooses. Back depicts those same leaders with accentuated jaws and bared teeth., 2003
"Free yourself from the web of destruction. For some it is already too late," leaflet, 2003
"Who really runs the Taliban? Expel the foreign rulers and live in peace,", 2003
"Support the interim government of Afghanistan. Help restore Afghanistan to its former glory," leaflet, 2003
"Hamid Karzai / chairman of the interim government of Afghanistan. Leading Afghanistan to a better future," leaflet, 2003
"Taliban and al-Qaida, use innocent women and children as shields for protection. Report Taliban and al-Qaida to partnership of nations forces," leaflet, 2003
"The Taliban and al-Qaida bring pain and suffering to Afghanistan. Turn in Taliban and al-Qaida forces to partnership of nations forces," leaflet, 2003
"$25,000,000 reward for information leading to the whereabouts or capture of these two men, Aiman al-Zawahiri and Usama bin Laden. Contact Coalition authorities," leaflet, 2003
"Drive out the foreign terrorists. Is this the future you want for your women and children?" leaflet, 2003
Flier without text depicting airplane dropping fliers or food packets picked up by local man, 2003
Drawing of men bulding home and hands holding up Afghanistan, 2003
"Taliban and al-Qaida / We know where you are hiding," leaflet, 2003
"Taliban and Al Qaida fighters. We know where you are hiding -- Taliban/Al Qaida fighters: You are our targets," leaflet, 2003
"Taliban and al Qaida leadership. Reward for information leading to the whereabouts or capture of Tailban [sic] and al Qaida leadership," leaflet, 2003
"$25,000,000 reward -- any information leading to the whereabouts of these men, Usama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri. Contact Coalition authorities," leaflet, 2003
"Providing information to partnership of nations will free your land from terror. The future of Afghanistan depends on your support," leaflet, 2003
"Al-Qai'da do you think that you are safe...in your tomb?" leaflet, 2003
"These men are wanted for terrorist activities...Usama bin Laden, Aiman al-Zawahiri, Mullay Omar / Assisting these men puts your family at risk," leaflet, 2003
"For a brighter future report al Qa'ida and illegal activities to Coalition forces," leaflet, 2003
"Products Disseminated by POTF and TF20 Elements as of 02 and 07 April 2003," leaflet, 2003
"Requested Products," leaflet, 2003
"A united Afghanistan / peace / prosperity / new government / new freedoms. A new government working for all Afghans. The future of Afghanistan depends on your support," leaflet, 2003
"Wanted for murder / Usama bin Laden," leaflet, 2003
"Support the interim government of Afghanistan. Restore prosperity to Afghanistan," leaflet, 2003
"Can you image your children with no memory of war? A new government offers new freedoms, new hopes," leaflet, 2003
"Barader and Taliban supporters, if you want to fight...we will bring unlimited fire power against you!" leaflet, 2003
"Life with terrorists is a life of fear. Life without terrorists is a life of prosperity," leaflet, 2003
"Wanted for murder / Ayman al-Zawahiri," leaflet, 2003
"Al-Qaida and the Taliban destroyed your cities. The Coalition Forces can provide a stable environment to allow Afghanistan to rebuild," leaflet, 2003

General Physical Description note: 1 CD-R containing 85 files

Scope and Contents note

Originals in Box 1. Handwritten on disc: PowerPoint IZ Products Leaflets Handbills Posters as of 11/06/03. JPEG AF Products Leaflets as of 02/19/03.
Contains two PowerPoint presentations that have side-by-side images of English and Arabic language versions of leaflets, flyers, etc. distributed by (or proposed for distribution by) Coalition Forces in Iraq circa April 2003. The rest of the files are JPEG images depicting leaflets and flyers for Afghanistan in English and in Dari/Pushto; a "trans" is appended to the file name for the Dari/Pushto language version of the English language item. There is little descriptive information accompanying the images. There are a few intertitles in one of the PowerPoint presentations, and a few brief labels like "front" and "back" and item numbers like "AF D160" on the JPEG files. The materials depicted are numbered with these prefixes: IZ, IZD, IZG, AF.
Boxes 1-3

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