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Title: Inez Richardson papers
Date (inclusive): 1905-1963
Date (bulk): 1933-1958
Collection Number: XX001
Contributing Institution: Hoover Institution Archives
Language of Material: English
Physical Description: 25 manuscript boxes (10.4 linear feet)
Abstract: Correspondence, memoranda, reports, minutes, speeches and writings, photographs, and printed matter relating to international relations; education; the role of radio and television in education; the 1930 White House Conference on Child Health and Protection; American Higher Education conferences; Herbert Hoover; the administration of Stanford University and the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace; the Revolution and the Development of International Relations Project at the Hoover Institution; and the Stanford Listening Post and the Civil Affairs Training School at Stanford University during World War II.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Creator: Richardson, Inez, d. 1965.


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Biographical Note

From the 1930s to the early 1960s, Inez Richardson worked for the Hoover Institution and Stanford University in a myriad of roles, from executive assistant, coordinator and liaison for foreign visitors to Stanford, and faculty member of the Radio-Television Institute, to director of the Stanford Listening Post. In addition, Richardson was an assistant to Stanford University president Ray Lyman Wilbur and curator of the Ray Lyman Wilbur collection on Social Problems at the Hoover Institution.

Scope and Content of Collection

The Inez Richardson papers document Richardson's career with the Hoover Institution and Stanford University. The collection consists of correspondence, memoranda, reports, speeches and writings, conference proceedings, photographs, notes, and printed matter. While the bulk of the collection details administrative aspects of Stanford University and the Hoover Institution, many of the files reflect Richardson's participation in and administration of many of the Hoover Institution's and Ray Lyman Wilbur's interests, including education, housing, healthcare, radio, and foreign relations. Also included are files related to Stanford University's participation in World War II with the Stanford Listening Post and CATS (Civil Affairs Training School), and the university's relationship with the Office of War Information.
Richardson's original order, file names, and cross references have been maintained.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace.
Stanford University.
White House Conference on Child Health and Protection (1930: Washington, D.C.)
International education.
United States. Civil Affairs Training School, Stanford University.
Radio in education.
Television in education.
International relations.
Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964.
Stanford Listening Post.
Radio broadcasting--East Asia.
World War, 1939-1945--Propaganda.
World War, 1939-1945--Occupied territories.
Military government.
Child welfare--United States.
Child health services--United States.
Elite (Social sciences)


Career Subject File, 1933-1963

Scope and Contents note

Consists of reports, correspondence, programs, notes, drafts, photographs, and printed matter. Maintains the original alphabetical order designated by the creator.
Box/Folder 1:1

A, 1946-1963

Box/Folder 1:2

AAUN (American Association for the United Nations), 1949-1952

Box/Folder 1:3

AFME (American Friends of the Middle East), 1952-1961

Box/Folder 1:4

American Child Health Association, 1933-1937

Box/Folder 1:5

American Social Hygiene Association, 1948-1949

Box/Folder 1:6-8

American Universities Field Staff, 1952-1954

Scope and Contents note

Includes newspaper clippings, correspondence, summaries and reports by Edward Bayne, Boyd Compton, Edwin Munger, and Albert Ravenholt.
Box/Folder 1:9

Asia Foundation, newsletters, 1954-1960

General note

See also: Committee for a Free Asia.
Box/Folder 2:1

B, 1934-1957

Box/Folder 2:2

Barnard, Harry E., 1934-1946

General note

See also: White House Conference on Child Health and Protection.
Box/Folder 2:3

Bay Area TV Association, 1950s

Box/Folder 2:4

Better Homes in America, 1933-1936

Scope and Contents note

Also contains reports for the Wilbur collection.
Box/Folder 2:5

Bittner, Mark, 1950-1952

Box/Folder 2:6

C, 1933-1957

Box/Folder 2:7

California Conservation Council, 1933-1951

Box/Folder 3:1

Carnegie Corporation, 1951-1952

Scope and Contents note

See also: RADIR project.

CATS (Civil Affairs Training School), 1943-1955

Box/Folder 3:2-3

Correspondence and notes, 1944-1955

Box/Folder 3:4

Europe, 1944-1949

Box/Folder 3:5

Japan, undated

Box/Folder 3:6

Reports, 1943-1945

Box/Folder 3:7


Box/Folder 3:8

CBS (Columbia Broadcast System) 1939-1959

Box/Folder 3:9

CCIS (Civil Communications Intelligence School) budget, 1945

Box/Folder 3:10

CCIS, Japan, 1945-1946

Box/Folder 4:1

Contract forms, undated

Box/Folder 4:2

Committee for a Free Asia, 1951-1953

General note

See also: Asia Foundation.
Box/Folder 4:3

D, 1936-1961

Box/Folder 4:4

E, 1949-1959

Box/Folder 4:5

F, 1941-1957

Box/Folder 4:6

Faculty reports, 1952-1953

Box/Folder 4:7

Fisher, Harold, 1936-1957

Box/Folder 4:8

Ford Foundation, 1954-1957

Box/Folder 4:9

Ford survey correspondence, 1951


Foreign visitors, 1950-1961

Box/Folder 4:10

American Council on Education, 1957

Box/Folder 4:11

Eisenhower exchange, 1956-1957

Box/Folder 4:12

Annual reports, 1956-1960

Box/Folder 5:1

Foreign visitors, 1951-1955

Scope and Contents note

Includes news clippings, biographies, schedules, announcements, and correspondence regarding education exchange.
Box/Folder 5:2

Photographs, visits by Russian editors and Prince Albert of Belgium, undated

Box/Folder 5:3

Foreign student adviser and student program, 1947, 1957, 1961

Box/Folder 5:4

ASSU (Associated Students of Stanford University), 1951

Box/Folder 5:5-7

Foreign visitors, countries A through Z, at Hoover Institution and Library, 1950-1957

Box/Folder 6:1

Charles B. Roberts, Liberia, Eisenhower exchange fellow, 1956

Box/Folder 6:2

Celal Bayer, President of Turkey, 1954

Box/Folder 6:3

University Committee, 1957-1960

Box/Folder 6:4

Foreign Visitors Committee, correspondence, 1956-1957

Box/Folder 6:5

Iranian visitor, photographs, undated

Box/Folder 6:6

Foreign scholars and other visitors, 1956

Box/Folder 6:7

Abdul Rahman Al-Bazzaz, Dean of University of Baghdad Law School, Iraq, 1956

Box/Folder 7:1

G, 1938-1955

Box/Folder 7:2

Glover, Katherine, 1934-1952

Scope and Contents note

Correspondence. See also: White House Conference on Child Health and Protection.
Box/Folder 7:3

Governor's conference on educational television, 1952

Box/Folder 7:4

H, 1939, 1950-1957

Box/Folder 7:5

Hoover Institution and Library - History and Ray Lyman Wilbur collection on social problems, 1934-1963

Box/Folder 7:6

I, 1934-1937, 1956-1961

Box/Folder 7:7

Institute of International Education, 1951-1953

Box/Folder 7:8

Institute of International Relations, 1950-1953

Box/Folder 7:9

J, 1938

Box/Folder 8:1

K, 1937-1955

Box/Folder 8:2

KPIX, 1952

Box/Folder 8:3

KQED, 1952-1956

Box/Folder 8:4

KZSU, 1948-1951

Box/Folder 8:5

Kerr, George H., Ryukyus and other Pacific Area studies, 1952-1953

Box/Folder 8:6

Kitagawa, Kay, 1942-1963

Box/Folder 8:7

L, 1939-1954

Box/Folder 8:8

M, 1934-1959

Box/Folder 8:9-10

Motion Picture Research Council, re: closing of the San Francisco office, 1941-1942

Box/Folder 9:1

MP (motion pictures) for Wilbur collection, 1935-1945

Box/Folder 9:2

N, 1933-1956

Box/Folder 9:3

NAB (National Association of Broadcasters), 1943-1953

Box/Folder 9:4

NAEB (National Association of Educational Broadcasters), 1951-1953

Box/Folder 9:5-11

NBC (National Broadcasting Company), 1939-1959

Box/Folder 10:1

National Council of Teachers of English, 1953

Box/Folder 10:2

National Youth Administration, 1937-1941

Box/Folder 10:3

O, 1933-1952

Box/Folder 10:4

P, 1944-1951

Box/Folder 10:5

Palo Alto Free World Forum, 1942

Box/Folder 10:6

President's Conference on Home Building and Home Ownership, 1931, 1940

Box/Folder 10:7

Q, 1951

Box/Folder 10:8

R, 1946-1951

Box/Folder 10:9

Radio and TV at Stanford - Hoover Institution cooperation and participation, 1938-1940, 1948

Box/Folder 10:10

RADIR (Revolution and the Development of International Relations) project, preliminary drafts, 1959

Box/Folder 10:11

Richardson, Inez, 1933-1962

Box/Folder 11:1

Richey, Lawerence, 1950s

Box/Folder 11:2

Rosenberg Fund, grants and correspondence, re: Scott and Mysels Projects, 1944-1946

Box/Folder 11:3

S, 1936-1957

Box/Folder 11:4

Schenck, Hubert, 1956

Box/Folder 11:5

School of Health Education Service Joint Committee (AMA-HEA), 1936-1937

Box/Folder 11:6

School of Naval Adminstration (SONA), 1946-1951

Box/Folder 11:7

Scott, Charles (Chas) Craven, 1941-1943

Box/Folder 12:1

Service letters, 1944-1946

Box/Folder 12:2

Social Trends Committee (President's Research Committee on Social Trends), 1934

Box/Folder 12:3

Sokol, Anthony E., 1952, 1954, 1957


Stanford University - ASSU (Associated Students Stanford University), 1933-1961

Box/Folder 12:4

Pamphlets, 1950s

Box/Folder 12:5

Typescript, undated

Box/Folder 12:6

Stanford Research Institute, 1951, 1956

Box/Folder 12:7

The Stanford Survey of Behavioral Sciences, 1954

Box/Folder 13:1

News clippings, 1946-1961

Box/Folder 13:2

Department of Athletics, 1950

Box/Folder 13:3

Committee for Research in the Social Sciences, 1953-1954

Box/Folder 13:4

Survey Committee, 1953

Box/Folder 13:5

Director of Information, 1950-1955

Box/Folder 13:6

Distaff Club, 1951-1955

Box/Folder 13:7

Fiftieth anniversary (of Stanford University), articles, 1941

Box/Folder 13:8

General Secretary Office, 1955

Box/Folder 13:9

Guide service, 1947, 1956

Box/Folder 13:10

Health and services plan, 1953

Box/Folder 13:11

Press, 1953, 1955

Scope and Contents note

Relates to Stanford University Press and publishing.
Box/Folder 13:12

Public exercises (Committee on Public Exercises), 1947-1957

Box/Folder 13:13

Registrar's Office, 1953

Box/Folder 13:14

Interdepartmental memoranda and correspondence, 1933-1960

Box/Folder 14:1

T, 1943, 1951-1952

Box/Folder 14:2

Toynbee, A. J., speeches, 1950

Box/Folder 14:3

Trust Territories of the Pacific, 1950-1953

Box/Folder 14:4

U, 1934-1957

Box/Folder 14:5

UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), start of collection to honor Grayson N. Kefauver, 1947

Box/Folder 14:6

United Nations conference, 1945

Box/Folder 14:7

United States Army - miscellaneous, 1951

Box/Folder 14:8

United States Government Office of Education, 1936-1959

Box/Folder 14:9

United States Navy, 1942

Box/Folder 14:10

University Association for Professional Radio Education, 1949

Box/Folder 14:11

University of Denver, 1951

Box/Folder 14:12

University President's Office, 1949-1959

Box/Folder 14:13

V, 1941-1961

Box/Folder 14:14

Velliotes, George, 1951-1955

Box/Folder 14:15

W, 1939-1961

Box/Folder 14:16

Western Conference on Government, 1934

Box/Folder 15:1-5

White House Conference on Child Health and Protection, 1933-1962

Scope and Contents note

Includes committee members and personnel records, general correspondence, reports, memoranda, and correspondence with George Hastings, Secretary to President Hoover. Richardson noted that these files are records collected after 1933, when the conference documents were transferred to the Hoover Library, and she has made annotations regarding where related documents may be found in the collection.
Box/Folder 15:6

Wilbur, Ray Lyman, correspondence, 1933-1963

Box/Folder 16:1

World Affairs Council and Radio Committee, 1952-1957

Box/Folder 16:2

Y, 1953-1963


American Higher Education Conference Materials, 1929-1958

Scope and Contents note

Consists of conference proceedings, administrative planning records, correspondence, and printed matter regarding the America Higher Education conference at Stanford in 1958.
Box/Folder 16:3

Plans for conference, correspondence, 1957-1958

Box/Folder 16:4

Plans for conference, meeting minutes and notes, 1957

Box/Folder 16:5

Conference reports, drafts, and notes, 1957-1958

Box/Folder 16:6

Program drafts, 1958

Box/Folder 17:1

Conference programs, 1958

Box/Folder 17:2

Fact-finding studies, reports, 1929-1945

Box/Folder 17:3

Crowley-Sterling statements, 1957

Box/Folder 17:4

Preliminary budgets, 1958

Box/Folder 17:5

Fulbright scholars, 1957-1958

Box/Folder 17:6-7

Invitations and replies, 1958

Box/Folder 17:8

List of participants, 1958

Box/Folder 18:1

Forms file, 1958

Box/Folder 18:2

Thank you letters, 1958

Box/Folder 18:3

General correspondence, 1958

Box/Folder 18:4

Letters received for Richardson, 1958

Box/Folder 18:5

Conference materials, programs, schedules, and ephemera, 1958

Box/Folder 18:6

Conference speeches, 1958

Box/Folder 18:7

Conference photographs, 1958

Box/Folder 18:8

Conference tours, 1958

Box/Folder 18:9

Dinner arrangements, 1958


Past American Higher Education conferences, 1953-1958

Box/Folder 19:1

List of delegates, 1957

Box/Folder 19:2

Reports and programs, 1956-1957

Box/Folder 19:3

Planning committee materials, 1953-1956

Box/Folder 19:4

Conference evaluations, 1954-1958

Box/Folder 19:5

"Conference on Education and Student Life in the United States," University of Chicago, 1955-1957

Box/Folder 19:6

Miscellaneous programs and pamphlets, 1957-1958


Hoover Institution and Library File, 1905-1959

Scope and Contents note

Consists mainly of correspondence, notes, and printed matter for interdepartmental communication and planning regarding the administration, publicity, and courses of the Institution.
Box/Folder 19:7

Hoover booklet drafts, 1955

Box/Folder 19:8

Hoover pamphlet and leaflet revisions, 1955

Box/Folder 20:1-2

History of the Hoover Institution, 1931-1957

Scope and Contents note

Includes drafts, pamphlets, correspondence, and news clippings.
Box/Folder 20:3

Tower carillon, 1952-1957

Box/Folder 20:4

Tower building dedication, 1938-1950

Box/Folder 20:5

"The Story of the Great Hoover War Library at Stanford University," by Neil Wilson, undated

Box/Folder 20:6

Galleys of "Tower to Peace" publication, 1945, 1955

Box/Folder 20:7

Visitors within the United States, miscellcaneous items, 1950-1953

Box/Folder 20:8

Staff bulletin, Tower Talk, 1952-1953


Herbert Hoover files, 1933-1958

Box/Folder 21:1

Hoover, Herbert, 1933-1957

Scope and Contents note

Mainly consists of correspondence with Bernice Miller, Herbert Hoover’s personal secretary.
Box/Folder 21:2-3

Conservation with Herbert Hoover, film, 1956-1958

Box/Folder 21:4

Letter from Herbert Hoover to General Pershing, 1942 December 14

Box/Folder 21:5

Appreciations, 1952-1956

Box/Folder 21:6

Weekly planners, 1946-1956

Box/Folder 21:7

Card files, 1950s

Box/Folder 22:1

Correspondence, 1936-1958

Box/Folder 22:2

Christmas cards, 1958-1959

Box/Folder 22:3

Publicity, 1957

Box/Folder 22:4

News clippings, 1943,1959

Box/Folder 22:5

Research and RADIR (Revolution and the Development of International Relations) project, 1948

Box/Folder 22:6

Film stored at MGM, correspondence, 1955

Box/Folder 22:7

Conferences, 1957


Stanford and course offerings, 1905-1958

Box/Folder 22:8

Course 202: World Communications, 1951 Summer

Box/Folder 22:9

Course 226: Communication seminar, 1941-1942 Winter

Box/Folder 22:10

Course 206, 1951 Summer

Box/Folder 22:11

University schedules and bulletins, 1938-1959

Scope and Contents note

Includes documents on speech and drama, speech therapy, and television courses.
Box/Folder 23:1-2

Special discussion meetings, 1952-1954

Box/Folder 23:3

Far Western Slavic Conference, 1959 April

Box/Folder 23:4

Committee on Foreign Students and Visitors, 1957-1959

Box/Folder 23:5

Radio and television, 1956-1959

Box/Folder 23:6-7

Emergency Conservation School, 1940-1942

Box/Folder 24:1

"A Decennial of Stanford Song," 1905


Stanford Listening Post and Office of War Information File, 1940-1950

Scope and Contents note

Consists of reports, administrative and interdepartmental documents, correspondence, project transcripts and lists, and broadcast notes regarding the establishment of the Stanford Listening Post, its transition to the Federal Communications Committee's (FCC) supervision from 1941 to 1943, and transmission of American broadcasts of the United States Office of War Information (OWI) to the Far East from 1942 to 1945.
Box/Folder 24:2-4, 25:1

Stanford Listening Post, 1940-1941

Scope and Contents note

Includes memoranda, correspondence, administrative documents, broadcast notes, and lists regarding the Listening Post program. The short wave radio recordings mainly concern Chunking, Tokyo, Saigon, and other Pacific area cities.
Box/Folder 25:2

Federal Communications Committee, Wakefield, Ray, 1939-1950

Box/Folder 25:3

Office of War Information, Coordinator of Information, re: Pacific Area work, 1942-1943

Box/Folder 25:4

Office of War Information, Stanford contract work, 1943-1945