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Finding Aid of the Peter Shneidre papers 0163
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Box 1-5, 11

Correspondence Files

Scope and Content

Series contains files of correspondence and poetry arranged in alphabetical order by correspondent. Files pertain to publications with which Shneidre was involved, but also include social and other business correspondence. Correspondents include Kate Braverman, Lyn Lifshin, Richard Meltzer, David Lincoln Fisher, Janet Gray, Nichola Manning, Greg Kuzma, F.A. Nettelback, and Henry Rollins.

Publication Files

Scope and Content

Series contains the publication files (arranged by title of work) for Shneidre's various projects, including works published by Illuminati Press, Marilyn, Orpheus and Nude Erections. Files include drafts, galleys and proofs of works along with correspondence about the individual publications.
Box 6-7, 11-17

Illuminati Press

Box 7


Box 7

Nude Erections

Box 7


Box 7

Unidentified Works

Box 7

Los Angeles Poetry Theater

Scope and Content

Series contains programs, scripts and ephemera from productions produced by the Los Angeles Poetry Theater.
Box 8

Administrative Files

Scope and Content

Series contains files pertaining to the administration of Illuminati Press. Included in this series are flyers advertising events, letterhead, forms, reviews of Illuminati Press books and other press clippings pertaining to poetry and Illuminati Press.
Box 18-19

Sound Recordings

Scope and Content

Series contains six audiocassette recordings of poetry readings.


Scope and Content

Series contains works published by Illuminati Press, Shneidre's short-lived periodicals Nude Erections, Orpheus and Marilyn, publications in which Sneidre's poetry and prose were published and other miscellaneous publications included in the collection (frequently by authors also published by Illuminati Press).
Box 8-10

Illuminati Press


Bachardy, Don. 70x1 (Illuminati, 1983).


Bogen, Laurel Ann. (Illuminati, 1982).


Bogen, Laurel Ann. Do Iguanas Dance, Under the Moonlight (Illuminati, 1987).


Bogen, Laurel Ann. The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Illuminati, 1987).


Bogen, Laurel Ann. The Projects (Illuminati, 1987).


Bogen, Laurel Ann. Rag Tag We Kiss (Illuminati, 1987).


Bogen, Laurel Ann. Origami: The Unfolding Hearts Poem (Illuminati, 1987).


Braverman, Kate. Hurricane Warnings (Illuminati, 1987).


Braverman, Kate. Postcard from August (Illuminati, 1987).


Bukowski, Charles. A Visitor Complains of His Disenfranchise (Illuminati, 1987).


Carr, Robin. 101 Girls (Illuminati, 1988).


Clark, Tom. Property (Illuminati, 1984).


Crosson, Robert. Calliope (Illuminati, 1988).


Danks, Rabindra. Shadow Boxing (Illuminati, 1979).


Dougherty, Jay. coveringdeertrackswithwords (Illuminati, 1984).


Ford, Michael C. Ladies Above Suspicion (Illuminati, 1987).


Ford, Michael C. Goddess Latitudes and The Great American Grab-bag of 1945 (Illuminati, 1983).


Fox, Laurie. Sweeping Beauty; or, Notes on Cinderella (Illuminati, 1986).


Fox, Laurie. Sweeping Beauty; or, Notes on Cinderella (Illuminati, 1984).


Fox, Laurie. I [heart] Walt (Illuminati, 1984).


Gerstler, Amy. Martine's Mouth (Illuminati, 1985).


Gerstler, Amy. White Marriage and Recovery (Illuminati, 1984).


Gray, Janet. Flaming Tail out of the Ground Near Your Farm (Illuminati, 1987).


Gray, Janet. I Hate Men (Illuminati, 1987).


Gray, Janet. To Pull Out the Peachboy (Illuminati, 1983).


Kessler, Jascha. To Kolonus (Illuminati, 1988).


Klotz, Suzanne and Jeffery Powers. everything's the same (Illuminati, 1978).


Klotz, Suzanne and Jeffery Powers. everything's the same (Illuminati, 1984).


Krusoe, James. abcedefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz (Illuminati, 1984).


Krusoe, James. Hotel de Dream (Illuminati, 1991).


Kuzma, Greg. A Horse of a Different Color. (Illuminati, 1993).


Lifshin, Lyn. Naked Charm (Illuminati, 1984).


Lifshin, Lyn. Naked Charm (Illuminati, 1990).


Lifshin, Lyn. Raw Opals (Illuminati, 1987).


Locklin, Gerald. The Phantom of the Johnny Carson Show (Illuminati, 1984).


Lummis, Suzanne. Idiosyncrasies (Illuminati, 1984).


Manning, Nichola. All Down to a River (Illuminati, 1984).


Meltzer, Richard and Nick Tosches. Frankie, Part One (Illuminati, 1984).


Meltzer, Richard and Nick Tosches. Frankie, Part Two (Illuminati, 1987).


Meltzer, Richard. A Sitting Duck for Your Tender, Loving Spiked Heel on My Scrotum (Illuminati, 1987).


Meltzer, Richard. Post-Natal Trash (Illuminati, 1984).


Meltzer, Richard. Prickley Heat and Cold (Illuminati, 1984).


Meltzer, Richard. Guide to the Ugliest Buildings of Los Angeles (Illuminati, 1986).


Morris, Herbert. Afghanistan (Illuminati, 1984).


Mortensen, Viggo. Ten Last Night (Illuminati, 1993).


Nettelbeck, F.A. Americruiser (Illuminati, 1983).


Perez, Tony. On Earth (Illuminati, 1980).


Peters, Robert. Brueghel's Pig (Illuminati, 1989).


Pillin, William. Another Dawn (Illuminati, 1984).


Ratch, Jerry. Lenin's Patinings (Illuminati, 1987).


Skelley, Jack. From Fear of Kathy Acker (Illuminati, 1984).


Skelley, Jack. More Fear of Kathy Acker (Illuminati, 1984).


Spacks, Barry. Brief Sparrow (Illuminati, 1988).


St. John, David. The Orange Piano (Illuminati, 1987).


Thomas, John. Nevertheless (Illuminati, 1990).


Trinidad, David. Living Doll (Illuminati, 1986).


Trinidad, David. Pavane (Illuminati, 1988).


Webb, Charles. Nose Collector (Illuminati, 1985).


Young, Gary. Hands (Illuminati, 1979).


Young, Gary. Hands (Illuminati, 1981).

Box 8

Nude Erections


Number 1 1984


Number 2 1985


Number 3 1986

Box 8

Orpheus: The Magazine of Poems


Volume I, Number 1: Spring 1980


Volume I, Number 2: Fall 1980


Volume I, Number 3: Winter 1980

Box 8

Marilyn: A Magazine of New Poetry


Volume I: Autumn 1975


Volume II: Spring 1976


Volume III: Autumn 1976


Volume IV: Spring 1977

Box 8

Other Publications


Anderson, Eldridge. Through the Awakening Eye (Pygmalion Press, 1976).


Gray, Janet. The Purse (no publisher, 1991).


Nettelbeck, F.A. Bar Napkin Poems (1982).


Nettelbeck, F.A. Bug Death (Alcatraz Editions, 1979).


Fisher, David. Teachings (Ross/Backroads Books, 1978).


Krusoe, James. History of the World (Bombshelter Press, 1977).


Nettelbeck, F.A. The Used Future (Alley Island Press, 1978).


The Wormwood Review. Volume 25, Number 1, Issue 97 (1985).


McDaniel, Wilma Elizabeth. A Girl from Buttonwillow (Wormwood Review, 1990).


Krusoe, James. Small Pianos (Momentum Press, 1978).


Grove: Contemporary Poetry and Translation. Number 1 (Summer 1975).


Nettelbeck, F.A. Spectator (The Drivel Press, 1977).


Nettelbeck, F.A. No Place East (Rough Life Press, 1976).


Nettelbeck, F.A. destroy all monsters (konglomerati press, 1976).

Box 10

Shneidre's Publications


Suspended Sentences (Los Angeles, Pygmalion Press). 1974


Seven Men of Letters, Grain. 1974 December


"The Art of Life," Westwind. 1975


"Prayer of a Surrealist," Westwind II. Spring 1975


"The Bump that Hurt" and "1890 Uncle Sam," Kayak #40. November 1975


"An April Obsolescence," Grain. February 1976


"Bore Your Friends," Aspen Anthology. 1976


"The Mixed Blessing," Mysterious Barriaces #4. Winter 1976


"Roy Roger's Last Will & Testament," Screen #7. 1976


"Tip of Your Tongue," Marilyn II. Spring 1976


"Children of Necessity" and "Lyrist in a Twilit Field," Invisible City #18-20. October 1976


"Why Did I Join Them" and "The Sacred Horses of Thakur," Canto 2:3. Fall 1978


"Aphorisms," Shenandoah 29:1. Fall 1978


"Cafe L.A.," Shenandoah 30:2. Winter 1979


"After Rilke: 3 Strophes," Jazz #5. 1979


"Aphorisms," Terminal Island News. August 1979


"From Exile, In Memory," Madrona V:17/18. Fall 1979


"A Clean Sheet," Foreign Exchange (Biographis Press). 1979


"Still More Aphorisms," Terminal Island News XXVI:1a&b. January 1980


"Seasonal," L.A. Weekly 5:3. December 17-23, 1982


"Ready To Die," Rolling Stone #392. March 31, 1983


"Scenario" and "The Day I Saw You," Madrona VI:19. Spring 1984


"Publicity Dept.," Shattersheet #6. Feb 1986


"What To Do," Shattersheet #7. March 1986


"What To Do," Shattersheet #8. April 1986


"Do I Love You," Men Talk: An Anthology of Male Experience Poetry (Pacific House Books). 1985


"Note," Clock Radio. Spring 1986


"Lyric," Rolling Stone #472. April 24, 1986


"Badness," Shattersheet #11. July 1986


"Cafe L.A.," Smoke (UK). September 1986


"Synopses," Crawlspace #12. Spring 1986


"The Art of Life," L.A. Weekly 8:17. March 21-27, 1986


"Poet," Exquisite Corpse 4:5-8. May-August 1986


"She Knows or Thinks She Knows," Rolling Stone #478/479. July 17-31 1986


"The Sacrifice," Pinchpenny 7:2. 1986


"What Not To Name a Baby," Poetry Model. 1986


"Precocious," Exquisite Corpse 4:9-10. September-October 1986


"What To Do," Rattler #4. 1987


"At Her Party," Zyzzyva III:4. Winter 1987-8


"Mass Good Guy," Shattersheet #22. July 1987


"Finally," California Quarterly. Winter 1988-1989


"What It Will Be Like," Global Tapestry #19 (UK). March 1988


"What To Do," Idomo (UK). 1986


"Children of Necessity" and "Publicity Department" Sepia (UK). 1989


"The Minute," "To Death," "Your Key" Santa Monica Review 2:2. Spring 1990


12 Sidesteps, Los Angeles: tadbooks. 1994


"Thank You for Letting Us Look at Your Work," Exquisite Corpse #47. 1994


Skits for Adults (Los Angeles). 1995


"A Word," Chiron Review #43. Summer 1995


"The Scream," Exquisite Corpse #53. 1995


Let Kali Dance (Los Angeles: privately printed). 1995


"Get Your Coat," Western Humanities Review 49:4. Winter 1995


"Doorstep of the Universe," [pseud. Hiranyagarbha] Prabuddha Bharata, or Awakened India 101. January 1996


"The Dance of Shiva," Prabuddha Bharata, or Awakened India 101. July 1996


"Preface," Exquisite Corpse #56. 1996


"The Spiritual Life of God," Prabuddha Bharata, or Awakened India 101. October 1996


"The World He Came To," Prabuddha Bharata, or Awakened India 102. February 1997


"A Family that Valued God," Prabuddha Bharata, or Awakened India 102. June 1997


"And Let Shyama Dance There," Prabuddha Bharata, or Awakened India 102. October 1997


"Utilizing Floyd," Paris Review #145. Winter 1997-8


"Christopher Under the Wishing Tree" in The Isherwood Century: Essays on the Life and Work of Christopher Isherwood ed. James J. Berg & Chris Freeman (Madison: University of Wisconsin). 2001


"The Alarm of Silence in the Ear of Nothing" [Part I], American Vedantist 11:1. Spring 2005


"The Alarm of Silence in the Ear of Nothing" [Part II], American Vedantist 11:2. Summer 2005


"I'm not Interested in Being Myself--I'm Overqualified for that," Glendale Focus 2:11. June 9-20, 2005


"Yes, I Dipped my Bread in Your Soup. But Look at all the Crumbs I Left You," Glendale Focus 2:12. June 23-July 15, 2005


"My Life is Based on a True Story," Glendale Focus 2:13. July 14-23, 2005


"If He Gives You Two Reasons, He's Hiding a Third," Glendale Focus 2:13. September 16-30, 2005


"If God is Everywhere, How Can I Bow Down Without Mooning Him?" Glendale Focus 2:18. October 1-15, 2005


"If You Want Something Done, Give it to a Busy Man. Keep Me Out of it." Glendale Focus 3:1. January 16, 2006


Swami Vivekananda, Peter Shneidre, translator. All of Love (Unstruck Editions, 1995).