Register of the Mikhail Mikhailovich Krasil'nikov papers

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A Register of the Mikhail Mikhailovich Krasil'nikov papers

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Collection Summary

Title: Mikhail Mikhailovich Krasil'nikov papers
Dates: 1948-1996
Collection Number: 2000C29
Creator: Krasil'nikov, Mikhail Mikhailovich, 1933-1996.
Collection Size: 3 manuscript boxes (1.2 linear feet)
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Abstract: The Krasil'nikov papers are comprised of poems, correspondence, legal documents, printed matter, and photographs relating to political dissent in the Soviet Union, conditions in forced labor camps, Russian literature, and Russian-Latvian cultural relations.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives
Languages: Russian Latvian English

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Biographical Note

1933 Born, Orsha, Belarus (Soviet Union)
1948 Moved with family to Riga
1951 Entered Leningrad State University
1956 Arrested and convicted for anti-Soviet activities after participating in a Leningrad demonstration
1957-1960 Prisoner, gulag camp in Mordoviia
1960 Released from camp. Returned to Riga, Latvia
1960-1996 Worked as a tour guide and writer in Riga, Latvia
1996 Died, Riga, Latvia

Scope and Content of Collection

The papers document the life of the poet from his university days to his death in 1996. Much of the collection relates to Krasil'nikov's arrest for anti-Soviet political activities and his imprisonment in the gulag from 1957 to 1960. Arrest records, notebooks, photographs and correspondence cover this period of Krasil'nikov's life and are included in the Personal File.
The Correspondence File consists of personal letters received by Krasil'nikov. During his time in the gulag, Krasil'nikov corresponded with family and other writers from his circle, such as Mikhail Eremin, Vladimir Ufliand and Leonid Vinogradov.
The bulk of the collection, which is included in the Writings and Writings by Others series, consists of poetry from the 1950s-1970s by Krasil'nikov and other authors, particularly Aleksandr Mikhailovich Kondratov and Vladimir Ufliand. The Writings by Others series also includes samizdat and newspaper articles on Russian and Soviet literature collected by Krasil'nikov.

Indexing Terms

The following terms have been used to index the description of this collection in the library's online public access catalog.
Civil rights -- Soviet Union.
Russian literature.
Dissenters -- Soviet Union.
Political prisoners -- Soviet Union.
Russia (Federation) -- Civilization
Latvia -- Civilization

Collection Contents

Box: 1

Personal File 1948-1996

Scope and Content Note

Includes identification documents, school and medical evaluations, photographs of Krasil'nikov and members of his circle, arrest records and notebooks from his imprisonment in the gulag. A career file also includes tourism articles written by the author as well as concert and exhibition programs.
Box/Folder: 1:1

Education records, 1948-1961

Box/Folder: 1:2

Identification documents, 1951-1969

Box/Folders: 1:3-4

Notebooks, 1951-1960

Scope and Content Note

Includes notebooks kept during his imprisonment
Box/Folder: 1:5

Photographs, 1951-1996

Box/Folder: 1:6

Medical and work records, 1953-1987

Box/Folder: 1:7

Arrest and imprisonment file, 1957-1960

Scope and Content Note

Includes search warrants, correspondence with the prosecutor and release records
Box/Folder: 1:8

Clippings, 1957

Scope and Content Note

Contains articles from camp newspaper, Za otlichnyi trud
Box/Folder: 1:9

Tour guide career file, circa 1960s-1980s

Scope and Content Note

Includes tourism articles written by Krasil'nikov
Box/Folder: 1:10

Programs, circa 1960s-1980s

Scope and Content Note

Includes concert and exhibition programs in Riga and elsewhere
Box: 1-2

Correspondence 1957-1979

Scope and Content Note

Contains letters of a personal nature, primarily those received by Krasil'nikov while in prison. Arranged alphabetically by name of the correspondent.
Box/Folder: 1:11

Bakinskii, Vadim 1957

Box/Folder: 1:11

Eremin, Mikhail, 1958

Box/Folder: 1:11

Gerasimov, Vladimir, 1958

Box/Folder: 1:11

Grishchenko, B., 1958

Box/Folder: 1:12

Katerinich, Valentina, 1957-1960

Box/Folder: 1:13

Kitaenko, Aleksandr 1957

Box/Folder: 1:13

Kravchenko, V., 1957

Box/Folder: 1:13

Krasil'nikov family, 1957-1960

Box/Folder: 1:13

Krivoshein, Igor Aleksandrovich, 1961-1965

Box/Folder: 1:13

Kuple, Sergei and Natal?ia, 1958

Box/Folder: 1:14

Lauva, Karl, 1957-1958

Box/Folder: 1:14

Losev, Lev (Lev Lifshits) 1957

Box/Folder: 1:14

Mikhailov, Iurii and Alla, 1957

Box/Folder: 1:14

Panteleev, 1964

Box/Folder: 1:14

Polovnikov, Boris Grigor'evich, 1957

Box/Folder: 2:1

Riabinina, Kira, 1957-1961

Box/Folder: 2:2

Rozengauz, B., 1954

Box/Folder: 2:2

Semenov, V., 1957

Box/Folder: 2:2

Sharymov, A., 1957

Box/Folder: 2:2

Tselkov, Oleg, 1957-1960

Box/Folder: 2:2

Tsimbal, Irina, 1957-1958

Box/Folder: 2:3

Ufliand, Vladimir, circa 1950s-1960s

Box/Folder: 2:3

Vinogradov, Leonid and Natal'ia, 1957-1958

Box/Folder: 2:4

Unattributed, 1958-1979

Scope and Content Note

Arranged by year
Box: 2

Writings 1957-1963

Scope and Content Note

Consists of poems written by Krasil'nikov. Arranged chronologically.
Box/Folder: 2 : 5

Poems 1957-1963

Box: 2-3

Writings by Others 1952-1981

Scope and Content Note

Contains manuscripts and typescripts by other authors in Krasil'nikov's circle. The bulk of the series consists of poems by Aleksandr Mikhailovich Kondratov. This series also includes samizdat materials and newspaper articles on Russian literature clipped by Krasil'nikov. Arranged alphabetically by author.
Box/Folder: 2:6

Chertkov, L., Nerastankino, typescript, 1958-1962

Box/Folder: 2:6

Eremin, Mikhail, [poems], typescript, undated,

Box/Folder: 2:6

Goliavkin, A., short stories, undated,

Box/Folder: 2:6

Gvozd' v stole

Box/Folder: 2:6

On govorit' - ia govoriu

Box/Folder: 2:6

Privet vam ptitsy

Box 2-3:

Kondratov, Aleksandr Mikhailovich, poems, 1952-1981

Box/Folder: 2:7

Chasti rechi, undated

Box/Folder: 2:7

Gor'kie maksimki, undated

Box/Folder: 2:7

I t.d., transcript, 1959-1976

Box/Folder: 2:8

Kashchei: roman v stikhakh, 1975

Box/Folder: 2:8

Komy na Rusi zhit' khorosho?, undated

Box/Folder: 2:9

Liricheskii dnevnik, 1952-1967

Box/Folder: 2:9

Ob etom bestiarii, undated

Box/Folder: 3:1

Rasput'ki, 1980-1981

Box/Folder: 3:2

Skirli, undated

Box/Folder: 3:3

Stikhi tekh let, typescript, undated

Box/Folder: 3:4

Tam za stenoi, typescript, 1952-1958

Box/Folder: 3:5

Tri matreshki, undated

Box/Folder: 3:5

Miscellaneous poems, undated

Box/Folder: 3:5

School notebook, 1956 February 20 - 1956 June 6

Box/Folder: 3:5

Chto zhe takoe ioga? Nauka i religiiaarticle, 1975

Box/Folder: 3:6

Kuple, Sergei, poems, undated,

Box/Folder: 3:7

Lesopravskii, Iurii, Sosny rastut v zone, circa 1965

Box/Folder: 3:8

Mikhailov, Iurii, Notebook, circa 1950s-1960s

Box/Folder: 3:9

Semenov, V., undated

Box/Folder: 3:9

Ufliand, Vladimir, undated

Box/Folder: 3:9

Unattributed miscellaneous poems, undated

Box/Folder: 3:10

Samizdat, undated

Scope and Content Note

Includes typescripts of Joseph Brodsky, Viacheslav Ivanov, Osip Mandel'shtam, Boris Pasternak, Marina Tsvetaeva, and Nikolai Zabolotskii
Box/Folder: 3:11

Clippings on Russian literature, 1950s-1980s and undated

Scope and Content Note

Includes articles on Russian literature