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Guide to the Herman Phleger Papers, 1912-1973
BANC MSS 78/179 c  
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Key to Arrangement

Boxes 1-2


Additional Note

Letters from government agencies and officials, colleagues, friends, etc., and copies of Phleger's replies. Arranged alphabetically by name of person or organization, with copies of Phleger's letters interfiled chronologically in each folder. A list of the more important correspondents follows the Key to arrangement. Unlisted letters are at the end of the file, in Box 2. At the end of the file, also, is Phleger's letter to Newton B. Drury, May 22, 1918.
Ctn. 1

Biographical sketch, 1961


Diary, Feb. 4 -Dec. 1918

Additional Note

Covers his voyage to England on a passenger ship and his service on the destroyer Beale. Continued thereafter in use as record of expenses, to 1926. Also with this: snapshot of U.S.S. Beale at Queenstown, Ireland, 1918, postcard with portrait of Admiral W. S. Sims; and notes for an after dinner talk, Armistice Day dinner at Pacific Union Club, 1919.

Diary, July 5 -Dec. 19, 1945

Additional Note

Covers experiences in Germany, on assignment as associate director, Legal Division, U.S. Military Government for Germany, and in attendance at war crimes trial in Nuremberg. Written in two tablets. Typed transcript also included.

Speeches - holograph, typescript and printed copies. Arranged chronologically, 1927-1973 (3 folders). Include speeches for U.C. class reunions, on economic and international affairs, on the San Francisco maritime strike in 1936, commencement addresses, etc.


Transcript of his interview for the John Foster Dulles Oral History Project, Princeton University Library, 1964. (photocopy)


Clippings re Phleger



Additional Note

See also oversize box
carton Ctns. 1-4

Subject files

Ctn. 1

American Bar Association. Commission on Electoral College Reform, 1966

Additional Note

Phleger served on the Commission. File includes list of members; background material given to members; draft of the Commission's report; galleys for the published report. (2 folders)
carton Ctns. 1-2

Antarctica Conference and Treaty, 1959-1960

Additional Note

Papers re Phleger's appointment and expenses as chairman of the U.S. delegation to the conference; reference material; notes; copies of working papers; biographical material on delegates; position papers and memoranda; copies of government reports; clippings; articles about the conference. (8 folders)
Also, two bound volumes (in carton 2): "The Antarctic Conference/Washington, D.C. 1959/Official Record;" and "Antarctic Treaty/Senate Consent to Ratification 1960," which includes reports and bulletins, excerpts from Congressional Record, clippings, and letters from State Dept. staff; from U.S. senators John W. Fulbright, Clair Engle, Lyndon B. Johnson, Bourke Hickenlooper, and Kenneth B. Keating; and from colleagues, friends and newspapermen, including Arthur Krock and Laurence M. Gould.
Recording of interview of Phleger by Morton Agronsky on the "Today" Show, Dec. 2, 1959, at the conclusion of the conference, transferred to Microforms Division.
Ctn. 2

Arms control and disarmament

Additional Note

Papers re Phleger's appointment by President Kennedy in March 1962 to the General Advisory Committee of the U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency; copy of the act creating the agency; copies of agency reports; a page of Phleger's notes; clippings; etc.

Bohemian Club

Additional Note

Printed copy of history of Mandaly Camp, written by Phleger

Bricker Amendment

Additional Note

Description of the collection of papers relating to the controversy over the amendment, 1952-1957, which Phleger presented to the Dulles Library at Princeton University

Brobeck, Phleger and Harrison

Additional Note

Printed copy of the history of the law firm (Nov. 1973)

California. University, Berkeley. Class of 1912

Additional Note

Programs for various class events; clippings; etc.


Additional Note

Volume entitled "Materials Concerning the Chinese Communist Regime June 1956," assembled by Phleger. Primarily copies of U.S. and United Nations documents.
Ctn. 3

European-American Assembly on Outer Space, 1962

Additional Note

Phleger was a participant at the meeting held in Brighton, England, co-sponsored by the American Assembly and the Institute for Strategic Studies, London. The file includes material distributed to participants: programs, agenda, names of delegates, reports, etc.

Geneva Conference, 1954-1955

Additional Note

Phleger participated as legal adviser to the Dept. of State. The file contains clippings and copy of printed report, The Korean Problem at the Geneva Conference. A bound volume, "The Summit Conference/Foreign Ministers Conference/1955 Geneva," contains printed reports on the conference.

Germany - Military occupation

Additional Note

Phleger's notes; copies of memos, reports, etc., issued by Allied Control Authority; copy of Phleger's memorandum on military government in Germany; clippings; etc. (3 folders)

Germany - Nazi memorabilia

Additional Note

Document signed by Hitler; iron crosses, etc. In oversize box: map found by Phleger in Hitler's bunker; documents; photographs of historical edged weapons, taken from Eva Braun's room in Hitler's bunker in Berlin.

Germany - See also Nuremberg Trial


Hoover, Herbert

Additional Note

Photocopy of Phleger's recollections of reactions of Ex-President Hoover to an article which appeared in American Mercury, Nov. 1934, prepared for the Herbert Hoover Oral History Program; copies of two letters from Phleger to Hoover, 1934-35, re the article; tear sheet of an article about Hoover.
See also: Stanford University

International Court of Justice

Additional Note

Copies of memos and reports forwarded to Phleger who served as U.S. representative on the Permanent Court of Arbitration under the Hague Conventions. In a separate volume: record of proceedings before the Court on the effect of awards of compensation made by the United Nations Administrative Tribunal.

Macondray Family

Additional Note

Printed pamphlet, The Macondray Story

Manila Conference, 1954

Additional Note

Program; clippings; invitation to state dinner for chiefs of delegations

Mooney (Thomas J.) Case

Additional Note

Printed copy of his application for pardon; one page of Phleger's notes

New Zealand Legal Conference, 1960

Additional Note

Phleger attended as representative of the American Bar Association. The file includes his itinerary, invitations, clippings, reports of sessions, etc.

North Atlantic Treaty [in oversize box]

Additional Note

Volume containing facsimile copy
Ctn. 4

Nuremberg Trial

Additional Note

Phleger's writings and notes re the trial; announcements of his talks about it; clippings; etc.

San Francisco. University. School of Law

Additional Note

Program for and clippings re dedication of Kendrick Hall, 1962; printed text of Phleger's dedicatory address

San Francisco Waterfront Strikes, 1934 and 1936

Additional Note

Printed copy of Phleger's oral argument in behalf of waterfront employers, 1934, in arbitration before National Longshoremen's Board; typescript copy of "Statement of Coast Committee for the Shipowner," 1936; printed copy of Gregory Harrison's statement on behalf of the Coast Committee for the Shipowners before the U.S. Maritime Commission, 1936; issue of San Francisco Chamber of Commerce News-Letter, Nov. 17, 1936; clippings

Stanford University

Additional Note

Photocopy of announcement of the establishment of the Herman Phleger Visiting Professorship in the School of Law, 1972; mimeographed copies of two Herbert Hoover letters, 1957, re Stanford University architecture; photos of paintings of President Donald B. Tresidder; etc.

Suez Canal Crisis, 1956

Additional Note

Phleger's notes for oral report to Cabinet, Nov. 16, 1956; draft of his message written at the White House, Nov. 6, 1956 and sent to Prime Minister Anthony Eden, with insertions and changes in the draft made by President Eisenhower; memoranda (some from State Dept.) and background material relating to the crisis; chronology of events; printed reports; clippings. (2 folders). Separate volumes: The Suez Canal Problem..., a documentary publication issued by the State Dept.; United States Policy in the Middle East, documents published by the State Dept.; "President Eisenhower's Proposal on the Middle East," containing a record of debates in the 85th Congress, 1957, compiled by Phleger; copy of No End of a Lesson, by Anthony Nutting.

United Nations

Additional Note

Papers relating to Phleger's appointment as U.S. representative to the General Assembly, 1958; copies of press releases containing statements made by him; reports of U.S. participation in the UN; clippings.

U.S. Committee to Strengthen the Security of the Free World, 1963

Additional Note

Phleger was appointed to the advisory committee by President Kennedy. The file includes Phleger's memo on formation of the committee; agenda for meetings; copy of the committee's report to the President; report on public comment on the committee's report; press release from the White House; clipping.

U.S. Dept. of State

Additional Note

Primarily clippings re Phleger's appointment to and resignation from the Dept.; miscellaneous reports


Additional Note

Photocopies and facsimiles of presidential proclamations, treaty protocols, etc., 1947-55, relating to whaling [in oversize box]

Yalta Papers

Additional Note

Notebook containing the briefing papers used by the Dept. of State in connection with Congressional hearings re the publication of the "Yalta Papers" by the New York Times, Mar. 17, 1955


oversize-shelf Oversize box

Contains photograph of Phleger's residence in Woodside.


Subject files: Nazi memorabilia (2 folders); North Atlantic Treaty; Whaling.

Partial List of Correspondents


Acheson, Dean Gooderham, 1893-1971


Letter, June 24, 1968.


Alsop, Joseph


Letter, Nov. 12, 1954.


American Assembly, Columbia University


3 letters, 1962. Inviting Phleger to participate in the European-American Assembly.

See also subject file: European-American Assembly on Outer Space (Carton 3).


American Bar Association


8 letters, 1966. Re Phleger's participation in the Commission on Electoral College Reform.

See also subject file: American Bar Association. Commission on Electoral College Reform (Carton 1).


Antarctica Conference and Treaty


Correspondence re ratification of treaty by U.S. Senate, 1960.

Additional Note

Primarily letters written to Phleger supporting the treaty and copies of Phleger's letters.
For additional correspondence re the conference and treaty see the following: correspondence files of Dwight D. Eisenhower, Frank J. Lausche, and U.S. Dept. of State; and bound volume with title, "Antarctic Treaty/Senate Consent to Ratification 1960" in Carton 2.

Atlantic Monthly


9 letters and telegrams, 1946. Primarily from Edward Weeks, editor, re Phleger's article on the Nuremberg trial.

See also the following correspondence files: Walter Lippmann, Eugene Meyer, and Charles E. Wyzanski; and subject file, Nuremberg Trial, in Carton 4.


Bohlen, Charles Eustis, 1904-


Letter, Aug. 30, 1962. Also included: papers re his confirmation by the U.S. Senate as ambassador to Russia.


Buckley, William Frank, 1925-

See Krock, Arthur


Burger, Warren Earl, 1907-


2 letters, 1959 & 1969. Letter, Aug. 27, 1969, is a photocopy.


California. University. President


Letter, Apr. 17, 1912. From Farnham P. Griffiths, secretary to President Wheeler, inviting Phleger to speak at a University meeting.


California. University, Berkeley


Letter, Oct. 7, 1927. From Monroe E. Deutsch, chairman of the committee in charge of the Wheeler Memorial.


Clay, Lucius DuBignon, 1897-


U.S. Committee to Strengthen the Security of the Free World

Kennedy, John Fitzgerald


Cohen, Maxwell


Letter, Sept. 27, 1955


Daniels, Paul C.

See U.S. Dept. of State


Deutsch, Monroe Emanuel

See California. University, Berkeley


Dillard, Hardy Cross, 1902-


3 letters, 1969-1970. Included also: material re his appearance in San Francisco, June 1970, to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the signing of the United Nations Charter.


Dillon, Douglas

See U.S. Dept. of State


Dulles, Allen Welsh, 1893-

See Life


Dulles, John Foster, 1888-1959


5 letters & telegrams, 1952-1959. Also included: Phleger's note, Dec. 20, 1952, explaining telegram from Senator Knowland and telephone call to Dulles with offer of appointment as Legal Adviser to the Secretary of State.

See also: Knowland, William F.


Eisenhower, Dwight David, 1890-1969


3 letters, 1957-1959. Photocopies. Letter, Mar. 13, 1957, accepts Phleger's resignation from Dept. of State. 1959 letters refer to Phleger's participation in the Antarctica Conference.

See also: Subject file, Suez Canal Crisis, in Carton 4.


Engle, Clair, 1911-1964

See volume, "Antarctic Treaty/Senate Consent to Ratification 1960" in Carton 2.


Fahy, Charles, 1892-

See U.S. Office of Military Government for Germany


Fee, James Alger, 1888-


Letter, Mar. 2, 1954. Refers to Bricker Amendment.


Forrestal, James, 1892-1949


Letter, Feb. 26, 1947


Fulbright, James William, 1905-

See volume, "Antarctic Treaty/Senate Consent to Ratification 1960" in Carton 2.


Goldwater, Barry Morris, 1909-

See Krock, Arthur


Gould, Laurence McKinley, 1896-


8 letters, 1966-1971. Included also: inscribed reprint of Gould's article, "Antarctica - Continent of International Science," from Science.

See also volume, "Antarctic Treaty/Senate Consent to Ratification 1960," in Carton 2.


Griffiths, Farnham Pond, 1884-1958


5 letters, 1944. Enclosures to letter, Feb. 19: his correspondence with Donald B. Tresidder.

See also: California. University. President


Hennings, Thomas Carey, 1903-


2 letters, 1954 & 1957. Letter, Mar. 15, 1954, refers to the Bricker amendment; letter, Mar. 21, 1957, expresses regret on Phleger's leaving the State Department.


Herter, Christian Archibald, 1895-

See U.S. Dept. of State


Hickenlooper, Bourke Blakemore, 1896-

See volume, "Antarctic Treaty/Senate Consent to Ratification 1960" in Carton 2.


Hoover, Herbert Clark, 1903-


3 letters, 1957-1962. Enclosures to letter June 13, 1962: copy of letter from Robert D. Murphy and copy of Hoover's reply.


Hoover, J. Raymond


Letter, June 27, 1945.


Hoover (Herbert) Oral History Program


4 letters, 1970.

See also subject file, Herbert Hoover, in Carton 3.


Howard, Roy Wilson, 1883-


Letter, Mar. 15, 1957. Commenting on Phleger's resignation from the State Dept.

See also volume, "Antarctic Treaty/Senate Consent and Ratification 1960" in Carton 2.


International Court of Justice


Correspondence re nominations for, 1957-1961; 1969 (3 folders). Included is correspondence with U.S. Dept. of State, faculty members from various law schools, members of bar associations, judges, etc. Letters from Earl Warren, Sept. 19 and Oct. 3, 1960 (folder 1).

See also subject file, Carton 3.


Jackson, Robert Houghwout, 1892-


Letter, Aug. 14, 1946. Enclosing copy of letter from Charles E. Wyzanski, Jr., re Nuremberg trial


Johnson, Lyndon Baines, 1908-1973

See volume, "Antarctic Treaty/Senate Consent to Ratification 1960" in Carton 2.


Keating, Kenneth Barnard, 1900-

See volume, "Antarctic Treaty/Senate Consent to Ratification 1960" in Carton 2.


Kennedy, John Fitzgerald, 1917-1963


3 letters & telegrams, 1962-1963. Referring to Phleger`s appointment to Committee for the Defense of the Free World. Telegram is a photocopy; letter, Dec. 6, 1962, is a copy of one addressed to Lucius Clay; letter, Mar. 30, 1963, is written by Ralph A. Dungan, special assistant to the President.


Kent, Roger, 1906-1980


Letter, May 11, 1953. With copy of his form letter, written while general counsel, Office of the Secretary of Defense, opposing the Bricker Resolution.


Kidd, Alexander Marsden, 1879-


Letter, Feb. 13, 1926.


Knowland, William Fife, 1908-1974


2 telegrams, 1952 & 1958.

See also: Dulles, John Foster


Krock, Arthur, 1886-


8 letters & memos, 1959-1972. Enclosure to memo, Jan. 31, 1972: copy of his letter to William F. Buckley, 1/27/72; enclosure to memo, 2/7/72: copy of letter to Krock from Barry Goldwater, 2/4/72; note from Krock to Phleger on letter written to Krock by William F. Buckley, 2/9/72.

See also volume, "Antarctic Treaty/Senate Consent and Ratification 1960" in Carton 2.


Lausche, Frank John, 1895-


Letter, Aug. 17, 1960.


Life [magazine]


6 letters, 1964. Re Phleger's review of Dulles over Suez by Herman Finer, prepared for publication in Life but not used. Draft of Phleger's review and draft of Life's edited version, and a letter from Allen W. Dulles, May 11, 1964, re the review and the Suez crisis included.


Lippmann, Walter, 1889-


2 letters & 1 telegram, 1946. Re Phleger's proposed article on the Nuremberg trial.


Lodge, Henry Cabot, 1902-


3 letters, 1958-1959. Commenting on Phleger's appointment and work as U.S. delegate to U.N. Assembly.


Lovett, Robert Abercrombie, 1895-

See U.S. Committee to Strengthen the Security of the Free World.


MacArthur, Douglas, 1880-


Letter, Mar. 20, 1957.


McBean, Atholl, 1879-


Letter, Jan 21, 1957.


McCloy, John Jay, 1895-


2 letters, 1945 & 1957. Letter, Apr. 22, 1957, comments on Suez Canal crisis.


Mansfield, Michael Joseph, 1903-


2 letters, 1958-1959. Letter, Dec. 29, 1958, is a photocopy.


Marcy, Carl, 1913-


Letter, Mar. 20, 1957.


Meyer, Agnes Elizabeth (Ernst), 1887-1970


Letter & telegram, 1943. Re Phleger's arrangements for her meeting Earl Warren for an interview. Reprint of her article on Warren included.


Meyer, Eugene, 1875-


Letter, Feb. 26, 1946.


Murphy, Robert Daniel, 1894-


Letter, July 3, 1962.

See also:

Hoover, Herbert C.

U.S. Dept. of State


Nixon, Richard Milhous, 1913-


Letter, Aug. 8, 1969.


Nuremberg Trial - letters re


Atlantic Monthly

Robert H. Jackson

Walter Lippmann

U.S. Office of Military Government for Germany

Washington Post

Wyzanski, Charles E.


Orrick, William Horsley, 1915-

See U.S. Dept. of State


Owen, George H.

See U.S. Dept. of State


Rankin, James Lee, 1907-


3 letters, 1956-1957.


Reed, Stanley, 1884-


2 letters, 1957.


Reston, James Barrett, 1909-


Letter, May 23, 1955.


Rusk, Dean, 1909-

See U.S. Dept. of State


San Francisco. University


3 letters, 1962. Re dedication of Kendrick Hall and Phleger's dedicatory address.

See also subject file in Carton 4.


Spender, Percy C.


Letter, Aug. 18, 1954.


Sproul, Robert Gordon, 1891-1975


Letter, Dec. 2, 1959.


Stennis, John Cornelius, 1901-


Telegram & letter, 1967.


Symington, William Stuart, 1901-


Letter, July 26, 1967.


Taubenfeld, Howard J.


Letter, May 31, 1960.


Tresidder, Donald Bertrand, 1894-1948


3 letters, 1943-1944.

See also: Griffiths, Farnham P.


Truman, Harry S., 1884-1972


Letter, Jan. 17, 1946. Also included: copy of letter from Phleger, with copy of his memorandum on military government in Germany.


U.S. Attorney General


4 letters & telegrams, 1930. From John L. O'Brian. Re suggestion of Phleger as counsel for the U.S. in anti-trust case against RCA.


U.S. Committee to Strengthen the Security of the Free World [Clay Committee]


5 letters, 1962-1963. Include letters from Lucius D. Clay and Robert A; Lovett.

See also: Kennedy, John F. Subject file in Carton 4.


U.S. Dept. of State


43 letters & telegrams, 1955-1969. Refer to Phleger's resignation as legal advisor, his chairmanship of the Antarctica Conference, and appointment as U.S. member of the Permanent Court of Arbitration. Letters from Robert Murphy, Douglas Dillon, George H. Owen, Paul C. Daniels, Christian A. Herter, William H. Orrick, Jr., and Dean Rusk

See also:

Dulles, John Foster

International Court of Justice - correspondence re nominations for

Volume, "Antarctic Treaty/Senate Consent and Ratification," in Carton 2.


U.S. Office of Military Government for Germany


7 letters, 1945-1946. Primarily from Charles Fahy, director of the Legal Division. Discussion of Nuremberg Trial, De-Nazification Committee, etc.


U.S. President


2 letters, 1957. From White House staff members, expressing regret at Phleger's resignation as legal advisor, Dept. of State.


Warren, Earl, 1891-1974

See International Court of Justice - correspondence re nominations for

See also: Meyer, Agnes E.


Washington Post


Telegram, Oct. 9, 1946. Requesting Phleger to reply to Senator Robert Taft's speech on the Nuremberg trial.

See also volume, "Antarctic Treaty/Senate Consent and Ratification 1960" in Carton 2.


Weeks, Edward Augustus, 1898-

See Atlantic Monthly


Weeks, Sinclair


3 letters, 1954-1957.


Wiley, Alexander


Letter, Apr. 3, 1957.


Wyzanski, Charles E.


Letter, Jan. 25, 1946. Re the Nuremberg trial; copy of his address to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences on the trial also included.