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Papers Series 1


Stanford Correspondence Subseries 1 1889-1910

Stanford Correspondence: 1889-1910


Letters are arranged alphabetically by author's last name. Where more than one letter from an individual is included, the letters are further arranged chronologically.

Scope and Contents

This subseries includes letters pertaining to Leib's association witht he Stanfords and his responsibilities as a member of the Stanford University Board of Trustees. Major correspondents include David Starr Jordan, Charles Lathrop, George Crothers, John Branner, Timothy Hopkins, the Stanfords, and the Wilson and Wilson law firm of San Francisco. Topics discussed include finalizing the endowment and enfranchising the Board of Trustees; the Stanford amendment; the Ross affair; faculty appointments and salaries; water cases; and other trustee business.
box 1, folder 1

Abbott through Berner

Scope and Contents note

Abbott, Adams, Allardice, Angell, Arden, Berner
box 1, folder 2

Branner, J.C. 1900-1910

Scope and Contents note

The Branner correspondence covers the following topics: Branner's geological research, local liquor laws, University tax status, establishment of an on-campus public grade school, water rights and lawsuits, establishment of an on-campus University cemetery.
box 1, folder 3

Brooke through Cooksey

Scope and Contents note

Brooke, Brown, Bullock, Butler, Caldwell, Carnegie Foundation, Caton, Clark, Clement, Cooksey
box 1, folder 4

Crothers, George E. 1899-1910

Scope and Contents note

The Crothers correspondence covers the following topics: campaign for passage of the Stanford Amendment, arrangements for finalizing the endowment, Stanford Alumni Association business and interests, determination of University's legal status and Board of Trustee's corporate identity, composition and duties of the Board of Trustees, various aspects of University budgeting and financial affairs.
box 1, folder 5

Cutter through Hodges

Scope and Contents note

Cutter, Cubberley, W.H. Davis, Horace Davis, Dillman, Dodge, Donaldson, Duniway, Dyer, Eaton, Farrand, Felton, Field, Fischer, Gardner, Gilbert, Godbold, Gorbusier, Gray, Greeves, Halman, Rabey, Harrison, Hawthorne, Hayne, Herrin, Hess, Hodges
box 1, folder 6

Hopkins, Timothy, through Jenkins

Scope and Contents note

Howard, Hull, Jenkins. The Hopkins correspondence covers the following topics: (1894-1910) social and business meetings of the Board of Trustees, near-campus liquor sales, proposed town-to-campus railroad line, medical school's financial difficulties, campus arboretum.
box 1, folder 7

Jordan, David Starr 1891-1902

Scope and Contents note

The Jordan correspondence covers the following topics: professorial appointments, choices of lecturers, invitations to campus formal events, visit of McKinley, library acquisitions, establishment of on-campus public grade school, salaries, Ross Affair, campaign for passage of Stanford Amendment, University fees, water supply, arrangements for finalization of endowment, campus workmen's wages, departure of group of promising young Law School faculty.
box 1, folder 8

Jordan, David Starr 1903-1910

Scope and Contents note

The Jordan correspondence covers the following topics: liquor question near campus, campus trolley line, formal observations and events, establishment of on-campus public grade school, salary appropriations, invalid students, Palo Alto hospital and sanitarium, typhoid fever epidemic on campus, Student Guild, trade unions controversy> Atkinson-Snodgrass controversy (bicycle rules and regulations), Luther Burbank, automobiles on campus, dances on campus, Professor Ross affair, death of Jane Stanford, Professor Goebel's affair, student discipline, selection of church organist, Medical School facility, Rev. Dr. Brown's nomination for chaplaincy, Forum Club, Faculty Club. [Letters from Dr. Jordan which do not include direct references to Stanford subjects are included in personal correspondence, cf. Box 3 , Folder 5 ]
box 1, folder 9

Judge through Kirke

Scope and Contents note

Judge, Kellogg, Kirk, Kirk, Kirke
box 1, folder 10

Lathrop, Charles G. 1894-1902

Scope and Contents note

The Lathrop correspondence covers the following topics: Board of Trustees meeting scheduling, deeds to Stanford lands, campaign for passage of Stanford Amendment, water questions (pumps, wells, lawsuits), Lathrop's power of attorney for Jane L. Stanford, Metropolitan Trust Company lawsuit against estate of Jane L. Stanford, University investments, on-campus horse stabling, on-campus light and power generation, establishment of on-campus public grade school, University band, Professor Ross Affair, on-campus sewage disposal system, Professor Loser's "locomobile" affair, professorial salaries, on-campus telephone service, rental of campus facilities, incorporation of Board of Trustees, Jane L. Stanford's personal property taxes, local labor disputes, law library, gift acquisitions, Palo Alto Stock Farm, miscellaneous physical plant problems and policies.
box 2, folder 1

Lathrop, Charles G. (1903-1909) through Lawton

Scope and Contents note

The Lathrop correspondence covers the following topics: arrangements for finalization of Stanford endowment, several on-going water rights suits, reports from the management of Vina Ranch, smaller issues under consideration by the Board of Trustees.
box 2, folder 2

Outgoing Letters 1900-1908

Scope and Contents note

The Leib outgoing correspondence covers the following topics: campus water system, campaign for passage of the Stanford Amendment, management of Vina Ranch, Metropolitan Trust Company lawsuit, numerous legal discussions regarding finalization of endowment and other Trustee matters. Primary addressees are: Charles G. Lathrop, David S. Jordan, George E. Crothers, and the Wilson and Wilson law firm of San Francisco.
box 2, folder 3

Leiter through Sotz

Scope and Contents note

Leiter, Lusk, McMahill, Maddock, Marx, Maurer, Miller, Miscellaneous University form notes, Moore, Mynick, Nash, Newton, Nickel, Niles, O'Neil, Palo Alto Stock Farm, Pardee, Pease, Peterson, Phelan, Piefer, Pitts, Pomeroy, Ponce, Poole, Quinlan, Ramsey, Renner, Rhodes, Scott, Sewall, Shaw, Sheehan, Shepard, Shortridge, Shoup, D. R. Smith, E.H. Smith, Sotz
box 2, folder 4

Stanford, Leland and Jane L. 1889-1903

Scope and Contents note

The Stanfords' correspondence includes: five letters from Leland Stanford discussing pre-University judicial questions but establishing basis of the Stanford-Leib acquaintance which led to Leib's association with the University; and, thirty communications from Jane L. Stanford (letters, notes, and telegrams) concerning the University budget, campaign for passage of the Stanford Amendment, Board meetings in the Stanford home, water cases, and the Professor Ross Affair. Some of these communications are signed by Mrs. Stanford, most are both written and signed by her personal secretary.
box 2, folder 5

Stillman through Tweed

Scope and Contents note

Stillman, Stratton, Sturtevant, Suzzallo, Treat, Tweed
box 2, folder 6

Vina Ranch through Wilke

Scope and Contents note

Vina Ranch, Wells, Whaley, Wilbur, Williams, Wilke
box 2, folder 7

Wilson and Wilson Law Firm of San Francisco 1898-1908

Scope and Contents note

The Wilson and Wilson correspondence covers the following topics: various water cases and lawsuits, taxation cases, disposal of Jane L. Stanford's bonds, lawsuits arising from near-campus liquor sales question, suits against the Stanford estate, execution of Jane L. Stanford's will.
box 2, folder 8

Woods through Wright

Scope and Contents note

Woods, Woodworth, Wooster, C.F. Wright, Eli Wright

Personal Correspondence Subseries 2 1885-1910

Scope and Contents

This subseries contains letters pertaining to Leib's personal and family life. Included are 140 letters from naturalist Luther Burbank, a close personal friend of Leib's.


The letters are arranged alphabetically by author's last name. Where more than one letter from an individual is included, the letters are further arranged chronologically.

Processing Information

The Luther Burbank correspondence has been included in this category despite its preoccupation with fruit and agriculture. This was done to isolate these particularly interesting letters from the mixed-author, strictly-chronological system used in the fruit and agriculture portion of the collection. This was also done because of the extremely warm and friendly tone of the correspondence, which alone qualifies these letters for inclusion in "personal correspondence."
box 3, folder 1

A through Bright

Scope and Contents note

Alexander, Allman, American Legion of Honor, Archer, "M. B.", Bartlett, Benso, Bowden, Branner, Breyfogle, Bright
box 3, folder 2

Burbank, Luther 1896-1902

Scope and Contents note

The Burbank correspondence covers the following topics: grafts and plant specimens exchanged between Burbank and Leib, arrangements for exchange visits to each other's farm, arrangements for Burbank's series of lectures at Stanford and for the attendant honorarium, discussions of horticultural and family incidents and problems.
box 3, folder 3

Burbank, Luther 1903-1910

Scope and Contents note

The Burbank correspondence covers the following topics: results of ongoing experiments and research, new ideas in several branches of horticulture, exchange of family news, discussions of each other's health and tendency to overwork. [Note: This file also includes copies of Leib's outgoing letters, some incomplete, written to Burbank during 1905.]
box 3, folder 4

C through G

Scope and Contents note

Campbell, Carthill, "Carnival of Roses" Executive Committee [including letters from committee under former title: "Executive Committee to Prepare a Reception for the President"], Chapin, Combe, Cosmos Club, Croke, Crosby, "D.", Dabney, Davis, deCroy, deG---, Dickey, Driscoll, Eberhard, Gilliland [general agent for Thomas Alva Edison], Emlay, Farrand, Fauley, Ferbos, First Ward Improvement Club, Fischer, Fox, Gardner, Gates, Gausline, Gillet, Gould
box 3, folder 5

H through L

Scope and Contents note

Harkins, Harper, Hatch, Hoskins, Hughes, Hyland, Ingram, Irons, James, Johnson, Johnston, D.S. Jordan [personal correspondence pertaining to travel plans, dinner parties, other social events not directly pertinent to Stanford business], Lampskin, Latimer, Earl Leib, Frank Leib, W.W. Leib, Leuzem, Lewis, The Lincoln Farm Association, The Lincoln Monument League, Linda Vista Golf Club, Lorigan
box 3, folder 6


Scope and Contents note

McCann, McPherson, McVeigh, Maloney, Marmolejo, Martin, Mauk, Mitchell Motor Car Company, Charles Moore, L.P. Moore, Moorhead, Mulvema, Murgotten, Mynick
box 3, folder 7

N through S

Scope and Contents note

Newton, Ohio Society of Santa Clara County, Ortley, Paine, Parisian Dyeing Works, Payne, Peters, Ranken, Reed, Rutherford, Sainte Claire Club, Santa Clara College, Santa Clara County Lawyers, Seismological Society of America, Smith and Pressinger Clothiers, Snyder, Sontheimer, Stephens, Stone, Stump, Sullivan, Swift
box 3, folder 8

T through Z

Scope and Contents note

Thomas, Thorne, Trescony, Uncle Remus' Magazine, Unitarian Club, Vanmeter, Villegas, Waldteufel, Welch, Wickson, Wingate, Wright, Young

Fruit and Agriculture Correspondence Subseries 3 1883-1919

Scope and Contents

This subseries consists of letters pertaining to Leib's fruit and other farm interests.


The letters in this subseries are arranged chronologically
box 4, folder 1

Fruit and Agriculture Correspondence 1883-1887

box 4, folder 2

Fruit and Agriculture Correspondence 1888

box 4, folder 3

Fruit and Agriculture Correspondence 1889 Jan-Aug

box 4, folder 4

Fruit and Agriculture Correspondence 1889 Sep-Dec

box 4, folder 5

Fruit and Agriculture Correspondence 1890

box 4, folder 6

Fruit and Agriculture Correspondence 1891

box 5, folder 1

Fruit and Agriculture Correspondence 1892

box 5, folder 2

Fruit and Agriculture Correspondence 1893

box 5, folder 3

Fruit and Agriculture Correspondence 1894

box 5, folder 4

Fruit and Agriculture Correspondence 1895-1899

box 5, folder 5

Fruit and Agriculture Correspondence 1900-1901

box 5, folder 6

Fruit and Agriculture Correspondence 1902-1904

box 5, folder 7

Fruit and Agriculture Correspondence 1905-1907

box 5, folder 8

Fruit and Agriculture Correspondence 1908-1919


Legal and Business Correspondence Subseries 4 1881-1920

Scope and Contents

This subseries includes letters pertaining to Leib's San Jose law practice and local business interests.


The letters in this subseries are arranged chronologically by year only.
box 6, folder 1

Legal and Business Correspondence 1881

box 6, folder 2-3

Legal and Business Correspondence 1882

box 6, folder 4-5

Legal and Business Correspondence 1883

box 6, folder 6-7

Legal and Business Correspondence 1885

box 6, folder 8-9

Legal and Business Correspondence 1886

box 6, folder 10-11

Legal and Business Correspondence 1888

box 6, folder 12-13

Legal and Business Correspondence 1889

box 6, folder 14-16

Legal and Business Correspondence 1890

box 7, folder 1-2

Legal and Business Correspondence 1891

box 7, folder 3-4

Legal and Business Correspondence 1892

box 7, folder 5-6

Legal and Business Correspondence 1893

box 7, folder 7

Legal and Business Correspondence 1894

box 7, folder 8

Legal and Business Correspondence 1895

box 7, folder 9

Legal and Business Correspondence 1896

box 7, folder 10

Legal and Business Correspondence 1897

box 7, folder 11-12

Legal and Business Correspondence 1898

box 7, folder 13-14

Legal and Business Correspondence 1899

box 7, folder 15-17

Legal and Business Correspondence 1900

box 8, folder 1

Legal and Business Correspondence 1901

box 8, folder 2

Legal and Business Correspondence 1902

box 8, folder 3

Legal and Business Correspondence 1903

box 8, folder 4-5

Legal and Business Correspondence 1904

box 8, folder 6-7

Legal and Business Correspondence 1905

box 8, folder 8-9

Legal and Business Correspondence 1906

box 8, folder 10

Legal and Business Correspondence 1907

box 8, folder 11

Legal and Business Correspondence 1908

box 8, folder 12

Legal and Business Correspondence 1909

box 8, folder 13-15

Legal and Business Correspondence 1910

box 8, folder 16

Legal and Business Correspondence 1911-1928


Legal and Business Records Subseries 5

Scope and Contents

The records in this subseries, including bills, receipts, and cancelled checks, are selected samples, chosen on the basis of their representative value, general interest, and state of preservation.


The records in this subseries are arranged chronologically by year only.
box 8, folder 17

Selected Samples of Legal and Business Records (bills, receipts, cancelled checks, etc.) 1883-1892

box 8, folder 18

Selected Samples of Legal and Business Records (bills, receipts, cancelled checks, etc.) 1893-1895

box 8, folder 19

Selected Samples of Legal and Business Records (bills, receipts, cancelled checks, etc.) 1896-1899

box 8, folder 20

Selected Samples of Legal and Business Records (bills, receipts, cancelled checks, etc.) 1900-1906

box 8, folder 21

Selected Samples of Legal and Business Records (bills, receipts, cancelled checks, etc.) 1907-1908

box 8, folder 22

Selected Samples of Legal and Business Records (bills, receipts, cancelled checks, etc.) 1909-1920


Oversize Legal and Business Records Subseries 6

box 9, folder 1

Deeds, titles, contracts; and hand-written notes

Processing Information

The materials contained in this folder are rather poorly preserved, particularly when compared to the condition of the rest of the collection.
box 9, folder 2

Journal containing day-by-day account of an oil expedition conducted under Leib's auspices in the Bakersfield area of the San Joaquin Valley 1900 Apr 13-1901 Nov 30

Scope and Contents note

The journal was apparently (judging by the name in the fly-leaf) kept by a George H. Eldridge of the United States Geological Survey. It appears to represent an expedition of both scientific and businessinvestment interest.

Additional Correspondence and Business Records Subseries 7

Scope and Contents

The contents of this subseries were added to the collection in May 1976. They include Stanford correspondence, personal correspondence, fruit and agriculture correspondence, and legal and business correspondence. Of particular interest in this subseries is Leib's correspondence with Sarah Winchester (box 10, folders 4 and 5) , and with Luther Burbank and his publisher, Binner, from July 1907, to August 1908 (box 10, folder 2).
box 10, folder 1

Stanford correspondence 1905 Nov 1-1906 Apr 1

box 10, folder 2

Personal correspondence 1905 Nov 1-1906 Apr 1

Scope and Contents note

Also includes correspondence with Luther Burbank and his publisher, Binner, 1907 Jul-1908 Aug
box 10, folder 3

Fruit and agriculture correspondence 1905 Nov 1-1906 Apr 1

box 10, folder 4

Legal and business correspondence 1905 Nov 1-1905 Dec 31

Scope and Contents note

Includes correspondence with Sarah Winchester
box 10, folder 5

Legal and business correspondence 1906 Jan 1-1906 Mar 1

Scope and Contents note

Includes correspondence with Sarah Winchester
box 10, folder 6

Miscellaneous business records (receipts, bills, etc.)


Additional Papers Accession ARCH-2002-317


Correspondence Subseries 1

box 1, folder 1

Mabury family, estate matters 1903

box 1, folder 2

Burbank, Luther 1905

box 1, folder 3

Dawson, E. L. (California Fruit Growers Association) 1905

box 1, folder 4

Correspondence re fruit business, A-J 1905

box 1, folder 5

Correspondence re fruit business, K-W 1905

box 1, folder 6

Correspondence general, A-C 1905

Scope and Contents note

Includes correspondence with John Casper Branner and from Clarke & Clarke re estate of John Rock.
box 1, folder 7

Correspondence general, D-G 1905

Scope and Contents note

Includes correspondence with Joseph E. Donaldson re his California citizenship as it relates to attending Stanford and with John W. Gwilt re estate of John Rock.
box 1, folder 8

Correspondence general, H-K 1905

Scope and Contents note

Includes correspondence with Hayes Apperson Company re purchasing automobile.
box 1, folder 9

Correspondence general, L-M 1905

Scope and Contents note

Includes outgoing letter to Geo. W. Scott re Farmers Union and correspondence with Mayfield Board of Trade re direct road to Stanford campus.
box 1, folder 10

Correspondence general, N-S 1905

Scope and Contents note

Includes correspondence with Pope Manufacture Company re purchasing automobile.
box 1, folder 11

Correspondence general, T-W 1905

Scope and Contents note

Includes correspondence with Sherman D. Thacher of Thacher School re Leib's son leaving school and issue of accreditation, and with S. L. Winchester re sale of land.

Miscellaneous Papers Subseries 2

box 1, folder 12

Golden Gate Packing Company accounts 1905

box 1, folder 13

Record of loans 1905

box 1, folder 14

Notebook on law undated


Savings Bank of San Diego County Failure Subseries 3

box 1, folder 15

Correspondence of S. F. Leib 1896-1902

box 1, folder 16

Account books, Hiram Mabury with Bryant Howard 1885-1888

box 1, folder 17

Letters to Hiram Mabury from San Diego bank 1884-1890

box 1, folder 18

Letters to Hiram Mabury from San Diego bank 1891

box 1, folder 19

Letters to Hiram Mabury from San Diego bank 1893

box 1, folder 20

Letters to Hiram Mabury from San Diego bank 1896, 1902

box 1, folder 21

Clippings 1895-1897

box 2

Legal documents, primarily regarding the failure of the Savings Bank of San Diego County. 1888-1902


Additional Papers Accession ARCH-2018-079

Box 1, Folder 1

Aihen, W.H. 1884

Box 1, Folder 2

Anstey, Charles J.

Box 1, Folder 3

Bennett and Wiggenton (atly); Bashour Lloyd (atly); Barr, Charles

Box 1, Folder 4

Belden, David County Clerks Office

Box 1, Folder 5

Brown, W.H. Surveyor general Office (2 letters); Beans, T. Eilard; Boveroft (7 P. Stone) A.L. Bancraft Co.; Britton and Gary (atly); baneroft (S.B. Folger); M. Farland (Britton and Gary)

Box 1, Folder 6

Bayley, George; Briggs, N.C.; Bouether, R.

Box 1, Folder 7

Cope and Boyd; Chandler, R.D.; Craig and Meredith; Culoer, G.W.

Box 1, Folder 8

Chapman, C.E. (2 letters); Crump, G.J. (Crump and Wathins); Carieron, Marliu (Board of Harbar Communications 1884

Box 1, Folder 9

Clyde, R.S. (Attorney San Fransisco)

Box 1, Folder 10

Crosby, E. C. (New Rochelle, New York)

Box 1, Folder 11

Dunn, John P.; Dowd, Pat; Doyle, Galpin and Scripture; Davis and Lauch

Box 1, Folder 12

Espey, J.Z.; Frost, Erwin

Box 1, Folder 13

Fairehild, J.A.

Box 1, Folder 14

Harrison (Dept. of the Interior) 1884

Box 1, Folder 15

harris, N.R. (Jersey Landing); Hale, J.P.

Box 1, Folder 16

I.J. Truman (Truman, Isham, and Co.)

Box 1, Folder 17

Logan, J.H. (Santa Cruz)

Box 1, Folder 18

Juce, M.A. (atly-San Diego)

Box 1, Folder 19

Pamerey and Mills (Real estate Los Angeles); L.A. County Clerk; Rhodea and Barstow (atly, San Fransisco

Box 1, Folder 20

Nesmith, J.G. (The First National Bank)

Box 1, Folder 21

Martin, F.L.; Mathiar, J.; Mark, S.N.; Mister, Bervely W.; Myers, frank; Moore, Frank; Mr. Nee, John; Mathews (2)

Box 1, Folder 22

mcClure and Dwinnelle (atly)

Box 1, Folder 23

Mr. Geoghgaw, James M.

Box 1, Folder 24

O'Conner, T.F.; O'Neill, James; Pierce, Henry; Perbels, E.M.; Reis, E.P.

Box 1, Folder 25

Mr. Allister, Hall (Mr. Allister and Bergin) 1884

Box 1, Folder 26

Setgen, Charles F.; Laomin, S.J.; Luck, J.(Nurscrics); Lampkin, S.D.; Lawry-Sub 1884

Box 1, Folder 27

Allman, John 1884

Box 1, Folder 28

Bancruft, A.L. 1884

Box 1, Folder 29

Chamberlain, C.H.; Crea and Ewing-no signature on letter 1884

Box 1, Folder 30

Haiston, E.F.G.; Hatah, James; Hayes, heriam; harvard, Bryant; Hubbels Legal Directory; Hill, Diana 1884

Box 1, Folder 31

Lewis S.; Louqhborough, A.W. 1884

Box 1, Folder 32

Reed, E.P.; Reynolds, H.H.; Reynolds, O.I.; Reynolds, W.W.; Rohles, Secundino; Ruober, H.S. 1884

Box 1, Folder 33

Saunders, S.; Sawyer,, E.D.; Scott, G.Clarence; Scripture, H.D.; Show, Margaret 1884

Box 1, Folder 34

Stephens, C.C.; Stewart and Herren; Spawn, AF (Califvinea Fue Apparatis Manufacturing Co.); Standard Lumber (Iowa); Studdard, A.M.; Summer, Whitney and Co.; Swain, R.A. and Co. 1884

Box 1, Folder 35

Tax Recript; Thomas, James; Thomas, W.S.; Tyler, george; Tubrais and Gibson 1884

Box 1, Folder 36

Wallace, Wm. T; Want, Randolph Charles; West Publishing; Whitney, J.R.; Wickson E.J.; Wickenhouse (sp), J.; Willeveks, William; Workmen Guarantee Fund Assn. (Anerint Order of United Workmen); Wood; Tuly 1884

Box 1, Folder 37

Harrison, L. 1885

Box 1, Folder 38

Allegretti 1887

Box 1, Folder 39

Abbott, Franklin P.; Alpers, Charles; Abbott, Bross; Allegretti, J.; Abbottt, P. 1887

Box 1, Folder 40

Abrahams, J.D.; Allman; Areher, L. (attorney); Allman, Genevieve; Allegretti, S.; Abbot Brothers 1887

Box 1, Folder 41

Alles, Fred L. (The Rural Californian); Allens, S.; Bentley, Henry-port card; Barker, S.A. (Telegrams); Barher (letter) 1887

Box 1, Folder 42

Brown, Charles; Briggs, N.C.; Bandman, Nelson and Co.; Balir,, H.R. Union Pacific Railway (2 Letters); Briggs, N.C. (attorney Hallister) 1887

Box 1, Folder 43

Blodget, H. (cashier Keru valley Bank); Allen, Rich K. Banheus and Merchanls Mutual Assn.; Boquis Engraving; Broscle, G. Karson City, Mo.; Breuer, William S.; Briggs 1887

Box 1, Folder 44

Breyfogle, C.W. Garden City National Bank; Buliog, Thas B.; Cashier Note-Jieb-First National bank; Breyfogle, C.W.; Bowhoin, J.W. (Kitchen Cabinet-Stockton) 2 letters; Bailey, M.G. (Remminton Hypeuriter) 1887

Box 1, Folder 45

Bergin T.I. (San Fransisco attorney); Allen, R.K.; Bodlam, Alexander; Ainstein, Louis 1887

Box 1, Folder 46

Barstaro, Benjamin; Bank of Los Gatos; Begelow, R. (Elko, Nevade); Bruner, J.A.; Board of Trade-H.S. Foote; Briggs, N.C. (Halliston) 1887

Box 1, Folder 47

Boueroft-Whitney Co.-3 letters; Board of Trade; Briggs, N.C.-2 letters 1887

Box 1, Folder 48

Bodlam, A. Bonhers and Merchants Assn.; Blodgitt, H.A.; Crittendin, Mrs. Parker (artist); Campbele, Henry 1887

Box 1, Folder 49

Chapin, S.F.-2 letters; Clayton, James A.; California Nursery; Craig, Wm. 2 letters; California Bone meal; california Wire Works-3 letters; Crisp Geo. A. 1887

Box 1, Folder 50

Craig-2 letters; Crisp; Cosley, T U. (Interstate Commerce Comission)-2 letters; Cowgirl, CC attorney-2 letters 1887

Box 1, Folder 51

Darn, N.R. (attorney); Dixon, R.S.-2 letters; Dexter, M.L.; Douty, F.S. Pacific Improvement Co.; Strike, B.

Box 1, Folder 52

Deering, F.P.; Darsey, J.H.; Delmas, D.M. (attorney); Fleming Geo. A. California Dried Fruit-2 letters; Faribank, H.A. 1887

Box 1, Folder 53

Fairbank, HA California Fruit Union; fetton, CR (House of Representatives); Feely, DC; Grace, JW and Co. 1887

Box 1, Folder 54

Jachs, David (William Gibron); Goldberg, Bawerk Co. (4 letters); Gill Wm.; Green, John C.; Ginty, Ehrmann; Ginty, W.M. 1887

Box 1, Folder 55

Grissim, John D.; Gano and coombes, atlys Doelas, Texas; Goldberg and Bowen; gates, H.B.; Ginocchio Bros. Kansas City; Glassburn LP 1887

Box 1, Folder 56

Hager, Thas. Custom House; Hayward, CC; Hodseu, Charles; Holton Parlor Furniture Chicago; Hooper, George 1887

Box 1, Folder 57

Hallenbeck, Mrs. B.L.; Hurd; Herrmann, A.G; Hagen, J. Custom House coollector's Office; Silent Chas. (Hougutoon, Silent and Campbell); Hans, A (Pacific Fertiliging Company); Hammond and McGeujse (Thomosville GA); Hilgoard, EW University of California 1887

Box 1, Folder 58

Halbrook, Merill and Stetson; Hallenbick, Mrs. Pastae card 4 letters; Houghion S.C.; Hallenbeck, Mrs. BJ (JH McDouhall and Co.); Hestary Company (San fransisco); Haley, Edward 1887

Box 1, Folder 59

Hooper Geo; Hoas, A; Hogan, J; Hawley Brothers Hardware Co.; Hallenbeck, Mrs. BJ; hbaughton SO 1887

Box 1, Folder 60

Bruner, AJ; Hyde, FA; Headen, Thomasine; Hamilton, N Judge (Superior Court of Alameda); Hogen 1887

Box 1, Folder 61

Jacks, David (17 leters and 2 telegrams); Ingalls CD Jacks 1887

Box 1, Folder 62

Leggett and Co.; Francis Leggett; Prune Industry Wholesale grocers

Box 1, Folder 63

Lorigan, Wm.; Leonard, H.M.; Little, Brown and Co.; Lam, SC; Loney, JA; Lewis, FR; Lomber, E; Lelong, BM; Lewis, Mrs. Martha J. Recd; Lid, Henry (cousin); Jennings, Herman; Johnson, Roger 1887

Box 1, Folder 64

laine, TH; Lesser, JM; Little, Brown and Co.; Lubin, D.; Lewis, FR

Box 1, Folder 65

Montgomery, TS; Marey, CS. Mereantue Co. Denver Co.

Box 1, Folder 66

Middleton, S.P. land agent re: General Nagler Estate

Box 1, Folder 67

Meade, O.J. Sheriff and Tax Collector, Fresno County 1887

Box 1, Folder 68

Montage and Co. WW; Mearns, Geo.; McSnerny, Jas M.; Myrick, MH attorney; Muller chas F.; Murgatten, Alex P; Morrison, Thos; Myrich and Deiring-law office postcard; McCurdy, Richmond A.

Box 1, Folder 69

Newhall, H.M. and Co.; Newton, James W.; Neville and Co.; Nelson, Thomas; Nash, H.C.; Nye, A.F.

Box 1, Folder 70

Olney, Chichering and Thomas; Peterbaugh, Leovy and Humes; Pierce, SS and Co. Boston M.A.; Ohlandt and Co.; Paige, Morris; Pierce, James H. Pacific Manufacturing Co. 1887

Box 1, Folder 71

Peibles, Jos. R., Cincinnati; Palnew, Edwards L.; Pacific Fentiliging Co. (HAAS); Pachard. N.R. Clark and Reearder Kern Country; Oatrick, J.R.; Juichsiluer Mining Co. F. Von Licht

Box 1, Folder 72

Reid, Murdoch and Fisher, Chicago; Rednour-Baher Growry Co., Kansas City, Missouri; Reever Parvowe Co., Piladelphia; Rechardsou, GP San Luis Obispo; Rass, George C.

Box 1, Folder 73

Robbins, F.; Reid, Murdoch and Fischer; Reever, parvin and Co.; Randol, J.B. (telegrams); Rhoder and Barstow

Box 1, Folder 74

Roberts, P.F.; Randol, J.B.; Quantrice, T.C.; Rhodes; Rock, John; Reed, CW and Co.;Randal, JB Quicksilver mIning Co.; Robbins, F.Q.; Redfield, O.T.

Box 1, Folder 75

Stanford: Jane (2 letters); Leland (2 letters)

Box 1, Folder 76

Seirra Lumber co.; Spencer, JD; Stetson EG; Seripture, HD; Schemmel, HL; Serman, JN (El Paso de Robles)

Box 1, Folder 77

Smita and Pressinger (clotheer's) postcards; Scriptures H.D.

Box 1, Folder 78

Towne, A.N. Centre Pacific Railroad Co. (2 letters); Thorne, W.S. (2 letters); Taylor, George-S.P. Taylor and Co. (papers and 3 letters)

Box 1, Folder 79

Tepleton, S. Los Gatos Fruit packing Co.; Thmoas, William; Touchard, Gustave jr.; Truman, Isham and Hoaaher agrucultural employments

Box 1, Folder 80

Talbart, G. Talbat and farrington (Diana Murphey and H. Morganh Hice); Waterman, M.; Wasson, John Chino Valley Champion; Whittier, Fallen and Co.; Wilhime, G.B> and Co. Fruit Workers; Williams, George E. 1887

Box 1, Folder 81

Sharon Sharn JCB (3 letters) Sierra Lumber Co.; Southern Pacific; Startton, CC (University of the Pacific); Thorne W.S.

Box 1, Folder 82

Williams, George-2 letters; Wist Pubeisking Co.; Wills, M.D. and Co.; Wailoc, David (County Recorder, Salinas); Young, H.W. (Brever,, Ohio); Younger, Charles B. (attorney in Santa Clara)

Box 1, Folder 83

Wright, W.H. (San Jose Fruit packing); Weech, T.M. (on Nadeau House Litterhead); Wedgwwod, William; Westphae, fred (Law Office and Wm. Gill)

Box 1, Folder 84

Alexander, John K.; Ayers, SF; Bonnell, Belle; Britton, F.F.; Byrne, J.; Bagley, Fenton

Box 1, Folder 85

Baker, W.B.; Ball, Claud; Burt, J.J. (w/I from J.K. Armsby Co.); Breyfogle, Edwin; Barbour, J.H.; Bishop and Wheeler; Braizley, W.B. 1897

Box 1, Folder 86

Breen, Jas (inc. attorneys Briggs and Hudner) 1897

Box 1, Folder 87

California Nursery Co. Corres. Includes John Rocks

Box 1, Folder 88

Campbell, J.W.; Cole, Dr.; Chickering, Thomas and Gregqory; Conway and Little and Carr, Geo (horse excursion) 1897

Box 1, Folder 89

Dunn, Chauncy; Davis, W.J.; Badney, Charles W.; Dudley and Buck; Deering, F.B.; Daughtrty, G.A. 1897

Box 1, Folder 90

Earl Fruit Co.; Edward Thompson Co. (encyclopedia of law); Frank, Brother; First National Bank; Fitzgerald, W.B.; Foss and Hicks; Franck, F.C. 1897

Box 1, Folder 91

Gates, CW.; Goodfellow, W.S.; Gutsch, G.; Gundlach-Bundschu Wine Co.; Grace, WR and Co.; Graves, O'Melveny and Shankland; Gano, WB; Graham, L.F. 1897

Box 1, Folder 92

Hayne, Duncan; Hilgard, E.W.; Hill, H. Morgan; Home Union; Hamilton, Julia 1897

Box 1, Folder 93

Kell land; Kuhn, Mrs. (to Mr. Wilcox) 1897

Box 1, Folder 94

Jordan, P.H.; Jacks, Darrol 1897

Box 1, Folder 95

Lusk, F.; Lied, Lida; Leb to Joseph Rudker; Lester, Nathan; Lied to ER West; Loud, EF; Laine, F.B.; Lee, J Elwood Co. 1897

Box 1, Folder 96

McNealy, WT 1897

Box 1, Folder 97

Miller, Thomas; Martin, James (to San Jose Water Co.); McKinstry, EW; Mayward, Mrs. EP 1897

Box 1, Folder 98

McDonald and Co.-Mrs. PT Burrell; Marx, Chas D.; Menke, Werner and Co.; McNee, Duncan; Myrick and Deering; Meyer, Wilson and Co. 1897

Box 1, Folder 99

McMahon, Thomas; Morehouse, HV; McConnell, GW included; Mutual Life Insurance Co. of New York 1897

Box 1, Folder 100

Newell, L; Nesmith, Mr.; Nelson, Adolph 1897

Box 1, Folder 101

Olney, Warren; Peckham, Judge Fred; Pacific Rolling Mill; Palin, Chas; Petzold, August; Perkins, George; Parrish, EJ; Patton, JN 1897

Box 1, Folder 111

Rucker, Joseph H.; Roll, John; Regents- University of California; Rowe, Pureell; Rippey, CH; Reinstein and Eisner; Relf JY 1897

Box 1, Folder 112

Shackelford, RW; Schneider, CJ; Stewart, Colin; Strother and Strother; Singletary (1 shows Singleton) 1897

Box 1, Folder 113

San Jose Woolen Mills; Santa Clara Valley Bank; Sargent, Br.; Shortridge, Chas; Spencer, Francis; Shek, F. 1897

Box 1, Folder 114

San Fransisco Savings Union; San Jose/ Santa Clara RR; Stebbins, E Mfg. Co.; Sargent, Bradley; Scott, HW; Shaw, Frank; Shareholders First National Bank 1897

Box 1, Folder 115

Santa Clara Valley, Santa Clara Oil Co. of Coalinga; Sierra Lumbar Co.; Spelman, EL and Co.; Stanford, Jone; Sqobel and Day; Start, Lina; Supreme Court, Los Angeles 1897

Box 1, Folder 116

Trescony, JA; Tippett, Oscar; Tuttle, Hiram; Todman, JM; Thomas Wm. (of Chickering, Thomas and Gregory) 1897

Box 1, Folder 117

United Typewriter 1897

Box 1, Folder 118

Wright, John; Withington and Carter (Withington, David); Ward, TN; West, EA 1897

Box 1, Folder 119

White. Stephen (Senator); Wirdsman, AF; Webb, GA; Wooster, Cm 1897

Box 1, Folder 120

Youell, John 1897

Box 1, Folder 121

Letters 1904

Box 1, Folder 122

Coastes, Leonard Nursery Company 1907

Box 1, Folder 123

Hale Peninsula Railway Company 1907

Box 1, Folder 124

Lied, S.F. to Jarbae 1884

Box 1, Folder 125

American Electric Novelty Mfg. Co.; Acme Auto Meter Co.; Agriculture, Secretary of; Americna Binding Co. of altimore; Anna (sister) 1906

Box 1, Folder 126

American Sheep Breeder; Auto Lighter Co.; Anti-Rubber Tire Co. 1906

Box 1, Folder 127

Bacon, GN Pecan Co.; Ballard, Dr. J. Stow; Bancroft-Whitney Co.; Barker, GL; Baynes, James and Son; Beatty, WH 1906

Box 1, Folder 128

Bechtel, Theo; Beggs, Will; Bender-Chaquette Co.; Benjamin Frederick; Bently, Geo. Will. Co.; Berkmans, PJ 1906

Box 1, Folder 129

Bigelow, Horace; Bond, HG; Bowman, Mrs. AC; Bowman, Mrs. GM; Branner, JC 1906

Box 1, Folder 130

Bright, Maggie; Brother; Buffman, HC; Burbank, Luther 1906

Box 1, Folder 131

California Gas and electric; California Nurseries Co.; California Tool Works 1906

Box 1, Folder 132

Campbell, W.W.; Cantrill, Mrs.; Carson, Banche; Carter, Cassius; Chapman; Edgar C.; Chapman; M.C. 1906

Box 1, Folder 133

Chevalier, Joseph; Chicago Live Stock World; Coleman, Edward; Colqan, E.F.; Compressed Air 1906

Box 1, Folder 134

Connell, Maurice; Coogan, T.C.; County Clerk-Hollister; Cox Seed and Plant Co.; Crocker, L.L.; Crothers; Geo. E. 1906

Box 1, Folder 135

Cubberly, Elwood; Curry, C.F. 1906

Box 1, Folder 136

Davies, Julien; Davis, Horace; Davis; W.J.; Dekum, Geo. P.; Denker, Wm. 1906

Box 1, Folder 137

Documents Superintendant; Dodge, Zenus; Donaldson, J.E.; Doubleday, Page and Co.; Dudly, UH and Co.; Durgin, EH 1906

Box 1, Folder 138

Eberly, WV; Elliot, OI; Emlay, Mrs. E; Energine Co.; Engineering News 1906

Box 1, Folder 139

Farm and Ranch Publishing; Finkler; Henry C.; First National Bank-Various First National Banks (inc. Citizens national Bank); Fisher, ER; Ford, EL; Forkert, F. 1906

Box 1, Folder 140

Freight Agent Sp- Various Freight Agents; Frost, Walter; Funsten and Co.; Furst, Paul 1906

Box 1, Folder 141

Gainesville Nurseries; Garder, Charles; Garouttet Goodwin; Gillett, Felix 1906

Box 1, Folder 142

Goodsell, David; Graham, John T.; Gray, Lendal; Griffing Bros. Co.; Grucha, John; Guide, The; Guidinger, Jos.; Gutsch, Gustav; Gutzeit, Henry 1906

Box 1, Folder 143

Haehl, HL; Holburt, HA; Hamilton, Mead; Hampton, GW and Co.; Hanford, CH 1906

Box 1, Folder 144

Hanlon, Chas; Hanson, JM Newspaper Agency; Hording and Sargent; Howley, WG (San Jose Postmaster); Head, MM 1906

Box 1, Folder 145

Henshaw, HW; Herrin, Wm.; Herrmann, AT; Hill, WL; Heteheack, GW 1906

Box 1, Folder 146

Hodged, Chas E.; Hodgehead, Beverly; Hullenbeck, BL; Holley., LB (Mrs.); Hopps, Walten; Husmen, Stephen; Huntington, HH 1906

Box 1, Folder 147

James, TA and Co.; Jaseson, JM; Johnston, North and Co,; James, JF; James, Paul 1906

Box 1, Folder 148

Jordan, David; Jordan, Frank 1906

Box 1, Folder 149

Kellen, John D.; Kellogg, Vernon; Kellogg, MB; Kenney, Wm. Warren; Kilgore Automobile; Kopf and Donovon 1906

Box 1, Folder 150

Largey, Edward; Lamberson, Charles; Landers, William; Lawton, jennie (Mrs. George P.) 1906

Box 1, Folder 151

Lathop, Charles 1906

Box 1, Folder 152

Leviston, George; Lewis, James F.; Lewis, FH; Life Publishing Co.; Luck Suitah Mfg.; Luce, GW; Lusk, FC 1906

Box 1, Folder 153

Mitchell, S.; Montgomery Wards; Moore, CJ; Moore, Charles C.; Morrow, RF (Robert); Morse, Lester; Missouri Pacific RR 1906

Box 1, Folder 154

Marx, Charles; Mors Automobile; McEnerney, Garrett; McBuicle; Martin, Charles 1906

Box 1, Folder 155

Mason-MacDuffie 1906

Box 1, Folder 156

McAdie, AG; McGievrey, Jno; McGinness, JS; McMillan, JG; McVeugh, Ah; Mclone, HD 1906

Box 1, Folder 157

Metteer, Charles, Metz and Schloerb; Midland, Publishing; Miller, Charles; Miller and gossard; Miller, NB; Milwaukee Rubber Works 1906

Box 1, Folder 158

Moyer, JJ; Murphey, Virginia Mrs.; Mutual Wife Ins. Co. 1906

Box 1, Folder 159

Nielsen, Adolph; Niece; Nelson, Henry; Nesmith, LQ; Nickel, J Leroy 1906

Box 1, Folder 160

Ogier, margaret; Olds Motor Work; Oneal, Louis 1906

Box 1, Folder 161

Pacific Gas and Electric; Pabst, Charles; Parke and Tilford; Payne, Geo. C.; Peckham, JB; Peck, SW 1906

Box 1, Folder 162

Perkins, Frank E.; Pierson, JH; Perrine, Prof. CD; Peters, GW; poter, Caroline; Postmaster 1906

Box 1, Folder 163

Powell, Mary A.; Prince, HT 1906

Box 1, Folder 164

Radford, JD; Ramage and Stanton; Reinhart, JA; Rhodes, Al; Rice, GH 1906

Box 1, Folder 165

Rideout, AR; Robison, James; Rogers, GV (Mitchell Car Co.); Rossi, PC 1906

Box 1, Folder 166

Royce, Colonel; Rush, JG; Ryland, Joseph; Ramsey, Mrs. MM 1906

Box 1, Folder 167

Sanford, Fernando; San Jose Water Company; Sargent, George; Sawyer, Ward B.; Schooler, Wm/ H.; Seebach, Ah 1906

Box 1, Folder 168

Selby Rodgers and Co.; Seybolt, G; Shoup, Paul (w/ S.P.R.R.); Selvera, Manuel; Seymour, Am; Silvera, Frank 1906

Box 1, Folder 169

Sister; Spreckles, Jno (Kosmos Steamship Line); Stoner, JA (Holle Auto Mfg); Stewart, Charles; Stratton, FS 1906

Box 1, Folder 170

Stuart Pecan Co.; Sturhman, Henry; Sturtevant, Geo.; Swinford, John 1906

Box 1, Folder 171

Teasdale, JW; Temple, AV; Terry, JE 1906

Box 1, Folder 172

Thiel, FC and Mrs. Delis; Theilig, OL; Tisdale, WD; Titus, Lewis; Tourney, Geo.; Trafton, Dola; Thompson 1906

Box 1, Folder 173

Trippett, oscar; Tucker, Luther and Sn (Country Gentleman Mag.); Tweed, CH; Typewirter Exchange 1906

Box 1, Folder 174

Union Trust Comp.; Vargas, M.; Villegas, Ga; Vrooman, Emily; United Typewriter Supplies; Veach Novelty Works 1906

Box 1, Folder 175

Wilson, John Mountford Looks like Estate of Mrs. Stanford 1906

Box 1, Folder 176

Waller, CW (Cal. Gas and Elec.); Wilson, Mountford; Wing, prof. CB; Watner, Frank; Warner Instrument; Warren., WM; Wiltz, R. 1906

Box 1, Folder 177

Wheeler, Charles; Whitmore, WL; Wickson; Wight, JB 1906

Box 1, Folder 178

Waterman Bros; Webb, US; Weichhart, J; Western Meat Company; West Disinfecting Co.; Whaley, Edward; Wretman, NE; Wood 1906

Box 1, Folder 179

Winchester, Sarah L 1906

Box 1, Folder 180

Miscellaneous 1884-1909