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Inventory to the Papers of Barton Warren Evermann at the California Academy of Sciences Library
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Series 1: Personal and Biographical Materials Bulk, 1877-1933 1877-1982 and undated

Scope and content

This series consists primarily of materials relating to Barton Warren Evermann's personal and family life. Also included are materials related to Evermann's personal investments and business activities. Materials include correspondence, legal documents, newspaper clippings, publications, notes, and notebooks. Materials relating to Barton Evermann's wife, Meadie Evermann, and son, Toxaway Evermann, have been organized into subseries.
Mixed materials 1, Folder 1

Correspondence and notes concerning the Evermann papers. circa 1960s-1970s

Mixed materials 1, Folder 2

Bequest of Evermann's papers to the California Academy of Sciences. 1932

Mixed materials 1, Folder 3

Biographical. 1932, 1981-1982, and undated

Mixed materials 1, Folder 4

75th birthday materials. 1928-1929

Mixed materials 1, Folder 5

Obituaries. 1932-1933

Mixed materials 1, Folder 6

Letters of condolence upon death. 1932

Mixed materials 1, Folder 7, Mixed materials 140, Folder 7

Personal correspondence. 1894-1940

Mixed materials 1, Folder 8-10

Family correspondence. 1893-1927 and undated

Mixed materials 24, Folder 1

Sale of lots in Brookland, Washington, D.C. 1891-1923

Mixed materials 1, Folder 11

Newspaper clippings. 1898-1924, 1967

Mixed materials 1, Folder 12

Handwritten notes. undated

Mixed materials 110, Folder 1

Notebooks. This file contains an address book, a notebook with notes on physiology, and a notebook including a short manuscript, a list of names of scientists, and a list of words. circa 1920s

Mixed materials 1, Folder 13

Evermann family materials. Assorted material from or relating to Evermann's relatives. 1925, undated


Toxaway Evermann 1905-1915

Mixed materials 3, Folder 6

Correspondence from Toxaway to Barton Evermann. 1914-1915

Mixed materials 3, Folder 7

Architectural correspondence. 1905-1914

Mixed materials 24, Folder 3

School materials. 1890s-1900s

Mixed materials 1

Toxaway Evermann blueprints, architectural drawings, and a watercolor by Eugene Baker. circa 1900-1915

Physical Description: 1 half size map folder

Meadie Evermann Bulk, 1877-1905 1877-1929 and undated

Mixed materials 2, Folder 1-4

Barton and Meadie Evermann correspondence. 1884-1890

Mixed materials 3, Folder 1-5, Mixed materials 2, Folder 5-8

Correspondence from friends and family. 1877-1905 and undated

Mixed materials 24, Folder 2

Handwritten notes. undated

Mixed materials 4, Folder 1

Obituary. 1929

Mixed materials 4, Folder 2

Writings. undated

Mixed materials 4, Folder 3

Notebooks. undated

Mixed materials 4, Folder 4

Membership cards, student certificates, and receipt. circa 1880s-1920s

Mixed materials 4, Folder 5

Meeting programs and announcements. 1889-1917

Mixed materials 4, Folder 6

Collected publications and magazine clippings. 1877-1900, undated

Mixed materials 4, Folder 7

Newspaper clippings. not recorded

Mixed materials 4, Folder 8

Clippings on women. not recorded


Series 2: Education 1881-1932 and undated

Scope and content

This series consists of materials relating to Evermann's career as a student, teacher, and school administrator, along with materials relating to Evermann's efforts to engage the public at large on the subjects of science, museums, and education. The series includes correspondence, meeting materials, research notes, drafts of writings and lectures, memorabilia, and publications and clippings.

Indiana 1881-1932

Scope and content

This subseries includes materials relating to Evermann's work as a teacher and administrator in the Indiana schools, as a professor at the Indiana State Normal School, and as a student at Indiana University. Materials include teaching manuals and educational publications, correspondence, manuscripts, event programs, and newspaper clippings. Also included are materials relating to Evermann's activities in his local Indiana University and Big Ten alumni organizations.
Mixed materials 5, Folder 1

Manuscripts on science teaching. 1888-1891

Mixed materials 5, Folder 2

Teaching and schools. Includes teaching manuals and other publications for or about teachers and teaching. 1878-1923

Mixed materials 5, Folder 3

Educational publications. 1883-1915

Mixed materials 5, Folder 4

Newspaper clippings on Indiana State Normal School. circa 1893

Mixed materials 5, Folder 5

Indiana State Normal School Publications. 1891-1931

Mixed materials 5, Folder 6

Commemoration of William Wood Parsons' twenty-five years of service as president of the Indiana State Normal School. Includes publications, clippings, and typescript of Evermann's speech. 1910

Mixed materials 6, Folder 1

Materials relating to Evermann's time as a student at Butler College and Indiana University. 1886, 1900

Mixed materials 6, Folder 2

Indiana University publications and clippings. 1881-1931

Mixed materials 6, Folder 3-7

Indiana University alumni activities. 1904-1932

Mixed materials 6, Folder 8

Clippings related to honorary degrees of Doctor of Laws awarded to Evermann by Indiana University and the University of Utah. 1922, 1928


Cornell 1899-1916

Scope and content

This subseries consists of materials relating to courses on fish and game protection and fish culture that Evermann taught at the Cornell University College of Forestry.
Mixed materials 7, Folder 1

Meteorological, botanical, and wild life field notes. 1900-1903

Mixed materials 7, Folder 2

Axton, New York fish and pond notes. 1900-1903

Mixed materials 7, Folder 3

Axton, New York ornithological field notes. 1900-1904

Mixed materials 7, Folder 4

Axton, New York botanical field notes. circa 1900-1903

Mixed materials 8, Folder 1

Correspondence. 1899-1905, 1916

Mixed materials 8, Folder 2

Lectures and Axton itineraries. circa 1900-1906

Mixed materials 8, Folder 3

Stenometer tables. circa 1901

Mixed materials 8, Folder 4

Axton and Clinton, New York maps. not recorded

Mixed materials 8, Folder 5

Newspaper clippings. circa 1900-1901


Yale circa 1903-1907 and undated

Scope and content

This subseries consists of materials relating to courses on fish and game protection and fish culture that Evermann taught at the Yale University College of Forestry.
Mixed materials 9, Folder 1

Clippings, bulletins, and advertisement for Vantine House. circa 1903-1904

Mixed materials 9, Folder 2

Expenses and Yale forestry contacts. 1905-1906

Mixed materials 9, Folder 3

Manuscripts for "The Meaning of Life" and "Stream and Lake Protection." undated

Mixed materials 9, Folder 4

Manuscripts for "Natural Reproduction Among Fishes." undated

Mixed materials 9, Folder 5

"Fish Culture" lecture manuscripts. undated

Mixed materials 9, Folder 6-8

Manuscripts and outlines for "Fish and Game Protection." undated

Mixed materials 9, Folder 9

Correspondence. 1903-1906

Mixed materials 9, Folder 10

Field Notes. 1906

Mixed materials 9, Folder 11-12

Field notes from forestry excursions. 1904-1906

Mixed materials 9, Folder 13

Research notes. circa 1904-1907


District of Columbia Board of Education circa 1880s to 1922 and undated

Scope and content

This subseries consists of materials relating to Evermann's service as Vice President of the District of Columbia Board of Education from 1906-1910.
Mixed materials 10, Folder 1

Meeting minutes and school statistics. 1907 and undated

Mixed materials 10, Folder 2-5

Meeting minutes. 1908-1909

Mixed materials 13, Folder 1-3, Mixed materials 11, Folder 1-10, Mixed materials 12, Folder 1-5

Newspaper clippings. 1897-1908 and undated

Mixed materials 13, Folder 4

Newspaper clippings and letter re: new superintendent, August 12-15, 1906. 1906

Mixed materials 13, Folder 5

Legislation concerning schools in the District of Columbia. 1906 and 1908

Mixed materials 13, Folder 6

Bills in Congress concerning schools in the District of Columbia. 1905, 1906, and 1910

Mixed materials 13, Folder 7

Correspondence and reports. 1907-1908, 1914, 1922

Mixed materials 13, Folder 8

Written defenses against dismissal by the Board of Education submitted by H. M. Joseph and H. J. Cooper on their own behalfs. 1909 and undated

Mixed materials 13, Folder 9

Commencement exercises and ribbons. 1908


"School City" Method 1902-1908 and undated

Scope and content

The "School City" method was an experimental approach to education that involved the organization of the student body of a school into a self-governing organization modeled after the structure of a city government.
Mixed materials 14, Folder 1

Research notes. undated

Mixed materials 14, Folder 2

Newspaper clippings. 1905-1906

Mixed materials 14, Folder 3

Drafts of research findings. undated

Mixed materials 14, Folder 4

Correspondence. 1905-1906

Mixed materials 14, Folder 5

Publications on the "School City" method. 1902-1908 and undated


Lectures 1893-1920 and undated

Arrangement note

These materials were found grouped together under the heading "Lectures." Additional materials related to lectures and addresses can also be found in Series 3: Professional and Civic Organizations and Series 4: Professional Work.
Mixed materials 15, Folder 1

Notices and announcements. 1893-1920 and undated

Mixed materials 15, Folder 2-3

Expenses for lectures. 1899, 1907, 1908, and undated

Mixed materials 15, Folder 4

Announcements for lectures on Golden Trout and list of talks given. 1907-1909

Mixed materials 15, Folder 5

Announcements and endorsements for lectures on fur seals. 1893-1895

Mixed materials 15, Folder 6

Data for Bureau of Fisheries lecture. Accompanying photographs in Box 116, Folder 10. undated

Mixed materials 15, Folder 7

Manuscripts for Washington, D.C. Normal School commencement address. 1907

Mixed materials 15, Folder 8

Typescript on John James Audubon. undated

Mixed materials 15, Folder 9

Notes for and drafts of "Modern Natural History Museums and Their Relation to Public Education." 1916


Writings, clippings, and collected publications 1884-1930 and undated

Scope and content

This subseries consists of writings and reference materials on the topics of education and science. Included are correspondence, writings, clippings, and collected publications on matters of public controversy relating to science, specifically: the relationship between evolution and religion, with reference to the Scopes Trial; the anti-vivisection movement, which opposed the use of animals for scientific research; and the relationship between science and business. Also included are writings on science education and general publications and clippings on education.
Mixed materials 15, Folder 10

Writings, notes, and correspondence on the relationship between evolution and religion. 1925-1928

Mixed materials 24, Folder 4

Manuscript on evolution. undated

Mixed materials 16, Folder 1

Materials on the anti-vivisection movement, including correspondence, pamphlets, and clippings. 1918-1922

Mixed materials 16, Folder 2

Manuscript and typescript for "Science and Business." circa 1920s

Mixed materials 16, Folder 3

Manuscript of "Draper's Intellectual Development of Europe." undated

Mixed materials 16, Folder 4

Drafts of "The Teaching of Biology in the Public Schools." undated

Mixed materials 16, Folder 5

Collected publications on education. 1884-1930

Mixed materials 24, Folder 5

San Francisco Department of Public Instruction Bulletins. 1925-1926

Mixed materials 16, Folder 6

Newspaper clippings on education. circa 1900s

Mixed materials 24, Folder 6

Visual Education Service, Inc. 1927-1929

Scope and content

Materials related to Evermann's involvement with Visual Education Service, Inc., which was a company created to provide slides and other visual materials to educational institutions.

Series 3: Professional and Civic Organizations Bulk, 1885-1932 1885-1954 and undated

Scope and content

This series consists of materials related to Evermann's activities as a member of various professional and civic organizations. The bulk of the material dates from the period when Evermann was director of the California Academy of Sciences.
Mixed materials 17, Folder 1

Invitations and memorabilia. 1898-1926

Mixed materials 17, Folder 2

Boone and Crockett Club. 1919-1932

Scope and content

Evermann was an associate member of the Boone and Crockett Club, which is an organization concerned with hunting and the conservation of wildlife. Included are membership and meeting materials and copies of official publications.
Mixed materials 17, Folder 3

Schoolmaster's clubs. Primarily concerns meetings of the California Schoolmaster's Club, of which Evermann was a member. 1900-1924


Cosmos Club circa 1910s-1920s

Scope and content

Evermann was a member of the Cosmos Club, an elite social club based in Washington, D.C.
Mixed materials 17, Folder 4

Membership materials. circa 1910s-1920s

Mixed materials 17, Folder 5

Copies of "Acts of Incorporation and By-Laws." 1917-1924


Commonwealth Club of California 1914-1927

Scope and content

Evermann was a member of the Commonwealth Club of California, a civic organization that concentrates on public affairs. Subjects include education, conservation, and scientific research.
Mixed materials 17, Folder 6

Correspondence. 1914-1922

Mixed materials 17, Folder 7

Committee on publicity. 1917

Mixed materials 17, Folder 8

Committee on science and conservation. 1916-1927

Mixed materials 17, Folder 9

Committee on education. 1916-1927


California State Council of Defense, Committee on Scientific Research 1917-1919

Scope and content

The California State Council of Defense was established during World War I in order to coordinate wartime activities in the state of California. The council conducted scientific investigations into war-related problems under the auspices of the Committee on Scientific Research, which was itself organized into specialized committees. Evermann served as chairman of the Committee on Zoological Investigations, which was charged with investigating the food supply.
Mixed materials 18, Folder 1

Minutes, notes, and clippings. 1917-1918

Mixed materials 18, Folder 2

Typescript of "Mussels as a Source of Food" to be published in "California War Papers." 1918-1919


California Division of Fish and Game 1928-1932

Mixed materials 18, Folder 3-4

Game refuge advisory committee meeting materials and correspondence primarily regarding birds and tulle elk. 1928-1932


California Development Association and California State Chamber of Commerce. 1926-1932

Scope and content

Evermann participated in several committees on conservation and related topics organized by the California Development Association, which later in this period became the California State Chamber of Commerce.
Mixed materials 19, Folder 1

Correspondence and meeting materials. 1926-1929

Mixed materials 19, Folder 2

Correspondence, reports and meeting materials. 1930-1932


California Economic Research Council 1926-1932

Scope and content

Evermann was a member of the natural resources committee of the California Economic Research Council, which was an association of economic research agencies from across the state. Included are materials relating to the establishment and organization of the Economic Research Council, meeting materials from both the executive committee and the committee on natural resources, correspondence, and reports.
Mixed materials 19, Folder 3

Meeting materials and correspondence. 1926

Mixed materials 19, Folder 4

Meeting materials, reports, and correspondence. 1927-1932


Indiana Academy of Science 1885-1931

Mixed materials 20, Folder 1

Clippings and programs. 1885-1929

Mixed materials 20, Folder 2

Publications and correspondence. 1886-1931


American Association for the Advancement of Science Bulk, 1914-1923 1890-1954

Scope and content

Evermann was an active member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, serving as president of the Pacific Division in 1922. Within the Pacific Division, Evermann also served as chairman of the Committee on Conservation of Marine Life of the Pacific, which worked in cooperation of the Committee on Pacific Investigations of the Division of Foreign Relations of the National Research Council to promote and coordinate scientific research into matters relating to the Pacific Ocean. Particular emphasis was placed on the conservation of species threatened with extinction, including fur seals, elephant seals, and whales.
Mixed materials 20, Folder 3

Membership and meeting materials. 1890-1954

Mixed materials 20, Folder 4

Newspaper and magazine clippings. 1922-1924

Mixed materials 20, Folder 5

Pacific Division. Correspondence and meeting materials. 1914

Mixed materials 20, Folder 6

Pacific Division. Committee on Conservation. Correspondence and meeting materials. 1914

Mixed materials 20, Folder 7

Pacific Division. Guidebook. 1914

Scope and content

Correspondence and notes relating to the creation of a guidebook to be issued in conjunction with the 1915 AAAS meeting in San Francisco. Much of the correspondence concerns California museums. Attached photographs can be found in Box 116, Folder 11.
Mixed materials 21, Folder 1, Mixed materials 24, Folder 7

Pacific Division. Correspondence. 1915-1917

Mixed materials 21, Folder 2

Pacific Division. Committee on Conservation. Correspondence. 1915

Mixed materials 24, Folder 8

Pacific Division. Correspondence, manuscripts, meeting materials, and newspaper clippings. 1919

Mixed materials 24, Folder 9

Pacific Division. Correspondence, reports, and meeting materials. Includes materials relating to the AAAS Pacific Division Committee on Conservation of Marine Life of the Pacific. 1921-1922

Mixed materials 24, Folder 10

Pacific Division. Committee on Conservation of Marine Life of the Pacific. Papers, reports, resolutions, meeting materials, and correspondence. 1921-1922

Mixed materials 21, Folder 3

Pacific Division. Correspondence, papers, and resolutions. Folder also contains materials relating to the National Research Council Committee on Pacific Investigations. 1919-1922

Mixed materials 24, Folder 11

Pacific Division. Correspondence. Folder also contains materials relating to the National Research Council Committee on Pacific Investigations. 1923


National Research Council 1919-1932

Scope and content

The National Research Council was established in 1916 under the charter of the National Academy of Sciences in order to provide advice on scientific and technical matters. Evermann was active in its Committee on Pacific Investigations, which was formed under the Division of Foreign Relations. Among this committee's goals were to advance research on matters related to the Pacific region and to promote international cooperation among the countries bordering the Pacific Ocean. This committee also provided the authority for the AAAS Committee on Conservation of Marine Life of the Pacific (on which see the scope and content note above). Materials include correspondence, papers, resolutions, and memoranda.
Mixed materials 21, Folder 3

Committee on Pacific Investigations. Correspondence, papers, and resolutions. Folder also contains materials relating to the AAAS Pacific Division. 1919-1922

Mixed materials 24, Folder 11

Committee on Pacific Investigations. Correspondence. Folder also contains materials relating to the AAAS Pacific Division. 1923

Mixed materials 21, Folder 4-5

Committee on Pacific Investigations. Correspondence and memoranda. 1924-1932


Pan Pacific Union 1920-1930 and undated

Scope and content

The Pan Pacific Union was a Honolulu-based organization established to promote cooperation among the countries bordering the Pacific Ocean. During the 1920s the Pan Pacific Union organized meetings and conferences on Pacific issues. Evermann made four trips to Hawaii for Pan Pacific Union events: in 1920 to attend the Scientific Conference, in 1922 to attend the Commercial Conference, in 1924 to attend the Food Conservation Conference, and in 1925 to help plan for the establishment of a Pan Pacific Research Institution. Evermann also kept up an active correspondence with officials from the Union and with other participants in its activities.
Mixed materials 110, Folder 2

Evermann's journal of trip to Hawaii for the Pan Pacific Scientific Conference. 1920 July 28 - September 8

Mixed materials 110, Folder 3

Two copies of transcripts of Evermann's journal of trip to Hawaii for the Pan Pacific Scientific Conference. 1920 July 28 - September 8

Mixed materials 22, Folder 1

Scientific conference. Correspondence. 1920-1921

Mixed materials 22, Folder 2

Scientific conference. Official publications and committee materials. 1920

Mixed materials 106, Folder 1

Scientific conference. Notes and Resolutions. 1920-1921

Mixed materials 106, Folder 2

Scientific conference. Notes on Hawaiian fish. 1920-1921

Mixed materials 22, Folder 3

Scientific conference. Newspaper clippings. 1920

Mixed materials 22, Folder 4

Scientific conference. Invitations and memorabilia. 1920

Mixed materials 22, Folder 5

Educational conference. Invitation, clippings, and correspondence. Evermann did not attend. 1921

Mixed materials 110, Folder 4

Evermann's journal of trip to Hawaii for the Pan Pacific Commercial Conference. 1922 October 18 - November 15

Mixed materials 22, Folder 6

Commercial conference. Correspondence, draft of manuscript on conservation of marine life, resolutions on international fishery treaty. 1922-1923

Mixed materials 22, Folder 7

Commercial conference. Clippings, publications, reports, and programs. 1922

Mixed materials 23, Folder 1

Correspondence and newspaper clippings. 1923

Mixed materials 110, Folder 5

Evermann's journal of trip to Hawaii for the Pan Pacific Food Conservation Conference. 1924 July 23 - August 26

Mixed materials 23, Folder 2

Food conservation conference. Publications, clippings, draft manuscript, reports, planning materials. Evermann was chairman of fisheries section. 1924-1925

Mixed materials 106, Folder 3

Food conservation conference. Manuscript and resolutions. circa 1924

Mixed materials 106, Folder 4-6

Correspondence. 1924-1932

Mixed materials 110, Folder 6

Evermann's journal of his 1925 trip to Hawaii to participate in planning for the Pan Pacific Research Institution. 1925 September 15 - October 20

Mixed materials 23, Folder 3

Memoranda, drafts of policies, and reports for proposed Pan Pacific Research Institution. circa 1925

Mixed materials 23, Folder 4

Clippings and publications relating to the 1925 Pan Pacific Fisheries Conference and the Pan Pacific Research Institution. 1925

Mixed materials 23, Folder 5

Notes, address lists, personal correspondence, souvenirs, and clippings related to Evermann's trip to Hawaii in 1925. 1925-1926

Mixed materials 23, Folder 6

Notes on Hawaiian fish and copy of March 1926 issue of "Aloha," containing Evermann's article, "Wonders From the Deep: Honolulu's Fish Markets." ca. 1925-1926

Mixed materials 4

Map of Honolulu, Territory of Hawaii. 1923

Mixed materials 4

Hawaii Tourist Bureau map of the island of Hawaii. Contains some annotations. undated

Mixed materials 4

Brochure showing "Steamer Cabin Plans" for the S.S. Maui. By the Matson Navigation Company. undated

Mixed materials 113, Folder 12

Two notebooks of unknown provenance relating to commercial agriculture on Tahiti. Dated 1922 June 3 - July 24 and 1922 July 25 - September 14. 1922


Series 4: Professional Work 1870s-1931 and undated

Scope and content

Consists of materials related to Evermann's professional career as a scientist and as director of the California Academy of Sciences.
Mixed materials 141, Folder 1-2

Miscellaneous publications mentioning Evermann or his work. 1888-1931 and undated


Lake Maxinkuckee circa 1899-1921

Scope and content

Between 1899 and 1914, Evermann and a team of assistants conducted research for an extended case study of Lake Maxinkuckee, Indiana on behalf of the U.S. Fish Commission and Bureau of Fisheries. Fieldwork and observations were made in most of the years between 1899 and 1914. At the completion of the work, Evermann was unable to secure publication of the study with the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries. It was eventually published in 1920 by the Indiana Department of Conservation as Barton Warren Evermann and Howard Walton Clark, "Lake Maxinkuckee: A Physical and Biological Survey." This subseries consists of materials related to both the research for and the publication of the book on Lake Maxinkuckee.
Materials include field notes and notebooks, collected data, manuscripts, and correspondence.

Arrangement note

This subseries has been processed to the box level. Notebooks and photographs were physically separated for preservation purposes. For the photographs, see Series 6: Photographic materials.
Mixed materials 25


Mixed materials 26

Manuscript of introduction.

Mixed materials 27, Mixed materials 28

Manuscript of Volume I and Volume II.

Mixed materials 29-33


Mixed materials 34


Mixed materials 35-38


Mixed materials 39-40

Biology - ferns.

Mixed materials 41-42

Reptiles and amphibians.

Mixed materials 43-45


Mixed materials 46-47


Mixed materials 48

Turtles and amphibians.



Mixed materials 110, Folder 7

Notebooks. Contains "Angling Notes" and "Fletcher Lake Notes." 1899-1900

Mixed materials 110, Folder 8

Notes and notebooks on fish and seining. 1899

Mixed materials 110, Folder 9

Notes and notebooks on water temperatures. 1899-1900

Mixed materials 110, Folder 10

Notebooks on temperatures. One notebook also includes plankton notes. 1899-1901, 1907

Mixed materials 110, Folder 11

Field notes on fish and seining. Also includes address list. 1900 July 17 - November 28

Mixed materials 110, Folder 12-13

"U.S.F.C." field notebooks. 1900-1901

Mixed materials 110, Folder 14

Millard Knowlton notebook containing dredging notes. 1900

Mixed materials 110, Folder 15

"Max Plant Notes" 1902

Mixed materials 110, Folder 16

Untitled field notebooks 1900, 1906, 1907

Mixed materials 111, Folder 5-7

"Record of meteorological observations at Lake Maxinkuckee, Ind., etc." Books 1-3. 1898, 1900-1905


Birds 1870s-1930s and undated

Scope and content

In addition to being an ichthyologist, Evermann maintained an interest in ornithology. This subseries includes field notes and notebooks, manuscripts, correspondence, and collected publications. Also included are materials on birds' nests and eggs.

Arrangement note

This subseries has been processed to the box level. Notebooks and photographs were physically separated from the materials in Box 52 for preservation purposes. For the photographs, see Series 6: Photographic materials.
Mixed materials 51

Notes, manuscripts, publications, and clippings on Indiana birds. Locations include Carroll, Monroe, and Vigo counties. circa 1870s-1910s

Scope and content

Includes notes, manuscripts, copies of publications, and clippings on Indiana birds. Locations include Carroll, Monroe, and Vigo counties.
Mixed materials 52, Folder 1-4

Indiana. circa 1870s-1910s

Mixed materials 52, Folder 5

Correspondence and notes related to birds in Indiana and California. Materials were found inside large notebook on Indiana, Kansas, and California birds in Box 115, Folder 36. circa 1884-1891

Mixed materials 52, Folder 6

Manuscripts and clippings on California birds. circa 1890s to 1910s

Mixed materials 106, Folder 7

Manuscripts of "Lopho, the Plumed Knight of Xazmin" on the California Quail. undated

Mixed materials 52, Folder 7

Notes on collecting trips in California. Locations include Bell Springs, Tassajara, Cloverdale, and Vancouver Pinnacles. 1918

Mixed materials 52, Folder 8

Notes and memo related to the California condor. circa 1916-1917

Mixed materials 52, Folder 9

Notes, journals, and journal transcripts from trips to Pyramid Lake, Nevada. Photographs available in Box 117, Folder 7. 1921

Mixed materials 52, Folder 10

Correspondence, notes, data, manuscripts, and clippings on bird mortality and bird migration. 1890s-1910s

Mixed materials 52, Folder 11

Manuscripts of "Federal Protection of Migratory Birds" and "Game Birds." undated

Mixed materials 106, Folder 8

Manuscripts, notes and correspondence on birds and migration. circa 1890s-1930s

Mixed materials 52, Folder 12

Memos on collecting birds' nests and eggs. Includes material relating to California Academy of Sciences collecting trips. circa 1910s-1920s

Mixed materials 53

Catalogues of birds' nests and eggs. not recorded


Notes and notebooks

Mixed materials 111, Folder 8

Indiana bird notebook. 1883-1884

Mixed materials 110, Folder 17

Indiana bird notecards. circa 1880s-1901

Mixed materials 110, Folder 18

Indiana bird notebooks. Contains bird field notebook from 1889-1890 and notebook containing notes on grammar, notes on astronomy, and records of "oological transactions."

Mixed materials 110, Folder 19

Note pages from trips to locations in California, Oregon, Nevada, and New Mexico. circa 1880s-1910s

Mixed materials 110, Folder 20

Notebook for trips in California and Nevada. Locations include Ventura County, Santa Paula, Truckee, and Angels Camp, California, and Pyramid Lake, Nevada. Also includes notes from 1917 condor trip. 1917-1923

Mixed materials 110, Folder 21

Notebook for collecting trip to northeastern California and southeastern Oregon. 1918

Mixed materials 110, Folder 22

Notecards with bird, nest, and egg records, primarily relating to California. circa 1880s, 1910s

Mixed materials 110, Folder 23

Notecards with bird, nest, and egg records relating to Ventura County, California. circa 1880s

Mixed materials 110, Folder 24

Notecards with nest and egg records from California. circa 1880s, 1910s

Mixed materials 115, Folder 36

Indiana, Kansas, California notebook. circa 1880s


Correspondence Bulk, 1880-1914 circa 1880-1927

Scope and content

This subseries contains correspondence dating primarily from the period before Evermann became director of the California Academy of Sciences. The bulk of the correspondence relates to scientific topics and to Evermann's work at the U.S. Fish Commission and the Bureau of Fisheries. Some personal correspondence is included. Additional professional correspondence can be found, as indicated, throughout the Evermann papers.
Mixed materials 54, Folder 1-3

A-C. 1893-1914

Mixed materials 54, Folder 4

George Archibald Clark and others, re: fur seals. 1911-1913

Mixed materials 54, Folder 5

D. 1894-1912

Mixed materials 54, Folder 6-9

Doubleday, Page, and Co., re: book on food and game fishes. Correspondents include A. Radcliffe Dugmore and Henry W. Lanier. 1901-1914

Mixed materials 55, Folder 1-3

E-G. 1880-1927

Mixed materials 55, Folder 4

Charles Henry Gilbert. 1899-1911

Mixed materials 55, Folder 5

H. 1895-1913

Mixed materials 55, Folder 6

J. 1896-1914

Arrangement note

A note in this folder indicates that the folder does not include correspondence with David Starr Jordan, and that correspondence with Jordan can be found in two additional boxes. These boxes were not found with the correspondence materials. However, there are two boxes of correspondence with David Starr Jordan and others in the subseries on the U.S. Fish Commission and Bureau of Fisheries. These may be the two boxes referred to. See Boxes 102 and 103.
Mixed materials 55, Folder 7-9

K-M. 1899-1913

Mixed materials 55, Folder 10, Mixed materials 56, Folder 2

Seth Eugene Meek. 1904-1910

Mixed materials 56, Folder 1

Seth Eugene Meek and others re: Bureau of Fisheries investigations in Guatemala from 1906-1907. Includes transmittal letter for file from U.S. Bureau of Fisheries. 1906-1910, 1928

Mixed materials 56, Folder 3-7

N-T. 1894-1914

Mixed materials 56, Folder 8

Letters re: United States National Museum and Evermann's position as Curator of Fishes. 1905-1914

Mixed materials 56, Folder 9

W-Z. 1895-1912

Mixed materials 56, Folder 10

Letters indicating receipt of Evermann article in the Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington. Annotation indicates that letters were found inside copy of the article. 1908


Writings circa 1912-1932 and undated

Scope and content

Contains mostly manuscripts, primarily on scientific subjects. Subjects include scientists and naturalists, political appointments to the Bureau of Fisheries, fish and other aquatic life, and conservation. Writings relate both to Evermann's work as an ichthyologist with the United States Fish Commission and the Bureau of Fisheries, and to his professional activities with the AAAS and the Pan Pacific Union.
Mixed materials 106, Folder 9

Manuscripts on books. Includes drafts of a description of Audubon's "The Birds of America"; a draft of Evermann's introduction to Edward Lee Greene, "Carolous Linnaeus" (1912); and draft book reviews of Alfred O. Kinsey, "An Introduction to Biology" (1926). circa 1912-1926

Mixed materials 57, Folder 1

Manuscripts of "Nature Fakirs." undated

Mixed materials 57, Folder 2

Manuscripts for "Blaine and Beaconsfield" and "President Wilson's Scientific Appointments." undated

Mixed materials 57, Folder 3

Research material and correspondence relating to proposed publication on Constantine Samuel Rafinesque. circa 1915

Mixed materials 57, Folder 4

Manuscripts of writings on David Starr Jordan. Includes "David Starr Jordan, the Man," "David Starr Jordan and His Interest in Birds," and "David Starr Jordan, An Appreciation." circa 1930-1932

Mixed materials 57, Folder 5

Manuscripts of, and correspondence and notes relating to obituary of David Starr Jordan. 1931-1932

Mixed materials 57, Folder 6

Copies of publications by Evermann on David Starr Jordan. Includes "David Starr Jordan, the Man," Copeia, Vol. 1930, No. 4 (Dec. 31, 1930), pp. 93-106; "David Starr Jordan and His Interest in Birds," The Condor, Vol. 34, No. 1 (Jan. - Feb., 1932), pp. 6-7; and obituary for Jordan in Science, New Series, Vol. 74, No. 1918 (Oct. 2, 1931), pp. 327-329. 1930-1932

Mixed materials 57, Folder 7

Manuscript of obituary for Seth Eugene Meek. undated

Mixed materials 57, Folder 8

Manuscripts: "Skinning a Buck for Mounting" and "Number of Young Produced by the Common Garter Snake." undated

Mixed materials 57, Folder 9

Manuscript of "Nerka, the Blueback Salmon." Includes list of slides needed to accompany story. undated

Mixed materials 57, Folder 10

Manuscripts of "Naub, the Split-Rock Bass." undated

Mixed materials 57, Folder 11

Manuscripts on fish. Includes drafts of writings on golden trout, goldfish, trout in Pyramid Lake, Nevada, fish in the Salton Sea, California, and "The Flyingfishes." undated

Mixed materials 57, Folder 12

Manuscripts of "The Life History of the Common Eel." Revisions prepared for book on "American Food and Game Fishes." undated

Mixed materials 57, Folder 13

Manuscript, newspaper clippings, and correspondence on sharks. Includes draft of "Note on the Basking Shark." circa 1913-1919

Mixed materials 106, Folder 10, Mixed materials 58, Folder 1-3

Manuscripts of "The Conservation and Proper Utilization of Our Natural Resources." Prepared for the presidential address at the 1922 Salt Lake City meeting fo the AAAS and later published in The Scientific Monthly, Vol. 15, No. 4 (Oct., 1922), pp. 289-312. 1920s

Mixed materials 58, Folder 4

Two sets of notecards on conservation. One relates to conservation and utilization of natural resources and the other to an international treaty on conservation of marine life of the Pacific Ocean. 1920s

Mixed materials 58, Folder 5

Draft manuscripts of "The Conservation of the Marine Life of the Pacific." Prepared as a paper given at the 1922 Pan Pacific Commercial Conference in Honolulu and later published in The Scientific Monthly, Vol. 16, No. 5 (May, 1923), pp. 521-538. 1920s

Mixed materials 58, Folder 6

Illustrations and drafts of captions to accompany published version of "The Conservation of the Marine Life of the Pacific." circa 1923

Mixed materials 58, Folder 7

Typescript of "Livestock and the National Forests." undated

Mixed materials 58, Folder 8

Manuscript and notes on the history of the Wabash Valley, Indiana. undated


California 1880s-1932 and undated

Scope and content

Primarily contains manuscripts and publications, but also some notes and clippings, on subjects relating to places or animals in California.
Mixed materials 58, Folder 9

Assorted manuscripts, notes, publications, and clippings. Subjects include the thistle butterfly, the tule elk, trout and snakes. circa 1915-1932

Mixed materials 58, Folder 10

Manuscript of talk on Ventura County geology. circa 1880s.

Mixed materials 58, Folder 11

Trip to Calaveras County to visit Moaning Cave near Vallecita. Includes trip journal and newspaper clipping. 1922

Mixed materials 58, Folder 12

Yosemite fish. Includes manuscript of "The Fishes of the Yosemite National Park" and two letters concerning fish planting in Yosemite. circa 1914-1920

Mixed materials 58, Folder 13

Manuscript of "The Yosemite Valley." undated

Mixed materials 58, Folder 14

Manuscripts of "Yosemite and the Big Trees." Includes list of views. undated

Mixed materials 106, Folder 11

Untitled manuscript on California mountains. undated


California Academy of Sciences Bulk, 1914-1932 1914-1972 and undated

Scope and content

Contains materials relating to Evermann's career as the Director of the Museum of the California Academy of Sciences. During this period, the Academy moved into a new building, opened the Steinhart Aquarium, created new exhibits, and carried out a number of scientific trips and expeditions to Pacific locations, including the Channel Islands, the Revillagigedo Islands, and the Galapagos Islands in 1932. The Academy also engaged in work on conservation, perhaps most notably in its efforts to relocate the California Tule Elk in 1914 and 1915, but also in regard to marine mammals and aquatic life. As director, Evermann participated in or coordinated many of these activities.
Mixed materials 59, Folder 1

Notes and manuscripts for talks on the history and operations of the California Academy of Sciences. circa 1914

Mixed materials 110, Folder 25

Notebook with list of visitors to the California Academy of Sciences. 1929-1938

Mixed materials 107, Folder 1

Lists of books owned by Evermann and donated to the California Academy of Sciences library. 1921

Mixed materials 59, Folder 2

Accession records from the California Academy of Sciences Library for books received from Evermann. circa 1924-1939

Mixed materials 59, Folder 3

Announcements of incoming collections. Includes descriptions of the G. Frean Morcom and the H. S. Swarth collections of birds and the Jordan-Eigenmann collection of fishes. 1929-1930

Mixed materials 59, Folder 4

Records of 1928 attempt to locate all type specimens of fish and invertebrates held by the California Academy of Science. 1928

Mixed materials 106, Folder 13

"Wass ist?" Description of two specimens collected by J. Rainey for the Steinhart Aquarium in 1937 that had not been identified. Attached to section of manuscript on the arrangement of the California Academy of Science specimen collections. undated

Arrangement note

These items were found among Evermann's papers on fish and have been moved to the California Academy of Sciences subseries.
Mixed materials 59, Folder 5

Lists of expenses. 1919-1920

Mixed materials 59, Folder 6

Trip notes and lists of expenses. Includes notes from bird trips to Auburn and Moraga, California. 1919-1930

Mixed materials 110, Folder 26

Small notebooks. Primarily contains lists of expenses. Also includes notes and a list of books. 1912-1915

Mixed materials 140, Folder 1

Two notebooks. Address book and journal. 1914 and undated

Mixed materials 140, Folder 2

Diary pages. 1916-1920

Mixed materials 140, Folder 3

Two notebooks containing notes on California Academy business. Includes notes on exhibits, staffing, and educational activities. circa 1914-1932

Mixed materials 140, Folder 4

Notes on new building. undated

Mixed materials 140, Folder 5

Notebook with notes on publication records, schedules and costs. 1925-1934

Mixed materials 140, Folder 6

Notecards on California Academy business matters. May relate to costs of habitat groups. undated

Mixed materials 106, Folder 12

"Daily Record." Consists of lists of daily activities. 1925-1933

Mixed materials 110, Folder 28

Untitled notebook. Contains records of daily work activities. circa 1921-1924

Mixed materials 59, Folder 7

Miscellaneous publications and correspondence. 1916-1930

Mixed materials 59, Folder 8

Material relating to postcards produced for sale by the California Academy of Sciences. Includes postcards and correspondence. 1924

Mixed materials 59, Folder 9

Pacific exploration. Includes draft statement of goals for the California Academy of Sciences and pamphlet describing the Pacific Scientific Institution based in Honolulu, Hawaii. circa 1920s

Mixed materials 59, Folder 10

Notes from 1918 Channel Islands trip. 1918

Mixed materials 110, Folder 27

Notebooks for 1919 trip to Channel Islands. 1919 May 14 - May 21

Mixed materials 59, Folder 11

Unfinished manuscript by Evermann and Howard Walton Clark: "The Fishes of the Revillagigedo and the Tres Marias Islands, Mexico." Was to be published in the Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences. 1932

Mixed materials 59, Folder 12

Materials relating to the Templeton Crocker Expedition to the Galapagos Islands. Includes reports, meeting minutes, expenses, and resolutions. 1932


Whales 1910s-1930s

Scope and content

Contains materials relating to whales and whaling, primarily in the Pacific Ocean. At Evermann's request, the California Sea Products Company kept detailed records of every whale taken at their landing stations during the early 1920s. These "Daily Whale Reports" make up the largest category of materials in the series. Evermann also maintained a correspondence with the Bureau of Fisheries in relation to international whaling.
Mixed materials 62, Folder 1

Manuscripts and notes. Includes "The California Coast Whale Fishery" and "General Notes on Whales." circa 1920s

Mixed materials 62, Folder 2

Whaling off California and the Pacific coast. circa 1910s-1920s

Mixed materials 62, Folder 3

Notes and notecards. circa 1910s-1920s

Mixed materials 62, Folder 4

Correspondence with the Bureau of Fisheries. 1923-1929

Mixed materials 62, Folder 5

Council for the Conservation of Whales and Other Marine Life materials. 1929-1930

Mixed materials 62, Folder 6

Clippings. circa 1920s-1930s

Mixed materials 107, Folder 4

Notes and data. circa 1919-1926

Mixed materials 63, Folder 1-7

Whaling reports from the California Sea Products Company. 1919-1926

Mixed materials 3

Charts of data compiled from California Sea Products Company whale reports. 1919-1923

Mixed materials 3

Chart of data on humpback whales. 1919-1926

Mixed materials 59, Folder 13

National Park Service reports on bighorn sheep. 1937, 1939

Mixed materials 59, Folder 14

Manuscripts on the Ano Nuevo Stellar Sea Lion rookery. Includes reports of trips in 1920 and 1924. 1920, 1924

Mixed materials 112, Folder 1

Notes and notebook from trips to Ano Nuevo and the Farallon Islands. 1920, 1924

Mixed materials 59, Folder 15

Notes, manuscripts, and correspondence on marine mammals. Subjects include conservation, fur seals, elephant seals, sea lions, and whales. Locations include Guadalupe and the Farallons. 1920s

Mixed materials 59, Folder 16

Notes and historical data on fur seals, elephant seals, and sea lions along the California coast. 1920s

Mixed materials 59, Folder 17

Newspaper clippings on seals and sea lions. circa 1910s-1920s

Mixed materials 112, Folder 2

"1929 Eastern Trip" notebook pages. 1929

Mixed materials 113, Folder 11

Notebook containing "Record of birds observed and skins preserved, U.S.S. Albatross, April 1916 to August 1916, inclusive" and list of photographic material entitled: "List of electros, cuts, films, etc. property of B.W. Evermann." circa 1916


Tule Elk Bulk, 1914-1933 1914-1972 and undated

Scope and content

By the late nineteenth century, growing concern that the California tule elk were in danger of extinction if they were kept only in their original habitats led to efforts to relocate part of the herd. In 1914 and 1915, the Academy relocated tule elk from the property of the Miller and Lux company in the San Joaquin Valley to various locations around the state. This process entailed contacting people at potential locations, rounding up the elk, and then shipping them by rail from Buttonwillow, California to their new destinations.

Arrangement note

The bulk of this material was found arranged into files, primarily according to location. Materials were not in alphabetical order. This arrangement has been preserved.
Mixed materials 60, Folder 1

Publications. 1915, 1916, 1972

Mixed materials 60, Folder 2-3

Correspondence. 1911-1933

Mixed materials 60, Folder 4

Correspondence and reports of elk distributed by the California Academy of Sciences. 1916-1918

Mixed materials 60, Folder 5

Correspondence and newspaper clippings. 1914-1919

Mixed materials 60, Folder 6

Newspaper clippings. 1914-1915 and undated

Mixed materials 60, Folder 7

Expenses. 1914-1915

Mixed materials 60, Folder 8

Oakland. 1914

Mixed materials 60, Folder 9

Monterey. 1914-1919

Mixed materials 60, Folder 10

Modesto. 1914-1916

Mixed materials 60, Folder 11

Merced. not recorded

Mixed materials 60, Folder 12

Correspondence with A. L. Bolton at Buttonwillow, California. 1914-1915

Mixed materials 60, Folder 13

Copies of circular letter concerning tule elk sent by Evermann to various individuals. Includes list of recipients. 1914

Mixed materials 60, Folder 14

Blank permits issued to the California Academy of Sciences by the California Fish and Game Commission allowing the Academy to capture and ship tule elk. 1914

Mixed materials 60, Folder 15

Southern Pacific. 1914-1916

Mixed materials 60, Folder 16

Miller and Lux. 1914-1915

Mixed materials 60, Folder 17

John Rowley. Rowley was curator of mammalogy at the California Academy of Sciences. 1911-1914

Mixed materials 61, Folder 1

Locations in California. Includes Paicines Ranch, Redlands, Riverside, San Bernardino, Salinas, Sonoma County, Sequoia National Forest. 1914-1916

Mixed materials 4

Map of Sequoia and General Grant National Parks with annotations showing elk fences. Found attached to letter from G.W. Purdy of 20 April 1914 and filed under Sequoia National Park in Box 61, Folder 1. 1914

Mixed materials 61, Folder 2

Locations in California and Oregon. Includes Antioch, Atascadero, Bakersfield, Yosemite, Willits, Watsonville, Los Banos, Chico, and Gilroy in California and Klamath Falls, Oregon. 1914-1916

Mixed materials 61, Folder 3

Fresno. 1914-1916

Mixed materials 61, Folder 4

Los Angeles. 1914-1916

Mixed materials 61, Folder 5

Big Basin. 1914-1916

Mixed materials 61, Folder 6

Visalia. 1914-1916

Mixed materials 61, Folder 7

Ventura County. 1914-1916

Mixed materials 61, Folder 8

Vancouver Pinnacles. 1914-1916

Mixed materials 61, Folder 9

Santa Cruz. 1914-1915

Mixed materials 61, Folder 10

San Jose. 1914-1916

Mixed materials 61, Folder 11

San Diego. 1914-1916

Mixed materials 61, Folder 12

Sacramento. 1914-1916

Mixed materials 61, Folder 13

Petaluma. 1914-1916

Mixed materials 107, Folder 2

Manuscript of "An Attempt to Save California Elk." undated

Mixed materials 107, Folder 3

"Elk Data." circa 1910-1916

Mixed materials 4

Map of California showing state game refuges, national parks and monuments, and "former water areas." Prepared for the California Fish and Game Commission. undated


Alaska Fur Seals 1892-1930s

Scope and content

This subseries consists primarily of materials relating to Evermann's work on fur seal matters while he was an employee of the U.S. Fish Commission and the Bureau of Fisheries. The bulk of the material relates either to his work in 1892, when he was appointed Fur Seal Commissioner for that year, or to his involvement in the political controversy over fur seals that began in 1911 after the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, and Japan signed a treaty that outlawed the hunting of fur seals on water.
The controversy centered on a bill in Congress to temporarily outlaw the hunting of fur seals on land controlled by the United States, in addition to ratifying the terms of the treaty. Evermann and other scientists supported the treaty but opposed the additional ban on hunting fur seals on land. Both the treaty and the additional ban were passed into law.
Mixed materials 107, Folder 5

Orders regarding Evermann's work with the U.S. steamer Albatross in Alaska. 1892

Mixed materials 112, Folder 3

"Albatross trip." Four notebooks. 1892

Mixed materials 112, Folder 4

Two notebooks. Contains journal and field notes on fur seals and fur seal rookeries. circa 1892

Mixed materials 112, Folder 5

Notebook. Contains notes on fur seals and other animals in Alaska, as well as notes on people met in Alaska. circa 1912

Mixed materials 107, Folder 6

Executive orders establishing bird reservations on Pribilof and Bogoslof islands. 1909

Mixed materials 107, Folder 7

Notes and advertisements relating to the commercial fur trade. circa 1911-1916

Mixed materials 107, Folder 8

"Veniaminoff." Ivan Veniaminov visited Alaska in the first half of the nineteenth century. Includes notes, data, and an English translation of "Veniaminof's Account of the Pribilof Islands' Fur-Seals and the Russian Method of Conducting the Fur-Seal Industry." circa 1913-1914

Mixed materials 107, Folder 9

Copies of manuscripts on fur sealing in the southern hemisphere. Includes J. A. Allen, "Fur-Seal Hunting in the Southern Hemisphere" and Brooke Nicholls, "Seal Life Off Our Coasts." Also includes letter from Nicholls to Evermann. 1896-1897, 1925


Pribilof charts 1891

Physical Description: 11 charts. In map case drawer 3-C.
Mixed materials 64, Folder 1

List of Pribilof charts. undated

Mixed materials 64, Folder 2

Expense accounts. 1892

Mixed materials 64, Folder 3

Handwritten statements by Evermann on the rookeries on Cooper and Behring islands. undated

Mixed materials 64, Folder 4

Notes on Pribilof islands fur seal rookeries. 1892

Mixed materials 64, Folder 5

Lecture tour materials. 1890s

Mixed materials 64, Folder 10, Mixed materials 64, Folder 6-8

Correspondence, notes, and memoranda. 1903-1919

Mixed materials 64, Folder 9

Correspondence with George M. Bowers. 1912-1922

Mixed materials 64, Folder 11

Notes and typescript on pelagic sealing. undated

Mixed materials 64, Folder 12

Notes and data on fur seals and fur sealing. 1890s-1910s

Mixed materials 64, Folder 13

Transcript of "Conference of the Committee on Game Protective Legislation and Preserves of the Camp-Fire Club." 1910

Mixed materials 65, Folder 1

U.S. Bureau of Fisheries report on fur seals. 1913

Mixed materials 65, Folder 2

Political materials. Includes memoranda to the President, Congressional committee reports, comments on legislation, and other writings relating to fur seals, political appointments, and the administration of the Bureau of Fisheries. circa 1910s

Mixed materials 65, Folder 3

Notes and typescripts concerning fur seal treaty. circa 1910s

Mixed materials 65, Folder 4

Materials regarding Henry W. Elliot. Evermann and Elliot took opposing positions regarding fur seal legislation. circa 1910s

Mixed materials 65, Folder 5

Government documents and publications. Includes copies of legislation. 1882-1926

Mixed materials 65, Folder 6

Excerpts from Congressional Record. 1912

Mixed materials 65, Folder 7

Congressional hearings on the fur seal industry. 1914

Mixed materials 65, Folder 8

Publications. 1894-1923

Mixed materials 65, Folder 9

Clippings and manuscript found inside Evermann's copy of book by Charles Townsend on fur seals. circa 1910s

Mixed materials 65, Folder 10

Newspaper clippings on fur seals and the Behring Sea. 1890s

Mixed materials 65, Folder 11

Newspaper clippings on fur seals and Alaska foxes. 1910s

Mixed materials 66, Folder 1

Newspaper clippings. 1890s-1930s

Mixed materials 66, Folder 2

Editions of "The Lance," published in Victoria, British Columbia. 1925

Mixed materials 66, Folder 3

Department of Commerce press releases. 1911

Mixed materials 66, Folder 4

Manuscripts on fur seals during the period of Russian control of Alaska. undated

Mixed materials 66, Folder 5

Notes for and drafts of manuscript on fur seal pups. circa 1910-1911

Mixed materials 66, Folder 6

Sections from Alaska journal. 1912-1913

Mixed materials 66, Folder 7

Manuscripts and notes. Includes "An Experiment in Fur-Seal Conservation" and "Alaska + the Fur Seal". undated

Mixed materials 66, Folder 8

Manuscripts of "The Northern Fur-Seal Problem as a Type of Many Problems of Marine Zoology." circa 1910s

Mixed materials 66, Folder 9-11

Drafts of manuscript, variously titled "Some Phases of the Fur-Seal Question" or "Some Sidelights on the Fur-Seal Question." circa 1910s

Mixed materials 66, Folder 12

Plant specimens from St. Paul Island found inside book owned by Evermann. undated


Fish Bulk, 1880-1932 1880s-1975 and undated

Scope and content

Consists of material related to Evermann's work as an ichthyologist. Includes material related to both research and fieldwork, and material related to writing and publications.

Notes and Manuscripts 1883-1920s and undated

Mixed materials 75, Folder 1-2

Fish notes, lists and clippings. circa 1890s-1910s

Mixed materials 112, Folder 6

Untitled notebook with notes and lists of fish drawn from various publications. undated

Mixed materials 112, Folder 7

Notebook labeled "Distribution" with notes and lists of fish drawn from various publications. undated

Mixed materials 112, Folder 8

Notebook with lists of fish and citations. Arranged by scientific classification. undated

Mixed materials 112, Folder 9

Note pages with list of animals held by an unidentified institution's Department of Natural History. undated

Mixed materials 75, Folder 3

Manuscript of "Fishes that Protect Their Young." undated

Mixed materials 75, Folder 4

Manuscripts of "Curious Facts About Fish." undated

Mixed materials 75, Folder 5

Notes and correspondence with David Starr Jordan regarding revisions to "American Food and Game Fishes." circa 1920s

Mixed materials 77, Folder 1-2

Manuscripts and research material on private fish ponds. undated

Mixed materials 77, Folder 5

Material relating to Barton Warren Evermann and H. Walton Clark, "Descriptions of Two New Species of Fishes From Off Cape San Lucas, Lower California," Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences, Fourth Series, Vol. XVI, No. 22, pp. 685-688 (1928). See also photographs in Box 117, Folder 21. circa 1928

Mixed materials 81, Folder 4-5

Fish lists and notes. undated

Mixed materials 82

Fish notes and notecards. Contains three folders of unsorted notes and fifteen envelopes of notes, primarily relating to fish in the Pacific Northwest. undated

Mixed materials 81, Folder 8

Manuscripts on fisheries of the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. undated

Mixed materials 107, Folder 21

List entitled: "Introduced Species." undated

Mixed materials 107, Folder 20

Manuscript of Evermann and Seth E. Meek, "A Review of the Species of Gerres Found in American Waters." Later published in Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Vol. 35, (1883), pp. 116-124. circa 1883

Mixed materials 109, Folder 13

Manuscripts of "Halibut Fishery." circa 1896

Mixed materials 115, Folder 35

Bibliographical notes on fish. undated


Illustrations 1901-1924 and undated

Mixed materials 75, Folder 6

Collected material, primarily illustrations, relating to fish named by or for Evermann. undated

Mixed materials 77, Folder 3

Illustration of Scorpaena Nuttingi Evermann & Seale by W. S. Atkinson. 1924

Mixed materials 77, Folder 4

"Engraver's Proofs of Jenkins' Hawaiian Fishes. Jan 14, 1901." Relates to 1901 U.S. Fish Commission investigation in Hawaii. 1901

Mixed materials 77, Folder 6

U.S. Fish Commission plates. Primarily tropical fish. circa 1901

Mixed materials 78-79

Illustrations, chiefly plates. Organized primarily by taxonomic name. Includes some notes. not recorded


Files by Taxonomic Name or Common Name 1880s-1911 and undated

Mixed materials 107, Folder 18

"Family Catostomidae: The Suckers." Notes and manuscripts. Also includes material on mullet. circa 1895-1911

Mixed materials 76, Folder 1

"Family Cyprinidae. The Minnows." undated

Mixed materials 107, Folder 17, Mixed materials 76, Folder 2

Atlantic and Pacific cod. Reference material and data. undated

Mixed materials 76, Folder 3

Shad. circa 1897-1898

Mixed materials 76, Folder 4

Pickerel, pike, and mascalonge. circa 1880s-1900s

Mixed materials 76, Folder 5

Centrarchidae, black bass. circa 1898-1904

Mixed materials 76, Folder 6

Characidae. undated

Mixed materials 76, Folder 7

Clupeidae, shad. circa 1890s-1910

Mixed materials 76, Folder 8

Elopidae, Tarpon. circa 1901

Mixed materials 76, Folder 9

Anguillidae, eels. undated

Mixed materials 76, Folder 10

Carangidae. 1906

Mixed materials 76, Folder 11

Acipenseridae, sturgeon. circa 1890s-1910

Mixed materials 76, Folder 12

Lobotidae, triple tails. undated

Mixed materials 76, Folder 13

Lobsters. 1880s-1910

Mixed materials 76, Folder 14

Oysters, shrimp, terrapin, clams. undated

Mixed materials 76, Folder 15

Mentacirridae, bull croaker. undated

Mixed materials 76, Folder 16

Fish descriptions, pereidae. undated

Mixed materials 80

Reference files. Contains folders with notes on fish, organized primarily by taxonomic names. not recorded

Mixed materials 81, Folder 1

Lampreys. See photo in Box 118, Folder 1. 1909 and undated

Mixed materials 81, Folder 2

Paddlefish. undated

Mixed materials 81, Folder 3

Clippings and correspondence relating to salmon and mackerel. circa 1905-1910


Ichthyological nomenclature 1910s

Scope and content

Consists of correspondence, reports, and manuscripts on ichthyological nomenclature. Much of the correspondence is with David Starr Jordan, who was a member of the International Commission on Zoological Nomenclature. Evermann assisted Jordan in the writing of "The Genera of Fishes: A Contribution to the Stability of Scientific Nomenclature," which was published by Stanford University in 1917.
Mixed materials 107, Folder 10-11, Mixed materials 69, Folder 1-2

Correspondence, notes, reports, and drafts of portions of "The Genera of Fishes." 1910s

Mixed materials 107, Folder 12, Mixed materials 69, Folder 3-5

Draft manuscript sections of "The Genera of Fishes." circa 1917


"Salmonidae." 1890s to 1921 and undated

Scope and content

Contains notes, correspondence, manuscripts, reports, and clippings relating primarily to salmon, trout, and related fish. May have been gathered together for proposed monograph on Salmonidae.
Mixed materials 107, Folder 14

Salmon and salmon fisheries of Alaska. Notes and manuscripts for lectures. undated

Mixed materials 107, Folder 15

Portions of a manuscript on fish of North America. Title not indicated. Found in box with "Salmonidae" material. undated

Mixed materials 71, Folder 1

Correspondence with C.H. Gilbert and Cloudsley Rutter in relation to Columbia River investigation. 1893

Mixed materials 71, Folder 2

Notes found in envelope labeled: "F + S Distribution." Appear to be citations. undated

Mixed materials 71, Folder 3

Notes and newspaper clipping. circa 1909

Mixed materials 71, Folder 4

Reports on salmon in Alaska and the Pacific coast. circa 1890s-1910

Mixed materials 71, Folder 5

Copies of manuscript of Eug. Juillerat, "Study of the Salmon of California in closed water and a view of its culture." undated

Mixed materials 71, Folder 6

Manuscript of "The Story of a Salmon." Includes editorial correspondence. circa 1897

Mixed materials 71, Folder 7

Manuscript of "The Cisco of Lake Tippecanoe." undated

Mixed materials 71, Folder 8

Notes and correspondence. circa 1900s

Mixed materials 71, Folder 9

Lists of species. Note indicates it may be a check-list for proposed monograph on Salmonidae. undated

Mixed materials 71, Folder 10

Typed copies of Leonhard Stejneger, "The Char and the Scottish-Norwegian Land-bridge" translated from Naturen (February 1909) and John J. Boyce, "Exhausting Our Salmon Supply," letter to the Daily Commercial News (January 3, 1920). 1909, 1920

Mixed materials 71, Folder 11

Manuscripts on trout and salmon. Includes material on California trout, steelhead and rainbow trout, and Pacific salmon. Also includes clippings of versions published in newspapers. circa 1921

Mixed materials 71, Folder 12

Notes on salmon, trout, and whitefish. undated

Mixed materials 71, Folder 13

Correspondence with W. C. Kendall. 1920-1921

Mixed materials 71, Folder 14

Outline of and correspondence relating to proposed monograph on the Salmonidae of the world. circa 1920-1921


Giant Mackerels Paper 1914-1928 and undated

Scope and content

Materials relating to David Starr Jordan and Barton Warren Evermann, "A Review of the Giant Mackerel-Like Fishes, Tunnies, Spearfishes, and Swordfishes," Occasional Papers of the California Academy of Sciences, Vol. 12, 1926.
Mixed materials 70, Folder 1

Copy of David Starr Jordan and Barton Warren Evermann, "A Review of the Giant Mackerel-Like Fishes, Tunnies, Spearfishes, and Swordfishes," Occasional Papers of the California Academy of Sciences, Vol. 12, 1926. 1926

Mixed materials 70, Folder 2-5

Plates, plate proofs, and drafts of captions. undated

Mixed materials 70, Folder 6-7

Correspondence, notes, and clippings. 1914-1917, 1925-1928

Mixed materials 70, Folder 8

Illustrations from Bulletin of the U.S. Fish Commission, 1903. Plates 1-101. 1903

Mixed materials 107, Folder 16

Tuna. Sketches and notes. undated


Golden Trout Bulk, 1892-1932 1892-1975

Scope and content

In 1904, Evermann led a U.S. Bureau of Fisheries expedition to the Sierra Nevada to study the golden trout and to evaluate potential streams where the golden trout could be stocked. Materials include correspondence, notes, journal transcripts, manuscripts, illustrations, clippings, and publications.
Mixed materials 72, Folder 1

Publications by Evermann. Includes "The Most Beautiful of All the Trouts," Shields' Magazine, Vol. 1. No. 4 (June 1905); "The Golden Trout of Volcano Creek," The American Fish Culturist, Vol. I, No. 10 (October 1904); and "The Golden Trout of the High Sierras," Bulletin of the Bureau of Fisheries, Vol. XXV (1905). 1904-1905

Mixed materials 72, Folder 2

Newspaper clippings and publications on golden trout and the Sierra mountains. circa 1892-1906, 1975

Mixed materials 72, Folder 3

Manuscripts on golden trout. undated

Mixed materials 72, Folder 4

Manuscripts of "In Quest of the Golden Trout of the High Sierra." undated

Mixed materials 72, Folder 5

Manuscripts of "The Discovery of the Roosevelt Trout." circa 1919

Mixed materials 72, Folder 6

Typescripts. Includes "The Fishes of the Kern River Region," "The Trout of the Sierra Nevada," "On Volcano Creek," and David Starr Jordan, "The Golden Trout of the High Sierra and Their Enemies." undated

Mixed materials 73, Folder 1-2

"In re: Mt. Whitney accident." Relates to electrical storm on Mt. Whitney in which a member of Evermann's party was struck and killed by lightning. 1904-1932

Mixed materials 73, Folder 3

"Itinerary" notes. undated

Mixed materials 73, Folder 4

Handwritten notes and hand-drawn map of trail between Mineral King and Lone Pine. undated

Mixed materials 73, Folder 5

Plates of illustrations by Charles B. Hudson. Includes golden trout and Kern River trout. undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 34

Copies of color plate of golden trout painted by Charles B. Hudson. circa 1904

Mixed materials 73, Folder 6

Collected items on golden trout. Includes announcements for lecture, copy of publication by David Starr Jordan, correspondence and reports. Material found fastened together. 1907-1909

Mixed materials 73, Folder 7

Tag numbers and lists of fish, birds, and mammals collected on golden trout expedition. circa 1904

Mixed materials 73, Folder 8

Expenses and vouchers for golden trout investigation. 1904

Mixed materials 73, Folder 9

Proofs for "The Most Beautiful of All the Trouts" to be published in Shields Magazine. Later published in June 1905. circa 1904-1905

Mixed materials 73, Folder 10

Correspondence and memoranda. 1904-1909

Mixed materials 73, Folder 10

Tables and reports on trout transplantation in California covering the period from the 1890s to 1910. undated

Mixed materials 73, Folder 12

Work file for Bruce Funson. Relates to Funson's use of the golden trout section of the Evermann papers. 1970s

Mixed materials 4

Map of Kern River region produced in 1904. Contains later annotations showing locations where fish were planted. Found attached to letter from S. L. M. Ellis to George M. Bowers, 3 March 1910 in correspondence folder. circa 1910


U.S Fish Commission and U.S. Bureau of Fisheries. 1890-1930

Scope and content

This subseries relates to Evermann's employment with the U.S. Fish Commission and the Bureau of Fisheries. Included are work orders and official appointments, along with correspondence relating to Evermann's work activities. Also included are two boxes of correspondence with David Starr Jordan and others, and one box of geographical files.

Arrangement note

Materials in this subseries were found together under the heading "U.S. Fish Commission." However, the two boxes of correspondence with David Starr Jordan and others in this subseries may be related to the material in the Professional Work - Correspondence subseries. See note under "J" (Box 55, Folder 6) in the Professional Work - Correspondence subseries above.
Mixed materials 108, Folder 1

Materials related to Evermann's work for the U.S. Bureau of Fisheries. Includes reports of activities and notes, memos, and lists of expenses related to public lectures given between 1898-1907. circa 1907-1908

Mixed materials 100, Folder 2

Notes, data, and correspondence. circa 1890s-1900s

Mixed materials 100, Folder 3

Manuscripts of report on U.S. Bureau of Fisheries activities in the American South. circa 1900s

Mixed materials 100, Folder 4

Portion of manuscript, reports, newspaper clippings, and publications. circa 1890s-1900s

Mixed materials 100, Folder 5

Manuscripts and typescripts of Bureau of Fisheries reports. 1904, 1910

Mixed materials 101, Folder 1

Manuscripts and notes on ice fishing. Includes "Winter Fishing on Lake Maxinkuckee." circa 1899-1900

Mixed materials 101, Folder 2

"Orders." Contains orders and authorizations for Evermann's work. circa 1890s-1913

Mixed materials 101, Folder 3

"Appointments." Contains records of Evermann's appointments to various job titles and positions. circa 1890-1913

Mixed materials 4

Official appointment of Barton Warren Evermann as a delegate to the International Zoological Congress in Boston, August 19 to 23, 1907. 1907

Mixed materials 101, Folder 4-6

Correspondence with the U.S. Fish Commission and Bureau of Fisheries. Also includes blank Department of Commerce stationery and forms. 1891-1915

Mixed materials 103, Folder 1-5, Mixed materials 102, Folder 1-6

Correspondence with David Starr Jordan and others. 1894-1913

Mixed materials 103, Folder 6

Material listed as "no date" likely relating to Evermann's work with David Starr Jordan. Includes some correspondence, notes and parts of manuscript. undated

Mixed materials 104, Folder 1

Utah. undated

Mixed materials 104, Folder 2

Vermont, Lake Champlain. circa 1894-1895

Mixed materials 113, Folder 9

New York, Vermont, and Idaho. Notebook. 1894

Scope and content

Includes investigations in New York and Vermont by Evermann and Bean, June 17 - July 30, 1894 and "Idaho Salmon Investigations" by Evermann and Scovell, September 2 - October 11, 1894. Found with Fish Commission material.
Mixed materials 104, Folder 3

Virginia, Maryland, Potomac River. circa 1898-1909

Mixed materials 109, Folder 14

James R., Virginia fish list. undated

Mixed materials 104, Folder 4-5

Washington, Oregon, Columbia River basin. Bulk, 1891-1899 1890s, 1930

Mixed materials 104, Folder 6

Washington. See also photograph of chinook salmon in Box 126, Folder 10. undated

Mixed materials 104, Folder 7

Washington. Copies of Edmond S. Meany, "The Work of a Year in Natural History," a series of articles in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer on the work of the U.S. Fish Commission. Mentions Evermann. 1898

Mixed materials 104, Folder 8

West Virginia. 1899

Mixed materials 104, Folder 9

West Indies and Central America. Includes file on Barbados fishes dating from period when Evermann was at the California Academy of Sciences. 1902-1904, 1919-1923 and undated

Mixed materials 104, Folder 10

Wisconsin. See also map of Lake Mendota, Dane Co., Wisconsin in Oversize 4. 1892-1895

Mixed materials 4

Hydrographic map of Lake Mendota, Dane Co., Wisconsin. From Box 104, Folder 10. 1900

Mixed materials 104, Folder 11

Wyoming. For photographs, see Box 126, Folder 11. 1893-1899

Mixed materials 3

Two oversize charts containing fishing records. One chart labeled "Seining Records 1899-1900." circa 1899-1900


Cloudsley Rutter 1894-1903 and undated

Scope and content

Cloudsley Rutter was a colleague of Evermann's at the United States Fish Commission. The materials in this subseries relate to fieldwork carried out by Rutter in the Pacific states. They may have been sent on to Evermann to be written up for publication.
Mixed materials 105, Folder 1

Manuscript of "How Fishermen Distinguish Salmon." undated

Mixed materials 105, Folder 2

Manuscript of "The Red Salmon" and copy of Cloudsley Rutter, "Natural History of the Quinnat Salmon," U.S. Fish Commission Bulletin for 1902. 1903 and undated

Mixed materials 114, Folder 4

Note pages. "Red Salmon (Sockeye) Notes." undated

Mixed materials 105, Folder 3

"Methods of Fish Culture on the Pacific Coast." undated

Mixed materials 105, Folder 4

"Bean 80a for Distribution Paper." undated

Mixed materials 105, Folder 5

"Karluk, Alaska work on salmon." 1903

Mixed materials 105, Folder 6

"Karluk Collection." circa 1903

Mixed materials 105, Folder 7

Notes and report on Karluk work. 1903

Mixed materials 114, Folder 1

Two notebooks. "Tin tags and other numbers. Karluk, Alaska 1903." 1903

Mixed materials 114, Folder 3

Note pages. "Karluk Salmon Notes." 1903

Mixed materials 105, Folder 8

"Notes on salmon and other fishes, Karluk, 1903." 1903

Mixed materials 105, Folder 9

"Alaska Salmon Regulations. Data gathered by Mr. Rutter. 1902-1903

Mixed materials 114, Folder 2

Notebook. "June 16." Includes entries from June 16 - July 15. Year not given. undated

Mixed materials 114, Folder 5

Notes in envelopes. Subjects include "Fry, from lake to ocean"; "Miscellaneous"; "Salvelinus malma"; "Fauna"; "Spawning"; "Enemies"; "Hatchery"; "Humpback"; and one untitled envelope. undated

Mixed materials 114, Folder 6-9

Lake Erie notebooks. Includes "Technical Notes" and notebooks numbered 1-5. Also includes envelope with plant sample found in notebook 2. 1894

Mixed materials 114, Folder 10

Technical descriptions, notes, and metal tags to accompany material in Lake Erie notebooks. circa 1894

Mixed materials 4

Hand-drawn map. Title illegible. circa 1905

Mixed materials 105, Folder 10

Mark Jennings research material. Includes correspondence between Jennings and the library of the California Academy of Sciences and transcripts and copies of documents relating to Cloudsley Rutter. 1987, 1996


Geographical Files 1880s-1931 and undated

Scope and content

These materials relate primarily to investigations in which Evermann participated as an employee of the United States Fish Commission and Bureau of Fisheries. Also included are materials relating to publications Evermann wrote based on fieldwork carried out by others.

Arrangement note

This material was found arranged into files labeled according to location. Materials were not found in any clearly identifiable order and this arrangement was largely preserved during processing. However, notebooks and photographs were physically separated for preservation purposes. For the photographs, see Series 6: Photographic materials.
Mixed materials 112, Folder 11

Two notebooks containing expenses. 1890, 1908

Mixed materials 112, Folder 12

Five small notebooks. Notes relate primarily to expenses; also included are itinerary lists and observational notes. One notebook is labeled "Albatross." circa 1892-1893

Mixed materials 81, Folder 6

Expenses for trips. circa 1891-1907

Mixed materials 81, Folder 7

Miscellaneous notes from trip to New York and Ohio. undated

Mixed materials 81, Folder 9

Reports to the U.S. Fish Commission on interior waters. 1892-1894

Mixed materials 81, Folder 10

Typewritten itinerary and journal of "Trip to Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, and Georgia." 1897

Mixed materials 81, Folder 11

Reports on investigations in South Dakota, Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana, Ohio, Idaho, Montana, Washington and Oregon. 1893

Mixed materials 81, Folder 12

Reports: "Trip to Virginia, Tennessee and North Carolina" and "Lower Wabash and Northwestern Indiana Trip." 1888

Mixed materials 81, Folder 13

Missouri River Basin Fishes. circa 1893

Mixed materials 81, Folder 14

"Investigations Carried on in 1898." Includes "Old Point Comfort, Virginia"; "Ohio Shad Investigations"; "Lake Chelan, Kootenay Lakes, etc."; "Wabash Basin." 1898

Mixed materials 83, Folder 1

Kansas. 1901, 1913

Mixed materials 83, Folder 2

Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee. 1892-1913

Mixed materials 83, Folder 3

Illinois. 1892, 1902 and undated

Mixed materials 112, Folder 10

Notebook. Includes investigations in Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas by Evermann, Chamberlain, and Center, April 13 - May 5, 1897; in Georgia by Evermann, May 1897; and Point Reyes Station Trip on May 6, 1919. 1897, 1919

Mixed materials 83, Folder 4

Mississippi. 1901

Mixed materials 112, Folder 13

Three notebooks with notes on investigations. 1892-1893

Scope and content

Locations include Alaska, Nebraska, Iowa, Indiana, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Washington, Port Clinton, Ohio; Pend d'Oreille, Idaho; Lake Erie, and Chicago.
Names of investigators include Evermann, L. M. McCormick, Cox, Rutter, Gillum, Kirsch, Woolman, Hasbrook, Jenkins, Gilbert, and Green.
Mixed materials 83, Folder 5

Montana, Wyoming. 1891-1909

Mixed materials 112, Folder 14

Montana and Wyoming. Notebook labeled "2." Relates to work in Montana and Wyoming by Evermann, Jenkins, and Clapham July 7 to September 8, 1891. 1891

Mixed materials 112, Folder 15

Montana. "Montana Notes 1891." 1891

Mixed materials 83, Folder 6

New Mexico. 1900 and undated

Mixed materials 83, Folder 7

New Jersey. 1901 and undated

Mixed materials 83, Folder 8

New Hampshire. 1906-1910, 1915

Mixed materials 83, Folder 9

Nevada. 1909

Mixed materials 83, Folder 10

"Fish lists Nevada 1901." 1901

Mixed materials 83, Folder 11

Nebraska. 1903 and undated

Mixed materials 83, Folder 12

Minnesota, North Dakota. See photos in Box 118, Folder 6. 1892, 1895, 1907

Mixed materials 83, Folder 13

Michigan. 1894-1895, 1913.

Mixed materials 83, Folder 14

Arizona. See photos in Box 118, Folder 2. circa 1890s-1916

Mixed materials 83, Folder 15

Arkansas and Indian Territory. 1892-1897

Mixed materials 83, Folder 16

Colorado, Utah, Kansas. circa 1900s

Mixed materials 83, Folder 17

Connecticut. 1896, 1905

Mixed materials 83, Folder 18

Cuba. 1904

Mixed materials 83, Folder 19

District of Columbia and Potomac. 1895-1906

Mixed materials 84, Folder 1

Florida. circa 1890s

Mixed materials 84, Folder 2

Massachusetts. 1893, 1900s

Mixed materials 84, Folder 3

Maine. 1900s, 1916

Mixed materials 84, Folder 4

Maryland. 1901

Mixed materials 84, Folder 5

Pennsylvania, New Jersey. undated

Mixed materials 84, Folder 6

Ohio. 1891-1904

Mixed materials 84, Folder 7

Interior waters, Michigan, Maine. 1893-1894

Mixed materials 84, Folder 8

North Dakota. circa 1905

Mixed materials 84, Folder 9

North Carolina, South Carolina. 1890-1891, 1900

Mixed materials 108, Folder 2

North Carolina. "Lumbee River, North Carolina." Includes reports, map, and publications. circa 1913

Mixed materials 112, Folder 16

North Carolina. Beaufort fish notes. 1878

Mixed materials 112, Folder 17

North Carolina. Trips to Beaufort, North Carolina in 1904 and 1905. See also photographs in Box 119, Folder 10. 1904, 1905

Mixed materials 84, Folder 10

New York. 1899-1903

Mixed materials 4

New York. Tracing of large black bass caught in the Susquehanna River near Oswego, New York. Includes attached letter of transmittal and affidavit. For photograph see Box 120, Folder 2. 1902-1903

Mixed materials 84, Folder 11

Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wyoming. 1892-1912

Mixed materials 84, Folder 12

Louisiana. 1892-1893, 1897

Mixed materials 108, Folder 3

Georgia. Savannah fish list. undated

Mixed materials 112, Folder 18

Alaska. Notebook labeled: "Alaska 1903. June 5 - Sept 25." 1903

Mixed materials 85, Folder 1

Alaska. 1904-1912

Mixed materials 108, Folder 5

Alaska. Reports, notes, sketches, and data. circa 1903-1922

Mixed materials 85, Folder 2

Alaska. Report: "Alaska Salmon Investigation. Expedition of U.S. Fish Commission Str. Albatross." 1903

Mixed materials 85, Folder 3

Alaska. Correspondence, research material, and manuscript of "Artificial Propagation of the Sockeye Salmon in Alaska." circa 1920

Mixed materials 85, Folder 4, Mixed materials 108, Folder 6-7

Alaska. Notes for and draft manuscripts of "Can the Alaska Salmon Fisheries Be Saved?" circa 1920

Mixed materials 85, Folder 5

Alaska. U.S. Senate hearings on Alaska fisheries. 1912-1913

Mixed materials 85, Folder 6

Alaska. Newspaper clipping from Alaska Dispatch concerning report on conservation of Alaska fisheries. 1919 November 21

Mixed materials 85, Folder 7

Alaska. "Fox clippings" on Alaska foxes. circa 1913

Mixed materials 4

Alaska. Oversize chart labeled "Approximate extent of the herring fisheries of Alaska, 1878 to 1910." circa 1910

Mixed materials 108, Folder 8-10, Mixed materials 86-88

Peru. Correspondence, notes, and manuscripts of "The Fishes of Peru." circa 1907-1917

Mixed materials 89, Folder 1

Puerto Rico. circa 1898-1899

Mixed materials 89, Folder 2

Puerto Rico. Manuscript of "Porto Rico and its People." May have been for a lecture. Includes material related to lecture of the same title. circa 1900

Mixed materials 89, Folder 3

Puerto Rico. Newspaper clippings. not recorded

Mixed materials 112, Folder 20-21

Puerto Rico. Notebooks. 1898-1899

Mixed materials 89, Folder 4

Tennessee, Iowa, Minnesota. 1893-1894

Mixed materials 89, Folder 5

"Black Hills Trip--South Dakota, Nebraska, and Iowa, 1892." 1892

Mixed materials 89, Folder 6

South Dakota. See also photographs in Box 120, Folder 9. 1893-1894, 1901

Mixed materials 89, Folder 7

South Carolina. undated

Mixed materials 108, Folder 12

Manuscripts on "The Conservation of the Fishery Resources of the Pacific." circa 1920s

Mixed materials 90, Folder 1

Drafts of writings on birds and mammals of the north Pacific. undated

Mixed materials 90, Folder 2

Manuscript of "Some Strange Ocean Fishes." undated

Mixed materials 90, Folder 3

New Zealand. 1906 and undated

Mixed materials 90, Folder 4

Manuscript of trip to South America. undated

Mixed materials 90, Folder 5

Ecuador. 1904-1909

Mixed materials 90, Folder 6

Mexico. circa 1899-1919

Mixed materials 90, Folder 7

Mexico. Plates for publication by Evermann and Jenkins on fishes of Mexico. undated

Mixed materials 90, Folder 8

Mexico. Plates. Label reads: "Mexican Fishes - Meek's Paper." undated

Mixed materials 90, Folder 9

Mexico. "Engraver's proofs of fishes figured in Jordan Snyder's Mexican paper, 1900." 1900

Mixed materials 112, Folder 22

Mexico. Notebook with "Notes on the fishes of Guaymas." undated

Mixed materials 112, Folder 23

Mexico. Guaymas notebook. 1887

Mixed materials 112, Folder 24

Mexico. Guaymas notebook from 1887. Includes notes and 1921 letter forwarded to Evermann by Oliver P. Jenkins concerning specimens collected on Guaymas trip. 1887, 1921

Mixed materials 113, Folder 10

"Note-book #3." Includes Guaymas fish bottle list. Also includes manuscript on "Recent Progress in Zoology, list of "Books Wanted, 1890," and notes on Kyphosus Analogus. circa 1890

Mixed materials 90, Folder 10-11

Oregon. circa 1895-1905

Mixed materials 112, Folder 25

Oregon. Notebook. Includes investigations in southern Oregon by Evermann, Hay, T. B. Evermann, Rowe, and Butler, July 15 - August 15, 1897; and at Baker Lake, Oregon, by Evermann, August 20-22, 1897. 1897

Mixed materials 112, Folder 26

Idaho. Notebooks. "Salmon Investigation" by Evermann and Scovell, September 2 - October 11, 1894. Includes books 1-3 along with a small expense notebook labeled "1894." 1894

Mixed materials 108, Folder 13, Mixed materials 91, Folder 1-2

Idaho. Notes on Idaho lakes. Includes Sawtooth, Alturas, Pettit, and Redfish lakes. circa 1890s

Mixed materials 91, Folder 3

Idaho. Manuscript of Evermann, "A Preliminary Report Upon Salmon Investigations in 1894." 1895

Mixed materials 91, Folder 4

Idaho. Notes and correspondence. circa 1890s-1901

Mixed materials 91, Folder 5

Idaho. "Trip to Sawtooth Lakes, Idaho." Typed itinerary and notes. 1896

Mixed materials 4

Idaho. Map of Boise National Forest. Attached to printed statement on proposed Sawtooth National Park entitled, "Idaho's claim for a national park in the Red Fish Lake country." Statement signed by Evermann and three others. 1910

Mixed materials 112, Folder 27

Idaho, Oregon, Lower Columbia River. Notebook. "Salmon investigations" by Meek and Maddren and Evermann and Meek. 1896

Mixed materials 112, Folder 28

Idaho, Oregon, Washington. Notebook and notebook pages for investigations in Idaho, along the Columbia River, and at Crater Lake, Oregon by Evermann, Hubbard, Cox, and Meek. 1896

Mixed materials 112, Folder 29

Washington, Idaho. Notebook dated 1898 and notebook pages dated 1895. Found tied together. 1895, 1898

Mixed materials 112, Folder 30

California, Mississippi. Notebook. 1901, 1916, 1917

Scope and content

Notebook covering bird and condor trip to Santa Paula and Ventura, California in April 1916; trip to the Farallon Islands with the Audubon Society on August 3, 1917; and a list of pictures and addresses from trip to Tupelo, Mississippi in 1901. Found with material on fish.
Mixed materials 91, Folder 6-7

California. 1899-1920 and undated

Mixed materials 91, Folder 8

California. Trip expenses and itinerary notes. Locations include Santa Paula, San Diego, and Los Angeles. 1893-1894, 1922

Mixed materials 91, Folder 9

California. "Chamberlain, F. M. Salmon, Sacramento River." See also photographs in Box 125, Folder 6 and maps in Oversize 4. 1901

Mixed materials 4

Two maps. One of the copper region of Shasta County, California and the other Spring Creek Canyon and vicinity. Found "Chamberlain, F. M." folder in Box 91, Folder 9. 1901

Mixed materials 91, Folder 10

California. Notes in envelope labeled "References to FW fishes used in paper." undated

Mixed materials 92, Folder 1-4

California. Notes for, and manuscripts and copy of published version of Barton Warren Evermann and Howard Walton Clark, "A Distributional List of the Species of Freshwater Fishes Known to Occur in California" (1931). circa 1931

Mixed materials 92, Folder 5-7, Mixed materials 109, Folder 2

Canada. circa 1898-1907

Mixed materials 112, Folder 31-32

Canada. Three untitled notebooks with notes taken from publications and notes on the distribution of fishes. undated

Mixed materials 3

Oversize chart entitled "Canadian Fishes Given in Gunther's Catalogue." undated

Mixed materials 92, Folder 8

Texas. Notes, memo, and manuscript of "Texas Fishes." undated

Mixed materials 92, Folder 9-10

Texas. Typescripts of "Fish-Cultural Investigations in Texas in 1891." 1891

Mixed materials 112, Folder 33

Texas. Notebooks. Notebook on Texas investigations by Evermann, Scovell, and Gurley in November and December, 1891. Also includes small notebook with expenses and loose notebook pages with notes and expenses. 1891

Mixed materials 92, Folder 11

Florida. 1897-1909

Mixed materials 108, Folder 4

Florida. "My Cruise on a Fishing Smack" manuscript. circa 1910

Mixed materials 93, Folder 1-2

Florida. Investigations carried out in 1896. Copies of itinerary and journal. 1896

Mixed materials 93, Folder 3

Florida, Gulf of Mexico, Bahamas. circa 1890s-1910s

Mixed materials 109, Folder 3

Florida. List of Florida fishes prepared for World's Fair. 1892

Mixed materials 109, Folder 4

Florida collecting records. 1896, 1904

Mixed materials 112, Folder 34-35

Florida notebooks and notebook pages. 1896 and undated

Scope and content

Includes notebooks on Indian River investigations by Evermann, Bean, Maddren, and Wilcox from January 9 to February 2, 1896; Florida investigations by Evermann, Smith, Kendall, and Cobb, October 14 - November 11, 1896; and notes by W.C. Kendall on fishes around Key West, Florida, October 24 - November 3, 1896.
Mixed materials 93, Folder 4-7

Kentucky and Tennessee. Reference notes. undated

Mixed materials 109, Folder 5-6, Mixed materials 94, Folder 1-6

Kentucky and Tennessee. Manuscripts of "The Fishes of Kentucky and Tennessee: A Distributional Catalogue of the Known Species." circa 1916

Mixed materials 109, Folder 7-9

Kentucky and Tennessee. Sections of manuscript marked: "Tennessee River," "Cumberland R.," and "Ohio, etc." undated

Mixed materials 95, Folder 1

Kentucky and Tennessee. "New Species" notes. undated

Mixed materials 95, Folder 2-4

Tennessee. Notes and manuscripts of "Tennessee Fishes." undated

Mixed materials 109, Folder 10

Tennessee. Tennessee River Basin fish list. undated

Mixed materials 109, Folder 11

Tennessee. Cumberland River fish list. undated

Mixed materials 96, Folder 1

Tennessee. circa 1890s-1910s

Mixed materials 96, Folder 2-4

Tennessee. Manuscripts of "Notes on the Fishes of East Tennessee." undated

Mixed materials 96, Folder 5

Tennessee. Manuscripts of "On a Collection of Fishes from the Cumberland and Tennessee River Basin." undated

Mixed materials 112, Folder 19

Tennessee. Notebooks. Includes transcripts. 1893

Mixed materials 97, Folder 1

Indiana. Notes and untitled manuscript. undated

Mixed materials 113, Folder 1

Indiana. Notebooks. 1886-1888

Scope and content

Includes one notebook with notes on the "fishes of Wild Cat Creek and other tributaries of the Wabash River," 1887; one notebook with notes on fish, as well as writings on other subjects such as "Yosemite and the Big Trees," a lecture on evolution, and material on the intellectual development of Europe; and one small notebook with notes and expenses.
Mixed materials 113, Folder 2

Indiana. "C. Kennedy" notebook with notes on fish catches. undated

Mixed materials 97, Folder 2

Indiana. Wabash River. Mussels. 1907

Mixed materials 97, Folder 3

Indiana. Reports by J. T. Scovell. circa 1907

Mixed materials 97, Folder 4

Indiana. "Wild Cat Creek." See also Wild Cat Creek notebooks in Box 113, Folder 3. circa 1899

Mixed materials 113, Folder 3

Indiana. Wild Cat Creek notebooks. See also folder on Wildcat Creek, Box 97, Folder 4. 1899

Mixed materials 97, Folder 5

Indiana. "Wabash River Mussel Work. 1907. U. O. Cox." 1907

Mixed materials 97, Folder 6

Indiana. "Tippecanoe River. Scovell." circa 1899

Mixed materials 97, Folder 7

Indiana. "Yellow River Ind." circa 1899-1906

Mixed materials 97, Folder 8

Indiana. "Eagle Lake, Ind." circa 1899-1906

Mixed materials 97, Folder 9

Indiana. "Indiana Lakes. Scovell." undated

Mixed materials 97, Folder 10

Indiana. "Wild Cat Creek. Ord Evermann. Dupl." circa 1899

Mixed materials 97, Folder 11

Indiana. "Twin Lakes and other small lakes of Northern Indiana. By J. T. Scovell." circa 1907

Mixed materials 97, Folder 12

Indiana. "Round Lake or Bryans Lake, Ind." undated

Mixed materials 113, Folder 4

Indiana. Notebook with list of "B. W. Evermann's Fishes." undated

Mixed materials 98, Folder 1

Indiana. Notes, memoranda, and correspondence. circa 1890s-1900s

Mixed materials 98, Folder 2

Indiana. Trip notes and expenses. 1888-1907

Mixed materials 98, Folder 3

Indiana. "Indiana General." See also Millard Knowlton notebook in Box 113, Folder 5. circa 1890s-1900s

Mixed materials 113, Folder 5

Indiana. Notebook with "General notes on observations made in Madison Co., Ind. by Millard Knowlton." Also includes tag numbers for specimens taken. See also Box 98, Folder 3. 1900

Mixed materials 98, Folder 4

Indiana. "Bruce Lake, Ind." See also Bruce Lake notebook in Box 113, Folder 6. circa 1890s-1910

Mixed materials 113, Folder 6

Indiana. Notebook. "Bruce Lake. General Notes. August 21-23, 1899." See also Bruce Lake folder in Box 98, Folder 4. 1899

Mixed materials 4

Indiana. Hand-drawn map of lake. Taken from Bruce Lake folder in Box 98, Folder 4. 1908

Mixed materials 98, Folder 5

Indiana. "Bass Lake." See also Bass lake notebook in Box 113, Folder 7. circa 1910

Mixed materials 113, Folder 7

Indiana. Notebook. "Bass Lake, etc. 1899. August 26-29, 1900." Includes Evermann memorandum on Bass and Round Lakes found inside notebook. See also Bass Lake folder in Box 98, Folder 5. 1899-1900

Mixed materials 111, Folder 1

Indiana. Large notebook with lists of fish. 1880s

Mixed materials 111, Folder 2

Indiana. Miscellaneous items found in notebook in Box 111, Folder 1. circa 1880s

Mixed materials 111, Folder 3

Indiana. Notes, correspondence, and manuscript found inside notebooks in Box 111, Folder 1. circa 1880s

Mixed materials 111, Folder 4

Indiana. Manuscript report on Indiana fish found in Box 111, Folder 1. circa 1890

Mixed materials 99, Folder 1

Great Lakes. Lake Erie and Lake Huron fish data. circa 1910

Mixed materials 99, Folder 2

Great Lakes. Manuscript of David Starr Jordan and Barton Warren Evermann, "A Review of the Salmonid Fishes of the Great Lakes Region of North America, with Notes on other Food-fishes." circa 1910-1911

Mixed materials 99, Folder 3

Great Lakes. Notes, lists, and papers. 1893-1911

Mixed materials 99, Folder 4

Great Lakes. "Lake Erie Basin Fishes." 1894

Mixed materials 99, Folder 5

Great Lakes. "List of fishes collected in Lake Huron in 1894 by Dr. J. T. Scovell and identified by Dr. W. C. Kendall." circa 1894

Mixed materials 99, Folder 6

Great Lakes. Newspaper clippings on Lake Ontario fish. 1890s

Mixed materials 99, Folder 7

Great Lakes. "Trip to northern New York, Lake Ontario, St. Lawrence River, and Vermont." 1894

Mixed materials 99, Folder 8

Great Lakes. St. Lawrence River, Lake Ontario, Lake Champlain. 1894

Mixed materials 113, Folder 8

Great Lakes. Two notebooks. 1894

Scope and content

Includes notebook for investigations in Lake Ontario, Northern New York, St. Lawrence River, and Vermont by Evermann, Bean, Gurley, and Hinckley, June 17 - July 30, 1894; and notebook with "list of large fishes collected by various parties" from investigations in the Great Lakes in 1894.
Mixed materials 100, Folder 1, Mixed materials 109, Folder 12

Hawaii. 1900-1904

Mixed materials 108, Folder 11

Rhode Island. Note indicates "Krumlin's Reports on Palmer and Warren River of new species of shad." Includes material on Taunton River. 1881


Fish Check List 1882-1930 and undated

Scope and content

Contains material related to David Starr Jordan, Barton Warren Evermann, and Howard Walton Clark, "Check-List of the Fishes and Fishlike Vertebrates of North and Middle America" (1930). Jordan and Evermann, who had already published a similar checklist in 1896, began work on this publication in 1906. They were joined by Clark in 1925. Materials consist primarily of lists of fish by region and correspondence.
Mixed materials 115, Folder 1

"Evermann and Clark Check-list Addenda." undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 2

Colorado and Texas. undated

Mixed materials 3

Oversize charts with fish lists, labeled "Rio Grande and Texas." Taken from Box 115, Folder 2. undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 3

Mexico, Central, and South America. undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 4

"West Coast of U.S." undated

Mixed materials 3

Oversize charts containing fish lists for the Pacific coast, the Great Basin, and the Colorado and Columbia River basins. Taken from Box 115, Folder 4. undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 5-6

"The Great Lakes". undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 7

"Ohio Basin". undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 8

"Wabash Basin," Indiana. undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 9

Delaware River. undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 10

Apalachicola. undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 11

Arkansas River. undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 12

Alabama. undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 13

Dismal Swamp. undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 14

Florida. undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 15

Illinois River. undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 16

Susquehanna. undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 17

Escambia River. undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 18

Santee River. undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 19

Roanoke River. undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 20

Cape Fear. undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 21

"Great Peder, Yadkin, etc." undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 22

"Pamlico, Tar, etc." undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 23

Potomac River. undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 24

Manuscript of R. E. Earle, "The White or Gray Trout Fisheries of Chesapeake Bay." 1882

Mixed materials 115, Folder 25

"New York Streams." undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 26

New England. undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 27

Neuse River. undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 28

Upper and Lower Missouri Basins. undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 29

Upper Mississippi. undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 30

Red River and Lower Mississippi. undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 31

Altamaha River, Georgia. undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 32

Rio Grande. undated

Mixed materials 115, Folder 33

Notes. undated

Mixed materials 107, Folder 19

Colorado River. List of fishes. undated

Mixed materials 75, Folder 7

Correspondence and notes. circa 1924-1929

Mixed materials 107, Folder 13

Correspondence and notes relating to David Starr Jordan, Barton Warren Evermann, and Howard Walton Clark, "Check-List of the Fishes and Fishlike Vertebrates of North and Middle America" (1930). circa 1930

Mixed materials 75, Folder 8

Fish listed by scientific classification. May be material for fish checklist. undated

Mixed materials 75, Folder 9

Portions of manuscript of fish checklist. 1928

Mixed materials 75, Folder 10

Geographical charts of fish distribution. Hand-marked. undated


Series 5: Publications and bibliography

Scope and content

Consists of bibliographical lists, notes, and card files, along with reprints and copies of publications. The majority of the material relates to publications authored or co-authored by Evermann.

Card files and small manuscript boxes

Scope and content

Includes bibliographical and scientific card files maintained in separate boxes. Also includes one manuscript printed on small sheets of paper.
Mixed materials 130

"Publications by Barton W. Evermann." undated

Mixed materials 131

"Other Evermann bibliographies." undated

Mixed materials 132

File cards on: fish and other species of the Galapagos, Cocos Island, Lower California, the Revillagigedos, and Clipperton Island, and on "Rivers, Lakes, etc. studied by B.W. Evermann." Includes references to Gilbert, Snod and Hill, and Snod and Heller. undated

Mixed materials 133

"Evermann References copied by Miss Phillips from Galley Proof JEC Checklist. Completed 6/10/29." Contains citations to work authored or co-authored by Evermann. May refer to Jordan, Evermann, and Clark, "Check-list of Fish." 1929

Mixed materials 134

"References to original descriptions of new species, genera, etc. of Salmonidae." undated

Mixed materials 136, Mixed materials 135

"Families, Genera, and Species described by B.W. Evermann alone or with others to Oct 1, 1917." circa 1917

Mixed materials 136

Unlabeled box. May contain references to fish named by or for Evermann. undated

Mixed materials 137-139

Manuscript copy of Jordan, Evermann, and Clark, "Check List of the Fishes and Fishlike vertebrates of North and Middle America." circa 1930

Mixed materials 141, Folder 3

Copies of Evermann's bibliography as of 1905. Taken from Indiana University Bulletin. 1905

Mixed materials 141, Folder 4

Bibliographical notes and lists. Includes lists of Evermann's publications and lists of research material. Found filed under bibliography. circa 1900s-1920s

Mixed materials 141, Folder 5

Bibliography of Evermann's publications taken from the California Academy of Sciences correspondence. Includes information on Evermann's bequest of papers to the California Academy. 1933

Mixed materials 142

Evermann's personal copy of the Bulletin of the United State Fish Commission, Vol. XXIII, For 1903. Contains annotations. 1905

Mixed materials 145-146, Mixed materials 144, Mixed materials 143, Mixed materials 152, Mixed materials 151, Mixed materials 149-150, Mixed materials 147-148

Ten boxes of publications. Primarily contains reprints of works authored or co-authored by Evermann. not recorded


Series 6: Photographic Materials circa 1880s to 1932

Scope and content

Contains photographic materials found throughout the Evermann papers. For list of numbered materials which may correspond to the numbers on several items in this series, see the notebook in Box 113, Folder 11.
Mixed materials 126, Folder 12

Administrative materials. Contains original envelopes for nitrate negatives and separation records for glass negatives that have been re-housed. undated





Mixed materials 116, Folder 1

Portraits and Group Portraits. undated

Mixed materials 116, Folder 2

Family photographs. undated

Mixed materials 116, Folder 3

Tintypes from Meadie Evermann's possessions. undated

Mixed materials 116, Folder 4

Unidentified portraits. circa 1902

Mixed materials 116, Folder 5

Miscellaneous Washington, D.C. photographs and cyanotypes. undated

Mixed materials 116, Folder 6

Cyanotypes of David Starr Jordan and Stanford University. undated

Mixed materials 116, Folder 7

Hunting and bird photos. undated

Graphic materials 2

Four oversized Toxaway Evermann photographs. undated

Graphic materials 2

Photograph N22308: Evermann in Steinhart Aquarium 1924

Graphic materials 2

Photographs N21239-N21243: Pribilof Island animals and people including fur seal hunting. undated

Physical Description: 1 half size map folder


Mixed materials 116, Folder 8

Yale University Forest School. circa 1904

Mixed materials 116, Folder 9

Cornell University School of Forestry. undated

Mixed materials 116, Folder 10

Photographs to accompany Bureau of Fisheries lecture material in Box 15, Folder 6. undated


Professional and Civic Organizations

Mixed materials 116, Folder 11

Photographs of museums in Oakland and Los Angeles. Attached to material in AAAS Pacific Division Guidebook folder, Box 20, Folder 7. 1914-1915

Mixed materials 116, Folder 12

Photographs from trip to Hawaii for the Pan Pacific Scientific Conference. Includes photo list. 1920

Mixed materials 117, Folder 1

Photographs from 1925 trip to Hawaii. Some negatives available in Box 127. 1925


Professional Work


Lake Maxinkuckee

Mixed materials 117, Folder 2

Photos removed from Box 25 Manuscript. not recorded

Mixed materials 117, Folder 3

Photos removed from Box 43 Correspondence. not recorded

Mixed materials 117, Folder 4

Photos removed from Box 44 Correspondence. not recorded

Mixed materials 49

Box of photographs. Also includes photos and plates of the Culver Military Academy. undated



Mixed materials 117, Folder 5

Indiana. From Box 52. 1898

Mixed materials 117, Folder 6

Photos from Yellowstone National Park by J. Touchet; photos of hummingbirds attached to notes and typescript; and unidentified photographs. Found in Box 52. not recorded

Mixed materials 117, Folder 7

Photograph of Water Ouzel and photographs from Pyramid Lake, Nevada. Found in Box 52. 1921 and undated



Mixed materials 117, Folder 8

Photograph of Mabel Remsberg. From letter in Box 56, Folder 5. 1894



Mixed materials 117, Folder 9

Illustrations for "David Starr Jordan, the Man." 1909-1923

Mixed materials 117, Folder 10

Illustrations for "Naub, the Split-Rock Bass." not recorded


California Academy of Sciences

Mixed materials 117, Folder 11

Portrait of Tsen-Hwang Shaw and photograph of unidentified person. 1928 and undated

Mixed materials 117, Folder 12

Photos of California locations. Includes San Benito County, the Salton Sea, and Santa Barbara and San Clemente Islands. 1898, 1916 and undated

Mixed materials 117, Folder 13

Photos of Los Coronados Group. 1922

Mixed materials 117, Folder 14

Photos of 1922 Guadalupe expedition. By G. Dallas Hanna. 1922

Mixed materials 50

Box of photographs labeled "Galapagos." Primarily consists of photographs from the Templeton Crocker Expedition to the Galapagos of 1932. Also includes work by Toshio Asaeda, photos of Mexico, and cyanotypes from San Francisco. circa 1932

Mixed materials 117, Folder 15

Tule Elk. Some negatives available in Box 127. 1914

Mixed materials 117, Folder 16

Whales. Sulphur bottom whale from United States National Museum. undated

Mixed materials 117, Folder 17

Whales. Sperm whale on beach in Wilmington, North Carolina. Includes description. 1928


Alaska Fur Seals circa 1892-1918

Mixed materials 67

Alaska. Locations include the Pribilof Islands, the Aleutian Islands, Cook Inlet, and Unalaska. Subjects include people, villages, fur seals, reindeer, and the U.S. Steamer "Albatross." 1892-1911 and undated

Mixed materials 68, Folder 1

"No. 23. 17 Fur Seal photographs (Sleeping Bachelor). Taken by B.W.E. 1892." 1892

Mixed materials 68, Folder 2

"Pribilof Island photographs from the collection of B.W. Evermann taken in 1892." 1892

Mixed materials 68, Folder 3

St. George and St. Paul Island by G. Dallas Hanna, July 17, 1917. 1917

Mixed materials 68, Folder 4

Two sets of photographs found in same folder. 1892, 1914, 1918

Scope and content

First set is cyanotypes of Copper Island (Russia) from 1892.
Second set is photographs of St. Paul Island taken in 1914. Includes 1918 letter from Bureau of Fisheries concerning prints and negatives.
Mixed materials 68, Folder 5-6

St. Paul Island. 1901-1916 and undated



Mixed materials 117, Folder 18

Whitefish. Found attached to clippings on whitefish, with "Salmonidae" material in Box 71. undated

Mixed materials 117, Folder 19

Swordfish specimens found with material on giant mackerels in Box 70. undated

Mixed materials 117, Folder 20

"Fish Misc Pictures." Appear to be photos of fish catches. Found with material in Box 77. 1906, undated

Mixed materials 117, Folder 21

Illustrations for Barton Warren Evermann and H. Walton Clark, "Descriptions of Two New Species of Fishes From Off Cape San Lucas, Lower California," Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences, Fourth Series, Vol. XVI, No. 22, pp. 685-688 (1928). See Box 77, Folder 5. Some negatives and glass negatives also available. circa 1928

Mixed materials 118, Folder 1

Photographs removed from Box 81. Primarily of fish, but also including photographs of reptiles and one of a porpoise. undated

Mixed materials 118, Folder 1

Lamprey climbing a waterfall. Attached to letter in Box 81, Folder 1. 1909

Mixed materials 118, Folder 2

Arizona. From Box 83, Folder 14. undated

Mixed materials 118, Folder 3

Arkansas. From Box 83, Folder 15. 1897

Mixed materials 118, Folder 4

Connecticut. "No. 2. 11 Photographs. State Fish Commission Ponds. Joshuatown, Conn. May 9, 1896." 1896

Mixed materials 118, Folder 5

Nebraska. Creighton and Fort Robinson. 1893

Mixed materials 118, Folder 6

Normal School in Mankato, Minnesota. From Box 83, Folder 12. undated

Mixed materials 118, Folder 7-8

Minnesota. Photographs by U. O. Cox. Found in stack with label: "No. 12. 27 Photographs. Lake of the Woods. Taken by U. O. Cox. 1895." 1895

Mixed materials 118, Folder 9-10

Montana and Yellowstone. Includes some cyanotypes. Found in stack with label: "No. 1. 29 photographs + blue prints taken in Montana and 3 prints and 14 Yellowstone Park. Taken by B.W.E. 1891." Many photos by F. Jay Haynes. 1891

Mixed materials 118, Folder 11

Montana and Wyoming. 1893

Mixed materials 119, Folder 1-2

Montana. 1891

Mixed materials 119, Folder 3

Mississippi. 1897

Mixed materials 119, Folder 4-5

Mississippi and Louisiana. 1897

Mixed materials 119, Folder 6

Photo of sigillaria reniformis. Only item found in folder labeled "Missouri." 1888

Mixed materials 119, Folder 7

Iowa. 1893

Mixed materials 119, Folder 8

"Cottonwood trees. Louilla, Iowa. 1893." 1893

Mixed materials 119, Folder 9

Pennsylvania. "No. 9. 7 Fishery photographs. Erie, Pa. P. H. Hartman. July 11, 1910." 1910

Mixed materials 119, Folder 10

North Carolina. "Photographs Beaufort." See "Trips to Beaufort" folder in Box 112, Folder 17. circa 1904,1905

Mixed materials 119, Folder 11

North Carolina. Near Pinebluff. undated

Mixed materials 120, Folder 1

Louisiana. 1897

Mixed materials 120, Folder 2

New York. circa 1880s-1902

Scope and content

Photo of large black bass caught in Susquehanna River in 1902. Attached to sketch, letter, and affidavit in Oversize 4.
"No. 8. 4 photographs. Cape Vincent. Watertown. July 1894."
"World's Fair Mascalonge, caught Oct. 6, 1893."
One photo of large, unidentified fish. "Probably taken in the early 80's in Chautauqua Lake."
Mixed materials 120, Folder 3-4

Florida. 1896

Mixed materials 120, Folder 5

"Hawaiian photos." undated

Mixed materials 120, Folder 6

Alaska. Includes one photograph found with negatives labeled "No. 86" in Box 128. circa 1890s-1900s

Mixed materials 120, Folder 7

Chamberlain's photographs of Alaska fisheries. 1903

Mixed materials 120, Folder 8

"No. 7. 6 photographs. Georgia and Tennessee. Taken by B.W.E. October, 1893." 1893

Mixed materials 120, Folder 9

South Dakota. From Box 89, Folder 6.

Mixed materials 120, Folder 10

South Dakota. Bureau of Fisheries photographs. 1892 and undated

Mixed materials 121, Folder 1-4, Mixed materials 120, Folder 11-12

Puerto Rico. 1899

Mixed materials 121, Folder 5

Folders and plates of deep sea fishes. undated

Mixed materials 121, Folder 6

Peru. 1908

Mixed materials 121, Folder 7

Mexico. Includes some cyanotypes. Locations include Cape San Lucas, Guaymas, La Paz, Acapulco, San Juan, Gulf of California. undated

Mixed materials 121, Folder 8-9

Oregon. "No. 15. 56 Photographs. Southern Oregon. Taken by B.W.E. 1897." 1897

Mixed materials 121, Folder 10-11

Oregon. Set of southern Oregon photographs. 1897

Mixed materials 122

Oregon. 1895-1897, 1925

Scope and content

Includes "No. 13," 14 photographs of southern Oregon by W.P. Hay, 1897; two sets of southern Oregon photographs on hard-backing from 1896 and 1897, respectively; Columbia River photographs by Evermann and Benjamin Gifford from 1895 and 1896; Crater Lake photographs by Evermann, U.O. Cox, and "Mr. Patello" and others from 1896; photographs of Anarrhichthys ocellatus from Summit Bay, 1925; and several undated photographs.
Mixed materials 121, Folder 12-13, Mixed materials 123, Folder 1-3

Idaho. "No. 4." Photographs by B.W.E. of Alturas Lake region. 1894, 1895

Mixed materials 123, Folder 4-7

Idaho. Locations include Pettit Lake, Redfish Lake, Ice Lake, Alturas Lake, Lake Meade. 1895

Mixed materials 123, Folder 8

Idaho. Cyanotypes of Sawtooth Mountains. 1893

Mixed materials 123, Folder 9-10

Idaho. Sawtooth Mountains and Region. 1895

Mixed materials 123, Folder 11

Idaho. Alturas Lake region. 1896

Mixed materials 123, Folder 12-13

Idaho. Two sets of photographs. 1893 and undated

Mixed materials 124, Folder 1

Idaho. "No. 14. 12 4" x 5" photographs. Idaho?" undated

Mixed materials 3

Idaho. Large print of Stanley Lake, Idaho by William Loule. undated

Mixed materials 124, Folder 2-3

Idaho and Washington. 1893

Mixed materials 124, Folder 4-5

Washington. 1893, 1918 and undated

Mixed materials 124, Folder 6

Columbia River. Photos of Columbia River and Little White Salmon River. undated

Mixed materials 124, Folder 7

Columbia River. "Photos of salmon, etc. taken on Columbia R. in 1908 by J. T. Nichols." 1908

Mixed materials 124, Folder 8-10

Washington and Oregon. "No. 22. 42 Washington and Oregon photographs. Taken by U.O. Cox. 1896." 1896

Mixed materials 124, Folder 11

Washington. "No. 20 9 photographs of Lake Pend d'Oreille, etc. Taken by U.O. Cox. 1896." 1896

Mixed materials 125, Folder 1-2

Idaho, Washington, Nebraska, Wyoming. "No. 17. 56 photographs." Taken by B.W.E. Found attached to Columbia River basin photo list in Box 109, Folder 1. 1893

Mixed materials 109, Folder 1

Photo list. "Photos Taken in Columbia River Basin." Attached to photos labeled "No. 17." See Box 125, Folders 1-2. 1893

Mixed materials 125, Folder 3

Washington. Lake Chelan. 1898

Mixed materials 125, Folder 4

Washington. Snoqualmie. Cyanotypes. 1892

Mixed materials 125, Folder 5

California. Photos of aquatic life taken in Monterey, California. Found in folder labeled "Misc Fish."

Mixed materials 125, Folder 6

California. Photos from "Chamberlain, F. M." folder. See Box 91, Folder 9. Includes cyanotypes.

Mixed materials 125, Folder 7

Canada. circa 1890s-1910s

Mixed materials 125, Folder 8-9

Texas. "Full set views taken in Texas, Nov - Dec 1891." 1891

Mixed materials 126, Folder 1, Mixed materials 125, Folder 10-11

Texas. "No. 10. 35 photographs. 20 blueprints. Texas. Taken by B.W.E., 1891." Includes cyanotypes. 1891

Mixed materials 126, Folder 2

Texas. 1891

Mixed materials 126, Folder 3

Florida. 1896 and undated

Mixed materials 126, Folder 4

Florida. "No. 21. 25 Florida photographs. 1896. Contains photographs showing - W. A. Wilcox, B. A. Bean, A. D. Madden." 1896

Mixed materials 126, Folder 5

Indiana. "Polyodon spathula caught in Manitou Lake, Rochester, Ind." undated

Mixed materials 126, Folder 6

Indiana. Tippecanoe River near Delong, Indiana. 1899

Mixed materials 126, Folder 7

Indiana. Lake Manitou. undated

Mixed materials 126, Folder 8

U.S. Fish Commission. Portraits. Includes Spencer Fullerton Baird, G. Brown Goode, and George Meade Bowers. undated

Mixed materials 126, Folder 9

Natural Bridge, Virginia. Found with Fish Commission material in Box 104. undated

Mixed materials 126, Folder 10

Washington. Photo of chinook salmon. Found with Fish Commission material in Washington folder in Box 104, Folder 6. undated

Mixed materials 126, Folder 11

Wyoming. Photos by U.O. Cox. Found with Fish Commission material in Wyoming folder, Box 104, Folder 11. 1893


Golden Trout and the Sierra Nevada 1904

Mixed materials 74, Folder 2

Photo album: "Golden Trout Expedition 1904 & Mt. Whitney."

Scope and content

Album owned by Olaf P. Jenkins, who was a member of the expedition. Includes list of photos taken by R.L. Green. Partial list of locations includes Redstone Park, Kaweah River, Sequoia National Park, Tule River, Little Kern River, Kern River, Kern Lake, Coyote Creek, Volcano Creek, Siberian Outpost, Crabtree Meadow, and Mt. Whitney.
Mixed materials 74, Folder 1

Sierra Nevada photos. May have been meant to be used for plates. Locations include Onyx, California and Volcano Creek. Many locations not indicated. circa 1904

Mixed materials 74, Folder 3

"Photograph memoranda." Includes "List of photographs taken by R. L. Green"; list of "Films"; and copy of notes by R. L. Green. 1904

Mixed materials 74, Folder 4

Photographs from golden trout expedition. Partial list of locations includes Kern Canyon, Kern Lake, Mt. Whitney, Whitney Creek, Coyote Creek, Volcano Creek, Siberian Outpost, Crabtree Meadows, Redstone Park and others. Includes captions. 1904

Mixed materials 74, Folder 5

Photographs of Sierra Nevada locations. Partial list of locations include Kern Canyon, Kern Lake, Mt. Whitney, Whitney Creek, Coyote Creek, and Volcano Creek. May be for plates for Bureau of Fisheries publication. Includes captions. circa 1904


Nitrate negatives

Mixed materials 127

Small box with portraits of Evermann. undated

Mixed materials 127

May be pictures of artifacts from Hawaii. Found alongside prints in box with material related to Evermann's 1925 trip to Hawaii. circa 1925

Mixed materials 128

"Dr. Meek." Found near folders of correspondence with Seth Eugene Meek (see boxes 55 and 56). undated

Mixed materials 127

Note on envelope reads: "Photos by Rene, Radio operator." Removed from Galapagos photo box. undated

Mixed materials 128

Negatives list for fur seal work with the U.S. steamer Albatross. "Negatives taken by N. B. Miller." 1892

Mixed materials 127

Pyramid Lake, Nevada. Removed from Box 52, Folder 9. Negatives have been individually sleeved. 1921

Mixed materials 129

Columbia River. "9 films." No number indicated on envelope. 1896

Mixed materials 129

Sawtooth mountains. Found in envelope with note: "Presumably by B. W. Evermann." 1895

Mixed materials 128

Found in envelope with note: "Enclosed items were found tucked under the string that tied up ms copy of Evermann's Fishes of Peru." undated

Mixed materials 128

Fish. Illustrations for article by Evermann and Clark in Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences, 4th Series, Vol. XVI, No. 22. Painted negatives. See also Box 77, Folder 5. circa 1928

Mixed materials 128

Fish. Found with illustrations for article by Evermann and Clark in Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences, 4th Series, Vol. XVI, No. 22, 1928. Found in envelope with glass negatives. See also Box 77, Folder 5. circa 1928

Mixed materials 127

"No. 57. 4 Negatives, family." In envelope.

Mixed materials 128

"No. 58. 43 Negatives. Iowa, Nebraska, Lake Erie, Tennessee, etc." 1893

Mixed materials 128

"No. 60. 30 Alaska? negatives." May be the individually-sleeved and labeled negatives found near the envelope. Envelope was found empty at time of processing. undated

Mixed materials 128

"No. 61." Alaska. "74 films." In original envelope. 1892

Mixed materials 129

"No. 63." Idaho. "53 films." 1895

Mixed materials 129

"No. 64." Idaho. "4 films." 1896

Mixed materials 128

"No. 68." Montana. "6 films." Label also reads "Dr. Jenkins" on the "remarks" line. 1896

Mixed materials 128

"No. 69." Southern Oregon. Found alongside attached photo list. "49 films." 1897

Mixed materials 129

"No. 70. Pend d'Oreille. 2 films." undated

Mixed materials 129

"No. 72. Sawtooth Lakes." undated

Mixed materials 129

"No. 72." Idaho and Oregon. 5 negatives. 1896

Mixed materials 129

"No. 73." Texas. "4 films." 1891

Mixed materials 128

"No. 74." Puerto Rico. "53 films." 1898-1899

Mixed materials 129

"No. 76." Alturas Lake. "11 films." Found with Fish- Idaho material. undated

Mixed materials 129

"No. 78." Indian River. "27 films." Found with Fish - Florida materials. 1896

Mixed materials 128

"No. 80." Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. "6 films." undated

Mixed materials 129

"No. 81." Sawtooth mountains. "4 films." 1895

Mixed materials 129

"No. 83." Seattle and Snoqualmie Falls. "11 films." 1892

Mixed materials 129

"No. 84." Snake River. "1 film." 1894

Mixed materials 127

"No. 85." Tule Elk. Individually-sleeved. Many are numbered and have matching prints. undated

Mixed materials 128

"No. 86. Fur seal + blue fox. H.D. Chichester, Ma. 17 films." Found in envelope with one photographic print from Box 120, Folder 6. undated

Mixed materials 127

"No. 87. 6 Negatives Films. Dr. Evermann." Rolled up in small tube. undated


Glass negatives undated

Physical Description: 3 glass boxes
Graphic materials 153

Glass negatives, 5x7. For separation records with descriptions, see Box 126, Folder 12. undated

Graphic materials 154

Glass negatives undated

Graphic materials 155

Lantern slides undated