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Collection Summary

Title: Samuel Irving Katz papers
Date (inclusive): 1937-1995
Collection Number: 2000C7
Creator: Katz, Samuel Irving, 1916-
Repository: Hoover Institution Archives
Stanford, California 94305-6010
Language of Material: The collection is in English.
Physical Description: 3 manuscript boxes, 1 oversize box (1.6 linear feet)
Abstract: Biographical data, speeches and writings, correspondence, and printed matter, relating to international finance and to operations of the Federal Reserve Board.
Physical Location: Hoover Institution Archives

Arrangement Statement

The collection is arranged in 6 series: Biographical file, Correspondence, Speeches and writings, Career file, Printed matter, and Oversize materials. The speeches and writings were originally arranged separately as "lectures and speeches to U.S. and international organizations and institutions" and "analytic papers, studies."

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Acquired by the Hoover Institution Archives in 2000.


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Biographical Note

1916 Born, Nashville, Tennessee
1935-1948 Agricultural economist, United States Department of Agriculture
1940 Received bachelor of arts degree, George Washington University
1942 Received master of arts degree, George Washington University
1943-1946 First Lieutenant, Economic Division, United States Military Government for Germany, United States Army
1948 Received master in public administration degree, Harvard University
1948-1974 Advisor, Division of International Finance, United States Federal Reserve Board
1958-1965 Lecturer, American University
1966-1968 Professorial lecturer, George Washington University
1969 Visiting professor, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.)
1974- Professor, Georgetown University
1974-1986 Director, Georgetown University's Bankers Forum
1977-1982 Editor, Finance and Development, publication of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank
1979 Editor, U.S.-European Monetary Relations
1993 Died

Scope and Content of Collection

The papers document the life and career of American economist Samuel Irving Katz through biographical materials, speeches and writings, correspondence, and printed matter related to international finance and to operations of the Federal Reserve Board.
Katz was an expert on international monetary relations, especially in the area of European monetary problems. The Speeches and writings include typescripts and printed copies concerning economic topics, including exchange rates.
The Career file contains materials related to various positions Katz held throughout his career. From 1943 to 1946, Katz served with the United States Army, working with the postwar military government in Germany on issues of price controls. From 1948 to 1974, Katz was an economist with the Federal Reserve Board. The collection includes materials from a study concerning Great Britain, which Katz was involved with during the late 1950s. In addition to his work with the Federal Reserve, Katz taught at Georgetown University, Harvard University, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Tufts University. The file includes course lecture outlines and materials on the Georgetown University Bankers Forum, a program which Katz directed from 1974 to 1982. Additional information on Katz's career can be found in the Biographical file, which includes his curriculum vitae.

Subjects and Indexing Terms

United States. Federal Reserve Board.
International finance.
United States--Economic policy.

Box: 1

Biographical file, 1937-1995

Scope and Contents note

Includes clippings, curriculum vitae, military records, and memorials.
Box/Folder: 1 : 1

General, 1995

Box/Folder: 1 : 2

Clippings, 1977, 1993

Box/Folder: 1 : 3

Curriculum vitae and biographical information, 1937-1992

Box/Folder: 1 : 4

Memorial file, 1993

Box/Folder: 1 : 5

Military file, 1942-1947

Scope and Contents note

See also career file
Box: 1

Correspondence, 1961-1987

Scope and Contents note

Includes correspondence with economists and bankers.
Box/Folder: 1 : 6

Acheson, Edward Campion, 1961

Scope and Contents note

Includes photograph
Box/Folder: 1 : 7

Guth, Wilfred, 1975

Box/Folder: 1 : 8

Meade, James, 1987

Box/Folder: 1 : 9

Stem, Carl H., 1978

Box/Folder: 1 : 10

Watt, David, 1975-1978

Scope and Contents note

Includes letters from Charles Olsen and Keith Kyle
Box: 1-2

Speeches and writings, 1953-1992

Scope and Contents note

Contains typescripts and printed copies of speeches and writings on economics.
Box/Folder: 1 : 11

Bibliographies, undated

Box/Folder: 1 : 12

Unidentified typescript, undated

Scope and Contents note

Section titles include "Three Approaches to International Monetary Reform," "The Pure-Gold Approach," "The Unconditional-Liquidity Approach," "The Conditional Liquidity Approach," "The SDR and Fund Reform," "Symmetry Proposals: The Pre-Bretton Woods Period," and "Symmetry Proposals: The Post-1960 Period"
Box/Folder: 1 : 13

"Exchange Rates and Balance-of-Payments Adjustment: The Post-1945 Experience, undated

Box/Folder: 1 : 14

"How Forward Exchange Market Works," undated

Box/Folder: 1 : 15

Paul A. Volcker, degree citation, undated

Box/Folder: 1 : 16

"The Canadian Dollar: A Fluctuating Currency," 1953

Box/Folder: 1 : 17

"Leads and Lags in Sterling Payments," 1953

Box/Folder: 1 : 18

"The Future of Sterling," 1955

Box/Folder: 1 : 19

"Le dollar canadien et le cours de change fluctuant," 1955

Box/Folder: 1 : 20

Sterling's Recurring Postwar Payments Crises," 1955

Box/Folder: 1 : 21

"The Post-War Growth of Consumer Instalment Credit in the United Kingdom Summary," 1957

Box/Folder: 1 : 22

"Radcliffe Report: Monetary Policy and Debt-Management Reconciled?," 1960

Box/Folder: 1 : 23

"Britain 1961: The Basle Credits and the Fund Drawing," 1961

Box/Folder: 1 : 24

"The Mechanism of the Forward Exchange Market," 1961

Box/Folder: 1 : 25

Book reviews, 1970-1991

Box/Folder: 1 : 26

"Current Business Trends in Major Countries," speech, System Committee on Business Analysis, 1971

Box/Folder: 1 : 27

"Devaluation-Bias and the Bretton Woods System," 1972

Box/Folder: 1 : 28

"Channels of Transmission of International Inflation," speech, Federal Reserve System Committee on International Research and Analysis, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, 1973

Box/Folder: 1 : 29

"The Emerging Exchange-Rate System," speech, Banking Monetary and Fiscal Affairs Committee of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, 1973

Box/Folder: 1 : 30

"'Imported Inflation' and Balance-of-Payments Adjustment," 1973

Box/Folder: 1 : 31

"Operations of Federal Reserve System," speech, School of Business and Public Administration, Howard University, 1973

Box/Folder: 1 : 32

"The Par-Value System," Southern Economic and Finance Associations, Houston, Texas, 1973

Box/Folder: 1 : 33

"The Emerging Exchange-Rate System (Early 1974)," 1974

Box/Folder: 2 : 1

"Implications of Inflation for the International Monetary System," summary of presentation, 1974

Box/Folder: 2 : 2

Speech, 1974

Box/Folder: 2 : 3

"Monetary Picture in the European Community," speech, American Management Association, New York, 1975

Box/Folder: 2 : 4

Request for permission for republication, 1975

Box/Folder: 2 : 5

"World Economy: Some Considerations on the End of the Bretton Woods Era," speech, International Relations Roundtable, Georgetown University, 1975

Box/Folder: 2 : 6

"International Economic Policies," speech, 1976

Box/Folder: 2 : 7

"Monetarism and the Balance of Payments," speech, Ankara, Turkey, 1976

Box/Folder: 2 : 8

U.S.-European Monetary Relations, monograph, edited by Katz, 1979

Box/Folder: 2 : 9

Introductory remarks at German-American Forum, 1980

Box/Folder: 2 : 10

"Continuity and Change in US Economic Policy," speech, SER-USICA Symposium, 1982

Box/Folder: 2 : 11

"Thoughts On My Recent Trip to Four European Countries," 1982

Box/Folder: 2 : 12

"Commentary on Three Papers Presented to the Joint Session of the American Economic Association and American Finance Association on 'International Banking' in San Francisco, California," 1983

Box/Folder: 2 : 13

Statement before the Subcommittee on Commerce, Transportation and Tourism of the Committee on Energy and Commerce, United States House of Representatives, 1983

Box/Folder: 2 : 14

"Will There Be a Crash of 1983?" speech, Dean's Office Seminar, 1983

Box/Folder: 2 : 15

"The Global Debt Problem: Entering Phase II," speech, Global Issues Seminar, 1984

Box/Folder: 2 : 16

"Impact of Debt Crisis on Monetary System," summary written by Helen Lewis, 1984

Box/Folder: 2 : 17

"International Cooperation and the LDC Debt Problem," speech, Global Issues Seminar, 1984

Box/Folder: 2 : 18

"Some Thoughts on the Global Debt Problem," speech, National Economist Club, 1984

Box/Folder: 2 : 19

"US Economic Policies and the World Economy," speech, Georgetown Leadership Seminar, 1984

Box/Folder: 2 : 20

"Commentary on Professor Grubel's Paper on the Private Insurance of Bank Deposits," speech, Kiel Conference, 1985

Box/Folder: 2 : 21

"Deregulation and Reregulation in U.S. Banking," speech, University of Berne, Switzerland, 1985

Box/Folder: 2 : 22

"Exchange Rates and Intervention: The G-5 Accord," speech, Monetary Affairs Committee, Global Economic Action Institute, Milan, Italy, 1986

Box/Folder: 2 : 23

"The Global Debt Crisis and International Banking Stability," speech, Diplomatic Academy, Vienna, Austria, 1986

Box/Folder: 2 : 24

"The Rise and Fall of the Dollar," speech, Diplomatic Academy, Vienna, Austria, 1986

Box/Folder: 2 : 25

"Can and Should the Current International Economic Order Survive to the Year 2000?" speech, Alumni Reunion, Georgetown Leadership Seminar, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1987

Box/Folder: 2 : 26

"Determinants of Exchange Rates," speech, 1987

Box/Folder: 2 : 27

Letter in response to comments on "Keynes and US Foreign Economic Policy," 1987

Box/Folder: 2 : 28

"The Twin Deficits: Interest Rates and the Dollar," speech, Baord of Directors of the DeVegh Fund, Washington, D.C., 1987

Box/Folder: 2 : 29

"Trends in International Trade and foreign Investment," speech, Georgetown Leadership Seminar Alumni Conference, Templeton College, Oxford, England, 1988

Box/Folder: 2 : 30

"The U.S. Budget Problem," Georgetown University, 1989

Box/Folder: 2 : 31

"The Misaligned Dollar and World Payments Stability, 1980 to 1990," speech, Allied Social Sciences Annual Meeting, North American Finance and Economics Association and National Association of Business Economists, Washington, D.C., 1990

Box/Folder: 2 : 32

"The Misaligned Dollar and World Payments Stability, 1980-1990," printed copy, 1991

Box/Folder: 2 : 33

Statement by Katz, Colloquium in Honor of Sir Alexander Cairncross, Glasgow University, 1991

Box/Folder: 2 : 34

The Legacy of the Golden Age, monograph, 1992

Scope and Contents note

Includes contribution by Katz
Box: 3

Career file, 1938-1993

Scope and Contents note

Includes lecture outlines, correspondence, and research related to Katz's military service, teaching work, and a study conducted while Katz was an advisor to the Federal Reserve Board.
Box/Folder: 3 : 1

Course material, circa 1970-1988

Box/Folder: 3 : 2-3

Federal Reserve Board, 1957-1958

Scope and Contents note

Contains materials related to a study of the economic position of Great Britain. Includes letters of Kurt Eklof, W. J. Jackson, T. J. Lovell, W. Schwegler, and others
Box/Folder: 3 : 4

Georgetown University, 1982, undated

Box/Folder: 3 : 5

Georgetown University Bankers Forum, 1975-1993

Box/Folder: 3 : 6-7

Military service, 1938-1992

Scope and Contents note

Includes clipping of "Hitler Is Tops in Europe Writes Katz From London"
Box/Folder: 3 : 8

Speaking engagements, 1974-1975

Box/Folder: 3 : 9

Tables of economic data, 1969


Printed matter, 1966-1994

Scope and Contents note

Includes monographs and articles on economics
Box/Folder: 3 : 10-12


Box: 4

Oversize materials, 1940-1957

Scope and Contents note

Contains academic diplomas, military citations, and a photograph
Box: 4

Diplomas, citations, and photographs, 1940-1957